Arkansas company buys Wichita based business

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy tells us about the purchase of Ruggles and Bohm.


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Each time they've feet. Kick and slur. My presidents. I've become more entrenched. You know the man he is just common man. He is not a small. Dweller. 987 of thirteen thirty. They're keeping him in the morning down 740 I have a full of Thursday morning pretty big thing. Please Boy Scouts while girls and cubs scouts seeing emaciated pit bull left in north Wichita Alley line. Rose hill woman who's so we're we're still missing. Rebate things even dead on K and assess. The slow traffic I'm seeing out there right now seems to be on it that is being. Northbound I 235 approaching the north junction so less starting now. They've passed meridian is returning to slow down here headed towards the north jump in there and I won 35. Also this morning gasoline prices fell 2.5 gallons a lot of spots it did help track record Jason. We spotted you 22 gasoline dialogue and Tyler traffic on K and SS trust you budget to province Charles Goodyear tire. To get downtown market and Waterman these very street Moline on one across their dot com your home for complete dark air pay more beautiful. Weather on the way today little warmer than yesterday sunny. Plenty of sunshine today with a high around eighty degrees yesterday's night 67 without any wind awful lot of what a beautiful day. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 61 Friday sunny. And tomorrow's high 84. Now partly cloudy and we have a southeast wind at twelve miles per hour. And 51 degrees. And Jack's new fall line of hats as arrived a fresh new look for everyone. That hat and Jack's put you in the perfect apt. At the clock tower in delay no hat man Jack's 601. West Douglas. 747. Now Steven did on K and assess the New York police department says. A suspected shoplifter jump through a window of a Times Square comic bookstore. In an attempt to escape security guard apparently thought he was out of a TV show as one of those comic book superheroes or something police say the man. Ran around the inside of midtown comics Tuesday afternoon. Before jumping through a window and falling two stories worst escape ever then if he didn't think there's an out very well. Witnesses say the bruised and bloodied man tried and crawl away. But was taken into custody and treated for now Teresa hospital not so hot again Olin and now. And will shards of glass and which into atomic bookstore and try to steal Alex. No one else to deal with a problem. Stephen Ted Richard Toppert dot com poll the exciting survey that's sweeping the country can find the on our web page Cain is as radio like I'm. And we have a question there about Halloween mentality. And we don't what we got to do we can't down the days to Callaway were twenty days or less than three excellent yeah you're right. Just if only three weeks to buy it October's flying mine. That are already started buying candy an edict. It'll ever be handed out. How deeply that's been you know it's good and yeah iconic and it makes sure that there and how do you celebrate Halloween. I go all in and buying costumes putting up decorations. Candy and trick or treating go to our go to our host a party 18% are in that category going all it. All right. I have fun with it by some candy for perpetrators take the kids trick or treating make it cost him or even where an old 136%. Right that's right command somewhere in the middle. 45% nearly half. It's a bar called bug. Turn off the porch light and block the deal for 45%. It is I guess that's accurate I mean when you look up and down your street knew about half the houses don't have their lights on night in my neighborhood I teach coaches 980%. Sole seat and you know really nobody you know when the bund members when we were kids it unit of so many of baby boomers we just. Control hourly. My Brothers and I would hit every house and Allan good and we even went to service stations and businesses like debt to get them up to. Wow pretty much told us to get lost but did we tried. It could come up and have you know pillow cases like my grandchildren use. It's a pretty large bags of candy. And then. Attempt from then until Thanksgiving. There were the nightly squabbles and fights over somebody stealing somebody's search you yes that's what you do all the units the November you have a family of four years of mixing in New York now. It's what happens right now when here family like that. You're gonna fight over the energy bars right. Or the candidate to wanna be a candidate candy and stuff it's snapped of first and I end up with a weird stuff at the end up. Circus like or Thanksgiving like OK yeah. He'll my dad's favorite shot was. Chocolate. Covered cherries to get read those things. My dad and I'm very own I mean a little bit left. Hold all the tiny for me that is in the art. Supermarket operator Kroger now who has career they're the people who who Brung villains are owned island right to it. Kroger is considering selling its gas and station convenience stores such as quick child with a quick shop opened jug in Turkey hill minute markets. Kroger says the business. Which has more than 780 stores in 111000 employees would be more valuable outside of the company. The sale Woodley called with a about 2800 supermarkets. Now what does that mean more valuable outside the count at an open if they give it to do that will be to get reload for Willie get rid of the plus cards. Mean if like you know I've got. Plus core I gotta have that discount of the ghastly. Adamant that's the latest breaking from Kroger. The owners of villains here in the area. Stock indexes drifted back to record highs Wednesday as investors got ready for another round of corporate reports to begin. Technology healthcare and household goods companies all rose S&P 500 rose over four points dal. Climbed 42 in the NASDAQ closed up sixteen points all three closed that. Record highs and yeah. 751 now Stephen Ted communities trying to attract a big company with many great jobs editor bill Roy the Wichita business journal with a us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Chad yet communities all across the US have been clamoring for Amazon jobs the Wichita business journal and its parent company. Have released a series of stories that show Amazon is getting more than one point two billion dollars in taxpayer funded subsidies and incentives the business journals and also found that Amazon is pitting communities against each other as they compete for jobs and economic growth. Amazon however does not have a presence in which a top leaders we talked to say they'd welcome the chance to pitch the company on south central Kansas but the mayor of Edger can up and Kansas City says his communities now stop with millions of dollars worth of road and infrastructure work. Since they got an Amazon facility in their town all the stories that Amazon effect are available on the WV GA web site. In Arkansas company is spot Wichita as rebels and buy homes per purchase helps Garber. Expand its footprint to nearly 500 employees across 24 offices in ten states struggles and boom president Chris bomb becomes the transportation team leader for the new company. They'll be the local point person for the company's Wichita office. Local breaking business news every day on can assess in Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm build Roy. Adjusting you know. They're so desperate for jobs in this country that hooked this do anything we can do attract somebody like an Amazon. Battalion talk about they're looking at 50000 high tech jobs we don't have the population base here to even be competing in net. Her right and then that doesn't include a you know what we were really looking at the the distribution centers yet for the elements senators and those types of things and a lot of communities are kind of given the company anything they want just as long as they get those jobs but sometimes it's not working out for those community. Well it is the the amazing thing is that the people of Wichita Sedgwick county this part of this country have never had to pony up a nickel. He gets even dead on the radio in arms and now bright bright. Nobody is right just doing it out of the goodness in your nobody heart come over here it's public money to improve our infrastructure or anything. Including some industrial revenue bonds are these you know. I today is national savings day by the way we we honor those ship Opel and try to get people to save some money down that most people. I guess to spend their paycheck until it's gone right. And they don't I ever remember I remember when I used to have a savings and then I had twins that went to college and one of them got married. All we it was so I took a hit when my daughter got married a whole campaign now. Right at. Did just over their grinning in they're at that and by the way my surprise baloney these a lot of well on Gretchen can make that case like roast beef right. You got that hockey knows about it and they're out your wife of how many years don't you all had anniversary yesterday 31 years you were angered you now should've I should have baked you a nice tie yeah I don't know if that's right and I appreciate and I sent immediately green being pirates opened. Ball on the how did you did you and if this is personal to you celebrate anyway last night. We did we went out to eat last night and we've had a girl who's staying with us young PT student physical therapy students and living with us friends family and we went out today North Korea we had a great time how what's it would drive up window type thing there. How they actually had to go in sit down in order we went all the way that. Hi Nancy did have napkins and everything that the does this styrofoam like containment dome all happy you know we're really seriously happy anniversary to you and Gretchen thank you very much you're great couple we love having you on with us in debt in a place my son and his his wife this year they. They celebrated there at twentieth. Wedding anniversary yesterday that that's a big milestone it is Amber's straight month there aren't happy anniversary there bill. And Gretchen 755 Dallas defense coming up. The gators this morning you received and all the news here at 8 o'clock girls will be allowed in the cub scouts. Even get in the morning on Afghanistan.