The Art Of The Grape

The Good Life
Saturday, May 19th
Guy and Ron discuss the technique and philosophy of tending the vineyards at Jordan Wineries.

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Good afternoon welcome back the good life every Saturday its food one I'm from yours I'm glad to stop by and don't forget if you miss the program. Podcaster grill okay in essence radio dot com group of the good life. There's links at the good left conduct commonwealth. Were at Jordan today we were just talking about. But break in the intricacies of when it happens and how it happens and what great go first then. Every year's a little different than Rob Davis the long time winemaker 42 years. How come you don't look as old as I do. I think Jordan's that he hit it really as the posting Leona a couple of average as you drink Jordan annual aging faster than then that what you 21 states when he went forever. I like that you probably don't remember that I'd pick up told that the couple times we've crossed path the first time that you and I met was in 1989. Europe's there if my brother Brian and I star of the program in Florida in 1988 and we recorder review and it did you know about what younger these. Scott the world by the by the rains here rated Jordan and and I was a few years ago at the time flies on let's talk just briefly about but berg. We tend to come out this time of year. Because one. You might not be quite as busy. Quite hear Visio time. And then it's just so pretty when those beautiful golden mustard fields start showing from marina and and you can almost hear it but break happening and if it's a very exciting time and there really has a lot to do with how you plan your vineyard year. He had it can vary as much as it Oakmont the type of four weeks between one year to another. But but break I think is probably the second or third on my list in terms of importance of quality classic vintage. Because what you're looking for and then there's couple things one is a decision but break. January dot frost protection because I've seniors like 2008 we had to record prospect of back and we probably lost a third of our fruit and there's nothing you can do about it you know he lost or your fruit and for some point consumers their tot that low yield as much better than high yield. But low yield actually have much more difficulty in trying to get a bowels of the line because then all of a sudden the bigger the blind is out of balance with the fruit. And you just struggling all year long to try to keep to have balance and it is so much hard work to be able to fool divide into thinking. Don't forget your kids take care your kids you know because the opposite. Gosh now or have children didn't take care of nominees keep calling leads and that can be a deficit cheer when making the other thing too is it. But break you look at uniformity and your feet uniform idiots that kind of a uniform is Pauly. You when you get years where there's a huge range between maturity. You have that your fruit and you have that you whiners need to see you'll have. Immaturity green this year fro winds you'll have over ripe fruit communion of course a nice fruit you're trying to always. Man is that uniformity. The classic bandages are very uniform we have even bud break and that's like looking at now as soon as they see but great course. The grower has to worry about protecting it from frost but I'm looking in terms of which expression is in a spicy like my classic years where. All the buzz popped out at once and I am so excited I come back to my bust. This could be a great year because you see that heavier no no no this is great. And so that's those kind of observations I think are key and I think it did course after that and I think the most important aspect to a great vintage. Is flowering and flowering is really where you get that moderate temperature where it's not too hot not too cold no rain. We don't want medium business because it within the cluster you have. The pollen Aniston in a little jacket. And that gets wet it's just like you try to get out of a wet clothes same thing the pollen can't get out. Step five to seven days can't flowering is how he makes or breaks it damages you get up in the morning you see your card just covered with his green pollen. But then I go out and I see the fruits said the fertilization period happening very quickly. And evenly and then and no I mean even though we might have some. Heat or rain after that. I got uniform even more aggressive status fundamental but then of course there's the there's a beauty too I mean it's too was beautiful seasons are the spring where. Everything is green he's still got the yellows were. The cover crops must address and course harvests were and I think nature puts on his party's petticoat it's just layers and layers of colors are just actually gorgeous too. You know it's you come to the wind you take a tour of the winery. But to me that the best part is the vineyard. Without a doubt and to see those different phases and the next phase three you what went should start conferred hang in. It's so pretty and it's you know for those votes were just like to turn one it's a real treat him to have the opportunity to taste great it's not even quite. Fully ripe for making wine. But it Sweden. Chewy and Connecticut tripe that behavior ever pays the cavernous great that if ready to be harvested. If you read cover to do that you should do that because rob it's just an amazing thing of that you can have that much flavor and texture and a little tiny group. What separates grapes for wine is so different than grapes were eating. He's the service that all the skin of the great this is a very very small very seeking FT a lot of varies to deal to get. As much juice from them as you would at a table grape emphasized that point takes a vacation urgency you can put it back because that is important technology is very important. But your lab is entirely your palate to answer your walking along you've already seen you growing season. And I think that this the finality is like if you really good mystery you know when you can't wait that read that last page into the find out what happened. That's to me what's going on in the vineyard and also put in my about the and it doesn't take a laboratory that tell you while you hit gold it's just not the flavor of the Roma but it just like that explodes in your mouth. And that just turning stone that your throat and that kind of flavor profile. Especially if it kind of experience. To do and if you villages if that's I think it can be pretty convincing that John saint. John we got another great and it's. We talked about soil in the vineyards and some of the things I'm always fun of Helen and folks that. At every step of the one production the vineyard life. There's something to make the winemaker nervous or really challenge them and it doesn't just stop with the vineyard years. Up to crush went through good grapes and the facility. There's a lot of things that have to be taking care of properly here. You could mess up a lot of virtues you have probably one of the close facilities to work in using an evolve and grow its fourth capacity is concerned and technology. But it's still the same place it was reduced our eyewitness future follow. Not much in terms the footprint has changed. But I will stated that the personnel I think makes it work I've cut that I think the greatest wine making team in the world like. I'm the winemaker but I feel like this Fatima where quit that easily all can call themselves winemakers and and I it's like an artistic colony where we all get together that we have so much fun. They each when there's a divisional labor they executed so well so much social Emeka Maggie cruise I shall sit across me and she a look at which goes. I really need that taken as well I don't wanna give up that take you know it's doing so I really did that take it you want to bring this rooted. So there is a bit at the U managing these things together in the course side. I love getting to where you figured out. I'm my job is to bring the crew did and so somehow I look at got to take for that great you know it's two years we worked with the wind before it goes to bottle. And in that. I had the third year of the growing season because. Some as well you know when you put together blend right for bottling you know what makes that decision as I'd been working my head to growing stepped to the growing season from bud break. All the way through the flowering tolerated the growing season harvest. And the artistic decisions we make in terms of how long we might extend the administration if at all. Certainly balloting but then how long would an agent type at Coopers we're gonna put it in. From there there's just all these little extra decisions will make how we save you when you look at in my name. Very close she seal a little dots that were made you know enough on the beautiful flowers that he did. But to get full appreciation the dots are what we're doing a windy and Tina's putting dots put that together. To quit the consumer does sits back and he sees the water lilies and the water how it's flowing in the in the clouds as a pass through that changes in in this textures of the pain that I think is a fun for the consumer to do. We're the ones that kind of doing little dots because we had the idea about it that the consumer hopefully sink. This is so pretty and so many different levels and that I think that reward for her when a consumer says. And these are talking about the winds and how much it means to them and I personally brings tears in my eyes no. That's what we're trying to do was hit at that. Let's sit back a look at the big picture. Because you did all the dots we've got a great opportunity tastefully Samantha and John stop by John Gordon pushed up by a little bit earlier and it makes the experience so much fun but. Now where the rubber meets the road with a quick break we'll come back well occupy a little bit more of mr. davis' time and we'll pays someone to go there go away.