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Saturday, July 21st
Kent & Guy talk about the art, skill, man hours & challenge of making his cutting boards and music boxe

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Good afternoon welcome back to him like if you miss the first half what a shame on you. The program Oprah did hit us this radio dot com look for podcasts or what they call them. Audio on demand we have to have a different name so but he made money enough of that. And start charger around for the good life. And you'll find me and there is a archive of probably a year and a half two years worth of shows moralists and and you can listen anytime and but and then if you're on the road you can of course listen. Through the interwebs. There's a link that good like that income you can go right to Kenneth has radio dot com listen lie. Add before we give back pocket with camp about over the is beautiful artwork. Images or a couple of events that are coming up July 26. Next week Thursday's 78930. I am hosting a dinner for the Americans who won in food. Where the Spanish team the food is just food good food. But the ones are all Spanish I picked them all their bond. 65 dollars for members 75 for non. Path for whatever reason they closed out they are asked BP yesterday. But I bet if you went online and go to Ed W up which talk about ORG. And Berkett ticket maybe you still get in these next week. 65 for members 75 for non good reason to join. And of course today at Libya which talk about it or Jeter. You can find out about upcoming events and fund stuff. Tuesday July 31 week after. 6 PM dine around California wine tour and wind social that would fire grill. In the would Fargo the other being of course is that Kansas star casino. It's a beautiful location the third is good I understand the winds are going to be spectacular. Among openly go that went to Tuesday's 6 PM July 31. And hustler casino at the wood fired growth. California wine tour. Would pay about manifest later we get all the Marty but it. Let's go back to talking about would with by guest and Burnett can't. A photographer right trade. And and so many other things. And then there's this artistic thing. We're gonna talk about the music boxes is to me as a whole different skills that you alluded to that with. In the cutting boards you're working with. Not just squares but. Blocks of wood I'm gluing would be angles yet but making preformed things like this rise and know from past experience that's a challenge that. Very difficult. You have to glue all these things together. And and then there is the time where it sets and then there explaining and and sanding and things have to fit together perfectly so everything has to be square and and cut on the correct angle we're dealing with angles some of the stuff. If you just it's some Bozo like me just set out to do this. You to use your phrase you turn a lot of big wood in the little wood with little success. Well it was a big Bozo starting off till. The main trick is you want people your fingers let's ask that member on whatever you do and it once you get past that's that's staged while you never get past the stage safety. You just got into these things I have this weakness. Of wanting to do difficult things I don't know what it is about me I look at ten things. The easy ones all the way to the hard ones. All instantly bypassed the easy ones and goes to the hardest things right off the get go I don't know why do that but. Swim wired. Like it. The cutting boards are so. Dynamic and so different I don't think I've ever seen anything like this and give folks I just posted some pictures. Got Bauer on FaceBook. I'll put some on. The good life with god are on FaceBook but more importantly. Kevin Burnett dot com to tease. And in Burnett and you can see some of the the woodworking and let's talk about then. When I get this home what what do I do to care for those beautiful piece of artwork if I'm gonna actually using music and. Okay. I'd like to think that my work is what can be termed as useful art. Yeah it looks great yeah I want you to take care of but more importantly. Don't be afraid to use it if you're willing to take care of it. For instance you win nine Mecca board. The first thing I do with that when it's all done sanded. Smooth all the routing and I dip it in through grade mineral oil. For two days it soaks marinades. To allow that oil to get into the fibers of the woods. That's very good for it you can't use regular mineral as the B through great. After that's done. I then take hot mineral oil and bees wax. In a mixture that's hot and I slather that all over the board. All sides and let it sit for another day that I like that off the bees wax and hot oil so even further down and who would. And help seal the ports. What should buy. But any credit inning wood product even would handle knives. You never ever wanna put one in a dishwasher. That's that's just. This will throw in the fireplace. He destroyed. So. Don't be afraid to use these are tough. But after you're done using them you wash them by hand. Up you know soap and water. Don't put it in the dishwasher. Then I always give people mineral oil to rub down the boards afterwards. And if if need need be you can always use of rebel with lemon. And that helps to. The clean up let it dry never let it sit in the water all these boards have feed on them so they don't sit in water so. Then you can put it up on display. It's it's a happy camper. And one other item lots of times when I take my board's from a a cruel. Environment. And I'm going outside to go to my car for instance. With the they start sweating oil it's it's like sweat on a person's really bizarre but don't worry about it it's that's that's a good thing yet. I like it. If you go to your website you've got a picture of the blues similar to one of the ball feature it's actually it looks like. The same. Piece that you did here without the the wood frame around it and in this is two different pieces. Put together. Again by the Billick it comes to mind and when we caught our eye colors collapsing it's like putting two collapsing boards together. And as it's mentioned further on the web page to collapse in Boortz together. And then around the perimeter. I'm using to frame it. I'm using what's called purple heart now this is not a frame and a normal picture frame instance it's all flush and everything. I'd I don't have this one up on the website that don't star Richie well you gotta section you can see the double collapse it's in their on the second page. So I took put purple heart around the gadgets is south American would. And it's beautiful it does look per purple and you can clearly see here it's got beautiful grain and it's extremely hard stuff. It all of this stuff is hard I mean if you cut on this. You're gonna get some cut mark I mean let's find out no don't do that doubt doubt out of it. It. And when every you don't cut your of these it would notably gold mine now I'm not there and it now. Well I'd. Pretty amazing so if you qualities can't Burnett dot com and its view RN ETT. Can't Katie entity Burnett dot com. Are you gonna play in Ottoman art. We'll talk okay Brenda I know who is thicker who's the gatekeeper. You ought to do that if you've got enough pieces be religious game. For the use all these pieces out. And I it's it's in the venue for his for sure have been there several times. It's it's animals well Lou will have that talk can it's so cool I'm so glad you drew wallowing in the town here oh wait no we gotta compliment about this I wish there is a picture good luck god outcome of this very box. It's a beautiful. At first glance I would have maybe thought it was mahogany it's kind of reddish tone look it's it's again this American. African but it. Well so pretty and it and and it's a heart shaped. Jewelry box last music box and see like. It. The K you fight song. What's on the info out of Leslie hopper with a chemical that Tina attitude it. And that that content complements well that African who do quit. I made it doesn't of those boxes and it took me. Let's start in September I got and the first week of December. Making them and the finish alone was the month of November hole and I think there's like between eleven her fourteen. Layers of coats of stuff and sanding and aft. When skip past ten you lose count. So there's all kinds of products like cutting boards or maglev is that you anyone here get them. When you call camp there were you good cinemanow to his website on the heard about it here in the good life and they'll charge you double rethink. You should anyway as a lot of work I mean it was OK I asked union kind of dodged around ballpark man hours to make his beautiful. Collapsing with them for him. My gosh ballpark. See I made authorities. That once you practice make war on again it old. When he hours at all. And that in that enough I would guess twice sentiments but pretty cool stuff. Would love to see your wood shop and though so my friend mark Hutton. He's got a which that you would love Tennessee I'm sure. Beautiful stuff can really appreciate you coming in down and best of luck and we'll talk don't let me forget you're gonna stay right you should I wouldn't miss for the world I brought my actor cup for you'd have a sample of the Leo one of the week you're gonna teach me there you go I've got Barrett is a good level that they were more. Break we'll come back we're gonna get Marty Johnson and Trish homes on the phone and talk about. Tomato fest that's coming up July 28 a week from today and don't forget if you look at prefer to do today two things are going on. Meadow lark farms out rose hill. Do a Google search for monologue form. Rose hill or go to FaceBook they got fresh preaching heater to dive for and then at. Ed Johnson Gordon thinner it's man if you got some Johnson's book. It's it's it's midnight madness and plants Toronto per pupil loner 50% on a guy American life. We'll be back when more group one infinite that is true.