Attendance is up at Arrowhead Stadium

Steve & Ted mornings
Wednesday, December 13th
Bucking the league-wide trend, this year's attendance is up 2.4%.

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I'm spending more this Christmas because I'm able to actually happens who added members of handling sound and some baby gifts this year. 9713. Thirty K in tennis as soon. We aren't even dead in the volume Wednesday morning December 13 three big things for me. Democrat Doug Jones defeats Republican Roy Moore and Alabama's special senate election was seen traffic fatalities increasing across Kansas. Which is a City Council passes tougher panhandling ordinance three big things even dead on K and assess. And this morning. Kansas. Department of Transportation. Finding people that AK 9068 to read through hydraulic. Getting close from 9 AM to treat him today for some repairs. You'll be able to read X they're in the process. West Bend came in sixth the ramp to hydraulic closed from 93. We get a traffic accident right now. Kellogg and rock Kuroda. And report of some power lines down it's southbound lanes of I 1835 between west and radiance. Traffic updates from K and as this radio I'm Jeff chambers sunny and breezy. Dave with a high of 61 degrees increasing clouds tonight over 1930. Thursday mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow's high 45. Now partly cloudy skies 43 degrees to the northwest winds at thirteen miles per hour. 848 now Stephen agenda on K in his says. And the Stevens Edwards suffered dot com poll right there on our web page stay and his his radio dot com. How do you pick up and listen decay in as as most. 41. 29% say FM 9876%. Say Internet. And accommodation. Got 24%. So that is our poll question and if you get your own that we got a new one for you today so. The moment that's going on there how do you do most of your Christmas shopping. The choices are in brick and mortar stores or on the Internet. Or a nearly even mix of online and offline shopping. Stevens at Wichita Stephen that we're shoppers dot com poll wet stage. In this as radio dot com. And Ted just. Before we go too much further gonna like just say one more time a thanks to all who came up to the seventh annual air capital chorus Christmas radio hour last night. A benefit for the Kansas food bank Unita were involved in that be great show as we are every year and a we had several posters. Approach us assigned to at least a couple of autographs and he got a lot of southeast Aiken. And one of the people who came up was a guy named Andy Williams and Diane became our longtime listeners get to see him. We had to carry music teacher Kerry you know his listen to us for a long time during her long commute to the school every morning right salutes her. And Robert out of cow town amendment and in great listener and Robert. And we met some nice folks last night thanks for coming out now and helping it's it's a great time great evening we have every year by the way that radio hour can be heard. At 8 o'clock. Christmas morning yeah so if you're up about maybe you've yours you know do some last minute things around a house or are you in the cardinal on someplace. That it could be something that you you'll enjoy on Christmas morning the seventh annual. Eric capital chorus Christmas radio hour also saw our co worker Patrick was a real advantage there now. And one of our former co workers Hank. And thank the mechanic mechanic Jesse had seen last night some there's all sorts of famous people hang around to all the famous people who. And of course Santa Santa Paula Shannon plus got a famous and don't we head his and it's special helper. Stairs you know guy go to the it was a complete surprise to you and me now and they gave us a special award and then say now a real liable leg lamp. It was just amazing. Like the one end of the movie a Christmas or story we've got our own leg lamp handled many leg lamp. Thank you all for coming out I was finalist. Johns Hopkins University able stop buying stocks and bonds of companies that produce coal for electric power as a major part of their business. University's board of trustees voted last week to divest the university. From separately managed investments in thermal coal what university uses it to be Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Canada has a dish to planned to buy eighteen super hornet jet fighters from the US based Boeing. And bullet dead by eighteen used ethnic fighters for Australia. Nine zip a pre owned brio yet. Well my health's use go to the pre owned an airplane not that the you play it the no let up on eighth if the 850 to announce Steven and Ted local company growing in ark city editor bill with us again this morning to bill. If Marty Stephens hit Gallup dock company adding jobs at its operation in our Kansas City. Can pack US has authorized the construction of a 200000 square foot warehouse and distribution center. In our cities goth industrial park at ten point three million dollar building project. Can pack makes and supplies beverages and dessert for quick service restaurants convenience stores and retail food industry. Which does state university of launching an online MBA program to this point the online study was part of a hybrid. With traditional long campus classes but in January for the online program launch. Nine students had to stop taking MBA classes because they couldn't attend in person they will rejoin Anna. Through the new program they'll start the combined enrollment of 28 students. And attendance at Kansas City Chiefs games this season. And that's going against the trend in the rest of the NFL and averaged 75419. Fans. Have attended each chief's home game this season that's a 2.4 percent increase from last season. Twenty at least 32 teams have seen attendance all this season the rams and the chargers have seen the biggest increases. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess in which top business journal dot com the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy Gore's. Boosting had attendance for the chiefs games and then now on 98713. Thirty K and assessed on a radio air. That's trying to sell people real sisters wanna go to the game and listened on the bottom line people are tuning into radio station and happy I don't know they had a football team up iron camps. Let's go. The tigers but chiefs. Well today Asian National Guard her birthday. Our guys answer grades recognized Bertha the National Guard a component of the united states army National Guard is primarily composed of citizen soldiers. Who hold down full time civilian jobs attend school or as is often the case bulls now says National Guard there is an Air National Guard rightists. Though it's such as army international melted armies of one who started of course because of with abuse of these before airplane for an event. Right he would be honest. I'm with you we got you okay. So we our National Guard wing McConnell yeah so we can and you know the a lot of those folks were. Were put into into action in the Middle East right last year's National Guard from primetime called under get in there and and do their part and they always do. And yet we missed you last I don't know it was a school night you don't violate but did. Right at the Christmas radio hour you'd be a good. In addition to that although I think we have been club we got that stage up there there were four of us really the real starring role and a probably not not promote their for one more ego no probably not Allen managing this is you know I was the that was doing a primadonna you know I was of this lighting. I need federal eating and exactly I know what that means. I don't look bigger font on the script this script I don't know who wrote this trash know. As soon as the very housing wrote this opinion this year is like she's indeed he liked it changes nice to get a taste for awards this year ago now. Eleven of the ratio next year it may be you can just at the least amount watch is built a that you enjoy and absolutely use that it's like an old time radio show and you could hear it at 8 o'clock. Christmas morning right here on 97. I felt like surf. Even 10 in the morning coming up stay in business news at nine. Which does City Council cracking down on panhandlers. Seated in the morning on UK and SS.