Avoid a "bad portfolio"

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 22nd

Moneytracker Don Grant says these days we are all investors.


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Chicken nice holiday memories there. And at third and 97 experts see thirty KN SA has stated in the morning now. 647. The three big things. Congress avoids government shut down at least. Until January 19 seed. Veteran sportscaster Dick and bird the dead at 82 why millions of Americans traveling over the Christmas weekend. Three big things seem intent on K and assess. And this morning out there in traffic while we can't something to kind of avoid weekends. Police investigating if you held a disturbance 500 block of west central. The end downtown area there 500 block of west central to report of a disturbance watch for slow down. In that area traffic updates from Kate and as radio I'm dead chamber. Becoming partly cloudy later today with a high of 36 degrees Thursday's high was 58. Partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low twenty. Saturday sunny and cool the most hyped or he done enough cloudy 46 degrees with a north wind gusting to 21 miles per hour. Can assess whether rusty by the monarch voted gave them the best burger bars in America by the verbal rebuke. Located at 579 west Douglas and historically you know the monarch. 648 now Stephen Ted in the morning stocks closed in the green Thursday. Stocks on Wall Street gain across the board the Dow came within 26 points at its all time record high definition the upside on optimism on the tax overhaul and some good economic data. Dow Jones Industrial Average up 55 points at 24007. EDT at the NASDAQ Composite up for at 6965. The S&P 500 up five at 2684. We saw movers on the Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average we saw financials such as Goldman Sachs JPMorgan helping to lead the way Nike and Chevron. Also did well apple finished higher by 13 of 1% 17501. After saying they do you slowdown in the old iphones in order to prevent checked out on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange it ultimately eighties Fox News. Voters price tag for the Tory Tory toward toward Tokyo Olympics. Has been trimmed slightly but is still nearly twice initial estimate even after a major cost cutting effort. Organizers say the event will cost a total of one point 35. Trillion yen. How many dollars at Ted's. Yeah eleven point nine billion dollars to put on the Olympics. Now. Then you ovals that stuff there is an expensive proposition. The government says about eight point eight million people have signed up for coverage next year under the Affordable Care Act. A deadline surged last week appears to account for the surprisingly strong numbers. A New York judge has rejected a lawsuit by restaurant workers. A hotel event of Booker and a watch dog group. Who say president trump has business conflicts that violate the constitution. The lawsuit was rejected Thursday by a federal judge George Daniels. Who's as the plaintiffs. Lacked standing to sue. 651 now Steve and tendon time for a Don Graham actually appease the my tracker he's talking about bad portfolios. And AdSense. Bad and yeah. Actually act quietly you know he we live and an eight whereby almost every working American has been forced to become an investor. Forced the age of retiring with a pension gold watches on. With this new reality comes some very poorly constructed portfolios and fortunately. I call the first example of a bad portfolio the one now. It he singled bond or stock holdings that makes that the entire portfolio. With a concentrated single position the result may be good or bad particularly at that stock or bond bolt out of the gate. But over time it may disappoint because it's not diversified. The acquired portfolio is an allocation of investment inherited from a family member. It may have holdings that were right firm Kohlberg. But not for the person who inherited. Selling positions may be painful for the holder because of the memory of a benefactor. But sometimes that's necessary. The post bubble portfolios sport holdings that were annihilated after a bubble popped. They about the attack holding after the tech bubble of 2001. The holder refuses style because they're gonna come back some day. Well in this situation look at total value of holdings and build a portfolio that gives the holder best. The order portfolio. Is a guess organized match up of hot dot. Bottoms and flavor of the week stocks. There's no central Maine. No strategy other than. Dot selling anything and continuing to acquire. The dangers that there may be overlap resulting from an over concentration and single holding. And just holding the wrong product that may take away the goals of the investor. The senate and forget it portfolio. Is invested in this same holdings that you purchased when you first open your power back in 1991. He continue to be that beast without tracking. Re bouncing or monitoring that the investments are still right. In the allocation for you. It is time to review your investments and worked to build the opportunities. That are best for you. Your time horizon and of course you or risk tolerance and of course if you have any questions he'd give me a call number 634. 22 when he too. You pointed out something I think when you first began this morning very very important that is effective yes every American has been forced to be an investor if they're thinking long term about the the future and you know retirement and so forth we've got to. Be a little more savvy about you know what's gonna go in a portfolio stock knowledge that you said it was very good point that we all investors now. Yeah well it's like it's like. You know with the tax code for example we've all been forced to become like CPAs and our taxes now. You've got high CPA as you can go fire hire somebody that helped you with your portfolio or you could sit down and do your taxes yourself but if you're gonna do it yourself. You need to educate yourself so that you are not missing out on opportunities. Or tax liabilities that you may not have. Right did you think to do. For instance Ted Woodward they came on the radio scene without doing some sort of you know for a five or six years study of how broadcasting worked. No of course not. And her you know it took years and years and eater I don't think it's truth that truth is not pretty much learned on the job I had a little training bit. A pretty much learned on the job Abbott needs needs. And when we got in your look at the thing is we're natural talent so I didn't take months and I Atlanta at that the editor brilliant and all the way you executed your radio duty eaten. And me. And having a little credibility problem early on you got the duty partner it's right next goal today is national date nut bread today. And believed to have originated around Iraq it dates have been a staple food of the Middle East and the Indus Valley for thousands of years. They've been cultivated since ancient times from us apart and yet to prehistoric Egypt. Possibly as early as 4000 DC. Waiting for not Britain being. You know one thing about being in the radio got these two are as you have the ability to change. You know things in revised government. And may I make a suggestion that we change its knack national chocolate sundae there's something. You know I'm not a professional like you guys are but you know do we do that stage. If you can come up with something better I beam are more than happy to entertain. National pumpkin pie day however all apple pie I've been working with you several years that I have found you to be completely devoid of anything meaningful. In that regard point as an actor bill. Point out every now you give us a lot of good advice but he entice you yeah I'm a Brazilian air app that's. Our Don have a good Christmas C on Tuesday OK we'll see it and thank Glen grand CFP notes on each record this morning. Yet pairs nicely Steve yesterday was your read national re gifting those are pretty I not. The somebody gave me some date nut bread today moment that would be a huge top of the list candidate for re gifting for me dates bigs today it about it. 655 feet to dead. I mean they're tasty they're. Come on up at 7 o'clock they completely the day's news was Stevens said that. No shut down federal government still running. At least three ball and guys like him sleep tonight as stated in the morning on CNN's.