Barbara Bush lying in repose ahead of her funeral

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 20th
Guest: Fox News correspondent Rachel Sutherland in Washington, D.C.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock Pacific theater as a sporting news this season if I keep Macintosh. Two deputies ambushed and killed in Florida we've got the story. Suspects captured after police chase in southeast Wichita I didn't look toward those details just ahead. A Kansas City school resource officer has been charged with fumbling three teenagers. I'd never. I'm Kenneth S meteorologist Dan Holliday clouds are starting to move in from the west this morning decide middle low pressure system is headed our way and that's going to bring us some much needed rain this weekend are complete forecast is coming up. Two Florida sheriff's deputies dead after being ambushed and shot at a restaurant in Gilchrist county. Sheriff Robert Schulz says. Today approximately 3 PM fingers treasurer's office Steve and I won't call. About that he's being down in the local restaurant. Deputies arrived as long scene along with a trim public safety officer. And they did find to our deputies the city's. Police identify the fallen officers as sergeant Noel Ramirez and deputy ad deputy Taylor Lindsay. Deputies responded to the scene found the shooter dead outside the business. Wyandotte county prosecutors say Kansas City, Kansas school resource officer is charged with fondling at least three teenagers. All between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. English has been employed with the school districts since two point fifteen. Has been on administrative leave since March 22. Investigators are still trying to determine if the alleged crimes occurred on school property. Dan O'Neil came and SS news. A suspect was caught after a police chase in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says this happened late Wednesday night. When an officer on patrol spotted the stolen truck with a dealer's license plate their thirty for street south of hillside. The driver would not pull over for police are trapped. Our pursuit ensued which went into derby. In derby the driver pulled behind a residence in the two occupants of the vehicle. Fled on foot. Officers were able to apprehend. Both the occupants at 28 year old male driver. And a 25 year old female passenger. The man was booked into jail for fleeing from police and aggravated weapons violation auto theft unlawful possession of methamphetamines. And traffic charges of stolen truck was returned to its older. Teachers in Arizona have voted to go out on strike. This teacher says many are packing their bags for greener pastures its first ever statewide strike to demand increase school funding. We are under paying our educators. And so we have people incredible professionals. Who live. Devoted their entire lives to bettering our communities and our families and their leaving this state. Because they can't afford to do the job that they love with the community and the kids that they love. The release of fired FBI director James colonies memos is sending shockwaves through Capitol Hill Republican lawmakers say Kelly's memos prove the fired at BI director never felt obstructed by president trump. Despite claims from Democrats that he tried to hold the FBI's probe of Russian interference. In the 20s16 election in assailant house oversight chairman Craig county along with house Judiciary Chairman Bob go let's say and emotional coming quote was. Lying to buys his within the FBI. But the top Democrat on the house oversight committee Elijah Cummings says quote presidential interference was a bull blatant effort to deny justice. And director Conley was right to document it in Washington some Angel Fox News. Is this year's time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Another player leaving the shocker men's basketball program shocker baseball team is a big weekend series on the road we'll talk about these and other items coming up in sports city of Houston honors Barbara Bush that story on the wasting the head of the morning. On Kate in SS. Okay there's there's sporting news you can sit out several played 8 minutes at 7 o'clock. Ed Pavia is retiring after 49 years in law enforcement the past 48 as director of the Kansas law enforcement training center near Yoder. In this there's news as to pay be about recent officer involved shootings in the news. Maybe he says the Washington Post reports an average of 952. A thousand police involved fatal shootings annually over the past three years we don't think crucial. Thrilled that two of the loose change manifesting. We do thank mr. more coverage of it by the media organizations. With a torn for our new recycler rebellion to. And there was some of the issues have been surfacing around the country who were of high profile shootings. Ed peavy is our guest this weekend and issues 20:18 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. Kansas is taking over fifteen private nursing homes after the owner and operator defaulted on payments to vendors and failed to meet payroll. We get more from Kansas information networks Britons like art. Kansas department for aging and disability services secretary Tim Keck will oversee operations of the skyline healthcare LLC homes court documents show the facilities have nearly 850 residents and 950. Employees TCU RFM reports that the New Jersey based owner previously acknowledged that skyline had insufficient funds to pay utilities and food services vendors Texas Florida based mission health has assumed day to day oversight of the homes mission RD operates fourteen skilled nursing facilities in Kansas the move comes after Nebraska officials took over 21 nursing homes and ten assisted living facilities operated by skyline last month Texas the next step is to find a new owner. The city of Houston held a public celebration of the life and legacy of former First Lady Barbara Bush. Our analysts take a look at the forecast now 71010 minutes past 7 o'clock which Steve and Ted and the soft with the Katie western. Is in storm tracker three forecast today with Katie western good morning. Or you. Hey good morning guys out it's it's something is different in the forecast for the others as strange smell in the air and Zach if yeah it's saying we actually have a pretty courage inspiring giving him over the weekend. I tell us about it. All right so today is mainly why here probably activists CD rain until at least after dark for which it jostle in more overnight tonight. Showers will finally start to reach here so today just increasing clowns Embry southeast queens and mild temperatures high of 65. And then it's overnight but again widespread showers few thunderstorms but thankfully nothing severe with this system just and it it'll rain will be moving through. Authored tonight and then all of throughout the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and then finally exiting Sunday morning. Well and did disappoint those ranges and what you're describing it you know so often we get DC kind of spotty rains ripped you know it's raining on my street between streets over the stuff going on. Is this what it's gonna be there have been more or less of a steady rainfall. Yeah this one simply a lot more widespread and we're not talking like those isolated thunderstorms or anything like that that gather would be hit missed. But it is just to be a storm system really slow moving system. So that brings us systems widespread just kind of light to moderate showers all across the state of the whole state needs it especially southwest you know we're really happy that we were all going to be seeing some good rain out of the. Tamp down that rained there that to fire danger a little bit for us right. Yes yes absolutely that helps significantly there and helps with the drought as well aren't. Educating that's the Nokia's installed correctly forecast the Kansas today meteorologist Katie question that we need to take a look at traffic now. Widget chambers and let's go to traffic this morning. I they've still got a bit of a slow down there where they had a traffic accident between a car and a semi truck this is on K fifteen. That's really affecting westbound traffic to K fifteenth. In shelty and that's bright in front of the shelty general store there are so. If you're familiar with that area that's what you need to avoid again that's westbound K 42. Active now partly cloudy we have a 44 degrees and east wind at nine miles per hour is our reporters talking a moment ago about. The yeah. Barbara Bush lying in repose today and then there are funeral plans and so forth coming up and was us this morning is Fox News radio Rachel Sutherland. Filling some of the details. Good morning Rachel understand that we were you reporting fox is that it. And there was. I can Jesse celebration a memorial service I guess for Barbara Bush in Houston last night and. And yes and then today in the public can't begin to come and pay their final respects that the episcopal church where the buses had been members for decade. On new and today until midnight tonight Chilean proposed. People can can come publicly and express their condolences and which irked. In reflect currently on her life her remarkable item with an extinct about the coverage of all of them. It's been refreshing if he gets a reporter. That everyone insistence for a moment that politics aside. And talk about the flights and the impact she had and the fact that. She could only agree with her husband politically yet she stood by him and Mary for Stephanie three years is with her to Bavarian. And you know she is a really unique urgently and that she said famously she was not tied her hair she would not lose weight she would not change her clothes. It and I don't want to attack that's very refreshing to hear. CEO of escape prevention for women around the world cannot do it in need to look like people want to cover costs. And I later saying if she was young she was pretty good athlete a swimmer and and athletic person and a huge issue breach of the remarkable family one of the things I liked about this though. Is that as she promoted literacy. And as well I agree with that tee sheet promoted literacy as a key to you know if kids can read and read well. It's also a key it's awful lot of problems in their lives. Oh yes she was of two was actually a big proponent literacy and education. Get education that they have a personal life south. That's crime or perhaps you know if you're a woman in particular education and made you front elect a prostitution and more like the middleweight. Minimum wage jobs bill in many respects although she looks like out that the album with triple agent to never have to work she did take up the issues that would have backed. People who were disadvantaged. They were wealthy they were from Maine but they transplanted to out do you know two I think west Texas and you'll let. And to be a culture shock for her because I've. I've been to west Texas and have at a B cell the bit. There weren't many family they race a terrific and they lost at the little girl from leukemia when when she was very young. You didn't know that until they until it started coming out with her biography I didn't know that issue Costa county do it on she did experienced darkness. At her like she that she suffered depression and that it has to do partly because it is killing she kissed. You can measure up to end it that it's an interesting perspective. This problem and a partner feel that way again going back to being on the cover pot and write me. She did that First Lady who spotted on the line in her probe walking her dog and yet it occurred to do that. Terrific humanity and just you know if somebody you know. I think you might agree is what I'd like you've gotten to know her he would have been funded. I have we can't briefly can meet her in 2000 and haven't been Myrtle Beach achieve its cabin crew on campaigning for her son did and have it you know fell about. She would keep its current reporters obviously at that at bat but she was remarkable. All caught yet. Topic two QB he tough as a booed briefly as a that the oh now okay so that the schedule is her body is lying in repose at the at the church there in Houston and at the funerals private tomorrow. That's private right. Correct in the morning Adobe funeral the president not attending at that. Traffic in Indy and destruction of security he'd beaten much the First Lady on triple B. You know and it's interesting to me because. I think that extra bit to it and you can it would add to this game never meet make problems. And that's terrible that the president can't act I think it's probably two of all president she just can't do that anymore. It is just. Well animated it could cause disruption about selecting it means that the budget accounts haven't been that warm pastor corporate. I mean politics seem to be basically put aside for world is at at the relation. Well listen thank you we appreciate your coverage this morning that is of course. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland talking about Barbara Bush who passed away this this week at the age of 92 and being. I'll tell you what he's being fondly remembered by just about everybody. A period a sunny day across Kansas central Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature yesterday 61 degrees normal life the data 69 and as you heard. We may have a vote in tonight 718. Steve intent on gay and assessed its sports time with Ted Woodward. We're talking about well a lot of activity data this week it dead now and that. Got a lot of activities on tap for the weekend and we have a player that is leaving Wichita State. Guard Austin Reeves is going to transfer away from the men's basketball program at Wichita State. This is he is the second scholarship player who announces transfer this offseason. Eleven guys that were on the roster last year for the shoppers will not be on the roster this upcoming year talk about an overhaul or six of those guys graduated. There's another two scholarship players that are transferred including Austin reads to walk ons have left the program and Landry Shannon leading go to the NBA. Shocker roster overhaul continues in men's basketball. College Baseball this weekend for the shocker to a ranked number 24 in the nation's truckers on the road at Houston for the for the first time in 21 years shocker went down Houston's baseball action. And the shocker his arm one of eight teams that are all bunched up in the standings in the American athletic conference eight teams are within a game and half of first place well so it's a it's a constant. Model for those eight we'll see if anything sorts itself out this weekend. Mike Kennedy has live coverage of all the soccer baseball game 630 tonight 6:30 tomorrow 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon novels. Soccer baseball game right here on 97. And thirteen thirty K and SS. Major League Baseball for the Kansas City Royals they are in Detroit for a four game series this weekend it's a day night double header today. Royals on an eight game losing streak right now they are at the bottom of the American League trying to dig themselves out. Gains today at noon and at 6 o'clock. And a new game tomorrow and again at noon on Sunday live coverage of all the royals baseball games on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Pearl hockey first round playoff series of Wichita thunder is on the road at the Colorado Eagles tonight at 8 o'clock. It's game four of that series but Wichita is behind three games to zero. The under must win tonight to avoid a sweep. In the opening round of the playoffs. Pro football the Kansas City Chiefs have released their 2018. Is scheduled for the upcoming fall. Season opens on September 9 on the road in LA against the chargers chiefs have five primetime games this season. Twice on Monday Night Football twice on Sunday night. And there's a Thursday night game late in the season. It's the only home primetime game at Arrowhead Stadium hosting the chargers on December 13. One of those Monday night games will be in Mexico City when the chiefs take on the rams on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving. On the Monday prior to Thanksgiving. So interesting quirks of the schedule there the chiefs play three of their first four on the road they finish with three of their last four at home. Of course your home the Kansas City Chiefs on the radio dial in Wichita is right here on 97. And thirteen thirty K and that's S. College bowl laying the national championships. Going on in Lincoln Nebraska. The Wichita State women and made it to the final four of unbeaten teams in the winner's bracket. The Newman a women and the Wichita State man in the both lost yesterday and we'll have to make their way through the losers bracket today they wanna keep advancing. On the individual side of things Wichita State sophomore Joseph grundy and disqualified for the final four on the individual side and will be competing tomorrow. For national championship with a shocker. And in NBA action in the playoffs last night the Philadelphia 76ers go down in Miami and beat the heat won 28 to 108. Is the playoffs debut for former Kansas jayhawk Joseph well indeed in the starting lineup for the 76ers his first playoff game. Pretty good he had 23 points seven rebounds four assists and three blocks. Philly leads Miami in. Best of seven playoff series two games to one. Sports with Stephen Ted KNS test just to quickly this morning it did sounds terrible I think to some people my license. The shocker to losing eleven players. It's it's it's not when you look at it it's not that bad it's okay you said the we have. That six seniors right. Not six seniors exited the program that's a great six seniors left. Yes they let the right yes okay. And the Q Goran had 32 guys who made towards leave right guys made a choice to leave now well three Landry Shannon going to the NBA so three guys decided to leave early so there doesn't seem to. Doing wrong with the program just at its circumstances they are rather mass exodus out huge senior class gone and but you guys choose to leave for various threes which means coach has to get on planes. Exactly he's got to be just already got you know great recruiting class of six coming in does he's got to go get it done to get more some more vacuous. Well yeah that's available recruiting never ends. Otherwise never ever again Mike Kennedy put on a pair of shorts and go out there and practice with well that's why they pay coach Marshall and his staff all that money is to go finals great players they what they're at a time for our prairie fire coffee break here on K and assessed. Parry for our copy the freshest coffee the which site area because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh. Right here in Wichita yeah temporary for our coffee at your office. Like calling 267377. On or go online at prairie fire coffee dot com copyright either of the Rush Limbaugh morning update. California's revolt against their own state government that's coming up seat until the morning on K in a sense.