Basic Foods That Are Beyond Just Basic

The Good Life
Saturday, January 13th

Guy’s visit with Mareya Ibrahim continues as the two discuss foods that have extra ingredients that benefit your health.


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And. Welcome back and plus he just joined us thank you missed the par four you know you can always find podcast. After the show. Got a good left got comically so but the thought they can direct view or go direct to yourself and as a radio dot com the good life. And and the conditions you can also listen logger on the road. You don't have a radio would nearby and you got your computer. You can listen to streaming audio is great archive of all kinds of a historical truth for the past two or your truth though. At the same location on the list of buy side by segment so like for most shows there fort segments for each one. And by day. My guest today. Maria I Abraham she is a well there's so many things target Saber open. Yeah did this article that caught my attention is about the top healthy food and beverage trend we've been to a few of them. What about we've talked about their route to tape Bogut got up and collagen complex. What boosted basics. Now it is really hard at old people's attention great. Well even at all you can. Ask. They are based there there are getting old remark where in net where in place now where work where beyond expects self. This trend at about boosted base tax in 08 at like everything. Flour sugar water milk coffee bread. Buttered. You know used to be where you which has by the bye and now it or not and more functional but what are being Knight did not cutting. Like L. And you're out a keen look for product that multiple nutrient boosting out on liked it and you'll see. Things like you have looks a little Russia inching need Al bat. And never heard of but very powerful oxidant that are being added and that the basic. Even plant based on make are really starting to catch on. It used to be where you which are going to the natural food torrent these things like black male and see a need and kept the which are. Not illegal by the way he happened. But you know it means tree out showing a lot of that they expect. And even in ox in and herbs like Emmerich and clothing and. Elected OK I don't drink coffee but I during the and the last several months have been getting some interesting. PR material. About different ways to make coffee different copies you can make with different types of of machinery. Health about all alt coffee. Shirt well I mean I'm girl Coptic. Or cop a like light or buy it at all. You know a little. Brad and are needed life doing all apple app. Finding the experience at coffee without. Is on trend rate now can see just how. Did they yoga class at our people are looking for work tapping trees that America so. Alternative. Come in the form of different things like. Brain boosting aren't sure there's a company called for an addict technique a mushroom extract debt. Clean injury just like cops it is not like around. But it super powered it you that bring in the morning. I all I really like. A product from a company called teaching now and they used in the line group and that keeping. Show is called seat belt like it's now. People are like teen critic of the area and a costly way it helped that at that and it line. I'm even game you know people are growing. Boca like at actual cocoa beans. In the traditional way that you quit you know create like a cop and a while cup or Arab grass a company called Brokeback has really. Gotten around. And payment on the map would now they'd do that and a lot of ways to get target in the morning without the. Yeah I've what I've been drinking. And that that would have tried this and so I have a hit my first ever gout flare up. And I've been drinking pretty regularly. The business. Unusual. Dan blind tee and even with that it's going to be yeah it's really them that like. Now people want the period the call 800 yeah on it now has been around for ever by this experience of actually enjoying a beverage that. And they simulate maybe what coffee would do or even the technique of approaching how coffee brewed Israeli trap. Oh all right number six is. We'll call it hot stuff that it. If you went back and looked at my website the last the month or two I've had several producers. Craftsman of producing. Unusual hot sauces and god loves everything hot it did you know it. Picks a lot of heat the Wear me out. Do you see this now that we're at and is it just now booming even more than it has been. Well it off. And coming in the form of bite like ginger or black rapper well. It is dirt and beverage. And we're staying products like even record and Al all wit that he and that. Really gonna give Iran for your money and it kind of experience that actually booed at your doorstep. Didn't get a little bit of a rush when you drink these types as. These type injury and how he I have ever Carol reaper yes. It timed a pull up your. Home about outlet by paying. We're talking like Colbert you know millions go vote he unit at giving you perspective about about by hot air. And you're seeing note and not a stock is but in chocolate. Injury. Oh you know. You bet I mean my 112 what the one that really got about it. Mean you can't eating contest with nine. When he thirty million view it could people wanna see people to go bigger ball and honored. And that what you'll you know and I know that he can't and that he bit hell's kitchen or not. Mike kidded others. I'm fond of saying pumpkins don't fall far nutrients and notre on the income from trees but my kid lives in Carolina and he's. A a hot pepper Canada and eighties made some blends using a little but the Caroline recurrent. Instead of I went about parts sharing again because of my little gout flare up you know green army. I've found out that arch areas especially the actual raw fruit of our answer is. Or some of the other ways you can get it is really good for you. Absolutely well aware that aside and act it. And then act that stubble which we're gonna market and back. And act which is indeed response Gail really you know measured up. Data quality. And I am of them is really what caught my. Heart chair. Benefit or been you're seeing everything from NI NN which are. And help battle radical. Alabama which can be very potent and critic cancer prevention but archery. I mean thanks for reducing pain in the nation. And I am apple date the doctor away it will all cheery. Eyed approach and out. And archer is even more potent than regular cherry and that back which you're out there that you urged. You know I. And Cory Wade and managed back but it also going hoped it would sleeping at got a natural and now. And you can get in that fresh form. You can view and track where danger as shell out there the company culture I mean that may low sugar ready to drink you. Oh they're easy ways of the auto very I didn't crash or you can get an and the powder the track. You know even get it and I'd outlet. Adding to your diet can be really you if you into incorporated and Q a drinker and scenery and they quit. Like the final one I'm almost reluctant talk about it because I don't want her body locally run out trying to find them because you have the hunt. I have been a fan of these types of peppers have started when I lived in Spain and a bundle put grown peppers were. And then I've found out that she she took pepper flow covers some parents are somewhat different. But they date there so it and we were out Las Vegas recently in at a restaurant and they've served. As an appetizer this little bowl of of should she took peppers. But they had been pan seared in it to get a little bit of characterization. And then had parmesan cheese grated on top. It was Taylor. This is something. I hope more people plant should Chico pepper is there you know there not that hot back in some is not at all. But they they're just so Fuller were. They really are and on Tuesday right I mean at a station shootout. That. Show this year and and and turn. You know at all benefit that you issued a corporate corporate and general offer. They'll many like cantor and that they are rich and cap state and and they helped prevent cold and booster communities as they have term and how bad it. On. 00 yeah they're Utica and wrote. Little blustery out a little bit at all. I mean a I mean. Right to meet a vehicle so that I code and an and they go on my back last week that which of Alicia. And you know we're seeing bail bench issued a Pepper's really skyrocket according to her which are accompanied locally based here in Southern California. They increase the sale of over by that. From October 2016 to 2017. September. So there's there's a legitimate. That that the shelling out why AG trend sales are up. They're on. You know I declined game when you're with a budget people anxiously as being crude get a get a hot. I like it and there is. I have come to recognize whether it's drones or should shoot those. Did he abuse sometimes it's an all the big when her water. And it would match is due to. Its pepper Rula. Shall we shall we should trademark. A minute and a B play you know and the best part about these. Those peppers that we had that restaurant in the way I've fix them before even if you little ball boil answer. Better yet. Put him as a block banks Brimelow olive oil shake them around and put him in a holy land him with holes. On the grow and grow them. And you just in my popcorn in there helping you know image and angrily good and. They're real or don't eat eat there are buying shares. They're going to boost your your health like nobody is pat. And they're at a waiver or Abbott and traditional dishes like ball then. Other you know type of approach it stripped peppers that you would normally used like talking Taylor war Iran for example. They're fun well. And pay it. Mario we've got to have you on again because I wanna talk or a share more about. How we treat our vegetables before we get him into the pan and on the table. Because whoever I think you know as I've. Read more about you in some of the things you've done. We get we were in soft stuff and rinsing off. Is not grew up in most cases. It really is meant everything went water means what you really think about what else we rent what water alone and call clean. And that were taking food that's grown on the ground. That are in grade debt environmental track talked to mentioned. You know little critter has been saying all of the time on that and they democratic national red. And that all of the people that touched it in the doors so we really got to take care are hurting because prudent. Should be the cornerstone of our diet and the more you mean rob predators the more you're preserving integrity of the and the time and the natural nutrient. We gotta just take care of that I mean it was a huge. Grilled meat outbreak you've probably heard about it last week. Oh and it being scared and feeling like oh my goodness I can't eat Romaine. You can mitigate your rest and not at a 100% but you can mitigate your risk by 99.9. Anchors and I think that streak. At the good I don't. Like it. Maria thanks so much for being part of a program folks go to the left got that call her. Follow some of the links learn more about what she'd been up to and more importantly. You know there's a legal take it to these great aid. LP. Food and beverage things that you can look for and be a part of it twentieth. All right with a quick break come back we're gonna talk to show a fair effort he's going to be here next Friday due today. Dinner on the grill with wine pairings. And dolphins barbecue okay about that and I've got a great one of the week it's Argentinian now back. Nine to five points from the candor it's the 24 team. Hello home don't agree min mile back and reserve home and we'll be.