Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash will join forces in theaters today

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 17th

How will Justice League do at the box office this weekend?


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There were no injuries firefighters remained on the scene through tonight cause of the fire is under investigation. Now the forecast with pianist and a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get boring day and good morning cloud cover is spreading to south central Kansas is moisture lifts in from the south. And as we have an area of low pressure and a cold front move our way temperatures will soar well above average are high 77 with a gusty southwest wind. Cloudy 45 tonight and then clearing tomorrow and much cooler behind the frauds are high 56. I'm Kayla SS meteorologist Dan holidays now fall diminished and 59 degrees. Police captured the robbery suspect himself Wichita officer Charlie Davidson says it happened late Wednesday morning at the dollar general store. At pony and Broadway. Under a suspect entered the Dollar General indicated he had a weapon or gun. And then demanded money money was given to the suspect who fled the scene and it white Cadillac. Officers quickly arrived in the area and didn't locate the suspect vehicle in the for a block of west Blake. Eighteen year old man booked into jail for aggravated robbery of a business if Tyson Foods decides to located chicken processing plant and Sedgwick county. It'll mean an estimated 16100 new jobs Jeremy hill director of the center for economic development and business research at Wichita State University tells Kane and assist deals. Adding jobs. And at being an opportunity. One way or another is gonna crew and our economy so from just a mathematical perspective that's the way we usually take it EU period expand the regional economy now that doesn't mean. They nimby not in my backyard kind of question. Or meals I guess this weekend and issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on Kate in a sense. The economy will likely remain slow in the rural parts of ten planes in western states including Kansas in the months ahead with an overall role main street index for the region remained in negative territory below fifty. And declined to 44 point seven in November from October's 45 point three. The index is based on Creighton university's monthly survey of bankers. Com asserting gos says the current low commodity prices and declining form income continued to weigh on the economy. The index ranges between zero and 100 with any number under fifty indicating a shrinking economy. The index tracking the price of farmland and ranch when declined to 36 point five in November from October's already weak 39 point two. Dan O'Neill take an SS news. Vice president Mike Pence received the Tony seventeen distinguished service award at the tax Foundation's eightieth annual dinner. Parents called the recognition meaningful. But it's especially meaningful. The duties on the very day it with your strong support. 200 into money seven members of congress took historic first step to tax reform for the American thing. Great day for America. The house pass a tax bill Thursday were all Democrats voting no. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Republican leaders are pushing the bill through quickly and that no one really knows who but it contains. Abu Dhabi in Asia planning to create a new police headquarters. One that's out of this world. The UAE is planning space exploration and colonization with an eye on planting its flag on Mars. But if you move earthlings they are you have to provide services. So Abu Dhabi plans on sending police officers to Mars to staff or police station they are but that's not all. They also plan I'm placing copped some patrol in outer space. Just in case of spaceships decide to exceed warp speed. They intend on getting this all done by 2057. Abu Dhabi Centennial year Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Can't assist you sign out 836 Steve and Ted in the morning and that means it's time for entertainment news to blur with Ted Woodward this morning at. Looks like we've got some more information this morning Ted about. Kevin Spacey correct you on the actors London theater is out with fresh allegations against the actor and police could get involved. The old stake here in London saying it's receives twenty allegations against Kevin Spacey. Who led the data between 2004. And 2050. Feel big apologizes. Positively to that people can tell that that they've been affected. Stated chief Kate Farrah saying people didn't previously fear label to speak counts. The Santa says the allegations cover Clint a range of inappropriate behavior 118 year period. The complaint insult all men and most of former staff killed Vick says it saying Paris fourteen of them to go to police in London Simon no it Fox News. All right we're heading into the weekend let's take a look at the new releases at the box office. Box on. On the shelf Leno did DC universe unites for Warner Bros. just this week the film opens with Superman gone and that band fueled and inspired. I Superman selfless act forges ahead. And enlist the help of his newfound ally Wonder Woman together came with sibor opera man and to face an even greater enemy. I thought OK send New York Times best seller wonder tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story. Of August Pullman as a boy with facial differences. Who enters the fifth grade attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time I am not ugly. You're my mom Julie Roberts Owen Wilson and Jacob translate scenario please help me to say. And the stars the perfect family film for the holidays as a small but brave donkey. And if animal friends become the unsung heroes of the first Christmas that's fox on film on Fox News. Let's take a look at in depth celebrity profiles let's catch up with Garth Brooks. Our address is sharing his story in the whale world touring stadium performer again with a five part anthology starting at the beginning of his career at this CMA awards red carpet he shared a while he wrote his heart he's learning a lot from others who penned their side of this music. Old journey I had no idea and you learn about them you know about Garth because we're all kind of that foundation that kind of launches open. As for advice to those just starting out one thing people may not know about Garth is he greets those around him and his core rate ever remembering names so we asked if that was one lesson learned or if it's just something he's always done worse. I am doing and whether or catch your musical business whatever it's all about relations told that collision. You can activity did those relationships men and what's great thing about relationship gonna find the baby wanna be around and the people you don't. Brooks is still on his world tour with his wife Trish a year away at a it wraps this December in Nashville actually to bargains Fox News. But chart topping after the 1970s. Releasing material on high call leave vinyl. It's been nearly thirty years since the release of the last few music by the carpenters. But now out of the brother and sister do those albums boom years these. He remastered tend to be released on high quality vinyl they only offered as a half dead and individually. Richard carpenter says the new releases have been cleaned up so listeners won't hear the clicks and pops up the old records and his sister Karen died in 1983. From complications of anorexia and its. Lease Phyllis camera Fox News. I'm a big carpenters guy oil. I guess a carpenter jeans and Jim card as she is giving everyone some new. Mailer. Kim Kardashian in new fragrance line hit the world Wednesday customers got to choose between crystal guard Kenya crystal guard dean yet owed and crystal Virginia citrus with Marion had or magazine spread to promote the new line according to DMZ the actress made 101000000 and 24 hours the social media savvy entrepreneur or used online platforms in the millions of followers to sell her limited release sent which may have a lot of sense that 300060. Dollar crystals shaped bottles are expected to completely sell out and Kardashian less used this same healing crystals to calm her nerves after the Paris robbery last year Michelle police now. Fox News. Once again Steve I wanna go back to I think the key sentence in that report. With no advertising at all she made ten million dollars in 24 hours and what do we attitude what are we doing wrong attitude get the word out social media. You know. That's an oddity and spend a cent on advertising made ten million bucks in one day. But was Stephen Ted sent snow. Even Ted stink at some now. Apparently not working for a a little bit tedious street clothes I Mary Kay and Johnny. That mean an evening the Mary Joseph and Mary Kate and Jon that. First came on the air this weekend seventy years ago on the Dumont television network. It was the first sit com. It it's navy is seven years ago this week in real life couple Mary Kate and John Stearns. Did the show that starred in it. Her sitcom broadcast on network television in the United States. Is on the Dumont and then it was on CBS for little bit and it finished up on NBC. Bank employee in his zany but not dumb life in the problems encountered in their daily lives. So one of them had a misunderstanding about what was going on that was blocked pretty much. The program was broadcast lie down a lot of television once back in those today. It and it was groundbreaking of course in the first program shall couples sharing a bad ol' ball well the first series to shall woman's pregnancy on television all because Mary Kay became pregnant in 1948 they tried to hide it. But since shows on every day you can only do that for so long right famously wrote it into the Tokyo. For a while there is running every week night in five days a week. Indicators that it will lynching story too it was. Back then of course early days of television in no way of knowing how many people want right now no idea. They hadn't been in the Nielsen Co. at a TV ratings but Aniston. Maybe you know medicine. They decided they were going to sponsor the show. And so they can will and idea that they would give a free pocket Mir to the first 200 viewers who wrote in requesting one. This is a precaution they ordered twice that many or on either or guy. The free mirror was offered during one commercial that ran on Mary Kay and Johnny. Anderson got nearly 9000. Letters requesting those meters. That was probably the first time the light bulb went off and add exacts that we are watching television here and there. The first sitcom ever Mary Kay and Johnny came on the air seven years ago this weekend. Entertainment news in the blurs brought to you by our good friends at pizza John's end they are open Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM. Right there on tape fifteen at 208 self Baltimore. It's tasty it's pizza Johnson hit an 8844 Stephen dead editor bill Roy's stuff business journal all the way businesses are making healthier decisions. Stevens head of the morning on Kate in SS.