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Wednesday, December 6th

Wichita-based Spirit Aerosystems readies for noon news conference...


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Ebony municipalities in eighteen states. Most of the Kansas City metro area has switched in recent years as wells communities and other parts of the state fill all the grand K yet SS news. Kansas legislators are heading towards considering their second big tax increase within a year because of a State Supreme Court order to increase spending on public schools. Lawmakers formally kicked off their work Monday on response to the court's order in October but the State's aid to public schools as an adequate under the state constitution. Justices' ruling came despite a new law that phased in at 293 million dollar increase over two years raced at four point three billion dollars annually. A joint committee appointed by legislative leaders had his first meeting Monday. And it reviewed projections from legislative researchers. That the state could face projected budget shortfalls up to July have 2019. That's even what the 600 million dollars a year income tax increase that lawmakers passed. Earlier this year to help balance the budget. The annual python hunt in Florida results in the bagging of a record breaking snake. He glad it was python hundred Jason Leon who came across this gigantic python and not you. When Leon says 171 he's telling us the Burmese python is. More than seventeen. Feet long. It's been confirmed he brought the State's carcass it to the python elimination programs district office in homestead Florida. And then went out on the hunt again saying now he wants to nab. A 24. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Holiday spirits broken Ted has an elf gone missing from a New Hampshire town. Fox's Jill NATO reports police in Deerfield New Hampshire searching for zippy much love life sized version of the elf on a shelf. If he's actually a mannequin wearing a red once and usually pops up in several spots around him between Thanksgiving and Christmas. His last known location. They gate by Deerfield BC park on Monday and it the grinch who stole zippy as a change of heart John Dubrionsky of the Deerfield rescue squad says it. Because that's accurate fire station when I can ask any questions we want to get him back so we can continue to have a magic for the kids in town. Zippy last seen wearing sunglasses holding a drink and taking in the sun. Jill NATO Fox News. It is 606 misty instead in the morning on pay NS that's coming up in sports. Exciting shocker basketball game last night my highlight details here from coach Marshall and one of the stars coming up. CNN says that it was time it's 606. It is 612 which stands at the morning you're listening in 987 and thirteen 38 and SS. Now let's take a look at traffic this morning in just within the last few seconds. We have the report of a house fire. It is in the 19100 block of north Waco so at this moment we do have fire crews heading to that scene got a house fire. 19100 block of north Waco in which hits off. Traffic updates here on Kate in SS. Now let's take a look at the weather here on this Wednesday we do have some colder. Or whether it's coming our way. GM will be checking in getting the forecast today from. Meteorologist Dan holidays let's check in advance. Good morning another typical chilly morning here in early December in which it's not the temperatures today will be close to where they should be this time of year. We'll likely be in the low forties by lunchtime 47 and breezy this afternoon here comes another shot of colder air though tonight. Our low temperature falls to 21. You'll be sunny just 34. For the high tomorrow and KM SS meteorologist day and the holidays. Thank you Dan right now in Wichita we have clear sky right at freezing mark 32 degrees of the screen seven northwest. The weather forecast here on this Wednesday morning with Stephen Ted thanks for joining us here on Wednesday the sixth of December. A man in Massachusetts. Accused of catching it tuna out of season. Then dumping its headless. 400 pound carcass in the woods 400 pounds Alley had a story of Selig about a month ago they they found this weird. Tuna and they were David trying to investigate it I guess ever since. Now it that we found this forty year old man has pleaded not guilty. To state charges including improper disposal of waste and expelling trash or litter from a motor vehicle. Federal fisheries regulators also served him with a new enforcement action for allegedly illegally harvesting tuna out of season. They says authorities say they have video of this guy landing the bluefin tuna. In October. Too well weeks after the close of the initial fall season. It was then called out of the woods in Gloucester by a tow truck in late October well. The guy is weird. And they and they say threw it out of a car allies in the house and dumped. It's a dump the 400. Pound tuna carcass in the woods without its head. As bigger than machine their Sayyaf which is something we're going on in Gloucester mass. Well now you just don't get those stories here in Wichita you know that program. You know delta flight from New York on its way to Seattle had to make a stop in Billings Montana because the plane's toilets quit working. And passengers couldn't hold any longer who the Billings gazette reports that the direct flight diverted hundreds of miles south on Saturday to make the emergency bathroom stop. Delta says it upon landing in Billings the plane had a taxi to a cargo area. Because a gate was not available delta says ground crews rolled stairway to the plane's passengers could disembark to find relief for built up pressures. Flight from New York City to Seattle to take about six hours. That's a long time to have their legs crossed. You know this being the six of December the 340. Day of the year ED 45 days left you know it was on this date on this date and I wasn't there to verify this but the 1790. Congress knew from Philadelphia to New York made the move they made the live from Philadelphia and new York and probably had the courage to this note to do it if I had a gas. Gerald Ford was minority leader to tie neo sworn in on this date as vice president he succeeded. Techniques. Are OT and actually yes yes and of course that was. An infamous time and are yes because country's history Gerry Ford and eventually become our commander in cheap yes yes he would. In 1942. And I wasn't here for this one either Fred Allen. Premiered Allen's hourly recurring sketch on his CBS radio show spoofing small town America. I have heard some my air checks from that show it was a very very. Beyond time is beyond it's time there is way ahead of its time hugely popular radio show yes yesterday. It would be funny now. By the way that house fire we told you about 19100 block of north Waco that's pretty big fire fighters showing from the front of a two story house. So we a lot of fire crews on the scene you'll see that traffic. That's on your eighteenth in Waco in north Wichita so. Steer clear of that lot of crews going to Latin mass in a lot of fire trucks on scene there. Police in New Hampshire are looking for is zippy. The elf loves we'll have some more on that story as the morning goes on we toy told you about the we told you gotta go back yes they too creepy stories in a row there snake and this and that right shelf and in our military's identity it. 617 what Stephen said here on KM SS and now it's time to look at what's going on in the world of sports. And we will start out with shocker men's basketball last night. Sixth ranked Wichita State hosting the Jack rabbits of South Dakota State at Coke arena. Shocker went into this game was in nineteen and a half point favorites. But it was not a blocked far from it this game was tight. Down the stretch. As South Dakota State made 83 pointers in the first half scored fifty points on the shocks in the first staff. Those shocks work. Struggling. And trying to figure out a way to stop the Jack rabbits I was a nail biter had to come back in the second half Sox were down by thirteen at. Jack Morris led to come back Mike Kennedy Dave dolls to call the game last night on 103 point seven KEY ends. Hesitation dribble shovels in the baseline to Kelly out front Boris got taken. Shocks would complete the comeback jacket fifteen of his twenty in the second half Landry sham and ended up with 21 points and eight assists. As the shocker came back from thirteen down to win it by 1095. To 85 a as they only hold South Dakota State to 35 points in the second half after a big first staff. Nice comeback for the shot here's Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall. In the second half of Shaq finally gave us some really good minutes first half he was frustrated he was you know just blew slob and Lee and then. We wouldn't get very many good for our performers as at all in the second half. He was scoring at will down inside I thought Landry was really aggressive off the balance. The rebounds by brown and Kelly and Rondo nurture. Really we just clean the glass and into the wood in the glass by ten after losing by two in the first steps were plus twelve the second half. All in all I'm I'm just glad that game's over. If that shots. It's related 71 Landry Shannon let the shocker last night with 21 points and eight assists and you were down even thirteen points in the second half. But not only chipped away used overwhelm them with the press and turn them over went on an eighteen to three run in the second half judges you know read. You know retired said a few things locker room and real with each other and try to wake each other up when you couple guys out. They've they've dull talking Eric Landry Janet after the game Sox get the win improved to seven and one on the season. Kansas State men's basketball last night the wildcats with a home match up against. South Carolina upstate an easy win for the wildcats' 8649. The now want soaks up seventeen points for K state. Wildcats have won 22 straight nonconference games at home. They staked its big win now eight and one on the season. Kansas men's basketball tonight Jay hawks ranked number two in the nation undefeated at seven and oh are hosting the Washington husky is. This game at the sprint center in Kansas City. Washington is 140. But KU is favored by twenty and a half points in this one tonight live coverage of the jayhawks at 630 seemingly game will tip off about 8 o'clock and that's on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. F fans. The Wichita thunder hockey team in first place and at home tonight on home ice 7 o'clock downtown in trust bank arena hosting Kansas City mavericks. Thunder right now riding a four game winning streak. Ju co men's basketball tonight in elder radio is Butler Community Colleges hosting a number sixteen in the nation. Hutchinson community college Hutchinson the defending national champions on a five game winning streak right now. Dennis Higgins love live coverage of Butler men's basketball at 715 tonight. Was it live right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS. And last night in the NBA the Washington Wizards going to Portland and beat trail blazers 1069 beef soup. Big game for the wizards for this their sixth man coming off the bench rickets jayhawk Kelley blue beret. What a Ford added to the score thirty seconds left pulled right it's able to swipe Hawaii had the Bradley Beatles. The brain's white getaway what she did what good. The oldest lab accident took principal at 51 points towards it is true I would you most ex blazers got into. One of five steals on the night for blue beret as the wizards win in Portland. And the Toronto Raptors beat the Phoenix Suns won 26113. Coming off the bench for the raptors former soccer point guard Fred banned lead with thirteen points and six assists. Fred is really becoming part of that nice rotation with Toronto clues in the top five in the NBA right now and winner of the Warner home. Sports and Stephen Ted cage and as best. 23 was even 10 in the morning here on CNN as us. Listening to 97 and thirteen thirty. The latest events of today Fox News commentator Todd starring will fill us in coming up and don't miss it right here was Stevens said on CNN assess.