Big comeback for the Wichita State men's basketball team...

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 6th

6th-ranked WSU wins, as we hear post-game comments from coach Gregg Marshall and guard Landry Shamet


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news kid SS Wichita is number one you. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 7 o'clock this is became an SS morning news was even ten times it looked word that Steve Boyer with the studio today. Steven mackintosh has the day off is Wednesday. December 6. Big announcement coming in Wichita those details ahead. Two people charged with murder in the death focal what you thought boy. I'm Dan O'Neill unbelievable friend the Peco officials are considering raising the minimum age at which people can legally buying tobacco products. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to fifty for the high in Wichita but another blast of colder air is moving in by tonight we tell you how cold in our forecast which is coming up. Wichita based Spirit Aerosystems is set to make a major economic announcement today. Kansas lieutenant governor Jeff collier is going to attend the event along with spirit executives and various Wichita area political and business leaders at press conference. Is set for noon. A state of emergency has been declared California's Los Angeles and Ventura counties after wildfires rip to the region. At least 150000. Have been evacuated the lease. Buyers have so far scored some 55000. And because across this area this is that Thomas fire venture Arab. And sixty miles on north of Los Angeles the fire is burning so fiercely blown by fierce Santa. Ana winds which of those hawk won't win is how we don't know what they usually notice destructive in December because we've usually had some rain by now not the case this season and that's why. They're causing so much destruction. That's Fox's. On the hunt adventure what they report wins in the area have been gusting up to sixty miles an hour and are expected to continue. Two people are charged with first degree murder in the death of a Wichita boy whose body was discovered encased in concrete. Remains of three year old Evan brewer were discovered September 2 inside of a Wichita home were his mother once lived. Boy's mother Miranda Miller and her boyfriend Stephen Bo died were charged Tuesday and is now. Old Diane Miller lived at the home where the boy's body was found the child had been the subject of a lengthy custody battle. A lamb or cleaning the home alerted police after finding a suspicious concrete structure with an older. Miller boat binary speed held on 500000 dollars bail. The boy is the grandson of former Wichita mayor and gubernatorial candidate Carl brewer Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. New numbers coming out about Border Patrol. Rest boxers rate Bogut has more from El Paso, Texas border security and immigration enforcement have seen dramatic changes in the first months of the trump administration. A new federal report says Border Patrol arrests have dropped 25%. In the last fiscal year from 4151000. To 3101000. That's the lowest number since 1971. But the acting deputy commissioner for Customs and Border Protection Ronald that he LO says the wall is still necessary in this society and all over and all of our lives we use walls and fences to protect things it shouldn't be any different on the border. Meanwhile ice arrests increased 40% from January through September compared to the same time last year El Paso, Texas rape woken Fox News. Officials in Topeka considering increasing the minimum age at which people can legally buy tobacco products is Topeka capital journal reports that the Topeka City Council took up the issue at their meeting Tuesday night. Councilwoman Elaine Swartz has proposed banning the sale or furnishing of cigarettes and other tobacco related products including electronic cigarettes to anyone younger than 21. The current minimum age to buy tobacco products into peca is eighteen. Eleven people including many health professionals the spoke in favor of the proposal when the governing body accepted public comments last month. The tobacco sales minimum age already is 41 in more than 270 municipalities in eighteen states. Most of the Kansas City metro area has switched in recent years as well those communities and other parts of the state Phil holed a brand Katy and SS news. Kansas legislators are headed towards considering their second big tax increase less than a year because of a State Supreme Court order to increase spending on public schools. Lawmakers formally kicked off their work Monday on a response of the court's order in October but the State's aid to public schools as an adequate under the state constitution. Justices' ruling came despite a new law that phased in at 293. Million dollar increase over two years. Raise it to four point three billion dollars annually. Joint committee appointed by legislative leaders had its first meeting Monday and it reviewed projections from the legislative researchers. The state could face projected budget shortfalls after July of 2019. That's even with a 600 million dollar a year income tax increase lawmakers passed earlier this year to help balance the budget. 705 was even dead on tape and SS coming up in sports. Very high scoring game last night for the shocker we'll have highlights from your coach Marshall and one of the star players coming up in sports. Few minutes Kagan as says news time 706. This is John Rich. Eight NSS news time 709. The annual python hunt in Florida results in the back. Dean of a record breaking the snake. Be glad it was python hundred Jason Leon who came across this gigantic python and not you. And when Leon says 171 he's telling us the Burmese python is. More than seventeen. Feet long. It's been confirmed he brought the State's carcass it to the python elimination programs district office in homestead Florida. And then went out on the hunt again saying now he wants to nab. A twenty footer. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. A better him than me has a elf gone missing from a New Hampshire town. Fox's Joseph NATO reports police in Deerfield New Hampshire searching for zippy much loved life sized version of the elf on the shelf. If he's actually a mannequin wearing a red ones and usually pops up in several spots around him between Thanksgiving and Christmas. His last known location they gate by Deerfield BC park on Monday and it the grinch who stole zippy as a change of heart. John du vin ski of the Deerfield rescue squad says. Because that's up your fire station one are gonna ask any questions we want to get him back so we can continue to have a magic for the kids in town. Zippy last seen wearing sunglasses holding a drink and taking in the sun. Jill NATO Fox News. It's seventy and was even sit in the morning on Kagan as as. Makes simulate traffic this morning we do you have a traffic accident in the east which you saw this in the westbound lanes of Kellogg at green glitch. We also still have fire crews on the scene that big house fire this morning. Six people displaced from their house they did get out safely the 19100 block of north park Kansas. Fire crews still on scene there at traffic updates from Kate in SS radio. Let's take a look at the weather forecast here on this. Wednesday morning. And it's time to check ins. Quick isn't storm tracker three forecast from Kansas City meteorologist. Leon Smith the moon can only guns and what they're right illustrate how are you today I am glad I'm a little bit chilly vehicle in the studio this morning. And I'm kind of the same way too little bit dubbed fighting out there but it's not nearly as cold is going to be. Old coming up 24 hours from now. But you know yeah I know I'm probably tomorrow. We will be struggling to get above freezing for daytime iced it yeah I mean it's cold enough poured out into the twenties right now at 27 degrees and no wind makes it feel like it down. Down in the lower twenties when Joker 121 here which got no problem which it is all of these years working in the seat heaters well articulate for mostly sunny to partly thanks guys but you're gonna caddie kick up today northwesterly and 25 and that high of only about 49 is that Gillick is in little low forties that. Biting northwest wind all afternoon which are my friend at least capitalize is here. The Al has it just seems like we can't get away from that northwest wind right now. Now and problem is pants that is actually saved it apart little boy what we called Alberta clipper to fast moving little cold front's gonna come we've been through this afternoon this evening the winds stay up tonight tomorrow we will get a good shot a Canadian air coming across I've got I've remarked opt out of about 35 and a win all vacant when he took got a feeling in the twenties at. At best. Through the afternoon hours. So what happens in the atmosphere is that is that dip in the jet stream is bringing on cold air right down on us. He's got a bit jet has dipped almost all the way through the it is out to Texas now. Almost all the way down in the Gulf Coast although that air moderate quite a bit by the time we get that ourselves but these little clipper systems are not unusual in the letter they in occult Alberta clippers could they originate a little late but originated Upton that Alberta and the northern provinces of Canada. They're very fast moving because they're so fast moving to bring a quick shot cold air not really any kind of moisture because of the speed they don't stick around and do anything but. We also get a pretty good recovery some of the best weather we've gotten support to this weekend we're back up into the mid fifties to upper fifties but Sunday. Yes of that so I guess what high pressure behind it just kind of moves along. Yeah I'd say that there's a big rich I operation. Circular clockwise circulation around that bring in that northwesterly winds and again these detainees stacked little waves and we'll have a couple of shot seven next week as well like debates can be like 12 punch which just keep temperatures down you know from the petite not gonna backed out of the forties we try to recover boom they get knocked back into the. And what are we looking for an overnight low tomorrow night. Oh see here's the thing tomorrow night we start to recover because there's because right he gets warmer so the night. We're gonna be about as cool as like tonight we'll be down bullet went down tomorrow will be back up to about 24 so we don't at all portly cold overnight low. Because of a turnaround won't get by Friday or back up in the upper forties but opulent tonight through tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon that's going to be the cold shot. All right I'm ready to bundle up on Bob friend all you got it thank you Leon. Good to talk to KS in storm tracker three. Forecast update from Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith have been thank you Leon in the 714 we Stephen said on Kate in as an S. Here on this Wednesday morning. A museum that was blocked from selling forty works of art including a couple by Norman Rockwell. Is urging an appeals court to let the case quickly get trial it's the Berkshire Museum. Telling the Massachusetts appeals court that its struggling financially needs the fight over the art sale will be resolved. Now. The museum is asking the court to undo a hold on the proceedings. Museum was set to begin auctioning off the artwork last month but an appeals court granted a request halt the sale. Rockwell's that Norman Rockwell's three suns are fighting the sale they say the artwork should remain at the museum quote for all to enjoy it. The museum wants to sell I've got a lot of these pictures on calendars that. Yeah Greg Norman Rockwell great artist's iconic American artists very much also gracing the cover of the Saturday evening post. Yes for decades in a studio business. I have Earl Pitts this morning was talking about the the animal. Saving thing this time a year that you hit it. They might like the as a royal Canadian. Mounted police service dog named hicks HIX. Has earned a hero biscuit for helping save two frozen kitten Rahal in rural Manitoba. Officials say hicks and his handler were exercising on a dirt road when the dog picked up percent. Trusting in his nose it soon discovered that two kittens in poor shape from the cold. As a result of mounties gave the little ones are warm place to sleep and food and water now and hicks has been getting lots of online belly rubs. Nice that's a nice warm Fuzzy. Rural Manitoba early and it's nice and cold there are to pick a percent. The Supreme Court indicating it could prevent survivors of 1997 terrorist attack from seizing purge and artifacts at Chicago museum is. Help pay for 71 million dollar default judgment against Iran justices heard arguments. This was an appeal from the US victims of a Jerusalem suicide bombing. They want to go after artifacts Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History and the university Chicago's oriental institute. Justices sound skeptical survivors could invoke provision of performance. Sovereign immunities act the federal law generally protects foreign countries property in the US. But makes exceptions when countries provide support to extremist groups the victims say Iran provided training and support to Hamas which carried out the attack. And Iran refuses to pay the court judgment. You know saving artifacts from any country just terribly hard to do yes I mean who gets it. As another dollar and you know off half of that stuff from ancient Egypt is up at the British Museum row Richard B in Egypt has always trying to say that stuff really belongs here and they and the national Egypt Egyptian Museum has been like bombed several times a lot of that stuff had been moved just keep it safe and keep it. With this. So it's a you know speaking of things being destroyed. We've been talking all morning and and yesterday and the day before about the grass fires in a California. You know one thing that we don't hear in Kansas we don't think about because we don't have the production but you know TV shows and movies being filmed in that area have to meet. Halted right basically because of those fires. HBO had to have halt their production of their show west world. Seven a statement that. Or season. In an area near to Los Angeles county fires. I got caught between two hot spots there producers decided to pull the plug on net shut down to avoid any danger to the actors are crew members or obviously equipment. Many shows shoot under outdoor scenes in the outskirts of the city were too large blazes have been choking the air with smoke. And are threatening thousands of homes and buildings. Los Angeles rams with. Now the NFL who hold workouts near the largest of southern California's fires and the cancel their practice for today. So that's just. Mora. Paul back from the end from the from the big fire doesn't California. 718 was Steve intent on K and as as. Outside take a look at what's going on sports. But with a soccer basketball game last night sixth ranked Wichita State at home hosting South Dakota State. And Jack rabbits were ready for the fight scoring fifty points against the shocks in the first half. Sox went into the locker room behind. Still down by thirteen points in the second half before the shocks finally found a way to stop the Jack rabbits on defense and get things going their way might Canadian Dave dole has all the game last night you heard them 103 point 78 EYAN. I'm left wearing a fraction of the Wilson writes a fifteen footer good. It's not a big. My sixth with the. And the shocks would pull away and finally beat the Jack rabbits in 9585. It was not easy. As South Dakota State made fourteen. At three pointers on the night shocks. Has trouble but they did come back and win it by ten what a night for Landry Shannon 21 points eight assists. Soccer head coach Gregg Marshall certainly enjoyed his team's comeback. We were very Smart the first half at all we were very Smart we simplified in the second half we started basically. Switching every ball screen so even though we had. Landry guarding dom at times are calmer guarding the home. We just didn't give the wide open catch and shoot rhythm three and if we have it worked out much better. Sox got comeback like we said Landry shammond leading shot for 21 points. I'll think yet at any point I was here on on cultural mean obviously don't like being down a half forever but it was never the pen maker. Though Maria do you know it was just you know we had guys come together we did resolve and we did have a cup went each of whom we needed to score and a couple of times we can do stuff when you establish kept you know kept grinding. Sox get the win now seven and one on the season. The Kansas men's basketball team plays tonight number two K you hosting Washington that he will be at the sprint center. In Kansas City jayhawks favored by twenty and a half points. After seven you know on the year live coverage of KU men's basketball begins at 630 tonight in tip off about 8 o'clock. Some Sports Radio KF 81240 AM at 975. FM. The Kansas State men's basketball team wins again beating South Carolina upstate. Last night in Manhattan 8649. At. And now stokes was seventeen points to lead the wildcats who are now eight and one on the season riding a four game winning streak. Jim go men's basketball tonight in elder radio for Butler community college hosting a number sixteen in the nation Hutchinson. Which has won five in a row the defending national champions visit Butler tonight blood Dennis again we'll have live coverage of Butler men's basketball at 7:15 this evening. That's right here on 987 and thirteen 38 in SS. Wichita thunder hockey team is on home ice tonight riding a four game winning streak. And make it 50 hosting the Kansas City mavericks that'll be 7 o'clock tonight downtown it in trust bank arena. Pro basketball in the NBA last night another nice game for former soccer point guard Fred van bleak with the Toronto Raptors. Toronto picked up a home win over the Phoenix Suns. 126 to 113 of Fred coming off the bench for Toronto getting thirteen points and dishing out six assists. Fred Bentley is really becoming nice part of that rotation in Toronto as the raptors find themselves now among the top five teams in the NBA. When foreign Guerrero and prevent leaks coming up bigger and bigger part of that Sarah I have. And sports with Stephen to educate and SS. It is 722. News team instead. Thanks for being witnessed here we take a look at what's going on on a Wednesday. We'll be getting you giving you a traffic and weather update of course and the liberals explaining away the lagging economy. Rush Limbaugh morning update is on the way Kate and SS.