A big win against a top 10 team for KU

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 16th

A KU recap and a preview of KSU vs. OU.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news Jay get SS widgets cause number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock this is the case and as this morning. Even dead I can Macintosh. Bone chilling cold brings cancellations across south central Kansas. Three persons injured in the building fire itself which it's gone on to Woodward those details as to hand over one park police received a copycat hoax emergency call. I'm Dan O'Neill and KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Another bitterly cold air mass is parked across south central Kansas wind will we finally warm up our forecast is on the way. Schools have canceled classes across south central Kansas because of extreme cold and wind chill. Wichita public and Catholic schools will not have classes today UST 259 spokeswoman Susan Aaronson. Sent an email little high school athletic practices in cup competition will take place as scheduled. And that's all non attendance centers will remain open. Averaged hostage university offices will be closed classes will not be health and instead the university anticipates starting this spring semester tomorrow however. The women's basketball game will be played as scheduled tonight in Charles Coca arena. Newman University is also cancel classes for today but French university will just delay classes. Because of the cold weather classes will start at 11 o'clock this morning at France. Cold weather causing concern for health care officials in the Wichita area. Any guy under similar registered nurse at via Christi Saint Francis burn unit tells Kate SN news she wants to make sure people are taking this weather seriously. It very important that if you're going to be out I heard any link that time. That you especially extremities here tell it your fingers on the Ricky announced covered it with the warm dry eight covering. And she says that cold frigid temperatures we've had so far this year already proved harmful. One person was injured in an apartment fire in north Wichita up it was reported in the 2300 block of north would launch just after 8:30 Monday evening. The person was injured in a cooking fire hospitalized in serious condition. Three people were injured in a two alarm fire at business in south Wichita yesterday afternoon at fleet maintenance 3700 block of west thirtieth street south. Two people were treated at the scene for minor injuries one person was hospitalized in fair condition. Employee. ASN news he heard hissing noise than an explosion. Whenever I went out the door immediately smelled it like going to take and inhale and could it so I put my face over my shirt. And went to the back garage doors and everybody was run in now way Enron and help the front. Fire the cause of that fire remains under investigation and firefighters battled a big hotel fire in Lawrence Monday. And America's best value in on McDonald drive about a mile lamp north of the Kansas university campus. Firefighters had to back out fight the blaze from outside the building one firefighter fell through roof feet. But was not injured additional units were called in from walker Russa or in part intellectual fire departments parts of the building collapsed. Two people in Southern California have been arrested for allegedly torturing their children and shuttling them. The Riverside county sheriff's department has Sunday a seventeen year old girl call 911 from a cell phone she said she'd found at home. And told the cops that she and her twelve siblings were being held against their will by their parents. When deputies arrived at the house they found children and adults now nourished shackled to their beds with chains and padlock. In what they called foul smelling surroundings. Seven of the people ranged in age from eighteen to 29. The youngest was two years old. The children were taken one hospital and the adults to another. 57 year old David Turkmen and 49 year old leased her and were arrested he revoked for torture and child endangerment with bail set at nine million dollars each. Gasket Rosenthal Fox News. Following a false alert of a missile threat Saturday Hawaii governor David. Says every effort will be taken to prevent a repeat their parents of that false alarm. Let me be clear false notifications. And waiting for what felt like an eternity. Will not happen again you have my promise on this. It's a worker reportedly sent the false alarm by accident causing concern and confusion throughout the state of Hawaii. Or 38 minutes. It is as you time now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Quite a men's basketball game last night in West Virginia between the mountaineers in the jayhawks plus highlights we'll hear from coach self coming up in sports Overland Park police sent on a dangerous folks call. That story coming up on McCain as a sporting news is Steven says it. Okay this is where you can see the dead now 8077. Minutes and 8 o'clock. Overland Park police say a call from Berlin claiming he's not a relative was a hole. Police spokesman officer Don Lacey says dispatchers received the call Monday morning. From man who says he shot a relative inside a home and would shoot police have they showed up. Officers surrounded the home but eventually determined that a man and two sons inside and not made the call and no one in the house was injured. Lacey says such calls sometimes calls wanting are not funny he says investigators are looking for the caller who could face charges. The call comes about three weeks after a similar call in Wichita led police to fatally shoot a man who opened adorable home that was the target of a hoax. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. A Greyhound bus ride from Milwaukee to Chicago to horrifying turn. When an illegal immigrant on board started threatening to kill passengers Fox's mats and has details. Police say at least two passengers called dime on one for the movie boss about 33 year old Margarito Vargas rose us the department US border control and customs tells Fox News. Barbour throws us has been apprehended and ordered for deportation five times when squad cars it's head to the portal bus over the driver. Did not stop. Police dropped two separate spike strips to stop the box. Officers say the driver top police were involved in a training exercise and we're there to assist him vs Google+ over. Vargas Rosales was ordered off the bus at gunpoint he deadly threats to police and was arrested. Police did not find a gun and fortunately no one was hurt that suspect is being. Held without bond a Chinese auto maker is trying to crack the US market. Chinese auto maker GAC says it's going to enter the US auto market by the end of next year. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit GAC officials say they're working with Fiat Chrysler possible distribution deal. The company says the first vehicle they'll be bringing to America is an SUV called the GSA eight. GAC apparently gaining popularity in its home country selling a half million vehicles in China last year. That's up 37%. From 2016. Till NATO Fox News. McCain is a sporting news was Stevenson now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. Got a call from traffic tracker Justin just little bit ago little bit of a problem 21 hand hillside it. That traffic signals flashing red all four directions they're got to treat that as a foray laid out their yesterday and I. Yes a little something to watch for this morning. Traffic on Kate and as as brought to budget problem Carl's Goodyear tire located damp down a market and Waterman the east every street Moline on money grows tired dot com. All of the 3495. Royalties wanted to get out of gas up my car. That was pleasant. Yeah I write the good forecast dealt with gay and assist Debbie voted today and the holidays good morning Dan. And the good morning to wind chill advisory is posted across Wichita in south central Kansas would dangerously cold wind chill readings. Running at ten to fifteen below zero as we start today. Been sunny throughout the afternoon we just don't warmup much at all but the high in the teens and wind chill readings fifteen to twenty below. Clear tonight Tarlow in the single digits sunny and 32 on Wednesday I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy won the degree. One degree northwest wind at thirteen miles per hour that gives away until other seventeen. Below. Earth very tired coughing. If you're not breaking Perry fired coffee to work. Boss doesn't love you now warming up. Temperatures plunged Monday the wind made it feel even worse which it does high temperature yesterday 45 degrees early early in the morning then. Temperature dropping into the teens and wind gusted to more than thirty miles per hour times yesterday it was miserable tonight. Stand out there and a maintenance. Company old gas and a cutter. Not very pleasant for planning on your part there was. No let. I get it done and muscled up and got into today is January 16 putting eighteen on the state. In 1920. Prohibition began the United States as the eighteenth amendment of the US constitution took effect one year to the day after its ratification now. Grass roots movement that had been in the works for decades. Finally got done the national level was later repealed by the 21 amendment that was in 1932 or three now. When Roosevelt became president and yeah I can say that movement was rather strong. All. That we had Kerry nation operating here in south in southern Kansas and she was the focus it is a woman whose. Has been had been had trouble with drink and she just went around smashing bars of their anti movement started in the middle of the nineteenth century in. Carrie nation that this view are familiar with the carry house block in downtown Wichita on Douglas. The big red brick thing that day. And Kerry house hotel and on the caller on the western corner we used to have the KFH radio studios there. And debt that building is releasing at the old eaten hotel down there on the east end. And that we went down there Ireland on their one day some colors and I am the manager of the hotel dining got sponsored. And he told us about that he shoulders. A back sort of in the back in the lobby back here. Was a bar and old style bar with a with a though with a Mir and to. Act marks in it he said that's where Carrie nation came in there and smash the bar. And she hadn't been very well noble which he was doing that that day. There was a report from the associated press and then there now he took it and went with it and Collison overnight she was a sensation. It's a lot of history like data around Wichita but you know it's sometimes it's hard to. To know where it is now find that the team was it their nation was. Prohibition ratcheting stuff yeah. Holding your nose in closing your mouth when you sneeze might seem harmless thing to do but doctors have advised against it. Following the case of a man who ruptured the back of his throat. Doing net ear nose and throat specialist in England say trying to contain a forceful c.s could lead to numerous complications. Writing in the journal BMJ. Case reports they described the case of a 34 year old man described as previously fit and well. We've spent a week in the hospital and was left barely able to speak or swallow. After shoving spontaneous perforation of disparate acts. That close the Atlantic he did something wrong with all stifled sneezes before. Something he must've done something that I'll innings to go online and and get missing earlier in the that the thing with the and they used to getting older urban legend they urban legend was if you sneeze with your eyes open your Bible to pop. Here resentment at not never heard now really. It had an episode a Mythbusters about the nightly I thought that was pretty well known I. You don't want your eyes pop out and there's some Sudanese news for you this morning. We're trying to think warm thoughts and and help our listeners to think warm thoughts. Spades and had a big for Dave three day weekend bitumen in this is the first time in about four days Wimbledon back together. And during the weekend eight is I told you earlier I went out to dinner with some friends. Saturday night and down. I was standing there ready to sit down but the couple to couple it with and it looked or there's our old friend and she shall sitting there. Soccer football alleged yeah he played quarterback for the shocker way back way in and of course I've worked with Hank afford known him for a long time to go over yet. It's it and beat it make myself in gear myself and if you would pick up the tab he wouldn't. But the two start talking about the team that he played on. 636014. Back there was some really good players. And I just talked about and he says yeah ice that that that team had nine main players. Go pro it into the NFL from Wichita State rifle either while. Anyway it was good to see yankees in looks like he's in pretty good shape. He go out and play if you know play a couple of quarters quarterback the nested also saw our good friend Dennis Asians. It's a voice of Butler community college athletics. He was that there whenever kids' games and it was good to see Dennis. As it sought and paid me. The director of the Kansas farm law enforcement training center in touch. A bit at running you're running into the dignitary all the delete the big iPhoto and dignitaries all around town so yeah. And a good weekend and did I hang out at a gentlemen's club and you run into anybody's mind cars out right. Anybody special when your time off I hate to be the only one talking of you know bragging about the influential people don't know about you can blame them. I guess not. Now do you find yourself. Longing for those sleigh bells ringing even when Christmas is over I do. Belong to hear about chestnuts roasting on open fire even during those droopy summer months her well. People in Columbus, Georgia who feel that way or luck local radio station sunny 100 that's WTO's one of them look which used vital Canterbury gets. Announced Monday it was re branded as Santo 100. No plea nothing but this is music all year every day. Have new DJ that's a terrible idea. They have these tasting donor and puts him at the well it's it's it's radio there's room for all kind of form on his old lists shut themselves offer it for months a year shut the doors a I'd get aid to switch back on after you know. After Labor Day and Anna about all Halloween hits 88 team now Steve in to it and sports and we did what we're. K you basketball us like jayhawks on the road if this very very tough. Opponents right Ted Wells top ten matchup death ranked Kansas visiting sixth ranked West Virginia. Jayhawks had not had success recently in Morgantown and will look like that trend would continue jayhawks were down by twelve points. Under eight minutes to go. The jayhawks made it happened last night coming through big time down the stretch net final eight minutes. To beat the mountaineers. In the West Virginia how about that you're the game last night on KFH. Del potro overall West Virginia they're fourteenth. New England still make the grab for the time. No club. Had to chip and rocks the boat broke it's as if they've tied it up but 590. And they would go on to win it by 57166. Largest comeback win on the road for KU he's 21. Years. As they were down by sixteen in this one. And it wasn't just anybody they beat it was the sixth ranked team in the nation vehement Kyle at seventeen points Dovonte Graham added sixteen. Kate use seventh straight win on the road over a top ten teeth. That's pretty amazing. And put that win the jayhawks are now all alone atop the Big 12 Conference at five and 115. In three overall after the game with Kansas head coach Bill Self. Oh it's one cup as well as we've ever had since we've been here I mean it's that was you know we didn't play well early. We were on our heels. You know little things matter about the font face three at halftime to cut it to 112. Or whatever was social me. And then you know that it seniors bad as fifteen. And then the second half I thought we played pretty well offensively and defense I thought I thought we got some great looks in the second. Herded and knocked him down nice road win for the jayhawks last night. Tonight we have men's basketball action in Manhattan for Kansas State the wildcats hosting fourth ranked Oklahoma the second place team in the Big 12 Conference. Wildcats are three point underdog going into this when that'll tip off at 8 o'clock tonight nationally televised on ESPN you want. This game expected to be the highest scoring game in college basketball tonight. W and K state. Here's a little know warrior of course Oklahoma is led by head Coach Lon Kruger whose. Retired number hangs in the raptors at their Kansas State player coach K state. K state current head coach Bruce Weber has never lost a home game against Oklahoma. How I don't know Bruce Weber is against Oklahoma in Manhattan. Good for him but we'll see if that trend continues tonight 8 o'clock tip off in Manhattan tonight he face state and fourth ranked Oklahoma. The new rankings coming out yesterday in college basketball at Kansas moved up into the top ten a couple spots from last week. Wichita State went opposite directions in the polls and and a shocker in the coaches poll moved up a spot up to number four. Jumping over West Virginia to get the four spot. However in the Associated Press poll this shocker didn't get more votes than they did the previous week. But Oklahoma and duke. Got a lot more votes than they did the previous week and they both leapfrogged over Wichita State. Dropping the shocker is down to seventh in the eight people despite Wichita State not losing last week. The shoppers are number four in the coaches poll number seven in the AP poll this week. And we do have a college women's basketball action tonight echo arena the Wichita State ladies are hosting SMU tonight at 7 o'clock Coke arena. As the shocker women are going for their third win in a world. The sports was even Ted KN OSS let's get a preview of that game from shocker women's coach Keith Adams. You know they're gonna be well prepared and they're gonna they're gonna play hearted and they got some you know balance of the inside out presence that get good guard play in. And then I'm impressed with their posts so you know we're gonna have to play a complete game for forty minutes and we'll have to come up out of the gates radio. Soccer women once their third win mineral tonight their pro arena 821 now keep it here for the handed the morning minutes. John says Nancy Pelosi is out of touch on trump and tax changes that's coming up Stevens at the morning on K and a sense.