A big win for KU over OU

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Tuesday, February 20th

A Big 12 recap, KU 104 - OU 74


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live T. And coverage of breaking news CNN SS widget because number one you. News talk bad weather station depend on. 8 o'clock basically came in business for accuses Stevens head that I came back in time. High fuel which cowboys still missing and we've got the story until the program Wichita police in the swat team was formed with shooting himself Wichita. US postal worker and murdered in taxes I find it looked word those details coming up. I'm OK and assist meteorologist Dan Holliday some much needed precipitation is moving through south central Kansas but with temperatures below freezing. That's going to create a slippery ride to work. Our forecast is on the way. And she devices sporting a mini roadways around south central Kansas that would render advice three. He's in effect until noon the emergency accident reporting plan in effect for the city of Wichita. We counted numerous accidents injury and none injury since midnight. Elevated bridges and roadways should be avoided schools across south central Kansas are closed today because of the weather. After a Monday court appearance from the cell admitted Florida school shooter the state is acting to make sure similar tragedy in the future can be prevented. Nicholas crews did not speak during a brief appearance Monday in court but statewide activity to prevent a similar tragedy has picked up. Governor Rick Scott once the FBI to release details on the cruise tip that was not pursued prior to the shooting. Also the State's department of children and families is releasing files on cruise spokeswoman Paige Paterson Hughes says crews had been track which. Hang investigation. That took place in 2016%. To twelve report this tragedy occurred. The Florida legislature also considering gun law reforms under pressure from students affected by the deadly shooting. Colonel Scott Fox News Wichita police and members of the swat team responded to a shooting himself Wichita Monday afternoon. Officers were called to a convenience store in the 17100 block of south hydraulic around 2:45 PM. A man in his fifties had received a gunshot wound to his upper torso and walked to the store to call for an ambulance. Investigators said the victim was not cooperative when questioned the fault of blood trail from the storm back to a home in the 16100 block of east OC. The swat team was called in shortly thereafter and spent several hours on scene later in the evening the helpful searched and cleared with no arrests made it. The injured man was taken to a local hospital in serious condition police are still investigating the incident fill all the Grand Canyon SS news. The search continues for five year old Lucas Hernandez missing since Saturday afternoon Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson. Lucas Hernandez is still missing. Today we come to you we continue to reach out to our community. And ask if you have any information regarding this case or any information on the whereabouts. Of Lucas Hernandez to please call our tip line. Again that number 3163834661. Officer Davidson says the tips received have led to searches in northeast Wichita. And other searches are planned for more areas of the city 50000 dollar reward offered by the US Postal Service for information on whoever killed at Texas postal worker. The driver shot to death while driving his truck on interstate thirty. Fox News reporter Richard ray has more. 58 year old Tony those beavers found dead in the cab of the truck that was riddled with bullets. Parts forceful with his sister in law in Keller he would do anything for you in a line. Most being who lived in grand heights in Ellis county leaves behind two daughters grandchildren. And a girlfriend in Israel right now renown. And angry. How what's going Allen tennis club right now both Dallas homicide detectives and federal postal inspectors are working the case. Dallas police say Monday's murder happened to eleven days after someone opened fire about a mile away on to Dallas police officers in a squad car. Those officers in that attack were not seriously injured. A deadly delivery for Hungary customer. In Hoover each strive her surrendering to police in Atlanta after authorities say he opened fire and killed a customer witnesses telling investigators that Robert Gibbons shot Ryan Thornton after the two exchanged words given his attorney saying his client had no choice but to defend himself because Thornton became aggressive. The victim's neighbor Megan Emery this us. Scary and I mean there's a lot of young women island in this department and we have really good securities say it is don't ever think that coming. Like that could happen. Hoover eat saying givens passed a background check and began working for the company a few days ago Steve prep a court Fox News a special Wichita citizens' board bit for the first time over the weekend debater Jeff Long Will tells K UNICEF news. But in the news Estes and review courses on that. In this city manager has put together. Being able to review any of Narnia and impact and meaning that they honoree views and urged that someone has and shoot it lights presents that you have that. And in the police matters. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stevenson in the morning show here on Kate and as apps take an SS news I'm now 804 Foreman is fancy the clock. Catching up on the men's hockey team at the Winter Olympics and the what happened in Lawrence last night we'll fill you in a all the details coming up in sports and other house Republican calls it quits that story coming up. On the case NSA's sporting news we've Stevens head. So occasion as this morning news whose Stevenson down 8088. Minutes and 8 o'clock for the Houston eight. February 20. Let's start energy is alerting customers an impostor who is claiming to work for the company are threatening to disconnect service. And asking for prepaid cards as payment. He depends they gaze with a star says it doesn't work that way. First of all we would never tell you that you have to use a prepaid card or some specific. Not that like that to Japan Europe now. The second piece is. We're not gonna call thing that disconnection is pending within a short time frame like that when we do have customers. Who are behind on their ballot and are facing the service can eruption we have notified them multiple times. Several places as they. Before acting on these calls check your records to see for recent payment has been made and if you're still unsure call west r.'s customers are relations number. At 1803831183. That number on your bill I'm sure the check. And they check your account stats. The petition drive is underway to honor one of the victims of the Parkland Florida shooting massacre with the military funeral. Fifteen year old Peter Wang a member of the school's junior ROTC. Who had dreams of going to West Point stayed behind and held the door open. So that his classmates could escape the gunfire. He was shot and killed in the process the petition asked the government to authorize bearing the young hero in a flag draped coffin. Tens of thousands of signatures so far once they reach a 100000. It will be considered by the White House. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. It's another house Republican is calling it quits at the end of this term Florida Republican Tom Rooney won't run for a sixth term announcing his retirement from a conservative district he was likely to win again. In a statement to 47 year old congressman says it's time now hang them up as my old football coach used to say. Heading he looks forward to serving Florida again. More than two dozen house Republicans have already announced retirements this term more than a dozen others are running for another office or took a job in the trumped administration. In Washington Jared Halpern Fox News. Unisys news time now 810 with 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. We have very slippery roadways out there in the Wichita area this morning we've got debt accidents reported on the highways. I won 35 at length again southbound watch out for a traffic accident there we also a traffic accident reported. He's been 1996. Right around hillside those roadways slippery. And slash packed out there I see very slippery just. The very very cautious out there's more traffic death trackers were actually seen. Make sure you're going half speed or less on most of the roadways traffic updates from Kate in essence radio on jet streams and now look at the forecast with king and it says staff meteorologist. Dan Holliday good morning Dana. Good morning we different things happening at different levels of the atmosphere. We can expect a wide variety of weather across south central Kansas this morning. First of all winter weather advisories posted for slick roadways especially bridges and overpasses. With temperatures below freezing precipitation may come in the form of rain freezing rain sleet. And even some small hail mixed dead or high in the low thirties with gusty north winds cloudy seventeen tonight. And a chance of light snow tomorrow afternoon I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. And now it's cloudy skies still 23 degrees which is what's been for the past couple of hours 23. And with a north wind gusting to 33 miles per hour which critics feel. Even worse hope you. If you're at work and you've got to work safely that's a good deal today if you're on the way just as it. You heard it says caution you a few minutes ago just take it slow and easy and the little patience. They'll wait for you. Had to scrape the windows on my car this morning I'd leave it outside so if that you left yourself you'll have the same and I guess a probably. Do you have to die in an ally who opted to leave it and you know a few hours ago whole month. Now propped him to scrape them again. But now and over the scraper is that I know how to do it again this thing should be okay you'll be fine there while wasn't too bad when I came and I Hanson. Scrapings do but it was. It's relatively easy it was still right around freezing I imagine it's can be a little tougher this this time yup may be acted net. Gad can go what do that forming. Now operative a couple of a couple of quarters meaning you don't I don't see that happening so there now but you can hope that. And Doherty said note to Austin I don't think it's happening at Canon guy he is a walk up there in the cars like. Right next to you one on one side one on the other and just leave viewers a bit if I were the ball I was Jackie why you'd be out there I don't know. A Los Angeles restaurant does not have permission to kill as many as three dog today and serve the meat to customers. A post that has appeared online and various forms since at least when he fourteen came up again all this site quote news. Quotes news it isn't true. Health officials say the restaurant opens. Doesn't exist. And it says even if there was such a place the sale of dog meat for human consumption is illegal in California. The full story quotes rolled animal protection is being shocked. About the restaurant to but a spokeswoman for the group said it was never asked to comment. They used to dismantle one of those. Completely false and stories floating around now a photo link to the story is from a 2014 New York Times story about a dog meat festival. In China. Where have they look at dog meat is something it's tasty and I guess okay. But here in the US we don't think to commit that. You think of dogs that are or little cats now we go back. Couple hundred years or more into the culture of the American west in the American native American person the Indian. They kept Belgian you know on the planes and I understand. They were useful what you're got a little Hungary in the wintertime. Dog was okay. Acceptable. But does yet. Use a little common cents on all the stuff that's it's. Even not even the Associated Press these days he's seen this on the Associated Press that come out of the stories is what is not news this week. Jose got a they actually print a story about things and it's not yet ten things that. Have been reported this week that are completely not true oh the other shall we were that is at fed beef under Pitt did to mine that mother load there. And did yeah. So they they're did about ten of the weekend visit you know that's all over the place. That's the earth and stories that. Purported to be true but not so you can make up anything and quote anybody in need and we don't do that here in its as we certainly we strive not to don't and then it'll we might mistake them. It's different I made a mistake this morning who had fess up. Committee's site IDs tonight about the switch to a schools were open today well I didn't realize that they they had insure Tuesday. I don't have any children in public schools of which anymore. Like my grandchildren. Go to the Catholic schools and what they were good but I had not. At a pace that much to administer it but we corrected it in her. Our blisters were right on top. They're very very helpful people like our listeners are all good people. I don't yesterday out of talking about the in my life heaven or sinus infection. And I went to a minor emergency room crowded packed with people there are so many illnesses going around right now then I went to Dylan's stood in line to get a prescription. People are sick on my gosh and it but yeah it was a holiday yesterday was President's Day. But a lot of people spent president they have flat on their back or going to an emergency room aren't doctors on a holiday for the doctors while the doctors were on the ball and they were working hard very often to nurses doctors and doctor. The PA uses that to physician assistant they're all liberal working hard and at. Taking care of business so I mean. We've had good luck hero Steve intent hope to continue right on through but it's a once Easter is April 1 right yeah legally can make it to April 1. That without I don't know I'm just trying to make it one man one time they get a one day at a time here I've had my flu shot an element and that means I will not catch anything. That's what rightfully that's well. Maybe that may be a danger protected against 33% of the flu may be fake news sites protect everything. It's Eric up on 817 now Stephen Ted Ted Roberts sports this morning at tea. Do you basketball team in action last night and there's you were some interesting things have happened in this game I think they'll. The winning margin of one of the travelers it's one of the great players in the country tells is this a good story can tell us about the offer they can't just. They ox is good night in Lawrence has just last month Kansas went on the road at Oklahoma and lost. Things were different in Lawrence last night's Kansas was ready to roll eighth ranked Kansas taking on Oklahoma last night you heard the game on KF. They shall look you know looking up finally get a day plus did through the fifth it's better not to assume we know what saved by Kansas build it wants a team. The league Newman was among six KEU players that scored in double figures last night as the jayhawks wallop Oklahoma by thirty points. 104. To seven before. The final score last night the league Newman bella being Obama was his game payday coming you know we Lynda and and they still warm from us Lou on the come why is it. Kansas made 163 pointers on the way to shooting 61%. From the field with the team. The Monty Graham had 23 points to lead BK you scoring. Of course the top college score in the nation was playing for the visitors last night freshman trade young for Oklahoma. In Kansas. Hit a number on him holding those highest scoring college player in the nation only eleven points the lowest total output of his career. Hey you win that big Kansas now and a half game lead atop the conference. Is Kansas head coach Bill Self we rebounded. And end up better in offensively we were terrific soil if I was under watching and we had nine turnovers and have homily into the second half and there was a good team when we need one like it we've had one like that. Basically the entire big twelve maybe may be seen as a sweater time may be in Manhattan but other that we we've had a sweat everywhere so so while that was good. Jayhawks when it by thirty last night now 22 and six overall. We've got some hockey here in town the next couple of nights the Wichita thunder hosting the first place Colorado Eagles back to back nights tonight and tomorrow night downtown. 7 o'clock it in trust bank arena red hot Wichita thunder. Has won five straight home games and four in a row overall and stop trying to knock off first place team in division next two nights downtown. And that's men's hockey in the Winter Olympics team USA with a resounding win over Slovakia five to one after a scoreless first period. USA gets five on the scoreboard. Advancing teen USA into the quarterfinals. Of men's hockey at the Winter Olympics next up for teen USA the Czech Republic. At game at 9 o'clock tonight and you can listen to a live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. In baseball. Kansas City Royals first baseman free agent Eric Hosmer is no longer freeagent he has signed a 144. Million dollar eight year contract with the San Diego Padres. Hosmer the 828 it's too big contract. And former Kansas State football coach Jim Dickey has passed away at the age of 83. Tasty football coach for eight years. He he had one great years 1982. Led the wildcats to a winning record in the get a trip to the Independence Bowl. And that was notable because that was the first bowl game in K state football history. They were in case they never went to. Post season that you what you state is on the schedule. Yeah they played which states. They need to. Tim Dickie. And yeah he's fragile in a gym Dickey is passed away. The age of 83. Former tasty football coach its fortunes Stephen Ted K and assets tied eight when he won down keep it here for. Beck Hannity morning minutes. He'll talk about CNN and coverage of Russian middling. That's coming up hey it's time with. Four hour period prior coffee break one K and L stands. You know prairie fire coffee is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in widgets are. And you can get very fired off read your office just like Stevenson by calling 2673771. Or line. At prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight what they do give players deep into the morning K and a sense.