A bill to increase penalties for "swatting"

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 13th

Guest: KS Representative John Carmichael D-Wichita


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Even in the morning Steve vacuums tend Woodward and thank you governor Jeff collier and the State's top child welfare officials. I'm backing legislation to require disclosure of some records when a child dies of abuse or neglect. Collier and department for children and families secretary geno Meyer pummel announced Monday they are supporting a bill introduced last week in the Kansas house. The bill would require the department to release a child's age gender and date of death. On receiving an open records request. It also went after release a summary of its reports of child abuse or neglect. And its findings about those reports. Kansas has had several high profile cases in recent years of children who died in abusive homes. Call your sand under the bill the public would learn what steps the state took to protect a child. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Authorities have released the name of the man who died in a house fire in north west Wichita last Friday evening. Fire lieutenant Jose okay eighties says it happened in the 3100 block of north and woodland. The victim was living in a detached garage which had been converted into a single room apartment. The victim was located near the front door when fire crews went in and search and rescue tactic. And the origin of the fire was located in a recliner chair. The fire ruled accidental and due to smoke him while on oxygen. He is a 72 year old white male Charles. At fire caused 3000 dollars in damage there were only six fire deaths in Wichita all of last year. There are already been three this year all occurring in a recent span of less than two weeks. Police nabbed a robbery suspect and east Wichita officer Paul cruise says the armed hold up anchored. Late Sunday night at the Domino's Pizza near second hillside and unknown suspect entering the business arm with a knife and demanding money. Money and so on what's taken by the suspect the suspect then fled the store on what. And was spotted by one of our officers. Arriving in the area after a short book pursued the suspect was taken into custody in a porn block north spruce. That twenty year old male suspect booked into jail on one count of aggravated robbery and police say armed men robbed a quick shop in south Wichita officer cruise says it happened early Sunday 3900 block of south hydraulic. Two unknown suspects one armed with a hammer and a business and was demanding money. Money cigarettes in the employees' cell phones were taken. The suspects then fled the business on foot. Suspects wearing black goodies black pants gloves and had red bandanna is over their faces president trumps budget request unveiled Monday may be a turn off for some conservatives. Fox's Ed Henry is in Washington with. More presidential is proposing a new budget that should be alarming to conservative deficit hawks is with a Republicans running a house and a White House. That is gonna come nowhere close to getting rid of the annual budget deficit that the president repeatedly promised to get rid of but you were president right now who wants to build off the momentum of that tax cut victory. To move on infrastructure which could have the twin benefit of giving him another way and while also turning the page from the rob Porter scandal. That has been hounding this White House for several days. But this infrastructure plan is gonna cost a lot of money and had even more to that deficit. President's plan calls for a total of one and half trillion dollars to go for infrastructure repairs she. The B 52 Cold War workhorse. And new one has not been built since 1962. Soul one of the plans for the aging B 52 bombers. It first flew in 1954 gained fame in Vietnam and pummeled the Taliban last week the massive B 52 bomber will work well into its golden years. The air force outlining plans for his bomber fleet in the president's budget request Monday to be one conventional and B two stealth bombers will be retired by the 20s30s replaced by the B 21 at which will become the backbone of the fleet which has served 46% fewer bombers since desert storm ended in 1991. But the straddle fortress will evade the bomber bone yard flying past its 100 birthday well into the 2050s the air force planning to continue to modify the remaining B fifty twos fitting them tick carry new nuclear cruise missiles Kevin battled Fox News. A quick way to fame and fortune get on YouTube gets so large a following that you've become a YouTube star but. With Spain can come dangers one YouTube Koppel in Texas found out on it's been too long. That's thirty year old Megan attorney who along with her boyfriend is a YouTube celebrity cops say one of her fans. Drove eleven hours from New Mexico to their home in Austin broke in at 3 in the morning and fired shots. Responding officers say they saw 44 year old Christopher Eric Giles speaking from the scene and they chased them. As they approached her one shot fired from inside the car and officer returned fire. Giles was found dead it's not known if he shot himself or if the cops kill them. Gary bombed and Fox News. A look at the forecast with K and is as staff be just and holidays good morning Dan good morning this dry weather pattern more and is going to stick around for the weekend right on into the weekend but we will have a warming trend through Thursday breezy this afternoon with a high 54. Partly cloudy cool overnight Tarlow and your forty. And in Wednesday sunny and windy with a high 71. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 26 degrees of south wind at ten. Miles per hour at 736 now Stephen Ted in the morning authorities in a press command. A bird and rescue team was shot in the box after trying to test of Vietnam era flak jacket with two friends the friends decided to test a flak jacket Saturday at a cabin. After the jacket successfully stopped the bullets a nineteen year old man put it on stuff the pillow underneath to absorb shock. Another nineteen year old five to 22 caliber pistol butt missed the Mets. And at the victim in the buttocks. And for nonlife threatening injuries the victim. I've been drinking that the shooter had not be the man was identified. Not a very good idea and have your drunken friends. Test flight deck with a twenty it is an idea bad judgment. It's gets there is from and there's 737 Stephen dead. And the thus wanting something I ignore one's still just a few weeks ago slotting became involved in the story about. A man in south west Wichita who was shot dead by police and and the responsibility for swatting the penalties for swatting the apparently. Are fairly light as a stand now with a us this morning. Is. State house state representative John Carmichael from what good morning John nice to have you with others. You guys you all they're gonna have some hearings today as I understand a committee hearings on swatting. As a matter of fact yes a bill was introduced by myself and represent where are going to be hurt this afternoon in the house correction a little justice. Let's do it was its equity guys string you out there. Well actually. As you sit before number one we want and the penalties or circumstances such this but also. The war on campuses regarding squatting. Came out of these false alarm statute. In other spots are workers. And about a year ago on force and chances to realize that there problem swapping and so we made a minor modifications. Statute been. And what we're trying to do now is more precisely aren't prime. So it covers any instance. When someone communicate well alt skull. Or emergency services whether that's dumb answer our lead story. So you you were just coming a tougher on anybody who does sets then I'd just. And that regardless of where that leads a mean obviously we've had some tragic tragic things happen but. As you know over the years we've had people can false calls to 911 for years and years. And as a matter of fact we used to look at those balls calls 911 has nuisance calls some people are there. Funny your jokes but when you make the call the police with the intention of bringing our swat team. With rifles. And when you claim that beep or being or injured in side oust. And it has it can have tragic consequences as we sort which are and something you speed up. NEA is a good point I mean do we in the media when we hear a story about somebody calling 911 because they want. Copped to deliver pizza or something silly like that we make light of it but. It if you can become a a big problem for those dispatchers. And the officers who show up on a scene someplace in the and they think they have good information but. Maybe they got completely false information. One Justine it's bad or not. People that were killed in these circumstances. But when you talk about law enforcement resources both officers are needed somewhere else. In which are worse situation where. On Porsche and officers to we have calls stating they run from call call call and it's a serious problem. When people make. Balls calls at least our camp. Whether someone bars which is terrible circumstance. Will wonder just what he saw more resources. We need to but it went to a. Are you in your colleague. Are you of the same bid I know this is. Had a crash berries same political party or you are. I asked a guy. Representative whisper I just like most members of the legislature where friends one lawyer and other. Politically. Politically seldom do we EI RI but. When we do. We want to work together our partisan or crop the that they. I didn't I'm sorry dude died I realize now Whitner and now that he's fairly conservative and you're not fairly conservative. John Webber and I have talked about everything from asked her Adam's two nevermind what all we are out today and but the fact is it. People could work together from both parties that it offers some good. If we continue to play partisan games that were not for the question. I think I would like to ask this is a little lighter but I would like to ask your help on this solving a problem on knowing Garland street in Wichita having to do with peace but that's. That's another. How. Well Asian toasty I can see your house out front spill at we have. We have abuse defecation. In a neighbor yes. Well let's today and did that egg back here let's be serious ferment the thanks for doing this because I think he is in my personal feeling is this is something needs to be addressed it to make it to. A little more look tougher on people who you think it's funny to do something like this and make false cult thank you for your work. Do you want to emphasize it's no option and thanks John appreciate your time this morning that is estate represented John Carmichael Wichita. And I don't think too badly of him ladies and gentlemen just because he happens to be a neighbor. That affected I think John lives in that house that may be to extort the when your dad grew up in our group over there on our yeah. It says 742 now Stephens yes. Gilroy the. Stop business journal coming up there are some kind of gambling still illegal in Kansas he's gonna tell us about that. Even tell the morning on Kate and as aunts. It tastes better that are fresh brewed cup of hot prairie fire coffee.