Bill Snyder to remain at K-State

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Wednesday, January 3rd

Wildcat Head Football Coach says he's good for another season.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is the case as a sporting news defeated Ted that I received back in time. Two men dead in grain elevator accident we've got the story Wichita police ask for help in search for missing woman and her child I'm Dan O'Neill. The sale of shoes and it has shooting times hit good word those details just ahead I'm KLSX meteorologist at -- morning. Dry weather conditions remaining in place and we do have a warming trend on tap how mild willing yes your full forecast is coming up. Citrus County officials say two men have died after being trapped in the grain elevators south of Wichita. The bodies were recovered late Tuesday afternoon as the elevator at gavel on grain it deputy fire chief Larry tang me. Says emergency crews responded to the site after the report of two workers trapped we had multiple units and agencies called. Sure we can have the look. Crux resources are here to try to gain access to them it was not clear how the man got into the bin or what caused him to become trapped under twenty to 25 feet of grain. No names have been. Released the Wichita police department is asking for the public's help locating a missing lawmen and her son police officer Charlie Davidson said in a news release. 23 year old Samantha rigs walked away from her family home around 10 Sunday morning. With her one year old child Matthew. Davidson said the mother is mentally challenged and not capable of taking care of her child without supervision. They may have driven was someone to Manhattan a photo of the woman and her child can be found in the news story our web page K and SS radio dot com. Anyone with information about their location is asked to call 911 or crime stoppers at 3162672111. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. A 25 year old man from Los Angeles suspected of making hoax emergency call that led to the fatal shooting of Wichita man last week by police. Is expected to have a hearing prosecutors seek to have him extradited. The Los Angeles county district attorney's office says prosecutors anticipate filing a fugitive from justice warrant against Tyler barest today. A transaction on New Year's Day didn't go well for a Wichita man turned into a highway robbery and a shooting. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Monday afternoon in the 16100 block of north emporium. He was selling a pair of shoes. On the offer up. The male status to an old males in their twenties to thirties arrived in a great Chevry Impala. And during the sale of the shoes one of the suspects brandished firearms. And pointed it at the nineteen year old male victim. During a struggle the victim was shot one time in the shoulder he was hospitalized and has since been released. A police believe they might have to potential suspects identified in this case and they are looking for them. Department of Homeland Security secretary. Pierce Jim Neilson was in California yesterday surveying the damage from massive wildfires. I'm pleased to announce that in response to the devastation that the president has declared a major disaster for the counties have insurance Santa Barbara. Which will release the public assistance. This is an important step towards recovery and he was prepared to help communities throughout California. To read bill. The Thomas fire alone has burned nearly 300000. Acres the citadel start the new year with total members. A day after Minnesota Democrat Al Franken made his resignation official as replacement will be sworn in Minnesota lieutenant governor Tina Smith was appointed by the governor to fill the vacancy vice president Mike Pence will also swear an Alabama Democrat Doug Jones who arrived here saying children's health care funding is a top priority. There's all the budget issues and all that deflation yes but. I've you know I've I've been harping on that chip program for awhile hoping that can get done. Jones won a special election last month the wind it shrinks the Republican senate majority. To just 51 seats on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News stay in assist. Use time now 7044. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Familiar face in college football not leaving any time soon and a stunning results from Lawrence last night. Up highlights here from coach self coming up and sports three drive by shootings in Wichita may be connected to that story coming up. On McCain as a sporting news received at the. McCain is a sport is easy to get down 7077. Minutes past 7 o'clock on Wednesday morning. On New Year's night there was gunfire reported minutes apart at three different locations in south which it'll. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the first case involved a drive by shooting at a residence in the wanna 400 block of south mostly. Where more than ten shots were fired from a white Chrysler and another car driving slowly down the street. There were three people in the house where multiple bullet holes and shell casings were found in the area. Then a few minutes later a taste not far away along south hydraulic. Officers responded. Again to another drive fire residents in the sixty or block of east Crowley. Upon officers arriving between seven year old male was located inside the residence. With a gunshot wound to his leg and also to shoulder. If they entered area hospital not life threatening injuries the roof. I've other adults in that house including a 39 year old man who suffered a minor injury to his head multiple bullet holes were also found nearby another house for six people on site including two teenagers. And a pair of eleven A rules. A few minutes later our offices were alerted about a suspicious character in a Chrysler 300. Firing multiple gunshots in the area near hydraulic and MacArthur. Cedric county sheriff's deputies eventually located the stolen Chrysler 300. And a 32 year old man in the area was apprehended for outstanding arrest warrants. Or is still investigating trying to determine how these cases might be connected. Employees of some airlines are reaping the benefits of the tax code overall. The American and Southwest Airlines say they're giving their employees thousand dollar bonuses thanks to savings under the recently enacted GOP tax reform plan. Southwest also says it plans to buy more jets from Boeing while delaying other jet purchases. The Dallas based airline which has been profitable pays cash income taxes and will see immediate benefits from the tax bill signed into law last month. It also says it will donate an extra five million dollars to charities this year. American says it's bonus payout will cost 130 million dollars rich Dennison Fox News. This. Right zero wins this season Cleveland Browns fans will have a chance to celebrate brisk McNeal had planned a parade last year the browns had gone owns sixteen those planes failed to come to fruition and Cleveland wound up going 115. Well Mick deal will get his parade this time after the browns became the second team in NFL history to achieve that fueled record as you describe the parade route to Cleveland dot com or go. To process. How around the stadium. One time that parade route forming the number zero with a perfect season brain romantic place Saturday around FirstEnergy stadium than anticipated crowd of around 101000 expected to give browns fans a reason to smile on his McNeal says take a shot at ownership in the front office. By the way all money raised by the perfect season parade for the browns won't go to the Cleveland food bank met a volatile no Fox News. The perfect season is fantastic it's centered send out 10 minutes past 7 o'clock and a perfect the attention that the and this morning we've got death nothings in traffic looking okay you might wanna watch out for a stranded vehicles filled out vehicle northbound on I won thirty from a right around. Kellogg this morning traffic on K and as as brought to budget province Carl's Goodyear tire in downtown. And market and Waterman. In the east or street mall and online girls are dot com your home for complete car care. And now McCain is in storm track is pretty forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith have been good morning Leon and good morning the right time we're doing well at so doggone toasty now at 22 degrees. I'm well. It's like Bermuda shorts weather out there too does the best we've been I actually accomplices to get a date I am I late yesterday and today. Get ready for we get about 3% this year. I'm already taking off my bill Schneider recommended undershirt now. Poll. You're at it and just got we got another Gerald title any all right because of visual always kitchen hill. It's not TV and could only thing you it's the theater in my theater of the mind the beauty of radio helped pull back the curtains and tell me today's high. Today's Democrat we get to 33 so we actually we get freezing plus one so that's that's a good thing all that right now is that let's celebrate. Out the thing is though the wind is going to be a little bit breezy day northwest wind 1020 miles an hour or so we feel like we're going to be in the twenties even the best this afternoon sunshine state where it is today we're back into the Lola double digits tonight for lows that statement is that the warming trend continues it's going to be. Like almost Bermuda for pre uber meter short. And variety girls around Ryan you know so when you Wear your Bermuda shorts do you Wear long the black stockings almost your knees with sandals. And hand it. Don't forget this spinners the suspenders for the of Colonia via the ticket theater at Moscow's but he really good yeah like. Listen you know and I guess that you know. I hate to be negative but Wednesday the other issue that a drop I mean Friday or Saturday or gone back in the old refrigerator or freezer early late. Well I take I actually I think we stay pretty decent through Friday and Saturday probably are out early next week we'll start to see tray and cooling off a little bit but nothing nothing like what we went through over the the New Year's holiday we are Daryn the single digits and you know teens felt. I think if anything cynical up a little bit but they get sent out. Saturday night and Sunday morning we might. Along with them might get a little that are it. Okay which nobody just seeing the sunshine and during the afternoon is it really Bruce people's spirits and and makes him feel better about that everything I think and. I agree I don't know if you have a a window there in the beautiful radio plex but tonight it's it's a beautiful start the morning sunshine abounds so Billy pretty luggage spirit that. Keep the jackets on. I like sunshine. Shoulders up. Thank you. I think RA IK a sand storm track its report gas with Kansas today meteorologist Lee announcement and now. 713 Stephen tint in the morning today is a Wednesday January 3 2018. Yesterday's high 25. And normal like the date 41 cell. In your Internet. Further into January agreed when January and it's warm right back up there. Hey Stephen Ted which shoppers dot com poll got a new question today are writing. And you know this is a time a year indigent haven't talked about his early but on something of a New Year's resolutions. I don't. That seems like that's a little tired toward it. We just took a little different tact and if you'd like to participate just. Go to our web page Candace has radio dot com it's right there and it's free and it's absolutely free and you can have fun. It's Tony eighteen how do you feel about the year ahead. The future is looking bright and everything he's going downhill news. I expected to be about the same as Tony seventeen. Those are your three choices right. What you thought I can't seem I'll ballot arguments for all three of those choices what do you think I mean of Jelena were talking and use this past weekend and on the course to bad weather that cold weather just doing enters spirits at all but. We're thinking about the fact that she's got her knees replaced now. And started Shelly she's got a knee replaced down to looking to get back into walking in. And in good health and things like that and that's where we're kind of optimistic all right we're optimistic about Tony's team in Hungary year. A 2017 we look back. And course we had a pretty good year actually you in India on the Stephen to kill. Have the Marconi of 12017. Was a banner year for us went through we got our 5000 show on the air in September. By the way today is as Steve potential number 5000. 665066. C 66 and counting and count. All right so how do you feel about the feud take that take the poll Stevenson which suffered dot com poll again. That's on our web page KE NS as radio. Dot com well if you've been listening to news making him pay attention this morning. We have had and and at a grain elevator accident. And it two people killed on their it to. At a grain elevator just south of which dog used to be that of Bruce grain elevator. And these two men were trapped under about twenty feet of grain down which is the rain is very very dangerous amusements Burson quick yes and they were. Trapped underneath that in no matter what the year first responders can do they couldn't get in there and get him out. And so we've done now for those of you been around awhile. This is the same elevator that exploded. On June 8 of 1998 at nearly twenty years ago damages it just blew up. An explosion killed seven and injured ten employees. In 1998. Tenure you covered that story for us here it came and assisted a fine job went at least one award for your coverage of that. And you were down there for quite awhile that was a massive grain elevator to greatly tireless I was a mile away from the explosion. Yeah it was a deceased young man William shaver yeah I wasn't working here yet I was working in a job I had prior to this. And we happen to be a mile away when it to when a boom. And is addicted do indeed need a grain elevators of a dangerous place on on a couple of front the one they. You've used as as issue this story says shows us from yesterday the grain itself. Is you know you can't fall into that every couple years there's any trash is sort of grain elevator incidents while in the state Kansas. It is a septic tank. And the of these this grain dust builds up. And any kind of spark will blow it up in house that had that happen not just had to Bruce had him in happened in north which which column. Not on the scale mount up to Bruce does that that was pretty massive. So but it looked harmless grain elevators and they're part of our landscape here in new. Double estimate. That's part of our economy but they are a dangerous place to work. The OSHA the oak occupational safe safety and health administration the federal people are on the scene out there investigating as they always do. To see you know what the cause was problems total came about but there it is. A very dangerous place a grain elevator in her bid and one of those. Don't believe so I don't think I I think that near site team was. Weaver when I was a kid Bernard Carrick cub scouts took a tour of the yeah of the milled around there in the south part of England yeah and they had one of those man lists for you to write. And I think they let us go up on now I am going to go up one's seven -- feet but they have those Internet that was and you're kittens don't hold ups. 718 now Steve intent sports news morning Ted Woodward and we've got some interest in sports talk about this morning. Including its. Jayhawk basketball. They can on the red raiders up in that warrants to have been a done deal for most of us. Are a lot of factors yeah you had certainly taking care of business against the red raiders with. Did dispatched over the last several years but that's not the story line has developed last night news tenth ranked Kansas hosting eighteenth ranked Texas Tech. Right away Kansas was cold shooting Texas Tech was hot. Texas Tech built up an early lead in jayhawks never caught up they were down by double digits at halftime and tech continued to pour it on in the second half as well. You heard the game last night on tape FH. He has the rebounds right now second chance points. For rebounds five X-Factor. Coming off the glass. You're removed. Plus minutes second chance points with a drive by side is good at fifteen footers head. And Kansas right now is get knocked to the back will they be able to get up off the campus they trailed by eleven. While John and the answer was no Texas Tech maintain that lead and won it by 1285. To 73 was the final score. Tech ended up with eighteen offensive rebounds. Out rebounding the jayhawks by fifteen on the night 44 to 29. In Kansas could not come back because they could not make three pointers both for twelve from three point range in the second half but I'll say hawks after the game Kansas head coach Bill Self. They got 85 points off paternal percentage shots and guys drop and writer for eight they got 85 points that way and some believable. So yeah disappointing in. Certainly they were so X so tough and aggressive and in going after the ball reminds me of some good teams we've had here in the past and and we were so passive I mean we got what we deserved while. Always going to the right that's a good point him. It's always go to the right you play under the right in the turn back you know. Apparently that that's that's due to high school apparently that was not part of what happened last night Israeli defense while tech. Wins its first game ever in Lawrence they had been Bowen seventeen all time. Against K you're on the road but not last night jayhawks fall to eleven and three with a loss. Sure coach self was excited tonight about talking about it for a whole hour I have basketball hawk talk with head coach Bill Self at 6 o'clock tonight. That's on Sports Radio KF eight at 12:40 AM. 975. FM. We able Jim go basketball on a plate tonight Butler community college getting back at it after the Christmas break at Pratt tonight Dennis Higgins. Well live coverage of the Butler grizzlies beginning at 745 tonight. That's right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. We'll college football news coming our way Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder will be coming back. Or at least one more season as head coach the wildcats. But Snyder says as long as I'm making a positive impact on the program and I'm in good health. Wanna still be the coach pretty good season this time around but that gap game they came on strong down the stretch won a bowl game and a win a top ten beat a top ten team on the road. Snyder is 78 years old he has battled throat cancer within the past year but he's. Still on the sidelines will come back for his 27. Season as head coach of the wildcats he's already in the college football hall of fame. And he'll put together at least one more year on the resonate in Manhattan. Women's basketball last night shopper ladies lose at Houston 7355. In their road conference opener. And we got a good shocker birthday today good soccer baseball players Zach Sorenson and guided mated to the big leagues. Good players Zacks Sorenson is 41. Years old today happy birthday is excellent. Sports was even Ted Kate and as well the most effective rebounder as I restore as a kid growing up. But my younger brother here. Who mastered the art of screening on the boards and always got his man on his back to you and he would pay would get rebels have felt before. Jerry Lewis is five feet eleven policy at the way to do it it's fundamentals guys you don't have to be the tallest person on the camera you can joke buys them. Fundamentals I debt rating of 722 now keep it for Rush Limbaugh morning update. It's never enough for California liberals. See the head of the morning on tape and ask asks.