Billionaires invest in flyover-country businesses

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 6th

A local business update from editor Bill Roy of the Wichita Business Journal


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846 with the content in the morning here on the it's 71530. Will be joined shortly by Gilroy in Wichita this journal update talking of the WTJ editor about a big announcement today. Now it's time for three big things. Three. Big announcement expected this afternoon as we mentioned Qatar based spirits here SC. News. Sixth ranked shocker men's basketball team down by thirteen points came back to win the second half last night to read line. President trump getting ready to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It's being welcomed in Israel but drawing a lot of criticism from some other areas it's predicting Stevens said. 97 and thirteen thirty K and yes yes. Take a look at traffic here on me Wednesday morning. We do you have cruise taking out the stalled vehicle might be thousand lives slowdown westbound Kellogg right there downtown. Downtown flyover. Sold vehicles that location. Pat and access and unique holiday gift ideas that can work for anyone including a shenanigans that's always make great gifts. Now open Sundays from one by the end until Christmas. And jacks at 601 west Douglas you know were they are by the clock tower in the Lego. Pets and snacks. Take a look at the weather forecast here on Wednesday and Isaiah 47 degrees winds increasing out of the northwest sunny skies. After this chilly morning. Tonight Floyd gets really cold partly cloudy overnight the low down to 21. Minute and then on Thursday and it'll be sunny again but a lot colder highs tomorrow only 34. Well right now on which it's always a breeze out of the west northwest today sunny and 33. Degrees maybe wait till I'm 47 we gained a degree to pretty much wherever right now it's going to be done. High eighth tomorrow. School day after it's really cold overnight and enjoyed a 47 degree day to day although. But you wind to go along with that tough horse CN. Assess whether or is brought to you by the monarch open at 11 AM lunch Monday through Saturday and at noon on Sunday the menu may be found at monarch which it Todd dot com. When a great place to hang out the monarch in the delay no. It is 848 with Stephen said here on KMS estimate that 849. As we continue here on Wednesday morning. George Winston would never refer to himself as a new age artist. You're not where he's been pigeonholed Winston says he's been dealing with misnomer since his first album and he prefers the term folk piano he also for first play. Without shoes. Winston says he tries to eliminate foot noise is better control the pedals with no shoes he says he doesn't think about his feet. When he's playing any more than anyone else would think about their feet when they're walking never realized a foot noise on a piano as a problem George Winston uses the pedal lot while I asked the got a course he's got a great Christmas album called December when it came out in 1980 and always gets airplay this time a year. And I've seen him perform three times live in concert clearly and a century to reality the comes out and socks and act and just. Place and good piano for a few hours though George Winston doesn't like to be called new age you know that's where he got good. Okay. A woman from Alaska came home to find out that a thief had broken and a stolen some clothing and jewelry some prescription drugs. And the mounted ahead of zebra that she had mount another wall. Stacey Scott got good news Monday however a cab driver who helped suspect drive off with a stolen good a founder zebra head in his trunk. And returned it. Scott told Anchorage TV station KTV eight that she received the zebra head from a friend when she worked at a downtown boutique. She named the head George. As security camera Friday recorded a woman carrying items including George out of Scott's home and into a waiting cab. He's rested at 38 year old woman at an Anchorage motel where the cab driver had taken her. Suspect is charged with felony burglary and theft no mention of rustling. So let's let's not rustling of the animals then I guess we just not. Are mounted stuffed and mounted it. Julia yeah go ahead superstitious construction workers to place a small statue of Philadelphia's founder on top of the city's newest skyscraper. In an effort to save the NFL leading Philadelphia Eagles. From the fabled jinx you probably heard of this. Philly dot com reported that William Penn figuring is affixed to Comcast towers highest beam. After builders decided waiting for a topping off ceremony was too risky. Believers in the curse of Billy can say it doomed the city's sports teams for decades after the city's first skyscraper broke tradition. Rose higher than the William Penn statue topping City Hall. 2007 the situation is rectified with a statue wet place atop the tallest skyscraper. The next year the Philadelphia Phillies won the world baseball World Series. Construction of the new 1121. Foot tall tower broke the record height. Workers were eagle to restore pinned to his rightful perch. Just keep putting hats on solemn burial now collars around but feathered hat and 852 when Stephen said here on cape and it's as a big announcement today let's find out the details from bill Roy editor at the Wichita business journal mr. rural area. The entire video birdies state and local elected officials and members of the business community are you going to join Spirit Aerosystems. For news conference at noon company not saying that the announcements about the lieutenant governor Jeff collier says it's a major economic development announcement. The company and economic development officials keeping quiet so far. A pair of Wichita apartment complexes have been sold Providence management company sold the Brooklyn apartments at 1770 south rock road. And the cherry hills apartments nearby 2200 south rock road the buyers monarch investment and management group in frank town Colorado. Let's say it was another indication that there is a growing investment market for Wichita multifamily properties. And a group of billionaires and high profile business leaders created a fund that invests in companies mostly in flyover country here in the midwest. It appears of those investors include members of the Coke family in Wichita. AOL billionaire Steve case capital and started along with JD fancies the author of hillbilly elegy. They have 150 million dollars to start. The local breaking business news every day on hand SS and at Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Today is the feast day of saint Nicholas so I assume that your address their working your red included a outfit murals that absolutely and that's bestowing gifts to all your little jolly old saint nick sell to your answer workers there and a very good. You bet I'm I am all decked out. Including feather used in Manhattan everything else. Now I'm glad your keeping a saint Nicholas day in good spirits of he's more festive that we are you. Last night a lot still Christmas episode bill of I watch the Christmas episode of Sanford and Son. Mine from 1975. It's a it's a Christian tradition you have to watch guest list of Fred Sanford is very grumpy but then he falls asleep and and similar to Scrooge. Encounters. A counters of the ghost of Christmas. Past present and future and minimize his ways. And then at the end Redd Foxx sings the whole lovers of the Christmas song. Omar I'd forgotten about it on any. Then again we had pretty Boston I mean he's he was an entertainer you kind of forget that he could be could deliver that. Right good stuff. In that Andy is some good cancel the aunt Esther a long noise. Course now that the rare form you see it will flashback to a Sanford sent Christmas episodes and her agonize thing get a lump in my throat just thinking about it if you do. And let's get going thanks for joining. That is a good guys all I have from the Wichita business journal right here on me in this on this Wednesday morning it. Actually be awfully cold tonight the 21 bundle up Stephenson at 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Which job.