Bipartisan group of lawmakers meet with the President to discuss immigration

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Wednesday, January 10th
Guest: Fox News' Rachel Sutherland live from Washington D.C.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. It's 7 o'clock this team click OK this morning news with Peter says the IV back in touch. One person dead after crash on the turnpike near Zanesville. We've got the story. Governor Brownback delivers his final state of the state speech timetable toward those details just ahead. All former Kansas mail carrier gets probation for delivering marijuana. I'm definitely I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays we could see sixty degrees for a high temperature and snow all within a 24 hour period. We will explain in our forecast is coming up. One person is dead one seriously injured after two vehicle crash on the Kansas turnpike south of Wichita. Craig was reported near he's still around 1:30 this morning the wreckage of. Blocked northbound traffic for a time but northbound traffic on the turnpike now opened down their eighties fell. Governor Sam Brownback is proposing that Kansas phase in a 600 million dollar increase in spending on its public schools over five years. He included the proposal in his state of the state address last evening to a joint session of the legislature. I budget recommendations includes an additional 600 million dollars in funding over the next five years. This multi year approach. And provide the time necessary for school districts to plan and spend this additional money more effectively. I proposal does not include a tax increase. At proposal as a response to a Kansas Supreme Court mandate to boost spending on public schools Brownback plans to release detailed budget proposals today. Several items were on the agenda Tuesday during the Wichita city council's. First regular meeting of 28 team. The council held public meetings on three community improvement district proposals or CIDs. One dislocated in the Toledo district spaghetti works in old talent. And chicken a pickle a new business to be located near thirteenth the green which. But delayed a proposal passed 522 with mayor Jeff Longwell explaining he voted no. As a money in the CIT would go to the developer only and not the city. The spaghetti works and chicken and pickle projects also passed both on votes of six to one in a unanimous vote the City Council also approved a 22 million dollar upgrade. To the striker multi sport complex located at K 96 and green which. Roddy price K and assets and. News Wichita police have booked a man accused of shooting at officers and leading them on a chase in late December. The suspect 21 year old Eli Joseph Martinez was wounded during the police chase Martinez was struck in his lower jaw after police returned fire. He's treated for nonlife threatening injuries district attorney mark Bennett tells KSM news. Martinez was released just a few weeks earlier on a burglary case because of short staffing and resources. Bottom line is between police chief was supposed to do is is at ten to the the resources that he has available and can make decisions about where to where to place those resources. A warrant was later issued for his arrest at least thirteen people have been killed in mud and debris slides in Santa Barbara County California. After heavy rainfall. Late Tuesday first responders said they'd rescued dozens of people buying air and ground. But we're still in search and rescue mode looking for people who might be a lot trapped in several damaged or destroyed homes. Heavy rain sent mud and debris flowing rapidly down steep hillsides sheriff Bill Brown to the area hardest hit Monte C don't look like a battlefield. It was literally from a carpet of my head in debris. Everywhere with huge boulders. Rocks down trees power lines. Wrecked cars. Other areas especially in LA county were evacuated as well. Mostly in areas where fires burned through and left hillsides bare and susceptible to mudslides. And Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. During a nearly hour long meeting at the white house with lawmakers president trump said he wants a bipartisan plan on immigration. But insists any plan must include funding for his border wall. The precedent suggesting to these immigration deal first dealing with border security and the talk a program. Which will end on March 5 without an agreement then broader issues after her. I think what we're all saying is going to duck that. And we can certainly start comprehensive immigration reform the following afternoon okay. Another topic earmarks they've been banned in congress since 2010. But now the president says they may need to make a comeback. President drug saying earmarks may serve as a negotiation tool for a gridlocked congress. But not all law makers are sold on the idea. In Washington Lauren Blanchard Fox News. Federal prosecutors say a former mail carrier was part of a scheme to deliver marijuana to Johnson County. Point five year old Terrell fears of Overland Park on Tuesday was placed on five years' probation for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. Prosecutors say you'll Johnson delivered mail he would give addresses to Arizona drug traffickers. The dealers within mail packages with marijuana sued those addresses and cheers would drop them off and an apartment building. He then texted a person he knew only as John to pick them up. Investigators found forty pounds of marijuana in cheers postal vehicle when he was arrested. Dan O'Neill king and SS news Kahan is as used on now several five. 5 minutes past 7 o'clock. Exciting finish last night up at Lawrence between the jayhawks in the cyclones in men's basketball have highlights and hear from Kansas coach Bill Self coming up in sports the latest from the Consumer Electronics Show coming up. A McCain and his his morning news misty the dead. Yeah several times and it's 9 minutes then 7 o'clock police. Officer wrestled with a suspect with a gun in southeast which adults. Police officer Charlie Davidson says late centered on Saturday night two officers. Pulled over car for a traffic violation of the 800 block of south mountain and officer after 21 year old male passenger to step out of the vehicle. The man got out ran away officer caught up to the suspect and tried to tase him. All struggling on the ground the mail produced a handgun from his right we spent. The officer quickly in the mail hands gripping the handgun against the suspect's body. Also was able to physically keep the males hands in the mail into the ground until other officers arrived. The man was booked into jail for being a felon in possession of a firearm aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. A 25 year old woman in the car was arrested on traffic charges obstruction and possession of a depressant. Let's get the latest from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The crowds were out for the 48 team CES. The trend of Smart home appliances was on display with a whirlpool with recognition but the only after this you're able to stand that food. And it identified those ingredients and and it brings recipes for you to cook. Until Eddie brand manager from whirlpool. With the only app and an Internet connection dinner is just a few taps away Smart cities have a Smart way to get around with a huge debt an electric motor scooter of the goes nearly a hundred miles on charge into. Rates GPS. Of course he didn't create aged ME IVRoots whose wife buy food du pre CEO from U jet they hope to hit the streets of the US later this year and CES in Las Vegas Brett Larson Fox News. A man from Florida is a hero father even though he had serious burns. He repeatedly ran into his burning home to save his six children. It all started when Brad Russell her one of his children screaming for help this whole room in Houston gulf complain. After getting him out of the house he ran Becky and upstairs to grab a daughter. Not able to make it out of that group that is so loud when the map and then he web Beckett once again to lead everyone else to safety I'm not a hero upon and everything in the house destroyed but everyone got out alive. Thanks firefighters say to our hero dad Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. Seven and have announced even in the morning on K Genesis. Traffic conditions looking pretty good so far this morning and right now the heaviest traffic and seen Kellogg at. Eastbound right around he'll side traffic fairly heavy there also eastbound. Kellogg at. At 8235. Traffic pretty heavy there as well traffic if they don't take an SS radio on gadgets. Now McCain is in storm tracker report cat we've Kansas today meteorologist an announcement on good morning Leon. Steve made you my friend looks like we get do one more day of spring like weather and impacted the old deep freeze right. All absolutely kitty it's right now it is as warm as our normal daytime I would be just happier or 41 degrees going to be kind of breezy today in south wind 1530 miles an hour that sporty nature did you opt. This afternoon clouds stay with this I've got 61 no one bridge daytime I can make you believe that. And then what happens tonight and tomorrow. Yeah sure you wanna know yeah I wanna know that we're here for about what we're. I think theoretically that is I think it's going to be overnight and early tomorrow morning type of an event I'll have a very powerful that moving cold front comes through it really gonna Gaza. -- travel problem I think along the I seventy court or Wichita itself central Kansas will get strong winds overnight that wind is gonna shift we'll get twenty a forty mile an hour north winds temperatures are gonna drop like a rock we'll probably have some I'll rain which will. Quickly changeover to snow and scores accumulations for Wichita I would say less than an inch of snow and that would beyond up on the high side Ike because it let this contractual further to the south we're just gonna get clipped by a big debt sell what little we get beat driven by. 3040 mile an hour winds with gusts up close to fifty and bitterly cold wind so. Even early in the morning on this is going to be up. You know commune type of a thing and even before that the overnight hours which daybreak we're looking at that. You know blowing snow reduced visibility is probably some slick roads so tomorrow morning is what you'll definitely want it changed. But despite tomorrow afternoon in the. Our incentives to predict that the bishop that it could be cold today at about a third he dropped. And non targeted some will be out and it ain't like any as the vote about tomorrow got to get Durham net urged. Right sounds good they consider that is the kiss and storm tracker three forecast with Kansas they meteorologist. Beyond specimen right now mostly cloudy. 41 degrees and a south wind at seventeen. Miles per hour. A bipartisan group of lawmakers and at the White House to discuss the way forward on immigration and ministers going to talk about that. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland in Washington good morning racial. Now don't it doesn't Sally was very long meeting telling about an hour long details like give the president and these people covered a lot of ground does that sound right to you. They appear to Jeffrey is bipartisan group of lawmakers they're cabinet Rambo than usual about it is the link that statement pat typically in the Palin. If that a lot and leave and make it out and that. In this case they're up Tuesday for nearly an hour and added than usual and that we got kind of a bird's eye view into a meeting in the cabinet room. The president as saying to Democrats he's willing to do and Republicans he's going to take heat on a stick her docket now we know overnight it jut California ruled that. That program Lester made a place while the issue played out in the courts so right now heat is off congress you know that means they'll get it indefinitely. Be it by. But did that but too little with a wall of the president's taken by the wall right. Absolutely eat that month border funding he also wants to there. The the chain migration program to. So those are his condition although it's strange because senator Dianne fein and a Democrat that thing well are you willing. And Mr. President to. Had to clean dreamers spelling said yes and Kevin McCarthy stepped and it it lightly lately on the board and we need these pain to be able to prevent. Put more problems in the future at that against that that. Nick messaging going on their. I would really would top my ears and a journalist is the president saying maybe we need to bring back earmarks get stuff done though. Yeah and I was talking heard about that this today ended explaining that earmarks. Are these little things he put on the bills attendant. But they sweeteners to the pot there are little things you can do back in your whole industry to get things done for folks like them right. A lot of people call pork pork yet I can't. Is. It an annual you know what is the pig report comes out every year right at the pork barrel spending in the table that economics but then again. There is this idea of deal making in I'll scratch your back you scratch mine. And some people might they'd paid great idea to bring back your market is never heard president take of the patent. And public. Thoughts on now and then and it did everybody does say something or was it. Just one or two. Whether not a typical around reluctant. Some lawmakers. Maryland as Denny Hoyer Democrat authentic Arab and he had Dianne Feinstein Lindsey Graham Republican South Carolina. Spoke. As well as Spain you know is president closed this deal on top. There's a lot discussion be labeled a top. Again this sizzle long. And time for reporters to be in the cabinet room I'd heard that one reporter and days helped them read out charges. That. You don't want to Abbott when he had a definite that went to tighten ego in and heavier equipment up and think OK I'm gonna have my batters step. And then if it would go to war. Picky I'd. Right I want I'd be standing there. So Rachel uses heat to back up sell for like I have back to back. Good idea existed thank you we appreciate your time and era information this morning Fox News radio Rachel Sutherland. In Washington DC talking about that begin bipartisan group of meat. People meeting with president yesterday. 717 now Steven dead in its would talk about it. A mild and breezy day across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature yesterday. 59 degrees normal high is 42 a dead. Yes late in the afternoon if at a busy afternoon we've got to get through with my nap but running a one got a haircut. I actually shelling and I went out and bought me some winter boots so I'm ready for tomorrow. And they did not really boots and leg of a leather upper with a one of those pixels on the bottom. Very stylish here to allow you're gonna wanna borrow money will be fun DeMarre have you walked through the slush in your new issues. That the I don't know what are they must collects I don't know if they are they did. I knew you wanted to know exactly what my putting yes thank you for the update 718 now Steven did it is sports unlawful stoppers hero and those are adamant yeah I'd look at today when he -- item waffle stoppers on an ice forced I would dead liberty University of Kansas basketball team Saturday entertaining I would statement at night Ted. Has all the details directed tough going in the big twelve even when you're taking on the last place team in the league twelfth ranked Kansas hosting last place Iowa State in Lawrence last night. This thing was tied it with three and a half minutes ago who would come up big in the final minutes well. They used soft warm only two Newman made sure that his team would not walk off the floor loser last ninety with a big hit nine hole run late in the game you heard it live on KFH. Reflection but it's still work you know goods here but today I just hope my pool an 7770. And this is as loud as we've broken fuel nozzle you you knew when it. I was big home. I'm out now by. They are gonna win it by 58378. Sophomore belief Newman a career high 27. Points. Nineteen of those coming in the second half. Beat Mikhail look added 23 points he made 63 pointers. Jayhawks are now three and one in the conference just two games out of first place behind West Virginia thirteen and three overall on the season it's Kansas head coach Bill Self. I was states got this will they took this out of our stuff and they said in the week you're going to be this. Tonight if if if if we're gonna loosened and certainly you know it almost happened but you know they're they're they're guards were more explosive and quicker than us early hey we're not and apologize for win and it was a good win. Certainly glad to be 31. They ought to get the win at home last night Kansas State is home tonight in Manhattan wildcats hosting Oklahoma State. A state is coming off back to back losses but the book against top twenty teams. Wildcats are favored by four points at home tonight. Wildcats in the folks K state Oklahoma State 7 o'clock tonight tip off in Manhattan that will be nationally televised on ESPN news. Women's basketball tonight here in town for Wichita State soccer ladies are hosting Memphis that'll tip off at 7 o'clock tonight at Coke arena. In hockey the second place Wichita thunder is on the road tonight visiting the Tulsa Oilers. And we have to fill me in basketball tonight Butler Community Colleges on the road at video showed Dennis Higgins level live coverage of the Butler grizzlies. Beginning at 645 tonight and that's all right here on 97. And thirteen thirty. Kate MSS. Will you go action coming your way for the Butler grizzlies tonight sports with Steven Ted KN SS seven point one now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Throughout runs a strong reading on immigration. Stevens head of the morning on Kate in a sense.