Birthday of one of America's great living character actors

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

A tribute to actor James Hong during Entertainment News in "The Blur" ...


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It's evident they're. Stevenson in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward just. Comments about the Florida school shooting by an upstate New York congresswoman. Are causing a firestorm. It isn't easy being a Republican in New York even upstate New York. The congresswoman Claudia Teddy just made it even harder. Speaking on talk radio show in the State Capitol mall and antennae seg quote so many of these people that commit the mass murderers and up being Democrats. Democratic state assemblyman Anthony for d.s he's challenging Kenny in the fall mid terms he calls the comments disgusting and toxic. Tenet later said the comments were in response to a question about the failure to prosecute illegal gun crimes. Sommer Ghani. Fox News you're still plenty of time for windows scrapings vehicle warmup and slow driving speeds this morning streets and roadways south central Kansas are hazardous. Because of ice and this means closings and cancellations for many schools and organizations across the area including Wichita as public and Catholic schools. Emergency accident reporting plan is in effect for the city of Wichita. The Kansas senate has approved a bipartisan bill for strengthening lobbying laws it would also allow state officials to take more expensive gifts from people seeking to influence them. The measure approved unanimously Wednesday would require people trying to promote contracts or influence actions by executive branch agencies to register as lobbyists and disclose some spending. And has broader than current Kansas laws requiring lobbyists to report some spending when they seek to influence legislators or work for or against an administrative rule. But the bill also increases the total value of small gifts that state officials can accept and a year from an individual to 100 dollars from forty dollars. The measure was sponsored by Republican senate president Susan waigel Wichita and democratic minority leader Anthony Hensley a Topeka. Phil pulled over and Kate get SS news. A federal appeals court says can't just cannot cut Medicaid funds to a Planned Parenthood affiliates over videos anti abortion activist secretly recorded in 2015. The tenth Circuit Court of Appeals decision leaves in place a lower court's preliminary injunction that blocks Kansas from ending the contract. It is a fifth of six circuits to uphold the right of patients who receive health care from their preferred qualified provider. The United Airlines pilot goes the extra mile to help out a passenger. Britain -- in -- San Francisco took to Twitter to say I lost my wedding slash engagement rings last week somewhere between new York and Jackson Hole a united gate agent found it put in a safe and it gave to a pilot to hand deliver the activity in asked asked San Fran in the rain came with a personalized note from the eighty meter which read from data day I take pride in getting passengers from point a to point B safely and on time today and not to be able to be apart of a team focused on making just on individual happy the airline reportedly looking to recognize and reward the pilot for his actions. More in day and united posting she is a new found faith in humanity and airlines come Christine good when Fox News. And that the forecast with ski and his his stance that you don't just Dan Holliday could morning Dan well good morning we'll have some slick spots on the road to start today and as long as temperatures are below freezing any precipitation it comes down will only add to that. But we are expected to warm above freezing will be around 34 this afternoon so that may transition to light rain that cloudy overnight Carlos 31 that looks like we get a break and precipitation through most of the day tomorrow Friday 46. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now we have freezing drizzle fog 28 degrees and call month. 835 Steven Ted Huntley and it says here Tony Thursday barring Washington's birthdays. I'm for entertained but you use a bowler with Ted Woodward did it get away Boris yes a new survey of women in Hollywood. How many have experienced sexual harassment or misconduct. At survey says 984%. While. The times of movement in Hollywood has plenty of wind it as a new survey states 94% of women in the industry both in front of and behind the camera have experienced sexual harassment or misconduct the survey of 843. Women conducted jointly by USA today the Creative Coalition women in film television and the national sexual violence resource center showed the most common form with AB 7% was crude or inappropriate jokes the sexual gestures. 69% reported being sexually touched 65%. To witness others use sexual favors to advance their careers. 64%. Reported being propositioned for sex shuffling now fox things. And sadly on that same topic. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team Mark Cuban is now mired in controversy over a couple of separate incidents the NBA. Finding Mark Cuban 600000. Dollars for these remarks he made about having the man's tank the remainder of the season we were competing for the playoffs doesn't look. Losing her as the best option. You've been making those comments an appearance on the house call doctor. Allow any former employee of the team to stay on as long as he did. Mavs dot com reporter Earl Snead Byron this week ahead of a Sports Illustrated report detailing a culture of misogyny and predatory sexual behavior with in the mavericks' organization with Snead retained by the team despite being arrested for domestic violence on two separate occasions Matt Apollo tunnel Fox News. Let's take a look at two game night and chat with Jason Bateman. I'm Ashley deport your thoughts celebrity profiles. Jason Bateman is that aren't screened going through labs in game night about a group of friends is gathering goes way out of control there are plenty of twists and turns in the film and he says it would look like that onset. Jail every day was really fun everybody kept it light on an offset and we you know we made some stuff up some remain the movie some that didn't books really need to add anything that the script was fantastic. As for how competitive he is in real life I'm kind of competitive with myself I like to challenge myself skid and see how much I can take on and handle he has two daughters ages eleven and six and they do have plenty of good two games in there. Alice we're getting into putting puzzles together to that that that can be tough on us a much of a game but that's that's a good challenge there really anything it's just it's kind of fun to kind of tease one another you get into a game situation and that's it becomes less about who's winning and losing as just kind of how you've managed to game they're they're pretty hilarious that they think you're pretty fun yeah. Actually to mark and Fox News let's switch our focus to the small screen all talk little game drones and America's Got Talent. Fox soon. Until it's over game trans Macy Williams visited ABC's Jimmy Kimmel I clarified whether they would be one ending. Or multiple. Shows president of HBO said. I I don't think they've got the budget to shoot all of the different and well he's president so he would know be up the money not spent as the united sometimes presidents have always felt mr. if they. NBC's America's Got Talent. Is bringing the whole gang back Howie Mandell Simon cal Mel B hi eighty groom and present or Tyra Banks have all signed on. Eight summer 2018 premiere is set Netflix is the Boston State Street Buddhist waited for April 13 launched. The series is based on the 1965. TV classic it's at thirty years in the future colonization in space is a reality and the Robinson family's selected to make gain new life and a better world but they're torn off course mix sports. New alliances to survive her. Well that's fox two on fox. Speaking at the TV in the Winter Olympics has been in the ratings gold for NBC coupled with top athletes and past week boosting network ratings. Performances of Shaun White in slow leak in helping indie scene win the week. Olympic shows from don't hang in South Korea claiming seven of the week's top ten slots. On what our non Olympics stuff that made the top two and CBS's sixty minutes equally news. Featuring Oprah Winfrey's second round table with Michigan voters. Go to TV ratings this week dominated by Winter Olympics. Songwriter Diane Warren not mincing words she wants to win an Oscar. I'm. Now she has been nominated she has been nominated eight times for an Oscar she so far over eight. Out all her ninth nomination is stand up for something from the film Marshall. Her collaboration come and he says that she does win probably faint already started writing the song went to not common good person and a wrap. They randomly met on an airplane city. Oscar will be march 4 he had songwriter Diane Warren and finally win an Oscar. And we have a good birthday today to finish up steam. America's great living character actors. James song. Is 89 years old today. Jane hall and the ball through you know him Chinatown. Airplane and their media he ended his life because Ted's kids striker kept going on and on telling old stories. And blade runner up trouble in little China Wayne's world two. Also might remember him and great episode design build on the Chinese restaurant ask you resist the data due later date now. Again that if it is just Jerry and his friends continually ask him the table will be open and he keeps saying Olson by ten minutes. The whole episode that was David it is he was on. Out fascinating guy was born in Minneapolis. He eventually moved to Hong Kong it came back to Minneapolis. To the university of Minnesota studied civil engineering. And up to the West Coast and for about eight years. He was a civil engineer. Road engineers could not get back into acting and he's been doing that ever since I am DV lists like 438. Gigs and he's had over the years really isn't TV since 1950s. Mid pretty good money of the ice on an old movie was Rock Hudson about the Korean War back in the fifties. Like start look at this guys that. Hold it looks old. That was fifty or sixty years ago and it. James Hahn is a great character acting and drama indie comedy and he's celebrating a birthday today at the age of eighty denying there. Entertainment news in the blur brought Tietmeyer good friends at pizza Johns in their me. They'll serve you we talk about the needs all the time you know the regular pot sandwiches you bet it's spicy chicken bites. They have a vegetable OT that's a rock to Turkey. Turkey hoagie. Am wholly. All the the regular road he would always say what's on us make spaghetti. And we love him that's then there's pictures Stevenson right there on the wall right there on take fifteen to 08 south Baltimore it's peaked at Johns and 843 now looking editor for editor bill Roy that would stop businesses all. Again restore on the movie in which it's off season did in the morning on eight and ask us.