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Monday, December 4th

...yet Steve deftly divert the conversation to National Sock Day with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal


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Mornings right here on KE NSS. Two I like the direction that our country is headed and I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country. I think that we are awesome and I love us so. Maybe 873030. K and ask as we are seated in the morning now. Rebate thing. Congress moving ahead with tax overhaul bill all. It's legislative committee to begin working with school funding after Supreme Court ruling that it's an adequate. Wichita police investigate three weekend homicides. Three big days Steven dead on Kate in advance. Traffic here on the Monday commute we do have a burglary in progress in k.s bill police heading to that seen in the 8000 block of south meted checking out of burglary. Traffic updates from pagan SS radio I'm Ted Woodward. Partly cloudy and windy today with a high of 63 degrees. Partly cloudy windy and cool tonight. You'll when it flew 26. Tuesday sunny and cooler tomorrow's high only 49 minute. Don't tell these guys 63 degrees south wind. Gusting to 37 miles per hour and sometime. Later on today probably this afternoon. And wind real shift. And in the coming out of the north. Instead of the south and you know what that means. It's going to be cooler and a comforter. A man suspected of breaking into an all. In Michigan home left to big clue the toilet seat was down the police say a Travers city resident who lives alone figured something wasn't right at his house mode why why. Told investigators that he typically keeps the toilet seat up. They checked it out sure enough police found that 46 year old man passed out in the garage. The resident tells a Travers city record eagle the intruder appeared to be intoxicated and had taken prescription drugs from the hole. So yeah he left the seat who. Up or down and it. This gentleman who now in his house senior oil solid toilet seat down there it is over two and that was passed out Mitterrand. It was a a family made an unusual discovery inside the bathroom of their north Seattle apartment late last weekend. Snake hiding in their toilet do and we called police after. Child found the four foot staying home plan officers helped remove the stake in personnel the Pacific northwest. Reports a logical society cannot. Society officials say the stake appears to be a ball python a non venomous constrictor. That is popular a popular pet among reptiles plans. Though rare reports of stakes being discovered in toy it's not unheard of Kansas City, Kansas family found a ball python inside their 22015. And similar incidents have been reported Australia Thailand and elsewhere. Every now and then we'll get reports of course week. Share it with our mr. right here which Steve tidbit of refined it's a snake. In the commode. CBS. Is confirming that it's buying. Aetna or 69 billion dollars in a deal that will help the drugstore chain reached deeper into customer health care and protect a key client. CBS buying Aetna. The average price of a gallon of regular grade gasoline dropped seven cents nationally over the past two weeks to two dollars and 54 cents. Industry analyst company Lundberg of the Lundberg survey said Sunday the spike comes despite a jump in oil prices. The current gas prices 34 cents above where it was a year ago. Gas in San Francisco was the highest in the contiguous United States. An average of three dollars and 26 cents a gallon. Most Tulsa Oklahoma at two dollars and eighteen cents a gallon. 851 now Stephen dead here on Kate in SS Indo revenue Cargill plant. Planned for Wichita editor bill Roy which dubbed as a journalist with us this morning is always good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yet construction on car deals in ninety million dollar Wichita plant beginning in the next few weeks. The company plans to 42000 square foot facility in the 14100 block of north mostly. It'll produce biodiesel. Plant will replace an existing edible oil refinery company expecting the new plant to be online. January 2019. Richie developments starting work on a new housing edition it's called repeal the 37 street north and green which achieves first new housing developments since the province in 2015. We'll be 196. Slots in Brookfield construction of the model homes expected to begin this week. And the talk about CIA director Mike Pompeo being named secretary of state may pay dividends for Wichita. Mayor Jeff on wells as the discussion shows the went to top produces that good leaders. And he says when Wichita as mentioned and knows national conversations. It helps bring attention to the sitting at its efforts to recruit talent area companies. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and what to stop business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal once again a very happy birthday Steve I'm dual role. Thank you bill. Appreciated Terrence. As somebody said I don't like birthdays on the other hand. We consider the alternatives. That your packets that that equipment today is and office is non remembered today is national soft today. On obviously via recognizes the action is clear don't lose their recognizing drier so all. Lasting unit to ease the marriage of matched Sox. When they managed wash after wash dry after writing somehow keep fighting each other through all the chaos. A celebration is certainly in order. Matched it's still waiting for the return of tube socks to become popular again indeed you can the three strikes in the all the way up to the league the he has a much news to promise. Now as a kid only had. Tons a team so salary and have a different colors to match the outfit. Now to look. And coaching shorts. Outfit there on the orient Ellis national coaching stories gets old in the that's yeah we had to come back I had several pairs of those babies. Those polyester coach. Big and San Isabel very pretty pretty short civilian on the has put quite slow pitch softball but everybody was there and noticed that the the coaches short one in my Q yeah used to make on him in the way too much spy on you. Coaches sure check me a coach you sure you know well we are lobbying from. Read your birthday built a horse you know recognize you and it's that's not for a few months since February. OK now. We're just. I don't remember entities it sometime in the fall I believe Wright did late summer via August August August. In the thinking back it's it's a but it is asking what was your favorite birthday present you're ever guy. And wow I can't think the darn thing. In you I mean. Oh yeah I can't. Resist six years old and I was a student at Willard grade school which. And my mom got me. A Mickey Mouse guitar. But you know that was why it was spread it it was shaped like me he skated. And have little cranky and inflated have to really know anything it just crank the music that's right just cranked music making them the Mickey Mouse guitar very nice wow my Brothers broke then about. Eighteen minutes. But at a a a bit of minorities downton to jump on his birthday Steve the you appreciate it at 850 now Steven to add to. Business news at 93 weekend homicides in which totals until about that coming up. Think the head of the morning on K and assess.