Black bear walks into Anchorage post office

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

75 people were sorting mail nearby.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Block this is okay and is this morning news defeated the IC thank you Sandra bears guy now and 51 degrees. The boy scouts of America has announced it will allow girls into the cub scout program started putting eighteen. The decision to allow girls participation was unanimously approved by the organizations. Board of directors. The decision could open scouting up to hundreds of thousands of girls. Chief scout executive Michael Serb boss says the choice to admit girls will be up to local cub scout action. Soon as we bring young woman and we wanna make sure that are individual. Volunteer leaders of the pack level that they're prepared that they also need to make decisions as to whether they were remain an all boy pack or if they would have girls and boys and ball. The search continues sorrows heeled woman featured in a silver alert. 86 year old Dixie aid there was last seen Monday morning leaving to Kansas tar casino. Near mold Wayne. Butler county under sheriff Tony will height tells Kate as a news and air search was conducted Wednesday. The Kansas Highway Patrol area and flew. Ralph's. As good as best they can figure from mr. bears residents who. To hear from then on in two Oklahoma Kansas Oklahoma border. Well it is surge did not turn up and it like a photo will be there in her car can be found in the news story on our web page at K Unisys radio dot com. A man was hospitalized after he was hit by a car in a parking lot in southeast Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Tuesday afternoon at a Dillon's grocery store at area and web but. The driver of the SUV was a woman who had just finished shopping at the store. Between nine year old female was driving through a parking lot. And struck a 78 year old male who was walking near the guest homes. The mail was transported to an area hospital. In critical condition. Which stop please department accidents all of investigators and critical accident team members responded. The woman who hit the men remained on the scene after the accident. A top state official says Kansas works to find missing Foster care children swiftly but comments come after legislators expressed outrage after learning during a committee meeting Tuesday that more than seventy Foster children are missing. Department for children and families secretary Phyllis Gilmore said Wednesday that many missing children are located quickly and return to their Foster homes. Department officials in Foster care contractors noted that the percentage of Foster children who were missing is about 1%. That's in line with the national figure for Foster children who are runaways Dan O'Neill came SS news. 23 deaths are now connected to the devastating wildfires in northern California. Thousands of buildings have also been lost many of them were Holmes. Using a break guys that airs is sifting through his childhood home looking for anything made still recognizable. The cells and really didn't hear your feet but didn't passion and realizing that every photo of you as you grew up you know on their own gone. His parents left the house in a hurry as flames came racing through one able to grab much and always so many people still missing the sheriff here worries more bodies will be found in the remains of these homes. Alex Stone ABC news Santa Rosa California. In a system used on now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. Maybe 8713 thirty K and as as we are deep into the morning. At 609. And on Thursday in the business. And so far this morning out in traffic rose volume still kinda light out there in the gasoline prices in the Wichita area this morning. Now still 225 gallon is pretty common price but. Seeing more and more than this stations are. Coming down to about 223. Gallon here and with top CNN mostly on the south side got that when I spotted at at 31 street south and T 15 this morning. Traffic updates from K and it says radium and yet keepers for nice sports Kansas sporting news' Kate and assist stand the oldest. Dan holidays good morning Dan and the good morning we will be cool to start today here in Wichita that temperatures really jumped up this afternoon or height eighty with a gusty south wind. We will be clear tonight Carlos 62 and in breezy and warm tomorrow with Friday's high 85 and a chance of strong thunderstorms by Saturday afternoon I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays no affairs guys 51 degrees never southeast wind at ten. Miles per hour beautiful lady across Kansas Tuesday. Which of those high temperature yesterday was 67 degrees. Normal high is. 72. And brilliant way above that today it looks like get a bounce back about thirteen near its. Warmer than yesterday so it's a little bit more like. Good old summertime. A woman accused of pulling a gun on the Cleveland Barbara because he was taking too long to cut her seven year old sons Eric. Has been sentenced to six months behind bars. 31 year old Andrea Smith was sentenced Tuesday she previously Peterson pleaded guilty to menacing child endangering and carrying a concealed weapon. Smith apologized at sentencing yet acknowledged he briefly pulled a handgun from her purse at a barber school in April and that she had no license to carry the weapon. But she denied waving it or threatening the barber. As police alleged. All right so you can't put actually your point with a gun bullet out. On account or whatever you do that yeah that's that's sent you should you should go way Purdue and definitely did you know she'd only get six month but you know you don't have a license for this thing he does have a concealed carry purpose. At their run and are. Rapidly and again at a barber I think anybody that does that even if they add a permit me to go away well done that punctuated a point. Out relatively poor leave behind it. 45 kids who don't have any parents. Currie. And a leading a lot of somebody I think everything allotted to this story in the kids and are gonna suffers and yeah sometimes they take that into consideration. When Lisa and somebody. And a 300 pound black bear has been killed after wandering into an Anchorage Alaska post office. The bear got inside the building Sunday after walking through an open door and beautiful loading dock. The facility was closed for the US Postal Service spokeswoman says about 75 employees were there at the time sorting mail. The bear climbed onto a conveyor belt and bound up in an area where garbage is compacted. Officers who found the animal near several dozen people. The there was killed when the officers efforts to get the animal back outside failed. Climbed out of a conveyor belt. With its debt the garbage was killed did the police kill typically packed their tail it really skilled and they couldn't get it to go outside so. It's nailed it right there doesn't it it's somewhere there's a compact those like you act now. A compact impair garbage. Compassion in that area. Today is. Thursday October 12 when he seventy the gad chambers birthday. You know we're gonna. Have a great big party for him was born right here on the radio I'm sure we were okay seal those candles on there and kids give rise to wrap over there in the corner that is radioed. And yet you have to match theater of mind that none of this stuff and actually here at a particular imagination on it but they're happy birthday to you anyway of IKEA the Lisa and his wife it pianist celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary last night India Shelley and I know I've got to BBC it. For a Bernauer too. Our youngest grandchild sandy Joshi is five. And we had a good time playing with a little toys in this Lauren making you know pretend voices don't. All think. Television most of that I was just gonna watch TV but death. Like we haven't been around this is baby for. Most of its life there her life she has been in another country by some in the military so. As Sammy Jo license five he's very verbal. I mean she's talks like an adult. And built like a lot of fun he's great kids so we had a good time there. And before we went over there we had had time to stop in. Or dinner at wherever we go for dinner in derby pan am I guessing it over now pizza Johns perhaps as John's excellent. But at Bagram and the have a good night there'd be stopped it I had the at what we had to look for pizza and a hoagie and I managed and we split it. A cirrus Allah it to. Rookie Alec you better you do that. The best of all worlds Alice I was speaking with someone from derby recently and ahead. Just kind of started listening to our show needs it yeah I'd I was listening and I'll send you mentioned Pete Johnston and he says I'm from derby and I thought to myself. That's the best pizza at a that's why we talk a yeah. He started tune in the end speaking of food animal mentioned that the votes are in. In America and shows and lay his latest potato chip labor. Krispy taco. Allen's Arum of San Antonio Texas came up with a winning flavor took home one million dollars. Or her submission and ladies do us a favor contests I presume. They ran this on the web page. As well probably exclusively it's knowing about it. Media to know him anything about it about it more response today. They don't they wanted Sarah says. She was inspired because talkers were the first things he whipped up for her now fiance. A meal that did not go over well as she missed crucial ingredients like cheese and salts. But since then she heads there apparently to make a pretty good talk on their crispy tacos the flavor. Relays. Was to potato chip offered will look for that matter grocery store I suppose now is a potato chip. Taco flavoring seems more something of a corn chip in. I just go for the you'll the gold standard ladies. And yellow bag yeah it's updated yet the psyche too fancy with a different potato chip maybe barbecue those are I don't I think my wife is get wild when she has a ripple chip you know. The elite at. Risk and out there and it and wild many sour cream in China flavor and maybe hit a go there we got another poll question right there and what's what was your flavor favorite flavor to play Prado chipped. Yeah and had been to get into the corn chips. Are the brokerages dues of freedoms. That the little bit different flavor there you know a little bit different price tag is well. If you know remain so anyway. Tonight. At a my alma mater West High School there having a big deal the Gila tonight Nancy. Welcome some more inductees and their high school sports or play in their west. A couple of championship teams are going in we have a team from the football team from the fifties. 195455. In the school just opened apparently if I'm remembering right they won the arc valley. Which was in the big. Now the big conference of that time some of those guys are going to be there I think quite a few up and be there. Until my brother Jerry and I are gonna go down and invited another friend of ours and it'll real bona go out there and and if we know a lot of these people on the other people from the sixties and it's going to be like a little gathering of you guys who played sports west and it's a you know. We're sure Weston charts to coach over there Brett put it on and and we're looking forward to. They're gonna do it in the new cafeteria. They've got a new cap hit here yet just like everybody else west hasn't cafeteria they just built a couple years ago with a the bond issue money I've been in there and that this new cafeteria is really really nice. Now the old one you one of the special features of the old cafeteria at west and we got to wasted that they've been over for 1520 years the the cafeteria ceiling was decorated with a butter pats. And cherries from a picnic but that's pie and Teddy put a spoon. On the edge of all of those Trace. It's a great oath that fulcrum right sure per capital as chair of the announcement an eagle and the media. They don't have that they haven't discovered that over west not yet a bit quiet after weeks stumping in trouble. 618 now come on sixth nineteen seemed to. The morning time for lead off court look at what verdict and it did gonna tell us about I'm pretending. Baseball right. We want act you goal all sports coat wants now right at a this time a year on its timing here three of the final four in Major League Baseball now says that Cleveland Indians are not one of them. One of the best teams all year long the Cleveland Indians did not make it out of this around the New York Yankees the wild card team will play for the American League pennant first time five years. The Indians had a two games to zero lead in this best of five series and lost games 34 and last night game five at the Yankees went five to. But the Indians their first three game losing streak since late July early August but the streak that gets them out of the playoffs. The Yankees will take on the Houston Astros the American League pennant. Yesterday at Wrigley Field in Chicago the Washington Nationals shut out the cubs five to nothing. So the nationals stay alive that best of five series is now tied two games apiece last deciding game five is tonight in the nation's capital. The defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs in Washington DC to take on the nationals the winner advances the loser is eliminated live coverage of the cubs in the national begins at 6:30 this evening. Listen live on Sports Radio Kate at age 12:40 AM 975. FM. In BA news former Kansas jayhawk Andrew Wiggins has signed a five year extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves. That's a package worth nearly 150. Million dollars. Aha. He's only 22. Years old. He's just signed a contract for a 150. Million where ours does he go from there he averaged. Nearly 24 points a game last year in the NBA he's expected to help the timberwolves into thirteen year playoff drought this score a lot of points. He always pass or authenticate you is one year there and score in the NBA. And he's making a ton of money and another young. NBA and seems beyond his way is. Rookie Josh Jackson playoffs amount pre season action last night. The youngster just out of K yield playing for the Phoenix Suns last night in the pre season game Josh had 22 points and seven rebounds well. Looks like he is going to go buy a hot start to his NBA career with the Phoenix Suns. Sports with Stephen Ted Kate and ask that I did 621 now keep it here for Fox News coveted star and that's. The boy scouts of America announced a girls conjoined at least the cubs guest next year top gonna talk about bad. He was in the morning on eight and answer ends.