Black bears in Kansas?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 17th
Can you bear this discussion between Steve & Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities?

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97 and thirteen thirty KNF says Stephen kids in the morning Steve back inside Ted Woodward. And 6:30 here and Thursday morning. A brief standoff and Alexander followed a police chase ended peacefully Wednesday afternoon yesterday belies at a police say a man with outstanding warrants was pursued. Mike Kansas Highway Patrol troopers and followed to the area of 69 street north in meridian just south of valley center. The men exited his vehicle and holed up inside a garage in a residence near 69 and Charles. After a brief standoff officers were able to talk the man who was unarmed and coming up he was and taken tool hos into custody without further incident. South Korea pushing to reset high level talks with North Korea. And we'll communicate closely with Washington and Pyongyang. To increase the chances of a successful summit between president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong on. On resolving the standoff over the north's nuclear weapons the announcement by Seoul's presidential National Security Council. Came a day after North Korea threatened to scrap next month's historic meeting between trump in camp saying. It has no interest in a one sided affair meant to pressure the north to abandon its nukes. A fourth that it conservative state legislator has jumped into the crowded race for the Republican nomination. In an eastern Kansas congressional district. State senator Dennis pile of Hiawatha and l.'s Wednesday that he will run in the second district incumbent Republican Lynn Jenkins is not seeking reelection. Pile who has served in the senate since 2005. And tried unsuccessfully to once he Jenkins in the Republican primary in 2010. State senator Steve FitzGerald of leavenworth and Karen Tyson of Parker and state representative Kevin Jones of wells will also are running. For other candidates are in the GOP race they are former army ranger and defense contractor Steve Watkins of Topeka. Marine veteran Tyler Tenet hill of leavenworth ex Kansas house speaker Doug maze of to peca and base or City Council member Vernon fields. Phil pulled Brent Kay get SS news. We ride Kansas is a motorcycle group Wednesday group members presented plaques of appreciation and guardian bills. Two officers of the Woodstock police departments you motorcycle unit and the police chief Gordon Ramsay. Edward Evans says the presentations from his group to the officers were specially appropriate here on national police week in the US. We're trying to grow what we're doing here for motorcycle awareness within the state of Kansas. So today it was a way we can show our support for the local law enforcement officers. We're out there on the road they write every day is that job is what we do a lot of sport. They'll have fun. We write Kansas now has 9600 members statewide. The motorcycle group started five years ago on FaceBook. And electronic cigarettes is blamed for the death of a 38 year old man from Florida. While dozens of injuries have been linked to such explosions this case is believed to be one of the first resulting in death. Saint Petersburg fire department lieutenant Steve Lawrence as the number of. Are on the rise in the course of the years we probably had two or three where. Minor injuries you know we've heard cases where they're not reported. The pinellas Pasco medical examiner says the man died from a wound to the head from the exploding device from the Big Ten manufacturer Philippines based smoky mountain. Says this products don't explode adding it's likely another vendors battery or out of miser was used. Rich Dennison Fox News a woman on her her new son with a tattoo. But. A mistake forced her to take drastic action. A woman in Sweden answer Cantu artistry in her arm with I love Kevin her two year old son's name. But the artist instead tattoos I love Kelvin on her arm. Tattoo removal can be costly. The woman in her husband talking it over. Deciding instead to legally change their son's name so Kevin is now called kill them. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News now. The forecast with K Ennis has stepped meteorologist Dan Holliday that morning and good morning a quiet start to today's forests looks like beautiful weather ahead this afternoon are high 86 party cloudy and 64 overnight. And a few thunderstorms come into the forecast tomorrow is a system moves in from the west. Breezy with a high again in the mid eighty's I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy called and 59 degrees 635 with Stephen Ted and Ted is monitoring via the chase the police pursuit that's going on north of town right now. Correct and still rules north bound her in the north part. Now it's it's pretty hard keep track of the has gone about 89 miles per hour in a white pickup truck law enforcement is chasing him they're up there. 143 street east and he's coming on around circles are still trying to chase him in that area. Up near KT 54 so watch out got a suspects pretty dangerous excellent he's not behaving. Responsibly behind the wheel was just put that way. Police say a 25 year old man duped tuned. Two Dallas high schools for the nine months by posing as a seventeen year old students and hurricane Harvey evacuees. In order to played basketball. Court records show Sydney boom BA Gil strapped portly. Faces a charge of tampering with government records. Dallas school district officials say he first enrolled at skyline high school and later moved to Hillcrest high school where he joined at the basketball team. District spokeswoman Robin. Harris is the man took advantage of schools opening their doors to students displaced by the hurricane. She says the district officials believe his primary motivation again was to play basketball. Well today is Thursday may seventeenth 2018 it was on this date in 1954. A unanimous use US Supreme Court handed down its brown. Vs board of education of Topeka decision. And that led which held that racially segregated public schools were inherently unequal and therefore. Unconstitutional. A big day India. In the history of civil rights and have sedan with Thabeet he Kansas brown vs board of education of Topeka Kansas the sighted on this state. 637 now with Stephen Ted and the royal weddings coming up. Saturday morning and at least the somebody in my house is gonna be up early 4 o'clock in the morning got a call for eagle and a lot of what you meant she just loves the royals everything about the the deal the royal family. She's into it. It's she'll be up early. Saturday morning incher they eat maybe I can sleep in what she does it pay if you can't afford that 2000 dollar purebred puppy. Wanna pay it off and install it's it's possible New York lawmakers have introduced legislation. Seeking to ban and the option of leasing plans for pets. That often come with terms that end up charging people double the animals cost with the threat every possession if they can't keep up with the payments. I'd have been drawing scrutiny from lawmakers and animal welfare groups since media reports last year I related customer complaints against wags lending. Which pioneered. Pet leasing. They about that it could lease up at you police yourself a new cast. The weekend you can make payments or make payments of almost an even in his country so that dogs and cats. Pet leasing. 638 now Stephen dead and it's time for our commodities updated this morning with in assists I was left for commodities Tom leopard the morning Tom. Good morning Steve yeah liquidation of net likes killing by the management continue to push it like that subject of interest to blows from the current slide. Edmonton and interest in the case tremendously. In the that I could get mostly went six and 117. Pardon case at a premium and you can choose different that would what went a year ago this time. Most of the compartment as positive as recovered most of Tuesday's losses. Yes and again at about the war when you went into. A dispute in about 7216710. Engine developed seventeen united sudden 98 we mentioned yesterday struggle but Clinton's pardon the corn and soybeans and contributed to that conclusion that the community can hide. And certainly most of the current slide to the downside. About it so lacking plunged factual and but there are plenty of room to the web in the market we'll go to that site in the Golan. I have to admit suddenly emerging markets as leukemia. Well well and Bob does one begin new lives for twenty king to write some and it's 12100 odd dollars and six and likely into the apartment and one of three quarter. So why is going to vote victory at you know six and a quarter. Programs 15776. Months. And important to improve to 12107. Important. If we can bring you to a group and Portland 719 in the quarter. And dollar indexed content management dollar student who was injured instructions and we opened lower. 24728. Commodity trade market advisory contact look at commodity on the pole and win by using. He expects them to do. Outside to how how's the weather over there this morning pretty good. It's nice and it's. Yes Norman and is looking at the forecast for the next few days and looks like it every day here for the next week day beginning maybe too much tonight tomorrow toy to 30% chance for rain in this area. Which means we could get a little more help for the crops what do you think. That's exactly right probably don't know that he has helped us put it would be nice would be a nice gym. Raven moved across the entire areas were part of their own spot at. Yeah you're right just it's been very spotty and we did as a had a story on earlier this morning about a black bear hit by a car truck down in the southwest. Part of the state and Kansas and how rare it is to see him there in Kansas and they believe that maybe the drought conditions. To the southwest of here have been driving some animals up into Kansas. I'm Kristen looking for water to find much here or there. Yeah I would bet that in a bit. You don't need your receipt of bear in Butler county. It's up from his movement. I know I'd have been filed. And in the Yellowstone. Park I have got on the board yeah. It would hopefully because of bears will come right up your car. Yes and not post it that's. Both defeated but you know when I know my mom and ended big mega cookies. And make you couldn't help themselves they had to feed Bayer's. Kristen don't you wouldn't it'll look for picnic baskets. Are. Done that was at. That's not your average parent that I. Thank you Tom exporting thanks for one now Steven did it on king and incessant. Hate. Time for our prairie fire coffee break on canyon is as bird battered copy. Is a precious copy the Wichita area because very very far coffee beans or roasted fresh. Right here in which Ted what's in it can operate their eyes looks like prairie fire and not be to me yet you can get prairie fire copied her office just like Stephen debacle in 267. 3771. Or online. At prairie fire coffee. Dot com. 642 now since coming up Don grant CFP the money tracker. How some investors grow their wealth in retirement. Don's on the way Stevens in the morning on Kate and aunts and yes.