"Black Panther" set to take the box office by storm

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 16th

We get a weekend box office preview on The Blur.


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Thirty sue here listening to 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS on Friday February 16. Police in Florida revealing more about what led up to Wednesday's mass shooting in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. Investigators have been sharing what they've learned so far about nineteen year old shooting suspect Nicholas cruise and his actions leading up to his attack. And Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Hyde Park Florida. At 221 hours 33 saw seconds. The suspect readied his rifle. And began shooting at two rooms. County sheriff Scott Israel the police filings also say cruise admitted he wants the government he's now charged with seventeen murders and is being held without bond. In Broward County Florida Evan brown Fox News. Wichita State University president John bardo spoke yesterday in Washington DC he was at the US House of Representatives providing testimony to the committee on science space and technology. Doctor bardo speaking about what WS you know he's doing to improve stem education and more closely tied the university's. Educational approach to the needs of area employers which prostate. Has a very long tradition of working with business and industry. We obtained our first major gift of the year I was born in 1948. I which was a wind tunnel given by beach. We are now second in the United States. And the percent of research money funded by industry. Doctor Bart goes shared lessons he's learned his W issues applied learning model has continued to take shape. Did you feel the ground shake this morning in south central Kansas Weller for small earthquakes recorded in northwestern Oklahoma. The strongest of which was about an hour and fifteen minutes ago a magnitude three point eight earthquake. Near Woodward Oklahoma not far the Oklahoma panhandle about a 130 miles southwest of which it's off. And a lot of folks felt that that was about 7:21. That this morning. A man and a woman got together on the evening of saint Valentine's Day in Wichita and they might of robbed two Wichita businesses in less than a half hour police officer Charlie Davidson says the first robbery happened at 8:30 on Wednesday evening. In southeast Wichita this was at the Arby's near Auburn hair. Two I know suspects. Had entered the store. And order food. The male suspect then brandished a great handgun and took money from the register. And the two suspects fled the store on foot. For suspects currently unknown black female. Front point 5960. Pounds. She has learned TO black. And white dress. And hike. Fuels and the second suspect described as a black male wearing gray sweatpants. And bolted dark blue coat in the end though less than a half hour later a man and woman robbed the circle K gas station. Near downtown Wichita central McLean very similar suspect descriptions this time it was the woman who had the gun. And the male suspect battered a male customer during that robbery there are some surveillance video photos of the Arby's suspects. Along with our news story on the web site Kate and as as radio dot com. A drug counselor at a high school in Maryland is arrested. In it was during a drug parade. She's supposed to be counseling students about the dangers of using drugs instead Washington DC cops say. Erin McKenna was arrested with several other people who police say were gathered at a marijuana vendors table in a bar parents expressing concern that she was allowed to continue to work for two weeks after harassed until reporters started asking questions the Montgomery County schools employee who is now suspended. Pleading not guilty to the charges. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. 836 with Stephen Ted let's take a look at that weather forecast heading into the weekend meteorologist Dan Holliday went this hello Dan and good morning our temperatures fell below freezing overnight. Yesterday we were in the low seventies in Wichita today's highs only in the low forties which is more typical for this time in February north winds at fifteen to thirty miles per hour cloudy overnight down to thirty wind and the clearing skies breezy Saturday are high near sixty I'm Taylor assess meteorologist Dan holidays. They too Dan and now in Wichita partly cloudy we have a wind out of the north gusting up to 21 miles per hour. It's 25 degrees the wind chill at thirteen right now are on a way to hive 42 mature weather forecast here heading into the weekend. It is time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment and of course that's why we called the blur. Jad chambers as your host today and jab at. Listen up gentlemen she's available. That's a single again that's right the two said they were best friends. But they've decided to part ways is a couple former friends star Jennifer Aniston and Justin thorough and announced their separation. The couple released a statement to the Associated Press by way of a publicist. That they are headed for splits Ville after two and a half years of marriage. Speculations about the couple's they'd been swirling around for a little while now and then throw said in an interview earlier this week that he. Didn't celebrate Aniston's birthday which was earlier this week now there's a red flag and didn't have any plans with her on Valentine's Day right to yet. Now it's over at that at that that the they had no children together the two met when they were working on the 2012 movie wanderlust. Lately Aniston has been on a crusade against what she calls the nation's tabloid culture. In a 26 he op Ed piece he said that he's worked too hard in this life and this career to be whittled down to a sad that. Childless human. Whatever then. But anyway yeah she single again Jennifer Aniston just in their probe they have decided to call it quits. Black panther is expected to take the box office by storm this weekend. Again Fox's Michelle Paulino with the weekend box office in previous yeah. Fox. I'm Michelle Leno Chadwick those moves springs into action is black panther and his Alter ego. Teach hollowed out. You can take so I. Returns home to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king after the death of his father the king of walk Condo but. He's got some competition and the fate of his kingdom and the world famous now. Animated family film early Manson prehistoric times tells the story dug along with a sidekick Hoggan job. As they unite his stride against MIT enemy the word new always has it that he blew. Named Samson the film's re tells the age old town Heber warrior with supernatural strength. After losing love of his life to. Crawl rule Phyllis Steen prince Sampson defense is people sacrificing. Everything to avenge his love people and it's got. That's fox on film on fox. Which HB one of those movies trying to go up against one of the big Marmol blockbusters and good luck yet exactly. Villa in a black panther probably going to dominate the box up yeah you can expect that would be my guest. Basketball hall of Famer has revealed that he played games in his NBA career. Well he was drunk. But he has his reasons particularly says and here's Fox's Matt Napolitano with the story Charles. Barkley has become known for his unintentionally funny moments through the years but this one may take the cake. Barkley appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night revealing that he was at one point set to become a member of the LA lakers. Memorable us a lot of celebrants organs ought to know what days after a lot of beer and some shots Barkley getting the cold shower of truth I called me back about after hours Larry's at a six foot locker bill. And we got a game not night. The round mound of rebound reveal he doesn't remember that game for the Philadelphia 76ers at all but it was the only time he actually played intoxicated but when pressed like Kimmel as if that was true Barkley did mention a few games he played with a bit of a hangover manna polyps on how Fox News. Barkley played in England struggle. It happens yeah I imagine it dock Ellis once threw a no hitter in baseball he was on Ellis. Absolutely committed as a remembered yeah probably doesn't it's not much of it anyway. I've got some birthdays today OK and a Canadian R&B singer songwriter. The weekend is 28. Today. Rusty Macintosh love those guys beyond very does. He just. And equipment and that's the FDA is born and Abel S bank. There really yes I thought also known as the weekend that. He released multiple pretty multiple critically acclaimed recordings. Before it when he fifteens beauty behind the madness which is one debuted at number one on the album chart. Clue. The weekend happy 28 birthday. We are talking earlier about the birthday at the 61 birthday of the actor Lavar Burton Lavar Burton 61. Of course my first time I saw Lavar Burton probably reading rainbow when I was a kid that. Made his debut in roots there that was as the big thing along particularly Iranian roots of our burden he was really good and I would be remiss if I didn't mention him is lieutenant Jordy look for urgent short track and I generated big role in history. That's right and all of the associated store. Trek movies that he was in it we also we're gonna. Wind up with this went dead today is the 59 birthday of a tennis great not only known as one of tennis is great players. But also known for great temper. Serious and it can. Yes it's. Off. But that's a pet. That Owen one of the more famous meltdowns. There are many. The more famous now down of John McEnroe. At its idea that audio from his famous Wimbledon 81 melt down but. Often known for loudly contesting the calls of umpire you mean. After his great tennis career. And McEnroe became a broadcast commentator and talk in game show host and a musician. Apparently frequently makes cameos in TV and film as leaders and I was not a big. Fan of his antics at the time now over the years I think I've come to appreciate him a little more pace. Gotta be something displaced innocent McEnroe debt I know I was more of a fan of the Bjorn Borg. Stoically. Winning. In Arizona rather than the John McEnroe yeah bombastic. Fiery and angry American all the time practice growing yeah. Exactly well and he was Madonna show and he gave people their money's worth it did and so happy birthday John McEnroe 59 years old today don't like the fact that now that he's a commentator that he's very outspoken self love that about him now right to see disease doesn't couch things are saved BS no he just says what he saying he says what and it pretty interesting yeah I think most of them. Well every day. The blurs brought to you but he's at Johns and serving that's something we can all agree on yes yes shouted to the heavens pizza Johns in derby they're open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. And they have lunch specials do from 11 AM to 3 PM. A police Steve Macintosh so that he was going to pizza he's gone on last night. Let's ask and I haven't heard yet an update on that I'm sure it was a fun outing I imagine and I envy him because anytime someone goes there without me I giggled jealous that's right it's so tasty it's right there on K fifteen at 208 south Baltimore. Pizza and then there are hey it's. It is 844 O Steve instead of tape and assess speaking of pizza. You know when did we have international today earlier this week yeah outlast sometime last Friday guess what I've got another piece of story. And it includes a mammoths pizza we'll tell you about we come back on Stephen says.