Boeing expects a delivery slowdown after a production "logjam"

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Thursday, August 9th
Business News from Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy.

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Wave this fall because. People forget. Their hands traditionally. It congressional districts people like mayor guy pretty much regardless they don't you can miss the one who was the problem. That it seats are up for. 97 at thirteen thirty KN SA has Stevenson in the morning now. 746. Here on a Thursday. Three big things me man arrested in connection with California wildfire. Faces arson charges in. Wichita woman dies in Colorado deep deep plunges over a cliff line. Vote count continues in Republican primary for Kansas governor and the final out who could take weeks. Three big things even dead on to innocence. Traffic hazard and a potential traffic slowed down watch out northbound I won 35 near Ponte. To close to the right knee and shoulder their in this event I want 35 that money. Also gets in slow traffic right now 1996. Especially looking. West van 1996. Approaching Iowa and 35 trap got that complete and as as radial lines at chambers. Mostly sunny today with a 10% chance for rain and a high of 92 degrees. Yesterday's highs 91 the mostly clear tonight the overnight lows sixty feet. Friday mostly sunny 10% chance for rain again tomorrow and a high of 93. Now partly sunny south wind at five miles per hour 67 degrees with Stevenson. 747 now and stocks finished the day mixed Wednesday. The Dow finished down 45 points 25000 by the 83 the NASDAQ gained just over 47888. ESP 500 down fractionally. At 2857. We did see Amazon and new all time high of 189. We saw some of the big movers on earnings that would be CBS I'll 4% and we also saw Michael Moore's hands to didn't choose sales up almost 7%. And Tesla after gaining 11% yesterday on optimism after you on mosques sweet. Betty is ready for the high at 120. Dollars a share executed finding. Today at different picture the FCC is inquiring into those tweets and whether or not. Actually happy that funding in place when he sent out that week on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange public. A large federal law enforcement operation conducted Wednesday targeted businesses. In Nebraska and Minnesota the officials say knowingly hired and mistreated immigrants. Or in the US illegally. Investigative arm of the US immigration and customs enforcement ice Homeland Security investigators investigations. Led the operation that saw about a dozen businesses and plants raided. And seventeen business owners and managers indicted for fraud wire fraud and money laundering. And officials say a Southern California utility. Recently 120 million dollar settlement over a massive blowout of the natural gas storage field. And became the nation's largest no release of climate changing methane and forced thousands to flee the Los Angeles alms. Almost three years ago excuse me some 49 Steve attentive but you get excitement on your life last night what's gone. L last night had a nice gathering of oh come. Alumni from the area from the University of Notre Dame I'm a Lyle I'm here and we got to gather in August and bid the the youngsters from our area that are heading off to Notre Dame and bid them. Good luck on their journey as we have some incoming freshman that are going up there from our area. And I know it's something we talk about our show we've talked about before how do you get. People to come to Wichita to live here especially young people right right and we which stars little blast right now we have. Five or six or even seven young people that have just graduated from Notre Dame and they're all working here at Textron. Really all graduated just within the last 12 or three years. They come from all over the nation obviously where they're from around Florida they're from New Mexico their from Indiana they're from each coast. And they all are and are now on new residents of Wichita because they came here to work for Textron while. Well congratulations. It's good to have these bright young folks living here in Wichita and and you know Textron a great example of somebody that can attract. And they're all mechanical engineers chemical and they're all just brilliant young kids and now they're living here in Wichita so. Textron is doing a great job attracting. Nice young minds in the area finding them I hope that love their experience here in Wichita may be some of them will stay here you know my experiences been that my kids but I children that Stacy stayed close to home. The vice suns got ticked off in the military it was gone. All over the world for twenty years he retired came back here and now he's in that is the reason derby he's which tires starting new careers so there's another one. We get a wanted to time dead or whatever how media young people from this area actually go to Notre Dame. Only him my crew right now and we have them maiming. Ten re image someone that that's that's pretty good. Yeah and and we have a couple of incoming freshman we have a young man from Pratt that's going to try out to be in the drum course and allow him on the marching band on Saturday as. Let's not standout guy and went down I screw up there right now okay well. Congratulations. Brent. If I'm and we got a young lady from cape Mount Carmel it's on the inched down Notre Dame volleyball team and while we got. We got a nice representation up there are good and Eric I'd 752 now Stephen dead. Eight this is kind of shocking to me a local added agency is is out of business bill Roy editor who coached our business journal this morning bill tell us about that are. Okay Stephen 10 good morning yeah kind of long term advertising agency associated advertising closed its doors. Associated integrated marketing a message on the company's phone said the agency had ceased operations Monday at five. Also said represented it would be contacting people in the next thirty days. Who have outstanding invoices last year the firm had sixteen million dollars in capitalized Billings. 22 accounts sandy Levin employees. The Wichita business journal held its ICT summit Wednesday it mark arts more than a hundred people attended the daylong event. The featured workshops and three panels on aspects of which does economy and quality of life panelists for a discussion on technology. Say there are a lot of opportunities for good paying jobs which cause tech companies. Boeing says it expects deliveries of the 737 to be impacted in the third quarter as the company works through production along jam. CFO Greg Smith says Boeing's working through the issues but delays earlier in the year. Have reached its factory deliveries will be lower than the production rate in the third quarter. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. And not much information about associate have been that is shocking eight. These are about sixteen million dollars and it's intimate. In an local advertising that's a lot of money that's a good business. To me it's what they reported last year and the year before that it was about twice that so along some hard times lost some. While some key accounts some of the sounds like it of course you know we think about people. My press Houston and that Kerri gray who ran that oh yeah carriers gallium yes Snyder and that. So it's it's too that you hate to hear about any company. That fails but Bryant. But what you're in the. You may disagree with me but I it's what I know about advertising age this. Thing if they make that that's a license print money. That the if you're good at all you can I didn't. Yeah I think they can and they can and of course we have a lot of green that advertising we do here in the expire in argument AK listen to ten million that Ford Mustang rolled off the line yesterday homeland. I able and one my sons had one. Andy did you ever own Ford Mustang. Very first car was a 65 mustang really. You that but collar. It was Kelly green that an oxidized almost to lie. Did you do any things and uploaded in weekly and upper I've I've put a stereo like it had AM of course you're a Emery had no air conditioning that it had day a yemenite Clinton FM eight track and there I'll. That's what I do is that teachers in the back with. But I had AM radio on my sixth in mine is 68. And I am jams on it and get the delegates. I got the tape deck in there. And did that diamond began to do a little bit better with ladies I don't know but you. And ladies level must now they do and the government not gonna go to market but hey you had about staying out. You've got the eggs are proud to say it when I haven't if you are right well they can serve 755. Page statement Steve. It did in the 8 o'clock hour we'll have the latest on the government's primary. Governor primary vote count here in Kansas Ted's gonna have sports with a escort our special guest coming up right did yell get a game night preview of the chiefs tonight from play by play voice mid told this coming up at 8:15 this morning plus entertainment news on the blurt. We've got an entertainment news we got a lot of time seems like we got a lot this morning tools such an added 8:35 this morning traffic and weather on the way keep it right here's David Stevens head. In the 8 o'clock hour on CNN's cents.