Boeing has a big order for 737s

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 21st

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy says 70% of the fuselage work will be done at Spirit Aerosystems.


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And it didn't do anything are they still you know. I would say resounding no hell yes good you guys say it's okay. In order to change some. 9713. Thirty pages and ads as we are heated head it. At 846 here at a Tuesday morning few days before Thanksgiving it. Three big things he CBS TV host Charlie Rose apologizes for sexual misconduct. Seeing which of our city manager says police will likely cut back on news of cameras to write traffic tickets or. Tyson chicken plant for Kansas on hold. As company moves forward with a plant in Tennessee. Three big things Steven dead on Kate in essence. And this morning we've got to change in the road construction yeah ramp from eastbound Kellogg to West Street is open again. And Khost for about six months. Right so that ramp from eastbound Kellogg to thestreet. Open again it's still plenty of construction going on in that area. Iran I to 35 in Kellogg's that project continues but that ramp is open. Grant from he's done Kellogg to West Street could be helpful to the fuel getting down to the shopping area down there that's probably why so countless and so forth just in time for just in the time big big weekend all right becoming sunny and breezy today. With a high of 56 degrees to look for north wind at nineteen to 24 miles per hour. Here and cool tonight I mean cool down to about 23. For an overnight low then Wednesday sunny tomorrow's night's 49. Now mostly cloudy with a north wind at thirteen miles per hour and 45 degrees. 848 Stephen jazz the government is not making it easy for Time Warner and AT&T. Emerged the Justice Department's decision to sue to block AT&T'S takeover of Time Warner is a major blow to the company's plans. AT&T'S deal for Time Warner. With valued at 85 billion dollars when it was announced last year. They taste would be an important test. But whether courts would uphold a government challenged to a merger of companies that don't actually compete head to head. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has said. The idea that his company would be too powerful after the merger borders on comical. Carroll's MR Fox News. In a recent survey of 387. Employers. Bloomberg law found that 97%. Of employers will provide paid time off. For all or most of their employees on Thanksgiving. Well 78% apple give employees a fully paid four day weekend. Still the nationwide survey found that one in three employers will require at least some employees to work on Thanksgiving. Retailers will be open on Thanksgiving. Employees responsible for service and maintenance or security and public safety. Are most likely to be required to work on Thanksgiving. The survey found sucked out of people who are. In baldness you're working in a hospital in years you know you get patients there that. The need your attention to going to be working on things giving him a lot of your going to be working on Thanksgiving and we thank you yes. I've edited out before we all have at one time or another and today is set Tuesday November 21 and it was on this date in 1980. An estimated 83 million TV viewers tuned in to the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas. Sought and I was preparing for the bowler to find out who shot JR. I Lewis played by Larry Hagman of course a very young person I'd noted I didn't get in on Dallas turned out to be Christian shephard a play about Mary Crosby believes it's. Was a sister in law. JR system Larry Hagman. I've been at first tee he was in nine I Dream of Jeannie writes another series before he landed the JR role and I'll tell you what. JR Ewing a very nasty devious. Jerk of a guy. At a great character to play and Hagman took it and ran with Andy he defied the objective and great role anyway who shot JR 83 million TV viewers for that one episode. 851 now Stephen did another big Boeing order should benefit would just editor bill Roy published a business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve yeah and it's an order for 737 aircraft that will impact which is tots finalized in order with an aircraft leasing company for 75737. Max yet it's. And options on twenty more of the order has a potential value of eleven billion dollars at list prices. The order also mean Spirit Aerosystems will be busier and make 70% of the 737 airframe. Bunting magnetics and Newton has a new general manager Kevin Millar will oversee operations at the company's facility in Newton. Miller comes from the aerospace industry he'll be in charge of production inside sales engineering and purchasing. Bunting designs and makes magnetic separation detection and material handling equipment. Trying to figure out just the right gift for the CEO in your life will check out what Saddam is journal's executive gift guide the the W Vijay has all sorts of ideas on the website more suggestions in the big story this week. That gift ideas and a variety of areas including gifts for travelers wine enthusiasts. Book lovers and pet lovers check it out local breaking business news every day on can assess. And it went to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business on the. Why bill I don't I don't know what you ma I have my wife has told me since the day we met practically. That I am very very hard to. To buy a gift for. There's just right there's nothing that I want nothing that I need I never mentioned any writing. So she has to go out and try to find something you know special little different how are you about this. I mean she well yeah I I don't ask for much I would rather than any more my joy of Christmas comes when I see other people. Ripping up yeah riddles packages wrapping paper I think you're right presence yeah that's that's my joy. The net but the first Christmas remind my kids. Were old enough to start doing you know once Santa visited. A prize that is a more exciting for me I think than for them. The best as soon as it's kind of a cliche to say at that. When you get around christmastime and insisted but a lot of us really get bigger it got a giving subsidies are absolutely that's really where the joint town for that again you know how I'd vote on the pursuit of little imagination so. If I don't know really well I give them you know. Five dollars and don't get. These guys use your gift card for five. And of itself a copy yeah I have fun. Today is world television today. And I know little or on TV at least 120 once or twice a week now so weak yeah well how do you like TV I don't I've coached dozens of TV ice Newsom. Some should weekly shows and so do you like TV is supposed to vote. Gotta find it's kind of fun to do something a little bit different and the people I'm I'm on GMK every Friday morning you know. The folks overtake her fun Chaman and good crew yeah. Then there's Jim wells to oil well to males you know that's different yeah but. He's not one of those deals where you know my good friend Bruce herbal. Remember Bruce sure used to do a TV united and he does our radio and so for the Bruce used to. But he was on the set because he I work with Bruce before it ever got into TV. He's our radio guys again pride and he used the Ulan on the San Antonio I just where Margie shorts underneath this jacket here but have never got to Loescher. Right he's always behind the Dell denies in this or any things saw I would see him go into the Atlanta studio right. Jacket I wish my shirt and shorts and flip flops and and you actually work it 212 you're yet is executive job there too I forgot about the yeah assignment editors and managing editor Europe's big shot he TV channel like Charlie Rose right. Back up. Sorry none not like Charlie Rose oops oops. Yeah but the but the. Thank you bill. 855 Stephen dead gay and assist news at nine. Tyson puts Kansas chicken plant on holder for the open one up in Tennessee pleaded their case and assess.