Boeing is trying to get those new refueling tankers delivered to the Air Force...

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 7th

A local business update from editor Bill Roy of the Wichita Business Journal


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That fueled. 849 with Stevenson in the morning here on me in this us. Continue here on Thursday December 7 now it's time for three big things free. A one billion dollar expansion projects in the works at Wichita based Spirit Aerosystems. C news. We have reports that Democrat senator Al Franken of Minnesota mayor resigned today from the US senate's long. Big upset in college men's basketball number two ranked undefeated Kansas suffering its first loss of the season. Losing to Washington for sprint center last night in Kansas City. Three big things seem intent on 987 and thirteen thirty CN. SS. Traffic updates here on this Thursday morning. And we still have lots of fire crews on the scene in the big get a garage fire in west which it's on at Douglas and Gordon. Not far from Douglas meridian lots of smoke associated with this fire. And yeah maybe some of the siding on the house next door Melton there was a hot flames a lot of smoke in that fire once again that is they've got a lot of fire crews on hand there's Douglas and Gordon. Senior Douglas in ingredients. Strapped up state county and assess. Don't take a look at the weather forecast here on Thursday morning sunny and breezy today the high of 34 degrees. He was cold it'll it'll be clear overnight low down to just one team degrees and then tomorrow back more than normal partly cloudy on Friday with a high of 48 degrees currently in Wichita. And it was sunny skies nineteen degrees with a wind chill of six or on the way to a high of 34. There's your forecast here on this Thursday. I think and assess whether his rocky by the monarch voted one of the best for urban bars and America by the Durban review. Located at 579 west Douglas in historic delay you know. Great place to hang out. The monarch. It is 851 with Steve intent on Kate in. S assets and four at 34 degrees to a tale that. Recording engineer Eddie Kramer recalls the hair on his back of his neck standing up when he heard Jimi Hendrix record in 1969. It says the same thing happened again when he heard the tapes 48 years later. The upcoming album both sides of the sky will feature thirteen Hendrix track's ten of which have never been released. Great musicians include Johnny winner Stephen Stills the album coming out march 9 of this coming here next year. It's the third in a trilogy that also included valleys of Neptune and Tony ten people hell and angels and Tony thirteen. Kramer says the Hendrix estate still has some live footage appendix if that. Plans that it plans to release that's kind of neat news now a new Jimi Hendrix album coming out. It was fifth. Years ago on this day The Beatles opened the apple boutique in London. That was a period where The Beatles were trying some new things some they worked in some did not get into a lot of things apple boutique. Did not work it was eight disastrous adventure. The shop closed the following July didn't even make it through the following summer the editing it haven't haven't Black Friday sale apple boutique. Wasn't that apple of their eye and current. The little blue pill that's helped millions of men Indians do Glock is turning white. Drugmaker Pfizer is launching its own cheaper generic version of Viagra rather than lose most sales. When you potency pill gets its first generic competition next week buys or says all begin selling point don't have to 65 dollar pill retail price. On Monday. It's patent protected monopoly ends generic maker Teva pharmaceuticals and starts on its version ban. But they're not disclosing price and many more generic to go on sale next summer which will steadily slashed the price of generics possibly by as much as 90%. Product used by. Lot of folks who says that have beast is at its famous from being blue it's going to be right it makes me think of the economical planes are still worried to a takes that point turns blue it's still get referred to as blew them all yet well it is 853 was Steve intent on KM SS expansion at a big Wichita aviation company. Let's get the latest local business update from bill Roy editor at the Wichita business journal hello bill good. Morning guys who have the expansion project that Wichita Spirit Aerosystems includes new facilities on the north end of the company's south Wichita campus. CEO Tom gentility said Wednesday that his company is bursting at the seams. Government entities are expected to contribute about seventeen million dollars to the effort the new facilities will be released back to the company over a period of time. Spirits also spending some money to expand at its North Carolina plant. The company will spend nearly 56 million dollars in the next five years to improve its facilities. In Kingston North Carolina the county there gave spirit one and a half million dollar grant that has conditions attached spears passed grow jobs and contribute to the growth of the local economy. And Boeing may not be able to deliver any new refueling tankers to the air force by the end of the year. But the companies making progress on the program Boeing says it's on the first tanker that'll be handed over to the air force. It's the seventh tanker in the program the other six were used for testing and certification. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess at a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm due Roy. Thank you bit older we'll talk to you again. A couple of local business update you again. Tomorrow morning right here on CN assessed a pleasure working guys week ten plus pleasure working with you this we only know what we're not done yet but at block. But okay we have won four minutes five minutes four minutes and fifty cent of the revenue is just yet Stephen Ted in the morning he's on pace NSA program worked.