Boeing v. Airbus lawsuit in its 14th year

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 17th
...and talk of garage sales with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal

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ID seven a thirteen thirty K and as as deep into the morning now at 847. In the three big things free local couple makes twelve billion dollar donation to Wichita State University. The home heavily damaged by fire in southeast Wichita. Stepmother of missing boy found not guilty in a related case three big things even dead on Kate in a sense. Press update Thursday morning commute you will see a little bit of us. Slowdown in the northbound lanes of the Kansas turnpike get that closed today. That's about a mile south of the handover existed in some breeds sex repair there that's northbound lanes. Restriction there the canal around I'm not I'm not that Kansas turnpike rather northbound lanes of the turnpike just about a mile south and over. Traffic update brought to you by Joseph to Brahma and Carl's Goodyear tire that's located downtown at market and Waterman is also an east ferry street malls. And you can go online at Carl's tired dot com your home for complete car care Jody brother and Carl's Goodyear tires really nice days gave enough sunny with a high of 87 degrees partly cloudy. The 10% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows 65 than Friday. 20% chance for rain and a high of 88. Now partly cloudy plenty of sunshine 67 degrees southeast wind at six miles per hour. Kate and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails the monarch over the military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in delay no. Police say at 45 year old man dukes to Dallas ice. Rules for nine months by posing as a seventeen year old students and hurricane Harvey evacuees in order to play basketball. Court records shows Sydney movie eight he'll strip portly. Faces a charge of tampering with the government records wondered why he had a salt and pepper mustache now the school district officials say. He first enrolled at skyline high school later moved to Hillcrest high school where he joined the basketball team. District spokeswoman Robin Harris says the man took advantage of schools opening their doors to students displaced by the hurricane. He says district officials believe it is primary motivation was to play basketball op. But Bob Mack adieu there's little bit older and all of the political dilemma Wal-Mart reporting better than expected profit and revenue for the first quarter with rising e-commerce sales. And posted a first quarter profit of two point 13 billion dollars that's about 72 cents per share. So you know well largest general analog with the new economy and the advantage of the Stephen Ted pole here on our web page K and is as radioed I've come. And other question is what is your favorite on the outdoor grill all. And kabob Ted's still Kevin ended zero nobody's voting for kabob. Chickens up to 2%. Hot dogs down down that 29%. Burgers at 22%. And all of the above. Gets 32% of the vote now. Ahead of all of the above stakes stakes are leading the way with 34% of the vote. In the Stephen did poll it's exciting it's fun you can do it yourself to go to our web page in SF radio dot com to find it their right on the right hand side. Andy to be a part of this is exciting fun poll was even temple. Right here on our website and stocks notched a solid gains Wednesday. Recouping some of the market's losses from a day earlier technology and healthcare companies. Drove much of the rebound the S&P 500. Rose eleven points the Dow gained 62 and a half and the NASDAQ added over 46 points. It's coming up on 852 now Stephen Ted of the morning and editor bill Roy the Wichita business journalism of this bill talk about something new and old town. I tried old town getting into a nice spot Miguel Villar real as one of the owners of the west 54 music hall. He says and nightclub called feeder expected to be open next month that says them remodeled space at 115 north Rock Island the they used to be home club balance. The nightclub will have twenty to thirty employees wanna area will play top forty hits another will feature of Latino music. A World Trade Organization ruling says Airbus received improper subsidies. That sets the stage for what could be import tariffs against the European Union. The fight between Airbus and Boeing has been going on for fourteen years. Both sides are claiming victory with the world trade organization's most recent appeals ruling. BK DL LP is buying the audit and tax divisions of the local office of Graham Norton the two sides close the deal Tuesday. Takes effect June 1. Became the managing partner bill picker says that the opportunity for his firm. To expand its presence in the marketplace. Graham important partner Jennifer bold and sixteen employees have been offered positions at BKD. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm delight so Boeing and Airbus into unedited in court for for fourteen years fourteen years remember Boeing has always claim that Airbus dog got improper subsidies. I've ever getting help from the government and that was in improper competition on her competition right this thing's been going on for long time. I can't he would decide once and for me and get bright judge some judge you know OK fine him that you of that but did you know he wrote World Trade Organization finally ruled and then it was a appeal that of course that takes a long time they just that the appeals ruling now thank goodness we've got some water through its real good steady important to you knew then that. That's exactly hero today is a national pack rat day in day. I think most of us Europe pack rat to an extent. I don't know I've. I'm hang onto a few things that I had for many many years it just can't get out of like my wife and double just kidding. That'll wow cheap that cheap joke there at saint Chile's experience that the I don't know I think you may be eating cheap dinner tonight at her front I probably being a beating like a pack correct tonight that this is people who just collecting making it seem to get rid of them. They never ever dropping Cingular and you think that there right away and garage sale ever had a garage sale. Oh yeah we just had one couple months ago what he is the best selling item at a garage sale. Oh man I don't know maybe BZ closed or something he saved not your eight track tapes there this. No you're right. Chile's always said that if you get it if you're don't have baby clothes don't even have a yard sailor right now she says that's the thing that really brings it. We cleaned up by of course we had twins and that once they got too big in the baby clothes are too small. We had a garage sale a man that stuff he met Nokia India three birdies out there and you made I didn't inbox natural. So that it a political created it up in anyway you have to return on investment there you go national packed red days thank you bill. Thanks for being with us this morning K is he Unisys news at 9 this morning Giuliani says it's time for more to wrap things up. It's on the way at 9 o'clock Stephen till the morning on Kate in a sense.