Bombardier bringing some new jobs to Wichita

Steve & Ted
Monday, November 20th
Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy says the new work will bring about 100 new jobs to Wichita.

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Every time they teach. And slur. My presidents. I've become more and trained yeah you know the man he is just common man. He is not a small. 9713. Thirty K in excess 746 we Stephen Ted death. How low of three big things. Take mercker mastermind Charles Manson dead at 83 to eleven year old boy injured in hunting accident in Reno county line. AAA predicting a very busy travel week for Thanksgiving. Three big things Steven dead on K and assess. In traffic this morning a week and a warning just a little bit ago. There's a horse running around 1854. And what line. The watch out for horse. It's a little bit of good form of monitoring the military. K 254 and what loans and a north electorate stupid okay yet ideology right now. Yeah yeah. Yeah Abbott still. Washed up reports simply don't wanna hear it right we've also got a stole that vehicle eastbound Kellogg at Seneca went through slogans. Extravagant they pretty innocent radio on at chambers. Sunny and breezy today with a high of 65 degrees look at where the south winds fifteen to 24 miles per hour. Increasing clouds tonight the overnight low 42 then Tuesday sunny tomorrow's high 56. Now partly cloudy. South ended fourteen miles per hour 37 degrees. Did you know that forty to 50% of your body heat is lost through the top of your head. See the great selection of warm winter hats for men and women at Hackman Jackson the clock tower in Plano. And may inject 601 west Douglas opened six days a week. The Federal Communications Commission has announced the adoption of new rules to help. Protect consumers from unloaded robocalls. This will allow phone companies to proactively block calls that are likely to be fraudulent because they come from certain types of phone numbers. FCC chairman I shoot high. Says fighting illegal robo calls and spoof calls this the FCC's top consumer protection priority. We have heard those concerns from American consumers and we're doing everything in our power to address the problem. That includes enforcing the law went over 200 million dollars proposed fines against illegal spoofing operations. This year Juan. And working on policies to let carriers blocking illegal robocalls. And to help me cholera. I says the FCC receives more than 200000 complaints and he would regarding robo calls. And US consumers consumers receive approximately 2.4. Billion robo calls each year. Americans will sit down next week for what has become a holiday tradition in the United States tiptoeing through Turkey dinner without mentioning politics. Well the president the letter the president is. Nearly 13 of all adults collectively avoid political conversations when they see friends and family over the Thanksgiving and December holidays. According to a Reuters it slows. Opinion poll about half said. They due to unexpected discussed politics at all. The poll found that a majority of Americans consider politics to be among their least favorite topics to discuss in mixed company over the holidays. According to this poll 31% of adults will be intentionally avoiding political conversations. With family and friends now qualities. Probably get idea another 48% do not typically engage in political conversations during holiday gatherings anyway. Take a phone that category 212%. Below engage in political conversations with others even if we disagree. On issues. And and in a bit tricky tricky minefield anymore and what's the point. News these days you don't change anybody's minds and have some bad indigestion because of its gap they're not changing mindset for sure yet that hasn't happened ourself by most measures of market is still on a roll although stocks closed lower Friday. Standard and Poor's 500 index fell six points while Al gave up 100 points. And NASDAQ Composite dip ten points after closed at a record high Thursday. A Nebraska regulator is set to decide whether to approve the proposal. Root of the long delayed keystone XL oil pipeline through the state. The decision today could have a big impact on other trans Canada. Decides to proceed with construction of the project. Which was first proposed in 2008. But repeatedly has been delayed meanwhile. TransCanada says the company has sent additional crews and equipment. To the side of it 2101000. Gallon oil spill. From its Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota. 750 now Steve intent on Cain SS more jobs for local aircraft maker bill Roy editor of the stuff business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stevie I decision by the Marty a means 100 jobs for which atop a Marty gave plans to move global 5000 worked to Wichita. The move is part of a shuffled to make room in Montreal for the global 7000. Completions center. The new work will begin in the second half and funny eighteen the company will hire about 100 new employees. The company has about 16100 employees in Wichita now. The Hyatt regency Wichita hotel going to start room renovation next month five suites at the 303 room hotel will be renovated. And get new furnishings. Petra services has a 150000. Dollar building permit for the work. The new owner Phil Ruffin also plans a restaurant renovation that'll make better use of the hotels river pacing westside. The Bloomberg business week has released its list of the top 85 MBA programs in the country master's of business administration. Melo importantly are in Kansas Harvard Business School topped the ranking the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania was number two followed by MIT the Booth school of business at the University of Chicago and Stanford. WSU business dean and on the size says the rankings are mostly for full time NBA programs. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and at Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual wars. Had built some good news their firms and some more jobs here in Wichita and death the jobless for report the unemployment report looked pretty good on Friday Wichita is. Chemists say. Which is five county area was at 3.4 percent. Which used at least to save 4% full employment in the back in the day. Yeah whenever now than we ever recession we've flirt with eight or 9% and unemployment does. A lot of these people I'm sure a lot of people this Quigley and forward it to Bryant at least some service that's a pretty good to look at number. And that we'll take that number any day of mayors talking about tomorrow of looking at or proving it. That's millions and millions of dollars a night are bees from local companies. So they can retool and in and get their companies going retain the jobs that are here there's some good signs out there are they're not I mean you're you're closer to at that I am bail. But there's yeah I think so I think there are some good signs we're hearing from especially commercial real estate folks. That people are coming off the sidelines and actually spending money they were holding on to over the last few years I think the election had something to do it that there is a bit of a trump bump. I but they feel like they're pretty confident that the conditions are going to continue to get matters now. That's kid of course the the F forecast from Wichita State. Last month wasn't that great deal. The but he saw a little over thousand jobs something like that yet for the next year or so. Ocean. That they had Jeremy hill. On not our issue show this weekend he's the director of the center for it. Economic development and business research at Wichita State and Thursday in the what to compile all these numbers locally and bright. And make predictions about what they see in the in the months and we did Jerry's that Jeremy is not real. Real optimistic about Brittany boomer and I am confident that right. East Tennessee community continue to make sort of incremental growth you know and we can ride this momentum that we have a some entrepreneurship again and which. Pride in the community hopes so Elisa today on national peanut butter fudge today. Well not sure I've ever pretty specific I don't think I've ever even tasted peanut butter for much. But June 16 was national budge today this is peanut butter fudge. I guess that would be peanut butter mixed in with job Clinton chocolate in Julie and dispose sells pretty good. All celebrate and South Africa will celebrate on revealed. Thank you yeah. They'll 755 now Steve content coming up at 8 o'clock McCain is this morning news. Whose feet did at the top Libya or all of today's news busy travel week shaping up. We've got the story Stephen a little more on K in a sense.