Boston resident was a millionaire... for 10 whole minutes

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 20th
An account mix up made one woman $1.1 million dollars richer for a few minutes.

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She's good morning guys came in and says Steve back conjunction with the 730. A flurry of tornadoes ripped through Iowa Thursday taking the weather forecasters by surprise and leaving at least seventeen people hurt. Farmer Denise Bennett Whitfield Pella Iowa and her family were forced to headed their basement pretty much lost everything except perhaps. And but the cattle were still here they were spooked. Nearby Marshal town also hit hard but several buildings collapsed and roofs blown all the almost tornadoes and Iowa no reports of any fatalities. A small fire was reported in an area under construction at via Christi Saint Joseph hospital yesterday afternoon. Officials said the seventh floor had to be evacuated because of smoke there were no injuries fire quickly brought under control cause remains under investigation drivers on the Kansas turnpike will pay more beginning October 1. The state announced Wednesday that tolls on the turnpike will increase about 5% for passenger vehicles. With AK tag past commercial vehicles with the case today may see an increase because electronic fares. Will be rounded to the nearest nickel. These four passenger vehicles paying cash will increase by about twelve and a half percent while commercial vehicles paying cash we'll see a 10% increase. All cash fares will be rounded to the nearest quarter. State officials say the turnpike system is financially sound. But the toll increases are needed to pay for preservation and modernization projects without issuing new debt. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. It's a pair of suspects robbed a quick shop in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Thursday. At Oliver and George Washington boulevard. You're known suspects in the business one of the suspects. Pulled out a handgun and was demanding property. Money and cigarettes were taken. Two male suspects ran from the scene recently in southeast which it's on there were two robbery cases reported during an eight day span at the same apartment complex and Harry in wood lawn. And a related criminal case on south's atop what. Police captain Brent Allred says two people are now in custody. We arrested an eighteen year old male. For two counts of aggravated burglary. Three counts of aggravated robbery. One count of aggravated battery and one count of burglary to do and one count of theft. It's another eighteen year old man has also been arrested in relation to these cases charged with three counts of aggravated robbery. And a teenage boy and girl taken into custody after an aggravated robbery and southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says. It happened Wednesday night in the 900 block of sub likely. The victim was a 68 year old woman. She was approached by unknown male and female suspect. And reported that the Mayo was armed with a long gun. She stated that the mail demanded the victim's purse and they grab and forcibly remove the purse. From the victim. The woman called 911 giving a detailed description of the suspect to police officers spotted the suspects in nearby gas station the teenage boys try to run away he was apprehended after a short foot pursuit fifteen year old boy arrested for aggravated robbery obstruction and outstanding arrest warrants. The fourteen year old girl a runaway was taken to the Wichita children's home. Former Wichita mayor Carl brewer is seeking the democratic nomination for Kansas governor brewer tells CN SS news the state is not in good financial shape. We're not financially stable. Well we borrow money on transportation on rebar modicum caper we borrow money your district typically everybody you can possibly borrow. Are and it knuckles but we certainly hope and future generations. Brewer says we can't just need to invest in education to help attract new business to the state a celebrity plastic surgeon is under arrest in Brazil. Doctor bomb bomb whose real name is doctor Dennis for Todd will have an on the run since a patient died following bought a marchment injections. Was found that an office complex are real vision narrow. Please safer to follow perform the Bok enhanced for procedure at his home Saturday. The page became ill during surgery. And for Tolle rushed to a hospital where she died hours later. The judges should award for for tunnels arrest after he disappeared from the hospital. The exact cause of the woman's death has not been determined. Tom or Gotti. Fox News. Imagine looking at your bank account suddenly find your instant millionaire 46 year old Allen slamming a Massachusetts got a voice mail from TD Ameritrade about a recent depository bank accounts. Planning took a look and saw more than a million dollars. Just over the safety but she had their previously always Allah happy she told the Boston Globe she started thinking about quitting her job paying off her student loans. And they got another call from the bank and that. Allen was told it was a mistake. Planning says the cash was meant for somebody else at the same name but Fleming says she's taking it in stride saying when she dies she wants her obituary to read it. One time millionaire. Can Duffy Fox News and report gas Ripken is a step meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning a frontal boundary just to our south that a lot of moisture still spreads across the state. We could see an isolated thunderstorm just about anywhere in Kansas the hi this afternoon 98. Tonight partly cloudy our lows seventy to the weekend should be dry is high pressure builds in from the Dakotas tomorrow night before. I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan holidays. I'll partly cloudy seventy degrees him but he stranded five miles per hour. 737 LC into the morning and brutally hot day across Kansas Thursday which stars I. Was 101 degrees it felt like a lot more than that high normal life of the date is 93. And the record high for that date one on nine that was in 2006 now here's a here's a key you'll lose the National Weather Service telling me this morning the highest heat index in Wichita. Was 1:13. At about 3 o'clock in afternoon. And Shelly and I know where you were at that time of the day Shelley and I were just that now are air conditioned home both of us feeling. What's wrong I mean just felt like we want to go to sleep it was just. And it was like yours and every so hot outdoors and whole river cool but I think it just some house capture the critiqued it. Idol and all walk around our pond done a really time in mountain. Egypt probably shouldn't do that it's a little edge 213. Now I got mile area act. There are a lot of people lots there's there's a big car show over here on America wants us Reuters people what they're falcons. But the falcons yeah the fourth hour I think they're all falcons and a remember that little car come here like all over the nation I've seen. Tags from Tennessee in Ohio and visit I'll confess their file now I fell it's like fountain and a vest over there it's pretty amazing it's an interesting smaller cars that Ford came out with a mature you what year. It came out of that around it in the Arab League the early sixties like every color imaginable that Ford optional whether article. I today is Friday July 20 2018 on the stated. 1969. Astronauts Neil astronaut. And Edwin Buzz Aldrin became the first man to walk on the moon after reaching the surface in their Apollo eleven. Lunar module a huge day in the history of mankind it. One what does it said the meals and one small step for. One man once big step for mankind something like that he said Tuesday he added he had the line ready to ago. And I remember watching them on TV and in the rainy rainy. Black and white you know he takes the worst. Police surveillance you've ever seen in it was worse than that but. Remember at the time. This is up the brand new I didn't know yeah I knew you could get radio transmission back from outer space like that but it didn't know they can do it too easy hitting video back from the manor the service is now. The mansion pretty amazing that they touchdown. They bounced around is that gravity was so much less Mickey achieve that in front of about. 400 feet or something in the know what a minute golf ball and it just to see how far ago. Was not on Apollo eleven was gonna lay another one okay I department I had that wrong. But what a huge day for America huge day for science huge day for the world. As and we're still the only nation that's been there man we still are okay. A video that this is a video Boehner renting his equipment viral be the rights is it witness in this video from a Georgia restaurant. It shows a man to reach out and touch the backside of a female server who quickly grabbed him by the collar and slams and mental wall that for her. The parent groping and full contact response was captured by a security camera Ed minivan go goes pizzeria. Savannah police charged 31 year old Ryan threw whiskey of Paul they Florida with a misdemeanor count of sexual battery. A clip of the June 30 take down wound up on the website read it. Restaurant manager Robin Gibbons said we're all proud of the woman. To rescue told police. The touching was an accident and he was trying to get the woman to move out of his way not true if you look at the video news that it's not an accident that they have a Taylor. But Ryan any go to work now could she be charged with battery. I don't think so he started it. You do it and so if you touch me I can beat the crap out of you and not get charged with battery can touch you. I'm just so I am cheap. She slammed him against the law all isn't that battery I I doubt it. Would imagine the cops won't even charger and might be but it's probably justified now I'm it's not lives not just fine I'm just saying it EC legally speaking well I think that should probably get an attorney and so there I'm sure he probably my. I don't think they'll get any sympathy with elements of a sudden now you devices politics and I was when I was kid I was. Athletic I've played a lot of sports teams and whatnot. And archer archer I've ever seen body with a reaction time that that woman and I mean at guiding your two steps and she just about an. Is back now she was quit. Would miss you very quick in her feet and immigrant. You need to behave yourself in public I guess that's the bottom and well good luck with that you know. Right 741 Steve did by the way if you're just tuning in. The big stories that the caps sizing him make those duck boats down in Branson album death totals of thirteen to target. Yet how many more out there that are missing three or four more yeah so or missing so cell and there was a target to reducing a program director while donors often don't those people where. Like Britain print version battles to reserve print for presume that they have like this on. But it campsite at meg being overturned and Renee trapped under rarity now that's in a in a closed space that's all speculation but it is. You there was a very high wind come up on table rock hand it just out of it just surprised that Merv they just stuff there will be okay that 5060 mile an hour wind invent it cause of problem but we'll keep you posted to right now. The death told there is their thirteenth yeah. 742 Stephen tell all the way editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal recognizing excellence and local health care. Stevenson in the morning on king and assess.