Boston restaurant offering a burger, and a wedding ring

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 9th

The owner says the Valentine's Day promotion doesn't have any takers yet.


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But shut down the reopen all you personally think. The house moved swiftly early today to reopen the federal government and passed for 400 billion dollar budget deal. Overcoming opposition from both Liberal Democrats in Tea Party conservatives to endorse enormous spending increases despite looming trillion dollar deficits. The 240 to 186 vote came in the predawn hours putting to bed at five and a half hour federal freeze that relatively few would notice. Shut down was a second in three weeks. A chemistry professor living in Kansas who faced imminent deportation to Bangladesh. Has been granted a temporary stay. Lawyers representing 55 year old Syed Kamal announced Thursday that a judge issued the temporary state. Jamal teachers at park University of Missouri. He was arrested January 24 at his home in Lawrence arrived legally in the US in 1987. But after pursuing a doctoral degree overstayed his visa. Since his visa expired he's been allowed to stay in the US and report to immigration authorities on a regular basis. He and his Bangladeshi wife have three children who wore American citizens. It wasn't immediately clear how long his temporary state would be valid. Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news. And armed woman robbed a store in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Wednesday evening at the cease store at Lincoln and Oliver. Unknown suspect entered the business. Armed with a silver handgun. The employees stayed at the suspect point the handgun at him. And began demanding money. Money was taken by the suspect within fled the storm put. A woman was wearing a black jacket black tides carrying a black gym bag Kansas governor Jeff call your address to joint session of the Kansas legislature this week. Collier outlined a four point framework of school finance legislation that he would sign it. First we must keep our schools open. Second we need a definitive solution. That eons the school finance lawsuits. For good. Three increased investments in K12 education. Let's come through a phased in approach that doesn't increase the tax burden in Kansas families and lastly and most importantly. We must insist on accountability. And improved outcome. Stole your did not assign an amount to what those objectives might cost. A new survey shows overwhelming opposition to president Trump's plan for a military parade in Washington. The military times did a survey asking it's readers if they support president Tom's idea to get the Pentagon to put on a parade to put America's military on display. The times says about 51000. People responded. 89%. Of them have said no it's a waste of money and troops are too busy. The other 11% responded it's a great opportunity to show off US military might. Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White says parade plans are in the very beginning stages. In Washington Joseph NATO Fox News. The FBI is releasing its findings about what may have happened to two border agents. In Texas last year after three months of investigation. The FBI has announced there are no signs of Border Patrol agent was attacked before he died of severe head injuries in November agent wrote how Leo Martinez and his partner Stephen Garland were found east of El Paso, Texas Martinez died the next day. And Garland couldn't remember what happened. Their injuries fueled extraordinary speculation. Rated Judd president of the national Border Patrol council has said from the beginning. They were attacked it looks like he was he was literally beaten to death the FBI is offering a 50000 dollar reward for information. In El Paso, Texas break broken Fox News can't. What charities of Wichita celebrating 75 years of helping people across central and southeast Kansas executive director windy Glick tells KN SS news the mission is to alleviate poverty. And that includes victims of domestic violence. Arbor house has been around for 25 years we're the largest domestic violence shelter here in the Wichita community. We have 60% of the domestic violence beds in our community in order to serve. Women and children and men also we also serve man who are fleeing domestic violence situation. Windy Glick is our guest this weekend on issues 2018. It's Sunday morning at eight on KN SS and all the forecasts with gay and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan well this morning colder air is on the way is strong fraud is pushing from north to south across the state. And will be here by Iran noontime our high today 39. Wins will turn to the northeast and remain gusty throughout the afternoon. Breezy and sixteen for a low overnight cloudy windy and 25 tomorrow and a good chance of snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now mostly cloudy 38 degrees and we have a south wind at seven. Miles per hour 634 it was Stevens Ted. On Friday morning and so uninteresting things going on there with these votes. Early this morning and in at their house in the US house that didn't end the shut down the started midnight. And it nobody you know nobody even noticed a provision in the world sleep but. The represented stayed there and get the job. Warning be felt the shut down along lasted five and a half hours now and what do you do if you work for national for national park. Go to work today going on little or today if your mailman to go to work today gone on go to work today you know this morning if you just to an analyst Stephen did you have to go to work the everything that normal normal again and it the government is looking at even contributing more to a huge national debt which is not pleasing. Any of the conservatives. Enough is being done about it does is keep Stennis of more anyway. Organism that our talk about their Valentine's Day tendon. Or it then went on over by a real whopper here. Polly's restaurant in Boston offering a burger for sale for 3000 dollars. Now just Cindy Berger though this one comes with an engagement ring on the side. The restaurant is offering it as part of a Valentine's Day special. Special jury of seven eights of a carat Neil Lane ring nestled in the bottom. The wrangle come frame with round diamonds and a fourteen karat gold band tells pretty good the main. Just give them 48 hours notice to get ready as fraud or Paul barker says there are no confirmed orders so far but there are several very interested people. Do you think he's gonna sell a few of these whopper with with. Well nights on the side there or diamond. An old juice on there you're dropping games. They have elected many seven hamburgers and I would look tired of the French Fries and whether. The united surprise. A young floor dropping 3000 bucks. I hit a burden for fun. 3000 goes from the rink you're not getting fission wine real salt and more I would I would yeah on Guinness like. I get publicity that ya. A young Florida boy wanted to stuffed toy while his family was having dinner at a restaurant in Titusville Florida. The picture you do in this Ted. So he crawled inside the claw style vending machine to yell and yeah those things with a clause and then you could never get anything worthwhile. He got stuck inside the glass encased structure. There lets us all opening. Off duty firefighter Jeremy house was also having dinner at the restaurant. He yelled for someone to call 911 colleagues from a nearby fire station join him in rescuing the child. The boy was embarrassment wasn't in distress and they got them out and about five minutes. He's in there. All the stuff there who you know or how they got about maybe they picked up the little claw they grabbed him by the head and that's why I doubt you know that's a lawsuit then now thinks of the problems pop pop that they know somebody there had a key. The pop and openly went from there. At parliament I don't think I would I would reach inside you know vending machine for heated Eminem peanut butter Eminem's or something I only get region for earth. Cronies stuffed toy in Appalachia. When we were kids that is living in Kingman for a while it to buy this great school and tennis courts and whatever they put out there actually but doubting the machine out there. It was also pop machine where you've never seen these over from the top and the pops all lined up right. And you put your money and attempt the simple one afghanis grab one Poland and my brother Mike figured out he had it was pop the top so those things to destroy all enemy it would have to pay for. All the you don't allow that opportunity. OK can upon seven the 637 by oh just a quick reminder. Something that came in SS is involved in the east mark Patrick hypnosis lose weight or stop smoking one day only it's Sunday this Sunday. At the Marriott hotels 9100 corporate hills drive. Weight loss seminar is he 11 AM to 1 PM stop smoking seminar two to four Pia. And registration starts thirty minutes before each session seating is limited so get there early to reserve received only 4999. That's coming up. This Sunday. Also quick reminder that this morning we have one more Valentine prize package that includes twenty dollar gift card from Coca dolce. And if they Mannheim steamroller classic romance CD romantic melodies will have one of those and we have one parity is left. Or journey ended Def Leppard sometime this morning. A lot going on our rights gotta stay keep listeners even yet for Utah heading into a big weekend with chance to win simply are at 638 now Steven Ted is time for our commodities update with. Tom less clear up once or commodities morning Tom. Good morning Steve. Provide can be built huge restricted back to go to parliament today Internet address conclusion yesterday. Closed beta and will lunatic would contact on the positive side get a conflict continues advocate Christ taught me. There was no precedent and trading session in the location it is developed yet either. When dogs traded mixed close slightly positive yesterday. Clinton replied cattle corn price since well 12372. Parts Peter there about 514725. It's only about 22% cited 6945. Don't expert for the corn important but on the close between regions were negative. Ending stocks for the increased by 22 bushels of soybeans increased by six million bushels. Include decreased 125 million bushels in yesterday's news to report Dell took a big hit yesterday to the downside. At its lowest close since November 28. At the moment martz completely import quota since that would almost 72 quarters since. Large corn they have considered that 362000003. Quarter. Part soybeans and two and three quarters at 984 and three quarters what's cooking oil mining and influence 1620 by. April gold and sixty cent to 21840. What you have to at least seven and three quarter points lower than five. 186. Of one dollar index is 22% 190 dirty work. It was scheduled features I 116 point slow work. 2300861. Commodity trading like marking advisory contact with the commodities a vote on the web site using it too sick don't. Don today's national peace today I'm sure that you are a pizza economists who are you not. I don't like almost double connoisseur but I sure wanted to. You slam it down pretty good day. I. Never did any indigestion maybe some gastrointestinal problem brought. You know I'm. Glad I would have great will probably take care they have no. Came when it's cold now. And February that. The of course we're putting green. What he had your life is so much better today and you go around Indian in public doing the testing and pretty soon people get wind of it then if don't know why we're talking about this do you have a favorite pizza toppings are. I'm like yeah it beats you I like just sprout on their bodies and who aren't exert have a good weekend. Eight journey and that's Tom left room left for commodities and dirty and Def Leppard come and what she doesn't trust bank. Arena Monday July 16 and we've got one more pair of tickets. Call now 86913. Thirty and I even tried it and 86913. 31 more pair of tickets he journey and Def Leppard courtesy of Stevens said in the morning. 641 now and coming up we've got Don grant CFB the bunny tracker he gonna talk about 529 accounts. Distribution lists should be fun all wasting content on K and assess.