Bounty hunters' arrest sets up legal challenge in Montana

Steve & Ted
Monday, April 16th

Man owed a bail bondsman a little over $100, he was shackled and taken from his home by bounty hunters.


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Is distinction Wichita turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news today at SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. The point for more visit the gay and as a sporting news was even dead I keep back inside now partly cloudy and a. Wolf 25 degrees and Wichita Tina's dead after authorities found a vehicle submerged in the yard Kansas river Sunday morning. Nine a month dispatch received a call from a passing motorist at a car was submerged in the river along K 96 between nine to 35 at West Street. Officers found the body of eighteen year old Alexis let loose of Wichita in the vehicle. Here's a news spoke with Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Thomas case. Preliminary investigation revealed that vehicle one was traveling. Eastbound on K 96 run on reasons when I'll throw away. Hitting striking a guardrail and then vaulting up the embankment into the river. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash the news was not wearing his seatbelt. A two alarm fire caused extensive damage to an apartment building in west Wichita Saturday afternoon. Around 3:30 PM firefighters were called to the announcement park apartments in the 8400 block of west central just east of Tyler. Arriving fire crews reported heavy smoke and flames coming from one of the structures Wichita fire chief Tammy snow says the windy conditions didn't help. On a normal day in the wind is a guessing the way it is we probably manipulative mitigated her hands. Held it set in and check at the apartment the actual apartment that it was that. The fire eventually spread to the attic area causing the role of the structure to collapse this force part of crews to fight the fire from the outside. Snow says all sixteen apartment units story total loss and the Red Cross is assisting residents that are displaced. Investigators believe they carelessly discarded cigarette on a balcony caused the fire. Damage is estimated at nearly one point five million dollars he'll hold a brand Kagan SS news about what to talk business was robbed early Sunday morning. It happened around 640 officers responded to an armed robbery call and transport Jay Rodriguez. In the 300 block of west 21 street north. If female employee stated an unknown suspect into the business armed with a handgun demanding money. The suspect took the employee's keys purse and vehicle. The vehicle take it is a great 2004 Buick Rendezvous Barry Kansas tag 834. EEP. There were no injuries. The suspect is a white male around thirty years old with a tall and didn't bill. He was wearing a brown work jacket dark gloves and armed with a black handgun. Rodney price KN OSS news. Powerful storms hammered the Carolinas Sunday causing airport delays and dropping large hailed a north and South Carolina. Jim Westmoreland is city manager for Greensboro he says they have at least one death from the storm. This is a very significant storm. I've been with the city of greens from now for eighteen years of experience when other event similar to this in the 2007. Timeframe. These storms take a lot of time to recover from. Strong winds knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. White House spokesperson Sara Sanders is a coalition strike against Syria was a huge success. Went out to destroy critical chemical weapons infrastructure in Syria. And they did exactly that and they also sent a strong message to Syria to Russia to Iran. That when that this president has a red line he will enforce it. Andy's making those comments in an interview on ABC's this week Sunday the joint US British French come none mission. Came in response to the Syrian government's alleged use of chemical weapons against rebels in that country. Fired FBI director James Kobe has tossed the latest stolen look in his ongoing feud with president trump. Kobe took to president trumps usual output Twitter to outline the premise of his book. A higher loyalty coma he says it's a book about ethical leadership in that three presidents are mentioned within it. To get help illustrate the values and one as a counterpoint. President trump has blasted call me on Twitter calling him slip pour in referring to the memos Komi kept of their meetings as self serving and fate. Three house committees are asking to see those memos to assess any inconsistency. With what's in comb his book which hits store shelves on Tuesday. Colonel Scott Fox News. So is as you've done now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. 9713. Thirty KM as if we yards deep into the morning now at 61010 minutes past 6 o'clock go on a Monday it. And this morning Tea Party got a traffic accident. Didn't exactly a high traffic area but you can avoid. Any problems if you avoid this area 3100 block of north media. South park Kansas east of Broadway. Net injury traffic accident that there are few things happen to be headed past that might wanna avoid. Traffic updates from Kate and as as a radio I'm dead chambers I'm trying to think what's there may be the railroad tracks gas goes for the railroad tracks right there right north of civilians there is something. Yeah it's in that area okay. If there's sunny today in the center with the forecast now McCain is a step beaver college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning once again we fell below freezing in south central Kansas early this morning today we expect to be sunny as high pressure builds and the mid fifties at noontime 62 later on this afternoon he'll be breezy enough this cold tonight Harlow 44. We may hit the low eighties tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Partly cloudy entity chilly 24 degrees we have a west wind six miles per hour you know from non. Church yesterday yours and I thought I've been around victims doses about it they get a freeze out there that are redundant yeah. Had no backup for spring yeah where they beat yeah I don't have to San Diego and we're about debt. It'll windy chilly weekend across central Kansas which of us I temperatures Sunday. Was 49 degrees normal high is 68. And Wichita recorded a wind gusts yesterday of 41 miles per hour on this we in the past few days yeah it was out of Canada Tenet Kansas City for a couple days and came back and we were still growing north. Blowing hard. You're the Kansas City and I. Did you miss the worst awful weather today and tentative we went to the Wednesday afternoon game to bring the weather was great Wednesday afternoon. Yeah and or the royals. Again disappointment of say much about that with that but I don't think I'm surrendered on this year honestly can focus on. Fast and good but then you left in the weather turned pretty well all of them and yet you looked out on getting on that Wednesday got. That was that was super best day in and it was a Friday night it was watching the game on TV in the snow was at snowfall writers at Saturday night. News that it was knowledge is bad news. On this date this is April 16 on this date in 1971 Patton. When the best picture and best director Academy Awards it's starred George C. Scott. Named best actor but he didn't accept the award because he didn't like the academy's voting process. He was the first actor to reject an Oscar. You might say moved to Iowa but you know I've been reading a bit reading a book about Charlton distant. And there sometimes has been not the politics. Involvement on especially when they were to open the screenwriters were being blacklisted and so forth. There was a lot of pole as reason why we always make fun of the on the Oscars that one year. I'll show on earth yeah. That was the reason that that I'm reading a book about Charlton Heston. That's threes and ones because the writer one of the writers was that was blacklisted that yeah it gives somebody else in high noon is very thinly veiled. Poke at communism things like that weird sort of yeah. Did not win the Oscar should've George C. Scott made a statement and he I think he was probably right. I'm like some states Montana and by the way that the patent and we patent is it rudely. Entertaining. Terrorism and in George CEOs. Pretty fantastic in that patsy that did George C resist it into more like real character that it himself. I've heard about it from some differences whose fathers were in the tank corps reports here that this story about you was something else. I'm like some states Montana has no regulations concerning bounty hunters. They're not licensed trained or overseen by any state agency and there are no laws expressly following allowing their existence or governing their limits the wild wild last may be the amazonian. Reports the issue has come to light in the case of a group of armed bounty hunters who kicked in the door of a man's home and took him away in front of his family because a man owed. 115. Dollars to a Bondsman. Prosecutors charged by members of the team with felonies but the bounty under leader says he was well that is his right to do what he did. Missoula county judges test with interpreting what is legal and where the limits of a bounty hunters authority and it. The wild west moment and the county voters that sleazy affair. There are no rules to Montana. Needless Downey honors in an amazing do what you wanna do man. That is used in state. So what do you know that you were coming in and it always sneezing and upping long before it went on the air I guess I suppose it's allergies. I mean it's it's similar to I think what you had been badly for a couple weeks but I accuses some melt and yet I know he's got a realities. All the stupidly and double I've never been an aunt and we're deeper and I'm coughing increasing values. My voice they're out is there which you know Leo the I was in look at it Friday yet Friday afternoons in the barbershop. Michael Watson over their sweet Auburn or about free Freeman in here complaining about their allergies. 33 out of about six guys in there. And I've heard that the you know you can get analogy you can grow analogy later in life become allergic. But I bulletin a wind that it's been what blown for what a week outings in the wind yeah I mean is. Three pollen dust. Who knows what else is in the wild fire smoke well there's all sorts of stuff around. Now so we'll battle away Hampshire will do when he is again rains don't think that tamp everything down. We just now we take this kinda chilly weather. 24 degrees that would freeze whatever generic but it is not. It is 24 degrees right now we only had about life I developed one day at the Kansas City saw the royals play in this. In the evening we wanted to go to our favorite restaurant. Which is a satellite in downtown Kansas City. Which is course Teddy Roosevelt's favorite restaurant you there was one time to it yes that was we go there because we've got to highlight my wife and I have alana tied it tied to that restaurant. And we just you know it's been opened and Harry Truman went virus drug its historical. But we found that it was boarded up. They're renovating. They're gonna reopen in August I hope they preserve all the fan all the history and there you get the party or get degree big Harry Truman Booth. That's that we actually. Eaten our mile and I'm sorry didn't get to go there is a story as it did during the when Harry Truman Andy evidentiary. And his police or downtown Kansas City before it was president. He and his cronies would going there for lunch every Tuesday. And until it Teddy Roosevelt that it is best is favorite restaurant is the step and get through that Cheesecake Factory and Overland Park. And bill the entrees for what talk about the extremes. We got a couple of complimentary directives the we gotta compliment he's KG because actors they were they were lately burned up mistakenly did that there was some pretty crummy but they gave it to peace tees it well. One of them was at him that's that's pretty amazing well was in line. That I and I I actually had the money and a Lyman mango a tiny gap there that piece of cheesecake is a meal in itself. All it'd take you read them and you violent all that Dana and now and I think it's the biggest menu is likely warranty yeah. Just keep going like pace at large is this maybe eight. Acts. Interesting time in Kansas is that in just a local time there is little more about later coming up at. 618 I was Steve and two it's a type a lead of sport and fifth Bloomberg. We're talking this morning it. Out well faithful it and they do I think and guess who at this soccer baseball action yesterday it. At stadium twentieth ranked Wichita State finishing up the three game set against genetic gifts. Connecticut won that double header on Friday. They did not play on Saturdays of the shock for trying to avoid a sweep. And they did get the job done Wichita State had the offense cranked up yesterday five runs in the bottom of the first inning. That would not be enough that it was down to a one run lead by the seventh inning stretch but then the shocker offense got a revved up again. After folks sang along picking up the ball game with Mike Kennedy and doctor offense got another big first. Of course Mike had a called game yesterday it was right here on KN OSS is one. Hammered in the left field that's going to do dropped for a base at a gets by the left fielder all the way to the track this may download them to orient. Here comes another man around third Vickers will come home to score it's a three run double for Luke redder. And now the soccer's lead it by a score of twelve. Just six. Sox went on to score six runs in the bottom of the seventh inning added a couple more NEA. Well and clobbered Connecticut yesterday fifteen at seven was the final score of the shocker to avoid the sweep in that series and get one win. And those two more home games coming up in mid week for the shoppers and they'll talk about it all tonight. On the WSU baseball coaches show the weekly show with head coach Todd Butler. 6 o'clock tonight that's right here on 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Joined coach Butler and Mike Kennedy tonight. Broadcasting live it AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteen degree which. 6 o'clock tonight here on page in SS. There was no baseball yesterday in Kansas City the finale of the four game set between the royals and the Los Angeles Angels. They decided to postpone that one. It was 31 degrees I was eighteen mile an hour wind the twenty degree wind chill. And they just said let's add all the plug on this one and now make it up in late June of this. Hopefully some more they are all fighting whether by that time bring the angels town again so no one of those. The royals for trying to avoid a sweep there and LA ended up winning all three games of that series got played the royals lost five in a row. And now they embark on a week long road swing feel started out north of the border in Toronto taking on the blue jays. At least it plain doors when you go to Toronto. The only team in Major League Baseball has turf. Problems really the only one left him. And does the royals in the Jane is still start that series up to follows one of the better teams in the league 6 o'clock tonight and you can listen that game on. 97. I'm sorry was that game on 12:40 AM 975 FM on Sports Radio KFH royals blue jays. Tonight after that one you can hear NBA playoffs basketball San Antonio Spurs in Golden State taking on the warriors after the royals tonight on KFH. Golden State is a nine and a half point favorite at game two of that series Golden State is up one game to zero in that best seven. And speaking of the NBA playoffs yesterday in Boston the Celtics. Got their series started by beating the Milwaukee Bucks in overtime 113 107 in Boston's sixth man for the Celtics. Former Kansas jayhawk Marcus Morris had 21 points and seven rebounds well as Boston takes a one game to zero lead. In that series and that's sports with Steven Ted KN SA whole way to the west of thunder out rather look at stop under hockey then got the playoffs started look. Yesterday at downtown and in trust bank arena close low scoring game. And Colorado scored about five and a half minutes into the overtime and the Colorado got 8221. Win in overtime over Wichita yesterday. To start out that best of seven series. And right away tonight is game zoos of the thunder with a chance to get back on ice and tie this series up so Colorado is a one game to zero. Game two is tonight at 705 downtown it in trust bank arena. But the thunder in the playoffs that's sports with Stephen Ted KMS. Six Tony do now given her for Fox News commentator Todd Stein's. He's good tells about a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. The main don't know. Her Christian faith that are currently pay the price for that's coming up even did the morning on Jay and SS. Stephen said.