Box office projections down for the weekend

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 18th

"The Hitman's Bodyguard" and "Logan Lucky" open today.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita as number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Forty feet back in time Ted Woodward police in Spain killed five people. Suspected of ramming a car and a group of pedestrians at a town south of Barcelona police say the incident is linked to yesterday's vehicle attacked for the busy Barcelona but it could walk. That left third. Team dead and dozens injured ices his claimed responsibility for the Barcelona a act. FBI counterterrorism official and ABC contributor. Steve Gomez says this is an especially complex attack prices have the vehicle aspects to it these explosives that were found at a tea house that went off. C had the use of explosives that was another aspect to it. And now you have these five people that are dead and shoot out with law enforcement and the potential that they had explosive belts that could be used in the attack. All of this is very concerning. Now what the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning will be watching for some areas of rain making its way into south central Kansas here early on they'll likely come to an end by eleven or noon time that another chance of thunderstorm by this afternoon is a cool front pushes our way or high ninety winds rain chances in this evening Carlos 6895. On Saturday. And for the solar eclipse on Monday our computer model showing very few clouds symbol state drive on KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy 71 degrees we have a southeast wind at five miles per hour. The former city attorney for Manhattan has pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges of. The five year old bill Raymond event over pleaded guilty Thursday to three counts of transporting child pornography. And one count of possession of child pornography. Admitted that he had emailed child porn to himself using a cellphone at a computer and that he possessed child pornography. The crimes occurred in Butler and Riley counties. Raymond was Manhattan city attorney from 2012 to fifteen he previously was an assistant county councilor in Sedgwick county. Sentencing was set for November the sixth Dan O'Neill K and SS news. Kansas governor Sam Brownback held a news conference Thursday afternoon at the Eldorado correctional facility. Announcing changes to the Kansas department of corrections pay structure governor says there are plenty of job openings this is a challenge you say it's a good challenge in the sense that we had jobs. We need to be more competitive and our recruitment. Here at the city Kansas and not the steps we're taking today. There's a first step. I would also encourage employee unions to not delay implementation of these races that we can be more competitive in the job market Corrections Secretary Joseph Norwood joined the governor for the announcement. We're we're in past years we've had. Really ample. Applicants to fill behind the turnover that we had we seen here over the last year or so that that applicant pool has really dried up. Governor says under the new structure all uniformed corrections staff will receive an approximately 5% pay increase. The second annual love your community event is going to take place Saturday at evergreen park in north Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it's going to be a series of activities all day tomorrow. Community cleanup will be from eight to ten. They've from twelve to 1230 there will be a community parade. I wanted to clock guest speakers have been invited to come and be involved in this event. And they're from 2 o'clock till 10 o'clock that evening festivities will begin which includes a car show three verse three basketball dodge ball well walking up talent show. Love your community takes place tomorrow at evergreen park at 227 north and is director of education of Wichita as exploration place Cedric county science and discovery sitter she tells Cain is as it is a total eclipse is rare. And we'll be tracking north of here through southern Nebraska. There's a standing miles wide cap. That they called package to Kelly. And that is where that that shadow and it is learn about the cobra and that is 100%. Country each that run by the mention stokes out. The men were completely and not be totaled. Gallup says of Wichita area will see a 93%. Eclipse Monday. In the guerrilla warfare pitting police officers and addiction specialist against the makers and sellers of OP Lloyds. Terrifying new weapon is under development. Prescription drugs like Hydro code on or OxyContin have legitimate uses as painkillers. But they're highly addictive and once the prescription runs out says mark Woodward of the Oklahoma bureau of narcotics. Users sometimes turn to the black market oftentimes I think they're buying heroin and I think to buy an oxy code own out on the streets when it could be a black markets and that it coping when life that potentially deadly fentanyl. In the last year for new chemical varieties of that drug have been identified in Oklahoma alone. Jim wrong and ABC news. Senior services of Wichita is planning a big construction project at its facility west of downtown. Development director Chris Heinemann tells K Unisys news it's a project that involves staring down and rebuilding a facility. That turns out as many as a thousand meals on wheels a day and renovating a second building the senior senator. I would say a year to eighteen months day to finish the project. I I will say that we have completed. Raising. 50% of the six million dollar project so we've we've been able to secure three million dollars. Hyman says several preening eruption in the meals on wheels program shall folks are gonna get their meals while the construction goes on. Chris Simon is our guest this weekend and if you when he 17 Sunday morning at eight on McCain and as aunts. 97 to thirteen thirty K and assess Steve into the morning now 837 it is time for entertainment news Butler with Ted Woodward. A ton of music news for you Steve including new music. A tourist got pushed back a little bit and of course. Beams she's Spanish fans luckily just a bit longer witnessed Katie Perry as witness the tour it was supposed to kick off in three weeks but apparently the sex won't be ready in time so she's pushing it back two weeks and she assures fans it'll be worth the wait. Justin Bieber still wants to be friends that's the message in their music out Thursday the single called friend. The truck was produced by blood Hoff who worked with the broad discretion sorry. And new music from Weezer. Some Mexican federal will be part of windsors just announced eleventh album called Pacific daydream out October 27. Ninety's the stalled in fulfilling it MTV which is launching unplugged show they gave us get on a Nirvana album in more. Unplug return September 8 the first artist unplugging Sean and let's go to a couple of years after announcing she was done touring she and I Twain is doing guess what another tour kicks off next match I'm Jason Nathanson. Motion I explain there you know and it seems on the Tonight Show this week about her. Today a Miley Cyrus is releasing her new single younger now. The title track to her forthcoming album would come out in late September both. Good Miley Cyrus violators Steve and your enjoyment are like my like Spiderman had a great summer run on the big screen nice coming to the small screen Robbie Damon as the voice of the web Slater in the nude Disney XD series. Marbles Spider-Man he speaks with ABC radio about. Why this version is. Worth it it's really well done because it has all of these online his buddy and it's evocative. Without being like derivative it's new but familiar. I really think that kids aren't gonna enjoy it and down if you're a fan of Spiderman comics and you like big sweeping arcs with big stories this is going to be an issue for him. Like ranked his love evocative. They think evocative they go sour note. Interesting when invited may well. Elect the Spiderman figure that out series starts just a few weeks after Peter gets his powers that debuts tomorrow. Spiderman Disney Expedia. Music theater of Wichita last weekend of the summer knew he uses are not yet today tomorrow and Sunday and that'll wrap up the entire season for music theater which saw Mike Yost you summer's gone by so fast and a great job by Wayne Bryant and all the great. Actors and actresses and people behind the scenes that do music theater every year. Wanted to see news easily enough that it. Today tomorrow or Sunday before it wraps up its entry to him yeah way to go Wayne yep winged is definitely great great job when I just had a birthday last and I know yeah I guess they held isn't minding as a milestone I think it was now. Bless his heart yeah. My birthday away it's like coach Snyder he just keeps cool uncle that now. And let's get a box office preview able spotlight on a will be long. It's not looking like a lucky weekend at the box office two movies opening which may compete for the same audience we'll get lucky the latest from director students over and I think my. The stellar cast including Channing Tatum had a driver Katie Holmes and Hilary Swank the well reviewed heist film may not cracked ten million or more big stars in the hit man's body guard Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson. Break. Just look for it to win the weekend but it probably won't cracked when he first console of course we were. How old we want all the according to multiple reports Jeddah master over you want to know. Will be the subject of an upcoming standalone Star Wars movie the character was first read mr. Alec Guinness in the first three films then you're McGregor. The second trilogy it's still way too early to say who would play in this upcoming version there's no script no director yet. And a budget birthdays today Robert Redford Christian Slater Edward Norton get that Olson and Andy Samberg and Jason Nathan's. Hey Robert Redford earlier days air Bob Redford 81 today you have a favorite Robert Redford. Three days of the contour it's rewrite it right and I love that movie. You know thinks that's good and some really I would I would go with the natural is attached storage yeah out ahead of analyst Cassidy. I'm not Arabs. And I'm not a great big but cancer and I it was a natural three days the Condo or. All the President's Men All the President's Men this guy him this guy is a treasure he would opt runner Redford 81 and a great great career and a paid to this weekend as the 75 anniversary of a movie I think you turned me on Steve the talk of the town and oh yeah. We have Carey grant. Ronald Coleman Jean Arthur at Arthur is terrific to do it. Think about 75 years ago this weekend billed as a comedy. It's got a wallop of a dramatic script that it's really deals with. Potential terrorism yeah potential violence potential mob rule. Law enforcement arts and it there's some great great discussion this movie about law Yale law works in this country yeah and some of the things we're talking about in this movie are you just as relevant today as they are you get relaunch Israeli its various creating. Jean Arthur young the talk of the town the young teen author and Cary Grant our. And test. And there are Ronald Coleman and our goal is this law professor and yet very very interesting to throw it out. And I thought I'd leave you with this one Steve is we go into the weekend months maybe you watched it last night did you watch the Gong Show on ABC what lol I did it well. I'll give you a little piece of it here. Here he comes. It's the man with a tiny head. I laugh and now we're happy for twenty years and then we met each other. The other day he showed me a magazine article that said women who carries some extra weight. A little while longer book the man who mentioning. Fascinating. As the man with a tiny head guides on the Sany amnesty Macintosh jump book out lawlessness over lawyer I would never got the better you would have not gone out of your area calendars and all are. Or joked okay. Like all I've been enjoying the gun shows all by adding up I give that little bit competitors like rampant but I know your whether you can Tulsa. Entertainment news in the blurs brought to you by our good friends at pizza John Dana surveys here's your plan for the weekend you bet the clothes on Sunday so you gotta get there today or tomorrow. Just ten on down to K fifteen of their open Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM on tasty pizza and mistrial on down K fifteen it. Before Steve hasn't. And if you've been over here 208 south Baltimore. Yeah pizza John's end our lives and I were happy for forty years that we've that's. The editor of Gilroy the Wichita business journal evidence he fits into the morning good you know assess.