Brawl in Chicago fast food restaurant leads to 3 gunshot wounds

Steve & Ted
Monday, October 23rd

3 men have non-life threatening after the fight at the Taco Burrito King.


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This is distinction which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The point 6 o'clock this we came as a sporting news. Then it's nice being back in time for the partly cloudy and 48 degrees. Over stuff police officer was booked Friday evening on charges of misdemeanor official misconduct. And stalking. The arrest was made by the center county sheriff's office after the WPD requested them to investigate potential criminal conduct by the officer. According to police the officer arrested is a 21 year veteran of the WPD and heard upon a policy is on paid administrative leave. The BP. And avoid conflicts of interest. The criminal investigation is being held by the central county sheriff's office the Debbie PD had no further comment on the case at this time. Rodney price K and SS news Amanda is in critical condition after being shot himself Wichita Saturday night. Police sergeant Reese Mitchell says the shooting happened between 6:30 and 7 o'clock PM in the 16100 block of south Martins and officers say that an argument inside a home spilled outside into the Alley behind a house Mitchell says officers arrived to find an adult male who had been shot once in the neck. That victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Officers say nobody else was hurt and they only have one suspect the condition of the person who was shot is not currently known. Amy web K and SS news. Creighton University has released its October rural main street index Creighton you count mr. Ernie Gus says. There was some improvement this month. Two assists area banks CEOs and Kansas State's rural areas a tennis based including cancers overall index was up from last about September the mega vision test negative however agricultural commodity prices and agricultural income or just still not a little levels to choose any real improvement at least in terms of income. Gosh his struggles on the farm affect more than just the rural portions of state says farmers have less money disbanded the more urban areas of the state. Congressional Republicans are optimistic they can pass a tax overhaul by the end of the year. The last time major tax reform was done it to congress more than a year to do it this time around they're aiming to do it in just ten weeks there's certainly plenty of debate over the GOP proposal though which will likely be unveiled the next week herself. And leadership has said there will be plenty of changes made after its introduced. On Friday house speaker Paul Ryan announced that house plans to add a fifth tax brackets of the previously announced four. And would be for the richest Americans on FOX News Sunday majority leader Mitch McConnell wouldn't say if he supports that change as well. I hate to get into the details of those. Is going to be hashed out in the open and the Ways and Means Committee in the house and the finance committee in the senate in Washington dear Tammy Fox News. State emergency management officials say an EF one tornado tore through a central Oklahoma county Saturday. Ripping apart the casino roof all friend downing power lines and trees. The Oklahoma department of emergency management says preliminary damage reports indicate the tornado touchdown in Cleveland county. Emergency managers in National Weather Service officials are still surveying damage and other counties in Oklahoma. Or as many as four tornadoes were initially reported Saturday night. Taylor says news time now 604. Orman it's fast 6 o'clock. Seven and thirteen thirty K and that this this. We are Steve into the morning now 61010 minutes past 6 o'clock. And this morning traffic well. Traffic volumes are still little lights are not seen McKinley beach slowdowns out there and gasoline price in with. 233. Gallon. Somewhere between 232 was 233 gallon as far as the gasoline prices go responded to 32 maple in west. Traffic updates from cape and it's as radio on gas chambers and now the forecast we have Kayla says staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning to cold front is going to push through Wichita and south central Kansas by mid to late morning they'll switch wins around the north gusting fifteen to 35 miles per hour we'll be around 65 at noontime seventy later on this afternoon. Clear and breezy overnight are low 45. Sunny on Tuesday and cooler with a high 61 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy and 46 degrees we have a south wind and not name the miles per hour Monday. October 23 Tony seventeenth season did show number 5058. The net. And beautiful autumn day across Kansas Sunday which I was high temperature yesterday. The 71 degrees and virtually no wind how about them. Normal like the date 68 so little warmer than normal normal but could rave. It's beautiful leaves are starting to change cities cities really beautiful right now now Saturday we had some rain. Yeah 59 hundreds of any chip Eisenhower airport that's according to the folks at the National Weather Service office near the Eisenhower airport and check them this morning earlier. That is 59 hundreds just over a half fish doesn't sound like much but. It was coming down pretty good Saturday night where I was what about you in January and you're down south where stuff which Diana edit it seemed to rain fairly hard for. Not necessarily very long yeah I would go and there was stuff for awhile ago via the rumble west side and in net at a garage party and we were elected to be inside the garage party necessitated by the weather though he really we didn't anyway read the view that it was a man cave. And we are set up we knew it was hindering so we we took appropriate to appropriate action. Today is I said the October 23 on the state in 191510s. Of thousands of women paraded up Fifth Avenue in New York City. Demanding the rights to vote. All the suffrage. The nineteenth amendment giving the win and guaranteeing women the right to vote was ratified in 1920. So the women are out they were protesting were demonstrating the tenant. Five years to get that thing through of course you had a war going on right into. A slow things down. Will borrow one from 1915 to 1918 around and there the nineteenth amendment giving women the right to vote ratified in 1920. What's today. When he seventeen. Am also almost a hundred years ago but at that and Tony Tony will be introduced right yeah while. I'm in them really young women and girls today it is to get for granted. They should but you know the the big he would always have the vote in this country yap all unknown date they totally should be able to take it for granted but. And it's only amazing it's been less than a hundred years really that's right. Less than a hundred years. US senator Elizabeth Warren is joining the crowd cores were growing chorus of women. Talking about their experience with sexual harassment in the wake of allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The Massachusetts Democrat shared a story from. When she was a baby law professor. During a videotaped interview session with three other female senators and aired Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press. Warrants as a senior faculty member had asked her to stop by his office one day hand to get. And when she did he slammed the door and lunged for her. Taster around the desk. Trying to get his hands on her. She says she managed to flee and told only your best friend about it. Lawrence is speaking out is a way to show solidarity and says. And say it isn't the victim's fault. The news some of these women has stories to go back years and years and years they've never told anybody GAAP. And you thought they against them maybe the reason my wife was never. And that she ever had really blatant an inning like that happen she did she said never had yes I think because they know they knew that. He was married to me and it he would tell me everything. Let it be a big storm of controversy or something oh yeah but do you think about that we knew it as a woman at work. Obviously somebody's you know is a man's look good look and an OK a few somebody's. Daughters somebody's mother somebody's wife to get that way you guys. The guys who do back off I don't know how widespread it is frankly. But when we get a big prominent guy like Weinstein involved. You know that it just opens the door and everybody's got a story is gonna come forward and it all right may I that's fine yes if they find a way to. It'd be to help them to get past it and and demonstrate to younger we don't talk about the right to vote less than a hundred years ago now we're talking to the era about this so it also seems to be sort of a power thing I mean. Aaliyah I don't. I don't have anywhere near the power or authority. We don't have any authority over everybody gap. It seems like it's so far away his stance. I don't have any authority. Our hope and we want to abuse anybody or harass anybody although like I can give our boss Jackie wise deliver pretty good. Harassment but it's more like get it you know teasing and when do well not just getting it nun you know an immature person. Yet not to mention that I don't think generally have anything to do at the same thing to a and two mailed general manager gets it back just is up app that he's that good about their field steal his treasure right back yet. Chicago police investigating a brawl at a fast food restaurant. In which three people suffered gunshot wounds. A cell phone video obtained by the Chicago Tribune shows several men and women throwing punches. Hurling chairs and wrestling on the floor at a taco burrito and in Chicago's Greek town early Saturday before a gunshot can be heard. Police say the alleged gunman and two others suffered gunshot wounds none of which. We're considered a life threatening. They say they anticipate that when he sectoral men will face gun charges what they were arguing about in a fast food restaurant. It doesn't say in a taco fast regret talking to play every part of town Larry that Al Green tea. Now Kate just called Greeks and so imagine too that wasn't are probably ought to opt out that's an area of okay. Police say suspects in a rental truck drove through the front entrance of Louisville Tom story. In Columbus, Ohio carried off about a 150000 dollars worth of designer merchandise. The Columbus Dispatch reports the smash and grab occurred at a shopping complex called Easton town center. Now. Because I'm married and my wife knows he has schooled me on the stuff when it comes to leave but time that is some pretty high priced. Good stuff purses and so forth luggage. Also coach is a big name she I'm a very well versed in this I don't buy those and to their own money. On this matching grant they say between eight and and people. Win when inside this store for ransacked now they all get away with this. And people. Are filling of a 150000 dollar with a buying goods. Act that kept him. They just crime doesn't now. And that's stuff will be an even a year so I it and try to break it is sooner or later embassies. And other injury and now. Six coming up on 618 owls even Ted in the morning and after a busy weekend there was a lot of sports going on in Ted Woodward here with leadoff sports this morning Ted there. Are you drive it. Pretty uneventful what's more how much going on out their dark little breeze and that's about it. Dark dark dealings with it's still dark. I think everybody for you for your lights on. I think was when you came in the dark and chilly in the dark and stormy night. What's happening is sports opt not to but you'd never outside. That's why you're here right now and healthier and I was there at the routine has changed for several years I ask. Myself why am I here often get good value provided an answer form. Will college men's basketball yesterday's big men's basketball exhibition game the sprint center in Kansas City, Missouri. Featuring third ranked Kansas and Missouri going at it the first time in five years it was an exhibition game. And the the Dovonte Graham scored 25 points that they offer behind halftime came back to beat Missouri 9387. And part of a sellout crowd at sprint center. And this event raised a whopping one point eight million dollars for hurricane relief. The was called a showdown for relief exhibition. And boy did they raise a lot of money in. They are shooting for a million would like doubled doubled but yeah it was wildly successful in that respect rate so is that that money will go to help out people need help and are still suffering from the effects of those recent hurricanes. So on. Plots to. Applause it. Kansas and Missouri for getting that done and in helping folks who need help in finding a way to do is was can't dispose to have the kind of trouble with Missouri I mean mr. it was but they are headed after Emerson now Missouri was up well. Charged atmosphere. It was interesting I guess an up and these folks a good time. And it was another course also up in the Kansas City area you had the NASCAR folks hitting the Kansas Speedway yesterday afternoon. As though the race for the cup and goes down the stretch here Martin Truex junior completed an emotional victory. For his racing team at Kansas Speedway following the death of a crew member on Saturday night. The season's most dominant driver overcame a restart violation at least higher early on got his seventh win of the season. The race began just hours after the team learned that a crew member had died of heart attack while he was in Kansas City for the playoff race Kurt Busch finished runner up. A wave of complain playoff contenders are right behind their Wright and Bellini who's car failed post qualifying inspection. Chase Elliott fourth Denny Hamlin fifth to advance to the next playoff rounds of their results yesterday Martin Truex junior the winner of Kansas Speedway. Shocker volleyball team is ranked number 21 in the nation at two more wins on the weekend for the shot here's. Including a sweep yesterday echo arena over east Carolina three sets to zero Abby layman from Newton. Senior were seventeen kills Taylor route sept thirteen kills eleven digs tab of the brown had eleven kills. Newton's Emily Hebert dished out 42 assists. Shocks are now ten and oh atop their new American conference standings. And got another two wins don't talk about it tonight on the always entertaining WSU volleyball coach who show a head coach Chris slam. 630 tonight right here on KNS eschewing coach land on the voice the soccer's Mike Kennedy. As they just talk about shocker volleyball. And get things going and only broadcasting live from AJ sports guerrilla Pete Elliott thirteenth in green which. My dinner with coach Lamine Mike Kennedy tonight and listen to the volleyball coaches show here on king and assessed. KU football hawk talk is tonight jayhawks coming off another bad loss on the weekend. That we talked about it a head coach David Beatty at 6 o'clock tonight. On Sports Radio KF 81240. AM 975. FM. The Wichita thunder hockey team with. Lee yesterday downtown and impressed bank arena that's an early scoring and beat the Rapid City rushed five to two. Back to back wins for the thunder on the weekend which is off to weigh four and oh start on the season in hockey it's been good October could start for the thunder. And Monday Night Football tonight will wrap up the week and National Football League the Washington Redskins are in Philadelphia taking on the Eagles and a division match up. Listen do Monday Night Football 7 o'clock tonight on KF eight should sports the Stephen Ted no shocker volleyball players you're gonna and I think. They're a fun. At but it is their tent you know. In a noun a new conference. Ranked number 21 in the nation. They are fun to watch and drawing big crowds at Coke arena this season about that six what do you do now. Peter for Fox News commentator Todd stars Stephen dead in the morning on his case and a sense.