Breaking California into 3 states?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
The plan to break California apart, plus some late night jokes about the plan.

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There with a thirteen thirty K unit says Steve do in the morning Steve back into honest and Woodward to 830. And the issue of one State's attempt to ban a controversial fire arm device heads to court. A gun rights group filing a federal lawsuit challenging Maryland's ban on bump stocks that devices that increased the rate of fire on semi automatic weapons the suit by a group called Merrill Lynch shall issue says the bands on my governor Larry Hogan and April violates both the federal and state constitution it's the lawsuit argues among other things that banning the possession of devices that are currently legal without compensating the owners amounts to unconstitutional. Taking of property Lisa let Sarah. And the plea Wednesday prosecutors say debt shot at a Wichita families miniature English Bull Terrier twice. On December 30 Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett says the girl was sitting on the floor next to the dog when it moved and Mets fired. Two men are dead after two semi trucks collided on US 54 near Collison in Pratt county western Kansas Wednesday afternoon. Highway Patrol says the driver and only occupant of one semi 36 year old Patricio but through Reno. Of El Paso, Texas. Died at Pratt county hospital the passenger in one of the trucks 42 year old Arturo Moore of several New Mexico. Died it Kingman county hospital. And the other driver was taken to Weston medical center in Wichita in critical condition. Celebrities taking their own lives serving as a reminder that suicide rates have been on the rise in recent years. Suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States in the year 2016. That finding and others is being published today by the National Center for Health Statistics. They've also found suicide rates have been on the rise in recent years increasing about 30%. From the turn of the millennium through 2016. And more women and men are taking their own lives so men were more likely to use firearms. Whereas women would choose suffocation. Evan brown Fox News can you imagine three Californians. This fall Californians will get to vote on whether they want to split up. Count three has qualified for the ballot with the backing of venture capitalist Tim Draper he's tried this before but couldn't get enough signatures verified. You know Sacramento is not in touch with imperial valley they may be talking to Silicon Valley but not imperial valley and certainly not the Kern county and other smaller. Count three spokeswoman Peggy granny says they're in northern and Southern California and then just California a small strip of coastline from LA to Monterey. Says this time they tried to balance the populations economic opportunities household incomes and leading industries in each state. It might get tough sell little while they gathered over 700000. Signatures a hole in April found just 17%. Of Californians support the idea. And Jack's got Rosenthal Fox News. Woman is desperately searching for her wedding dress that was accidentally. Donated to charity rush out the million Massachusetts says she was storing her wedding dress at her aunt and uncle's house but the uncle. And that take you address and donated it to the Palmer goodwill a couple of months ago by mistake. And finders keepers losers sweeper is the dress was already sold. Familiar is now turning to social media asking for help to find it hoping whoever bought it will return it. If that doesn't happen familiar says she hopes the new owner will cherish it and Duffy Fox News. Now look at the forecast with K Unisys stampede urologist Dan holidays good morning day and good morning a stretch of hot and dry weather is going to take us throughout the rest of the weekend right on into the weekend if there's a ridge of high pressure builds into the central part of the country we get to about 97 for the high it's clear and warm overnight are low 74. Sunny and hot on Friday with a high 97. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. I'll partly cloudy cell went to twelve miles per dollar and 78 degrees. 834 now Stephen 10 in the morning on K and as as send. Time for the ball blur entertainment news with but bird talking about. A case of elder abuse right now for awhile known victim in the business manager for one of America's comic book icons is under investigation. Sammy was granted a temporary restraining order against his business manager personal advisor are now under investigation for elder abuse. We accuses guy Morgan of inserting himself into his life and taking advantage of the 95 year old impaired hearing and vision and judgment. Stating Morgan moved away from his longtime family home and prevented family & Associates from contacting. The restraining order comes two days after Moore who was arrested for allegedly filing a false report saying burglars were in his home when it was authorities conducting a welfare check on leak. A court date for permanent restraining order set for July 6 the shelf Leno fox needs. A recent Supreme Court ruling that opened the door to legalize sports betting has some officials in Nevada and gaming analysts worried that chip away at Las Vegas is near monopoly on the practice. The industry insiders are now betting that high court's decision could be it financial boon for Vegas is sluggish casino gaming industry. The floodgates are now open as states can legalize sports betting thanks of the supreme court's ruling last month. Already Delaware New Jersey have led the charge and created their own markets. But industry insiders in Nevada are wondering how the Mecca of the gambling world was Vegas welfare. Gaming research analyst Dave Schwartz says Vegas shouldn't worry. A lot of Las Vegas based companies are going to be who wants providing and other states so I don't think there's a huge concern. Leading sports books like William Hill hope the decision will stem a huge influx of illegal betting. The American Gaming Association estimates that 97%. Of all sports bets placed last year were illegal. Schwartz says people are always going to wanna come to sin city to place bets. And out of Vegas has professional sports teams the allure is even greater in Las Vegas Andrew craft Fox News. For Hulu is it real life Kansas City or fiction Kansas City box itself. Who is hoping political comedy will strike the next court considering a venture capitalists wanted to split California on the ballot. Reality is now part restrictions. City set in a modern US driven by cultural and political divisions so much that it's chosen to split itself into two nations. Liberal east Kansas City conservative west with a wall. Delta divide the sides according to the Hollywood reporter raced all stars as Ben Graham. A citizen of east Casey who has resigned himself to only being able to see his fifteen year old daughter lives in west Casey a few hours a day. Alison tall and plays tablet that bands acts to it and Annie. Her motivations then and now are complicated. If this class seems far fetched remember nothing is any longer as a measure was introduced Wednesday. To split California. Into three. That's fox Steve on fox. More on that coming up. It's a couldn't royals games anymore they've built a wall. East and west Kansas City but armed guards and a music that go down to see the Rangers aren't. To read those and Jurassic world team up to create the world's largest ships. Mad scientist at jury goes well actually marketing mavens have hats to dinosaur sized snacks to celebrate next week's release of Jurassic world the fallen kingdom. The company is giving away a limited number of a foot long chips. And auctioning off the last remaining one you can injure the wind a Jurassic sized chip by tweeting to read o's. With those special hash tags. Auction bidding starts online today proceeds will go to the American Red Cross is efforts in Hawaii. Where the movie was filmed. Carmen Roberts Fox News. Coming up in two and a half weeks I'm going to trade John Adams in the musical 1776. John Adams. It is today's flag days or more appropriate to get start to get the mood for July 4 they're very appropriate yes it. And that performance of 1776. The musical will be July 1 second and third. Three days leading right up to July 4 that'll be at the Wichita center for the performing arts on east central just west of sensual way have a love to see there two and a half weeks away yeah. Musical 1776. Cents. Let's finish with some let's finish in good humor was okay late night action on the up front see with the always knew they were talking about last night let's check in with Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. Eric California. There'll be out literally divisive measure on the ballot in November that if it passes would separate our state into three different parts is called the cal three plan. It would divide California into three parts the part that. Smokes weed the part that smoked meat and the part that smokes meth I think that. Each of the three new states would get their own car dash in just to be okay. I don't know why would I know we're under represented in the senate but. Instead of going to prolong an acrimonious political process why not just wait for the earthquake to split the stayed up until. God we'll take care of this forum. Find out what's going on with Conan O'Brien on CDS the Detroit zoo. Announced it's sending 111000 tad polls to Puerto Rico to help restore their native code population. Okay. Do you yeah week. Yeah I'm grateful Puerto Rico said thanks but. Just sensible electricity instead. It Elon Musk apparently is marketing something that's a flame thrower I guess let's check in with the late late show on CBS at James Gordon. To get around existing holes in a mosque is calling the products. Not so flame thrower. A great idea I think it's hard to do use one of these not a plane. So not a robot make a story. And finally let's get some of the lomb on NBC would late night was admires scientists in Germany have programmed robot to hug humans. Eateries are showing hugs can reduce stress and help stave off illness. Which is the most German reaction to that news. Well you need a hat kind of yet let me be good robots. Robots yet hug you now. Entertainment news in the blurs rob do you by are good friends at pizza at Johns in game. Just south of cape fifteen and market right there in derby to drive on cape fifteen stopping at 208 cell Baltimore have yourself a tasty pizza pies. They are fantastic folks we love them their pizza at Johns inter beat out eight. 41 Stevenson in the morning on Kagan SS. Editor for the wished our business journal update the editor bill Roy local university names and you deem it. That's coming up Stephen tell in the morning on KN SA stuff.