Breaking down the Thanksgiving holiday box office

Steve & Ted
Monday, November 27th

We get "Fox on Film's" report on the holiday box office take.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we should toss in a room. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 33. You're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 and SS. Here on Monday November 27. A mother and son were found dead this weekend in east widgets off. At approximately 11 Saturday evening Wichita police officers responded to a welfare call at a residence of the 7500 block of bees honey Ted. A twenty year old female resident reported that she came home from work and found her 62 year old mother and her 23 year old brother dead in the home. Homicide investigators were called and to lead the investigation. No arrests have been made at this time and it is not believed to be a random event. If you have any information on this case please call crime stoppers at 2672111. Rodney price K in SS news. Let's take a look at that weather forecast journal Monday after Thanksgiving. Meteorologist Dan Holliday will Phyllis sand thank you dammit. Good morning our record high temperature for today is 72 said back in 1933. And it looks like. We may tie or break that this afternoon chances are good but the high 73. Strong south winds at twenty to 35 miles per hour at times. We'll stay breezy again this evening are low 52 in scattered showers move in tomorrow along in your cool front. Our high sixties I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Currently in Wichita we have a breeze out of the south that is partly cloudy and 48 degrees. The big week for the president to be meeting with congressional leaders at the White House and visiting senate Republicans on the hill. President trouble address Republican senators at their weekly policy lunch tomorrow passing the tax reform bill will be the top item on the agenda. After that meeting on Capitol Hill the president heads back to the White House to discuss the looming government shut down. With house speaker Paul Ryan senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. And democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Both parties' leaders fear that a disagreement over the fate of so called dreamers will trigger a government shut down next month. Current funding for federal agencies will run out on December rate. At the White House Jon Decker Fox News. More details on that attack that took more than 300 lives the deadliest terrorist attack in the history Egypt. At egyptians marked a weekend of mourning for the people killed on Friday. Authorities there now getting a better picture of what happened in this small village of beer I'll bet. Around noon on Friday more than two dozen. Well our abilities we ices flags attacks outlawed Abbas. First set it off the eight ball. And that guiding down midi of the 500 or so worshippers who were trying to flee to safety. This attack shows just how easily ices though is able to operate in the Sinai desert. It just how ineffective Egyptian security forces are. In Jerusalem Conner Powell Fox News. May be spent. Last Friday at the shopping mall maybe just stayed home but today might be thinking of deal hunting from the safety of your computer or mobile device. What kind of deals can you expect today on Cyber Monday. If you think you missed out on getting good things for your home at a cheap price just because you didn't go out on Black Friday today's Cyber Monday deals could be just as far. But they get their cheaper talking about toasters and coffee makers. That's Janice Lieberman with deal news she adds that Cyber Monday sales often include things normally not sought after on Black Friday. Like that vacation you wanna take how. Tell deals and packages. It's a big day to book travel at a discount nobody thinks about that Evan brown Fox News. It is 836 with Stephen Ted in the morning here on K in as ads. It's time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment. That's why it's called the blower and here is your moderator. Jab at chambers and jab at Thanksgiving weekend the long weekend. And lot of folks were going to the movies. Yes and here is Fox's Steve Rapoport. Media takes a look at the weekend box office numbers gives us a little break down here on fox on film box. I'm Steve Rappaport an animated musical centering around the Mexican holiday. He's numero who know what the box office streak past author I wanna see. Just like yeah. Pixar cocoa grossing an estimated 49 million dollars from Friday through Sunday and 71 point two million since opening on Wednesday making it the fourth best Thanksgiving weekend ever the film tells the tale of a twelve year old boy who accidentally visits the land of the dead and seeks help from his great great grandfather to get home. After a not so super debut last weekend there's. Far away. It's only hair Justice League slipping to second place with forty point seven million a family friendly drama finishes in third place there's. Any candidate I eat but look like him I swear I definitely pays. Wonder taking in 22 point 3000004. Wreck Iraq and daddy's home to round out the top five that's fox on film. Well Ted is. If that one of the highest grossing films. Of all time it was released on this day not to long ago back in 23. CE. And it is. The highest grossing animated film of all time to edit really do you know what movie I'm talking about yeah. No I do non you do not give you a little bit of a hint here. The highest grossing animated film of all hi everyone I'm monologue and I like warm hugs. Okay yet it now. Yes it is this song this is Disney's Carlos Rosas a little bit and you while. Are. I'm. I'm unarmed. We get it right there yeah Disney's frozen and released on this day back in 2013. So. The worst in years four years ago highest grossing animated film of all time one of the highest grossing films of vault on him Alina. It's pretty good business course features the voices of Kristen Bell. Dean in itself. And began Josh gad and the senate they'll want to Academy Awards. It won best animated feature and best originals on it. Let it go home and also got a Golden Globe to grant them. Happy for what is decorated frozen out. Are we talked just a little bit earlier Friday a birthday of a very successful. Al. That would the the magical mystery yeah album as. Featured songs from eighty. A movie that was a little bit less than successful actually now. But as well as a bunch of singles in cedar in this surrounding. Time so. It was a huge massive hit as far as the soundtrack or not eccentric but the magical mystery tour album. Number one on the album chart for eight straight weeks few months yeah 67. Course strawberry Eli forever onerous that we. Anyways I am the walrus hello goodbye see some good songs on that now now all you need is love. Hit songs and an album that's. The beatles' magical mystery tour another happy birthday today to Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow. When my favorite lost and yes the Hurt Locker it and get an Oscar for the Hurt Locker first. Female director to win a best an artery now even. The all currently the only female investor Esther right lesbians yes so that was for the Hurt Locker is also and it elm films like up point break. Very very early ones also zero dark 31 of my favorite films of all time a strange case. As directed by Kathryn didn't know. Now so if you happen to be able to find that anywhere chicken string beans good movie I liked it anyway I don't. Finally had an annoying television neighbor. Turns 41. Tells us not Gladys Kravitz no but it's very annoying at television neighbor. Arnold Klein thinks I'm. Just lucky here's what else quite neat that you know like like I sat. He mentioned Cole. Hey I'm sorry OK everything yes Larry is because he can at least now I don't want. Concrete all three pounds up or her case around. That's right. Actor Joseph legal white's best known for playing Steve purple. Her and frank seasons. On the ABC and then CBS sitcom family matters and you think he's turning 41 today did I mean in saying that gas. It's still legal white or 841. He's actually been gone on to beat Canada a voice actor. A bunch of voice over work he's appeared in films like a dream girls and now he's also been on television programs like death. Boston Legal Alice and site. So have brought that shows happy birthday than to. Annoying television neighbors Steve Merkel after Juliet light turning forty. One years old today was on that show this fall would Bobby pointed handed John Laird hit me myself and I thought I'd get at got yanked after five episodes he was good and it's a yeah now that. Let's show got yanked pretty quickly. 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