Breaking Down Wheat Bread With Extra Crispy's Kate Welsh

The Good Life
Saturday, October 14th
Guy's visit with Extra Crispy's Kate Welsh continues as Guy & Kate discuss Extra Crispy's wheat bread comparison challenge.

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Yeah. Good out there welcome back to the program I got power and every Saturday here in the UK and assess food wine and fund studios and talk about. Food lines and look. Today it's about extra crispy and a bunch of others though there's some great events going on and coming up in the next week or two. Got a great one of the week it's from Sonoma from one of my favorite one producers. About fox on the TV in the background here and there are showing pictures of should Morillo winery before and after that was said. But let's get back to not that we're gonna talk about wheat bread extra crispy and my guess K well put together an article about. Twelve different grocery store whole wheat breads. Individually challenge taste tested and rated. This ad to be fun Kate you have an interesting background and bread. Yeah that you know high. String and let it grow. And parent. Together there aren't arrogant. And a week that. After all I. Area and your wit grocery store brand. But I'm mean and mean it really. Light on I didn't mention how. Oh. I have to admit that as a large. Huge news is always in search of weight loss. And and rarely able to accomplish. I have been eating Sara Lee's you know 45 calories do though bread. And it troubles me when you buy a Wii local wheat bread and three weeks later it's still looks exactly the same. Great three weeks past the date on the again. What have they done that this is is it really boring at your first four that you reviewed. What I can't read that is that. Martin's. Yeah barely carried and Maarten hole leader Brad. Aaron and Pepperidge Farm why I'll. Stopped week barely. And teachers and. And and these are all labels and I think everybody's looked at. And it and it and it and these look healthy and nice and how was the flavor and. You know universe in the short yoga it. And tricky thing Brad rated you on that happening in your talking you know pattern your. He. And injecting it is to gain totally. Own hair. And at what did you at what I mean is Powell. They're not create or. An interactive menus you acre tree where we're at war. It was more ad delivery that topic and and it could care. Something to wraparound lunch meat. And I love some of the comet took into you you give it unbiased assessment the news about Bubba. Pepperidge Farm. And I don't mind if you don't mind spread its drive at its artificial. It tasted better after a few good shoes but honestly wipes you bet your show. Necessarily and again I I do that I I didn't realize I should have known I think I've seen it before but that the Pepperidge Farm had that. 45 calorie piece but obviously there's some consistency and lack of quality when you get 45 dollars but. And he. And photos are released no thank you. Nature's own didn't fare much better let's go to some that did though that lets go down the next four. Gore got it back their land and water and Packers are loud and they're armed and under will be. I'm. It didn't impact me are. Completely fell apart at eight. No probably not keep it. Up dirt on or. Outer. Then I start in that country. What are you just need. And it and it it would bind but they are what being an. You know meet me passionately about it and what my. It's you know way. I love that I just got to highlight what you said. It's really badly you talk about a food product that you should enjoy it's it's not it's an offensive. It didn't ruin my day. I go ahead I hate to keep it erupted but it is a government. Arnold. Aren't all the paper aren't allowed I pat I tried. It again and an accurate and strange. It ain't sweating and and and you know probably. Been a good match order hurt your pattern. Adequate and it weird when it totally radical act you act. Pop it out and for whatever you battled like. Eating lunch and back and gracious. I like it how about. I I have I have hadn't been a fan of nature's harvest stone ground 100% a week. One track and actually I enjoyed the flavor that they make it all ET hot and by game. And wore out and more and then again I think it would be great pair thing. On top and you know doesn't really aren't that. Let's go to the winners of the winner group before. Yeah act that the winners. Here at fort Wayne Downing needed by Arnold. Arnold brand Brad really got it up. And and you iron game act upon this cricket sport and it country under her bully. Would be great for another part average player UK. Fan but it crack habit your news. Or are. And that would cut and I think but again like. That would be option I would not now I. Ask Pepperidge Farm call 800%. We'll meet you act. But the fact of the peppered art and I want shot patent. They hadn't had a decent texture. Held up innocent part you are eating it. Aaron and again it would lamented one bet didn't parted it completely memorable labor. But it. What impact it's buying. And yeah. And yeah that it popular book Arnold and the winner at it Arnold whole grain under or hold me. Had a really credit texture Erik Pears and he didn't vote in the credit outstanding get a little bit more hack Eric. Doing eight multi. True me flavor. And we've. And really I mean he. I like that one alike and the whole week that has you know kind of the bits of Motrin whatever on top of the crushed in the. How do you do gadget and it accurately. And texture Aaron. And that I think we need to get out. Romania. And richer or topping so much at the time and all that it may regret as a little bit more. Actor Oscar golden hat. You get that not one in which he did your by. Well at it as we talk I'm a common through here and just over the food section alone. Some of the recent features the on the Friday the thirteenth feel the good thing I didn't see that with a par on the two dozen donuts for thirteen bucks I like those ones and this is such an interesting thing that most people don't think about. The formula for the perfect breakfast solid. Act. Starting to be pretty trendy thing and it. Passed and we'll continue line. Ten slow cooker breakfast recipes for cozy ball slow cooker exit purgatory this looks really yummy. Or. Why you should eat the whole apple seeds at all. Yes you can use brownie mix to wake make waffles just trauma that many titles you'd have the other club. I guarantee you if not you. Some of your friends on the staff for going to be on the show organ because. I get so tickled with Sibley articles you guys have come up with and you know that. The future probably filled with many more in I wanna like I look forward to all of remember named it the gal that's the overall head of drinks. And today. So she's she's she's gonna have to be on a love that visit the ones such as she did the articles titled is. You. At angered. Flavored sodas that Starr at the soda shop while he was ranch dressing. You know odds seem typical thing pickle flavored disease notably. In there. Well look Kate will let you go get back to your red day in New York how's the weather there today. A little grape growers are mainly getting it at all let it. An. Eight day act. We'll keep up the good writing and keep in touch and a look forward to see more stuff now folks what you've got to go to extra crispy dot com. Upper right hand side newsletter sign up. Doctor email addresses in there and get on the newsletter Yuma regretted thanks elected. Have a great weekend teller Ruddy and up as we said and don't forget they can listen to podcast after the fact that they didn't Libya listened to the alive. Weaker okay we take another quick break come back Kathy Sweeney's gonna join us she's a bit panic and you know they put on so many great events and yet you think goes Summers overbooked and the Timothy over it's just not publicly about. Unwind it. That's you and W I and ease. The wind being may have that is yours truly host a live event there next that's weak October it did with say about that and then I got a great for the week and a lot of clubs sonoco way.