Broadway welcomes Bruce Springsteen

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th
The Boss will perform 5 shows a night in a Broadway Theater until February.

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news Jay get SS. We just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The Marlins team back in time did Woodward's. The Boy Scouts will start to accept girls the organization we'll have a cub scouts program for girls is also scouting program for older girls. The cup program will be separated by gender. Check Eaton is the boy scouts of America eastern Massachusetts. Character education program and so vital and so strong. But the girls and lots of families have wanted to be part of it. The choice to admit girls will be up to local cub scout packs. Now the forecast with Kahan says stamp be college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning with a mostly clear and cool start this morning in Wichita you won't need a life jacket once we get to this afternoon temperatures are going to be soaring well above average are normal high this time of year is 71 at today's high eighty with a gusty south wind. Clear overnight Tarlow 62. Sunny Friday with a high 85 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay now partly cloudy we have a southeast and ended fourteen miles per hour and 52 degrees. Wichita police are investigating the case of a neglected animal. Was early Monday morning a man drove through an Alley in the 18100 block of north. A resident had observed this activity and went to see what was left and he found a brown in color. Female couple. That was nothing but skin and bones. I was left for dead the dog was picked up by the resident take it to a local vet clinic. Where is currently still being treated in extremely critical condition. There's a picture of that dog along with the story on our web page it Kate and as as radio dot com. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the person who left the Macy aided dog in the Alley was driving a 1990s model blue van. A Kansas inmate accused of stabbing and injuring a corrections officer has been charged in that case. But to take a capital journal reports 27 year old Allen shorter junior was bound over for trial following a preliminary hearing Tuesday. You be arraigned later today. Shawnee county corrections officer of lacy dole alleges Schroeder became angry after she threatened to write a mob for screaming and inciting a riot in April. Witnesses testified that Schroeder sharpened our broken door handle to step Noelle she says she was struck on her face back and shoulder. Channel deal Kagan SS news. The city of Napa is now under advisory for evacuations. Because of the ongoing wildfires in northern California. That doesn't mean residents have to leave now. But at a town hall community meeting last night fire chief Steve brass field asks for full compliance. Cannot be overly prepared. Be prepared to the point so when we come into your neighborhoods and we say now's the time to go please go. Commit to us that you go and we say go. President trump was selling his tax cut plan to the nation's truckers Wednesday. The president hopes grassroots pressure gets congressional support. The president of Pennsylvania standing before an eighteen Wheeler with a sign declaring truckers for tax reform what you chops hoping. America is growing the president repeating his tax plan Al lying saying it will benefit the middle class and small business not the rich but he needs congress' help you better get it passed a similar plea the president made with a health reform that failed this year in field ABC news. When it comes to checking accounts one that may not be enough you have just one checking account. Justin coupled with the website the penny order says you really need to have a leased to have a single bank account would have. Happens is if it's just and they kill little bit money so we'll open another one and then give us an enough money from your paycheck into one account. Does she handle all your bills. That's second checking account deposit on the left that money you know you're a fun stuff you neglect to eat you think they kids out to and in Houston park. Deposited in that count even better make it an interest bearing checking account Dario all think ABC news. 833 now Stevenson in the morning on K and as sand at 833 means it's a time for the blur entertainment news with Ted but Byrd today but it. We have a ralphie. And Twitter violation. And Harvey Weinstein family under the microscope. Police were called Wednesday to the Los Angeles home of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein whose daughter Lillian what's set to open a dispute between the 22 year old and her father Weinstein of course facing a cascade of allegations of sexual harassment that took place over decades police wouldn't comment on the nature of the dispute with his daughter and what may be related news overnight actress rose -- gallons Twitter account was suspended for allegedly violating their rules McGowan revealed the news on her into Graham adding quote be my voice McAllen spent a fierce Weinstein critic online the New York Times reports she reached a 100000 dollar settlement with Weinstein after hotel room encounter within twenty years ago. We've got our ralphie eleven year old beauty Walken will play the role of Fox's upcoming live musical version of a Christmas story vessels and actually affect the actor best known for playing Wolverine on the big screens got a birthday today Hugh Jackman turns 49 I'm Christopher Watson. It's called one voice it's almost live concert for disaster relief it's an all star three hour bi coastal fundraising concert. Coming up on Saturday huge list of entertainers. Daddy Yankee Marc Anthony. DJ Khaled magic and more at Miami's. A Marlins park stadium. And then in Los Angeles you're going to have performances by co host. The three hour live one voice so most live recital cast kicks off Saturday. On the Spanish language TV networks Univision and telemundo first time may come together like this NBC will be joining the the fund raiser for hours three. Money raised will benefit half a dozen charities all four hurricane and earthquake relief. You say daddy Yankee's going to be earned yet cool group that I know you just wrote that down nice. More Harvey Weinstein fallout and thirteen reasons why it has to take a hole. As turmoil continues to surround movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct toward women Ben Affleck has been dragged into the conversation the actor took to Twitter yesterday condemned Weinsteins alleged actions and that's one bands and actress Hilary Burton pointed out in 2003 and cement and which Affleck grab Bertans breast when she was a host on MTV's TRL and he was aghast I didn't forget burden tweeted Affleck responded Wednesday on Twitter I acted inappropriately toward miss Burton and I sincerely a production halted on season two of the Netflix brake gas series thirteen reasons why the northern California wildfires are to blame this according to deadline Dunning is due to start again on Sunday I'm Matt Walsh. Another superhero movie had a premiere this week in Los Angeles. Are wracked Iraq this third film in marble floor franchise enjoyed its premiere in Los Angeles Tuesday start Chris Hemsworth says this entry in the marvel cinematic universe definitely doesn't take itself too seriously available funding a little more human error and grandest sense of adventure in the film mark ref blows incredible Hulk is source partner in this one we know it's got off. Frightening. But the way in my life I that it doesn't take any of it too seriously which is exactly what we need in this moment in time the war wracked Iraq opens November 2 for marvel and Disney parent company of ABC news. News Christopher Watson ABC news. Let's check in on some of the late night funny last night about Seth Meyers NBC's late night with Seth Meyers talking about Taylor swift's tale. There's swift announced he's launching a new app called the Swiss life. They'll feature tame oldies which are Modi is it looked like her and they all have one thing in common they're all surprised. Constantly shocked dealers list. A rock and roll legend is writing his memoir the who's Roger adult three niece now 73 years old. Rock legend is writing his first ever memoir. Has been working on it for three years. He says he's had he's still around to do it says that's a quote nothing short of a miracle. No name yet an MR it'll be out sometime next year Roger adultery memoir from Britain. Google music history for ia sixty years ago on this day. Little Richard announced he was giving up rock and roll for religion. And he was later ordained as a minister. He eventually get back to general did not give it does not permit. Little Richard. I give him and I can manage music and minister. There on the pole but yeah. Nobody would sleep through it no no no no no you wouldn't tolerate it happy birthday today and one of my favorites the lovely Susan Anton. That is 67. Today Bob hope's favorite. She was a staple on Bob Hope specials back in the seventies. Susan it pretty tall and she's you know they lady tall blonde she of the gumbo although it. Really you know what you would have to I think he was witnessed the usually I make or racist and anti on TV special news again did you ever do battle in the door learning. Yeah it did she ever do battle of the network stars on it. It looked elements Atlanta. I'm not in time 67. Years old today out. Sixty years ago today. The Dr. Seuss yuletide tale how the grinch stole Christmas was first published by random house. But that's what we found out about the great book came out sixty years ago today but of course most people today and acknowledge because of the cartoon but I just Jones cartoons. How it started him. One of greater mean when mr. And lets a couple music note to finish up on day. And it. We will talk about something that happened forty years ago today. Forty years ago today John Denver. Guy and I'm sorry twenty years ago. 97 they said John Denver crashed and died but it'll rip little airplane here yeah he was and he was a he was a pilot. He crashed off the California coast flying an experimental plane died from his injuries he snooze time he's only 53. I have an idea I was never a big. John Denver fan but in the mid seventies he appeared at the Kansas coliseum. Shelley and I went out for one of the few concerts I've ever gone to. And you guys basically you know it's three hours that is in the middle. They do the middle and was he was rage is bandied you know he's one of those guys here they can break for awhile I'll do violence though he never got a faith. I thought it was terrific. Everyone knows I've got one of those doubles CDs and a live concert yeah it is phenomenal. That was a heck Michelle looked up and a great great listen from beginning in right John Denver. Sold more than 33 million records in his lifetime. And he he appealed the country fans pop folk rocky he had huge appeal in the cross over Canada. That's going to call him. And an artist whose look and new music can be heard on two or three different formats we call them crossover. We have many of those anyway I don't think it is when he could argue is out of the country that's yes crossed over into pop territory security app. I'm just not country and western like you to bless them much more pop standards you bet there's a lot that any. And so yeah remarked John Denver's passing and twenty years ago today and Steve when you think of Broadway. Any immediate who comes to your brain when I say broadly these. Nobody's a Broadway job Damon. Known. What I would think of Ethel Merman apple apartment. Mary Martin Maarten there. They go on for days and days. John Deal good from the great charitable arm and a you know who's opening on Broadway tonight. Bruce Springsteen yeah sensitive. Screens seen on Broadway. Opens tonight at the official opening night Walter Kerr theatre bright lights of Broadway in New York City. It's just a bruise on stage by himself. Bruce says I wanted to do some shows it was personal and intimate as possible until Broadway for the project. As beautiful theaters which seemed like the right setting for what I have in mind. He says the 960. Seats of the theater probably the smallest venue I've played in the last forty years. This might show it to me the guitar the piano and words and music. An unspoken Samsung and that loosely follows the arc of my life and my work. And it's going to run through early February wow. The root lady who's going to. But Gary Busey gonna be a route not that's our. The Bruce Springsteen is going to plunked himself down on Broadway and do five shows a week from now until early February that would be thought. I don't think you can do and kind of series. Like those people have residency in Vegas during being paid me IDs. The disputed here now and it's something interest into the you don't get on broadway's Bruce Aristide's. Right. That starts at the opening night tonight in one city that's entertainment news occupier good friends at. Did Jon didn't hurt me Shelley and I were there last night what you see up on the wall right all saw the photo. Photo of Stephen you hit it right there by the desperate people kept coming up too obvious eating today edit your photo the other night at an autograph on. They were and it lays out the real problem is due tasty pizza. Right there on K fifteen it 208 south Baltimore MDT Johns in 3843. Dallas even dead local executive has a new role at oak industries. Editor bill war oval which does business journal coming up. Keep it did in the morning on tape and a sense.