Burglar gets burned trying to rob a Pennsylvania Dollar General

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Monday, January 29th
Nearly nude young man had to be rescued after trying to break in through a heating vent.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news can't SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 630 he did in the morning feedback been so much Ted Woodward. Multiple fire crews battled a large brush fire near derby Sunday. Shortly after 5:30 PM crews responded to the fire they can send news spoke with the secretary division keep. Carl Cox who said the fire burned about ten acres. And the fire had a lot of fuel due to trees brush and fences in the area twisted the conditions we had today and several people were out doing legal controlled burns. And I believe the wind change and and dry conditions. Have caught several people by surprise crews were able to quickly keep the fire under control however they were all on the scene monitoring some hotspots. Throughout the overnight hours cause of the fire has not yet been released dry windy conditions creating a wild fire hazard across much of Kansas and Oklahoma. We can grass fire in Cheaney charred 25 to thirty acres. Hutchinson firefighters responded to four blazes Sunday to the grass fires. No injuries have been reported firefighters say wildfires. Have scorched hundreds of acres in western Oklahoma. Damaging fences and equipment but causing no injuries. The federal government says it will not cut off funding for lauded state hospital after a review found the mental hospital is now complying with federal rules or regulations. Kansas department for aging and disability services said Friday. Federal regulators notified officials at the hospital past the federal inspection. Conducted in December. Federal officials in October threatened to cut off funding for the 104 bed unit and martyred. The questions about his patient rights policy and safety concerns for patients. Timothy text secretary of the Kansas agencies set an October. The department was spent about one million dollars on renovations. To respond to concerns from these centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. So political that we're backed by conservative industrialist Charles and David Coke. Players who spent twenty million dollars to promote the tax overhaul recently signed into law by president Donald Trump the investment marks an early focus of the Coke Brothers 2018 political strategy. It comes as the conservative billionaires worked to expand their sweeping efforts to promote a free society in America. Charles cogan is chief lieutenants previewed their strategy on Saturday the first day of the three day private donor retreat at a luxury resort in the California desert. They previously announced plans to spend between 30400. Million dollars on politics and policy heading into the mid terms. When the GOP's house and senate majorities are at stake. The global focus on attacks overall to protect the Republican majorities they were also host rallies and phone banks and run television and the Internet ads in the coming months. Ronnie Price paid an SS news president try his prepping for his first State of the Union Address Tuesday night and we're getting some hints as to what he will say we're. When president trump stands before a joint session of congress this week White House legislative affairs director mark short says the president plans to reaffirm what he told world leaders last week in Switzerland than America is open for business short appearing on FOX News Sunday said there will likely also be an appeal to congressional Democrat. Say we need to rebuild our country and make an appeal that to do infrastructure we need to do in a bipartisan way short says the president will hit on military strength and a pathway to citizenship for dreamers says his evidence that America is rebound. Colonel Scott Fox News. It's brutal Mars has won the album of the year Grammy Award for 24 K magic capping an epic night for the pop star. The award is Mars its sixth win of the date Marcy knowledge fellow nominees in the category including JG lord and childish Gambino. The manager of a dollar general store got quite a surprise after opening for business Sunday morning to you heard. Some sort of pounding but could not place exactly where it was coming from so we called the Erie Pennsylvania police but the pounding Stockton they were unsuccessful in finding anything a short time later more pounding this Tommy called fire officials and they figured it out a young man wearing only his underwear and was stuck in the air docs they also found tools he used to pry open the vent on the roof in his efforts to rob the store and the man suffered minor burns on his body because of that they found a man was actually heating ducts. Kevin battled Fox News. That is so cups that it. Not a very bright young fellow pro no absolutely US senator Pat Roberts was honored Friday night with a citation for distinguished statesmanship. From the native sons and daughters of Kansas of the group's annual banquet in Topeka. The organization honored Roberts has Kansan of the year in 1998. And is distilling stint as distinguished Kansan of the year in 1999. This year marks the group's 100 anniversaries. At 635 now Stephen Teddy here on a via the Monday morning January 29 billion if you hit them the door be ready figured bundle. It's a little more it's a little cooler than it's been in the morning spent a few days yet seventeen degrees right now at 635. Truckloads of salt used to keep highways ice free in the Witter are starting to take a troll on the environment. Researchers say they're finding rising salt levels and hundreds of lakes especially in the northeast and midwest where sodium chloride used most. The findings are raising fears it salting roads to and everything from microscopic. Zoo plankton to finish at risk in some in the coming decades. The environmental concerns and desire to reduce cost have prompted public works agencies in many states and cities to search for ways to cut their salt use. It turned a high tech equipment to spread salt more efficiently and better weather forecasting to time their Salt Lake. Others are using liquefied organic additives. Such as beet juice. And even keys Brian that helped salt stick to pavement. She's Oprah for really what kind. Of a tank that smells like. Limber let's get done on air comments victim Meredith and China to edit she's human. State officials say there's no damage to a century old statue of president Abraham Lincoln near the Idaho Statehouse. That's someone dressed in a pizza custom. Idaho department of administration spokeswoman Diane Blum. Tells the Idaho statesman security officials noticed the giant pizza slice on the statute that's Thursday. And removed it. Looms as a surveillance camera captured video of someone claiming the statue and running away but there's none of that Biggio for facial features. Lincoln in 1863 signed the act that created the Idaho territory. And begin the process of idol becoming a state okay in the 1890 that's why they have the statue of president Lincoln out don't we have a pro statue of president Lincoln almost on the state. Capitol grounds or not they we do I'm pretty sure there is doing now. Of course we were we were became a state during Lincoln's presidency right today is Kansas now. Been talking about Bob by the way Saturday night. To to family went to get to pizza pizza John's all my Dutch. I am Indians say what I had I never had this before I had their baked spaghetti. I've never had that before either so what's the word I keep playing put all these pizza topped outputs of pepperoni. Some. Mushrooms. And sausage as it expands and Alberto laws wow. Opt out of new edition accretive Joan and you are selling me here our sponsor of the border every morning here receive intent. And bellows are waitress. Nice nice and like we had Utah. And put something in my personal FaceBook. As if the little. Video of bella and me talk about peaked at very nice about then yes entertainment news brought to buy pizza John's exactly two hours from now I answered your listening to compete yet to entertain find out why millions. EEE we'd have you download the free Cain SS app from the App Store it's free. That leaves a comment by going to menu and click talk back. The ideas we were gonna get some of these piled up a reunion from we'd like to attempt save regular talk about can't Tuesday may need you now or Steven dead in a little playback the responses in the 8 o'clock hour to receive a tip what do you like about Kansas what do you not like about Kansas tell us. You gotta have the app. This goats is free at the App Store. Kate is SF have a debt he over the weekend up the depth and act I'm sure you heard about this Ted. More walker died the god did see this a course he was great cartoonist he did Beetle Bailey which is one of my favorites. Which is about Lacey private camp swapping in charge targets snorkel and elegant that's all right yeah Jerry general half track great cast of characters yeah. Great I daily Sunday Comics all of and I got there I used to by the comics to the comic books. He was 94 passed away in California. He did Ohio law and he did I and Lois is well he had two powerhouse. Cartoons on the funny pages Mort Walker passer he was born in el Dorado Kansas see there you go and grew up in Kansas City. About fifth 639 now is like Walt Disney Stephen dead here on the Kansas day with the Kansas commodities update and mr. Tom left flirt good morning to harm. Good morning Steve. A Friday to get accomplished closed productivity gains after I haven't continue to watch the rumble Tuesday. Cash scandal could develop their current futures closed Friday at the prize to one point 71 dollar higher than the previous week. Kim want to play at the toward him than expected Friday at a 101%. Vs the you'd look into the award December replacement for the past twelve years. We note traded mixed in close slightly negative. It close friend Tim Cahill to go to the world since I don't want to law enforcement. March feeder cattle to go to defense I want 4672. In April remote can still code 7380. Corn traded mixed very important partner and although we may annualized Virginia mourning clothes Barton soybeans traded and closed on the negative side. For the week march completely gained 16% more to being a game they came in March corn gained 2% and trading overnight or higher in the large volume. Despite the dollar trading higher and unexpected write ball in the drive part of Argentina. At the moment march completely seven and three quarter McIntyre at 1410 and three quarter. March corn up two recorded 3583. Quarters what's going into Lebanon may have been nine dollars and 97 they have. It's kind of rustling trees imported food imports 6570 April gold and eleven and a half dollar and thirteen 145 and amp. More tips and condemn them important point that when he could have been a quarter. What's gonna index could not so tired in 92. Divorce children's futures jumped at the point that Putin stepped inside the people work. Pork monetary night Martin Verizon contact Roger commodity on the program on the web you can fix could go to dog. Hey it's Kansas State had you celebrating today. Our I don't know if you ever lose especially tournaments would she is very much awaited games then. You should have some sort of play and some may be a big old revised state could be good. There's been a good way to celebrate the date that was thought to herself and and I guarantee you. I tell you what I can celebrate young Nebraska Dave Missouri game. Arkansas today and brought those days I can celebrate with a big revise stakes a placement are growing repair and apparently he's we we liked we locker Kansas beef right. Like every attempt let America better what's best of that at and I like rewrite the middle millions. And I. And you have a good day you enjoy your kid Tuesday mr. mr. Tom laugher of Olympic about a 642 now Stephens says. Changes in retirement plans for this year we've got done grant CF beat the money tracker all the way. God miraculously until the morning on K and SS.