Business survey says small business optimism is up in Kansas

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 14th

The National Federation of Independent Business survey says optimism is at a near record level.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Point 7 o'clock this is the case and it's this morning news was even dead. I was being Macintosh. Teenage girl shot in north Wichita we've got the story of fidelity bank branch was robbed and his Wichita I've been illegal. Police say a man drove across Wichita in the wrong lane I hit look blurred those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday in the near term of cool and quiet weather pattern as we continue for us but there is some mention of rain in the near future. We'll talk about that in our forecast coming up. A fifteen year old girl is in critical condition after a shooting in north Wichita Wednesday night the thirteen hundred block of office Dell police found the girl with a gunshot wound to. Her back investigators discovered another residence in the neighborhood had been struck by bullets and sustained damage. Wichita police are investigating a bank robbery. This happened around 330 Wednesday afternoon at the fidelity bank in the thirteen hundred block of north of what lawn near thirteenth. Police say a man walked into the bank and then left to the vehicle with an undisclosed amount of money there were no injuries. Photos of the suspect can be found in the news story our web page at Kane and SS radio dot com. If you know the identity of the man of the phobos harassed to call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or 911. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. A man drove the entire link to Wichita the wrong way on Kellogg from the east side of town of Tyler wrote it causing a collision along the way. Police officer Charlie Davidson says early Wednesday somebody reported a pickup truck going westbound and eastbound lanes of Kellogg near green which. Police located the truck as it was traveling on the downtown flyover. A tire deflation device was successfully used by officers and wrongly vehicle was stopped in the 9000 block of west pillow. Officers were then able to contact the 48 year old male driver. While the Ford truck was traveling the wrong way. On Kellogg a driver. Of an Acura made an invasive maneuver to avoid colliding with a truck. And collided with a Kia as. UV that accident took place near Kellogg and Seneca there was one person in the case in the Kia and three in the Acura. One person suffered serious injuries he others sustained minor injuries investigators believe alcohol may possibly be a factor. In this wrong way driving incidents. Congress is moving to Florida vote on overhauling the tax code. It's expected 37 for LB the top individual rate. And the corporate rate would drop from 35%. To 21%. In 2018. House Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady defended attacks on the plan on Fox's America's Newsroom. We seem to get hit by all sides lots and some say tax relief for the wealthy others say. No there's tax increases for the wealthy. There was a conference committee meeting held to discuss the tax reform negotiations. Democrats were furious with the process. In Massachusetts congressman Democrat Richard Neal. And Texas congressman Democrat Lloyd Doggett try to get Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady too who shouted down on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. After failing to capture the senate seat in Alabama Republican Roy Moore says the election is a reflection on the current state of government. No longer is this about Republican or Democrat control. Is true have been saying there's not a dime's worth of difference between them. It's about a Washington establishment which will not listen to the crowds of its citizenry. More lost to Democrat Doug Jones. Morse campaign struggled to get past allegations of sexual misconduct with underage girls a Kentucky State lawmaker accused of sexual assault. Has killed himself police say Dan Johnson shot himself Wednesday on a bridge amount Washington near Louisville the 57 year old Republican a church we was elected to the state legislature last year a report was published Monday in which a woman claimed Johnson sexually assaulting her at his Louisville home on New Year's Eve 2012 when she was seventeen police investigated but did not file charges Johnson said the accusations were totally false he posted a cryptic message on FaceBook Monday night saying PT SD is a sickness that will take my life I cannot handle it any longer it is one this life but heaven is my home. Sommer Gotti Fox News. And assist used on now 7044 minutes past 7 o'clock. Road action last night for the Wichita thunder hockey team battle for first place. And we'll have our minute with Mitch talkies keep football today it's all coming up in sports just few minutes more valuable coins at a Salvation Army red kettle. That story coming up on the Taylor says morning news Steve and there. Okay this this morning news we beat a dead now. 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. Small business optimism has not been as high as it was in November. Since the 1980s. This is according to a national small business group. Dan Murray the Kansas State director for the National Federation of Independent Businesses happy with these small business optimism index that was released on Tuesday. Since the Reagan economy have we seen small business optimism index this guy it's set up high. Near the records that nearly 34 years ago and not as I only one other time in the 44 years have been doing this optimism index at all now Washington bankers and strong signals are members. Small the source cross country and and I certainly hearing that when a dozen members here in Kansas. Index gained three point seven points in November a sharp increase over what was already near record performance the previous month Candace information networks and it goes now. Those Salvation Army bell ringers hope you reach into your pocket to drop some coins in their kennels to help people in need this Christmas season. But they got a real surprise when they pulled up the coins from one pedal in pump hot old beach Florida. Among the quarters and dollars to corn stood out both because they are gold and shiny to in 1947. Pure gold Mexican pesos. Worth about 15100. Dollars here's celebration army major Keith bigger. Just short side and it static for this. Great generous gift that really infuses our numbers and helps us on the able to provide the services that we do throughout the year. It's the fourth here in a row that the secret Santa dropped rare coins into the bucket. Jerry bomb garden Fox News Channel nine down 9 minutes past 7 o'clock receiving Ted death. Heavy traffic volumes right now in just a couple of areas around Wichita this morning looking mostly at west Kellogg. And around the road construction and the north junction I want 35 I 351996. The gasoline prices and which does this morning to nineteen. A gallon. Did spot better Q seventeen and so that fell on Broadway traffic update on Cain is this radio on pit chambers. Now the kids and storm trackers report guest with Kansas State meteorologist Katie western good morning Katie hey good morning. First thing you notice if you go out the door this morning it's it's just a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. And it's going to be anyway. But right we here at the sixteenth like we did yesterday girl oil. Today will be quite a bit chillier this morning by the afternoon only seen tied up and up. I'm 49 degrees for which a job and how do you explain that. I can't kick the can with this crazy thing you know cold cold there it told where I don't think from Canada. You know the boring that the. The guys so we got any moisture going on around the state sure needed they'll always ask you know unfortunately it's not looking great right now. Out it like it coupled snowflakes falling apart southwestern Kansas but. That the best were seeing and really the best we even got in the forecast for next week. There had been earlier cemented impossible. Rain or something in the which type area Thursday night well tonight this Thursday night does that pretty much been called off now. I mean I've got I'd take 10% chance and that we might see some sprinkles that for the most part I really don't think we're gonna be any thing. These dry conditions are gonna continue at least for the next few days ago. Yep yep unfortunately we don't really Ian the end of it in a. But it's about the awaken an inning airy news. We're just going on with the dry and couldn but right. Let me pretty much budget that they will want to back up again as we get this Saturday it would back up near sixty and that we're gonna do. Bit overdue debate will do it all over get on Sunday will cool down again out of the upper forty bark out again maybe a sprinkle or two but nothing more than that. Don't case again today were looking what for what for high temperature them. I educating the kiss and storm predator forecast for Kansas City meteorologist. Katie western it to seven at twelve now Steven dead now mostly cloudy we've got 37 degree got to north wind at ten miles per hour. So that's what's going on sunny breezy day across Kansas Wednesday. Which does high temperature was 66 yesterday by the way the normal life for the date 44. So we're still warm and dry out there. Today is. Thursday December 14 2017 on this date in 1977. The movie Saturday night fever opened in New York. The soundtrack. But tenets of the top five or ten all time monsters soundtrack that had some double LP one of this is set. Had a cassette and reunion planet constantly we were on the road for the kids. And is this going colonel one of the song and did you know. I would net big on Disco but does not as good soundtrack of the music where it was good Lotto is very it's just it was it was fun it was up to that wake you up yeah. Like schooling gang open sesame now that's a good talk do so anyway Saturday night fever open in New York I did have it went a horse all the stuff would be. Knockout an idea. And a three piece white suit in the day. Wow John Travolta. Group don't spill anything on. Those things. On this date in 1978 the movie. Superman. Starring Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder opened in a lots. Angeles. Who else was in net that was Ned Beatty in yeah Beatty who else Gene Hackman he'd act that was next wonderful all right yes. And litmus test Crocker here Valerie proud of Iraq that's a terrific move. One of my top five. Without a doubt. My Brothers I grew up on Superman comics. TV meant a TV shows Superman with George Reeves. And and Dennis and watch and I enjoy this rapids really goodness on that million crest theatre opinion the end opening credits -- big test comes out axiom it's huge screen at the crest at all. So. Does it now L was. Course Marlon Brando was that was stellar Doral doesn't do well and good old bad. Suzanne new York and you know Marlon Brando played his. Real parents always a plan they were for him Glenn Florida's is earth parent that's right then he was saying the use Superman was from Kansas really. Smallville yeah I'm Clark Kent Smallville Kansas where is that by the way is it near here. There is a place they think it's they they claim that thing in Kansas but it much claims that that's Desmond. All right what was the planet they were from Krypton done Kryptonite was the thing that that really. Sat was in and that right that was dangerous as you really resident of Krypton in would set. In a month and Pacman and rented Beatty spoke on Internet at any knew in my cousins the other day. No it was but now knows it it was one of the guys with the west would boys who lived across street from me yet look it over and spruce. He reminded me that my Brothers and I would. Take back towels. Around their necks like tapes and jump off our garage. About it that's at least it seemed realized they realize that nobody ever broke a leg here now thank goodness yeah I play a Superman right. I do what you had to do today is our management Margot Kidder Loews theater in Jackie Cooper Gary Cooper was Annette yes. As the editor of the daily planet. Mr. plight poses for aerial life and goes on my couch. Now Christmas Christmas luncheon is today we really haven't had a and we Christmas party in that twenty years in working together I mean like at. Nighttime dress up yeah now back in the early days was it uptight about twenty years ago that there was one a couple here. Enemy is thinking about anyone Wichita State. We had another one out there at the equipment the gators play yeah I remember that and now that was it I was a party when did back in the late ninety's back in the seventies it was organ for an area. Radio station groups in those days. You had had a Christmas tape every year. We just a funny thing without takes of the people's rights and and I was in charge of at a cup we are some pretty funny. But most of them the people who are the spouses and who didn't work there it put them right to sling you now. Are not in on the joke so we don't know that it. We had one it deals that the Holiday Inn downtown which used to be right there but. Broadway in about ninth streets meet we had won there in the basement one time in the seventies and remember that. We have sales manager big old guy named day day. And they've got a place Davis he was over served that night. And you became a little bit inebriated. Well the owner of the radio station was sitting there on the front over the do in the entertainment is the state Dave. He said he was start throwing peanuts in August at the best get there it and table where the manager was in the owner. Hitting the owner in the back of it sold mine who didn't expect. And that work out for it they are in Dave's wife finally got a mountain Holland and you know toll much problem yet. He great memories of a Christmas party for now Madden on our really it and now you. As you mentioned a holiday in their ninth in brother used to be of pretty swanky hotel heard ninth and Broadway. Polity and was there back in the day Maryland may. Right mental Maybin that they with the jazz singer Reno yeah now doubt she performed there fact I met her there one time. Definitely it's performing opponent. About that and my good friend miles over. Was there are. A lifeguard and pool wryly the NS or I'm not know that lifeguard at the pool and a target think there was a pretty. Nice hotel at ninth and brought us the point are so we details Shelley and I wouldn't writes I was young had an Easter. A brunch there at a very nice place to eat as a nice place. It's not anymore half. I'm Jane and I exchange. We go on 718 now Steven to add on KE NS SE just sports I would tend bluebird. And of the thunder. Sorry about the season really hot our hockey team here the that Colombo but right now I did. Enameled trouble on the road this a five game road swing so far has proven challenging the first place was on the line last night. In the first meeting of the season between these division rivals the Wichita thunder heading out Colorado take on first place Eagles. Thunder just did not come out of the gate strong enough Colorado scored three goals in the first seven minutes for three nothing lead. Now with thunder did bear down after that outscored the Eagles three to one in the final 53 minutes. Of course that early three nothing deficit couldn't overcome it Colorado won that game 43. Colorado has won ten and eleven now. And Wichita has dropped all three games so far a five game road swing here in December. Who NBA basketball last night at Toronto Raptors win in Phoenix won fifteen to one on nine coming off the bench as the sixth man for the raptors former soccer point guard Fred van believed. Played 24 minutes had a couple of steals three assists and five points. About the Toronto Raptors they've won seven and eight. And they are one of the top five teams in the NBA right now nicely done on a plane well. That's Fred van bleak in some very quality minutes off the bench for the Toronto Raptors. Thursday night football tonight it is let's face it's not a great match up it's the Denver Broncos in Indianapolis taking on the colts tonight. To the bottom three teams in the conference Denver is at two and a half point favorite on the road that. These are two teams that have already been eliminated from playoff competition and are not doing much this season so. The NFL didn't exactly get a great matchup for Thursday night football tonight wasn't that many years ago the colts were right on top of everything well went and the I don't know their quarterback cam zones well. Times change we've. Says this morning Xperia things if you wanna listen to the colts and Broncos 7 o'clock tonight some Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. F them and coming up we'll have our minute with Mitch stay tuned for that sports and Steve intent on Kate and SS 721 now keep an ear or Rush Limbaugh as the morning update the Clinton playbook. On sexual harassment claims. David in the morning on pace and a sense.