Business women learning from mentors in Wichita's Old Town

Steve & Ted
Monday, February 12th
Bill Roy joins us live from "Mentoring Monday" in Old Town.

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Now I'm not quite sure I'm we will see throughout the do it effective tax tax law. My love of your muscle to extra money for. 887 and thirteen thirty K and aunts and readers even in the morning at 746. On Monday three big thing moves green. Presidents cup to unveil four trillion dollar plus budget for next year's team. Increased security efforts to Jardine middle school after they sold your friends. Police investigate shooting death of a two year old man and South Beach which it three big things even dead on came in essence. Starting the season traffic slowdowns in the north junction now approaching. From the east 1996 in 1930 I'm approaching from the west. There's really slowing down right here towards the north junction traffic on cape and it's as excellent head chambers say sunny today. Maybe the high yield 42 degrees yesterday's times forty partly cloudy tonight the overnight low of 24. Tuesday sunny and warmer. With a high of 52. Now partly cloudy eleven degrees we have a southeast wind at five. Miles per hour. Stated his weather brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of France burgers and risky in the state of Kansas. The monarch covers a military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch. In the window. 747 now Stephen tend I don't have a radio work. Listen to Stephen dead on line at Kenan says radio that counts. That's the way to do that to yank their radio borrower just a tunis and there on the no world it Webb and kaine as his radio dot com Steve intent which stoppers dot com poll. And you can see that on our web page Keenan says radio not count what is your favorite pizza topping. An interesting poll we've had gone here for a couple days. The green pepper comes in at 0%. Bill. How why would anybody want just green pepper and cheeses. 3% lot of kids just want cheese pizza yeah now kids and kids but the heck olives 7%. That's your favorite. 10% said mushroom is their favorite pizza. 10% said and shall we which surprised me because anchovy to me is an ingredient that goes with all the others that. Meet 17%. Sausage Tony percent. And the top favorite pizza topping according to Stephen Ted which stoppers dot com poll. 33% for pepperoni pizza pepperoni right tackle some places start to get more exotic with their pepperoni and old world pepperoni is starting to show up or futile there's one place in town and is Cuba pepperoni. That's pretty good stuff. Seligman Britney did some research on this Ted. Really appreciate that I eat pizza you. You repeat it you certainly do men. An Alabama man allegedly beat his roommate after discovering that the victim had failed to properly. Steal a box of Captain Crunch cereal which you don't stay Il he got to keep it fresh again so. 52 year old Duane Barry Smith. Was arrested Friday for domestic violence following a confrontation. With a man he shares are residents within mountain village town outside Tuscaloosa. According to police the victims said Smith became upset. Upon discovering the stale cereal and blamed him for failing to keep the Captain Crunch rush. Smith was especially perturbed since he is missing teeth and had difficulty consuming the stale cereal. You knew you would think that would make it easier for him to consume. Into a raccoon is doing just soak it wants Captain Crunch and its normal state is extremely currents pretty scratchy. Not familiar with Captain Crunch. The Franken buried near classic American Sarah Bob Franken bears at one point Smith lamented that his roommate remove his dentures. So that he can it sprays how hard it was to consume the Cambridge. And when the man refused that allegedly began striking a victim with an electrical cord. Who would at Stowe these two. It makes a story as first reported by the amount billed times Smith's roommate suffered injuries to his face hand and arm ha. That little into the electrical cords get the ball to the metal that's a that's an Alley waiting to happen right there and my wife and I we you know we never did. In disputes over food let's hope not yeah pissed me you know you. You don't have any Captain Crunch really about that. The average price for a gallon of cereal do you have in your cupboard. Notes on some kind of third flights them. Are we got some almonds and it's stuff like when I when I have a Boxee Captain Crunch at home in a box of chocolate checks. Okay apocalypse checks and other such a healthy year. The average price of a gallon of regular grade gasoline jumped seven cents nationally over the past three weeks to two dollars and 65 cents industry analyst truly one bird. Says he increases due to higher crude oil costs. Current gas price 34 cents above where it was a year ago. And gasoline and San Francisco was the highest in the contiguous United States an average of three dollars and 42 cents a gallon. The lowest was in Tucson Arizona at two dollars and 26 cents a gallon. Yes prices. And now up quite a bit and 751 now Stephen debate gathering of local women to learn about business that's a mentoring going on there and editor bill Roy. From which to our business journal Hansa storage point for us bill what's going on. How it is an entry Monday that a hundred women gathering or you're the that you just for oracle. Up is journals that which proper national weapons by and it should be. Their stories and their best career for national ice and then also being hailed. At all others where the race as a nation located. At that century on EM. Another setback for outer start on project the latest workers out. That are sent the project at the hotel rest all the while our. You cheat you that without O and best. It's registered to Ambrose Bob via our city you don't Eric well water park. Daughter wrote a priest closed at the city is that the project. That includes thirty million dollars and start privacy. There's a lot of talk about restored downtown Wichita. Trigger joke on. Well we decided ass accompany its interest in which he not. Possible. Or build plants from location and time in the next year. Trader Joe's stores in Oklahoma City also under. Local breaking news on an assessment which is all. Which about the external reporting live from that you Monday until. Bill I dig Goddard project that's been in the works for quite awhile hasn't it. It has been native and their rules that back. But hopefully here pretty like it quiet at other like the war. Actually carry out on planets are great planet that great for Goddard. But they just haven't been able to up all on the bubble burst into all the true. It was in garnered over the weekend twice. And two granddaughters playing at a basketball tournament and Eisenhower. High school there so I was apparent that was a tourist area in which that you pumping money into the Goddard economy actually I didn't binding so no I did too about soccer. Yeah yeah. Sure has patent is national plump putting day. Poorly timed. Is that you just steamed or boiled putting usually serve during the holiday season doubts allies today. His name Christmas putting news first recorded poured in 1858 on the novel by Anthony trawl. And yeah plum putting everything into plump flooding there bill. Now. They're I can't number shall. Ye now about a pru implies Iran prove my little whipped cream on top. Now I can't say that that. Sounds pretty its aids had it once allows a regular Kate that's just stick it your mama. And political and instead what a good ball in line mind. A little Zach corner yeah. All right thank you gentlemen 755. Stevens that coming up at 8 o'clock thinking and his it's pouring into Stevens at the increased security official committee of threats and Jardine middle school in the 8 o'clock hour more news coming your way also of course the blur entertainment news. With Chad what curt. That's come up the 8 o'clock hour eight. If you don't have a radio court listen to Steve intent on line in his radio dot com Steven that a morning on tape and assess.