Butler Basketball vs Cowley Tigers

Tuesday, November 21st

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No we didn't want everybody Dennis Higgins review quartet of our plan I'll be joined on the broadcast by a shot Boston. Parts of marketers to divert your heart out and hands him slack it's always great to have you with us on 987 and thirteen thirty. It and then we'll take our first break we'll come back at this that would grizzlies coach Bryant Miller we'll. Heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has four convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business. 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Felicity seemed out 66 weeks maybe. Yes he had his jaw wired shut. Yesterday and went to the doctor over which saw in still a lot better get a reset wired up. So you know the biggest thing for him it's just just relax this week. And it just continue to kind of you know get protein he could continue eat shakes him and try to keep this is calorie count of Susan losing maternal weight. And then here about a week and have to reaching. Give back to non contact as far as shoot the basketball. You know do some ball handling. And then dudes running into Carty of things but. If it Joseph completely wired shut that they say preliminary six weeks you know could be as early as three but that we're crossing our fingers. Tough solutions starting point guard current spending just again for fans who may not have heard first time. It was a collision in practice Friday this kind of a loose ball situation in Henman and Richard just cholera were were each rolling towards the ball. Almost one of those plays like to center fielders or cube drill field of drug for fly ball and it just hit heads and and Carlisle obviously the worst of it so. I like to baseball analogy coach Jared Armstrong a chance for him to step up on charity night with with Carla on the sidelines. At point guard and he responded nice with eighteen points yet he did a good job and we we expect more out of them you know he's kind of been playing with. A little little little confidence so hopefully. You know his confidence back up after the game and and he can steer the ship in the right direction and hopefully guys you know. You know like Adrian Moore he's had a kind of a down slope the last couple games so we can pick it up for us and and score the ball and and an equal arts can come back in the game and give us a lift like he did last game with. You know hopefully it comes down to defending for us and guarding without filing Kelly you know. We have a problem with that than just you know limiting turnovers and taking care of the last well. You mentioned equine Archie came off the bench tonight it really picked because it with thirteen point given nickname for us what human bucket. Fat guys we called Paul. Good kid though Milwaukee kid Hamilton high school. And you know we've got some good success here in years past Milwaukee kids to do with the truth is Larry FitzGerald. Of course Chris Powell who's not South Dakota State doing doing well look there but just just typical Milwaukee kid tough you know fearless. Not afraid of the moment and then just going to you know compete as long as he's out there. Grizzlies in the Cali tigers tonight in part clearly this was Bryant Miller head coach about progress in coach. It was clear after the game the other night he has lost 9182. Barton a Green Bay and you were not happy. With the defensive effort to that would be seen less the 48 hours to make you think in my little bit better deal tonight. Well we had a couple good practices and to my message was to them you know who were older one our home court right now. And we've got a winning game tonight we've got you back in the mean the positive side of things and it ended just nice to kind of go into Christmas or not Chris is with Thanksgiving break on the winning side and and so. You're just like he after the garden gave our responses sort of looking for similar response from these guys to comment to bear down and to be too often. And and just to shake off the you're the game before and come into your play and give it their all. We can look out tonight on the floor to tally the tigers their big man and I mean literally a big man. Darnell power 68300. Pounds in coach is coming off a heck of a game. Surgeon at home and over time to be Garden City he had 28 points and ten rebounds he's your leading score leading rebounder. He's won the top five bigs in the country. Eating he's unbelievable. Feat. You know if he was probably thirty pounds lighter he he'd definitely be a high major and he still might be. But he he skilled he can shoot the ball out to three he can go over either shoulder in the post he's mode of repertoire of moves. And he's just enormous. You know he watching that Gard film you know they had some pretty big dudes. He made them look small mean that that's how big he is and social we've got to do a good job of overloading the ball out of there when he touches in the post and just being a five guards guarding one. And then playing at a pace that's gonna make him welcome and comfortable you know that Lexus thing but it the starts getting up and down a little bit he can't keep up that pace and so. Hopefully we can we can do that our bigs can run by him in transition. And we do a good job defensively of just. Wall lingo you know keeping our feet alive and just enough and they can score over the top of listen. And really none of that helps our. So mighty praise for Kelly statement coach is always appreciated visit we'll look forward talking after the game that he know. Ryan Miller head coach the roller grizzlies that would bore the pregame show the power plant. Butler and Kelly right after this. Your next oil change change the life of your vehicle forever if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Three G performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime both engines and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it tonight they show up in your neighborhood and BG's findings shop dot com that's VG find a shop dot com. Because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. 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Panic heating and air conditioning and we'll make your comfort is our business for the location and hand over to better serve my card counting pilot did your hometown there. Vintage baby can't just move into the future would do now let's head out to the arena full brother grizzlies basketball. And welcome back to the power plant here on the campus apartment community college where an elderly don't want to see a very cool chilly Tuesday night great gender whether. I'm 97 and thirteen thirty can't assess that sickens courtside. Tim's lap and Joseph Hart apart studio coordinators I agree to the weather sun can't assess it. Jayhawk college basketball it's your videos are the lineups both teams just reversion back onto the floor. It's aggressive return home after playing their last two games on the road they've won one Wednesday night it's a word. That loss Saturday night Martin counties and aggressive dependent poor into overall one and two in conference play penalty six and wind. Three you know in conference play here's how Cali. Head coach Tommy to solve this ninety your 156109. Losses. In the air if she is and so forth your assistant. At one guard will be Cedric remembered 62 South Florida Sumpter South Carolina. River is several as a point guard his right averaging twelve points five rebounds per game. It the other guard it will be Aaron McGee. 64 solved without a Bonner springs here in Kansas but in Madea's averaging 8 am point 283 and a half boards. The two forwards Brendan indict. These 67 freshmen out of eight Lendale Arizona. He's averaging six and have points five and a half rebounds per game for the the tigers. The other forward it'll be. H McCoy another in state kid Overland Park here. He's 66 sophomore McCoy it's averaging five points in just under five rebounds per game at Target Center. It and we talk about what coach Miller in the pregame show the big man Darnell power. Power 68300 pound sophomore out of Phoenix Arizona he leads the tigers and scoring fifteen point six points per game and eight rebounds. Need an attitude while I have scorers table. Right in front of us theaters I guess starting five for the above grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller in his third season. 42 and 25 overall first your insistence that to have involved in Cameron Parker. For the grizzlies one Carolina went early Jared Armstrong Armstrong 510 sophomore out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eleven points Emeka twelve points in two and a half rebounds. Armstrong is coming off an eighteen point performance Saturday night net loss that great then the other guard. For the grizzlies tonight will be Adrian more than 63 freshmen Conway Arkansas. In what is going on high school. Eight points per game five and have fun make that five rebounds per game. But more is only one of five shooting. The last two games and only one point and her coach Doug Miller in the pregame show allude to the fact that he needs more out of Adrian more to actually transfer got a huge step. Where he was a redshirt last year the two forwards for the grizzlies. Unity could carry his pocket 66 sophomore at Dallas Texas and that is high school Bachmann averaging fourteen net points a game just under five boards per game the other. Ford is Russell Smith Kansas City, Kansas a late in North High School twelve and have point seven what are rebounds per game. They get in the started center on a homer Louisiana. Is 66 sophomore. It pretty Adams who's averaging six point six points per game and five rebounds. And it receives breakout brand new uniforms that were in Vegas golf. Uniforms for the first time. Brand new edition bright orange uniforms for Khaled opening tip. It is controlled by the grizzlies. It's always kept up here and Adams pluck it out here grizzlies haven't. Just under way possible as it swings around. And leveling his glove worn it out to Brussels and a tough talk Armstrong. Or thwart drives right it's like double team pass goes left wing to Smith drive sliced open layup off. With the puck university seventeen documented on their posters. Just thirty seconds and it got politicized he would assess the big man Howard hasn't passed those inside of the keys that you reverse split confident. Finally he. He's got a twin brother Vontae McGee. Well I'm Kelly Wallace front court tried to do just under way. Awesome but all the Adams quick shot up today. It's good to see him story had only two points tonight. Against Martin. Fortitude. Confidence all the Kelly coach Hawkins was right in front as Europeans were stable. How has it still the trouble is that why you're laughing. In diapers and Abbott deal Arizona a couple of birds on the kids and my. And there was Kelly's bucket for a fourth. Turn around ten foot jumper to lay up to them by Adam. What happens if demand that. How are coming out and defend him. Powers slack off of adams' hit some short jumper originally. Good start for him in the Adams the grizzlies need six more acres to hard to actually puts up a floater no good. Loose ball on the floor goes out of bounds last time slightly. That's the grizzlies breaking up into Vegas wool uniforms look Butler and purple scripted across the front purple letters and numerals. And the grizzlies. Opponent Kelly tonight wearing almost the lesson forward start pouring bright orange uniforms. With the black you robe trimmed in white. It's color contrast tonight with a bright orange in the biggest gold. Two teams on the border comes on strong front or not that's his right corner Smith Smith skip past those left Warner. Xavier by clocked him pocket now it surpass that throws it to BitTorrent is going to be stole this is remembered down the other way Robert go someplace and often. Went on one with a Armstrong took the basketball pro lineup. Remembered her point guard. We're tied 66. Under eighteen minutes ago yours Adams says loading three in the right wing is this the backboard. No rim. Whether it's not a shot and Guatemala have taken if your coach Bryant Miller. Grizzlies and it is now over four from three point range and aggressive tiebreaker as out of bounds off of what a college players received one down. No scripts that rightly made a move in the basket that he traveled. Russell Smith. Smith took a load in the chest. By the defender. Breathing heavily right now which visitors Veoh case agent. Million down backcourt pressure by Armstrong who comes members of the floor. We'll be good matchup tonight speedy guards Armstrong and reverend Robert look at dribble pull up left wing jumper is an air Ball State by making. Again thank you does that amount couldn't say they thought he didn't step up about the baseline. 1732. Ago here. Great everywhere it's about a 9713. Thirty to SS JI conference basketball Bob drives left leg kicks and rightly right corner now this minute. Skip past those left side of war left corner pocket there's a freedom away air ball but it's Adams. With a put back to cancer orbit this hour. Objection your balls shot by a pocket for a left. Quarter deep left corner three ball. But Adams was there on the weak side to get your ball rebound and his put that was so nobody was fouled. Strong start for Anthony Adams he's got 42. Free throws your free throw away is good. Adams has a bit of an unorthodox. Delivering what is free throws. Whatever works that was all met. Adams junior player here but I'm a homer Louisiana that's free throws good thanks to both he's got six right out of the gate. Grizzlies didn't speak to six over Cali. Now it is. Three go to grizzlies one. It's place that they really need this organized there's a lot goes into account the pick and in the way that the ball stripped away. What wants talented big man hit the ball down low he was double team. By a couple of grizzlies and you're able to strip the hallway got a back he traveled double. Rebels. Are on the bridge work bock who drives look based compass was right corner just that sense of why don't three talked Armstrong. Right side Smith Erica Armstrong. Armstrong picked up by McGee defensively pass over the left side to. Quarterback and Armstrong out front rightly ask those low block right block turnaround jumper guys Adams leads it sure how it looks. It's a rebound passed on the floor goes to making big egos in lake. I have more but he probably the body. We have seen Adrian Moore has an athlete Waikiki leap for the grizzlies. Skied up defensively they've got to put the body he did swat the ball away is suddenly he was going for a layup that is here in the beauty. His brother don't want to make use twin brother. 1637. Ago here at the power plant free throw the way climate is good now. There's these leaders beat seven other free throw coming up for McGee. Aaron McGee 64 sophomore at honors for instance averaging eight and half points a game he's got free tonight. Another free throw here for media to try to tie the game for its runaway is good news royalties that whole war. Tied it eight visit. Right in front Borger comes on the basket reverse layup he leaves it. Often live makes it. On this reverse layup was battered around by Adams talked about it out here for the opening. We just did that for a good part is awesome. Averaging what you have points. A game it is something we have to tiger's gonna go to -- press. Person just it's. Harrison first conference Kelly there's a leveling three and the way it is up again. We're very quick threes and the laughter comes on strong down the floor right corners that big impressively wide open. All not to listen to. A whistle blows and they're giving Russell Smith took time out. Couple times tonight Brussels in this receive passes wide open on the right corner missed. This past you have a wide open Torrey. Smith on the season is a symbol of nine from three point range is 22%. Proceed to get the time out here. When moments ago senator remember hitting three is thirteenth through the years thirteen to 33. And around 40% from beyond our program. These two teams split their two meetings last year the grizzlies got blown out. Now they're art city 16897. That was early in the season and in January receives returned the favor woody. And here at the power plant. Both of these teams advance to the region six turn an apartment Rita last year. It is almost nine years it coaches college coach Miller's third season with the grizzlies. That's of those for a quarter of more people and rightly so it's left or right corner. Armstrong used it. A top to war more drives to basket jump at this website right tigers clearly Armstrong leaves it short. Off to the program to ever grace the front court volley down the lane past those inside here. Shot clock police found fault hardcore. Serious Harrison and whether prisoners NASA didn't take coach Miller very very upset. To see again like remembered speedy point or get the ball in his own and go all the way up the floor sliced right through Italy news got to the rim he dropped it off to big name Harrison. Gonna stop the tribe in the basket that was the problem tonight Greek and lot of clothes and buckets near the rim free throws no good fight Jerious Harrison. Persons out of Atlanta Georgia exit 7210. Pound freshman from Cali. They're free throw coming up the right handed shot frequently is no bitches drops back. Players and mrs. holt free throws grizzlies are trading eleven to tenure comes more through the lane. Lefties like pulls it back out to pass across hypocrisy on the left side back left corner for more more drives to basket especially tea. I'll tell. Definitely that's valley down on the floor pull up jumper from close in left side hoping that I was without tight security Smart she's. Active awake because this is optimized speculators war three Paul separately are no good. It's a little further room. Warmest average at best on the floor terrace and underneath Stinson fastest in close shots every now pulled down by Smith pass up the floors. Out of bounds. If you're Armstrong wrench into. All right Kelly. In front of his fans on this important night. Not fall over. We have 1448. To go under the of course obviously the year for the grizzlies. Seven game overall. This is a brilliant Justin cradle and again the grizzlies play without the starting point guard Carlin it's bad enough. He's anybody anywhere from three to six weeks with a broken jaw. Driving your car and all wired shots yesterday. Young children are three to six weeks task was into the boys play delayed as was well. Gentlemen gentlemen the president nicely lane and stutter stepped past hope. There's Kevin Barry has equipment that needs to new heights of hard work right side. Astros left side dismissed. Some of slows it down now it's up to kernel privilege right side to very very gives it to arch arch right it's my job. It down by Kevin. Gentlemen right court as those starts right mourners but boy with a three weeks and want to decide tiger cubs criminal front court has visit our politics. Your score that we have will wow. One armored suits and trying to do instant offense off the bench for coach Miller and grizzlies who had thirteen points at night. Misses you will definitively that there at rolled off the riveted on the line for too long album deployed. Each team would too team fouls is just two shots for each one arts. Art business these trees are on the way it's no good. Our exit thirteen points of the night off the bench agreed been. Averaging twelve points a game just under four rebounds he won hearts out of Milwaukee Wisconsin Hamilton high school. Right handed shot art spins the ball as soon as frequently is good makes one of soon. After cubs Californians. Mark and admirable thing marred by criminals. Who drives a get them in the right corner fitness fitness isn't quite roughly three. Good point. Did not overly close and it's a free cruises down 1411 respectively quadruple jump right. Yeah official blows the whistle is it 32 shot clock did not reset knows it blows the whistle. Thirteen twenty to go here. Our conference basketball tonight from the power plant in Toledo and Hollywood. In the grizzlies. And fourteen to eleven that we witness on use us. Yours start journalists first and others who want to work. It was a crowded again regarding now lives this is big and he Clinton won't get first fighters in tribal way of life. Indebtedness is he gets on this gets back up top sectors along right wing and create the latest note that was put up by starts along rebound goes back to our topic today. Hasn't decided that he. He has averaging nine points and seven rebounds per game did not start tonight and gets a bucket here. The chances three point play. That breaks your progressives that three by starts in this that is a long rebound in the top of the key word power it was standing. An easy rebound. But he spins the ball as Indians return on the way it is not good long rebound from south colonel so. Immediately looked completely three point like grizzly trail at 1611 home front we're very rightly topped was brutal the arts and Leslie got a little. Right way to double team comes back. Let's talk we deserve we'll let sighed our. Little guys away. Drops out the clock doesn't hurt my. It bounced and went back through soldiers don't count. He's out by the big man coward. Wait give credit to pocket he received a pass from criminal who drove in light box it was about five feet from the basket on the right walk. Want to basically took an aggressive the basket makes a free throw for a three point play he's got fine. Chris he's really existed 111237. Daughters were pressured by the grisly. Parts accidentally cross the timeline is legitimate reasonable price. Saint John high school. Left side bounced past that he had about an over. Can they. Get a bit while at Saint John news. State title race. The end of. We'll get him and brother. Who is playing up to K state for the wildcats. Let a basketball family. These same junk. Could you tell homeowners free throw line Fosamax and don't let anybody else want to put three on the way. Gave no good back. Governor I've flattened. Redness exe first and Omaha Nebraska and her high school. Music is averaging nine to have points a game and it's four rebounds freshman getting acclimated to the college game free throw on the latest good food good. Right now is eleven for fourteen from the free throw line in the season. Right around almost 80%. 1207 to go here at the power plant. He's trailing 1615. Free throw to live our bread and. Mrs. backcourt pressure as good as the reverend Herbert street. My point quickly topic. How are the big man three is no good. We've got to find a point other long rebound Cali gets the heat drives let's face it the basket in the whistle and a foul. Those of us the grizzlies. Now. The fellows and we'll. The baseline region. Striving to Rehman. When I first heard of o'clock 66 seed Italian bounced well. Don't ask yeah. Very closely might trickle past. Once we got it back. Elevated outscored fourteen. That's not what it's like that. His first points and I get to 48 points and ten rebounds. Are entitled to overtime win over parts of the city when he needs him. Prototypes Lancaster that's like art thief drives appointment but I think the world sport. Burgess got three advertising any TNT eleven point go fast paced action here. Conference basketball. Targets low block web site Ratliff. And it's dark past those inside. And I'd try to save his. Does it get it back that was twice the shot clock to a change of possession there. 1057 ago. Relatively even at three moments ago has five on the night prisons trailing 2118 and talented. These two teams meeting in Denver City later in the season. And so talk boos from the left side. Smith now let's quarters Armstrong had three up. Tight when he won 21. And I got the forecast was left baseline week. Three top of the key as long no good at everything. That price starts starts with a long rebounds we'll acknowledged often missed three starts pricing and left him there has been excellent Austin plant stilted. Brad says come get the August Armstrong. Armstrong streets in the front court left side topic he. Our back up top Armstrong left sided. Our forecast was decided Smith turnaround jumper is nothing off the rim rolled off the rim tantalizingly. I had 21 point one was. And I had to go first captured the playing field you know. But he hasn't. We eat spins tries to play puts up the bankers good power to pick and fights the rebound make people like him left corner in the way is not a good long rebound right now. I'll pass goes to. Smith in the front court left Warner is hard to three. And arts now has six office of management habits warnings were. 21 league. 939 to go public. I'm not coming up here next stoppage applied. There's sandbags as who's inside Carty left it's work. Knocked away that he gets left. Five to go in the first half. Had a good. Assessed by those. Tallied 2421 were back at one minute. 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I've Freddy's frozen cousins steak burgers. Any sort of celebrate its return their fall classic birdies pumpkin pie concrete fresh cream and frozen custard blended. With a whole slice of rich pumpkin pie crust at all topped with cream and sprinkle with seven. Only Freddy's frozen because the sabres it takes it brings you back with six locations in Wichita. One in Durban went right here elder go to you know 9 west central. British frozen cousins neighbors open until ten. Have nightly news. Kelly will encounter are left in her basket past loses sight of pocket five have died cities now in the process. Why can't I got for you don't put it on the left baseline he got away from wars even more. Easy layup and more problem in the process from behind. Help the bucket work. Brendan van dyke he's got four. But it freaked her attempt here for or eight free throw attempt and who were Brendan and I got to have a deal Arizona. They throw away is good. He's got five tonight we're trying to get twenty more reporters on the bridges but the front court Armstrong. Has it right corner dismissed a pop goes the more more tried to play his banker knows. Russell Smith. The ball was above the cylinder and Smith's guide above everybody else's my and a backdrop than this bunch more. But if this were there to wave it off so no bucket. It fourteen to go receives backcourt pressure abruptly in the past midnight midnight in the front court astros' side. Harrison suffered John. He traveled. We had numbers on the breakout after the got past the full court press. I know seven to go were tied 2424. This is now the ball turn over past record art doubled into the right quarter doubles has its. Pitch it out left corner just goes right into the hands of Russell Smith out of we'll purchase people who. Look at it from a double team along the right corner. Of the past the left corner. Smith headed right off his hands out of bounds you. Minutes ago here comes river parkway center river we look at rebel delayed. What's up way up floater is that's no good now redoubt for talk to sniff and held at halftime before Armstrong. Back to snappy. It just moments out on the floor living. Players various terrorist. Harrison moments ago this don't concede travel. With a group is a great job well done by. I'm throws him. Just. Wanted to be here and dump that was pulled him. And sniff another room. Oddity that. 1618. Ford grizzlies leading. We've got what does tonight 97 and thirteen thirty seconds courtside. Him slack. So hard at Hartsfield organs. Smith this war after that don't. Be 41 ago. 4624. Grizzlies. Used to teams that we get together so easy really good percent of battle. I know different. There's tons charge in the front court let him remove them across the Portland I'm more. It starts but first street drops off your stand back right corner three leads an op side aren't long rebound is right now and save vitality that was starts. The first row seats to save and after he got it. Compensated back and. A corner goes out due. Fair enough Nikki. Starks. Live earth. Word has it he put it rightly more of the defense hasn't robot left side to. And I went for a shot was blocked out of bounds by often dialed showing off an island of for tonight and prisons shoppers a lot of good defense and shot walking that's his twelfth lock them. You don't have those wide open three from the right corner by that he's an air ball very big east region they're bowler coming roses off the rebound by confidant. Our trucks which are right corner Moore makes a three price when a pass those babbling now tooth Armstrong. Armstrong has moved right sides citizens arch in arches offered shouted. Parts of the DC official may be called personal look on its face and again you want arts. Is a real. Funny when he's in there but sometimes there's a tendency to play out of control. Coach Miller's been taken out for a breather. Couple turnovers nobody arch arch also had six points. Off the bench. This is relating 2620 for the tigers Butler tallied tonight. I figured our plan. Quick look at dribbled through the way. Reverse layup out of control is no good at ball knocked out of bounds left by the grizzlies. Boy you know coach Miller passages players on the floor for a living remembered since sliced through the league. Gotta get a body on him up top you know let them get carried speed of play. He laid up or drop off pass those inside to him bad guy pops up at him down. And I could Scott. Right now the grizzlies are tied 4626. Russell's pass goes to block we just inaudible you. That's what block to Adam he tries strong advances finger rolls note that. Around the circumference of the rim and out gotta finish out the dunk that your town's starts in the front court the tigers. Clark slipped into the drops now. And I drives the baseline fully jumpers spins in and out it was happening down that river hills rebound away from pocket. Here's tournament deep right wing tree in the way I start to no good long rebound all the quality hearing process to go to war. When they're long and tall. Cali present trouble on rebounds for the grizzlies. As a past record of cyclist hypocrisy were tied 26 points at 642 to go. There's aren't sharp right wing threw it away it is no good battle for the rebound Adams gets put. Rebound away from bad I could put it back up again. And it just got. 20/20 sixth that foreclosures hit him in the press and out of Saint John. On high schoolers that was that it coached to a state championship the only loser as the top booster and a Smart people on the left side starts being heard by Armstrong's hurts him to relax about. I looked in trouble but first speech gets away from Armstrong at some level this is what. One of the river river has this inside Harrison Harrison who took the bait the hook it is into outrebounded by Smith took great care for calendar from the grizzlies look to rebound past the front court. Partly because the pocket. Block drives left baseline and he's fouled. A walkout goes against anti. Talk with a real quick burst of speed and on the left baseline and then I got over the body finds 54 to go. Well great zero Thanksgiving after Justine tonight and back in action on Saturday afternoon and Ayatollah another road and grizzlies. 4 o'clock tipoff against the Alan read doubles. Wanted to broadcast where European assessed at 345. With a pregame show this Saturday. Here's his new back home here a week from tomorrow a week from Wednesday against independence. He's invent a talking Adams drops of Kevin Berry is the box that. How's this advertising is pass. Pumps up near would pass and we have a crowd goes against. Disease. And Johnson. 63 freshman has that all of you for Alex Mitchell found some Kansas City, Kansas. Because he's not shooting foul Pete's team now has six fouls for Kelly 52000. Grizzlies 547 to go grizzlies and out of their own and you are right. Armstrong drives baseline yeah right corner pocket had a wide open three drives the lane. He travels. I don't know why the Brisinger passage of these wide open. And are trying to drive the ball to the rim and pocket clearly traveled through the list. Hard to come back and provocative. 538 to go first step quickness and first after the Houston earned Chiapas it's. You can bounce ET how conference basketball he's never seen here. Guns can and in the front court. Besides picked up by arts. Canada. Pops up right corner and how this goes to Johnson passed whose inside is not the way by Adams. They had accidentally stepped in front passes for an account to big man so far immigrants today and he's John. No power. You can score averaging almost sixteen points a game for Khaled dignity 63 pounds he's got a puppy that's it so far tonight. Hopefully into the grizzlies wolves invent a top tournament. You have a lot has visited our right openly and intimately like the travel shot tough. Actually call offensive foul on the travel and you know a coward. Looks at the official in disagreement and not a word said so it was an offensive foul not a travel. It's his second person. Seven fouls now against Ollie. This is how the ball movement are right now Vegas school uniforms burst on the warnings deities Perry has become a lovely very tries delayed any lays it up and there's a life. Obama had a bounces out of bounds and other colleges Anthony Adams. Instead Adams machine. Oh boy Kevin Barry. Really created a nice a lane to the basket. Misty yeah. Jeff who was well defended it that's what you think he would make. Council will be to load up the backward cowards they become for a breather here from Cali. Five votes to go first half. 2826. Pack were pressure broken by Kelly. You're cubs but he opted to Johnson Johnson goes up and scored. His top the law. Correspondent who has criminal tries to the basket dribble pass tipped its part says it right wing drives the lane pass right. Those are critical thought about it through the beginning of the to talk to Barry mr. Obama obviously. Yes I'm gonna go. With 36 to go 2828. Butler and tallied tonight at par putt elder radio on the tips of other community college. Griddle and bounced atoms atop the heart's not there has much room right word brutal. I don't think they'll find errors and double team it's a horrible pass those aren't quite big slice rice puts but nobody can. So right handed shooter but he's gonna go to the line for two. If all goes against Dovonte McKee that's eighteen bounced off for calories. Two free throws coming up here in Florida are hurts. Parts out of Milwaukee. These are on the way it is so good around. And Hamilton high school card says seven. For the grizzlies. Anthony Adams we'd see grizzlies with eight points. Arch free throw on the way is good. Heart is not being. Believe she's here in the first half thirty point eight Butler. There's river's last time I crossover delegates aspirin it's actually a couple floater and no good tough roll off the rim. It's a rebound if you have played a strong game tonight there's been brutal brutal front court. It was behind his back is downloaded data centers which of the bankrupt decide back forty or not it could have talked a little. Talk clock is running down it was not a cheap commissioner. 10 o'clock at thirteen presently at top left side we'll tell our. Russell right. Lost the ball out of in front left baseline trying to force it. He drove the ball out of bounds. 338. Weeks ago. Grizzlies leading thirty. The twenty over the talon tigers. We'll see you don't win here tonight he's just got to protect their home floor of the losses conference so eleven days ago our city. It's tough in this costs and got to protect them. Legitimate in the front court right into the this was inside not to waste nobody presenter I've struggled a little on the floor drops out of pocket lace it up and it Watson's got 700 season at 30 June 28 I. This system argument rightly lay up and schools artwork that it can it. Being part of my heart skip a little. Slaves people right side doubles team reached an excellent growth in circles its price of the way but it's not a lot of pride. Goes to my. The toy stores and thus suffering terribly grizzlies. Snapped with a I went to court you put it back up in the left side for about six feet. Toys got five finishes T 3230. Heads the puck was dropped off on him. Corners very. Here he's twelve of 44 from beyond the arc haven't buried. Saw part of. No railroad. Average. Very person has accomplished he's Cali Stewart trouble. And it's as close to Canada's Atlantic. And especially in the toy and play some runners know that a list now prisons wanna travel Woodson could get it. We'll point out that all of you took two and a half steps but of being uploaded it was. The whistle. 225 to go. This is basketball tonight the power plant whenever a US Marines player in the game coming up in the post game show. US Marines if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest. Visit Marines dot com Marines dot com. Maybe grizzlies suffered a tough loss tonight in the preliminary needs 6950 seven's much closer than entire night. Free throw by McCoy is a good. Each McCoy. Salma cal he's got six tonight. Point 66 sophomore only 175 pounds and real thin and Overland Park. These are the way is good all day. Against. Remember. Phillip price for all their might center remembered in the back court warrants were filed against criminal. This will be a 11 for just a little. It's 223 days ago. Crippled this year. Is seven of eight from the free throw line so 11 street probably is good point. Older the card program backward when. That's you know you're live in life well. That's cradles first points of the night he's averaging seven points in his first season of payola. Missed all of last season with a knee injury require surgery that's free throws too strong we've got a virus so clearly wanted to see actresses it is 3630 eastern. Final 218 of the first after the power play. Starts and dribble out top of the he's passover. And rightly criminal defense has he's low block comparisons. That topic here in the left corner. Shot clocks and of course a left wing three. They spirit thing. Got seven. Floyd on the floor drops of the remembered. Adjusted kernels out of control about it court. Floor and it caught from behind stolen. Coach Miller right now else. Given a quick tutorial to privilege from the bench. Blevins 41 day ago as these leaders 3635. That McCoy on the line here for two. Free throw it away is good. He's recording now with the we're tied again 3630 cents to 141 ago. Recruit coming up here for. A point in his knees frequently used to at all. They're each got nine prisons 100000000003736. More ads to people outside my fortieth river. Past the left side he's very. 3333. Doubles off the clock now. It might start since the little brittle like one of those today. That's goes inside and frills but settled back notebook it was not it was an air ball. Right at the rim and good defense forces draw the noble. That way and he has is the right way it is. Sadly but for guys out. Under starts right baseline should lose no. I do rebound finally. 55 who. It three seconds ago. 37. To 36 Cali the grizzlies. Will be in two shots here just incredible. During the double bonus now ten team fouls for the tigers. Receives real losers on Saturday night it took great men. ID 182 to the cougars. Reached runaway is good so colonel. Takes on all important first 111 or shots actually got a loan covenant. With tiger in 3737000. Overtime. At home and our city overburdened city. We want to. And challenge perfect conference later three and other prisoners who want city and Chicago Illinois. 3737. Other free throw him appear for critical. It was great to have three in a line tonight and Disney's. Feature on the way is too strong long rebound girl gets it goes back up investment banker from. All part of the crowd. Your cup starts up front court to hear that now. Did their vice cartoonist and put them. Actually dove for it all right we'll work right corner three I Mary snow that I haven't gone into this store yeah. Well yeah. Right that may not hit. So credit. Live bucket. Goes to Stark's. First points of the night he's going alive for a chance at this point why. 3937. Crowley leaving here final seconds 28 point four to go in the first after the power plant. Sharks. She is free throws in the right hippies left handed shot that we. He made a right handed free throws. She starts to fix a three point play which is down 4037. On the front court very hasn't. Shot clock is song usually eighteen seconds on the touchdown clock Crennel has it. That's his right side to bury it looks like this will not require a shot buried. Hot topics coach says okay right. Inside now. I. Always in the right corner. Torrey Clark plans for a sentence of the game tonight for a pass underneath often dilute dumped it right as the clock was at one. And that's how the first half liquidate the underdog. Madonna and grizzlies. After forty minutes of nonconference basketball. In his status. It is now only forty. Butler 39 and it happens that comes up next. 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Lot of great sponsors of other athletics on the radio handy heating their condition plotting. Your comfort as our business with a location and over to better serve Butler county. Highland theory your hometown Gary the US Marines the few the proud the Marines in vintage bank Kansas moving through the feature. With you. Halftime here it to the power plant and the grizzlies in Cali tigers separated by one point. Chris is getting that dark right before the buzzer in the first half by Sean off at dial. And so it's Cali leading forty to 39. Here at intermission. Get a lottery. My very next broadcast we'll break after tonight for Thanksgiving. And it does the presumably back connection to men and women on Saturday afternoon inside old love. His fifties the album red devils. Lady grizzlies to profit food and and then we'll go at 4 o'clock we'll have immense pride desperate right here in excess. This Saturday 8345. Record time. Show. In SS chaos happens basketball Saturday Butler hit power. Very first step is end. You know that you're with the a look at the first half stats is Sean Boston. All right for the Kelly tigers they've been shot 37%. From the field in the first half 1438. Four out of there. For 35. And eight of eleven from the foul line for 52%. Tigers were residents were invited. Me to Kuwait with nine. Seven apiece for me to be the entry and thanked for putting down. It's percent score wise for the tigers. They had twenty rebounds seven assists on their fourteen made Google's three steals and seven turnovers. And for the grizzlies released on 43%. Thirteen of thirty. Three of Tim from behind the arc for 30%. And 76%. At the free throw line ten of her. He's with his lens going by you're free atoms with eight and me and our group within the hour with eight points out includes. Wouldn't release we'll keep points in the first half. We're pleased we are eighteen rebounds so now we know we've got a big critique my future 48 team at. Inconsistent group from Vancouver from time to move beyond this time you go to an unassisted. These fields were both teams and the prisons within. Turnovers to only seven foot birdie. We've that's been Shia and the work we've Kelli leading forty to 39 year at the break. Right John Abel which on the spot here but to. Check out some of the scores running game one of the night. I want him. In Hutchinson. You've got fourteen drank coffee bill undefeated Packers ever you know on the year Friedel and but again still number one Hutchinson. Hutchinson. Of the law so what last week on the road it's a clown in overtime early losses year we've got a great team here sports arena. Hutchinson. Yeah of course yeah against. Scores in we will look at the scores and it's you have right now late in the first half it is Seward leading Norton 3330 to increase been. France is on the road in recorded in the year leading cloud warning the twelfth it's still early in the first half thirteen minutes ago the first half. And in Garden City is hosting Allen. Bird city leading eighteen to six. Five minutes gone in the game don't get a score on that says Hutchinson and Kyle field into. Top fifteen teams. And right now. It was not always all Hutchinson 3518. For now. I doubt that's still the first African captain by his own person out. Know what to do you think your recruitment and it's so tough to witness. In this with three. Do it team that did do last year. Why not only should she the only team that beat much last year they did it twice. What it was in the region six championship department redoubt at that game. Outlook overtime. How to build these cuts. Done with that person would still leave them. At some guy. They're going the next level for your Houston for that is when you know be the conference room. Here he's averaging almost sixteen points a game and eight rebounds a game for the runnin' rebels you know being from my. Jones reports those. I would tell you part of his talent which frustrated teacher and a lot for the shoppers at infinity. Championship will be Maui invitational Phil. The bush team was loaded last year went since who point to repeat that it was good influences. Anytime you could be that coach Stevens and his team his his accomplishments especially to kind. Championship. China. The broadcast coming up close at Saturday at Pittsburgh state yes Saturday afternoon 1 o'clock and it won't mention the radio and that's that India bishop Carroll is what facing. Since consequence in here is at five A state championship. Saturday afternoon in Pittsburgh and it CEO at 1 o'clock to come clock kicked off should be great weather about 6065. Degrees is expected. In Pittsburgh it. For instance Indian. And we've been down there are reports of racing entry few. Opal a point this thing through travel really well Phillips in the fun fun afternoon of football. And it's a great opportunity. You have broadcast the five day high school. Yeah I'm looking forward through the you know it's through battled through injuries this year is on their third string tied in the second string running back. And so looking at the Hilton. Nobody expect from different phones specially. Attendance in championship the thief of his daughters who was number one seed in the west side of the bracket on Friday night to move here wouldn't be in my world. I thought it would repeal. Since then momentum into the state championships to know one thing we know for sure. Your life that's. Univision may fifteenth Ford division one I expected to wins and another Catholic schools though. John Voss who helps out on the broadcast here he's still a student here by the community college in aspiring broadcaster that you do get that big a high school. Might be championship game coming up Saturday at 1 o'clock kickoff bishop Carroll in saint Thomas accordance. If it stayed in that night's football team here we're at halftime the Butler priciest real tally forty to 39 we're back with more right after this. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly and Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build muscle plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so you haven't that you didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. It your next oil change change the life of your vehicle forever and if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Three G performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime both engines and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it outside a shop in your neighborhood and PG farther south dot com that's VG find a shop dot com. Because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio week nights at less than an unpaid day. I'm here. Heads out of power plant del Prado on the campus of other community college if it never had a chance to about CJ got conference basketball game I highly recommend. Make some time due out about cheating game here and cut show where every hand because it's an exciting up and down enough fast paced style of basketball high scoring. Had a very very competitive a lot of these guys who want to play division one basketball various colleges. That great competition here jayhawk conference. 826 game conference schedule. The grizzlies they are one and two in conference play and how Lee is three and oh yeah that coach. No order pre game chat that you mentioned this was a the important game for his team because editorial lost one game on the home floor that was in Garden City to conference over. Well eleven days ago so it's awfully awfully tough this conference would you give up home floor. It's awfully tough to make it up on the road to proceed didn't get a win last Wednesday night in the liberal of greenhouse city. Those who are now. That's a tough place to play. Do you get the winners thwarted a third time. This Cali has come back I don't for the grizzlies still in the locker room we'll take a final break here we'll come back you to set up for second half action that our planet. It is tally forty did Butler 39 back with more right after this. French president has done and they record introduces this spicy new Paladino pepper Jack steak Burger King starts with YouTube Freddy's plains states burger patty topped with peppered Jack team. I'm a genius. To crunchy onion rings and Freddie salad senior price us all on a home style button welcome to Freddy's frozen custard and state records the chains that brings you back. It's. To flex its struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps it means. To win. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement under and didn't. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise but the Marines. Join us more things right here on Palin as ass. Coming up our post game show tonight we'll have our US Marines player of the game. US Marines if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's Marines. Dot com. Teams back on the floors were just a couple of minutes away from the start the second half. Wanna remind our second half that I brought here by Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers. British press conference they burger celebrates the return to their fall classic. Readies pumpkin pie concrete fresh in previous frozen custard. Went with a whole slice of rich pumpkin pie crust at all public with created sprinkled with cinnamon. All the credit for us country's neighbors it takes to bring you back. Six Wichita area locations. One in derby and one right here and elder radio at 18 on 9 west central. Freddy's frozen cut tapers great sponsors of other athletics for many many years they're open until 10 PM nightly news stopped by authorities tonight. He would pick up some dinner. And we get Stephanie you have Thanksgiving tea holiday. And everybody will be off for Thanksgiving thanks for that in that it received back in action on Saturday afternoon. As they go up the road. To Ayatollah deface the Allen. Red devils in the lady grizzlies mullah tipoff it took off the minute form of the Mets broadcasts were at 345. This Saturday right here on in assess earlier tonight monitor game coach Mike Helmer is lady grizzlies battled and battled against them very. Good Kelley of lady tiger team before falling 69 of 57 was really attracted more games on the final couple minutes now and get some good shots Kelly. The grizzlies 69 to 57. That is up about violence war it was nip and tuck all night long. Help tally of their right right orange uniforms. With the black lettering in new rules for the white. Chris leash. Have they witnessed wool uniforms went to the grizzlies were right at home. Even went so well received Wear purple. My special occasions but these are new uniforms that the coach Miller was able to come up with a Vegas golden knights look. You sit from the start the second half aggressors are trailing forty to thirty. You can't even solve it is Kelly tigers. Replace foreign two on the season one and two in conference play tally is six and one overall. Three don't conference play. Love Kelly's home that you. So I'm at Torrey and other artsy real historical building a lot of fun but now they're it's great to be down currently in January. Retain our conference you know. Eight teams and you play each other. White's home in Rhode. Suspect here they've done. From the 26 game a conference schedule. No Cali will be moving from left or right to Brazil is right to left tally will in them off the physician or to start the second half. Tally with a one point will be here in the car went. On this Tuesday night balls in the backcourt to remember picked up backcourt by your arm Armstrong. River takes it right late night fun I was deeply. Our yeah what Jersey giving go to bed diet and dikes and let the simplest. I've talked about about what a play it like to Terry's block them. And I look like who's wanted for an uncontested layup and got him when it would have been better than. Wherever you live now fortunately shot clockers and point the point lead that would nine point. That are indignant crossover dribble nobody puts a motor sport and I couldn't live without them it's tough to stop the Louisiana towns coward who's got through. He received chilly 42 birdies on. There's. More drive to basket aggressively and put up a shot it was filed with the bodies. Powell's gonna go against the big dance. Howard that's his third arrival. Better than you're seeing it it was a why I didn't know foul called exit blocked out of bounds Lester it's like Howard. You put thirty back on the clock. And out of foul called him. Populous at its worst evils I'll be called it is not receives an outdoor lessen their own basket get up top to bottom. Force passes it's almost all of our rivers got to be careful what those passes. It right wing. Yes it was a Fallon and. Now apparently. That was on the flight officers Armstrong Tommy. I'm still. And I don't want to drive right elbow jumper on the way into countless lives out in or try to get the rebound. They're bigger body that Warren. Inside the arch street on me at wolf rimmed out. 4239. Just a minute did here in the second half the power play tally at Butler is ridiculous that it 713 thirty K to ask member. It takes a quick pass those inside the cowards are those up for a shot it was locked but I committed and a state in more than doubled name. Clearly at halftime and it talked about in their their big man. Turned off power into the ballgame warrior at twenty points and ten rebounds. In their win at home in overtime on Saturday over Garden City. But he only two points in the first African always good. I thought tonight. 1840 weeks ago. C forty weeks ago here and thank you have the power plant that is 4039. They're free throw coming up with our big it was a soft touch misses those. Second free throw all. Lusaka forfeit their lives. Yeah optimistically throw. Receives have a year's box driving right baseline backs and out cut off with a double team has clocked at up Armstrong. As fast as less like ours that corner now Russell. Turnovers for the grizzlies tonight at the ball off its of Powell's. He pushed off against Vicky who's defending. Only 339 here comes remembered always for the ladies walk off Madonna. Passed down to Fort Hood cards aren't they yeah. Well as silly now. It's tough but pocket any convincing silly foul. Art it's gotten to him deleted grizzlies scoring. 1890 to go for. 4341. Yards with a chance now to complete a three point play he's got to accommodate. It just needs free throw it away assault. Eleven lead the grizzlies. Are on our procedures currently 4342 metallic tigers. Here's Revver. Doubles is evident Baghdad nice drives and basket and let me sit around. Boy yeah prisons gave up a dribble drive level. The crowd definitely. We'll try and work product found about three basic tries to link drops off now if this is off and ultimately shot was blocked from behind his double team now. Robert down the floor goes up his shot was blocked by Armstrong the ball goes out of bounds last touch. Off the foot edit Navarro he grizzlies at. Seventy. So 4542. College leading. Palestinian. Their own basket to our right. Power let's get it is lots of atop the river on the rightly that it defensively Armstrong. Remember that can't dribble and extravagant right hand it over that side drops off the deployment wasn't that Armstrong from the top of service picks up. It's outside remember. That would again or part of my Armstrong asked not to be your stolen. Hawkins passed on the floor vote arts arts goes up like stuff and it. Collapses that hurts me. There's a trail 4544. He has been on the left side for a four. Kelly being guarded by Smith's quick bursts beat Tulane puts up a runner bank. Time out called final tally of 32 timeout by Tommy to solve the head coach of the tigers. Those drives. Bits and it just big moments ago we're kind of curled up all of their arm that last opportunity. To reverend wrong. That can't be swatted away from the bank again. And I eat it his twin brother don't want to. Finally. 47. Valley living here. You know they don't. Indeed 713 thirty Cain is just. Six courtside. In the slackened Joseph part of horse field. So you know seven days ago here in the second half. Cali by three. He's out this time out they got just incredible executive along with vodka. Russell Smith. And also you want hard spin off the dial up the fight for the grizzlies. So schools right or left side arts arts and topic pretty good already at that point right now. That's his right side to. There like adamant about it drives it fatally hit harder cranks it up nicely done. You want my pocket he's got. Welcome averaging fourteen and a half points a game. It's got the lakers trailing 4746. In fact it was like this all night McCoy has the capability with him look like little. It in the world still has those inside and went up her life it's the reported that. Download immediately by an indictment on eleven workers are hard drive right side back up top there's criminals were. On the program note that Fox News I accidentally. They wrestle the now knows that yes. Grizzlies want them. Period carpeting Russell from the foul SE second personal. Grizzlies with 20000. Hollywood sooner in the second half. Sixteen. 49 to 46. Italian technical core I. War gentlemen the president St. Joe. High school office grieve for them these answers podcast and download a coward and power. Stepped out of bounds. It and notice in a solemn looks weren't bigger part about the the net August download the big yeah. Coward who has 6300. Pounds. It is really tough to stop him from getting rid of got a body him. Fourteen fellows now that he's not he's not in doubt that Colin has asked his hand powered. He gets fouled again by hospitality you've got poked in the face but. No way to. And Lou to listen to stop shows that our. Yet polls in the eyes and no foul that. It's like to coach Bryant Miller the grizzlies were left them. Sports table Pasadena told the guys don't know if I'll call it to stop the media flurry. Gone cold here. Huddled in down seventy on the shot clock Khaled isn't there a basket and ultimately did that look like Kevin Barry. Dividend rightly jumped on the way is not a good sign for the rebounds and gracious about it I think he gets to follow and his best. Pocket his mouth in the backcourt but they had died president of basketball. Which grizzlies pocket and arts and I don't realize debates next he completes the year. It was that you missed the close it put back in the van dyke with a penalty fallacies in the pocket after. 1545. Developers is trailing 49 to forty security now a father always. Said. Conference basketball tonight. You just a little. Very active little. That's like the thought of one who tries to basket and puts up a shot was blocked by Mickey Hart gets the rebound arts political lightly jobless scored from. Hard to try and respond to. And beat out actually lovely little bit I think he's got. Listen I wanted. Once again. As far from Chrysler plant in his fouled along the drive to the basket. Number fourteen film on shooting for quality. Those against hit them. Its first bowl teams now a fourteen hour. Hearts lead the grizzlies fifteen points tiger's first prize winning puts up a quarter was partially block the ball. And triple hustled together and they had wanted to he's got her cubs in the front where it. At twin Brothers. Heard the spin move away by employees out of control puts up an air ball at least hold down on the front where you can arc arc goes up next up today. So Eric. Arts goes down hard to the floor. If something now appears to be okay was kind of Olympic. Our merchants got seven. And seen it was a beautiful assist moments ago by. McCoy would have found shot out of control gets you hired coach. It is home. Would solve keeps an optimum voice receives full court pressure him down now to starts. Starts across the time. Right and dribbled picked up. It worked Kevin Berry taste left one. The tigers as the side apparently. Replied without knowing that rat it's definitely good. That's right Portland art art and hopefully we'll talk for. Instead it's no good rebound like power. 1410 to go Cali. My breath as those inside and it starts with them. It's definitely need. If this goes in the wind up dividend right right basically goes up shot as well. It was blocked my heart's here comes spot in the front court pockets in the lane bounced puts an anchor it is about Japanese foul. What do sequence there back and forth. Tenement. Active streak right corner drove baseline had a lot of fun artsy and obviously that's offenders. He's trying to argue its case cities solvent for the accordance with the thirteen 47 adults but their Intel. UNICEF's goodwill. It is fifty to fifty. Kelli leading. Residual inbound and Pasco basket to our left. It's a good friend if you took part it's gonna happen now. During those critical base that got shot frequently subsite not the massive losses handled what was the box that. Mark has been quite rightly gives little fortunately shot function as goes to stereotype and hearts hearts across the withdrawal puts up a banker close enough that threaten and all the best friend Max removes it. Helicopters artillery to travel there in the name. At three tries they can just write more than his brother Arabic EF three it's long silently about my breath. Griffin the chance to take. Thirteen seventy Lopez whose low block let's tell the cards actually it's much more urgent task was to create a capacity. Now they weren't around her looked hot. It's very left side left corner of his guards at three what it is Bogut rebound by. Let those back up its. Happy there videos nicely done. Got the rebound it was good walks off Florida's shoulder. He acted like he was hit. Runaway truck he would sprawl you grading up to call. Well fifty ago 5252. Leaders the power plant in our conference basketball club Eric Kelly. It starts. This is low block web site bankers and analysts on a foul goes against the grizzlies. Distributed grizzlies sixth team found old Hollywood. I was against the Atlanta ignorance and now snapped into combat in. The world 39 to go retire at 5252. Hollywood and other of their own basket we are right reverend gets in the bad. But of course I was blocked by Adam. What they've worked out. Several times a night and into. Thank your charts. Left corner of the box them outside the very tries is asking. 1225. To ago. Two teams went back and forth. To head coaches didn't do it well over a period on the floor. Yelling instructions stomping their feet. Should be two free throws for seven very. Period it needs treatment the way it's good. But haven't buried here we are not just two of six. From the free throw line that one made here. Prisons take the lead 5352. Over the tigers never recruitment efforts have been very. Barry has four points tonight it's free throws coach goods sold to a seven preparing. He's got its survival. It is river front court and outside those starts yeah. It starts with the right elbow can't go. Quality it was street by Harrison Ford tigers and I was all set up by. And Gary's hosting deepens and well wolf five ago fifty. 352. Other related to how. The push her cards right Winged Foot jumper right baseline it's obvious I actually. And then we've. As the ball went out of announcements such talent was. Hurt. Forced up the job. Right obviously has become. This is not everything. It's only touched it last Internet site backward. Here's his when I was seventeen on the shot clock. And their own basket a little off today Adams who is buried. There is still the dribble one dribbled to rubles three dribbles past. At least podcast with the bottom. Just say yeah except the shot clock back at the very very good stuff we did little Kessler's inside data at a loss panel above shot. That's your mother who's here and start front court frivolously delays please update anchor no good. But he draws the foul. Kevin Barrett. Tell you what towers got a nice blend of hip and her long. Haul. And they also got some speedy guys on the court. Got remembered in spurts. You guys lightly equipped with a trouble. It's virtually free throw line for two shots that foul was against the accurately. As frequently as good. Our access worn the night. Once again we're tied 1127. Ago here. Final game before Thanksgiving breaker JI conference. 5353. Every drove through harks. Irks free throws good good. Mix. He's got five and. 53 days now. Talk to Brett worked box him tonight with a nine point sincerity fortunate to have on the season. Smith drama. So I'll walk right. Often pick up their defensively minded guys ask it was a. Pass this website now. Russell. Now. There's not starts in the front court confident team pull up jumper a. Starts now scored the last four points. Received down 5650 fours turnaround jumper free throw. Okay rebound by Smith and it drives. Ice in the front foot outside drives and kicks it out your starters lightly at 3 o'clock Sinai. Got a lot of rich top pass both are very very quick on the floor and play today. This is get a quick turnaround bucket yeah. 5650. Quiet now. And each other. Remembered hasn't beaten. It suffered through it optimistic and confident that I can live side and I miss those little bunkers and first up top employers are rightly three atop the market rebound Adams. And it's now at best it was a brutal past francoeur as a pocket watch civil rights and that's announced it has with the outside brittle little. It was left corner and Berry that got the privilege to chocolate group gives the pocket drive's about to drop. I'll write poetry by Russell's long rebound apply Adams. You know foul called against McCoy. How can read them. Each team now it was seven. Seemed boundless. So. Wish the rest of the game. We got behind deputy notices earned his announcement will step up for one minute break. It is tally 56 Butler 55. Wood 915 go we're back with more on Venus tennis. Welcome back to Freddy's end did you hear that our pumpkin pie concrete if that's sure dead real. Everything up crest at all. To come compact Greeks police coming right up at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of family is fine and prison testing and preparing credible pumped in high concrete pricing dreamy president has stated Clinton and a slice of pumpkin pie Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers this case that brings you back and. Oil changes or this. Old oil out new filters new oil and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was life changing PG cup means you will change can change your life because it comes with free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you fly to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's BG find shot. Team. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm PMS. Congress is basketball on the radio right to five feet. Automotive maintenance of the highest quality defied a BT shop near you visit the Tea Party shop dot com that's BG five shot shot. Also any keeping their condition of plotting your comfort is our business. The location and over to better serve Butler county lot of great sponsors we appreciate all the here. This is our twelfth year broadcasting Butler basketball on in assess. Thirteen years for Butler football. This will be a one on one here for him pretty Adams Adams has yet just 12 half ready points in the first death. The other way is good so I wanted to. We are tied again. 5656. We are free throw coming up here for Adams. We throw it away as good thanks supposedly. Averaging six point six points a game you have sophomore from homer Louisiana it pretty Adams. 57. Six grizzlies would. My ticket ago. Comes tenement in front court horse I think that Armstrong he's. The court eloquently put up the screen top of the key drops that whenever people rightly picked up five war pass was atop the bad guy as good as him. Howard's car puts it up and misses it it's out biopsy of the poised for a big 3000068. Hours. When he gets that ball down low in this good footwork he can spin to the rim like he did nearly missed a short banker but he draws the foul. Want to speak too early because they're nice job and on the Darnell Howard didn't succeed 300 pounder. These are on the way is good yeah. Around 79%. On the night of the season he's two for two blinded I got six points. He's averaging sixteen tonight. Frequently it is softly back there. President got sounded. This is still a 50579. And Hampton on regulation or the power play. Tuesday night that the weather is on in assess. Area talking guarded by competitors more drivers amass his war on. My pick and power. It's on it is only. The city just standard was in war. Bounce into them tonight. Horse going a line now for one want. Who are immediately right. Officials know he's not happen callers warm free throw it is good. What his first points of the night he's averaging eight point eight on the season for game. So for you to death richer last year Padilla you tip basketball program. To the grizzlies midseason last years after breaking extreme pro. It takes a vote. Take the lead 5958. Years reverts right. Were obviously high street takes a site visit to. Armstrong. Right right doubled his Boise let me ask those. Howard Howard juggled the past but he draws the foul from confidant. Confidant Leo smerconish Stacy looks as hit coach Bryant Miller like what they couldn't. This is now have seats on eighteen pounds Communist song still. Debating that called the other Indians hour. He's agitated by yours yeah. Struck down by Smith passed through. Armstrong's race in the front court thickness there by power don't wanna warm. Disease haven't weren't as deep on the right wing house nestled inside Armstrong Armstrong. That's the way. Lost. All. Out of bounds rollodexes. Whether you're on tour he drove it in power to look at the end. Just trying to the one by one with a one. Smaller amounts. To try to explain me please coach Brad Miller on the coach is trying to. B fifty ago. Butler leading 5950. Feet over there now tiger's here apparently him. Before being guarded closely by a reward cross the timeline far side. These links test them talk and it starts starts off high screens powered past those inside Carroll was looking and it goes out of bounds turnover there. Our thoughts are as a spot up for right wing three soda and I couldn't stay elevated and threw a pass underneath you can. Are shocked actually catch up to the arts back left side cross and girl picks up top here's Russell's been you know right away. Specifics of the dribble right corner goes to arch arch likelihood up anywhere on the floor that's goes down. Our resident. River back the other way but it. Water no good I don't believe it's looms grizzlies come up and it might be saying why. This. It was moments ago Russell Smith. One handed dunk. If you assist them happens. This is leading 61. Mr. Kim and talk to. It's approximately an hour power struggles thanks enough. Now it was Osama bin. It dropped its power. Power One dribble and they put up and. Howard's got nine now the chips for three point oh. 747. Ago. 6160. Grizzlies leading. Grizzlies lost her only other conference deep here eleven days ago Garden City they need this one here tonight. Got to protect home floor Kelly's look units that you wrote when they're tough to come by the jayhawk. 116. Because these are there ways to help fight timeouts left his colleagues not for the team it's the only one time outs in use today. Believe that it. And maybe. Three time outs of the newest free throws good right now he's got him. His point quite complete there to try to get sixty plus 61. People were freshmen are double just across the timeline all kicked out of Alex has touched. Sally. There's got to expect a full court pressure now emerged nearly turned it over the double team midcourt. Are excellent balance of Armstrong. Armstrong rightly goes to snap. Smith steals the level of pop is the hearts and let's I have five. Price side you. Offensive foul on Brett. Right now the grizzlies. Have a lot of offense total war right now. They're trying to hold on. 730 wanted doughnuts and policy turn over their life even ran away from the ball. The only screen. 6160. Want. This broadcast will be Saturday afternoon. It was back out on the road and I know that the ACL in red doubles. Grizzlies basketball on the radio right by it. Air conditioning plumbing here it is our business. Location handover events or other county pilot Gary your hometown area. US Marines are few the proud the Marines didn't make Kansas group did. Wanna remind you. Via Hutchinson. Wednesday December 6. Might not be a bad idea to try to pick up tickets in advance that he and sells out here. Butler two rivalry that goes way way back. Yes he's seen some farmers here over the years here at home and torturing the that is the December 6. You wise I did pick up tickets in advance picture you don't get to check out that night your car in Butler and by Wednesday December 6. Pick up tickets your athletic office on the campus but it intelligently building 500 buildings. So this is off the turnover. Set up the couple was president Rome. And I will infidelity can. In garden of the poor guy brutal. Dividends tonight is back before it crossed across the interest whose logo that's his right side starts our sources close puts the ball on the floor six. It's hard to keep. Our attitude here and I do. In his bid to the ball that Feldman is consistent. Skirt long line. We're two shots the grizzlies now with 10181000. Kelly wood nine. Shots Erisa waiver are Cali. He probably is good. Starts he's got the tonight he's up for for fourth line notably from coming up. 718 left in regulation sixty twos 61 of the free throw coming up here for Jeremiah storage service wanna Georgia. We struggle it is not a program the backboard and if he's got nine he's five for five on the line 6361. Almost backward here comes Bob passed those two aren't slip when it parts that have been brutal act talk this is a cruel cruel thing to like him. Passes over the rightly. Snipped right corner it was difficult aspirations that sticks out left corner three on the wave arch is an air ball Bret that's it snapped. Investment banker from credit derivatives foul. Small players are Smart play they're my rant that was an herbal arched feet left quarter three. On the far side of the rim and Doug grant chipped it. We jumped up these shipments of Smith missed on the right derivatives foul. Missiles missed free throw. Smith has yet to score the second at least not for the united sold one. He's five to go and I 6361. Cali leading. Free throw coming up from Russell Smith business needs three from the latest it was all that. Five other neighbors is down sixty. 362. Neither team has been a look at what's relieve your tonight. Voters' hearts it sharks travel. Wanted to make that call a game like this a one point game. C officials called it war war let the guys' faces shuffle step before possible on the floor I don't post a comment on the trail that he couldn. Presented got a backward. Little hazard. It's been exposed to graphic. Right word Clinton give it inside peace mission to force them the benefit of the creditors accept. Smith yeah. Six mrs. Moments duty parenthood that. Yeah and Brad kept at wal allied Smith gets fouled so both teams down to double bonus the rest of the game at 633 ago each team with ten team felt. So be cheap shots here for Russell Smith. It's on the way it is no good left it short. Of the maker free throw. One of three from the line and other free throw coming up. Smith yes it's my freshman of Kansas City, Kansas transfer from Oral Roberts University makes the senate. Once again folks were tied 6363. Six when he took on regulation. Tell us about those who remember forever as goes to Kidman it's a little. That's not cowards are those that strong federal no good. Now the past 2 o'clock o'clock clicks away. Our sale of those things on the flu. Remembered the front court. What document that would aka breaking away yourself. Presley's best breakaway lay out my clock that we lost the handle on the ball. And then remembered comes back to at a weighted periods of three we have talked about what was originally wanted to go. Another Griffin's take. Down 54. Yeah 650. Parade. On Saturday after. Road and Alan title. Broadcast 4345. Earned 97. Ernie Allen. Game show every four. Did five on Saturday after. We'll get Bobby choose. Good tip off that they. He was afraid to pick it up. That was picked up by tally put this up. Or wherever and three. Remember it was his first bucket in the second half his second three and spent eight. Besieged town 6663. Full court pressure now to be applied by Cali. Pocket looking to get it then he would he does it pretty. Brutal rebels took up crosscourt pass at the bottom. Talk talk in the backcourt gets crosses my mind what let a lot of bumping going down parts hasn't left me frank works hard drive right elbow did. Rusty Smith back and talk a little. 58 on the shot clock has moved looks like the bottom double team comes box dribbled around it bought the top of the key test those Smith. The traditional way. Offensive foul. Just college debate. Sliders which he dispelled. Howard takes the charge under the. Bad possessions in a row the grizzlies 536 ago. 6663. Tigers lead Kelley tires in the grizzlies. Grizzlies it was soft. Full court pressure and how they don't fall back into the front corner comes forever but it triple crosses my. In the past him and it's remember Israel and the sharks. Pass the Slovak right side is. Let turnaround jumper off an. That's tough to stop. It's 64 past the front court has dismissed love links that pass was right baseline arts arts puts up. Mr. Rumsfeld why can't I can't believe it at night to find out that's five. Parks drove it right baseline he argued that several inches of indict you went up strong at midnight foul them. So large score line effort to. So that no matter how. 863. As a trailing Cali. Hearts like you didn't receive seventeen. Points and I didn't hear the second. And why don't. Hearts and eyes the rim bounces once twice it's all the same have been Disney's return of the way is good afternoon. Arts now has beaten team a freshman from Milwaukee is Hamilton high schooler in Milwaukee. This is trailing 686040. Kelly tigers but free throw words. Merge two rebels against news of all this instances needs frequently is good mix of both arches Scott thanks. The leader grizzlies this is down 68. 65 the Cali tigers and quiet minutes ago. Regulations can have it gives off deliberate people directly wherever I've talked to tournament. Around out of Stark's lovely clearly the defense has remember. Whose defense vice yeah never lets his coach we'll play him. Amazon com remember rightly drives it to the free throw line things a fadeaway jumper Coca. All Paula called rebound goes it is just incredible. The technology to have a live up to this. His own shot missed it's awfully anger. And succeed out of schools aren't right in front court receipts that 6065 back to talk to criminal. That's the shot clock backdoor pass was right lockers rapid jump right wing no good follow step by step of the another surprise that no credit Calvert. Saves the big bad got it right great effort by. Russell Smith would soon tips on mrs. Yeah the fault of the silver. 6865. Forum to deploy regulation. There's Kevin's eyes right it's like Spock who picks now left wingers have revised starts. He's got a thousand. Nine in the second half and at 7165. Got a little bit of separation now this it really good Cali team. Got to tell you right now do you have thick you know. Her hello Howard it's really confident confidence becomes of the vendors who make him college. Another Brisinger down 7165. And it's been a lot of respect your life starts. Starts some wanted Georgia. Redshirt freshman six to eight. He's got a dozen. Averaging eight on the season. I'd fit. This is I think the biggest new. Right for now six. Again as I've said many. And it's college basketball. Other Big Three nearby store. At least five of the floor it is hard to spot them and brittle. Smith and Brett. Arch leading the grizzlies would nineteen bot who's gotten. Britain's got four. This is what is full court pressure and it'll pass up an award goes to block them across the top cast moves left side Smith Smith matches out. Tough talk now to cripple. 42 o'clock greater regulation grizzlies down 7165. March as a part of history by pocket tries to delay drops off a little rightly takes it free pass those inside. Now I stepped it up just like little. In the bucket there they get it eight points now for Smith received failing 7167. Guns can. Play calls I tried this writes I get some way to put shoppers pass those inside they keep us from law. Always did and got the lead down. That they restarted the shot clock. That was an air ball and I think the the rim I think the restart for second clock city officials Soledad. What he got that passed right at the rim. And he's shot and irritable. It's 305 to go here. This is terminated unite around. So you don't put the shot clock that he Levitt. 607167. Kelli leading. So let's on the shot clock. Now it will be. Looking down right to our right for their exists. Will be pressured by our house Lebanon shot. That's the recent 32 shot clock that's who took top remembered forever and target in circles by popular. Talk pocket sevens actually didn't hear it right side not the not so honest. His first points of the night 7467. Races now really in trouble under three minutes ago to hit it. We're deathly. Freshman from Saint John who is riddled defensive website Smith's. Colonel makes it reasonable to actually pull up jump on the way no good followed rebound and fight for. Rat with a nice put back that this might cripple type out on the floor with 23380. There's these polls full time out. In 33 remaining in regulation. Resistance 7469. It picked back to look at nearby Brenton freshman. What did Kevin moments ago it was his first bucket of the night. Kevin had fifteen points on. 53 tonight at home star city. I get that Big Three there from people. And left leg. Seventy or 69 get a second tier will be courtside at our plan. Coach Bryant Miller comes over budget. When I got to. Her parents weren't able. Can get that rectified for good reason why. You know they need to carefully care. Never dull moment here on scorers table. 233 to go. This is applied full court pressure. 7469. Bruce is down by five to 33 ago. They sure didn't. You shot clock that we need clock and it is. Here ago ready to go. Timmy gets delivered double hit the backwards pass goes and basket as close up toward it starts its front towards. Him. The shot clock. Let's talk it's more don't call it has proved that starts right when it starts right open and accessible gives me evil block right side. And since stepped out of bounds. Could survive glad to. Of course the total. It was insistent on dribbling the ball underneath the basket step down no president should. Yeah. 206 they go to prison is down 7469. Out of all the turnover. It's down to afterwards we'll picked up by brutal brutal across the time line. Notified Kidman's hit off the block of the book rightly ranked one griddle as who's inside Smith Smith drops off to drag him late today. Six. Let. Before so they won't. Other than starts in the front court drops off the TV but he drives to basket. But. That was last touched my good. I was here again was gonna try to look for a lay up and look like they've lost and then all of a little bit of the grizzlies touched before when out of bounds. 42 on the shot clock. Hollywood in doubt you are right in their own basket 7471. Calley leader Robert looks to get them. Has goes up top the big man power there argues that to tell him that you. How has it been. Today they believe what's on the left and let its love and I Smith now past the colonel remembered all over the rim could fit. Beautiful setup for the lay up because this whole. Some of the foursome they want all the right we'll. With a right foot up top and when they can't rent thousands of the pocket that almost all the finally here. Except the ball away clock was giving chase for a back a bit court he was knocked over by a hint of bit of it is incredulous by the call so it was fun to decide home. Right millers gonna call full time now for the the grizzlies. Christie's now. Have two timeouts left as does Ali good that it would have signed 9713. Thirty. 7471000. Bruce is really happening here to protect your home floor. Their own wanting com. Bryant Miller was explaining. In the pregame show. Several folks from all our city making the trip Tucker the elderly don't for the. Fine. Four minutes ago. They got the ball. To go. Ten seconds remaining. In regulation grizzlies down by three they got the ball. Again each team has two timeouts left here to PowerPoint. Grizzlies. Walk him at the line. Ought to what two shots here. Terry has been Disney's return on the way is they're all men. Of quokka has got its hand on the night. The free throw coming up so it's 74 war. 72. Pocket could put the grizzlies to within one. Brief struggle it is good Reynolds wolf if he's not allowed and an aggressive trailing 7473. Why no way to go out here comes the game. The front court pass those right. And this is apparently. Works against Brad kitchen outlet for anger starts at 30 god how about starts. Jeremiah start stick a stake in the grizzlies there was a three. This guy's clerks. There's been a couple of big threes he's got fifteen in the ballgame he averages seven point nine on the season. He's doubled his season average. He was sitting winning six point 9% of his threes covenant. 726. But he's got this new three series. The last couple of. Seventy 773. Don't look like they're. Power was trying to go around. Good because my breath easily clear you know people. Love playing the spurs have three. This is down by. That's my belt was. We have to. Victory moments. He's six seconds deployed. What how big was at three moments ago. Thinks of them don't want to four point lead the tigers are on the road for Cali. Grizzlies five did not warrant riddled Smith Bratton in pock took. Just wore along the baseline he has yet to pretty. She's you know 777 injury riddled. Those French court left the rock them sock them off the screen by Brad takes top of the key drops off right quarter cradle that three and the way I hit it out I don't. Rebound coward about it. These foul. Later bought them or Smith or Bratton. Like little sleeve. Halfway down it popped out. 42 point three seconds ago. We visited with the coach Bryant Miller and the post game show look at it this was on the conference. Two free throws here for the big man colonel coward. Howard had two points at halftime he's got twelve on an A he's averaging sixteen and a game wreath on the latest no good. This is down 7773. And other free throw coming up here for Darnell power. It just moments ago there. And our trees I don't know it is good H one it's him he's got thirteen overnight cruises down seventy. 87 victory it's a tough aggressive front court little privacy fix are right corner three by Perry. I help. A lot Butler. Haven't buried for the right corner gets all three. You shot there by Teva Newsnight night on the night his second. It was 35 point four seconds ago and Cali leading Butler 7876. So one victory deserves another. It's a one possession game. He has one time. Timeout left. Not a good reader today JR conference basketball on campus have Dennis Higgins courtside. Him slack in the no part of our studio coordinator for next broadcast his Saturday afternoon at 345 or pregame show from now. Portfolio which everybody happy Thanksgiving. It's great for the Thanksgiving holiday. Right back yet and on Saturday. 7876. Hitting Kelly's got the Kelly's got the ball 53. I. Kevin Berry. The miners have been what five point four seconds differential shot clock dean Clark. So if you're the grizzlies to aggressively go for a steal and commit a foul if you do that happened to do. Certain angle it shot clock down to zero knew you wouldn't leave yourself only five seconds submitting this. Receives will. Have full court pressure. Did it legitimate shipments passing in the basket as the rivers remembered coming up the floor of these articles in my grill gets across the time I left him. Or side there's those who did it. It was your right side Brussels this movie clips haven't got shot clock hit the shot clock he. Cinnamon drives right baseline. Cut off their bye Brett gives him a coward six on the shot clock five shot clock tower tries about a but both voters are. What seven point four seconds ago what I shot by the big man powered. You'd never know he's 68300 pounds he broke right baseline hung in hearing what we want to hit it. Suspended in the air and float one in from about four feet. That time bucket there are all right colonel coward a a tally. That Chris is now down eighty to 76 was seven point four seconds ago the groups as per the last time. Mexicali called that timeout a bigger parks legacy still up one timeout left. Eighty at 76. Cali lady. Was seven point four seconds ago. What what it. You talk to here by the big fan powered. Grizzlies in vitro fall window open to it. Conference games on home floor. Officer today he received meet all the want and three in conference play good. We still have seven point four seconds ago but. It's a four point lead for talent a lot of folks would say to this game but. There is a four point play. Pre made basket foul. So it is possible four point play in the capital and off. If you hear it got pretty Smith aka. Let him carry on the floor. Very little time to kind of surprising Kelly spokesman countered weakness. Immigrants chances at the plate and he's still on the left Brazil at 94 feet Smith gets into critical factor comes colonel up the floor at all. Pull up left wing three and it's no good long read out at the crowd is about the game over. The grizzlies fall under the Cali. My final score of eighty to 76. Both teams left without them. But the hero this was Jeremiah sharks. Who poured in. Fifteen points for the tigers and get the students threes down the final moments final minutes of league. Pitching line right now in front of us Chris please call 876. States in our post game show comes up next. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty K and SS. Chris Rock you by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the taste that brings you back with six locations in Wichita what are derby and won Belgrade when 1809 plus central. The US Marines the few the proud the Marines. BJ products automotive maintenance at the highest score a link to find out Vijay shot there you visited Fiji finest shot dot com that's BG find a shop dot com. Had a heating air conditioning and money your comfort is all business for the location and hand over to better serve Butler county. Highland vary your hometown very. Finished things Kansas moving through the future with you stay tuned blood grizzlies post game show is next. Penn heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and one. Your comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly of Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with the electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. It's time for the but the grizzlies post game show put comments from grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller a recap of tonight's game and a look at the final statistics now let's head back to the arena. That Sagan spirits and a car plant elder Prado were moments ago tonight behind conference matchup comes to a conclusion. And about grizzlies Aldrich that I have final score of 8276. Tough battle here in the fall short to the tally tigers who receives now on the season fall to 43 overall. One and three in conference play tally meanwhile improved to 71 overall in and a four endo in conference play so they remain perfect. In jail on a conference action. Tough one of the residual to a visit with the Bryant Miller here momentarily but in the meantime. I'm joined now by Sean Boston in the shot perhaps at least get us started on the a final steps. All right who tallied for the nine shot 39% from the field 40% from behind New York. The end of 73%. From the foul line related scoring by. Tower two with fifteen and it starts with fifteen helped convince. Who are we presume they shot 41% from the field 25% from behind New York in 79%. From the foul line. Chris these new balance it's attacked nineteen point super yards off the bench to lead the grizzlies. And he rebound or eleven rebounds for Russell Smith then he had ten points you along with his through a double double for Russell to live with ten points in eleven boards. In the grizzlies word. How out rebounded period of time you're 4131. Fluid fifties is you can only twelve. And turnovers both these seem to calories twelve so the grizzlies really actually. In the numbers wise look at this in Butler had. More rebounds they had more serious. And more blogs tonight but it was Kelly coming up on the winning end but he's gonna look at the final score that's what I notice most is the fourth straight conference in the preseason out of reach out there on. Yeah I mean you look at that you have a lot of cells attack yet Levin for Smith. Brad with the you don't have been shown rebounds Adams was seventh in Boston with six or mean there's a lot of different guys with. With coming up in having. Multiple rebounds. This another tough loss for the grizzlies will hope to talked to a coach Bryant Miller her momentarily very comes. But today Sean thank you very much to you look at the final stats. The grizzlies again lose a tough one here my final score eighty to 76 to the other Cali tigers. In that we're joined now by grizzlies that it coach. Ryan Miller and the coaches know. Close but no cigar is not a solace for your tonight just another tough loss you guys were right down to the at the last moment but that just comes down to a couple of key possessions does it not. Just comes out atop this facility is just being tough being able to sit out in garden stops taking care of the basketball. And I'll take this war you know week. We focused a lot lately on offense and in we gotta get back to the core of what we do. Who were not a great shooting team right now so we have to be a team that absolutely locked in on defense get stops it is so sound. The principal technique. Because. In order for us to score and do what we will do we gotta get stops as well outrageous and it's far off routes. Coach to guide your most worried about them and it was the big guy Darnell power in the first half you held them to just two points. He finishes the night ties to Cali team lead with fifteen points bit. What are huge. People are yet all the matters that last book you you can talk about the whole. You know. 36 minutes before that 37 minutes before that but but it comes down to be you know to go larger man have some pride in your defense. And we had a game plan on him what he had the ball in response to go dig the ball out. It's so we didn't do that we put our guy on an island. And just like I told you before the game he's too good to guard one on one he's always got the offensive advantage if you wanna want. But at that point you just got saddle up strap it up but it be a little tougher. He's a big man at 300 pounds he hung in here that final shot along the right obviously with one hand was able to muscle up and in. For huge bucket but on the bright side coached against you want art so off the bench with a team high nineteen points. Yes he can get a bucket. But he absolutely killed us as well defensively. Just turn this there's not seen as may have seen the ball get back gave up crucial offensive rebound their own here on this that this and you know and then and then leave and you know the shooter wide open you know I don't know I don't know how. Got to go back and look at our house fox got that wide open who hit two huge threes down the stretch to to just actually. Periods and yes it's kind of credit goes to the big men coward he drove the rim I think everybody thought of tropical rim they cleared it out left wing and your rights are too wide open that huge three. But to avoid this and other tough loss he goes and what makes especially tough that your second loss of the road your home. Yeah so that that's that's probably the the most painful thing to swallow is is not be you know we'll hold serve at home and we talked about this before conference started what was that in this league you have to win at home. If you wanna be the upper Echelon in this league if you wanna have a chance at the end of the year to have a home bid to have a higher seeded. Not to have to play through a gauntlet in the playoffs the that you got to hold serve at home you've got to be able to sit down and guard. And again that's when it comes down to it and like a set all take this on my back. We're all coming tomorrow at 3 o'clock tomorrow Google did after we're going get after for a good three hours straight defense and rebounding. And I told those guys I swear upon me that at the end of February. Ended January February we will be one of the top fifty teams in the league. We're all learned to guard and those guys choose not to learn wanna learn to guard don't don't have that attitude and vegetable they just won't play. You know coach has wanting you to take a lot of pride and that's the defense in the you'll settle for nothing less than full effort and a so I got to produce products really coughing you're gonna get these guys turnaround offensively quick turnaround there's a Thanksgiving on Thursday and and and Saturday right back on the road and Alan. Yeah no no days off you know they'll get Thursday off what do Thanksgiving laughed but they won't go home they'll be here. For Thanksgiving. With the exception of maybe you know some in the Golan go to Newton or going to you know up there with with with RJ and kids that he. But but but after that Friday were ruled good after to get and go over a game plan. And and hopefully. Be a little tougher defensively. At Allen. Coaches always appreciate stop might. Bryant Miller head coach and about a grizzlies grizzlies folder by a final score of eighty to 76. Will take a final break here be back with more from the power plant right after this. Welcome back to Freddy's and did you hear that our pumpkin pie concrete is bad sure dead. Us I everything up dressed in doll. To welcome back I'm Greeks please coming right up at Freddy's you'll always find that magical combination of family is fine and prison testing and preparing credible pumped in high concrete pricing dreamy president has data plan and the size of pumpkin pie Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers this case that brings you back. Is to flex its struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps. Means. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement under and didn't. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise. Of the reasons. It's easy. Oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list of what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does that was life changing PG cup lead you will change can change your life because it comes with free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you. Why do shop near you with PG find a shop dot com. That's BG five don't shop. Team. And the other great Americans join me so. Now they have everything to lose a tough one here at their home Florida the power plant final score Kelly tigers eighty brother because he's 76. One final bit of business here is our US Marines player of the game after regain accusing US Marines player of the game and a joined now by Sean Boston himself without a broadcast journalist scorcher from around the conference your mom -- bit. Probably get involved in this one here US Marines player of the game you look at the grizzlies. I guess we'll keep it to the grizzlies we could probably give it to a perennial power that great shot he made in the game. The clincher for a college that. He caught arts nineteen game. Yeah and also six's six or seven from the free throw line and you look at that he did have. Much retail stat wise rebound in a block one turn over. And but nineteen points off the bench is hard to do also knocked down 67 from the free throw line. I don't know if you can hear a coach Miller's comments moments ago he was not happy with arch defense is. Is effort. But it sounds to be corrected. And demand are going to be here tomorrow at 3 o'clock for three hours she's. Yeah and then you know like you say practice the only if you don't want to go home for for things hearing so. And others Kaiser are really gonna. Commence tomorrow I know and coach Miller. Watches over his practices or not he's known as swimming about coach Bryant Miller you'll learn it around for any length of time is that he really really. Takes this to hurt misses big time to him is as a coach you're Butler all right so what tonight's. US Marines player of the game will be. Finishes with a team high nineteen points if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com. That's Marines. Dot com all right John final bit of businesses scores from the conference. All right we will start with that done city in the you know showdown city defeats Yoshiro Seve tries 72. And as some other teams we have. Say Hutchinson over concert film 9962. A big win for the blue dragon's back at home Asif. Takedown Coverville. 9962. Other scores around the conference Barton. Over Seward says the cougars come back in defeat Seward at home 7570. Fran is leading cloud right now by fourteen concordia. That was graduate. Not a surprise hit a confidence. Security at the highest score yet 9962. Who dragons over counter bill and one more score is Garden City hosting Allen. In currencies up by 21 were to meant to build that one so Allen's getting totaled four in conference play it was this is going there on Saturday afternoon. So that's a 37 point went for touch your 37 point went through blue dragon Sanaa. New could see Danica after Hamas which is a rare bird for his team he. We gets him to bounce back and butchered they do that tonight it's a confident team that was looking like one of the top teams in the conference and coming back yeah. Don't really you know I read it distorted and hutch news on the website and a coach at Hussein. This team needs to forget about last year we're not master's team need to get our own identity. And if you along with the Internet in that goal I think so too 37 Portland shot as always thank you very much thank you and best of luck in your big game on Saturday your colony a play by play at any another station for bishop Carroll in the five A championship game yellow report to him a lot of phone so if you're prepared are we roll I am. And what what you tell us on the eve missile nugget about saint Thomas a quality opponent they're cornice is coached by Iranian Brian. And who won seven state championship set Hutchinson now he's up there cornice is team a program. In a hole is a school of 100 state championships. Then in the city Kansas moon in football. Just sort of leave as a nugget about the Golden Eagles Golden Eagles the other looking in their backs of the seats himself for the third time in four years. One in 2014 runner up in 2015. Missed out last year but they're back again. Here on Saturday afternoon. Hard to pass a test yet prepared it's a good job John vause in hopes on the broadcast he'll be doing the play by play from pits state Pittsburgh state on Saturday. Bishop Carroll in saint Thomas a point is go for the five A state championship in football. All right basketball here tonight at DR power plant grizzlies fall 8076. Butler now 43 over on the season one and three in conference play ability to conference went on Saturday and Alan. It will have a broadcast where to begin at 345 right here on 9713. Thirty can't assess. Will be high all at the gym there and Allen county in the media Alan read doubles and grizzlies 4 o'clock tipoff. Butler in Allen grizzlies fall 87. For some Boston Dennis are you insane so long and good night and once again happy thanks everybody we'll talk to everybody on Saturday night so long from the power plant in elder radio.