Butler CC Basketball at Allen County 11-25-17

Saturday, November 25th

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It's time for the Butler grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand heating and air conditioning blowing before convenient locations to serve you including an opposite end overcome. Could better serve Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a call and I heating air conditioning and embryonic or check us out on the web at hand in his dot com. Now let's get out of the arena for the grizzlies pregame show. Good afternoon everybody and welcome to the grizzlies pregame show at another bunker grizzlies basketball radio broadcast date retreat you're absolutely beautiful Saturday afternoon here in Iowa. It's the jayhawks conference matchup between the grizzlies and the Alan read doubles. The grizzlies arrive here at Allen for three overall one and three in conference play. The red devils come into accidents overall and winless in conference action. Allen is oh in four in the JR conference. Hello once again everybody that has taken with him and I all of our studio court is out there and as Andrew heavily it's always great to do what is on 97 in thirteen thirty in themselves. It's still early. Very early in the season was only for a conference teams in. So it's much much too early to say this is a must win for the grizzlies here today however. It is safe to say the grizzlies really need it really. Of victory here today Allen. Grizzlies had dropped ten games in a row three of their last four. Or only one in three in conference play in its early so no panic button beaten it yet. And they've already lost two conference games at home. That's something that really stick to their craw of coach Miller in his coaching staff to lose two games already factored grizzlies are 02 in conference play. At the power plant which has historically been a very tough place. For teams to defeat the grizzlies here in elder radio but not the case so far this year at least not in conference play now the grizzlies with the win today to do a lot to help them get well. Would put them back on track. And it would give perhaps ease one of those home losses they lost Tuesday night last night on the Cali. Went on the road they would help to rectify that loss at home. It also most importantly perhaps it might hit this button here as the team here really seized a little bit of confidence back. And at the grizzlies are coming off a tough tough loss at home on Tuesday that technicality tiger's age seventy to 68. Final. Actually 88 is 76 final. It is the Cali tigers went out what is the perfect in conference play it's his second consecutive game is somewhat of a concern I think for coach Miller his staff. Second consecutive game that the grizzlies have been tied with your opponent late. The only a few minutes remaining and they have been outscored down the stretch. That's another thing they can work on here today against these Alan Wright doubles hopefully it won't come down the last couple minutes but if it does hope to prisons in find within them. Outscored the opponent down the stretch in a tight game meanwhile Alan. Coach and he shot he knows all about having problems early this year they're Cilic six overall oh in for a conference play as a red doubles. There coming off the road loss in Garden City on Tuesday night. They lost the blockbusters night before to 75 however. Coach Miller knows very well he cannot overlook his reputable team because it was only last year the grizzlies came in here. And we're defeated by the red devils that snapped a nine game winning streak Butler had over Allen. But you lost your last last year on you very similar to his Saturday afternoon here. If I do it. Great to have you with us. 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To a select relates to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. And this pain then. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM FS. We continue at halftime here idle its prisons instead of east Alan red devils we visit because you do each and every week every game with the coach Bryant Miller the but orders as a coach is always good to see in the me begin by asking about important things first. Thanksgiving. How was it. Whose securities drama filled. Pains to fit the little tighter today than usual votes it's always good got to do it for day be around family friends and and just come on pull it will be. You know last time we talked you have the loss at home to Cali on Tuesday you never have the understandably. Said you guys we're gonna practice on Wednesday how that go. It was good practices long practice we come back to the details and the fundamentals defense. Guarding the ball rebounding. In the just kept getting tougher. You know I think that's some things with this group as we progress throughout the semester. We've kind of gotten away from a little bit with with this conference grind that we talk about you know when I have two and half through our practices. But but when you needed yet to do it and so we we definitely needed in and hopefully we benefit from a today. Coach obviously very early in the season but four conference schemes in I wouldn't Syria absolutely a must win today but it. I think we do both agree that this is a team agrees sees it really need a win today. No question there and throughout comforts of times there's there's games that that you feel like you should win in this is one of those and again. For muscle from the team I'm looking for a response. I'm looking for something to you know to have some fire in their in the belly. And come out here with with with some angered some some passion. Industrial accident played good defense. And then take care of the ball you know the turnovers killed us on average in nineteen and half turnovers a game that's one thing we've got to do a better job of not having those unforced turnovers. An Olympian released church sticks her cries home losses do you guys have lost two conference games. And we started the conference was relatively tough teams you know Cali tough important follows the garden. And in and it's brutal road we are fortunate. But. You know we talk about all the time it's so important hold service home. In you don't without loss against Kelly you know correct guys thought that way hard five. And they need they did the best they could as far as their effort. But it was just and the lack of concentration at times and then. Just having that little extra. The little anxious to get that extra stuff to. To to make sure that you're locked and loaded on office cementing cares about school did what we want. World we were almost there Burton obviously we didn't want to. Chris he's on the road it to dole against Elena the red devils visit with Bryant Miller head coach of the gross abuses in coach yeah. You look at their conference just this week last year or 26 game conference scheduled to gauntlet as we've seen this schedules so tough. In right now earlier results in the indicators in the conference you get nine teams. Sixteen. Or five. Under her below. Yes that's credit to this conference and yes our gonna be like last year were obviously it has already taken a loss and you got bored in Cali that are undefeated name in those two great teams don't get me wrong but I don't think this'll be a year where anybody goes undefeated league. I think that they'll be you know the top 12 or three teams Leach 45 losses. You know any did. It's just kind of house conference when you play that many conference games in their such parity in the league from top to bottom. You know the that you just have that grind of playing you know twice a week for for however long we we play. Where Sonia and hopefully for us you know we were out to play for February march. They were just trying to get better every day really are and and win the game supposed to be winning winning games at home and instill a couple on the road. You guys are still trying to adjust with the loss of parliament's bad starting point guard this will be the third game you played without them. Now two games ago without it Parton you had critical. In Armstrong combined for twenty points basically filling in for expectant. But last gimmick Cali against cal and Tuesday they combined for just five points. They got to do better job of being more aggressive and and looking to score in and just make please just being aggressive does make plays whether it's for someone else or whether it's for themselves. You know I expect a lot out of my point guards in. And and both are very very capable. Of making those type of please let that if we have to be more aggressive in in their approach to the game so. You know something we are tucked both of them about and hope hopefully that translates into bill you know if inflation of. It referred for us today. Now Allen today the other two and six coach Shaw's team old and four in conference play but it. You'll have to think back to last year you guys came in here with a nine game winning streak against Allen and you lost a game here I know your real upset after that one. Oh no question it just sort of say there's no easy games loosely you know. Although for their hunger as anybody. In the league to get a win social we have our markets that the gonna come in and just walked in here and win. Will walk out with are headed between our legs and and it's long faces so. You know we we can't look at records we can look those sorts of things we've got to you know learn from from the the experience that we had last year from a sophomores and and the freshman just got to bring in its basis earlier about energy and effort. Take care of the basketball. Just playing hard does you know we've got 1011 deep and incredible would you know play up in that simple and and and get double move a little bit and and they just keep Carson from defensively that's a big key for us tonight as they don't have great shooters and are great shooting team. So we can really just keep the ball from without fouling. And make them take you know contested jump shots and we just. Are able limits them to one shot and rebound and Rahm I think you're preaching it. 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Vintage bank Kansas community banking and insurance agency member FDIC. Does that does some line and vintage bank KS done. Com this as far as living join me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Alexander after the opening tip off here today this is a conference game number five for the brother grizzlies their third in the last four games on the road and I hope that this afternoon. We're absolutely beautiful day you've been out about today you know that as well temperatures in the low sixties it here and I know this area to drive over there today from which I was. Really nice. Beautiful scene here on the way here is or Tuesday arguably businesses late November weather we're having here but to both teams have left the war we're coming down the tip off. It's grizzlies cut its candidate air for three overall only one in three in conference play Allen is two and six overall Owen for proper place. Both teams are coming off losses as you heard a coach Bryant Miller pregame chapel teams desperate for a win. What do not underestimate the red double today because the red devils their own form. They've played in some close games there were blown out on Tuesday night. At the Garden City by the wrong but that's a very good team of the grizzlies earlier this year the conference opener. But just their last home game here that played a very good Colby Trojan team right now in the wider loss to Colby 9187. This is not a team it to the grizzlies certainly can underestimate or overlooked here today because the grizzlies do need to win. And they need to win badly hit back in the thick of things opportunities. Coming up in our post game show today we'll have our US Marines player of the game. If you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's Marines. Dot com. It is the kind of a quick look at the you know conference standings Barton and challenger both undefeated in conference later warned though. And it got copy bill Hutchinson and Dodge City. They all have one loss there are three in one and then as we've mentioned it pre game chat with coach Miller nine of the sixteen teams that you conference have. Here at 500 or below. You've got a Garden City Colby independents they're all too into who and it you've got us in word. Butler threat cloud Indio show who commented one in three and then Allen. Is in last place in the fourteen team conference via RO Ian for. So they should be a good battle here today the grizzlies need to get back in the win column wanna remind you grizzlies will be home on Wednesday night. They're back at the power plant Wednesday night to face the independence pirates. The lady grizzlies will tip off at 530 in the men's game is set to go at 730 speaking of coach Helmer is lady grizzlies. Yet a big big win here this afternoon in the preliminary game here in Iowa. The lady grizzlies winning going away by a final score of 87 to 57 so butler's women's team is now five entry overall. In two and three in conference place nicely for coach homer in his business and coach at the faucet. Abu Padilla received pre game show stay with us we're coming back with these starting lineups in the tip off to this afternoon to our conference game great everywhere this on. 9713. Thirty campus as the opening tipoff comes up next. I think president has good and safe treasuries entities is the senior Paladino pepper Jack steak Burger King starts with two Freddie plain steak burger patty topped with peppered Jack team. I'm Kenya. You crunchy onion rings and Freddie talent senior Fries not all on a home style button welcome to Freddy's frozen head and state records that paint that brings you back. This took place it's a struggle. To overcome it's. Ultimately for the Marine Corps yeah it's. 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Finish they can't just move into the future with news now let's head out to the arena full brother grizzlies basketball. In college tour title this afternoon from jail accomplished basketball the other grizzlies on the road. It gives the Alan rich double for a tip off today brought here by Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers celebrates the return of their fall classic Freddy's pumpkin pie concrete fresh greens and frozen. After Clinton with a whole slice of rich pumpkin pie. Trust me at all topped with whipped cream and sprinkle a sentiment only praise rose has its neighbors to taste that brings you back. With six Wichita area locations one in European went right there elder radio date you know 9 west central. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers is open. Until 10 PM nightly. It's hideous heart lineups as bowl teams have a re entered the gym. Butler grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller in his third season coach Miller's 42 and 26 overall as head coach of the grizzlies. Gavin at both the first year assistant in also Cameron Parker its first year it's just him and a former player. For the grizzlies the grizzlies Warren three overall one in three in conference play. And at home or three and do it on the road one N one this season yours Soviet prisons we'll start. One guard a starting point guard Gerry Armstrong Armstrong 510 sophomore. Got to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania averaging two and a half points to a half rebounds per game the other guard. For the grizzlies this afternoon B eat breathe in more than six refresh Conway Arkansas North Little Rock high school. War is averaging just under eight points and four rebounds. Per game although he read more scored only three points over his last three games. The two forwards for the grizzlies. It'll be a precarious clocked him. Also. Russell Smith and the senators who beat him pretty Adams now they the public addresses system is not working. This afternoon so they're not good news is starting lineups over rated ago. The grizzlies we can tell you know those powerful uniforms and elements in their home whites. And balances starting five Tyler Williams is one guard the other artists Carrie Harold Ford is a serious love another war is Kevin countenance senator. Jacob Patterson were ready to go to grizzlies. Will be moving right to left here the first forty minutes frame. There's the opening tip off its control buyers. Russell Smith and grizzlies are comes Armstrong left him drove across the vineyard. It's time line for a court goes to block of the funnel up please pass those up top Armstrong out front office green by Adams to go in the right way. Armstrong and only three points in the game on Tuesday I wanna three juniors a left wing jumper off an end just inside the arc by Russell Smith of Smith gets the grizzlies for a shot of the day to definitely for the grizzlies full court pressure. Here comes Caroline in the front court for the red doubles. Doubles alone for the conference season people on the left is Carol. Gives that taught not accounted drops out that there is lovely and rightly thousands of confident in Paterson. He hands off now mrs. Williams driving much of a banker left side intensity of that but the rebound comes down to towns haven't counted 67. Got the rebound here comes log driving right corner ball stripped away by Adams breakout for the grizzlies Jersey. Right wing throw them away by Armstrong is too strong rebound by more good backup of the left hip but so confident. Nicely done by Adrian more boy that's a welcome sight there to see more given the grizzlies some points that only three points in the last three games combined love drives on the floor left hander little floaters confident. They're on the grip his round on the floor Smith six and no good as he drove in the right wing to the rim. Bank shot of the whistle on a foul. At buck at the other end it was via the area's love. Redshirt freshman out of Conroe Texas will be a great doubles. The team 44 to go here in the first half. We're an idol this afternoon for you in our conference basketball currently can assess. Reach runaways stood by Russell Smith. Smith with the three points right out of the gate there's easily it is five to two. The free throw coming up here for. The Russell Smith. Smith right handed shot dribbles the ball twice free throw and the way it is in and out so it makes wanted to because Russell Smith. There comes a red devils pulled these teams will look to run today. He's being here JR conference. Mrs. Carol Perry Farrell in the front court being guarded closely by Armstrong. On the Lebanese towns in the 67 entry exit three others as those little lock right side is Tyler Williams Williams eleven plus points a game he's got to today. Here's a topic he threw it away by township is too strong battle really comes down to more. Telecast goes to Armstrong quickly in the front court as goes right corner of the locker room that's goes inside low block. Right baseline turnaround jumper by a camp yeah good battle for the rebound comes down to Townsend. For Alan. About how to Williams reached the front court approximately drive in the here's a bankers are no good bye love but he's foul. Home to these teams early on with exert a lot of energy here. High paced and end action. 1757. Showing on the first have clocked. I have to leave the grizzlies this is that Darius love on the line for two. Free throws on the way it off the program back coordinate. Love. Is all three points of the red doubles. Here is love is averaging eleven point four points a game. Right handed shot. Is visible museums free throw on the way it is suffer from derivatives stop touching stuff for. Grizzlies lead is five to four. On the bridge he's been on the war Armstrong. Point guard right now has the right side right way to occupy the backdrop Armstrong Armstrong drives and kicks it out left side left side to wrestle wrestle there with a troubled. Who drove past the top between the circles of market. The more people on the rightly remorse over the drove it murdered by William Travis was on top the box office green by Adam. Doubled since it left corner has the inside dad was a strong with a hook shot good about the and after rebound list. It goes against him when he out of. Adams whistled for the foul that student team valves for the grizzlies in both on Adams. Those that would be Anthony Adams after for the moment he's got two fouls via grizzlies they've been starting center. Kerry Caroline cross that fine line. Armstrong takes over the left wing of the screen by Paterson topic he presently puts up a runner its often. Sport work very Carol. Freshmen at Ottawa Kansas immensely. Water. He's averaging just under twelve points in his freshman season here and Alan. 7013. To go in the red devils have their first. Lead of the afternoon. She answered a three point play here for Carol. Official over at the scorers table and you're trying to confirm who the foul was on. It's in the Fowler is on. He's Korean War. He reminded today Anthony Adams already with two fouls for the grizzlies who remains out there on the floor. Which is clearly. Two. Two minutes 45 seconds in the ball leaders frequently by Carroll's football match. Three point play the grizzlies are. Really this 17 to five to. The red devils ballots. Yours aren't throwing it out right corner this never topped the more spots of the jump on the ways to drop out the back. Problems on the floor picked up by Smith gives outlet actually the box and not about freedom pulls back it drives that based on the basket case out right corner three point Smith is too long long rebound. It's not right down by Adams. Isn't hurt possession. Of this. Third chance at. Possession of the basket. Warheads in the top two Armstrong on a tree in the right elbow my attitude right corner. It's like pull up jumper knotted nicely done quite sure Armstrong his first points of the game to averaging just under eleven. But only. Three points on three shot your night at home against Cali. Arms from Mecca to wake her drives it puts up a banker no good demand at the rim rebound about Russell. Brussels coming up a double double Cali here comes our basket. They've called out. Armstrong was incredulous look at the official data culled right wing accurately deployed. 1615. Go we're tied 77. Who did what does this afternoon on. 98713. Thirty tennis since long afternoon the basketball on the thirteenth heard and indeed 78 cents. Which constantly be shocker split earlier today. That's not talk notices. Clinton tomorrow Liz in the long it would have a high street and illegal screen set by one of the alum players. Away from the ball. We call three seconds. Sure we called it an illegal screen I guess three seconds was the call. 5056 to go here to twenty minute halves in the college basketball. You know accomplished basketball today here in. The sentence warriors more people on the rightly gorgeous looks more active today. That's who's bad you drive right it's my banker from five I had hit. Adams gets dispersed but in the afternoon he's averaged a little over seven. Points a game sophomore from homer Louisiana. Terry Carroll with a look at drove across the Taiwan of course I want the garden closely shadowed by Armstrong of the floor crossover dribble by Carroll thought to who. Of corners to Armstrong now talkers talented at three on the way got. Jamal look at with a three justice not to be yours for only two of eleven from three point range. You know it's equitable way for you Allen gets it that gives them. Top office by a noble prize basket as it was a talkers more likely to be is too far. Probably get it and that is Adams third foul already. So here comes the Anthony Pratt and debate. Coming in for the grizzlies as a freshman succeed out of Omaha. What we're less than five minutes in the ballgame and Adams already. Let's see now the scoreboard as soon they had two of their earlier professional and soon now so Adams leads with two fouls and apparently went through there. Against him. Holds up to offices. Lipton Lipton tried to let him with the clintons know that well within their Bartlett here comes more than rebound. On the front court. Has those dismissed it about left Warner 35 boxes of its long. Early drew iron Anderson passed on the floor goes appearance lobby the I left scores. Often there's 5 o'clock that. Pretty much terrible breakout an easy way. Serious love. Now has six vehicle scored Richardson just twelve denied that the Allan good doubles and they're gonna call illegals strain on the right elbow against entity Latin. Armstrong Drupal around Brett screamed at threatened to halt illegal screen. Is for personal. Fourteen to wanted to go. Allen has jumped out to a twelve to nine lead. Allen is Owen for a conference play it receives more than three JR conference. Teams in need of a win. Mr. off the screen takes it rightly picked up by Armstrong. Your own price play it and throws up shot is off the rim once twice no good but he's fouled. When Allen is not hesitate to drive the ball. Call that a non shooting foul. Apparently fell on the floor prior to that shot Carol. Strong those incidents were reader for the grizzlies in and his Kevin Berry and also just a little jacket and element in god or write your own basket which won him the shot clock again calling feel free. Illegal screen bondage of malt Clifton. The balance. Vigilant demonstrated that you raised up his form. Put the grizzlies defender. Headed down pass. It's up to turn over adjusted colonel who was sold for six or the other night. Report rightly Schmidt then it's top secret little screen by Brad takes it left. Not surprisingly bullish on the telecast goes to Brad wreckage right corners are rightly throwing OK to strong arm rebound comes down. Two Jolie's. Own massive hunt. Sotomayor. And I'm starts on the war one dogs sniffing layup off an employee took it against him defenders of our face the strong little. Left handed but it is. It is those points that I didn't come up nineteen points of the night of August now. Want alerts. Instant thought there was enough adventures that he leveling. By Tyler. Williams whose first buck that is have three and a procedure trailing fifteen to eleven I used to actually here in the hole. Across broadcast live right elbow through. Hands often critical of Israel gives up top arch arch crossover dribble lost Gilani out of control here who took two on one. Down herald out of Florida child who's who's more to the rim I'll buy it seven bear. And that's what we've seen for me quite hard to come in off the bench and give you instant points he's also good for turnovers. High energy player equal on cards. Sometimes gets a little bit out of control in that time he crossed over dribble and later lost to handle the ball to turn over. It is good. I Perry Carol heroes tooth for tooth delighted to have four points. Slow 57 ego here. First half an Ayatollah cruises on the road against the red devils are valid. Allen leading. 1611 other free throw by a good he's a frequent. Three from the line he's got five points. Procedure trail in this 117. To eleven. It'll bring the ball the floorboards on the right side Smith Smith that's on the baseline by lifted. Up top. And brutal. Her office three myself you know it was a given nobody was stolen away here's the past couple Florida's a loved politics the vast. He scored tied. As a head coach Bryant Miller not starting was envisioning here Allen is off to a nineteen to eleven lead with 1234 to go first half. Alcohol by the grizzlies. Last basket off a turnover. Materials love. Want to the rim. Have been very supportive. Serious mothers these points to lead all swore. Prisons will be home on Wednesday night will be back to the power plant to face the independent pirates. Have been broadcast for at this. 715 on Wednesday night. Butler in independence. Lady grizzlies were to profit by it and it seems set to go at 730. One week from today that are happening. He's on the road for the rest of pilgrims Dodge City. This is a lost two games in a row. Including a tough one on Tuesday that the power play Vitale. Eighty to 76 final. And a Allen. A loss on the road on Tuesday that he Garden City laws that in 94 to 75. Oh now there's lots of your home floor look towards. Its lopsided loss to. Here. On the front court. People rightly look for back to a record that's right over arched back right corner goes to have been buried here we have five shoot 23. Realized that left side cut off their defense but Paterson rightly kicked it out the top here. Colonel 6 o'clock right wing cross from girl actually drops out let's go to any. It'll assessed by just incredible colonel looked like it looked for a strong layup. The defender up off his feet and handed it off to Bratton went up for a soft on pedophiles. So Bratton gets its first points in beauty brands succeed freshmen in Omaha Nebraska in her high school. It disease free throw the way short left it short rebounded by both the. Weren't they able to complete the three point lakers trailing nineteen to thirteen. 1150 to go past you first after you've accomplished as well as web site chipped away stolen my rat. There comes they're different port Castro's arch like threw his hands out of bounds. My abilities and knowledge of storms in the opposite direction we're talking about that pre team hero it talks about lack of concentration. And passes just like that it's hard to separate them bosnians. Themselves. But it has the top of them left it here is look back and talk you know charisma we've seen. Forty went to the bull yeah it's backed out. I haven't shot clock priceless look like a puppet boy he just drove right through the middle of the defense. It later Lebanon according Winston is averaging four points with him today. When he won thirteen grizzlies down the he by the rightwing is Russell Smith passes that doubled rat brands takes shots drives to basket so. Rims out gets its own best as a backup and misses again but he's fouled. Good to see the area to keep rat with super aggressive lose against Jacob Patterson her big men. Like to see Breton finish one of those two shots right at the rim. Credibly on the line for two shots. It's free throw on the way is the NFL flattened. An 80% free throw shooter coming in twelve of fifteen before today he sold for two from the line this afternoon. Russell Smith the ability of this true breeder along with each point guards. Grizzlies have more. Wacom. Bratton Kringle. In Armstrong Beckett missed second free throws of Brett has missed three free throws. This is hey down 2113 to eleven minutes ago here now. Williams as the top of Paterson try to backward pass and stiff the way almost only goes out of bounds that. Some quick cancer talk not death panels who made it took to the backward. Ask for a month Paterson. To Gary it's lovely to Brett knocked it away with a big wingspan. Seventy shot clock count in them right in front of the Butler in March silently gets all the Paterson accidents steps through bankers know that he did not draw iron about my critical break out the grizzlies struggled on the lake drops off right wing news. Armstrong the ball knocked out of bounds in the state of the grizzlies. Is he's looking to run in the opportunity can't Allen has been little get back defensively. And 41 to play here in the first half when he won thirteen lead for the red doubles and alum. Received and done right from the red double edge from the top off screens that they'll blow my breasts drives the best picture right corner to block them block them back at top secret orders at three rightly. Off the front are no good solid tapped out bit by Brett. You don't wave it off. And that was found works. But like Brett was trying to go for a follow it don't compliment as their child that in aren't shooting well. Elbows against Allen. As he's already was seventy fells in alum with five. Still over half way to go here for a cast was right corner to a rat. It off Armstrong out front drive right is the basket kicked out of top brittle it's shot at schools are left corner now left wingers with three of my pocket and he got. Good ball movement Erica Terry is Markowitz first saw it today it's an upgrade at risk these trailers 4116. Richard has the public good looks good. For pocket and they only. That's the front court Jones gives over the left side mrs. love love let basement bullets over boys both were there for any period. It's a good look good player here is look he's got him on the illegal wars there's more pride in the baseline puts up the shot was. Parsley why my Patterson a big anger comes written out on the floor this Winston plays about today. That progressives look to run the war here comes brandy glaze and a bit more about the big intake in half court. This site network always with a big roll layup. Rat he's gotten. But you can't let forty minutes drive the length of the Portland but it like that moments ago for our. Business and trailing 2518. ID eighteen development that you cannot have it appears mother pulled up right wing jumper but it's fifteen no good for the rebound. Here come the grizzlies Armstrong rides outside any bumps along the way by love for a foul. That sixteenth miles now for element that we'll have the media time out here. Italy's ago. We've got our media time out we'll step up for one minute ignite a way to go here in Ayatollah word Allah community college the grizzlies trail in the red devils 2518 were back at one minute. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really. 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Dot com Marines dot com. Grizzlies are now that the media time out at night a way to go first half you're an Ayatollah 25 feet team. Residual income and their own basket to our laps. Armstrong on the baseline lobs up top to war. Horse like her right side throws it away and threw behind colonel who was moving to the quarter. And a swing pass find more shows that lie out of bounds and Russell Smith the objective of the ball game. Also in the game for the grizzlies shot off the dial. Morrissey on the bench after that turn over. And other turner at our back over the inbound the ball goes to print alleyways and confident. How about that when Clinton on the far sideline was inbounded. He was inevitable to fairly early throat behind division. Great soldiers who have laid up within an uncontested layup his first points. Victory over there Ronan. Brutal the only defender in the back court. Allen as the ball. Left to right millions prize money paid bankers know that I. Nobody blocked about Clinton's got five degree is Israel 2720. The fundamentals of defense the grizzlies are lacking here. People rightly as Russell Smith and Tom Armstrong pull up a three on the way topic he rattles in and out. And Paterson hopes to rebound out of the red devils have dropped the Carroll has goes in the front court to Jones Joseph tries to live up but it. Drive to left wind plays an afternoon. Yours you know let's won't be Florida that's the way I wanted for a dunk right wing invested. What Russell Smith rebounded by Alan here comes curled on the floor against Crennel put to high bank shot no. And at the foul. And it's gonna go elegance. On offered dial of the grizzlies battling for the rebound with equipment. 75040. Dog aggressive count 2920. Year and Alan. That's 181000 now for the grizzlies so one and one here. We're Jamal Clifton of the red doubles. With the Conway Arkansas. In his these free throw in the latest good. Clinton is shall be 7% free throw shooter in the season it's another one coming up here the bonus. Receipts are down right now thirty. To twenty. Elena is winless in conference play alone four to six over on the season. On the way is no good left it short. So with that makes one of sued grizzlies trailed at 30 that morning. As a percent of all there. Or less widgets are fun and profit of pocket bock right elbow and I ran. Right quarter crossover dribble drive baseline. It's that I left wing dismissed that drives left baseline has the right corner of pocket spots open three hits walked off the side are rebounded by Williams. There's a front court as goes to Carolyn pass today it is no joke when a good shot at the basket was proudly listed block. The adjustment to get away with a travel. Varies Jones mentioned the 65 freshmen out of West Palm Beach, Florida a long way from home. He's got two shots coming up here. Jones has two points on the afternoon. Thrown away is good all the Jones has got three the grizzlies biggest deficit the afternoon 31 to twenty. The 26 ago. They're free throw coming up for the red doubles and a series that Jones. But he's definitely good mix of both. Jones has more. Receipt you know thirty. Suited her 132 to twenties. Passes to Kevin bury people rightly picked up quickly Jones. And served as a platform from office and Barbara. It's obviously in the basket council right where Smith drives like this back to top secret Oprah drives the baskets anyway. And colonel Africa has dropped it drives and all the we're like he's got a war he's now 3222. And are looking uniforms that you would assume that letters in the room of the White. House stolen. Stolen by criminal group gets a pass from Brad back now. Lawrence takes it up lately has no ability draws a foul. I'll buy it period Carol. No I was cruel on the front quarter deflected a pass to Bratton Brad gave it back to cradle up the floor drove it to the rim. One on soon. Scooping layup it's that was not nobody was founded got two shots. Crude Aaliyah freshmen on appeal briefs are on the way is too strong off the back iron. Colonel's got four point city sofa wanna align. 648 to go first half. 3222. Doubles ladies frequently is it makes one but two accurately five. Now 32. 23 grizzlies full court pressure it's a micro kernel props up dismiss those are our shot of the Lebanese. House in love turned it over. What was in them enemy baseline for the red devils. Colonel came up with a steel. Moment free throw line for two shots now is Russell Smith. Smith is at three points today one for two from the line. 643 to go first captured JR accomplished basketball free throw rattles event. For another free throw up. Which 43 to go. 32. To 24 only three of them which Smith. Jobs principled stance re runaways that makes a vote. So Smith. Has got five grizzlies are still again crossed the end out prop up this mess. Adjusted prevalence have yet that dot com. Double team in the quarter. You know whistle and a foul called against the grizzlies Kevin very Smith one for a double team that is clip that he would you did it Warner's stock. And apparently Smith got a he would be here was whistled for the files. About bet Justin hurdler a couple of steals back to back him in bell plays and the recipient from that second steel Smith with a dunk. Spitz got seven. 630 to bonuses. Two shots now for Clifton. She's had hit team fouls so it's the double bonus. For the final 630 for the average doubles free throws good by Clifton. We've got seven. Yeah communities to retrieve the lines that are free throw in the ways do you suppose he's got eight. This time out on the floor actually called by the red devils with 630. Days ago here. This afternoon on 9713. Thirty give us ask Dennis Higgins here. And I Nolan. Andrew -- our studio coordinator. Not a great sponsors of other athletics on the radio. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers taste it brings you back with six locations in Wichita. And one in elderly Dodi you know by less central. BT products automotive maintenance of the highest quality to find that the case shot near you visit the Tea Party shop dot com. That's PG find the shop dot com. Plumbing. Your comfort is our business. With a location and hand over to better serve Butler county highland near your home town Gary. US Marines the few the proud the Marines and vintage bank Kansas moving through the future with youth. But prisons. Six and a half of play first half year old mother down thirty or 47 who were down twelve. Only 32. There had to be probably definitely available to grant it bounces brutal acts to grab back the critical in the right corner. And look. Global market where else could rest of that site Smith had drives in the way. But so tough shot maker know that politics divisive rebounded by Paterson. Your coverage double death. It's important Winston right in remote cross the timeline that the court. They took the lovely part of Armstrong now that the library. This was right corner do Williams back to Winston. Or thirteen on the shot clock Gary would lose coverage Winston. Flies free throw apologize for the way god it went something slack off for some reason he drove it closer they backed away from a in court he went Scott sixers averaged four on the season. Forty let's Sherwood Arkansas. Allred doubles as a 3647. Weeks little topic he hasn't cited Bratt Brett got away with a walk if you lose the ball into your arms. Listen up the floor and he's out of control and he traveled. Through a defense like riddled. It is mentioned was trying to act mean towards the rim on a break out. Slipped to the floor missed call for travel. But. My seventy to go. There's these down 36279. Point deficit here on the road and Ayatollah. Your coach Armstrong. So obviously we'll cross via timeline that is left side here. We're back up top to Armstrong jump on the way no good rebounded by Smith puts a backup and it. Nicely done Smith. Ellis got nine to lead the grizzlies stretches are down 36 point nine. Here comes Williams Tyler Williams of the world we live shot over the Bratton fouled. And that's what drives receives that coach Bryant Miller absolute. He crazies. The C a player like Tyler Williams go pretty much 94 feet on the floor after an inbound pass taken all the way to pummeling into the room. It's got to be cut off at some point defensively. Bratton gets the file is sacked him. Free throw on the wave to. No good. Williams is for free throw attempt noted he's averaging just under ten points a game Tyler Williams out Edmond Oklahoma. One of a couple of players on this element roster and Edmond Oklahoma. The free throw coming up for Williams. Proceeds will bring back there again try to bring back in the office dialed soon as a get a timeout or stoppage applied. There's is right now Bob Bratton Moore. Smith. Buried in Armstrong on the floor so it's broccoli is good. It is slim chance got. You're down 3729. Her title in the red devils. All together. Worked his Saturday. Armstrong left him dribble your side front court test would rightly be scheduled for backdoor cutter more which covers. Absolutely outside opted out and. Cold. Fowler yes. Forty Winston. Allen tried to get around a screen bumped into somebody. So. You're not drugs going to free throw line for one and won the grizzlies have ten team fouls Allan wood nine now. Lady grizzlies with a thirty point win earlier today 8757. Over the lady read doubles. Return on the way Armstrong is good. Armstrong's first free throw the day he's got three points on the afternoon. Strong. Round nine of the eleven year from the free throw line. A free throw them aperture. He's reasonably good mix of both these poor procedure trailing 3731. They were down twelve through. 3220. The pressure testing and uplifted that gives effectively test site. It's great for us Frontline. And backs it up between the circles that one. Side the Williams. Williams talked to Joseph. Louis Armstrong. Your favorite though right. Went. Shot clock it works against war. Crossover dribble past the that was blocked with our profit outlook all of those. Crocodile with a nice lock lips again. Forty Winston. Who is all of five. And that ball deep on the left wing top of the key drove it always through Italy within three schools we let it was blocked at the last moment while the dial at the rim. Free throws coming up here for. No homes. Villages to the three point line. 46 the first what is cut five an afternoon. Sort tend to go here. And I'll look. For instance. You know 3831. With the other free throw coming up for Jones. There's Jones right handed shot. In cities free throw in a way is good. 39 to 31. With the county. On the front court rightly goes to Russell Smith yeah. Indicates the plane left knee and it is lovely. Drives doodling drops up to our. Development we have no way. As got twelve points in the grizzlies are down thirty. Before backcourt pressure broken for the past the front court Jones tested inside the kind of Citibank's Citi. They beat the full court press that members of Paterson gets the blame him his first points today and on resembles. 134. Armstrong I think. Obviously you are right word network rightly that war more spiritually it's completely left yet though that's followed by often piloted. Often I was first points. Race flew more actually scooped up the lakers as the front Jones. Jones passage cited that kind of sound asleep in that war. Or two ago grizzlies down 4136. Here now. It would free this afternoon and 98713. Thirty cents. Devils went down in the romance with twenty seconds into the back work. I was so let's play golf coach did it shock jocks it's seniors it's. For two weeks. That's outside you know almost. You know big part Williams along recalled back yet accurate it is likely to write this book power. Now the world is a guy five days. These guys 676869. Of us who put up it is. That's exactly what Bryant Miller wondered right now the head coach and grizzlies. How about tonight forty wins it he's got he points twice his season average. Free throw and the way it is good he rattles and it makes it three point play he's got nine to receive back down 4436. Russell Smith has to be quite rightly. That doesn't want to talk Armstrong office green left global buffet style. And driven to the basket left his shot no good by Armstrong follow bankrupt but did file for dial actually gone up but I. Have a nice rebound put back up strong right side the easy bucket passed backcourt and a foul committed by our silly now by. Winston. Winston runs on average double bench game high five small was teammates. Not a hockey player in the NHL if you score a goal as the via instant urban high fives Google's work. 222 to go here in the first half and nine hole. Suite two shots coming up here for forty Winston. It is good role in this instance got him. In for two line. 22 gophers have 4530 grizzlies trailing. The free throw him a Winston. Threw in the ways that he's got eleven. That averages wore a Gainesville for a season left today. On the front quirky and rightly wrestles that was for back to work there. Armstrong Armstrong. I was asked us inside he threw away stolen my Paterson. I Bob Jones tries on the floor at the ball knocked away spoke by arch. Arched back in the way prize away. Lays it up and missed it and it's just this idly by Adrian more more often probably more weight city. Britain's office until my art art stroke the rim what was the program goes to. I'm more. 464143. To go to a movie with cancer care conference basketball. On he would assess Paterson as people loved him enough now to Williams Williams talk those two Winston. Let's play ball out top news. Drives it free throw line right wing mrs. Clinton at three and a ways off the mark it's it's a bit more accurate it right yes. Rose next as who's right quarter front quarters and three on the way advice after he got so bad. As soon threes in Smith as fifth team. Timeout called a full time out here. With a 113 days ago. I'm I was called by Bryant Miller in the Butler grizzlies the grizzlies have pulled to within 34643. 4643. Degree she's at one point were down 30 eastern this morning. That was at the 726. Mark of the first half. What what a first half five. Russell Smith Smith got fifteen to lead all scorers. Forty Winston has you'll love it. In period Lopez hit. Blues to a top scores for outlook. When reminded of grizzlies are back home on Wednesday night maker plans to torture the power plant. Campus of over there. The college Wednesday night. A lady grizzlies tipoff at 530 them at 730 doubleheader against the independence pirates. We'll have the broadcast for the men's team right here on the. 715 airtime but the grizzlies pregame show on Wednesday night. Certainly hope everybody enjoyed does Thanksgiving yeah. It's Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday. College football went on. Thursday Friday on data days of real big games. Other receives a football team ended their season two weeks goaded me finish in the year eat in three. I've invited to a ball game that your backcourt pressure when the rebels threw it over across. Cross the timeline Karzai this before being guarded by Armstrong. Yeah Jones took time it's. It's expected kills right side but that was witnessed. Mrs. Clinton Clinton gives it rightly diluted. Three got it how much ado about that they pass it around it. News hit that three seconds three of the days got set to receive down 4946. 42 seconds ago for Deb Armstrong obviously drive right basically the basket past who's right wing to. Brussels this double team lose the ball out of bounds political balance put them bigger part. That responses stated he walks away. Can't believe it looks like edit double team and they got says Smith to turn it over but there's an equipment reached him in foul them. So all teams that double bonus. Ten team fouls were also the grizzlies Brandon a bigger part Russell Smith on the line for two. 31 point six to go free throw it away is us. A derivative. Russell Smith is now sixteen. Points here in the first half. 494431. Point six to go first half. Your granola. Free throw good. That was a lot prettier he's got seventeen to lead all scorers receive them. 4945. This woman go full court pressure they're definitely a tough. Numbers zones. Ask it goes up wild ladies fouled and shot it it was blocked while the Nile. Crocodiles listening for the Powell. Once they broke full court press they had numbers have poured in. Jones was a racist Clinton right wing. A little bit out of control Lawson here all the balls he went up but he was foul by offer the house of cheap shots. For a series Jones. Jones had six points cities for a five from the line free throws good. Jones were excellent showing anger over three from the line before today. He played only four games. This season. These 5% from the line today was another free throw coming up. Free throw it is good mix of both. These six of seven from the line he's offered three before today for the future. And 45. Shot clock off final 46 the first half flirts. Hasn't even looked at that time. Armstrong drones over the rightly. You don't. Upside grossly tries the mass sit over food. On Russell. Oh my goodness. What one point three seconds ago. Russell Smith from the way when. It was open to the work being done and over two defenders being. And you held it was being called for a technical. So Smith as many teams' first half points. But there's a huge wonders there by Russell Smith. Got to control your emotions it is 5147. Tyler Williams goes in line to. These are gift points here because it's only one point three seconds ago after the dunk by Smith. Call for the tactical free throw it is good mix of both. I wanted to trade off there and he still could inbound the ball into the full length of the floor. So 5347. So Smith negate that tremendous don't. Quite get it spectacle because of verbal. Herbal tonic and after the dunk. 5347. Grizzlies. We'll defend full court they get Linda. Shot. Twenty minutes in here and Ayatollah. On the campus of Alan community college. Good one for eager to AJ hawk conference basketball Butler in Allen and after twenty minutes it is absolutely the grizzlies 5347. Yeah our halftime show is next. 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Russell Smith the only one point three seconds ago what efforts efforts met. As a team high nineteen points to lead all scorers. But after Smith hit an impressive dunk. Yeah yeah all. Don't feel that anybody particular witnesses defenders he dumped it over we're standing near him official was quick to give up. Lyndon Tyler Williams made two free throws off the technical. In the facility deficit announced that it forward is up to 65346. Streets everywhere it is today he would assess. Lot of great sponsors. Butler athletics on the radio handy you air conditioning plumbing. Your comfort is our business with a location in over bettors are Butler county highland here in your hometown Gary. US Marines the few the proud the Marines and vintage bank chances moving through the pitcher with you. All right the do not keep the steps up seated here he's now on. It is a little off or us were sheep here give you a scoring totals we don't have via percentages. From the floor three point range in the free throw line it. You've individual scores. For the grizzlies. Juror Armstrong has four points custody critical with five. Terry is pocket very limited role in the first half he has just one basket that was a three he's got three points. Did he want art suite two points off the bench hardship nineteen points to lead grizzlies. And zero loss to today at home decathlete. Yeah does it mean war two buckets he's got four points but it's good to see more it's been a lot more aggressive today. Previous three teams who scored just three points not shoot the ball much but a much more aggressive Adrian ward today that's a good thing for the grizzlies. Warrants at two buckets for four points and Russell Smith leading all scorers with nineteen. In the Russell as twos threes among his buckets. Into the threes are also showing that he is. Four of five from the line for a objective five of six from the line Russell Smith. With a team high nineteen points entity Bratton as four points. On offered I'll look forward. In pretty Adams met early foul trouble too quick fouls. So we spent most of the first half on the bench. And we'll start at center so with two fouls. As most of you first half two points for him Adams. Individual scores for the red devils a valid. Tyler Williams has nine. Nine points including 23 games. Forty Winston. As he Levitt. Winston is leading the way for the red devils with the levity in Winston. Averaging only four point one points per game he's got to eleven points in the prisons have got to come up with a way to stop him. From driving. Where Wilson ages 58 sophomores on Sherwood Arkansas. Several times today yes at the ball atop the key is an authority shoulder currently it is much taller defenders. Scooping lay ups forty Wilson with the Allen rip double team high eleven points Kerry Harold in good looking player freshman from Ottawa. That's five points from all flipped him as the points. In Gary is in love with ten points. Carriers that Jones with eight points in this Jacob Patterson. You 69 sophomore he's got to keep city Arkansas has one bucket for two points. For the red devil so. Again unfortunately don't gives the official stats here here and Alan Alda so we have time it is 5347. Grizzlies team led by. Russell Smith. Era redshirt freshman to a transfer from or you Oral Roberts University deployed the grizzlies this year. Russell Smith with a game high nineteen points we'll take a time out here we'll come back with more halftime and Ayatollah. The procedure trailing 5347. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really I legendary chocolate milk is the natural source of high quality protein building. Plus it's got vitamins and it's. Have to select relates to help replenish your body after exercise. 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Hutchinson explain its videos show they're not reporting. He scored there minority report and score copy bill is at home this afternoon. Against via cloud you thunderbirds. Busy schedule around between our conference at a later tonight Garden City it's plated independent sets at 6 PM tipoff. And then later this evening Martin. Defeated mark who that your plane that undefeated Cali. Team it's our city that will be at 730 tip off at 8 o'clock tonight Pratt is on the road at some word. In Dodge City tips off at. Community building there in downtown Colby in o'clock tip off the Dutch city these doors. Again kind of a quick look at the conference the Indians in the jail on conference partner Kelli are tied for first there for a no. And you've got a three way tie for second place between copy bill Hutchinson and Dodge City field jacket at three and one. And then you've got to. Three way tie for third place if you will Garden City Colby independents are all too into it and you've got a real logjam. With Stuart Butler Pratt cloud in the emotional all at one in three. An analysis and last place right now fourteenth place bowl in four. You were hope yet scores it will get those updated your moment but to others worked report from around the tree hoc conferencing you want to remind you on Wednesday night the grizzlies are back home. Lady grizzlies will tipoff at 530 its independence pirates in the men's team will follow at 730. Analog broadcast the event right here in 9713. Thirty can't assess. 715 or airtime to receive pre game show this Wednesday night. Butler in independence. Aaliyah preliminary game here this afternoon impressive wins the lady grizzlies as they snap a losing streak it would it at least 8757. Lady grizzlies now 53 overall this season to end three. He's in conference play we'll take a break here we're back with more halftime it is the red devils validly in the grizzlies 5347. Welcome back to Freddy's and he'll be here at our pumpkin pie concrete fact sure dead real. Every crest at all. To welcome back I creeks please coming right up at Freddie you'll always find that magical combination of families and and president testing and preparing credible pumpkin pie concrete pricing dreamy president has very splendid a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spreading pestered and steak burgers this case that brings you back. It's. Just flex its struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps. Means. To win. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement and didn't. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries the promise but the Marines. Yeah. Any other great Americans join me. But if it knows it all them on not to us technically inclined that finally figured out how to get some scorcher from. Twitter via conference website and got a good one going on in the you know show is hosting. Attention blue dragon product this at halftime it is Hutchinson 34 BO show thirty. It's only a four point lead it in her mission for the Hutchinson blue dragons against the old show. In there let's see they gotta good one going on as well it's a profit at all. Since your type what did you read ravens take a 3630 leaving the locker room over the visiting cloud. Thunderbirds and had a message really is how this conference is going to be all your along accident. Are really really tightly contested JR conference as it was last year. We refer to it is the gauntlet going through the 26 game conference schedule. And it is a tough one. You heard Bryant Miller your witness in the pregame show was talking. She's suffered initial fine village. It makes it even the teams that finish near the top of the conference's you'll have four or five losses. Among them. So we'll see it's going to be. Fascinating that conference season. Right now the grizzlies are one in three conference play so they've got they really need to win here today as does. The Allan ray doubles Allen is Owen for a conference play in the grizzlies or won in three assists. Our second half oh start is brought to you by Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers celebrates the return there fall classic. Freddy's pumpkin pie concrete fresh in creamy frozen custard blended with a whole slice of rich pumpkin pie crust in all. Top would whip cream and sprinkle cinnamon only at Freddy's frozen custard stakeholders to face to bring you back. We have six Wichita locations. And one in derby and went right there elderly Dodi you know 9 west central Freddy's frozen coaches take of opened my. Until ten hands stopped by Freddie tonight for dinner. And even Italy who want. These frozen customs sabres one of our great sponsors we got a lot of them allow us to have these teams. On thirteen 39 B seventy UNICEF were ready to go a fresh twenty minutes up on the clock. Should be exciting second half. Quick paced first step the procedure trailing 5347. Period alum. And again the grizzlies are being led. Freshman. Russell Smith. Smith with a game high nineteen points for the grizzlies. Allenby led by. According Winston. Here a diminutive guard he's got eleven. Also ten points for periods love Richard freshman guard. Receives an era traveling purple uniforms with the silver lettering and numerals from that white and Allen at their home white uniforms with red letters. Good numbers trimmed in black. A look at the Allen and a red devils and think of the Chicago wolves and their home uniforms. There's a starting five will be Russell Smith Adrian more. Jerry Armstrong the Tearrius pocket and Anthony Adams is seen by the start the ball you. Looks like. Allan we'll have. Harry Carol. And seven Townsend. Here is love Jacob Patterson. And a Tyler Williams. I believe they're seeing starting. Five. Or Ringo second half of action gave a conference basketball this afternoon in business. He's down and starts right now by 65347. Proceeds for should be about us. Comes after the terrible news site across the time one more closely Armstrong of those top two pounds. Now play a whole lot different staff and 13 that's was right wing. Jump on the ball movement that's what it pollen travel as low block right side Patterson Patterson back. And travel. Looks like right after Anthony Adams Adams set most of the first half with two early fouls. But this time Patterson back in their feet and walk. Turnovers on the grizzlies received left to right here in the second half. The front left wing is Russell. Smith gets up top to Armstrong. Right elbow screen by Adams dribbles under the basket pass those inside more laid up and beautifully done except play there and more as the recipient of the lip but beautiful suits from Jerry. Armstrong the grizzlies are down 5349. Those boxes and amp by Butler. Here's Carol front porch it's a topic matters its right side the Williams Williams goes that is by Paterson and local three got it right away. Williams now what is third greens got a dozen points. All game. All the front court. In there was a collision midcourt to screen set by Williams and injured players Carroll he's down on the floor for Allen short handed. Paulus knocked out of bounds at video right basket. And now. That was quite a collision in Carroll is gonna have to leave the floor he's leading. Carroll is headed in the locker room. We're gonna have to clean up some blood off the floor. And a half court screen. In the Jerry Carroll did not see the screen right at half court. Set by the FB Adams and he rim flush right into the chest of Adams. And he went down the floor immediately. Don't know if he injured his nose or his mouth that so here as city's leading. As he left the floor. So they're gonna have to. Take a moment here to. Remove the blood from the floor. Ferrell got up he was down on the floor. And and he got up and written off. Ran off to Florida headed towards the locker room hopefully you'll be attended to bear by some medical staff. But that was a half court screen set by Anthony Adams that he did not seek. And he turned and ran flush right and Adams who was a big guy. Yeah 366 leaves a well over 250. So we'll hope for the best for a period Carol. I wanna see anybody injured. We have 1848. To play here in the second half. You set to resume here. And that was a clean play by Anthony Adams. Trying to apps were screened didn't get the up. All of Europe before its. Prisons will in Dallas morning on the shot clock and get up talk to Smith Russell Smith backs without. Good now pull up left wing jumper on the way short of the 400 rebounded by Winston. A couple of threes in the first now by Russell Smith would not bat when he left it short often funny honor us. The T 33 to go loses them 5640 tiger now has a problem. It's the right outside the Williams Williams gives up top the Winston. Winston passed through right wing and we have a whistle and he fouled. This against Russell Smith I believe it is. Away from the ball. That was Townshend landed hard on the ground for Alan. Not shooting well I'll always from the ball. And other top post township council sixes three and travels. What he got Smith up off his feet defensively but he shuffled his feet in Townsend syndicate leader called for our travel a bigger part. Top of the key. Red devils coach John not to have that call either. Of the grizzlies again moving left or right here in the second. As we have topped off the screen by Adams has the right side news this group talkative. Armstrong dressed down with a left arm processor and let me ask you definitely have more. More backs about his dismissed the publicize that drives the face the basket lays it up and. My Russell Smith each got one you want. This is down 5651. Under eighteen minutes ago and regulation and now. It with a song in his estimate. This afternoon I should say that's used to love love right in the face like bullet jumper up in broadcast Booth. Areas love's got well. Acted the way Armstrong tried to have shot was rejected by towns and break out here comes my countless more laser. I felt those against Adrian more. Or tried to stand its ground that breakout candidate Tyler Williams right from the right side of the break out through the rim. Scoop layup attempt nova but he was found with the body mind. War. Back at the other end you'll advised attempt it'll layup by Richard Armstrong was swatted easily by Townsend 67. For its runways stood by Williams. It suits up for a five delighted he's got thirteen on the afternoon. He's now the leading scorer for the red doubles. 1729. To go regulation here. Back to an eight point lead. You want it makes the second when they get 6051. Well Williamsburg free throw shooter. On the grizzlies have a strong front or left it rebels. Out of war back do Armstrong let's double those apps hands off to. Your history at all three top of the key by Smith off the front and rip the backcourt of these out of it matters in the big bands right now yeah. Right to left here said. Yours when's that. Two. Counter rightly those two Williams gonna watch him hit three threes today Paterson as it gets from love love drives the baseline a banker runner no good. Long rebound run down by Adams who for whatever. How fast it was just didn't give it the war. Towards the front court rightly goes the pocket he's got a three they wanted does Verizon basket. They whistle and a foul and get a block out those against love lively. Though. Loved by. I was against Wacom offensively but so the thousands Cuba Libre one of the red devils. Prisons one in down when he threw the shot clock that basket to our write your own basket. What arguments in real quiet today only three points. Good three point shot at close out walk and hesitant and don't pass up top rightly goes Adams says golf Armstrong Armstrong. Right side directs traffic it's true is back now is rising delayed passes left corner of the Russell. Armstrong. It on the shot clock Armstrong left side. He's gonna pull up a three on the way is no good long rebound run down my pocket on the right side of what went out of bounds. Start with a fresh 34 as people left. And right side of boxes. Who actually drove prices utilized. Austin it'll gets active in the opening Armstrong hit the shot clock. Armstrong process group as was right corners biblical history CNN outrebounded by luck had a good look here. Halfway down popped out for Russell Smith. Sixty to 51 was 1550 portability and now it's. It's as quick parts of Spain Italy layup. It is no. Rebound and power by towns and now it's taken away by Smith under the basket. Once again Wednesday gotten rid of the things quietly art would be great doubles who's got eleven. Armstrong on the right things that's and real fifties to low block it differently but shot. We. Strong rebound. I'd love on the weak side group Alan. Look here and students it is sort of shot from the right baseline. Here's mentioned my work for the red devils atop. That could fake shots actually force the runner scores at. The grizzlies are down eleven sixteenths to 51. Resist them so it should happen. And your biggest deficit doubled it. Tom Cruise Armstrong are going drives right is under the basket that's who's up talkers more likely three no good at half price of and it's frustrating hands up and here he fouled Clifton and Natalie that really. And fifty days ago. 62 to 51 Allen this week. Allen has led most of the afternoon. Here's that only briefly at 54 recorded my notes here we were tied 77 early in the ball game. And Alan is let frequent rest of the way. On the front war goes Williams had doubts on the right leg press that topped the wins now. Do want to go eleven point lead the red devils 6250. Acre park Yellowstone. Towns in his first bucket of the days of three years then tries. Don't mess he draws a foul. Grizzlies who have their biggest deficit in the afternoon 65. To 51 here and I look. 1425. Deployed. This is root them out well in the first half padded down before. It was six at halftime grizzlies went down to the basket to our right own basket. Armstrong lost that topped the box a little blocked. There's going offensively the three point so far Smith puts the ball on the floor tries to basket laid it up anyway right around for a yes this is got. 23. Points to lead all scorers. One victory for the grizzlies 655314. Always ago. Listen we have talked being guarded closely by Armstrong. He got off the screen by Paterson has good equipment. That brings them all up off the bench for the red double. Now officially over there to tell the guys who have stay off the floor. I was called the 32 timeout called by the red devils. One right now. Seven. Eighteen points for Tyler Williams. Warned them soon 34 threes for Tyler Williams. And aggressive with their biggest deficit in the 68. To 53. Disney's home on Wednesday night the power play at least be independent pirates. Have a savings with the here this afternoon on 9713. Thirty Qaeda assets were in Iowa. Bedroom handling his art studio quarters no long way to go thirteen 54. In regulation but the grizzlies their biggest deficit the day. Fifteen point 6853. It's residual income they've got to the ball rolls at midcourt picked up Armstrong. Just past who have left side of pockets pocket from the top of the key picked up by Paterson. Pocket. That you shot bounced festival block left side of tragic accident and a foul committed. Idly by various love that's in on shooting foul. This is one of them had not Bratton bottom Armstrong. War in Smith on the floor Smith with a team high 23. Forest and go out and criminals and communal also will now it is. Russell Smith. Here's these brilliant arts in critical of those small and faster. Words are bigger part Armstrong in bells are up top and urge them to the right side crib. Google has four point five points the first Google drives of the past. There's outside the arts arts gives the box isolated I think you'll let us know good good aggressive moving at random by. It's here is bottom. Something we have not seen much of from him today. Pocket will be aligned for two with thirteen thirty to go. There's these one and three in conference play and Allen is open for. With two shots in Disney's return on the way is good all dialogue. Caucus historically been a very good free throw shooter 85% this year. Makes his first one. Those points for him in the second half he's not affordable game. 6854. Thirteen thirty to go second free throw away good thanks a. Both. Thought Hawkins got five procedure trailing 6055. Which is different court critical crossover Republicans lose riddled eaten. It was tough to keep up speed when it was the now Williams as the on site at the top Paterson. That's right so it was almost the old Armstrong really prices basket while those to joke what's tough yeah. You don't want to dump him but what he's got him. Actually grizzlies bock of wide open right corner three short we are. Ours are the best regards turnaround bank shot is no good about Joseph. I'll fight went over the back. The grizzlies right now just cannot do anything right in the go. 1254 to go each team now with fourteen bouncer to second hand. 1254 to go on regulations seventeenth. Of 55 Alan Levy. Grizzlies lost your last year the red devils in Iowa look it's happened. It's rubber head over Allen. Grizzlies beat this season series or just overall series sports. And since 2008. She's your go. And shot clock when that. Top works against criminal troubles around him as the basket passed originally goes to Patterson who shot was blocked by Brett law early and too little. Quality shots on mileage. And keep it fit your body prisons that with a knife walked underneath the ring. Risen getting started 7055. Down here with 1243 ago. Brutal just because who's he put up the box talk about the screened by Brad exit writes I give art right corner Armstrong. Armstrong rebels he now. Crossover dribble drives totally fixed now left corner pockets makes it three bridesmaids it takes it is laced up in price and pocket. Oakmont but certainly he's got he's got south it back the other way in shot forced out and did score cliff. Let's admit it man. Birds and rats. And somehow bustle and uploaded in the fouled those against our house. So swept him. Who's got twelve isn't the answer three point play Clifton averaging seven points a game. Right Miller's try to make a point one of the officials who is now calling for a conference. Rapture this would be about. Looking up at the scored via scoreboard there 32 shot clock I'm not sure. No good to see and it looks like. Perry Carroll has come back on the floor incidents of civilian clothing. He says shaking hands and his teammates and looks like he maybe had in the hospital. He had some gauze covering his nose. So possibly just speculating here might have broke his nose on that screen. Since mid quarter and a half right if you Adams. Looks like Carol this is headed out. Wanna go linemen. Here she told teammates on the bench it's. Here's Clinton tries to three point plays recruits on the rebound I laughed at all. Was out of bounds. And sold by county of the dignity Obama's pick pocketed read. About themselves. So whole. Accident able. Please god WellPoint is down seven to 57. It is going offensively pocket has dried right baseline is pass. Out of bounds but it was fouled as he described the room. Tyler Williams Williams in all it was stood my ground here. On cutie now each team was my team fails here so yeah. Raises doubts when it shot clock apps that talk goes arts arts which left side criminals crippled right Travis was right hand just was approximately. Please don't put up a floater scored. You wonder why aren't the best do this more often so quietly so I have to admit he's got right now isn't telling 72 if you don't. The 24 quarter doubled in recent months top. On one on one went it rebels replacement. Vs speed bump defensively by criminal. It probably top left on the shot clock. Bruce's defense yelling. Importantly the fans are clocked at Portland drives the lane Atlanta's not but it how'd he get through those last few defenders. For the bucket Williams has gotten ninety. Shot clock was outages actions in Williams easily lose wars. 7450. If it is not rocket pictures shot slightly drops out of threatening the basket grabbed her around banks had no good that you hit the rim. Here comes lob quick outlet pass those that Williams wouldn't count them more all of it rim shot was. Out of bounds Barnes. Right now Alice's play footloose and fancy breeders' mild on the war. Grizzlies seem a little bit just combined related here. 1037 days ago it is 7450. Alamo in them and their own basket to our left. 1037. Left in his 74 to 59 now. Elements in down. In the throwing the backward to Winston almost right. Britain's real. Guarded by criminal process timeline. Winston's direct revenues let him arguably just guys averaging four point two games from this one today. Has who have decided Jones and courts have three got a hot. When it's going well it's going well. Jones. What is second three of the year he's got thirteen in the game. Receive their biggest deficit 7759. Pass those inside stolen. Away from Adams as from griddle was stolen here's what's in the front court Williams asked a wide open three in the the right wing gets back atop the list of to get him defensively is critical. Were under ten minutes ago immediate time LB amateur shortly. Ask those now accountant or to be roughly three it's long no good rebounder but marketers from Spock who drew it up the war. Through Italy and euros deputies warrants that. These foul. What pocket. And we travelers some of the fans just in state travel. His euros yet they call it that long step. In must live up and it and he drew the foul timeout on the floor this immediate timeout with 941 ago the grizzlies in trouble or on the road. Their trailer in the Allen red devils' 7761. We're back after this one minute break. Welcome back of Freddie and he'll be here that our pumpkin pie concrete fact sure dead real. I everything up. Preston doll to come component concrete please come and write that at Freddy's you'll always find that magical combination of families and and president testing and preparing credible pumped in high concrete pricing dreamy president has data plan amid a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spending pestered and steak burgers this case that brings you back. Most of the oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filtered new oil and it's a routine in the chore on the to do list what is your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was a life changing PG cup lead you will change can change your life because it comes with free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you. Flying to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. PG find shop dot com team. This is Michael's that would join me wayside today are okay. Our home you know the ball game here in Allen. Have our US Marines player in the game if you think about what it takes to join the world's finest. Visit Marines dot com that's Marines dot com. He's in trouble here on the road revival of the red devils early seventy's at 61 terrorist clock with a free throw them a cancer completely frequently flies. Moments ago sport front clip art that has eleven now in denied in the second half. Which is the second half a bigger part of these are down. Sixteen points here but still at 941 ago. Mockery of free throw on the way it is good he's got a dozen points. Archivists averaging just under fourteen points a game. Well today. When it in the front court tries to program mob handed dunk attempt by Joseph could do it. Get the loose ball off that lives on the law don't hit him. That's the way to the very best of the three mile border it's the pocket prize money it's not right word for Armstrong. No good out of the league. Jones. I'll be here all the backcourt foul committed on. That it receives more for steel against your own. What he could just see the frustration. It coaching grizzlies he faces the Princeton bench hands on his hips. Fourteen to go to prison down 7760. Twos receives full court pressure to get in the front court Townsend. Found it walks slowly for you read it should work. Adams outside the lane entrance of a floater no good Adam sliced the lead on a whistle and a collision of audiences towns that those them in the floors or does Armstrong. I'll go to Townsend. Drove the ball aggressively in the lane and put up a tough contested Florida. About four feet. Adam's father the rebound got at this hour. Seventeenth Phelps now Padilla red devils that's. Could be a breakthrough procedure with 903 to go there in the bonus. Grizzlies have six teams felt themselves. Anthony Adams. Has only two points today except most of the first half with two early fouls. It's a one on one for every day. Reits are on the way is good. Adams is a 79%. Free throw shooter coming in. Got to the free throw coming up here receives them 7763. Free throw is there at all that so bad it's folks he's got four grizzlies. Are trailing 7764. Full court pressure to get the ball. Williams is piled up before about property. Pocket knock on the floor does it help. He's proud to call their that's the seventeenth on the risen so both teams in the bonus now for the remainder. Nine minutes exactly left to play in regulation here and Ayatollah we're at Allen community college. But you accomplished basketball today on the. 987 and thirteen thirty K and assess. It's a one on one Ian Williams missed the first. Tyler William. And so they've solved already Edmond Oklahoma. He is doubled his season average here today averaging nine point six he's got twenty and other free throw the latest good. He's now 786049. Minutes ago. Armstrong left wing has those left side two series. Urged over the horrible was that topped the box that looks like that just want to block him pocket bullet through a free throw line scoring would aka. Scott commodities got fourteen. Eleven in the second half grizzlies are down 7966. Full court pressure broken when she gets cross the timeline almost lost the ball. Holds onto it guard closely Armstrong quick questions being drives right basement pass goes out to the left with the Williams. That's cornerback complicit in which it was out of bounds came back to get the basket do it. Turn over. You receive that pass after coming from out of bounds. And it's that Calder officials along the baseline Seagram. Here's the subpoena in 66 the grizzlies one final run lifted it's that he. Armstrong talk that he gets the Wacom Wacom drives baskets banker from ten swore up. Baseline joke told him that frustration. Like what you wanted to do to stop this Boggs got sixty. Receives about 7968. So they trimmed it down do you love it. Why pockets got 1613. In the second. Jones has the right side gives up top Williams for the other way no good long rebound right down by Paterson. Got a look at the roll off the rim. Not rebound. Adams a better position. As was whipped topping Wednesday's 747 development since it through the we're down by nineteen. Hot enough to defend Winston. It's a high screen by Jones takes right side very brief standstill. Picked up by Smith Smith passed ahead Armstrong ladies and up. And you. Hear from the I'm so those guys that are not qualified talent. One of the few mistakes today by forty Winston. If he had the ball stripped away by a very the ball was loose on the floor of the grizzlies though began at Smith passes hit two Armstrong live up within the grizzlies have trimmed the deficit to nine. 79. To seventy. Good one story here today on making it 713 thirty in ancestry everywhere this. It was against your Ayatollah. Conference basketball and Andrew Hamlin our studio coordinator. It broadcast fees Wednesday night grizzlies back home of the power plant the trees the independence pirates. Lady grizzlies play at 530 legitimate seven for your broadcast begins at 715. Put forth to these teams here need to win today. This is the 13 in conference play. Challenges alone. But as a coach Miller will. Alone remind you. There's no giving into the chaos conference's. This is a team as I watch out for you wanted others to its original form proper place. They had a tough loss here four point loss to hold me. The last home game lost. Seven the called Trojan. Have a grizzlies were down by nineteen. Three top ten points. It was 729. To go still a lot of time left. Somewhat disagree as he still have all five timeouts remaining also highly. Two time outs. It ninety years full court pressure. Williams. Back to a quarter chances to Woodson gets I'm one of our sideline that I'd hear. Winston directs traffic cop that he. You know that goes now to put. Look backward Jones wasn't there when it takes them lately that Armstrong backup it's not we have which. That's what's Ted surprisingly puts a floater nobody very gets the rebound. There have been written down by nine carries as the front Portland Armstrong Armstrong beat but it rightly backs and out. A baseline under the basket. All the way through cries easily stream it for around five foot jumper it is the up twice and it. Aren't on Friday. At this green under the basket allowed. Are thrown to get the close shot. 7970. What about the war for the right now. It applies to him. Coach Johnson. We're flip it and he left me. So I thought it was the Winston. Defense. Prisons have court who's the nose and rightfully Joan puts on the forthrightly loss available all the residents come up. Stolen by Smith Smith. Backcourt October end up that fast for a car goes Armstrong Armstrong tries to basket past originally Adams for a banker. It off the rim alright folks and banks on Adams whose strong rebound my app. If I had to go here in old actresses that comes out so I said it's either them. And however whistle as they found those against. Offensive foul away from the. All this may bid against let's city. When Andy shots really frustrated at foul goes against Jones's second personal away from the ball. Send illegals monopoly you just move on the movie screen. And if we have a timeout call by the prisons will be their first time out. Make it the second. We'll have four left. 546. Ago. Prisons are down seventy. 972. What moments ago Anthony Adams. Great look under the basket. Well defended with a strong invented a little bit too hard off the room. If the back toward the front of the rim did not fall and it hung on the rim their for a moment. Eighteen fouls. For Allen did get two timeouts left the grizzlies have 70000. Was fort timeouts left. The grizzlies. Got a grizzlies were down. She decided that if something. Half deficit. 7459. He's sixteen I believe it was 91. I was seven before it's okay 37 mark of the second. Sixteen point deficit for the reason. I believe it was actually. The deficit. 7972. Drilling here and Alan. We have 546 to go in regulation. Saturday after. Grizzlies. I've on the floor at soldier Armstrong. Jerious aka. Kevin Berry Anthony Adams in the wrestled Smith's. Smith is leading all scorers with 23. Tyler Williams says 21 to lead alum. Here is on that had sixteen points. Thirteen in the second hand. On the grizzlies. Left to right doubles team needs on top announcements. There is an act Armstrong lovely little right side as it is right baseline. There's a wide open leveling three. Harry. Harry went up three and graphics are traveling 7975. With 543 days. Double team the backcourt Winston stepped through it troubles in the front court has doubled to reach a million calls right now. AMP shop. Saw that his player was in trouble now remember coach is not allowed to call timeout. He was trying to tell. Forty Winston to call time out in the front courses you doctors double team. So it is 79. To 75. Of us have a very moments ago I think very needs to shoot the ball more. Kevin apparently that's its first shot today in these fourteen. Of 27 this year from three point range. That's its first art today. There isn't three. He from the left side. I explained as the grizzlies and overcoming huge deficit. More here. Please cut it to four point 78975. Now the grizzlies were down 7966. So the grizzlies. You know within the. I know around. I know around. And I don't run for the grizzlies. City 26 mark when they were down 7966. Were down 7975. Adams varied. Armstrong in Smith on the floor. Townsend Williams. Winston Paterson and Ludlum. 560 days ago it was this hearing he would assess all pass is thrown a life. Gary Smith was trying to lob it from the far side like your bid for this coach right now. Now in these charges and it is added walking down lately to the floor not in this city you know believe it. Love try to lob it to the rim and he threw it out of bounds near midcourt. The grizzlies can do that are now 7975. Note I'm off the clock and eternal. Here comes Armstrong yours across that I'm right here Drupal that goes by Winston as those who's been at the right way. Right now to talk to Armstrong street though Adams treatments that work that tops this. Of the Bok Bok surprisingly animals stolen away. Here comes look down the war. He's confident. Watermark that was definitely huge turnover there. Let's got fourteen. On it was about it and hit the ball stripped DoubleTree. But the other book that's goes inside the box the box under the basket reverses it is. A flicker pass from Russell Smith. Market these guys ET fifteen in the second half alone. Down 8177430. To go backward pressures on Wednesday. About the war by Kevin Berry what is on. 713 birdie and it says. Which basketball woods atop the leader of the defense. Perry to really worry about speed of Winston absolutely nothing to do that counted as well lock stolen by. Adam passed without a point of pocket throws go ahead out of pocket runs over Winston. It called for a foul there what was pocket that he. In right Miller's got us here at the top movies. He would be shot once intentional box that. Way Adams stepped in front of that stolen. They've not column now blocked my goodness gracious. Shock at the pocket literally. Over listed as the ball was one of the sound believable from behind in the alcohol. W backcourt pressure and Williams pro football are you without. Them all away from the red doubles. Made it home yet wolf and coaches right now flustered. Written down ED one this company's outlook for us to go here is I'll look. Risen about your own in theory. Yours I'd like to talk Armstrong obviously my hands frequently travels on the basket as populists at. Skeptics out there left wing's way. Super. Who dreams that presents an 8180. That you. At 346 they go very cute cute birdies backcourt pressure and abolish loose snow leaves the back work. I found. Township passcodes just into the front four with 12 on the second backcourt while. Mrs. Williams way up top level in the 8180 Alan Levy. Yes when he won his patented a top running. Monopoly announcement that Paterson lays another note Lebanese I'll buy them. Ups and if you believe. That. Did not think he touched him. And nice set up later given to Olympic and Patterson quiet today. Anderson has only one pocket. Who's going for a layup got ahead of Adam's Adam's body had to defend from behind but he got the whistle. 316. To go. Two big free throws here for Jacob Patterson frequently lose their ball he hit the net at six. He hit the net but nothing else. Paterson on the season. Is that 76%. Free throw shooter about that. Allen is leaving him 182 free throw out a way that's good makes one a two step three prisons and he. Lady. They were down nineteen points here in the second half of them by exit now with referred to indigo. All these and rightly it's and they're very one level it's atop the pocket pocketbook jobs left wing jumper it is no good rebound I Adams he missed a put back. But that it. As rebound. Those who lives I think it's an editor for reaching. Here for the Adams did. Yeoman duty get the rebound went right at the rim has put back was too strong he's had a couple of those. If he happens with a hands on his hit walking down the floor. This will be a one and one crew grizzlies now with 9181000. Alum within each syllable teams in the bonus. 30 and they go. Would it shot by Bachmann was just inside the three point arc. It rimmed out and Adams pulled out strong rebound and his body put back right accurately listed. Long rebound after that and it was Williams ran it down Williams with a free throw line one frequently as good. Escape Tyler Williams has got 22. Points now. He has missed only one free throw today. He's eight of nine free throw line frequently good. Night of ten he's got 23. That matches and for the game high live Russell Smith for the grizzlies. 8480. Allen's lead prisons and not be able over the top if that is closest one point there were down by ninety. There's been a driving right they say the best shot of the city draws a foul from Townsend. I don't like the way Russell Smith has played this candidate got 23 points prize for the game he has been aggressive all afternoon. He's going to free throw line for two shots. Both of these teams not hesitant about hit the ball to top that he. The perimeter just driving strong program. 254 to go. It is vital to proceed still up for timeouts left elements one bowl teams with ninety miles. Smith free throw and the way it is no good strong. Russell Smith. Have scored four points here in the second half he's got 23. On the afternoon. Misses the free throw however. Such as free throw today that's frequently is good makes wanted to do so he's got 44 receipts are down 8481. Allen has led pretty much the entire afternoon backward double team. Which it picks up as trouble Astros ahead now to Lipton Lipton just does get across midcourt where it's a violation and opulence. 240 videogame plot succeed on the shot clock 8481. Alan leaving the grisly. This is love. It gives them thought the Paterson about the Williams. Top five on the shot clock warning shot clock Williams. Wanted to shock value to get a shot. He would not get as Jonathan put up a banker Clinton and her basic. The shot clock Bryant Miller on great basin that shortly before the whistle or the buzzer to give the put back story. Well my goodness in Bryant Miller just not technical. That's a terrific call by the officials flew it up while I was in the hands of Williams when that buzzer went off. They set the ball was still alive and at some of the greatest players around like they thought it was a violation. In outscored the putback that's all horrible call by the officiating crew here. Clearly that was shot after the buzzer went off the shot clock violation. What what it. Huge mistake if vessels and a free throws good while Williams. Off the technical bios. Coach Miller to all night ago. Goodness gracious 8781. What are the unfortunate turn of events for the grizzlies free throws good. This fifth technical of the situation like this two free throws but I gotta tell you the officials missed one there. And it's a huge. Regis in the state. That's shot clock hit the bugs are gone off before it's released the shot he was shot clock violation he missed the banker. And and they were able to rebound put back confident in them Bryant Miller saw when I saw it was just the terrible call. And it's 8881. Grizzlies in about a period. Yours are drawn deep wanna look away. All of a sudden presence down 81. Has the right corner here's a three on the way it's no good and rebounded by Winston. Now 155 to go to dresses down by seven Williams in the front court. Troubles away from the defenders you've got to Winston. Boy oh boy loan officials calls the plays a big role in the outcome of this game. That would grizzlies Paul listened as the top US Armstrong. It was around to take time off the clock sent shock clock here's Townshend playing three got. Chris is down 109180. It's Armstrong through the lane puts up a shot okay rebound about Paterson. Have you got 114 to go bruises were down nineteen credit to law and each one. Now foul committed midcourt by Armstrong. We will hope to talk to a Ryan Miller in the post game show. And hopefully this video will be passed on via head of the officials. There's no reason why three officials would miss a shot clock violations such as it was. Here's some free throws confident. By Winston. That's its first point of the second half of the an eleven of the first step Brisinger looser today. With some controversy at all ID 281. Unfortunately this level you know. That is replay review TV cameras here to provided. Their free thrown away about Winston has good mix of both Oregon. Conclusion Chris is gonna lose their third game or. Gonna fall of one point conference later down 93811. Moment ago aren't sausage dogs have been very right corner three got. Immigrants is to burn a timeout so let's not give up on this early 9384. Barry is three for three of three point goals shooting in the second now. 113 to go to proceed down 9384. Goodness gracious. These two teams leave now on the floor. Go back to that accidentally shot clock violations huge part of this phone fish in this game. Tyler Williams had the ball the top of the key Arab League is aware that shot clock was winding down and he drove left me. He clearly before he got shot released the shot clock it expired. This kind of threw a shot at anchor off the rim. And this was prevented by. Allen county and you've got to put back and it you might expect. Ryan Miller who's just live it was a laughter to call at a critical time of the game he got teed up at the other end. This can control your emotions you won't call like that. Johnson of all you. No 9384. I don't know we've I know football. Head of officials. They reviewed. Video games. I don't know the videos and appears to be good enough. Determine. So go back to review it. But looking down on them play you could see the shot clock hit zero Williams still have a ball. The buzzer went off after. He's. I've set it down violence against Al so one of three days ago the grizzlies are down 9380 order now by now. I may have spoke to earlier with a 103 to go to grizzlies still have three timeouts left Alamo at one. Prison Linda and their own basket get an autopsy Brussels this. It drives instantly puts up a bank for those that gets on this but to back that missed it yet rebounded by Williams. And I'll place it in the back for the grizzlies and not help their own costs here this afternoon they had missed several put backs at the rim. 54 point nine days ago that was a big miss their bio Russell Smith or default him he's got. Team high 24. Frequently by Williams he's a free throw shooting team got 26 makes the first one. Tyler Williams says that the height point six points yet nine at halftime. Free throw away good. He has made me what's a couple of free throws today grizzlies down 9584. Finals with two seconds Armstrong pull up left please read John. Armstrong with a free he's got to eleven. Residual burn a timeout we've got two left with 47 point nine to go proceed down 9587. Wanna remind you. Coming up our next broadcast will be on Wednesday night at the power plant the grizzlies will be hosting the independence pirates. Lady grizzlies who had a thirty point win this afternoon are preliminary in 8757. Homers assistant and heavy losses. Or 53 on the season two and three in conference play they'll tip off on Wednesday night at 530. The men go at 731 of the broadcast we right here in 9713. Thirty. 715. You know again we'll hopefully have a Bryant Miller. When you post game show witness the over the final stats this week Ian. Did you not provide us with the official stats are down in the little mouse. And we have a foul before the bulls and out of foul on Anthony Adams he fouls Paterson. Sure that was by design was still 479 to go. With. Adams fouls out. So eager and moral come in for Adams. No time off the clock in the Chico Paterson moment free throw line. Think at that time that shot clock violations 8481. Free throws good bye Paterson. Patterson to a three from the free throw line. Here's John 9687. This will be album's first conference win their own war committed. Free throw in a way short rebounded side pocket gives it. To Armstrong Armstrong raced up the floor to get poison threes Armstrong backs down now drives look basically the basket. Stops makes it up and hit. Armstrong now with thirteen points nine in the second half the grizzlies learned that a timeout with thirty seconds ago. 9689. This is what this evening your time outs before entering the grizzlies. Have five timeouts. I've liked my timeouts remaining. Bryant Miller historically been a guy that uses at this time factor was one game and it was last year. When the game entity at all six timeouts left for a. They'll just seconds ago. Brisinger down 79060. ED. Again I think that that juncture was 8481. Just under three minutes ago. Resisted NATO run from nineteen down the pulled within one they were down 8481. And now again a cheese Patterson down in foul him before the balls inbounded. Seven bear it was Jason Paterson around the back court. And so we want Paterson on the line against the big him for for Alan. Paterson is two of four from the line. Moments nobody wanted to. Grizzlies still have one timeout left as those Alan it's 9689. With thirty seconds ago. No way is good. To double bonus time now for Allen so he's got another free throw coming up. My points in the afternoon for. Kate that matters to your players are now. Free throw them 97893. Is no good. He gets on desperate enough and invested it right he shouldn't be my pocket. You're on the grizzlies down 9789 with 31 to go Armstrong rides the basket puts up a banker at its worst somehow got it up within. He's got fifty residents he's adamant he wanted they found that backcourt is Adrian war. Down winds off the inbound pass with 25 point five seconds ago this might be the longest minutes ever in basketball history. When he five point five seconds to go to preseason. With a live back down to 69791. But Allen's had a double bonus episode two free throws while he said it was Patterson I thought they'd found Winston. Remove Hussein he fouled Paterson away from them all before Winston. Paterson is two shots free throw in the latest good. Don't want. For the shot apparently missed the second free throw moments ago. And inspect. 9891. Pre struggle is so good. They call foul I personally violations that Patterson missed a free throw anyway. So lane violation would encounter grizzlies won them back order comes Armstrong up before 9091. Armstrong point seven buried deep leveling three note good rebounded by listening to do it he's found seventeen point. 9091. Allen who's gonna win this game. The free throw line it's going to be. Jamal Clifton Clinton today has got fifteen points. We looked at several of these alum players here are way above their season average this morning. Tyler Williams as a team high 27 he was averaging just under ten points a game. This guy Jamal Clinton averaging seven is free throw it stood at sixteen. Receipts were down twelve at one point first half got it down before his for the finals second. It's been the technical foul after comfortable second free throws that you got seventy. 191. Final fifty seconds Armstrong tries to basket he lays it up and this. He and a Bryant Miller is no quit him he only uses fast time now eleven point two seconds ago. With the grizzlies to the fullest without them my seven wood eleven point two seconds ago in no time outs left. This would be epic. Grizzlies. Back to the drawing board Wednesday night will be back home against the independence parts that looks for Alton purposes Obi wan and four. In conference Floyd. Long way to go would vote tonight grizzlies need to win. Re back with the power plant where via historically played very well against the defendants pirates. Wednesday night. 193. Howland leading. Elena is on the verge of picking up the first conference win of the season. There's this huddled around their coach Bryant Miller. Brian uses an in this picture whose players you always have that there's no quit in him. He shouldn't utilize every. Gave all the time now. So Powell's. 193. It's talents and looked at inbounded there. Horror into our right through it receives probably foul immediately. Let's. Flip that runs along the baseline. And he gets it is a Williamson's out of it by Kevin Berry right in front of other bench. Ten point three seconds ago. But this is a classic example of extending negate. This it just maybe the longest minute in the history of basketball. Final minute here today. Ten point three seconds ago a 193. In going the free throw line again is Tyler Williams. Williams as a team high 27 points. Free throw on the way good. Williams. Scott fourteen made free throws today fourteen to fifteen. Tyler Williams. Free throw away is good about that fifteen of sixteen from the line for top. Williams a game high 29 points final nine seconds. Your thoughts on prize for best uncontested layup he scores it. You know they wanna do. And at some times five point two seconds members stop the clock after reviews as the final minutes college basketball. One or two to 95. Haters alike the floor inbound pass is that out of bounds or did you resist at all. 102 to 95. It is Lipton. Tried to throw a hail Mary snow on the Florida Williamson and let him too much out of bounds. So to have his way into the room basket. With five point two seconds ago. By the way your Armstrong's. Nineteen points. Receives inbounded. Kernel colonel shot as though it rebounded by Smith put back it's no other body so. One coach who. 102 and 95 the final the grizzlies fall here in Allen. Literate doubles and our post game show comes up that. 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A recap of tonight's game and a look at the final statistics now let's head back to the arena. No Dennis Higgins here at the campus of Allen county community college were in Iowa where a today's two conference Peterson had moments ago they grizzlies on the losing end. High scoring ballgame as Allen wins it by a final of one or two to 95. Again it took for certain it partner's side by some controversy in the final moments. It was a shot clock violation was not to call by the officials and Allen was able to put get a basket. After shot clock violations not to stop the play shot was put out by L Williams. After the shot clock expired. Was off the rim and achieving rebound put back up in the prisons were just irate. You might imagine grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller was teed up. And at that time I believe it was eighty. 4081. And it turned into 8681. In which you made free throws 8081 so it went from three point deficit to a seven point deficit just like that. With controversy and again I don't know if they have enough video here to go back to the head of officials to check that out but. If that happens if that happens in all walks of life were. Mistakes are made I think the aria officials are limited egregious error at a key moment in the ball game that. Those things do happen I don't know if it bit rebuke your with a video that they have an and it did hear the buzzer not that. We're looking down for Mara perch broadcast perjury clearly Williams had the ball in his hands as the shot clock expired. You could see double zeros on the shot clock above the basket and he still had the ball he threw up a bank shot from about eight feet as he drove it left side. And that he did not to call it a shot clock violation and get a putback basket that was a huge. Parred the outcome of this game grizzlies fault 102 to 95. We'll hope that a grind our plea deal from a series that was his team right now in the locker room as he does after every game addresses and quickly right after the ballgame. But the grizzlies fall by a final 102. 295. Tell you what time now for us to choose I'll choose our US Marines player of the game. If you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com Marines. Dot com. Well we gotta go with Russell Smith Smith finished with a team high 24 points he had nineteen to those in the first half. So I today's winner of the US Marines player of the game about grizzlies is freshman Russell Smith with a team high 24 points. But to avoid Smith director into the game idea easy putback he'd miss in that was kind of the part of the reason aggressive posture today. Here from the Adams had at least to put backs that he. Announced the two part off the backboard just off the rim and those are points that you are really regret losing. When your right here at the rim can't initiative grizzlies at probably 45 or six of those today. And Allen had a few themselves but of more than once the grizzlies head. He missed some opportune times for them to really pulled within closer gotten down to what 8180. Grizzlies were down by my count I believe nineteen points was the biggest deficit. In the second half I try to keep a running score and a notepad. Were kept here by myself in this broadcast. And I do have documented the grizzlies were down 7459. With 1037. To go in the second half. Which would be a sixteen point deficit. But so I believe at one point a river looking up there and seen them down by nineteen points. It says the grizzlies had a down to 18180. Yen and they were down 8481. When that's a big turn of events happen on the shot clock violation was not call. They won't take a break here we'll come back and right now on the total score into the game when we continue in the post game show grizzlies lose one or two to 95 to. Al yeah welcome back to Freddie and did you hear that our pumpkin pie concrete fact sure dead. Every cup. Crest at all to welcome back I'm creeks police coming right up at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of families plan and branding pestered prepare incredible pumpkin pie concrete pricing dreamy president has very splendid a slice of pumpkin pie spreading spreading pestered and steak burgers this case that brings you back. To overcome it's. Free for the Marine Corps yeah it's. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement our content. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept it for more than two centuries. Oprah on this but the Marines. Yeah. Most of the oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does that was life changing PG cup means you will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind free use flying to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's VG find shot. Team. In assets. I've got no idea Allen county community college and the proceeds faltered today in a final score of 102 to 95. We're joined now by Christie's head coach Bryant Miller and a coach I guess are going to be very very careful. In this certainly don't want you getting any trouble but it clearly we gotta talk about that blown shot clock violation clearly. Williams had a ball and released it after the buzzer when it. At the time you guys were down 8481. Just under three minutes on the in the desert storm back from nineteen down. In and it clearly clearly a blown call those things are gonna happen. I look on you immediately you sought as well as ideas and a pretty miserable you know put that ask about that blown call and result in the technical preview that. I don't use any doubt in my mind what I saw it was clearly after the talk about it does expire. It was so obvious that both teams stop playing in the middle solution that also obviously call this little rough to. And I guess I gotta have a better composure when and then when that call. Happens because they they they. And make the free throws in the come down the day three and that's that's kind of the story of the game there but. Perplexed as does keep can't believe. That. You would miss something that obviously in an injunction and then in turn. That you would. Bang me with attack that's because it's because I'm so upset that you made a mistake as in the first. Right and that's the tough thing about it because officials you think that maybe in the back of their mind might see you know what. We did blow that call we can't change but let's give this guy a little Italy within argument. And that's what told at a news profanity at the rough. Didn't clap my hands atom I didn't try to upstage him I didn't do any of that none of them. Just simply sold that he missed the call and that it was obvious that the both guys have both teams stop playing in the middle of possession. And in the heat just decided the game. Without Norm Coleman and in the tactical so. Talk tough all take all taken one. You know I should've had a little more composure down the stretch with that was probably one of the the most unbelievable new calls that I see. In my young career well it's easier said than done because I was the same way I don't they don't regular radio broadcaster technical but I hear it was it was clear to me and I said that they saw the shot clock violation wait a minute they just gave. And I looked down saw you I understood it completely because. Are we move on we talk about this team he goes what what's he got them in nineteen him in the second half got to them one know how to explain that you know my nineteen and battle that has. No guards and we just found. Dina we gave up 46 free throws tonight and I told him after the game that I gave you eight or nine at the end because we had to file. But beyond that. That that that's just. Being able to keep you guys from the only place all we talked about it last summer after the game principles and technique on defense. And we we continue to have to get better on defense northward into begins our defense. Sponsor transition. And that's were best if we can't get stops we can't guard the filing. Whom it will not win a game in this league. You I don't have the official stature I keep my home but I've got Russell Smith with a team high 24 points I think he might have had a double doubles this whole bunch of rebels of the official stats don't. They don't keep him out to Richard Allen but you what do great outing by. Smith and he thought he played well I think Kiki was really good the second half he did a good job got to really put the team on his back and you know RJ. You know providing us with those points at. The flip side of that coin is is that both cost missile defense of possessions. He's you know number two I know that. He was fifteen for sixteen from the fray for you don't mind. He was 45 from three and TT gave wolf a wide open look three ball left wing that was that was huge down the stretch. And then RJ did communicate you know them on just cut. Try to switch it. And and he comes out their maintenance as well so. Whom we we got to do a better job I thought dirt dirt are from was pretty good today as far as get in the paint make it to plays. Kevin Berry came in hits shots forced him strips down three for three did did a good jar shoot the basketball. In the book but again it's defense defense defense. And in the first half I thought we little careless with the ball when we clean that up that'll finish a game with nine turnovers is at least that's which was good. Or mark its tenth today. We're armed and twice we got that area cleaned up but we got to do better job Gordon ball a fellow wanna warn when it mattered. We are absolutely terrible. And they scored apple will one on one vs us yep so we got to be better. This kid courting Winston whose averaging four points a game yet eleven in the first have to do nothing like he's 58 you know the ball a top McCain just right Selena and they'll zigzags way and they get a scooping layup. And that's what they the scalp was the use of driver. And I don't understand how we turn him loose in the paint how we turn them loose up top and we opened her hips up and we don't keep or adjustable ball just keep that front you know he's not going make a shouting and Buffy attempted a three today if he did it was clocked three. Coach but he was able to just get in the pay the first half and make layup after layup when. And you know. Who we we've got to get better as the Solomon we got to get better defensively. Or go back and ask about a cup leader players could carry his pocket you know he finishes with eighteen EF three at halftime when. What changes and yet you and I talked about this off the radio before about pocket Vizio 331 game in the navy height for a couple games. Three in the first half finished with a AT&T as you said there was it had been a stretcher he took him on his back was enough. If he's that type of player we're Griffey you know he he gets to the rim and he starts making a couple baskets and he's got a good drive here and there. An account of Nicholas Sparks something within him and and us as coaches we noticed that's that we keep Rolling Stone for him and he did a good job kept score in. Authorities have really got the room literally could drive it to basketball camps put. You know we again we just we got to go forward. Ask you about tender age an issue. Yeah to have to have as I told before he can turn them shots. Whatever you're open to the votes to refer for all three of them stretch where a huge he's capable of doing that he's he is the bashing her that we have on the floor on this team at this current moment you know with Karl on the game. Another guard not able to stretch do you make threes. That really puts a lot of pressure on other guys to hit shots and yeah I think RJ hit three K to hit three with. You know for the most part the early Adrian he shot warm in the turned down a few more but. You know willow won't go back to drawing board again. Coach would you got a game coming up when your back the power plants at three game losing streak and now won four conference play. If you get ready for independence. Would you. We've seen your team what do you mean you a couple of close losses in law now take witnessed the. The problem is that what I see is that is is that. Is that. The leads that we're giving up throughout the day it would being down nineteen is it is. It is not something that we you know we have a talented team we do. But guys got to buy into play defense and play in the right way of playing principles and all the way if so we get in the first just like getting back which is just the little things the little discipline silly things that we we don't do good job of I don't know if it's some of those some of them really just about lack of a focus and concentration. And the other thing is we all communicate very well we're constantly in me. You would look at our our team tonight you go then they must never coached defense. Truth be told it's always coached in which is which is the crazy part of and so I don't know what how bad would be if we didn't coach defense that. You know it's frustrating for me as coach for that that you that you give up these huge leads in the middle of the game with them. You know India I don't know much about mosques are watched film on them tonight and they got a pretty different course they've got some good sized cheer that got a couple guards can make plays with the at this rate the you know that the defense that we exhibited in the first half and part of the second half we we continue to play like that it's it's going to be a long season. Well coach Lewis and I appreciate a tough loss like that you come up here you know. You look for the silver lining you guys were Delmon nineteen year old Hillary now back with. I will credit our guys that they did fight back. That's you know that's what told after the that's the urgency that you have to play with the entire game and it wasn't that I can tell by the warmup in I said I told Michael my assistant coach vote. Before the game Soros Towson on her watch and and and our warmup to Nabih pop to that we we we were locked in we're ready we're just go through the motions and and you saw it carried over into the into the first part of the game. And we just didn't do the job at all. Coaches always appreciate stopped by a tough loss here it is there's always tomorrow or Wednesday you're back home in the thanks combine that you've. Bryant Miller head coach of the other grizzlies up on the grizzlies 1295. Final Closser Allen. The grizzlies now or four in four on the season one and four in conference play Allen improved three and six overall one in four in conference play. Score the numbers as I am here minus workbook for the grizzlies so Armstrong ended with nineteen points he had fifteen of those in the second half. Just incredible finish with five. Carries pocket with eighteen to Terry's head three through the first half he finished with fifteen. In the second half of those coaches said he carried the team office then it's back for this segment of the second half comeback in the ball game. The point art hit only two points. I'm Kevin Berry was three of four from three point range all late in the game at three in a row he was forced to take a deep three late in the game and the game was over. He was three of four for nine points Adrian Moore finished with six. In Russell Smith finished with a team high 24 points. Nineteen of those coming in the first half if he brat with four points on offer dial with war in in pretty Adams with four Adams felt mobile game. We all scores for Alan the red devils it was Tyler Williams Williams had a game like 29 points he had nine in the first half twenty. In the second half. It is coach said he was fifteen of sixteen. From the free throw line. Tyler Williams lead all scorers with 29. According Winston had thirteen points to speedy guard eleven those in the first half. Perry Carroll before it left in the second half with an injury. He has appeared injuries knows how hard screen at midcourt by Anthony Adams curled finished with five points Jamal Clifton was seventeen. Gary's love with 1410. Of those in the first half. In traverse Jones had thirteen. On the it team. And a three points for Kevin Townsend into the big in Jacob Patterson he had a total of six. The literature scoring leaders of global teams quickly us and scores from around the other conference a couple of games are finished. In Jay rock and a conference final from should Newt number one Hutchinson defeats you know show county's 76. To 64 that was just a four point lead for the blue springs at halftime the eagle on and when that gained 7664. Over and you know show the Panthers. In another final. A cloud battled hard but they fall copies bill final score cop who wins 82. To 71. Our studio coordinator today has been. Andrew Hamlet next broadcast comes up on Wednesday night. The grizzlies back home to the power plant the lady grizzlies will tip off at 530 minute 730. Of the broadcast for you right here in 9713. Thirty can assess beginning at 715. But it received pregame shows the totally grizzlies had a nice win thirty point win today here 8757. Over the lady read doubles. Grizzlies fall by final score of 102 to 95 in the red devils. Dennis Higgins seem so long and good afternoon from Ayatollah.