Butler CC Basketball at Dodge City 12-2-17

Saturday, December 2nd

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Grizzlies arrived here in western Kansas on a four game losing streak. They are overall record for five and one in five. Conference play is currently tied for last place in the chaos comforts he bought dogs they cut it private or all 33. In the jail on. I always get everybody there as bigotry here just in activities better shots that he urged to report it is afternoon it's him slack. It's always great to do this on 97. Thirteen thirty and assess. Well simply put it the grizzlies need to win. Lastly coming eighteen days ago November 15 at similar. Grizzlies have lost their last four games including 7270. Defeated Paul went to night. Independence. Once again aggressively battling back from a double digit deficit it seems to be kind of developing. There are down thirteen midway through the second half they cut the deficit to 100 minutes left but not able to get over the hump they've built lights in the pirates. Final score is 7270. On Wednesday night. Fourth straight game the grizzlies have a close game down the stretch in unable to pull it out. Terry is pocket despite having the flu we let the grizzlies with 24 point seven rebounds. It just in critical freshman from Leo look it is nice effort fourteen points. He had seven rebounds meanwhile Dodge City. They've dropped two games in a row they've built it rivals Garden City you write your activities that are on Wednesday night 86661. Loss blockbusters. Responses. Were leading scorers like the way it was sixteen points. Great that it let us this afternoon on him as best conference basketball. Grizzlies in Dotson were back to talk with the coach Bryant Miller grizzlies right now. 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And this being the mark living finding weekdays at five right here on tape and as an end. This afternoon and got city for a conference in its current keys to doors who catch up now with Bryant Miller head coach who Butler grizzlies as we always do. Before every game coach want to begin by asking you health question. The health of the team given that you guys were bothered by the flu bug that future Spock who had a flu but still scored 24 Bretton your big I was out to do with the flu. Pozen health of the team. Whole foods he was doing were or back to full strength as far as numbers let go we we still Kate she's still a little bit under the weather. Bratton obviously when you've been out three days the flute you come back in a little weak but you're free to practice yesterday. But it whatever else is good and we we've got fortunate where good weather. And it's so and you know about the cold this morning and so we we should be good. You don't wanna talk about TT keeps his pocket the other night give him full credit. He gets he left the court at one point to go to the restroom he was sick to his stomach. Yet finished the game played the entire game and had 24 points and six rebounds as the quite a statement waters sick. It study performance by him and that's what in the hell was he got to the Benson and he keeps looking to the greens are our coach I got to go back here. And yeah it was one of those things were I think if you decide any longer you would never been a leader back in the game that he did he tough that I out played them. And and then we gave the next day off views pretty sick and go to class peeked his gifts. And you yesterday had a good practice got a lot peel right fluids in so he should be good go to. Live or not torture we are third of the way into the season as the tenth game of the year obviously records now where you want it to your four and five overall and in one and five in conference play. Just kind of an overall assessment from you where you think you are 13 of the win this season. When we got a lot of room to improve obviously. Record is not like Q so not like where we wanted to be. Boat for our guys when we have to play a full forty minutes and we've got to come out from the tip to buzzer. Within a sense of urgency in and play Cadillac we did a second half its independence and and we just got to get back finder just find a way to give back and I'll win column you know just to kind of get a car off with tobacco and get ourselves believe it was still that team that's capable of to us to win this league. We've got all the talent enough to do it locker room. And guys just don't lock in Dubuque attainable today and defend. And not through ball over and and just be solidly ought to be great reason to be a solid. A solid team today and just whether any any storms come away. Grizzlies on the road here and Dodge City this afternoon and executing keys could or as we visit with Bryant Miller head coach and vote grizzlies coach. Kind of a disturbing trend the last four games with your team you guys have been right in it right down the stretch I mean. Tighter down by two in the final moments of the game but not able to get quite over the top and get that win what's gonna take. They're like so if you take a full forty minute effort and in the should take a lot of focus a lot of concentration. And you know I think coach came in and myself that it did novelist parlor game plans pretty solid. All the good you know to go out there and execute. And not how moments in the game where where you can lose your mind so to speak. Key times and and and that just flying out who's playing hard flying around flying to the ball. Swarming on defense. You know god given up any easy shots and and I was or or biggest keys just contain and contest. In their wanna ask you about to adjust in critical we talked to him about briefly at the you know an idea of one of his better games fourteen points seven rebounds he did have that that turn over some external respect. Just kind of talk about the emergence of him coming back from ACL torn knee surgery last year torn ACL and how he's playing. Yet when you don't play. You know for that link to time in your column off of that but you know crucial an injury. It takes a while to get the game rough stuff is you're yourself. And I think he started kind of get back to the form where he had he was senior year high school in three seasons floors were when he came on campus the freshman. But he's an unbelievable talent he's at all with how the world. He's a confident kid but but again these guys get a you know and I get sped up to two marches for me it's a little sloppy turnovers and gamble now funnel B. You know the the last play of the game he he poked the ball out that certain in my mind but. If you just salt better. And you just play. You don't ever even given an opportunity to make that call on them that I had to talk and he was really open and receptive to us so I think he's maturing. Either got a pretty good rate right now. But again we look for him becoming do big things were still. Finally Harlem expect your starting point guard out supposedly six weeks with a broken jaw how's he progressing. He's doing good you know his. It is mental stability security that's the big thing for us is that is that when you knew how to injured like your way from the Damon in and literally not able to eat solid foods. In your emotional. Capacity can can can weaken and lessen and for him he's been positive he's great in practice he shows up every day he's he's talked enough about things that he season. You know it's just amazing as a player for whom that this is gonna help him grow. Just because which you can see off the court we're not involved as an actual playing. It is a good lesson we're learning experience for him but he's been good in. The big states is losing weight if he'll get that way back we'll seasonably sell throughs he you know he was. And gourd that was you know right around 188192. And he he's down about 175 right now so he's lost quite a bit away so we're. We're trying to dispute it shakes and protein but. As you know you know at this point of this stuff goes right through uber. You know. They'll be back for second semester will be roared out rate go in and in Hungary so. It's good leaders should be nice to him expand back in the point four coaches always appreciated visit we'll talk after the game that he. Bryant Miller has coached vote is expected for the pregame show from Dodge City right after this. Your next oil Sheen changed the life of your vehicle forever and if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. 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Butler this afternoon on the road and Dodge City it's that snores it all comes up next on 97 and thirteen thirty he would assess. Welcome back of Freddie and he'll be here at our pumpkin pie concrete if that's sure dead real. I every. Crest at all to come compact congaree police coming right up at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of families and and president testing and preparing credible pumpkin pie concrete pricing dreamy president has data plan amid a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spending testing and steak burgers this case that brings you back. It's. Just flex its struggle. To overcome me and ultimately for the Marine Corps yeah. It's. There is no alternate. It's not just a statement under and didn't. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries. A promise but the Marines. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball always on the air follow the grizzlies also is along I 97 and 3030 K and asks asks. 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Of our national emblem. Yeah. Everybody grizzlies on the road here this afternoon and Dodge City great everywhere this 9713. Thirty K as best. It is against courtside in him slackers that were better. It was starting lineup for his Padilla traveling Butler grizzlies coach Bryant Miller is third year 42 and when he overall record. Yeah out and vote for your assistance in camera Parker president. Grizzlies four and five overall one in five in conference play that desperately need to win the draw for you tomorrow is an aggressive lineup except. Jared Armstrong and applied to solve or at that point guards averaging ten points. It ended two rebounds per game Armstrong out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the other guards the grizzlies is it Korean War. Boris from Conway Arkansas North Little Rock high school seven points while we've. 163 the death penalty if he has to guard position. Kerry is on them. Bryant Miller told me moments ago that you carry his pocket is still very very. He's been battling. Flu bug all weeklong. Armstrong go anorexia boxes it's awkward at Dallas Texas Madison heights little fifteen point six points per. Provocative the other important for the grizzlies is Russell Smith since my freshman. In the city Kansas a liquid or high school thirteen point seven point three. Around we're game and it centers and for Adams the 66 off Florida homer Louisiana starting five. For the Dodge City it's good or Steve talker his first serious head coach here Dodge City whose team is five and four overall 33 in conference play. Archie Anderson is one guard the other guard is that I Sean Murphy. Kevin Howard look forward the other forges its commodity Blackwell in starting at Sanders show Irish reels 867 freshman. The leading scorer for the a Dodge City he keeps getting worse is a touchy Anderson guard. Twelve point seven points per game. You know Bruce Hodges second on the team in scoring twelve point four points per game. Great everywhere this today from the student activity center Dodge City the grizzlies in their. Road black uniforms. Was silver lettering in new rules trimmed in purple dots and expect out of their home white uniforms that yellow lettering and new girls have been purple. Nearly ago. Obi. Power. Shopping centers or guards city in Smith. We'll jump for the grizzlies it's controlled by Dodge City Dodge City constantly moving from left to right here in the first half. There's a back door cut at layup shot was blocked might block the here's an idea pass up the oil apocalypse upon a backdoor layup attempt right guys to block the shot. It took place their pocket there's those left baseline jumper on the way note about fifteen footer from Andrea for the grizzlies though it or not to bring down the yeah let's attempt blocked out of bounds by Anthony Adams. That was all right John Murphy owns rural Kentucky wouldn't let implement right away it was rejected out of bounds by equity Adams. So it's too quick blocked shots by the grizzlies circadian. Ask is right baseline power are still the troubled takes away his left hand floaters that are Moldova. This goes back up next tonight they'll cut us everything he had to back them. I haven't risen to read them how strong the front court upside to. Guarded by Murphy hasn't talked Armstrong. No score or. One minute here Dodge City today the weather is on Qaeda says this afternoon grizzlies tonight is that before game that Armstrong rightly itself left wingers and threw it away by Smith Rasmussen okay. That just talk about the backhand rebound a by the Comcast goes out of jump to save does pass this emotionally puts up a floater off the brokerage note it rebounded by Adams. Back and forth we go nose order Armstrong lines and when he puts up the banker upn had. Gerry Armstrong who had no points and tied it at home its independence gets the first bucket of the neighbors. Won't front court this is why well. It's up to politely gives them taught now to Anderson. Anderson went to shoot to prevent. Two point 7% from beyond the arts and the prisons I want conditions like today crossover dribble drives the leg kicks in at right corner Friel some big minutes. Three is off the mark rebound it. Weak side by into. So it's it will reload with a fresh thirty. All lopsided Murphy's law passed through the that Israel's long left baseline that was enough now goes against the grizzlies. He's a candidate go here in the opening half god sitting pentagon shooting foul. Gonna bring into the multi Bruce Hodges the second leading scorer we'll check in for the pumps. Hodges. Did the right noble being guarded closely by curious pocket. No income of their own basket the constant build this is murky incident. Todd is not defund the left wing pass those left corner strip away by Murphy's law. A whistle on him Rea follow the rebound by Gerry Armstrong. The rebound was he go out of bounds it was that go to the grizzlies but Armstrong with a foul against the Anderson. So twenty seconds on the shot clock will reload from underneath your own basket to our right will be comics. You know portico to definitely for the grizzlies. Both of these teams commit here what losing streaks and as usual for losses relic dot Citi would soon. Both on and off two point losses on Wednesday night. Whistle. In data foul against Dodd said he had their own under the floor. Quality out blocking foul against him Kevin power. Howard to succeed their freshmen Beaumont Texas. Off of 2000 grizzlies possession backcourt pressure broke with the. Our sidelines at Smith almost. Aides say I'm Armstrong it and work it left corner of the pocket but drives to basket stupidly at ten of them follow my lock them up but it. Live modestly with and against. Bryant Miller noted. I'm still really. With the blue today to get 24 points with the flu but they're not at home loss to independence. That's just like that could. Here's I just tried to blame losses and all the balls who's picked up plant turnover we've got customers Armstrong definitely holds enough. In the front court. Armstrong from the top of the key bits and doesn't Porter picked up by power. Luckily that Tom Armstrong between the circles gives it right elbow to Adams Adams puts the ball on the floor. Cut off their troubles now top of the key jumper and a way is no good rings out followed him by Adams don't have an initial shot by. Russell Smith. Just inside the three point line. 1615. Time ago were sitting right by the grizzlies pitcher to our rights and you'll be hearing yeah. The assistant and also the coach Bryant Miller threatened to broadcast. Just no way to prevent Democrat I'm like yeah right loans weren't able. Ford I think legally risky Syrian Dodge City. Not Julien down to bring in a hundred games available first time. NASA or the real slick and the president has just want to cut off crocodile scalable and for the grizzlies to dig him. The goals that copyright business news and we'll. Keep that to a lot those little puck right side Israel's Israel's action in turn around we're back for no good well. You kind of accurately backward by hatred toward the front toward men who have left side arm for us. To Russell Smith. Mike Davis has talked to surfaced on screen while the Celtics right side real game comes out tomorrow backdoor passes. Right it's often I was not been announced last touch by economists. 619. To go here and it's beautiful Saturday afternoon in west Texas or violence incidents. Dodge City this afternoon. Some more. Outside conducive to put all work in congress eager and now travel call against Russell Smith at the on the left way. This football team was your night a week ago today can witness accounts. Or else they didn't use them. Ministry here this this no student activities are located on. It's been an offer. Listen it's a beautiful facility filled stadium. We've crossed over this is perfect pull up quite politically sensitive point nicely done in my eyes on her. Out of Owensboro Kentucky. He's averaging four point two game gets about it they're speculators a lovely three behind or it's off the mark it rebounded by the pumps. Anderson raced on before the rebounds as Elaine any slump by Russell Smith kind of hints yet. The official blows the whistle for that. If all goes adherence. And Russell Smith. This will work on us. I'll style that's not surgeon down pass into the basket in another foul. Against the grizzlies. That's what might want it anymore. Though this month. Yet decisions on war his purchase. Warrants first. Russell Smith and foul moments ago as 1000 well yet because he's already with five teams Phelps Dodge City would only want. Not suitable and downs or write in their own basket to get again at the last moment this is hot Santa I thought it was Anderson. Defensively I'm warned that receives the fortitude to lead 1537 to go under Israel's against those yeah chop blocked out of bounds while this guy. When that's the third. I'll listen to block their get real she tried. Out of bounds he had gone now. The shot clock. Mrs. Hodges crossover dribbles Beardsley has goes inside to Davis no look passes that Israel's turnarounds were baking cookies no big rebound by the grizzlies. Your mama grizzlies front worker's pocket. 5014 to go to prison for the 42 liter side city block that takes over the left wing. Looks at pass download those profit off about six balls. Schwarzenegger. Grizzlies. With a 62 leaving no actual pressure now goes against the grizzlies. 1457. Days ago Celtics and no need for Butler here I'd seen him. Genuineness and 97 and thirteen 36. That's at two fouls on Russell Smith so he's gonna spend some time on the bench. For the grizzlies. Received bringing each one are urged to take over or Russell Smith. It's to lead the grizzlies 1451. Of the players from the standpoint of the city. There's a right corner entry by Anderson atop the market rebounded by three meals on the weak side works and backup topped. Those reset the this was right side news podcast link goes to her people apply border not actually done. Sunburned even two buckets he's got four. The company received cold front court loosely that cornered Ibaka picks shot drives that plays like that are rightly victory and a wave by Armstrong is an air ball goes out of about. On the season 38% from beyond the arc in these shoots an air ball there. You'll have to poorly for the grizzlies. This was backcourt pressure and that is. It nearly so the ball away. Just always went out of bounds you're gonna blow a whistle against he won hearts in the arched foot. Under Davis. It. Davis whose job to save the ball along authorities wanted to throw a pass that was behind nearly out of bounds and they get art sprayed pushing back home. The grizzlies already was seventeen fouls in Dodge City with a one that's the point right now that Bryant Miller is point out to the officials are looking at the school where he stayed. You see this evidence you see the one we got seventy got one. This will be a one and one now 400 Davis Davis media succeed somewhat of Bloomington in the and a free throw it rips out rebounded by Justin privileges have been about it. There's these millions of supporters got city fourteen tend to go through that front leveling more as a top incredible. They'll be heard about bodies off a high screen pops out his right side and call for imperial. And I just we talk to. The coach Miller. This street is so this afternoon loves brutal. But since some time out of control and that's the result of turnovers you had six turnovers the other night. His fourteen points and seven rebounds in terms of all over there on security over. And officials are trying to separate brutal. And a Murphy and farsighted in her hand slapping each other. Front court this point it's up one finger for the play call. Virtues and often were behind her to to run the league hitters in talk about history tells us all the wars in the lane and he traveled. Santo the scientists they want to globalism that's that you travel. Thirteen 46 ago. Here's the student activity center got selected at what is on in assess. It Saturday afternoon. College football as well that's right corner of the pocket pulled up baseline jumpers off the mark the amount of interest. Had a good look Deer Park could get it down back getaway to want one for ills but it lit up and it's my apologies. I was real solutions 67 freshmen and and the other way we don't foul call against John city. Shot at him by people on our hurts. Thirteen 25 to go here right. Here 66. You want arts. You know the Milwaukee Wisconsin Hamilton heights wolf ten point three points per game average for the freshmen. Yeah Disney's free throw aways do at all it is real it free throw shooter. And it hurts is the date arch in his last two games only two will be shooting from the floor for six points and gave him heated up your today. Arctic nineteen points in game three teams we missed the second free throws in its history. Seven to six grizzlies here. With thirteen nineteen to go and he'll be happier this activity Center City. It's easy to get or basketball that's does that double the real victim drops doctors shot blocked and Davis when they shot Israel's gets a rebound those backups on the back for no good but a foul. Not sure that's an original watch it may have been offered solid shot by 300 Davis. It was a big guy 68. Regards cities under the rim without strong but it was blocked but Israel's got the a blocked shot put it back that missed the maker of the free throw. Reels. Five of the fourteen from the free throw line this year subject him 67235. Pound freshman Evansville Indiana. Target coach Steve Tucker charges via homes program missed the second free throw grizzlies at that 76 lead with thirteen or two ago. Her country in the front court guys who have left wing for a court to arts. Aren't stupid don't look at that time of it puts on the floor mentors big plays an up and yeah. Boy you'd want it aren't just blew past and Sean Murphy. And he lays it up and hit it draws the foul. That's the duty and arts and aren't going to come ons work it's about grizzlies were a lot of it also turns it already know the rest of the vendors. And there's easily now is nine to six free throw coming up for alerts and it is good. Completes. And via three point play that he's one origin grizzlies leads him to sixth. 1251 note here. He's an awesome forehand. Authority is all these local. Get out of Dodge City. Italy two players. Justice that suggested Dixon. Right yeah. Applied for the bears since it for the grizzlies. Gloria is right he'll ultimately. It was no good rebound pulled out my office. And they'll pass of course go to court I pitched it past the according according goes up for a shot was blocked efforts on one break. It hurts our commitment. On the forty. Floor quickly off the. Shot by guards sitting turn. Tournament turn over growth. Hodges will inbounds for the content of their own basket to our right. Analysts all of our arts masters or a little little backed largely frozen lakes and evidence yet of Kevin. Triple minorities. Results you know let it out timeout called by that first year coach Steve Tucker that pops up. The Soviet 32 time about 1215. Day ago the grizzlies are leading twelve to six here and Dodge City. That was arts. Who stole the inbounds pass right underneath the Dodge City ask you this quick outlet pass went to thwarted. Pretty. Little people on the right wing front court gave it back yards and later. But it made here from the two players. The prisoners will be home on Wednesday night maker plans to join us at our planet win tonight hello Hutchinson blue dragons. Should have a good crowd there that night I want to pick up tickets in advance you can do that at the athletic office at Butler community college Monday and Tuesday. We'll also be given always tickets on in his chest on Monday. And Tuesday morning solicited. Stevens at 9713. 30 kids assessment Tuesday morning for that matter who's in every morning. The front courts it's as though talking very closely and I threw his right. Authorities where he gets it right they'll go to. Howard Howard tries Tulane puts up the shots it's no good rebounded by confidently. It obviously rebounds this little front court has those aren't reverse layup is no good kind of rebound little passage. Now on the left when it. Crennel has the right side area news. It's fast losing sight out of pocket on play basketball shot in the bottom of the bat toward Iran. I sit in front court Rogers tries plane hit the ball stripped away a little late whistle. Yeah and a Bryant Miller candidly to call the Fowler looks like he just lost to get on the ball is not the way they call foul. Against the grizzlies grizzlies have 918. Fouls three aunts and we have eleven point nine egos on the percent. It's been about the ludicrous is this your a lot of fouls by the grizzlies. Free throw on the way the Hodges is off the. Hodges not enough data team high sixteen point performance your way today. Two point loss to Garden City. Massages. Lima Ohio the free throw a no good citizens well I usually just six. That's exactly you know our little hiccup defensively. I thought of all past players sidelined. Thought about with a double dribbled through it gets it right cornered griddle. Bigger part of seven very. Aside our experts picked up my picture. Arts and I instantly jump has the right corner typical. Pull up jumper in the wake god for. I crippled its first points. That. Fourteen essentially drive home in the basket and fortunately shots no good that was markets but greatly. Shot was blocks in out of bounds so another block for the grizzlies. And 52 beloved media timeout coming up here and I knew. Prison's latest here and Dodge City fourteen to six consulate. Get to play great drives look baseline who blocked off here by a terrorist rocket. Let's talk shows this justice gets it this past right side yeah this article posted by criminals who is truly pathetic well. There's been cradling my heart. Riddle that's an easy alcohol. Could always try do an art across the the lady. Anticipating a pass and ran right into the grid. Marcus. Parties McRae bigger part six war supplemental widgets are averaging nine point two game. He's on the line here for two shots are rated double bonus. Record in the way is good. Crazy 75%. Free throw shooter on the season. And recruit coming up. In 36 ago here in Dodge City and it's free throw is no businesses want it to him. Essentially it's fourteenth to seventh. That'll walk across time right now where we're speaking right corner wide variation of that rebound. Power. Power hogs the ball is not bound by our house. Want to go to here in the opening half the student and Isaiah aren't sitting at night there's included fourteen to seven lead. There's in doubt past affluent go yeah right. I don't need a full court pressure for vacation right where there's a doubles Anderson wide open three rightly got when he was. All along he said really don't take. 22 point 7% from beyond the arc in Cuba very badly. Restored points that don't hit in the front court and pocket and looked like it almost turned over anyway it was a bails them out of the foul called it's not sitting. I think Dodge City looked at to fill the other night when independence would soon Madonna's. A trapped in the front court against the grizzlies resulted in a lot of turnovers procedure at 21 turnovers and edited and is indeed. This is going down and not shooting foul. That's his right side front court have a nice security guards and I pray tell us a copy brutal brutal run. I've talked to very base at three. At three not a good position here by the grizzlies. In Bryant Miller wants to call time out. No he doesn't get it took its time out of one minute timeout media timeouts we'll set went one that would 94 days ago. The grizzlies hot topic these guitars fourteen Cameron got city. More like in a sense. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly of Jerry chocolate milk isn't natural source of high quality protein build muscle but is god vitamins and it's. 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Pumpkin pie crust and all talk with a hole whipped cream and sprinkle cinnamon. Only Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers it takes. In six locations in Wichita wanted Durbin on right now elderly and you know I have central. Freddy's frozen custard so it's hard drugs nights ago the media timeout in power under the bask in his past not the way. To the Butler bench last touched by the grizzlies. 933 to go here in the opening half the student activities and a dot sitting. It's easily in the countries that are fourteen to ten. The inbound the ball in the regular. Right baseline he works its archenemy. Great lyrics that wistful look. Well traveled. Municipal officials to turn over for a he would not city councilors. Thoughts of the full court pressure as the pit box about it we're trying to forestall. Concept or those who gets to those it place enough. So layup. Testified as far as people on the left. 129 minutes of play. There's an awful eyes and mouth about things the right way it's not the hearts and then on the shot clock. 67 shots on that topic. Don't hoist up a long story gets off the further and no good what it could not get penetration mayor. And it won't remember my Dodge City. On the front court picks as a wanna along the critical. Topped it. Accurately puts the banker of the event. I Dodge City has tied the game 1414. There's. Good work pressure gonna double team block the lawsuit won't get it back for. Way back to back turnovers by walkabout double teams here's fix it right wing freak. Bryant Miller says it's time now. All of a sudden the full court pressure lite Dodge City. Really. And founded a group. Please. So it fits in its debt three it's 123. This year 126 tips. And it city. We're not sitting here where they tend to go. We're trying to today that as a Dodge City had the lead seventeen. Because in front. There is so Williams. Who was not on the roster that was. That bucket the last bucket report that three by Dixon. And it's the bucket. His first points of the after he also had a rebound off. I grizzlies Smith. Intend to go here at the student activity center Dodge City today to let us on 97. Thirteen thirty can't assess. Grizzlies needed that time not just relentless you know. Yes. Again Dodge City will have seats full court press neighboring cured Armstrong back in the prisons do. Receives them Ritalin Armstrong along with Barry in our house. Ian bell offered I'll. Keep in mind that it deters. Pocket play with a out of the loop he's really struggling inbound pass goes to critical liberation front court. Did stop it now off the outlook been allayed his past the left side colonel. That shot clock pretty. I'll ice it buffet style mix it up one advancements Armstrong workarounds. This is out of trouble penetrating passes were on the perimeter and looked up. Armstrong back up to cradle of the screen pop it out through August Archie tries to basket is bank shot was altered. Good outrebounded by Williams and a foul is atop the dial. My Miller hi. Reid was just brutal right now. Sound to penetrate the dribble. On the floor sloppiness fluid Pringles potato chips for a look on yesterday's. 74040. Go. Remember double bonus and also Williams. Want a free throw line here for two shots free throw it's no good. Here is Williams. Has two points on the afternoon. This is down 1714. It'll come to the bench. Receives if he ran into little music for the first time he just said that second free throws good bye week. News. He's got through that procedure down to fourteen. Or artistic and right away. It's terrible news Armstrong on top circles bronzes move. Four in the world record for they've been grizzlies past the news right side arts I expect it. Again ten seconds on the shot clock Armstrong left me tries to basket that took the runner got it nicely done. But again it has struggled for that shot here and Armstrong has. It's not only that he's 1860. After the lawyers and surprise definitely puts up a fluttered open rebounded by quirk. And good luck dinners out front guy wore on probably by Anderson and we'll listen. It goes against. Anderson. Theaters and exit these doors only their fifteenth now. Residual income off and on shooting foul. 702 bigger deal in half the guys that score gets how are. Yeah guarded closely by Dixon and Armstrong drives right it's like cut out there right next good defense that's upsides to sort. Burton drives Italy's. Shot another gonna call. Offensive foul. Made of it looks like the officials to officials sent to separate calls. The other column offensive foul against Thornton apparently. Intercity pushed off the left pharmacy was driving the ball to link. Not a call in Sudan offered. Lewis 1816. God city leading here in Dodge City. Boy associated does gets into the grade. McCrery bill as well before back them defensively across the timeline. At 630 and go home right wing. It works you experienced these events off screen presence outside the Dixon backhand is rightly three and away got. In residency to three visits are down 2116. Here comes Armstrong oh it's definitely drops doctors are to pull it left baseline jumper and a good work gets a rebound put it back. Back up but it nice move by poor. Laurie Jordan Chicago Illinois for tonight technically Dixon. It took a play that great shot was blocked by Brett let him. They're on the president's. A war are intentionally put some water sources. Nicely done. Let him fight picks up. Right now let's go live and swore by our house one Bruins won I accidentally hit 540s that go fast moving up here with us. It might work double team stolen by Kevin Barry stripped away Barry brings all the front court rightly it Armstrong. It's rightly very long radiates off them more partly we'll I would. Put up today. Running that's probably the way it goes up for a shot blocked like Yemen last. Succeed the president only. Ask for the grizzlies. He missed the entire game on Wednesday night at home its independence with the flu. Still looks like he's a little bit leaked out there he's tough and profit. My twenties could go. Obviously you had them at their best points and shot clock that was used inside my great great works its work. It always been stay away jumper got it while one shot. On March he's braves first bucket for the base got three points Armstrong double team front were also making tough. I was touched by god. Really be bothered by the trap it or others in the vault last replied Armstrong who eternal. She's turned the ball it went nice it really mr. himself defensively and full court pressure. The top. Or hot. List. Anderson back on who's talking it up yours yours along the way short of the front irons long rebound. Goes to work on right now. And it is very almost brutally right right corner workers as the site Armstrong and banks and stores. How about that Karen Armstrong. All 52 of them. He got a pass like it was a 740 was. Under the basket. Good opportunity. Kind of pivot basket naked and he's fouled. Armstrong is six with a chance at a three point play here. But Dutch city with a 2322. Lead for 49 to go in the opening half your Dodge City. There's one billion Tearrius pocket. It stopped and played free throw. Actually three point play a picture of Armstrong and here it's 23 to 43. Kennedy Center here and I've sitting it anyway this grisly stretch them before you what's been done it's it's off. The growth. Up now. In his pocket. We're Davis practiced with a plus lots. Might wrap but he committed about it on the it. Boxer in the first ten. Free throw line is hunter Davis. Davis Oprah wants no wind today and yet he swore. But Davis succeed suffer a Bloomington Indiana. He's averaging nine point two points a game over seven rebounds. These are on the way it is no good. Boy Hudson's not to shouldn't free throws well in the first half. We are tied 2323. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon your Dodge City. What thirty weeks ago the opening half this rhetorically is nobody missed them both colonels last for the rebound. My game and addressed the chance to retake the lead please and there are. Wrote black uniforms. Silver lettering the new rules in the purple. On city home whites yellows. Armstrong and it's downright brutal brutal Massa topped Armstrong makes it three and drives the lane scooping layup buffet anyway. Aren't gonna just took his defender in the bucket sports and I was terrified when it really Hodges surprises. The plane props up the Howard in the lane and Howard hit the Wall Street but they fouled in the process. Will clearly go there. Brian Miller business intelligence it's on its did you know frustration. 2523. Lead the prison's prison right now have Armstrong on the floor along with pitcher has blocked him. If he Bratton just incredible the end of the word free throw. Howard's first points of the afternoon he's averaging forty points a game. Flat Tucker Jeffrey thrown. We're tied at 4512. Right that perhaps it goes Bachmann tries to right work ethics. Chrysler yeah slaughtered good politics are. When battles that rebound off. There if you. Hold chip optimist might work. Work when there is definitely wrong but it floaters off the back. It's. Backward hit that stolen by the grizzlies heartthrob has it right corner equivalent. Just print studio gets three. Find out how it might not suit. Its appeal full time out. And with 340 to go here in the opening. They Kevin Willis on 9713. Thirty in his. Post game show. Marines and player of the you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines got car. News.com. A lot of great sponsors. Boehner athletics on the radio. Anytime thirteen years now we've. Broadcasting. Get it done without the great sponsors. Highland area. US Marines the few the proud the Marines in vintage bank chances moving through the future would view. Tennis against courtside here student activity center Dodge City and Jim slacker student coordinator. Reported a goat and nobody else. It's worth a battle for the grizzlies. And battling its defense of pleasure this afternoon Dodge City. There seems really. Themselves hitters when there. Nightline carpet that right quarters Davis threw it away god. Send lyrics to. It was a two. Davis. And stuff are guys that city. I'm just inside your two point is that these twenty point seven recently ago. That's right side and Armstrong Armstrong pitch shot into the basket that's now Horton left corner three sonic out back Beckham Ari. Within three he's now. And we don't want to see. Tendencies and here today. Handful of minutes for the we're gonna Chicago Illinois. Hodges I just picked up and walked up eleven on the shot clock he backs off the now here's a left wing sprint away by Anderson noted re now pulled down by Bragman great position against Davis both fixate. What more left wingers. Armstrong buries a three hits per decade as easily as 3427. Backcourt pressure all stolen micro. You know Armstrong dropped out of work. What how about that sequence they're for the grizzlies. Three by Armstrong Dave smelled him now. Pass a layup by authorities who are on the line. Point play. To sentence and they go. Senior emergency here this afternoon devote Samari Thorne who's got seven. Incidents three point play here with a free throw. There's these these 3627. Quick spurt there for the grizzlies rhetorical way is good play by Ford. Works daddy grizzlies lead is 37. And 27. Receives it was full court pressure. Dixon line up the floor for the hawks always easily drops off in a layup for Davis. They broke the pressure that it's no one wanted Davis gets easy lay up past the front court nearly sold my business because the block them block the trick for free throw. But if foul called against McRae. Pocket we have the floor but he stumbled lose you lose Paul never recovered. 181000 now for Dodge City grizzlies snapped again. So this will be a 11 provocative. We to a street ago. Prisons have been battling flu bug flew blood nuggets guard duty. Locker room for the grizzlies. Pockets still as the flu he had given night he scored 24 home it's in the present always good all net. Pocket with three points today. He's at 90%. From the free Carolina 25 and he was another free throw coming out there that carriers block them out of Dallas Texas Madison high school free throw good all still falls he's got for the grizzlies lead just 3929. Minutes ago ability. There's a great rightly three wide open it's off the mark definitely got pulled down by him. Parade gets. Put back he misses the real active Wear guns aren't the alleged front court laughter. Blocked by David. That's not the more pitched well there had been. Pulled out right wing test goes in the Davis Davis has fouled Adelaide. Davis down on the baseline on the floor he may have been poked in the iron to face. Davis wincing in pain on the floor. May have inadvertently hit by work and she was trying to take it to the rim. Went 39 to go have a time out here for the entry. Receives on top but he can he's good or is 3929. Well this is a big day for college football obviously championships Saturday vision one. Also some junior college whole defense team played today we have a final. As the Garden City blockbusters went down do like Texas to play it hard to text bold. Congress cold and you lose to a trinity valley the cardinals. My final score of 48 to 41. Garden city's season ends with a bowl game losses to. The heart of Texas school. Valley thirty to 41 trinity was fourth in the nation coming in Garden City twelve. Last report Hutchinson hosting that eastern Arizona. In the assault city gold reserves played you know last year. Easterners and a leading 34 point started at third quarter and free throws no good by Davis and Davis. Isn't old for a war for online today for the congress over four. Went thirty night ago. Tomorrow afternoon enough money enough Oklahoma in the media. Inaugural. It was classic videos hosting independence that we'll. Five no line for hunter Davis for that pumps recedes into it ten point lead 3829. And that final minute after the first. Happier. You've got city. Pocket as you rightly point weren't being marketed high powered. Past those left side you. It's a high screen from Brent drives the baseline it's that'll. That's what quality. Right baseline kicked out of bounds and I McCray got city actually. By Murphy's hit out of bounds. With one sentence of one hit the shot clock went fourteen to go receives event. Iowa as a top arms. Hartsfield had trouble one dribbled gives it out of my pocket full of chocolate top of the key. And look at. Shot clock winding down here and fitness accidentally took a banker's worst. And be back in Latin that line as of the floor. Davis gets the puck races it is 4131 final minute clock basically lovely three dribbles it that's right side to. Armstrong right goes artists. Forty seconds to go for it on the shot clock first answers from our eyes and my -- Please let it works exit as ours parts nationally out of control it was way past on the floor. Was it Davis because in euros this yeah that's been shot. It close but only with sort of foul knows it's grizzlies. Give her coach Miller look at its each one art's going why why. Arts and come over and get blasted by his coach right in front of us here. 26 points after six weeks ago. Exe coach Miller's pretty reserved right now he's talking doing eat one news about eating away from. Preacher on the waves good Davis finally said it's got seven points. Seven points for Governor Davis. Via these two hours. Receives he's just 4130 soon. That was a very careless nationally by hours right. Frequently by Davis is good thanks both. There's these leaders 4133. Years that's full court pressure didn't. Last as the prime time live for us record gives it to Armstrong deepen. Fox fox can be guarded us by. And pray it was sort of foul talking total. What you buries our news you can seats this week's rain. In the flu bug all week long but still sick. Puppies out you're giving salt. So 119 fouls now on Dodge City. Bonus for pocket. For Toronto it is. He's three for three days I thought that it. Second scenario. If any. It. Now. Working seconds ago grizzlies lead is 4233 next free throw away is good mix of both. So I couldn't. Yeah with ten point lead. Finally sent supposed to have it as well as top passcodes left Warner's victory and the way I Murphy got. One sack. Hi Sean Murphy was left wide open for Retief let's play 38 carries it with 12 ago the first half ends. At the end of twenty minutes the first method near Dodge City Butler at least they think he's good hours 4336. Halftime shows coming up next. Did you think Kansas is a community bank our roots are in Kansas we built our business on a philosophy that's deeper than customer service it's about getting to know our clients understanding their business anticipating their banking needs and recognizing people as individuals and our neighbors it's a philosophy that we've held dear for over 100 years vintage pink Kansas community banking and insurance agencies member FDIC. We're moving through the future with you learn more advantaged eight KS dot com. Welcome back to Freddy's and he'll be here at our pumpkin pie concrete fact sure dead real. Every cup crest at all. To welcome back I creeks police coming right up at Freddie you'll always find that magical combination of families and and president testing and preparing credible competent high concrete pricing dreamy president has stated Clinton in a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie sterling testing and steak burgers this case that brings you back. Penn heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and handover to better serve full accounting. And were always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort. Is our business George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here I'm KMS. I'm Cindy. And the other Brazilians through twenty minutes are related to diet city into the origin chaos conference action. By a score 43 to 36. At the last second three via hi Sean Murphy. Fort Dodge City pulling them through within. What does that they seven point deficit and had been. As much success and jointly for the grizzlies we'll have first up numbers coming at her in a moment. Wanna remind you grizzlies will be home on Wednesday night me here. Has to join its how. Power plant don't read on the campus. About a community college is the grizzlies. In the classic rivalry with the Hutchinson blue. Lou dragons and the lady grizzlies will step off at 530 then we'll go 730. We'll have a radio broadcast right here. Game 7 PM thirteen thirty pit assess. The pregame show starting at seven. Fifteenth this went tonight again maker plans to join us great history tradition. Longtime rivalry only back to 1927. Butler can't touch this Wednesday night in the elderly self. Know our preliminary game today the lady grizzlies. Have just a fourth. But in the end up blowing out the lady. These two doors 75. To fifty fours so congratulations to Mike Helmer and Abby possibly coaching staff crazy. Only a four point lead at halftime but they're gonna win it 75 to 54. And I tell you what folks. Come on out and check out the league grizzlies. You wanna see Erica Mattingly. She is a heck of a ball player the grizzlies the sophomore from Wichita south high school. She transferred from division once ruled on in Texas last year in Texas southern if I'm not mistaken. But today Erica and candidly today had. 22 points out she had six steals eight assists. And a they have creditor was only three rebounds so much yet more than habits that 22 points which was a team high for Erica Mattingly. Via lady grizzlies anyway that one going. We've final score 75. To 64. Coming up our post game show we'll have our US Marines. Player of the game. Sponsors media broadcast here the US Marines if you think you have it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com. It's 4336. They drive out here be back with a look at the stats right up to us. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly Gary chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build. My son vitamins and it's. Actually electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good learn more at highland area dot com. This blast at this man. It. Your next oil change change the life of your vehicle forever and if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Three G performance oil changed he comes with a lifetime both engines and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it trying to sharpen your neighborhood and BG's findings shop dot com. That's VG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. And the other great Americans join me. I'm hearing dark city where the Butler grizzlies hitting her mission related cookies good or it's 4336. Let's check out via first half stats. First for the other grizzlies. The grizzlies. This will be very pleasing to a coach Bryant Miller shooting 48 point 5% from the floor. They made sixteen of 33 shots three of nine from beyond the arc for 33 point 3%. It really could shoot the free throw line here eight of nine and his eighty point 9% so overall. The grizzlies shoot the ball very well here it is today activities there is a new film the facility here on the campus of the Dodge City community college the second. They've at this facility opening boys nice with a view to get facility like this on the campus at public. Acknowledge. That that against the power plant folks to what this is a beautiful facility. That's NFC probably. Maybe 2000 people but it says it was initially the funding came from the state or not mistaken for a tornado. Evacuation. In this room that was how they got this built. But just a beautiful facility great be here this game here this afternoon but. The grizzlies individually they're being led by Jared Armstrong Armstrong as twelve points. On five and seven shooting 123 point range wanna want from via free throw line. In the next and Chris he's got three players with eight. E'Twaun arts from Mari your confidence via freshman from Chicago to work and also could Jerry's box him pocket this being buried rate today it really wiped out by the flew into the it is vest pocket Scotty points on two of six shooting old want to record range. For four from the line. The one yards off the bench three of six shooting in 23 from the free throw line. Into Samari were three of four shooting what I want from beyond the art 11011. Frontline for eight point. It also for the grizzlies five points for just in critical. It'll also with four rebounds. Girls tied for the team lead rebounds along with the shot off the dial the grizzlies have a officially seven. Blocked shots. Seven blocked shots. For those files off the dial in the first half one by Bratton. Is that one by Anthony Adams and also won by Terry's pocket so officially. Seven blocked shots for the receipt for the first half grizzly that charged with nine turnovers. For the accuracy is also showing off but I was good to point out one of two shooting. Then that rounds out scored four Butler. Quickly regards city there's thirteen of 35 from the floor that's 37 point 1%. They're four out of ten from three point range 40%. About dismembered there's six of seventy from the free throw line only six. Of seventy so that left eleven points on the table there at the free throw line. Just 35 point 3%. For charity stripe fort Dodge City. Not city had eight turnovers. And they are out rebounded the grizzlies 2421. Through the first twenty minutes leading the way for the they're comps in scoring. It is turner Davis Davis was eight points even with Davis to a seven from the free throw line. I'm next in line is so high John Murphy at Bentley three he's got seven. And five points for justice fix confidence. Free points for Lazarus Williams. In six points for RJ Anderson on two of five. Shooting from three point range to execute overall. Two points for Kevin Howard off the bench viewpoints which Irish reels are big man and again eight point 300 Davis will be the way. War is not city cookies Stewart that's a look at the first half steps we're back with more from Dodge City right after this. Welcome back to Freddy's and did you hear that our pumpkin pie concrete did fracture or dead real. Every crest at all. To come compact Greeks please come and right at at Freddy's you'll always find that magical combination of families and and president testing and preparing credible pumped in high concrete pricing dreamy president has very splendid a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spending testing and state borders the taste that brings you back. It's. Still flex its struggle. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement our content. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries the promise but the Marines. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today Don again. Double teams back I don't know. War period Dodge City witnessed and activities center on the campus of Dodd's. City community college ridiculous again want to remind you some football scores rounded junior college football games starting this weekend. Had a Garden City at 11 o'clock o'clock this morning D'Amico was scolded taxes. They fall to a tree be valid cardinals are really good program for fidelity the Garden City forty them. 41. What you got out there taxes. In that lasts for a week and thoughts hosting eastern Arizona in the assault city bowl in Hutchinson. That's were behind an escort started third quarter to 34. To 20 eastern yours or related member of the grizzlies played last year. This whole city boulder cuts in lost. 39 to 38 eastern Arizona beer. Really frustrating loss you two late touchdowns and two point conversion. Less than a minute ago that it wouldn't for. These little monsters. And it tomorrow in my Amma Oklahoma. Double in the prisons not sure that the plane did but it worked out that place is northeast Oklahoma it is it is hosting the independence pirates of the good match up there. That's at 2 o'clock kickoff tomorrow that is via inaugural. Midwest lol classic. Video hosting in the that is the national championship game tomorrow is in Biloxi Mississippi. Is number one east Mississippi is hosting number two. Arizona western. This season Cuba noted panacea for all beat him three. It is now. Like global this year. Now halftime here receives. Currently accounts 4336. And you wanna remind your next game coming up on Wednesday night. Butler and should be enough said that sells it to its the women tipoff at 530 minutes 730 weather broadcast here on in assess. At 715. Is Steve Beck brings his national championship team that Hutchinson look dragons and a power play. Pick up tickets and it and it should be very proud they're forcing everybody. You raucous atmosphere of our. Wednesday night and it grizzlies final game before the Christmas break it's a lengthy break nearly a month. Will be playing at home. One week from today it's a night game against the cloud. He thunderbirds. And get you fired 3730. Start time for the men in women so. After that game on Saturday night one week from today via via conference breaks for nearly a month prison will be back in action until January 3. When Nolan start the second half this season with a road game and crap like won't via Ebert donor graft. All the other JR conference games or later today and tonight. 4 o'clock start was Seward county built 4 o'clock start for a Cali and Allen 6 o'clock partnered independence. At 8 o'clock start from scratch if you don't show Hutchinson a Garden City. And plowed it cold truth. Which you mentioned the lady grizzlies with a nicely in the preliminary game here today. Coaches. Like numbers lady grizzlies get it done 75. To 54. Through season ticket out for this road game in general black uniforms. And aren't sitting home whites. And now before we start second. Reminded secondhand. Freddy's celebration return their fall classic. Wreckage pump it by concrete flashed in previous frozen custard. Went through the whole slice of Rick pumpkin pie crust of all topped with whipped cream sprinkled was sentiment. The only Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers taste that brings you back. Was six Wichita area locations one derby. And went right you're an elder radio ready to go 9 west central stop my Freddy's frozen cut Tuesday murderer's row until then. PM nightly. Here we go. First twenty minutes of Bosnia flock here there's starting five will be equal on ours. Aren't off the dial. Curious clocked him cured Armstrong. Also what Russell Smith Smith had to sit most of the first half because to really fouled us. This is being led by Karen Armstrong with twelve points. Right now kind of you are right he's a couple steps. On the floor. Showing Russell Smith. How to block out. A little indeed pose this you know you're ago. He's in down there and moving from left to right exactly yeah. Bombs right senator Russell Smith. Aside art experts that he points for example the its top Armstrong picked up my Dixon between the circles of the iceberg Bob but now he's slightly. This statement. Now back. And I pitched that breaks down a more hey he's gonna let us know. Now my hearts. And grizzlies are upset because the always kept by justice takes. Quality to accidentally. Hit it and edited not blow the whistle. And officials missed that one. That was inaccurate call. It's so now is asking coach Miller's it was a kid goes militias what do you think. Free throw it away by just sticks it out the front grip back awarded. You don't get the calls. It. Addiction with via free throw eggs at six point 5% and it's free throws good and it was a two shot foul shooting found the breakaway layup. Cups aren't. Yeah that's right size nightly news snippets MySpace gives our mixed outlook arts arts. Sometimes it is circles Armstrong did something that you didn't screen there's a wide open three top of the T by aren't. Long pass down the floor by Dodge City and lose battleground states. Got a breakaway layup off that beautiful half court pass off the long rebound by Johnston sticks. Murphy spent you know edit them Aussie open ball out of bounds it's news recently. Court pressure Smith says that people right sides. Please two points. For them. It right sworn basement pocket change maker note. Well off and I'll just sky above everybody else Santa Cruz got the that is the way past the real easy shot blocked by now but I'll let it fall off but I'll for a foul that's his fifth walk. Won't tell you want to because of foul included. Right Miller's not gonna let go to kick ball and trying to explain another official. How did that set it won't buy Dixon frequently by the real his good. Keep in mind Dodge City was six of seventeen from the line. In the first half and free throw line. We throw his good natured 4539. Other free throw for free meals. It's nice touch for the big daddy gets a vote. Warren in afternoon as he sleeps 4540. Isn't as much a ten point lead in the first half. It gives you rights iTunes bit that's being guarded. I had a great pass was right corner of the Armstrong's doubles together. Those two pocket and pass it inside Smith's asked Elaine a listen up now. Rusty Smith was trying to do you have a pass the lid off and I. Prisons right now RC knows shootings and other officials are talking about it and it's idiotic policy talent on what exactly will. One official would say not so sure that this is an end shooting. Only count that count I didn't see the ball well. So off the dial. Makes the pocket underneath the basket in the fouled on. My view is blocked by coach Miller's statement from Colonia scorers table. Apparently that all when he is on the way out and others know this is a chance every. At six points or and grizzlies lead 47 Puerto. Second and consider what your activities and Dodge City which brutally. Heard he's gotten. Nine points three slowed personally at all not at war. Gorgeous Armstrong and thousands on the floor in the struggle for the ball I'm from Natalie. It is tied up in arms I was trying to colts right now. Strong was Natalie that loose ball on the floor and apparently that receives on its timeout called by Armstrong. Right and it weren't. The grizzlies. Bothered by the after the full court press which turns into it trapped in the front work. And here aspect near mid court was right down by Armstrong that he was trying to hold on Lucent's Lori battles were called time out there. 1750. This is trying to snap a four game losing streak arts instruction whenever. What it receives related. The flooding. Last place in the NJR. Yeah. And also children and 15. 47. Of 42 grizzlies leading. Prisons now. In down from the far side and front court. Fox gets it and Armstrong out front works. Mr. Dixon has the right side arch urged him to throw it against him. Now Armstrong has six chuck Armstrong. Will reach that size now. What just outside the arc and national front porch used to powered. And out none of them rebound often now's got it. Andy's trying to. And a Murphy says the right to call a foul was reached. 7021. To go with a three moments ago shot clock winding down. Armstrong has got fifteen points leader grizzlies second three today. Here it's this. Maybe college work late last year I. Undersized. Defense about it it's like tightening. He occupies it backs up consequently any god. That's not eleven vigorously biggest victory yeah. Vigorously. It's doubtful. For lovely packet. Yeah our victory prices mask yeah. He suffered shock and that was one down us. Bryant Miller on an additional floors like Howard Hughes I don't think about her and she responded green yeah at all. They see that may not sit in them their own basket in the right this is pitching and it's very. Yeah we'll talk realistic accident puts up a thankless work forty. It's grim news body trauma. He's got six. Now the priciest turn it over run he would outline. But not sure how but he turned it over. Yeah. Costly to your belt play about it grizzlies and 5341. Grizzlies leading. A basket and yeah shot this program. I'm afraid it's now by art art's statement Clinton get position. Inside position of the rim to be down there house. Arts and reluctantly I did not finish and is right Korea. 1636. Ago. We're sitting right down here in the interest expense you figure the coaching staff Bryant Miller decked out in boats assistant. These runaways op program. He's got four points early afternoon he's sue a three from the line and every throw coming up and in Wichita. Rhetorically is no good. 340 OK city. Armstrong walked past the site want to rock and at 2 o'clock o'clock this yeah. The site offers cards and off topic he hit Smith looked. No good battle that we. Inside position often out passed laws on the floor McCray in the lane. Travel and privilege it is coach yeah tough races likes. I yells back at them like it's shuffle your feet yeah. This is if you look at the full court pressure most yet. Big shadow the whole way up fight just distance. The basket shot up. But he draws a foul. And as for the stronger performances we've seen cured Armstrong and it has been a couple of times after games right coach. Pillars told us I need more to your Armstrong he's getting today. Armstrong is now at fifteen to lead the grizzlies. Try to distance shots here 5050. To go. Pocket with that coach Miller to brief answers that we just need to win desperately needed. It's kind of feel good about ourselves free throws got that off and no good for free throw by Armstrong. Armstrong one of two blinded and it. Your Armstrong out of Philadelphia PA the 345 grizzlies leading here at Dodge City have for growth. Armstrong been just needs students of all the scenes looks at the rim free throw the way it is really good rolled slowly. An entire river and go through Scott's sixty. Principally fifty. Tiger cubs didn't wind up. Or drops off the real soon. Once they get past the full report presents one wants a layup. In Oakland Hills does that eight of the nicest despite its. Your guns aren't strong front court crossover dribble that those aren't them. Art says that we thought about a three jump past the right side is definitely expect art plot to the left wing three it's no good. Most of my heart but let's not miss and it just opened up about one block was slightly in parts whispers deal. I'd Murphy's law department credit card. So the grizzlies hustle play by. In the pool that their own basket. 6 o'clock rim he missed a put back. And then often I was trying to tip the that it couldn't get it to fall. Resumes in about Israel's back to the ball dribbling down on the baseline or right into the basket grizzlies past as a top network to box him. This support is just. Rightly criticized as. It's him. Nothing goes to pocket back to cradle to cradle it's just that rightly o'clock. Pockets. Triple a three under way. One rebound after work right now quiet war. The worst fast elusive little Italy to block them block. It's now. Thought city Friday Trout and sort of guy that. I was fouled in the it seems sampling. Please write to congress. But they're gonna get a flu shots in the speech. Tonight he felt risen about their. You wanna left Winger Dennis Russell Smith Smith yeah. In circles physically brutal. Little sign that prevent the listener whose side is that it was a thankless hours. And hopelessness and top out at piper. Brussels that was his first points of the Vietnamese and it's idiots in the first yeah this is 5647. Back. His team's defense. Work already six we have talked circles or just thoughts on Dixon's yet. Ask the right side interests. That's not the knicks basically puts on the floor eggs which a runner no good but small rebound picked up by fixing it goes back got shot up evidence found. What this guy gets it. Justice Dicks about it Evansville Indiana and 11165. Pound energy. Got its own miss under the ram among all the tall timbers. Or. Two free throws here for a justice Dixon. Preach runaway is good on net. Dixon now asleep for three from the line all the second half he's got beat in points in the afternoon. 1408 to go overseas leaders 56 to forty deep breath right. Off to those who have been she's got at least five blocks of it maybe war if for the first half. Friedman always good bye Dixon's got a real I was old fashioned six shot free throw he's got. There's on the front court sniffles and occupy right. We're. There at all possible. The apartment. Rates the pass goes it's 5 o'clock am. What little nearly turned the ball over it and it worked fired a bullet pass underneath it happens let the homeless right handed grip. Pocket just got hurt G while playing flute. And it's 24. Before anybody gets it defended us. Statistically every. Here's a long right wing freak I did send. All six miles on it buries him. Scott well. He's averaging nine point any games on the season. This leaves me it is 5053. That's right. It worked out to warm up the screen by him Adams tries to basket was elected John Adams as a rebound. Those back you know that's the right side pretty brutal match it fits him. I'd do it every. Right side two more were being pirated. Loosely by Anderson asks those top tiers three in my pocket notebook long rebound right now I have yeah. Exactly its successful. Quarter the Bok drives baseline there. Awarded music equivalent to Adams and parents at war. On the shot clock riddled with him not being hurt by Anderson our eyes on this definitely do. Networks Davis if it was more tightly and banker at credit. While it right. Russell Smith who drove from people on the left would have us. Grizzlies lead is sixty to fifty students well we'll wait to go. Fast pace actually your jail. I 713 thirty cents this afternoon. Worried about three different work to write more tried to pass drops the real real shopping spree traveled to college sports. It was obvious to them when it obviously. And it was it was Michigan. 654. More. Human suffering in Brussels that the threat graphics that we Davis again. I recently experienced puts up that bankers foresee no could not at the rim loose ball right himself as opposed Israel's real surprise that basket. I know about it. And faith now it's call. Against the grizzlies I believe. Now. Russell Smith. After moments ago taking Davis off via deeply driving accurately it tried another movement this time. Before Citibank and off the backboard ignited the risk it was a break out. Forgot city's real sedate and wouldn't relent that he missed it but he was probably feel hard floor. 1125 to go. Sixty to 54 grizzlies leading media and T stores or Dodge City. Receives home on Wednesday night to face and relatively drags free throw it away no good. Freelance news. Soon book five from the line candidates. And again in the first half yards he was six. Seventy. Via free throw line. Hockey is just back in for the months. It's free throw by real Cisco that left it short witnesses vote. It's acceptable. 86 point lead. All the front court ought to isolate out of control and just went down by Adam and it drives to basket drops out the pocket but. It's nearly stolen not that. Congress. That's a situation it can take hold and it clear path. Off. Analysts rated. 7%. Inflated it for you can't get him. Williams also won't be on city there's. Sixty on the shot clock the Euro basket. For adult Epoch that the were absolutely yours three by currently. How about that quite ready to spots open three hit hit like nobody's business second three days. Obviously it is. Strip probably listening. I'll go against the grizzlies. Kristi Smith that are monologue right here. We've that are six team solves this scene that's shooting. Home at a shoot themselves alone. According to outline for two free throw on the way is good. Dayton but forty's had a good Dodge City right here in town. First point of the day he's a real good free throw shooter had a thirteen on the season one more coming up. 1047 to go grizzlies needed 6355. Next 33 rattled salad. It won't really drugs. Resumes and he's six. Ritalin or it's gone in no surprise there that's left side wants them back secret. Rattles off screen. That's lose sight Brent shot clock. Source. Activated in about three feet out. Shoppers. Now back in the authorities or. On his hips. Faces the sideline. My breath moments ago its first profitable. There hasn't played a whole bodies from the. Forty. And I swore he hit two free throws moments look driving layup. That would have time out on the floor and 22 to go this is not the media time out. Procedurally this one's 65. To 58. But some authorities gonna free throw coming after a few moments for Dodson was just live frequent wind. But Tiger Woods. 97 and thirteen thirty kids says what what a beautiful as it is today outside. And she interviewed coach Miller. He's shown outside. It was fun. Receipts are huddled right directly in front of us here on scorched him. Racism or road black uniforms trying to snap a four game losing streak. This study you don't win desperately here. Only conference wins so far this year's on the road it's a word eighteen days ago. One in five in conference play tonight city's 33 conference play. Here's a forty with a chance of three point play frequently as for reports. He's got five in the the last few moments yeah double team to the backboard. And then do us news Smith is not a criminal it's fiddle again shadowed. Just fix it. Dixon is at a news. Out of whistle. Under the basket smells Hanik Milligan Scotch city. Good call that against us senate armed. Shooting down grizzlies at seventeen fouls in the concept fives. He still unfortunately our three time outs left the concert at. Yeah I thought it. Entrapment. From Brad and drives it right. The jump pass Italy. Jared. Both situations were platter drives in the back. And nobody knows. Now we have and it's time I would night 55 to go with about one minute. Five of my father's 65. On city. Welcome back to Freddy's and he'll be here at our pumpkin pie concrete if that's sure dead real. Every cup crest at all. To welcome back I creeks police coming right up at Freddy's you'll always find that magical combination of families and and president pestered preparing credible pumpkin pie concrete pricing dreamy president has stated Clinton and a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spending pestered and steak burgers this case that brings you back. Most oil changes or the sand. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine that chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was life changing PG cup Biggio will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you fly to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's PG find shot I Don T. Hundreds of staff. After all this afternoon for the student activity center here in Dodge City on the campus. She ended the grizzlies are currently the company Stewart 6559. At 955 in regulation. Meanwhile finals more from salt city and Hutchinson options include rights won't easterners on the 48 the 34. Sixteen wow pressure him all about it. And double team pass those front court but Williams picked it drives towards the rim but took a left Atlanta a pivotal followed by senate. Rim won't lose on the floor at the firecracker foul called against odds that he would end soon. Rim looks Williams and seminars. Senator especially miss that went back on the right side they're freedom optimistic laid out. Leaves him. 161000. Offered Dodge City residents and examined. 940 studios. It's a lose the salts are able. It's impossible to. 34 separate. TI conference opens today down to the Garden City losses that he's 4041. Don't taxes. That we have a foul against Senegal. Regards cities and encouragement and just moments ago which candidate's committee to fouls and missed the layup. Now both teams in the bonus seventeenth also moment free throw line for a 11. It's. News Russell Smith free throw it away from the Smith's got five points all in the second hand. Another free throw coming up Padilla Christmas but it isn't it does leave the North High School. 6659. Prisoners leading frequently is at all yeah. So it makes both free throws has included 6759. Here are not sitting. It goes into. Farsighted. And off the audience in the interest. Threes on first avenue decisions and ask who's right corners at two under way by Williams felt good rebounded by what happened to prisons and look at. Turns talking pocketbook to get. Armstrong off the street. I've grabbed his left side of the top two. Youth hockey market at a ball loose on the floor not the way of battle the ball loose picked up five cent a car pass it before it goes to Williams. Williams tries it hits tore away at least I'll. By popular Monday night get back deaconess. Secrecy sloppy there in that last possession 842 ago he turned the ball over. 6759. So both teams in the bonus. For the remainder of the game. Prisoners are being led by manager and Armstrong's got sixteen points. Block them. Showing him with a thirteen game. The free throw a no good but where else. We're Dodge City witnesses also known pieces game it really didn't regret their free throw shooting. Williams is one of three from the line today he's got another free throw coming up for the congress. Crowd here this Saturday at your student activity center read on the way is good makes an accident Williams. He's got more effort and grizzlies lead 6760. Backcourt pressure in the call out the bring them all up all day long. Nazis left side gives Susan Russell Smith. That's still the rebels picked up by Williams wanted to pull out of the way got a what else fruitless attitudes. Yet once little got to definitively to back away and buried his shot. Pressure broke it in front court was his power right yeah three no good bodies found out my Latin. Of all people entity Ratliff picked it goes out and valves Howard but he three from the right corner. And off post it check back it would grant you need god. Creative it's a solid secretary Stockton and coaching staff react to that he was on Bradley came out. Russell Smith has got the points. Yet there it is to make the correction here on the scorers table rat with a foul. Moment claims meat options free throws up the good. We throw by Kevin Howard Howard street retreat in the line today announces three points. The fifteen to those six united 61 grizzlies leading your Dodge City recurrent waves but he's got another. Point shot. 69. 261. Was another free throw coming up. Here comes you frequently is it makes them all three. Howard is that five points off the line resist it is 6962. Backward pleasure. Talking Heads and it's an awesome arm's fifth. Probably cross the timeline for our side and it's definitely defensively Stanislav gross Russell Smith the other ladies 6963. Why hasn't. And straight ticket tax. Cognitively got whistled for. Won't lose on the floor in the prisons and get back. Have a right it's expensive to 36962. It was. And 6963. I had sixty soon. Want to go to the scoreboard had its popular free throw and it is good. One thing I want to want to cut fourteen points to get have a remind you explain with the flu he's been sick. All week he's really physically drained. He's been it's exactly goes 7063. Different ways good point pockets got fifteen. He's perfectly capable lines 66. Our pressure. Craig has. In your New York City. And crossed continents it. My pocket. Run jump right wing is short three. For the it's also scored for. He's 7160. It's 2 o'clock. Makes it reads it. Numbers up and it. Has got seventeen. Points. For the grizzlies 76. Speculative grade drops out luckily for the way it's no good that was why I. It is that's not enough or is this man who runs it down yeah. Accuracy and Armstrong's cancer is not all that madness and it just could not corral it. The office without Luke 73637. Minutes ago here from Sanderson in front court for dodge city of Portland out of a lot of things to fix it. Two way up. This guy. Rocco Nixon gives it left link now to Anderson top of the key fatally trapped on the way it is no good long rebounds right now by the great. Now at the Google on the greatest long rebound publicly there. That ten point lead 636 the dollar got city. Thought he says that he's on the liquid strap itself in trouble gives it an hour. Politics works against Ares billions had a ball stripped stolen. By Barry does pass goes to Armstrong up the floor Armstrong talkative he's dropped off the clock with the basketball philosophy as a and at UCL a double dribble. Pocketbooks and its coach Miller Lite because had a double dribble. Aren't you fist on the baseline. 660. Days ago. Chris completed 7363. Bowl teams utilizing full court press most of the afternoon. Very effective early on city a lot of turnovers prisoners whose own full court press release on God's truth. Extent they go ten point lead the grizzlies I've had it. Left corner accuracy threw it away by Murphy rims out rebound them by Smith. Smith a leader rebounded the miss is on the season over seven or two game. Armstrong in the front court Dixon let him know dribbles over and rightly as a topic of the pocket. Pocket works against these guys put up a banker no good but he Raza. One unless you told me at that picture of Stockton. Has been battling the flu bug all week long. You never know by the way he's played here today pocket. Has gotten. Grizzly team high seventeen points. Armstrong's got six team. Twelve of those front trunk and in the first half block him frequently is good point aka. Eighteen points. Neither of those coming here in the second half that he's perfect at the line. It is curious is seven for seven from the line. Just another gutsy performance like you Tearrius. Chris he's at least 7463. Lead and other free throw them up for pocket misty get their biggest lead of the afternoon re runaways nobody left short. So pocket finally missed a free throw he's got eighteen points to lead the grizzlies. 7463. August 11 here's jumper right baseline up it and I'm currently can and I seen that motor. And Murphy now it's gotta love that looking kid Owensboro Kentucky. Cities. 63 freshmen athletes that are at work right without top arms around isolate any stupid play a minute about that Armstrong. Committee today. Grizzlies at least 7665. Years ago that point leader comes. Weren't great drives to basket but took a left hand banker no good. Played outlet pass was approximately. Goes Barry Watson and we'll exchange Kevin go to heaven burial on the baseline lobbed back of the rim. Smith punched it through the champ back the other way. Attempt by. Hodges was rejected out of bounds by. Pretty Adams. And what happens in wicked dark moments ago I. Russell yeah he's got to pay. Under five minutes ago grizzlies vigorously in the day thirteen 7865. All of them this quarter. Grizzlies the steady years bank shot for me close by Davis hope that it was now. And Miller have you. Chips because they need at least one bright side via. Avis but he does that include shots were forty portico that will be busy with the grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller the game post game show up right now however US times player of the game. If you look at for a candidate for the grizzlies frequently it's good guy under Davis. Davis' first points of the second half he's gotten. Tried and a season average. Trying to get him back in the win column and snapped a four game losing streak. We'll be home on Wednesday night they Steve Hutchinson blue dragon is at our plant. And throw it away rims out they wanted to. Please use 7066. You know for thirty years ago entered that city. Arms across. Count it as an all day I didn't greatness N. Justice that zippers and pockets that. Mean Hank puts about schools and it was a foul odor fallen off its back. What shocked at Saint Louis ultimately. Yet free box immediately and you know active Dixie yeah. And wanna fight goes on you 66. Front court and rightly three I believe I'm okay. Catch and shoot five hopefully. Please go. You know 78. Front court Entwistle. No legal screen in the backcourt play the animals. What is it long. Christie's had all the momentum and yeah. Oh and now all of a sudden outfit peek catch and shoot three biography. Offensive foul in the backcourt by Adams. For a sixth ago. Receives it is 78. To sixteen. Tonight she bowels of the consulate. Front court for a sidelines not bad innocently. Borrowed six ago. 7869. Anderson gets in the technically pocket. Rightly mrs. Murphy speaks volumes under those engines picks. It's got snapped at me. Why it was left alone to get the same spot. 7870. Soon. Rick Santelli. Thirteen point three seconds ago. Athletes. Being Smart it climate grade double teams that sit out on top arms. And on the shot clock on threats traffic extreme Bob McDonnell. Jump in with lots Mike Davis. Has more to want one here's Anderson kicked out Murphy right wing three. Laundry down right now by Armstrong say it now and. It's. My condolences I didn't. To go but. The grizzlies still have a six point. With 319 to go but. Wendy Murphy would hit that three moments ago the place would have come down. 78. To 72 the grizzlies Levy. About this guy. I Sean Murphy owns. Of Kentucky. He's got seventeen points a game five but it pumps it back to back threes. Identical spot. Yes there's another three. Actually low. Grizzlies are being let him score. Michael Wacom and Armstrong whoever he. Good for your today at 9713. Thirty can't assess. Instead what is on his beautiful Saturday afternoon here though west him. That's all coming down the 390 ago just reset it for you. The grizzlies have ten team towels and a Dodge City as night. It's idiots for timeouts left the grizzlies to. There's usually is 7872. In Bangkok City Hall in the their own basket to our left. These incidents JR conference they don't come easy today. Chris he submitted several of the last four games in tight end. My hands down the stretch have been unable to close it out and do it today. Metres in down and lenders look at my basket. Bert brought. Anderson puts it into Augusta Dixon who write me back up top from her. Here's a long history topped the tee off the mark freaked out by Smith. Nobody went to the well 12 anytime. I'm so that was a deep three from. Right or right it is that it does here there's. Return. That you Portland. On the block on him I did it right morning here at three by Mary. On rebounding goes out of bounds. Not cities fall what's happened very and it really opened look. All the grisly players in the bid stood up hoping for it to go in there is another breather he's frustrated. But to be a good shot. He's right wing blogger that would. 247 to go 7072. Grizzlies. Are gonna hold court presses they gamble afternoon. It's going to exit. Exit would art back at the defense in the front court exit. To intercede. Anderson drives away in April possible on the score tied up Armstrong. All news. I'd sit that's nice but Armstrong and a tide at all. So possession there. Now we'll favorite grizzlies. That's tied up there. At. In governor who's seventy on the shot clock negated and Nixon you probably hurts the defense there's Murphy. You pull up jumper was blocked by crocodile. And the ball goes Armstrong wanna block my office I'll on a jump shot makers that drops out artwork and a top Armstrong. Congress is run offs and more time here. Great defensively as you rightly arts packed on. Our trucks and a brilliant job running the office alternating days left wing. Dangers that drives the lane. Com as for the confidence of. It's pretty easy call their Russell Smith. Tried to drive it from the left wing he ran smack in the middle unbelievably great confidence ultimately. No argument here and risen to a five ago these are all key possessions. Six point lead the grizzlies 7872. Expect we'll pass those that live and it was thirteen moments ago. Here aren't God's standards placebo arms atop the pocket and walk back yeah. Yeah. As the court Davis Davis at the ballpark. Looms and that's going to pounds last night's white I'd try to say it was Bachmann won't lose. Officials don't know. You missed it trying to figure this out. I don't think any of them. The three officials on the ball went out. Call it god cities all kind of make them. Dodge City crowd was working at prisons pretty good. A time out at City Hall by student tuchman. I would love to know how those three officials decided. He opened up wrong slid. So whether it was at Davis in the dark Chevy. And decided not. Ago. Great everywhere and it hit them. Seventy. Virtually. And Dodge City has the ball. Last turn over it was five Hawkins trying to do a backward pass two words. Davis stepped in front of a stolen. Two witnesses can do here. Offensively. There's these networks profit dial Smith. Armstrong and block them on the floor. Artsy in down under our basket to our 1146. On the shot clock. Sanderson look at that triggered it gets in the Dixie beef and rightly out of out of three at that defensively Armstrong. There's easily 7074. Thriving in person right is unfortunately shot no good politics no good. Putback attempt by McRae believes foul. Grizzlies not walk outs. Missed shots I won twenty ago. 7870. Port on the line for two shots. Is our keys McCray. Who's got four points today. Use 25 from the line frequently and it's no good. News is there. 7874. Is free throw here could make it one position game. 120 years ago. Right now wire frequently is good. So afraid of one to be spent five point. But it full court pressure to get the ball into. Armstrong. I want the ball toward the exit it's crunch time rightly just Smith tries to basket goes up we're competent. Deformities found. No defender for the cards I think Davis came out to pick up Smith and rightly he slipped and fell on the floor. And it gave Smith someone of that fleet routes and really try to go for Dong. That was a defender for God's soon jumped up to them and outlook he get to bomb to go when he seemed to go big free throws here for Russell Smith. It's on the way is no good. And song. Smith today. 118 day ago. 7875. It's good to rattle. Yeah free throw their efforts. Who's got eleven. Grizzlies it is born here and fix the floor. He's fouled. It's a holding foul against either. Armstrong or aka. Armstrong is trying to plead his case with the clear whether it was a contest here. When it receives not to make that shot her down the stretch of getting back defensively and cutting off the link. Free throws here for justice Dixon. That are runaways. It's. Quite okay. Points. And his five for five the line today. It goes to receives leaves 37976. Days of free throw. Throw aways no cut out of the rebound off without catching. Madonna had a ball snapped. The way that the audience now. And right next. Exit nearly stole a pass away from Armstrong knocked it out of bounds that the two point eight seconds ago. Twenty seconds on the shot clock that receives thirteen point lead is down the wind. Eric in another. Mostly for the procedure fit in a row and make clothes and our. Hearts the two it and he does have pocket dolls and there comes mafia the warm up you can't prompted Davis and and he throws it. They had numbers off the turnover. Murphy gave it to Davis. And Davis lost that. He never really throughout the pass and timeout called on the floor. What 46 point nine seconds ago. Wouldn't risk that an extremely careless with the ball down the stretch here. They had a thirteen point lead it's bound to want. That turned up all over again. Potentially huge break on a run now. Murphy capacity at the Davis that he didn't get its hands on it went out of turn over to the grizzlies haven't. Timeout was called by Bryant Miller the grizzlies who have won timeout left. Grizzlies rebuttal to my right. Is it coach Miller has since. That word out in front of flight risk and figure out how to get the ball floors will be pressured full court. 79. Shed. Grizzlies. Here at the student activity center in Dodge City. Grizzlies trying to break the four game losing streak aren't cities dropped two in a row but it is the fifth straight game with a grizzlies have been in the either tied or down by too late they've lost the previous four could they win this one. Now the tables are turned a little bit because in those four games grizzlies were always behind double digits they would battle back into the fall just short. She grizzlies today that it had a thirteen point lead here. That awkward moment or Armstrong seven Barry Smith and often now. It looks to get him to hurry past goes up or is that another front court and off Armstrong. It is not confident that cobblestone court Armstrong beat on the left link has it he would dismiss the left side that works against the current. Smith passed those inside a pocket because that's good. Thank you pocket. With twenty seconds and other represented at. 8178 play here can't get enough of war for Dodge City prize delay puts up a shot. No company Toronto whistle. And Bryant Miller use of this site himself every time it rightly it's not a bad whistle. That looked like Dixon used it to get to do the islanders who shot at it go. And in the whistle blow shots off the rail. 11 point seven seconds ago block with a huge bucket moments ago is not wanting. Beautiful tree that's on the left wing by Smith. Urged and it's free throw on the way it is no good. Dixon misses his second straight free throw. And now timeout called with 21 point. Seven seconds ago a timeout I've. Believe call by Dodge City. And wanna sit up via defense after a made free throw our free throw attempts. 81. To 78 grizzlies are related. Tearrius pocket has see grizzly team high twenty points Armstrong would eighteenth. Leading the way for Dodge City is. Sean Murphy would 94. That bucket moments ago pocket huge. I'm curious Bachmann. Who's averaging. Fifteen point six points and gained his sophomore season he's got twenties today. Yet 24 on Wednesday night against independence. And our plan. Thank. Game on Wednesday. He's been playing without really bad case of the flu. According to coach Miller. He came out that was before the game started six periods. Sick to his stomach again today. You would never know it by the effort towards. Is serious today. Beatty want to 78 was 21 point seven seconds ago. Both teams are the double bonus by the way has. You throw coming up here for justice Dixon he missed one moments ago but. But. It's Miller knows that you heard background until and his players no timeouts. Left technical. It free throw coming up here for justice Dixon. At least for the grizzlies briefed on the way it is now up readiness of both at Smith gets a rebound. Snoop huge misses by Dixon. Receipts that back corner cuts Armstrong. Yeah we've got fouled and arts markets across the front lines now on the far side eleven point three seconds ago by its. Karen Armstrong. An opportunity here to free throws a double bonus. Opportunity here to. And I guarantee it would indeed go a long ways towards that. Armstrong is eighteen points today he has two for three from the line. Again this is two shots. Eleven point three seconds ago frequently no good. Never going to be easier as a timeout called by. God cities coach first your coach Steve Tucker. It's still one possession game 8178. Butler. Where. They're great to have you witnessed today. 98713. Thirty Qaeda says that chickens. Your dog's getting him slacker student coordinator received home on Wednesday night. Base the Reagan national you. Hutchinson blue dragon. It's pretty grizzlies took off at 530 demanded 730 maker plans to torture our plan. Wednesday night. Butler and and every day. 47. There have been some classic games over the years and Butler experienced no well. Since these tunnels too are right this all important free throw coming up for. Cured Armstrong that could make it. Technically a two possession be able below. There is such a thing as a four point play hit three here now chance at four point play so. Mean most people would tell if he makes a free throw to. Since world. Prison coaches are just that remind in the guy's. No fouls no fouls. Easier said than done. 8178. Grizzlies lady. You're not sitting well. Eleven point three seconds to go. Mother feared Armstrong has won more free throw coming up but. They called another timeout I believe it did. If these issues but. 32 timeouts let me. I'm out Dodge City I believe so at the scoreboard still shows one time out left. So apparently trying to ice. Cured Armstrong. Back to back timeouts here. Armstrong today eighteen points. He is set to perform every throw. Our cities are. The greens are still huddled in my right. There's the buzzer reminded me get back on the war. It. All comes down this eleven point three seconds ago. Free throw it here for your arch. If Armstrong missed the free throw it grizzlies team foul. And what did he get a three point shot off his views played out woody do. Armstrong Google's long ones twice is all museums. Eyes are red wreath on the way it is not rattle this huge free throw Armstrong did. It's more. Ryder Cup picks up the floor middle of the floor. That's dropped stopped Williams long left wing three years off the mark rebound five block attempts that should do it octopus foul with 2.3 seconds ago. And a Butler grizzlies are gonna win here this afternoon and Dodge City. And snap a four game losing streak. Armstrong hit that big free throw with nineteen points now pocket which quantity. In bock who could add to the 22 foul shots here. 2.3 seconds ago and I city's gonna lose their third game in a row the grizzlies snapped a four game losing streak box free throw is good. Amazing performance and I like to Terry's pocket out. 21 points and that it bucket under minutes ago. And Disney's frequently has good. Pocket 22. Points here's the final shot. The grizzlies win it he snapped a four game losing streak. They win their first game in the last an eighteen basis in last month. Road game and liberals so oddly enough the grizzlies in conference play. They have two road wins and they have yet to pick up people like her hole in three. At home in conference play and that they are to end soon on the roads. Grizzlies when it 8478 to post game shows coming up next. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty. OK and SS Chris Rock you by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers but taste that brings you back with six locations in Wichita what are derby and won Belgrade when 1809 plus central. The US Marines the few the proud the Marines. BJ products automotive maintenance of the highest quality to find out VG shot there you visited Fiji finest shot dot com that's BG finest shops dot com. Had a heating air conditioning and money your comfort is all business for the location and hand over to better serve Butler county. Highland area in your hometown very. 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Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. It's time for the by grizzlies post game show with comments from grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller a recap of tonight's game and a look at the final statistics now let's head back to the arena. Hurry past couple of war is that. The front court it off Armstrong. It is not an accident that it's almost stolen it ward Armstrong he won collectively have it it's Smith left side that works against the current. Net past those inside a pocket because I should have. Like huge market. With twenty seconds ago that represented 8178 play. Order was to terrorist pockets with the tremendous performance they still with the flu bug. Indy he's scorers. Yeah let's see here at the game high 22 points out when there are none bigger than that when there beautiful assist the people off the wing by Russell Smith. It looked like Bok an innocent and try to docket but he's awesome defense resistance. So it kind of pushed it up off the backboard it went through the cylinder for a huge bucket. That's kind of staved off via the net comeback by Dutch city they're down by thirteen pulled to within one. And there were twenty seconds to go to that big but we just heard bike Tearrius Wacom. In Bachmann finished today with a team high 22. Points. Dirt Armstrong was another stellar performances well he finished with nineteen points for the grizzlies. Leading the way for the hunks was I Sean Murphy Murphy finished with nineteen. Points. In Murphy had seven at halftime. He was rated in the threes there during that stretch where not city was. And a torrid pace was racing back in the ball game they're down by thirteen. Closed to within one. Boy double teams and we'll limit the turnovers. At Citi had a total of twelve turnovers. Grizzlies at 21. But still managed to win it says something that Ryan Miller's been harping on the turnovers. For the grizzlies 21 turnovers but they get it done today. Chris he's into shooting on the afternoon about this. Grizzlies were thirty of 59 from the floor fifty point 8%. So they're better quality shooting certainly conference play fifty point 8%. On thirty of 59 shooting for the grizzlies six of seventeen from three point range eighteen of 24 in the free throw line for Butler. That's a difference in the ball game folks about this. Dodge City missed twenty free throws your heard me correctly twenty free throws they were 23 of 43. Talk about waste not want not and a hawks missed twenty free throws. They had how many more free throws they had nineteen more free throws in the grizzlies. But missed one. Free throws. About that 23 of 43 was the cards from the free throw line we're waiting for a Bryant Miller to tonight likes to addresses team in the locker room. This is their first win in almost three weeks grizzlies now on the season improved to five and five overall. More important to pick up a conference when in an elusive conference win. Via improved out of two and five in conference play. Dodge City meanwhile falls to 500 or five and five it three in the war in conference play or Clemson coach Miller. And it's good to see coach Miller was a smile on his base. About locker room. In the coats and the Dugard who have a seat next to me. And will be talking to coach your just a momentarily but the the grizzlies when it. Into the improved to five and five on the season two and five in conference play and a coach just the another day at the office on. The movement. Well got tightened that was a fun game obviously you're on the right in the things that's. Still wasn't ready so some very ugly spots down the stretch we couldn't find a way to school could hit the ball across half court theme got really tight. Even we got to the all the time running out of the huddle guys had to look on the face and and I just told settled down relax we're fine been here before. And we talked about mentality he can't have a losing mentality can't be panicky you freaking out when things don't go your way. But they stayed the course that's what I'm most proud of tonight the fought the tick everything we had to. To dig ourself out of the hole we've created its own coach and and you know soccer coach spoke about this couple days ago and that's that's kind of where we were the team to finding ways to lose and we just kind of had a mentality in his. The game we get tight and stretch him freak. And I thought our guys that are pretty good job execute and read a little suffocate you the news. We've been running kind of let down screen action for a ballgame and they they kind of caught on to it's we just. Total to slither back to the room. And he got a wide open layup off and so fortunately at that time work for. You know coaches interest in how this works kind of role reversal today. The last four games all losses for you guys have been double digits down you battled all the way back to get even or two behind and lost. Today role reversal you guys had a thirteen point lead within six to go. They whittled it down to one but united somehow managed to win this game today yeah. And the reason is is that number right 121 do we look we lost the turnover game. We were absolutely awful to little ball over and got really tight in the last but it probably 67 minutes of the game you know. And it internationally those little different things to get settled in but. There are guys for sticking with it and I thought Terry's bucket was huge today about Gerry Armstrong was big in the got a five most proud I was was solo from off. He played -- huge minutes that you necessarily have huge stats today that he protected the room he had key rebounds he was able to do what we. We'll we were supposed to do. And I thought our freshman did a good job you know Camara Thorne came in played really worlds. You don't want played pretty good today. Despite the three turnovers. You know kind of an off light crude was okay cannot an off night for him but but but again the other guy carried on for a really stepped up completely today. When asked about more extort you mentioned him what does she doesn't get your good graces because he's getting played much and and today. He was out there for some key moments in its big shots and patients. The patient. You know truth be told freshmen do freshen things and we first two coughs into the season. We're doing rushed out worked closely with style room during scout salute. You know flawlessly like you know they're tired that it that you gotta lock can stay focused and so he learned a lesson. And he wrote applied for a little bit. But he's capable player and it was very good player Bogut high school Chicago which is big time school in Chicago city area. You know so there's been expectations for him as well you know you can't just open to be an offensive guy thought he did pretty good defensively and and I'm proud of our guys in their effort today. We're visibly grizzlies head coach of Bryant Miller ethnic groups he snapped a four game losing streak with a hard fought winner today at the student activity center and Dodge City they went about final score of 8470. Mentioned pitcher spot him. I mean right before you tipped off he leaned over to me on scores tailored to sit terrorists a decent. Yeah people are feeling good he's currently in season destruction before the game and he just roll over on the ground got to shoot over us and you know I just looked. Truth be told I just obviously implement civil prayer you know that's what we do. At field as the nation. So got kicked through its full force in the clouds there with with Kati and those guys have off tomorrow but he was big for the freak Illini for ten got to the paint. Did a good job just getting in there and be aggressive and and I thought RJ was good to lord it did a good job with this eleven and five idiots at timely rebounds the dunk at the end of the run out huge. A bit. You know play here play there at the time lethargic at the royal lounge or throw the ball over top little too far you know the holes what I thought was crucial forget that don't you know we. We go from being deflated through it to the related to really motivated in and a lot of momentum on our side. Coach it was a stretch here in the first half were loses nip and tuck back and forth that you guys put together a nice little run. And we've saved a little bit of the highlights from that and in the first half and you guys got yourself a little bit of space here it is. A front court left wingers. Armstrong buries a three hit worst decade as easily as thirty or 27 backcourt pressure all stolen bike. You know Armstrong dropped out. Wow. What about that sequence there for the grizzlies. Three by Armstrong based Nokia now. Pass a layup by Thornton is on the line it's. One play. Twos seventy they go. Senior birdies here this afternoon and a vote Mari Thornton who's got seven. Cats and a three point play here with a free throw. They're the ones at that sequence there and it was good to see you say Camara Thornton now freshman and that's what I see in coach when I saw today what I saw winds even against loss. Start to see the involvement of some of these guys start to get it in other freshmen are played now ten games you start to get a feel for the speed and in the beginning and start them. Chore. Yeah that's. If you think about lest you think about KP how he was the first the first part of the year the first semester he was an eight point some days he wouldn't shoot the ball leaves his invisible on the court. In just took time it takes work takes you know get in the gym on your own. And I was so those guys preparation breeds success and fury and get next to work that you feel confident about your game when you step on the court. Whatever moment as those butterflies in the B initially there but it won't go away. Because your preparedness. Is gonna get you through whatever it is a little bit in the course of the game itself. The freshman have just been patiently been prepared. Their moment came in the and they stepped up and did a good job. You told me today has reiterated his pregame interviews that you know we need to win it we really need to win you've got a coach and now. Coming up on wins and a little bit when he got this team I accidentally dragged in on that you know you're hurt. A pretty good. You know also the kind of are God's little bit of a preview about what they're walking into on Wednesday hopefully we have a really good fanfare hopefully. The people elder radio show up and supportive we really don't need them to be there I know how much is gonna pack of a ball to people close and bring him over like the easily do that. This is his story it was a rivalry is that gates in college in junior college basketball not just the and so. It'll be a fun game that game's always a fun game I got the utmost respect for coach can you know his record national chair the national champ and it is record speaks for itself and yeah. He does a good job every year not only recruit and the best of the best but would give those guys to play really really hard. You know they've got a great program or that you guys have a history you and coach Mike or have a history of knocking them all yeah they've been top ranked. You'll bargain bargain yeah. He had a pretty good. Amount of success against coat jacket that he was a little bit of affording his side. You know my first few review we were able to knock them off as a coach when they were number one after we can handle it that bad start. You know last year we didn't we didn't do as well they swept us they got to salute 30 game. Oh sweep but. The second and the third time we played them we we gave them all the could handle special that third time. Stills Nash note left poverty roll off the world wide open. There. Coach Lewis congratulations you guys wrote occasion it is tough atmosphere. Ask you real quick. Hello Thomas B calamities. That campus. It's the perfect size you know it's got to be a good amount of of act two to three hits and some good sounded here. You know it's great greats. This is unbelievable and so what are you got a -- these camps who we need to pass tax Levy you're reading when you hit the lottery was somebody have a couple whose. I think that's mobile telephone is this what this building little Borden 212 million units atlas this would be wonderful news it is tips but there. Paula talk you don't spend the stimulus and we need to do muted them just like that. Coach is always appreciated as we'll see who wins it before so give decent coach Bryant Miller the grizzlies when your final score. 71 final break come back and look at the final steps right activists. Welcome back of Freddie and did he hear that our pumpkin pie concrete is bad sure dead real. Everything up. Crest at all. To come compact Greeks please coming right up at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of family's plan and branding test and prepare incredible pumpkin pie concrete crashing dreamy president has data plan amid a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spreading testing and steak burgers this case that brings you back. This to flex its a struggle. To overcome it's. Going to be for the Marine Corps yeah. News. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement doesn't do it. It's a promise. To our mission. Promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise but the Marines. Most oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was life changing PG cup Biggio will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind free use. Find shop near you with PG find a shotgun. PG why don't shop our team. This is didn't intend to join this morning right here on cape end as fast. All right Ramadan now there's been activity center and Dodge City where the Butler grizzlies snapped a four game losing streak in the when it here today by a final score. 84 to 78 quickly look at the stats the grizzlies we mentioned shot fifty point 8%. They were thirtieth 59 prisons were led by a pitcher is pocket with 22 points a game high 22. Your Armstrong hit nine team. Pocket was six of thirteen from the floor 13 from three point range nine of ten from the free throw line. Game high 22 points Armstrong seven of ten shooting to a three from three point range three of five from the line. Nineteen points also had four assists coach mentioned the shark off the dial offered I'll finish with. Four points that you that right. Off the Dow at six points yet five blocks about it more than that. In eight rebounds or real nice effort for try and off the dial for the grizzlies. Chris he's also got eleven points from Russell Smith Smith at eleven points and five rebounds eight points by Justin Crennel. It'll also hit four rebounds eight points for Ko Mari for Popovich withdrew rebounds eight points for eke one arts. The and a two points for you to be Bratton. Breton also had a blocked shot to grizzlies today. That nine blocked shots. Nine blocked shots they did at 21 turnovers grizzlies. On the afternoon at 43 rebounds to 37 wards. Were via constantly out rebound across the continent of shooting. 30% for the game when he force 647 of nineteen from three point range 2343. Minutes when he free throws that constitute. In the continent. Twelve turnovers. Individual members of the constant led by I on Murphy was nineteen. He was eight of nineteen shooting 383 point range. Yeah the double digits ten points for much Irish reels. The big man eleven points for hunter Davis it was at four rebounds thirteen points for Justin Dixon impressed with him. Dixon had eight assists. In thirteen points. They credit him with two steals he was just that will be defender all day long justice. Dixon finished with thirteen points four points for a Lazarus Williams in. Five point expert Kevin Howard six points for prodigy users in the pair of threes in the first half years ago. Receives back in the win column improved on the end. 25 and five on the season two and five in conference play city falls to five and five in three in four in conference play. Studio recorded today doing a great job eased him slack current broadcast Wednesday night folks make your plans. Can't c'mon by the power plant elder radio great matchup Butler. In the reigning national champions Hutchinson a lot of history and tradition there a lot of great gains over the years should have a packed house there hopefully on Wednesday night. Lady grizzlies took off at 530 minute 730 it is the rating national champions much simpler dragons come and elder radio and the power plants. Grizzlies win it by a final score 8478. At a second scene so long and good afternoon from the student activity center here in time city. Hi my back doing this morning to night right here on it's that.