Butler CC Basketball vs. Hutchinson 12-6-17

Wednesday, December 6th

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Join us mornings right here on K yeah. And as fast yo U think about what. Are we do it's time for the Butler grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand heating air conditioning plumbing for the for convenient locations this review including an opposite hand over could better serve Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a cold Hannah heating air conditioning and embryonic or check it down on the web at hand in his dot com. Now let's get out to be giving a for the grizzlies pregame show. Hello everybody. The grizzlies pregame show at another brother grizzlies basketball radio brought. It is one a little bit longer in the final three point one seconds ago Leo ladies. Flute fragments of Hutchinson early in the lady grizzlies have Butler 5753. Had thought this could inbound the ball. In this sport and they don't have the balls stolen but they call a foul that point to him handsome executive knows the game. And Butler is gonna lose this game Hutchinson as a 5753. And on the men's side today we have one of the all time great rivalries in you talk conference Butler and touch. The Butler grizzlies in Hutchinson blue dragons and for the men's game these prisoners arrive five at five overall to a five in conference play. Blue dragon on the power plant tonight ten and one overall six of one of the Jihad. And there are currently tied for first place in the conference with Martin. He had copy bill. Nobody wants to get everybody get a ticket to recoup courtside at the power plant will be joined on the broadcast tonight by John Boston and I. Him flash. Me and assess the final score. Ladies it is Hutchinson 59. The Butler 53. Butler was down double digits most of the night they've battled back got it to within three or four points it's kind of you know wild finish. And that was the technical foul assessed to Butler down the stretch and you lose 5953. On the women's side. The grizzlies snapped a four game losing streak Saturday afternoon and got city it was an eighty or 78 win over the keys to doors the grizzlies first went in nearly three weeks eighteen days to be precise. Grizzlies lead Saturday by secretaries Spock complete game high 22 points despite played exactly the row with a bad case of the flu. Yeah billion point two points for various pocket he had 24. Point here last Wednesday night while hiding the flu at a home game a loss to independence. But. Period Spock leading the way with 22 points. And a great performance on Saturday afternoon by Jerry Armstrong the transfer. From west Central Florida. College. Armstrong was his best performance is aggressive today he had nineteen points and four assists while running the point. For coach Miller Omar Thornton. Want arts between eight point coming off the bench and that this was a team effort to win the insanity on Saturday in a Dodge City. But after the game that was coach Miller who singled out China off the dial. Off the island had six points eight rebounds and five blocked shots. In that went into Dodge City the grizzlies and ideas he's an all right night block shots. Against the Yankees indoors. Hutchinson meanwhile they roll in here on a five game winning streak and are ranked sixth in the nation. The latest polls coming out today. We have it right now we're one and pre season polls and this is the first season poll that comes out today. They are haven't won we lost on November 15. In a ball game at concordia Todd candidate thunderbirds in overtime 7269. Their only loss on the young season so they called the sixth in the nation at this game tonight the blue dragon winners Saturday night you're on the road Garden City. They beat the crime busters and a close 16864. QQ run. Mr. outstanding. Forward. Right 642 and five pounds off he's out of Phoenix Arizona in run. James leads the score was eighteen point two points per game the other high sixteen points in the league that Garden City. On Saturday right to witness all bends need to take in the floor got a good Crowder I've expected Carr play great they're put aside 97. At thirteen thirty give us as we'll take our first I gotta be back with more the pre game show right after this. It's ten heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve full accounting. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and one. Your comfort is our business. 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It's our business right now the two teams getting loose on the floors that it took off seventeen minutes. To it would took just today the ladies' game or a little bit long. It was a lady Hutchinson blue dragon and a fifty. I'm 53 over coach Mike Miller's lady grizzlies it was that lost out lady grizzlies fault too. Five and four overall to. Our news conference toys. They'll Butler and hugs kisses they are rivalry folks that dates all the back to 1920s. Let's hear it in his New York Stock Exchange the stock market crash here. Rivers us that your history and that was a big time it is currently US history. That's in 1929. The overall series. This is a game leader not being number 100 in the heat 180 multi meeting and Hutchinson what they decided edge in the overall series leading 122. To 65. But actually we. Eats all the time. Don't Laredo and elite grizzlies 46 to thirty now. Being played here in elder radio and Hutchinson it's even more lopsided. But Jesse 6421. Team wins advantage. Playing in touch. These two teams that that a total of sixteen times in regions six playoffs. Including last year's classic semi final match up and Hartman Rita. It's the end of last seen. Where the grizzlies lost 1052103. At the buzzer to those blue dragons dragons one and a win the national championship last year. Her first national championship since 1988. But. Again Hutchinson leads the all time series 112. To 65 series the. If you wanna look more recently. Since 2007. It's a little bit to a more even. The dragons that would actually the overall series since 0714. To attend figured out Credo. The grizzlies lead at six to five in touch with dragon sleet and head to head series six to four and a neutral site region six. Hutchinson has. An edge in the post season reached a turning games. Eventually game last year when a classic that was that's one of the great all time. I'm rivalry games played Butler 2105103. Final. Remember lol wanna party for the grizzlies. Going the length of the floor as the seconds ticked down to put up a shot our runner banker from the right baseline it rolled off the front rim that would have tied the and in the very next night it was tough to build leading Hutchinson for the region six championship and get Hutchinson. Had only two losses last year altered copies of it finished the regular season. Actually this season overall season 35 into the coach Steve Beck bringing home a national championship Hutchinson. And get an incident last pounded them that was 1988. Great Kevin what does that I'm 987. He had thirteen thirty heinous as this against shortsighted to him slack and his art studio coordinator. But it rolls in here Ted at one over all others it's one in conference play. The grizzlies five and five in the third two and five in conference play Davis is coming off that so we. I've city on Saturday afternoon and 8470. Without thinking he's the source of all human which via grizzlies. Had a thirteen point lead with under five minutes ago that the hold on for dear life as the com started threes and he pulled back to within one. There's he's able to close it out it was a free throws down the stretch when it 8478. Last year these two teams met three times. Twice in the regular season and the aforementioned. Six semi final match up at Hartman arena but at the ballgame who is almost a year ago today became the Mercury in Hutchinson last year it was a blowout. If Hutchinson. Because the grizzlies that night one on nine dvd soon. In that ball game. Democracy and do their outstanding players again this year he had seventeen point seven rebounds in GT writings. Leading scorer he had nineteen points and five Revis and that's a blowout win it sports arena and then back here on me. Eleventh of February last year much closer the grizzlies lost the GeForce 72. In that ball game that was. It was a good here Houston who's now plied its treaty UNLV in fact last night looking as the league division one in basketball in rebounding. Leading the nation. I was last week. Let them play for the UNLV runnin' rebels secured Houston at night on the the eleventh of February to win here. Houston and an explosive being twenty points ten rebounds. Hugs and he has seven assists that ball game last night of February the grizzlies had an eight point lead. We just under about twelve minutes to go on regulation and all of a sudden. Let's just threw it over drive at sixteen people run. And he held on one last year here via power plant PD ward to 72. We'll look at the matchups over the years and the grizzlies and had a penchant for upsetting questions when they've been ranked number one. Now again touch is ranked number six. In the poll that came out today from UJC a they had been number one up until. This week's poll. They are ten and one victory over the years since 2011. The grizzlies have upset number one ranked matches and talk about number one of the nation. And that was in 2011 he won here at the power plant eating one to eighty. Josh kids had a memorable game that night for the grizzlies he boarded 22 points got the game winning bucket with under ten seconds ago. That in 2013. At the sports arena in touch against the grizzlies knocked off number one ranked trojans and seventy to 64. And that was a real special game for John Goodman young men who hails from Hutchinson. Plain and of other grizzlies had a double double that night John Goodwin with thirteen points ten rebounds and Scott Ross there. For the grizzlies had fourteen at night and it was so right here just. Well two seasons ago I still see my mind tied with ten seconds ago the grosses were down a point. Yet it was here Burton took the inbounds pass to my right the basement of her right. He went 94 feet a driving layup he scored with three seconds to go to get the grizzlies in 7877. Upset win that. Over number one ranked Hutchinson that was in 2016. Derrick bird outstanding point guard for the grizzlies had 22 points and Palin deal. Had eighteen. So by the grizzlies have a history of knocking off Hutchison when they've been ranked number 13 times since 2000 elevenths. But it might be coming up after our ballgame tonight in the post game show we'll have our US Marines player of the game. If you think that what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com and it's Marines. Dot com. As we countdown to the opening tipoff for just a little over ten minutes away here department video woman's game ran a little bit long. You know Hutchinson and gain 5953. Old lady grizzlies. Clinton that are on the floor right now getting loose and we'll get separatists who matches or night you got conference that just. The grizzlies in the blue dragon. 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Vintage bank Kansas community banking and insurance agency member FDIC. Visit us online and vintage bank KS dot com. The other great Americans join me. It's primary to Jiaka conference today so we're back in 1929 misses the 100. In 88 all time leading our blog. From the power plant on the campus about the community college degree to do this on 9713. Thirty K in assessment product earlier. About it 45 minutes ago in the office of head coach Bryant Miller and I as coach Miller's it's giving some keys to the game tonight from. Offensively. We've got to do a good job ex court execute in the half court who we've we've got to do great job to get high percentage shots not settling for threes. You know any time take that shot into such team they usually ends up through with layups on the other end. And in another key is is taking care of the ball just limited stupid turnovers and again those three areas if we can control those areas that we can make them count plea and a half court for a little while and Carter sets ourself. Will be funded if we don't take care of the basketball we take quick shots. And we don't give back and that is always thrown into layups some points for them. So. You know for us that that's the key on the offensive and in the defensively which is five most importantly is not allow them to split us and what I mean by that. The army is if you're one pass the way you've got to be any gap and help because they really drive the basketball very very hard to the room. And they live at the free throw line. And so we've got a good view aggressive in helping modeled on those guys straight line drives to the room. And shoot layups and in a wide open you know 1015 foot foot jump shots. And then you'd you know lastly which kind of translates to both in this. Is for sure of the defense of and we got to rebound we have to make sure that we go and box out. And we limit them to launch. Pluses and unbelievably. Talented. And big and athletic team that they're 6667. All the way across the board. I'll bring in do rebounds for a 63 yard. And they roll off the bench with three or four guys that are just like that so that they they don't necessarily bots are out. But they do a great job of pursuing the ball they're big they're athletics we got. Do a great job dispute often nasty shot. Finding each guy going to hidden driving monopoly that make that your guys on jumping over Barack. In limiting them to their one shot in the flip side is going to the glass on the offensive end. Trying to get an extra possession here or there just be a little bit off. Boy how about that coach Miller could really fill the airwaves absent some keys to the game that I even some good ones there. As the grizzlies get set to battle the sixth ranked Hutchinson blue dragon is great Devin what is that 97 and thirteen thirty can assess. We'll take a break here on your back more than pregame shows we count down to two properties under six minutes we'll have more right after this. Your next oil change change the life of your vehicle for a number if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Three G performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime both engines and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it outside his shop in your neighborhood and BG finding shop dot com. That's PG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. We're moving through the future with you with banking solutions for the way you live and work. Vintage bank kansans provides customers with the technology that empowers you with greater convenience access and control of your accounts online banking ATMs and seven convenient locations make banking easy. Vintage bank Kansas community banking and insurance agency member FDIC. Visit us online and vintage bank KS dot com. This is Michael's that we join me weak side today are okay. And others tonight's National Anthem. Just one more item of business before we took this one off via teams that returned to the floor. And we'll have our starting lineup sensitive for the pregame show stay with us are opening tipoff tonight each and every grizzlies game right to abide. Our good friends at Freddy's frozen custard Tuesday birders Freddy's president's presidency burgers celebrates return their fall classic Freddy's pumpkin pie concrete. Fresh in premium frozen custard led with a whole slice of rich pumpkin pie crust at all. 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It's not just a statement and didn't. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries. A promise but the Marines. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball always on the air follow the grizzlies ulcers along I 9873030. K and asks asks. The grizzlies basketball is what you buy these major sponsors Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the pace that brings you back. With six locations in which topped one under every and one in Belgrade when he if you don't mind west central. The US Marines the few the proud marine ex KG products automotive maintenance of highest quality. To find a PG shop near you visit PGA finest shops dot com. That's PG club is shop dot com. Panic heating and air conditioning and we'll make your copper is our business for the location and hand over to better serve my card counting pilot did your hometown there. Finished they can't just move into the future with the news now let's head out to the arena full brother grizzlies basketball. It's. Now welcome back to the and hell gringos as he gets network classic Jihad conference catch up above the grizzlies you know Hutchinson look right straight get what is on 9713. Birdie and it says in which it's not fantasy sports that are. You slack is Arsenio coordinator that's good for the starting lineups. Person visiting Hutchinson would dragons they come and it is being ranked sixth in the nation they began a season preseason all. Never wanted nation defending national champions last year 35 and soon. Her first national championship since nineteen. Coach Steve back in his ninth here are completely cleared out as a college coach at his 241. And 47. His overall record this year attended one. Overall 61 in conference play currently tied for first place with art and copy bill. At one guard position and do 63. Sophomore out of Brandon Ontario candidates that Toronto area. He would have issues averaging thirteen point seven points per game just under six rebounds. Your starter for coach in the blue dragon the other guards to be Robert. Whitfield. With built six Resop and Raleigh, North Carolina he's averaging seven points three rebounds per game. The two forwards. Rape Wanda Taylor 67 freshman Jamaica New York Taylor's averaging under ten points just under ten points and six boards per game. The other forty's she she. It certainly means war. Rhymes try to play into your starter productions in blue dragons. He is six Ford 205 pounds offers out of Phoenix Arizona is certainly historic eighteen point two points per game. Or am rebound. Starting next senator it's himself. Knew who. Do lose another two year player for coach at Kentucky due to a six nations of the Bronx New York he's ever had just under five points in little over five rebounds per game. That's a starting. Five air force feedback you know Hutchinson flew right close it out of the Butler grizzlies. Hurt your head coach Bryant Miller he's 43. We're all. Of course here assistant Cameron Parker also the first years is that. You're Armstrong will be the starting point guard 510 sophomore. On the. Points a game just over two rebounds per game Armstrong is the point guard. The other guard the grizzlies tonight is 83 and ward 63 freshman. Hall. Can sophomore is averaging six point four. More points per game is under we have. Is Russell Smith the redshirt freshman for. In this city can't insulate the North High School but he's averaging twelve point eight points a game. Seven. Over seven rebounds per game for Russell Smith. The other horses have been buried six forests are trying to. Do you high school here in Kansas. There is averaging six point seven points per game a little over one rebounds per game and a star in the center of the entity Bratton succeed freshmen Omaha Nebraska in her high school. Redness making just his third start. The freshman seven point eight points per game four rebounds. And secretary of Spock it is not start the night pizza being disciplined. My head coach Bryant Miller knows that there but he will be in the ball game securing a spot them. The grizzlies leading swore. It's sixteen point three points per game but to step out of the road red uniforms with the blue lettering trimmed in white in new rules Lou trimmed in white. The grizzlies right now they're biggest mobile home uniforms purple letters and numerals from Detroit. Drury got great I would assign 9713. Thirty. We'll jump senator gets new boot and. We're set to go audio chip is controlled by touch and you have to go back to work. On tape and do. Them him from Toronto Ontario thousands left side issues. It'll bite Whitfield with bill passed goes inside it lays. It was right at the rim that pass and put right into that could lead for much. All the threats were very offensive because look what. Armstrong has did it right more. Mortar that merchants particularly picks up to the left wanted to handle it by a Russell Smith yeah. Just forty seconds in your department is everywhere society that says. This is Whitfield over the the left corner goes to run. Lose detail currently want Taylor gets it back. Who travels complicated stuff it's out of step he's offered travel. Hutchinson is ten and one overall orders to. What conference literally Lawson party. Ineptitude or the conference game its cloud county on the fifteenth to November. It lost in overtime the thunderbird 7269. And it startled everybody in this war there's Rattner ten foot of the right way they. Spurs up. The right side inherited the grizzlies have applied it to lead this. Over admitted in her apartment but it didn't want to let it slide arrives back it goes to do it only goes up strong and missed the last hurtful to rebound. Yeah basically that's our lives. It's that close shot back that way Russell Smith and out of use it to Armstrong. Right there Russell Smith. It's if that's movement though we'll have needlessly from a ploy. And now it's going to be called. Notes call you commodity in. He he's getting all the minutes. Steve net long time basketball coach here in the Wichita area. Six titles sounds nice obviously as a coaching ranks wolves and bury the right quarter as those Armstrong Armstrong. Right now it's Miller just two are right. It's worse it will mark. Played well pop goes the more more strides and left him bankers more. All in front court justice color not yeah. I don't Wichita is invisible in news right side now that's right Warner and mrs. Taylor puts on the floor try to pass. Well. Crazy. I'm Armstrong left winning artwork goes the more work like that massive. Answer them. Are pornography. Always a great match up Butler did not mention it all started. This rivalry in 1929. Elevenths and classics over the years. That he's having early. Ninety's and we. Lead over Hutchinson. Oh what a great start for the grizzlies in the there's talk among the best this is only a 32 time around officials crawl and roll things back on. Into the ball game punishment tonight. From Washington and Z. Mitchell it's completely as you've seen last year's exit so that was struck New York. He's in there. Or Whitfield the front court that this process timeline by Armstrong it's the right side as opposed to. Runs that top Taylor Taylor's best move right baseline. Do bad it was a while before fatally completely floored. About more than seven nightly. It was 71 particular deal now it is the elderly go Armstrong at top as it swings to a site that had been there there is still the problem is that the circles that talks are off the screen takes it right quarterbacks out as those that area appliance brand of war more cross over to isolate left and let him as the lead employ the pit too strong up the back aren't you remember about the tree in the front court and a lit close shot it is not happening in the proper charge. That's him he can't use second column and I. Yeah mentions it isn't that they have ever been to my house. Sixteen. 1656. Ago great start for the grizzlies tonight to leave for Butler over Hutchinson. The cubs Armstrong up the floor cross the timeline right side has the right side of Russell Smith Smith works against Taylor tries it in the lane. Hanger from five feet. Just off the back and earned a whistle on problems against Taylor. Great one Taylor. Says seven freshmen Jamaica New York. Whistled for the F fouled some B two shots for Russell Smith. He's not a great start 1644 to go here in the opening half the power plant. Re drawn away by Smith is often heavily on the backboard and in. So confident our actions in coveted. And it really ultimately is answered the power plant Smith who's got four points out of the gates at three and a free throws another free throw coming up. 1640 forward ago tended to lead the grizzlies. The free throw by Smith is good again rattled off the rim and backboard and it's shooters rule Smith has five early points agreed to an eleven to two lead. Tyler content in the front court list as those he Iran certainly it's more of talk now mrs. At the end Rojas has roughly three of those who lives here come the grizzlies in the front court eleven to leave for Butler early. 61 or two ago and he'll have the power plant Paula talked Armstrong between the circles on the street outside the Bretton excellent quarter. That that defensively their drives way past those inside Smith who went up for a shot clock to handle the ball turns it over them Rojas front work. Hands off now to Whitfield. With no drops about Taylor drives the lane and actually that is Mitchell looked at him to isolated doubled tripled reaching out by the grizzlies. It's obvious she's now. Shot clocks it's you know two on the game clock is accurate the power plant did it what is on the 9713. Thirty in this as you about an excellent excellent pass goes inside the minds. Bribes were you very drops off the left side. To cotton actor rhymes nearing the end and go past him. You Rodgers right wing three and the ways in and out I was which I Whitfield. Hold down by more. Here on the grid is the chance to build up Lebanon to leave your early. And a half minutes later but our point Butler and touch. 188 all time as we know very well John we're kind of rebound Bratton. Knocked it loose picked up by a touchdown before Rojas drops off to ride rightfully puts up short microscope every. Out of a war here undergraduates on a breakout or tries Damascus but tougher shot and a good but he. On the foul play very. Very aggressive early on tonight. Nazis is an energy. You from Adrian Moore early this season. This is something that coach Miller's been telling me in conversations that he needs authority read more apparent that message is getting through tonight. This will be three shots what Steve Beck has blasted the official who made at call it mid court frequent away by Moore is no good to strong. Grizzlies are gonna hand it through free throws tonight it's wonderful often Dotson sits right Hutchinson. Fifteen a year ago this week 7-Eleven to two lead. Over the numbers sixteen in the nation what's reasonable grounds. That are free throw Coventry and more. Think a lot of guys realize that more respect him when they defend a three run. It's good it won't soon. In mores at five points. Average accident camp points this season. Here comes content different court but the dragon's prices timelessness to the right side. To Whitfield has less noble the end. For Carolina but what. Street it is all that's about right siders Bryant along three atop the market rebound by the grizzlies. On street in front court topic he'd. Armstrong had Brad Holland Fortier is a left wing three under way by or rattles out at an athlete but a pop out rebound of my life. Don't let this goes to con Los. It's back in the right word I'm content. It out of Wichita North High School. Talk now to do with those drops off Bryant took place here with the heat sensors along. The way topic Levi's reaches no good. Now he's over 111003 point range written a basket by Armstrong's book. Jared Armstrong with a strong drive along the right baseline outlook bank shot high floater. You get off the red planet was nervous Muhamed three. Or how about the start of the grizzlies fourteen diligently for the grizzlies here the power plants. I'm out on the floor. Steve activists let his players tablet and a little too far right. Arguably agency that is in its ninth season as head coach of the Butler or. It's gonna use these alleged former coach here for three years for the grizzlies. He had a good number one nation. Head coach here we took over when Brady's mrs. Left to take the Wichita State job it was feedback. Team coach grizzlies for three years. Won the national championship last year's contract worth 35 to. Here comes. All the front court that's Whitfield passed the left side. Up top as good now to Curtis policy generally. Into Texas it's my freshman all first time here is Mitchell but right baseline jumpers short rebound of our. Armstrong here on the grizzlies has him fortunately it was a pull up left wing John went away no good by Russell Smith. But not their real honored by Paulus Paulus outlook pessimistic. Rightward loose on Nike clubs thirteen Purdue can access. And it goes up top. And it is as follows pops up and content level. Offensively. I'm borders its bottom open jumpers in and out I was put up by three. That was inside the markets should do. And he's open to shooting spree that he's got the rebound fourteen decently thirteen point seven ago muscles that doesn't use talk two. Armstrong back and rightly goes dismissed. Smith passed it but those aren't strong between the circles Armstrong not about a three now drives and basket. Right corners area three. Three. 72. It hurt you know three to go in the first after the par 72. When. The grizzlies. Don't test goes right baseline drive in the basket past now. Out of bounds that was hit so. I was kept on about it to turn over about. How about this short. 1250 portability seventy decently Butler grizzlies. Grizzlies accidents are all here. But he snapped a four game streak with a waited it's sad afternoon. It is 15 heroes. Lost in overtime and were out. On the fifteenth of November. Worthless stock that is the law enforcement. Please war has left sides are wrong. Arms on its cotton goes up top to bock at Armstrong off the screen by Adams and usable. Now. Drop right border area that's a victory visit doctors more likely topic knee. Good rebound it they're my polyps while flights out of the floor crossover dribble and I personally. Charges have. They've made it more offensive foul oh my goodness. What Chris is doing everything right tonight. It's either us. Curtis policy. Conference aren't and taxes 1221 year ago here. Seventeen accidentally for the grizzlies. Armstrong watch the ball for importantly is that there. During that topped. Armstrong from a company point performances when it's on Saturday and appoint yours toward the basket and banker and follow. And we've. Dixon Butler. Brought their front court left him troubled parts out of play. Cotton. Takes over the left wing pass goes to Ryans who tries it tanks he shot was blocked the east foul. JJ rhymes whose sophomore realize it is time for somebody take control offensively for the blue dragons. He's going to the line for two shots and aggressive drive better. 114040. Go in the opening effort of our plant on the campus of Butler community college in the grizzlies. Her leading nineteenth two free throw it away by BN news hood left handed shot. The bigger part GG Ryan's. Bryant is related stories out of Phoenix Arizona he's a good one. Solid fields export to it and five pound sophomore Phoenix. Leading score eighteen point two points next frequently it is too strong rebound pulled down by Maddux. Nineteen to three Butler lady. Here comes trusted cradle of the front court first time we've seen him tonight as those outside the popular. About the criminal act of pocket bock a left wing passes left baseline and Adams travelers wait unforced turnover. Anthony Adams and sophomore. Former Louisiana. For the grizzlies turns the ball will proudly. Lefties on eleven and a half ago. 93 ordered the power play policy as a top music now to. News throw the ball away. Throw the ball away. James Rojas and crosses mark and it knew who. Once that entered coach is that your own players yelling at each other. Another turnover or Hutchinson 1116 to play fast moving per capita grizzlies leading nineteen to three. All right court documents be bluntly critical works right now right side is more backcourt lob and I thought. A lot. Erica yours hot topic me. Critic of the defense dropped off right side. This is Ross Ross depression backs in pass was atop the Hollis left corner at three under way is nobody to. Those over the fact we're out of play and talk aside. In 43 days ago and no matter how loud Steve thank you holds his blue dragon skin not you know track offensively here early. What do you want to three Butler which had 43 to go. But since it is averaging. 91 points a game they have three points night and a half minutes and the ball here are equivalent to be the right way. Up top Armstrong is critical. That's those inside right baseline to Smith. It works against Mitchell jump past the left side arms up over to crippled girl accidentally gives rightly yours Adams right baseline jumper. And it drops in any stat for the grizzlies beat us 4320. Steve matches you know one of the officials along the baseline. Think he wants to make the. Great want Taylor. She had eighteen day ago hurt the power plants 23 to three Butler related. Butler fans here enjoy this one early on there's not enough top works against Armstrong. It's up to dribble drops off a policy but rightly as those that talk to Taylor. Taylor back out statements is that the cotton left side as low block left sidelines the accident fatally Shumpert leads it short powerful rebound. Adam's wife or outlet pass those aren't fun here come to grips and running front court. Armstrong rides in the lane optics and out of the left leg curls back yard pass at the critical when he 3394040. Grizzlies leveraged effort our planet. Right Warner Russell Smith has picked up his dribble drops off. Adams backup to Smith who worked at route to protest those right now players and jump right away by Smith no good we. Rebound and foul committed by block him. Misery that was pulled down by. I. 930 to go how about fifth start here department. The grizzlies media timeout. Butler 23. Hutchinson three wood 930 to go back in one minute I'm in SS. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really. Highland Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build muscle but is that vitamins and it's. 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Becomes much matches movies right to left. Rate uniform. Letter in new rules from the white receives their biggest little home. Just goes to Taylor as those inside. In its tallest back rightly goes to Taylor Taylor's been the plane's steps through bankers up in no good. Rebound there by Rossi missed the putt back. Brackets rebound with a camera on the floor passed a bock a box of bad shot now. It draws a foul from may. That's going to be bad news third foul on the night. That on tape and who has arguably there's second best player here Hutchinson. That's good is Bernard personal. Sixteen wells war it's three for the grizzlies 901 day ago. It didn't witness cases in the ball in the free throw by option is good news just in the future. He's added 90%. On the year the free throw line 3430. Market is three points. One ego there's easily 24. Three X three programs now right on you. As a that it when he worked really. Over the Hutchinson lewd acts. Here's Whitfield in the front court absorb and right side. This follows works Rojas canceling the best policy and rightly. Ought not lose. Taylor wants Taylor left side Rojas. While that's goes inside to Bryant who scored rhymes got position obviously offenders it will turn scoring. Grimes goes three races please point fortified. Ones that they go in you know after the children ago. Smith as a treatment rightly. Sensed movement though the Bret Bret that's on the floor tries to basket forced a shot of that well that it was about last night. By the grizzlies. They would receive some aggressive play it from a couple of grizzlies haven't seen him much here. Miller's aggressively hip thrives in this what you might. All fluently wrote. Missed a tough shot. Much as the ball Taylor's honor roll offs you know rhymes has arrived football before the Belmont the last hole. The crippled little race on the floor lamp is not. And I followed. Russell Smith. Brussels. Sub. Steve. He's trying to argue over. Well pity it has got to get up. People. I don't know place inactive subset. Steve Beck is not a very good advantage stature physically. The boy and it's really elated to be officials here. He thought that ball was offensive goaltending Byron Russell Smith. On that driving layup attempt. By criminals. This is a full time out a lot of great sponsors of other grizzlies on the radio and football and basketball. They are edition applauding your comfort is our business with the location and it over to better serve other counties. Pilot Gary your hometown Gary the US Marines the few the proud the Marines. And didn't think Kansas moving through the preacher refused. Steve Beck got a technical and Steve Beck is still yelling at the officials. Trying to keep this to come over for further discussion official wants. 26. Of five lead. The grizzlies. An aggressive will be shooting free throws here it's like you're at Armstrong will shoot two free throws for the technical. 750 to go here in the first half Jihad conference basketball tonight on 9713. Thirty can assess Armstrong. Technical free throws your for the grizzlies. Free throw on the way is good all match. This first point of the night averaging a little over eleven points a game for the grizzlies a transfer. From Central Florida community college. Replete last year. 75 other free throw away good pace above one thing. Eight to five grizzlies. 28 to five Butler. It was 750 to go and keep in mind Hutchinson news three fouls on them on. Top players on the net right now. Cubs. Try to pass up. A blocked shot was put up rat them blocked Apollo is populated by Ross would let aggressive lockyer. Rejected shot and put it back up in. Your original shot was. If he wraps it up inoculate. That's. Definitely right that wrong that's atop the brutal brutal between the circles right. Hold that Smith has the right side of market drives right it's like me but it. That. Went up strongest Morgan. Pocket now has gotten five on. He's coming off that 22 point performance to lead the grizzlies in the win it Dodge City on Saturday afternoon's second straight game scoring. 42 or more with the flu. Free throw it away is good battles today. It's a three point play and the grizzlies lead is thirty to 7714. To go here in the first half. Grizzlies will bring back itself knew who he succeeds off on a Bronx New York they're big and on the front court this is Whitfield at this time interval tests and policy work around it rhymes mindset. Pass it up on. Left baseline. Robustness policy lovely tree hierarchy shot updated. All of us that follow us yells at the park service. That it three. Justice for three years 415. He's at the Butler bench. It is 31 it to him. All different fortunate that the people of rightly toxin are on the screen left Oakland right spots open three in and out. Rebounded right. If your conscience you wanna cut easily try to get it down maybe to twelve or fourteen here's the past writes I've thrown out of now spy politics. And policy drive it to the ladies throw it away. Hostage yelling at Wallace's teammate. Right past. The wanted him greatly. Front court rightly accuse it and it looks back or not there. That's the free throw line the pockets want to jump on the way left that short one for the following month. Smith but he could get the ball past dumb as a rock but yeah. Problem. Right now a part but it's not the ward it's definitely here and pencils and that was right on the floor and robust broad known for it don't regret behind so. And it drives that night before the war is frequently it is on the back. Back of the rim and shot straight up and came right back to the cylinder. Critical since 67%. Free throw shooter on the season that's free throws in and out so it makes one a student. Justin brutal prisons and it is 32 intent. On the front door policy has enough left baseline by Armstrong if it. Yeah arrives Bryant that's been created shot it. Ultimately that novelty it worker. Around now the far sideline as the Whitfield would build confidence he hasn't left side Hollis. Puts up a jumper and it is long battle to rebound goes to roll costs through losses pass is thrown out of bounds. What countries have a miserable first half and I couldn't find anybody here department could start war. I'm 32 you know Hutchinson and sixth ranked team than any sugar and at one that sits at one. Opportunity procedure 55 overall to a climate conference play. Partners that we tries to basket big stupid. But today it's the all of a price war news hasn't arrived drives right it's right tanks which shot no bets in a battle the rebound Rendell Armstrong right slogan. The ground there comes armed north. Merck acted out confident. Relatives colonel. Is it not Armstrong. Miller two hours immediately or in the play called. Ago secretly Hutchinson 3042 hitter the power plant spit my personally bounced right puts up a shot credit should happen. Robots. Can't Smit has gotten behind the grizzlies lead just 36 hits him. Yeah about a six minute call a timeout. Warren 32 to go first now. And this is a Butler grizzlies storm here tonight. 36. Hits him Butler. Our next broadcast will be coming up here Saturday night the grizzlies are home and you. The face of cloud county thunderbirds the lady grizzlies will step off at 530 minutes 730. And we'll have to broadcast or right here in 9713. Thirty in assists at 715. On Saturday. The grizzlies in the crowd county thunderbirds. Put on a nice track record tonight when you factor in the school is now. When asked if finals was today's a lot of students and headed home for the holidays. We have a really good crowd here tonight I suspected this game was played when school was in the problem. People. Enter credit bureau a lot of folks here from Hutchinson. Dragons have a really good strong faithful and they they travel well. They're sitting on the other side in the upper reaches of the power play and here is a good turnout from him wearing blue and red. 36 to ten Butler. Hutchinson after losing that game in overtime of a cloud on November 15 have won their last five games. Who started the season pre season ranking it number one the reigning national champion. And after winning a national championship last year. Hutchinson is an inbound half court. It vehemently dean call Ryan Miller time now Miller was on the court or obstruct justice Anderson. But it met easily be heeded the warning invaluable. To blitz build the building party very closely I. Little that's not going to grind it out now goes to preach which is as high as it's gotten drops up to ride to paint him. That's at six foot motor from the left baseline he has a good one GG. She's got quiet for a much as it is 36 to twelve well let me go. That's left way Russell's. It's a top to block them block the tree on the way he leaves it short. Every night great. Streak to six freshman Pete falls Pennsylvania. Dragons. It rhymes drives it name's John as those rights tigers' victory on the way up he carries and three by Robert Whitfield. Whitfield is a 50%. Sugar. 7070. Threes in 33 minutes about that he said. It is 36 to fifty. Rightward. As of right elbow a rat read it about Armstrong Armstrong. Rightly back atop Smith Smith gives people on the left side cradled her pocket Friday saying to bankers note that runner. Like hot. Hutchinson with three nights ago asked for a court creeps rides they shot. Clock. Last night my role possibly trying to retrieve it wetlands have a breakout game the freshmen grow up all part of. High school that's at least three blocks in the course now my ground. Here comes aggressive confident sensational block if he ran past it was a brand top of the key act passed but the bock bock and gets it right siders interpret what are currently. Great ball movement there by the grizzlies Reynolds got three Pittsburgh definitely. Here comes drive drive quickly just be lost the ball right out of the far right corner is the cut by one dribble back. But I think those rides. Rhymes pull up jumper left handed up in Boise smooth. If you just got seven he certainly seems swore he points to a game. It is 37. Seniors that are. The first half to 27 ago. All different for the grizzlies there's been left to right here in your biggest little home uniforms for the letter numerals Smith actually kicked out left more. Armstrong to be proper travel Armstrong who's tried to get the ball corral it and take it three but he Bobble global travel. 216 to go. Butler leaving 38 to seventy over Hutchinson is a great team in the nation. Here's digit rise to isolate Hanks which are right in motor sports any it was the right hand. Right now is that night miss Beasley is 3890. Accurately Armstrong maxed out right when it. But the grizzlies you know hurt him. An eighteen point lead. And under two minutes ago Armstrong. Removes his legs drives right baseline action now this was a conflict riddled literally guarded by Franklin. But Whitfield a bigger part that's was excited rat. Lose the ball floated over here comes rip it in the front court bounce pass those ahead in order for the let loose again. The ball out of bounds is wrong us in the city grizzlies knock so. She's got a break there because touch at the break out numbers. Across the big man. At Jamestown, New York views that 1720. Freshman. At the mall strip he was gonna relate up. 136 to go to grizzlies with a 38 to nineteen lead over Hutchinson. That's recently down their own message to write Rojas as he gets to rhymes are looking for right now apparently swore pull up jumper on the way is no good long rebound put down Bartlett. Or a bigger part more. The remorse in the front court wars 5% points gives our. Strong went 22 ago this is that what you wanted to rent some time off the clock here. Under instructions from Bryant Miller the head coach. That's a tough circles aren't strong off the street that they'll go about Breton fiddler site gives Smith Bob bass was excited let me ill advised pass knocked out of town spiral. Honest throw my shoes gold level dribbled into a lawsuit out of notes. 105 days ago. You know they've done. Gonna have to fix the shot clock and a 29 seconds on the shot clock. There was not a change of position error. Chip scorers table. And it was a lot nest right in the basket. Shot clock down to it. And sentenced residual in and that's right. Yeah it went deep violently. Armstrong. Shot clock Armstrong topic T. Makes shot has also struggled I'll let don't let those drives around. Obama walked I'd hardly call a foul. Adrian I would expect it. For the grizzlies. Was chasing for. Heidi Whitfield on us. The only breakout. Whitfield went up for a layup and more from behind the leaped up and blocked it from behind that he got with a body. Spectacular athletic play by Eaton war what you need to know. Creature on the way it is good we're thrilled. That builds cut four point season averaging seven point oh yeah. 55 point four seconds ago. It's literally down to an eighteen point deficit it's 38 point eight. Final 55 point four seconds of the first after the power plant. Have frequently about Whitfield you make some vote. Throw Whitfield got five degrees easily lose 38 point one. Next possession tutored in half ebitda. Grizzlies revolver front court Armstrong has the right side of Russell Smith. Smith looks for a cutter not literacy test topic circles Armstrong. Off the screen by attitudes that side of the Russell Smith a 513. On the shot clock 37. Thought Kevin Barry has it right wing. There are being part of like kindness goes to block them block implies that they might fatally Adelaide or shot note that incessantly. Armstrong rightly three. It's. 4141. Shot clock was about ten seconds on the game clock Whitfield passed what's underneath and a layup attempt was blocked but yeah apparently it gets to follow but to do. Three seconds ago half court shot by. A lot of photos snapped. With a brother grizzlies. More fouls. And now he's out of the all cadets is not technical. Now is Steve I think it. Professional. Yeah that is not he's that he expected from them all the here was his second technical. It is forty wind and suits bloody. Holmes is the start of the second half. 4123. But there. It happens feedback he's done he's not as traveled. On the shoulder he. Wanted off the court. That coach of the defending national champ. Should have been ejected from the ball game. His second technical he was yelling at the official four fouls 4004 fingers in the year. Indicated only four fouls called against Butler in the first half an official from about twenty feet away tee them up and that's all for Steve Jackson what a first half. You're the power plant twenty minutes in the bunker grizzlies leading the number sixty they should Hutchinson 4123. Halftime shows coming up next. Vintage baby Kansas is a community bank our roots are in Kansas we built our business on a philosophy that's deeper than customer service it's about getting to know our clients understanding their business anticipating their banking needs and recognizing people as individuals and our neighbors it's a philosophy that we've held dear for over 100 years vintage pink Kansas community banking and insurance agency member FDIC. We're moving through the future with you learn more advantaged eight KS dot com. 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This is Stevens had joined this morning right here on cape tennis and. Am I on the radio football and men's basketball and a Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers at Jason brings you back with six locations in Wichita. One in Durban went right here and elder go to 18 on 9 west central. Beat G products automotive maintenance of the highest quality. Required to be tee shot near you visit these Tea Party shop dot com. That's BG five to shop dot com also Hannity and air conditioning plumbing. Your comfort is our business with a location and hand over bettors are Butler county highland very. Your hometown Gary the US Marines the few the proud the Marines have US Marines clearing income up our post game show. In vintage bank Kansas moving through the future refute what what do first half here. The broadcast these games for the grizzlies for twelve years I can't remember I have quite like this when the grizzlies. Racing south. To me at 23 to three lead at the media timeout with 930 to go and again Hutchinson is averaging 91 point two games each year. The F three points. With a ten and a half minutes played. In at halftime the grizzlies are leading 4123. In Hutchinson Moore have to play the rest of the game without her head coach Steve Beck whose each decade for second technical foul. It the end of the first half. You're to bring us the efforts have stats he has a shot Boston. John how about that stuff but first half and almost. Like the first half for the grizzlies. Hutchinson seem like there's a lid on this is truly on the on the news cited. A look at the first half stance what he shot 30% nine of thirty from the field two of seven from long range for 20%. And in three of four and the power line through led scoring. But I. Did you run with nine points on fourteen shooting. Five points four Whitfield. On one of three shooting with three points. Four Curtis home subdivision two points apiece. We were Salem new do as well as. Reached in Rojas so Hutchinson no players in double figure scoring in the first half which is a very surprising. The that's the three insist on there and I need Google's Butler. We the way weird voices Russell Smith with guns he points for years knock them off of infantry. High points for Adrian more. As well as your own song with five points once you have behind yards and and made two free throws. And four points. Competes for you to meet Bratton as well with infamy Adams. And it three point support seven varies and it just brutal. Grizzlies shot 40%. On fifteen of 31. From the field three of eight from long range. In each of eleven from the free throw line so what Butler shot seven more free throws the in the blue dragon in the first half. Rebounding brother. How rebounds it would drag of 1917. But Lewis seven assists on their fifteen mcdougals. Into turnovers nine for Hutchinson just four for the grizzlies. And he found four Q4 for the grizzlies. So you have Butler can't ask for a much better first half and then it's you know in. Polar Huskies always kill competitive in the crowd tonight really brought it and and really set itself. You know John I'm always a little bit paranoid. And you root for a team as a broadcaster and you're relaxed your your real it was acquiesced. Against Hutchinson. In their efforts. Tremendous done by Jonathan Lindsay crowd erupted like I've never heard before that receives an eight point lead. It appeared like you were well on her way to an upset win over hearts last year the national champions in touch rattle off a sixteen to overrun. You may remember that he went on to win that game here at the power plant last year's so you know and I know we have not heard or seen the last of Hutchinson tonight. Yeah but you know this leave that builders build up in the first half this is going to be really. Good motivation for them don't the second half is now live with those who Stephen uncharacteristic game as well and so we will not gonna go to him for the position calls for but they're also. They don't have when their assistant coaches take you to react is actually recruiting in New Jersey. Backwards from so you don't want to retired without one their top assistants night so. It could be interest in unison. You know Steve carpenters longtime sports information director. It's good to knock that job wonderful job and is sitting up in the upper reaches tonight keeping stats for their actions and excitement. I'd love to know if he knew excuse Beckett repeat check if you'd sort career. And that's good question because a lot of officials. They were actually put up with arsenic even though it is can do little. Please sometimes. Among officials know don't have that were used on him bullets tonight's different story and you know it's the right down the way from here he was just Libya and he was yelling for that's. Youth basketball game going on here right now happened to grizzlies were leading 4123. Over the six recollections include dragons to a we'll take a break here we'll come back and John. You can write downs it's worth the conference will be back with more have Tucker with our plant about grizzlies leading 4123. Overrides orange can't assess. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really high end Jerry chocolate milk isn't natural source of high quality protein build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with a left relates to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so you haven't that you didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. This last I miss being. Your next oil Sheen changed the life of your vehicle forever if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. VG performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime both engines and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it inside a shop in your neighborhood and BG's findings shop dot com. That's VG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. Glenn Beck joining me in mourning tonight right here on. McCain's about liquidity colleges now. Basketball tonight coming your way in 98713. Thirty he had access. Those tickets like your halftime by John Boston pitcher Justin and about grizzlies have a 41 to 23 lead over the Texans blew dragons and a touch head coach. Steve Beck has been ejected from the game at the end of the first half he was working at the officials. You took his second technical so he grabbed his possessions is travel back trap on the shoulder in was last seen walking. For the Hutchinson locker room to our right where at halftime here that this is the 41 at 27 played excellent. Eighteen point lead for the mother the sleaze and Sean got some other scores were on the conference. Half cents for a half ago radio show 4533. That came down and I was hole in copy bill. Early second half action and in new York city of Cali in independence candidate 41 apiece. Or know all over dobbs tonight 56 when he won a half. And govern is leading cloud 4490. If you courting cloned horse comes here on Saturday. That's it we're leading talent 4519. It's midway through the first half you know in the pool and friends who we don't demonize none of the school right now that was 8 o'clock tipoff. Double teams return to the floor right now allies we get set for the start of the second half was still about five minutes away from the start of the second after the power plant. Grizzlies have a 4143. Point lead and I got to believe Sean that the first few minutes of the second half. Will be critical because the touch makes that many right here the right back in the hall could pick on me. And I've ever Mike pardon me. Yeah former head coach your years of successful for the grizzlies. These fellows felt he'd veto that accidentally you know for review there was a lot of possessions his knowledge fastball you know that he's. Yeah and you prevent the first half didn't feel bullish on 48%. They also got me. For proof that they made him a little wet from the free throw line. But she shot for free throws in the first half so that was definitely a difference in the first half of Roland and I think if they can start out here lot of movement in here early. And then the second half. In this crowd into it like it. In this in the first half and I think. Your security group. No good shape but they've got it through offensively talented players in there we go back and look at that. He wanted me to win 31 half hour for the barely played and he went up top returner. Yes certain. It's very vital. Right I have one in my home in my pocket to. Yeah I've been through this. With no points in four minutes played and picked up 3004 minutes and these these are crucial player on this team that. If we could pin. He did not accountable in the second happy for him to run with the into. Who beat him a lot more about him in the second half. It is considered a comfortable right now with 31 half you know coach was limited practice it's only. Call risen foot after batteries don't hate them. And this was the thinking that's the official level on building new. Well there always confuses who lived. And so what they do a nice job and tell you some I did some research on the broadcast last year. Talk about free throw discrepancy. Quarterfinal game at the sports arena home of the much smoother but repeats of Odessa quarterfinal matchup Hutchinson head from. Seven. Protests. The government been in touch outscored Odessa. And I was there. Yeah I think a lot of to have you with that's whose defense and you know he's been around so we'll get in a lot of officials. Know they will. Kind of be like yeah yeah we give humans and it's not a lot if we complain a lot hood tonight who have. One step further in the semi final he. Hutchinson northwest Florida Hutchinson. Road northwest Morgan. And much more than. That game by. They outscored. The free throw line. So but oddly enough Steve back toss out again tonight. Complaining about Butler hadn't. We're happy about this bolt. Yet I was sitting pretty much. The line words to him. Read them opportunity and I thought the ball cleared his cylinders thought that was good no call there on the off into the open race on its own excellent on the post game show you final stats. John vause who helps out of the broadcasters still a student by the community college. And in the grizzlies. News at the start of the second half that your coach Wright middle what you wanna do it somehow. Infuse. That same energy that his team had when they start the ballgame. Tell your wife says this is the grizzlies in the eleventh game here the previous occasions that they come out. Let your hair is on high. Note at the plate numbers Steve nation in this rivalry. Even appeared nude at Butler basketball you know you know that your big rival it's Hutchinson. And so you get ready for this game and a oddly enough coach Miller told me yesterday at practice yesterday. He was so disappointed what is team after one hour of practice he Lewis will solicit get out of here go home though. I'm done with yes he said he had a good walk through today in a good shoot around but he said yesterday's practice he sent home really upset with them after only one out. I would every did it somehow has worked at least in the first effort I've got a long way to go to put twenty minutes up on the clock. Butler was a 41 to 23 lead and again I won't say having the first couple minutes if you year. Because parts could make an early statement and a half to get back in this ball game there down by eighteen. 41 point three. It's good to see former Akashi. By the Booth. Scores I looked it was in his head coach crotchety peacekeepers for several years and very good program and turn. Now assistant coach Sam Houston State who recruited. Never never progresses we'll get free throws her to start the second half because of the technical feisty that at the end of the first half after regulation time off the clock. So you're Armstrong will shoot two free throws before we start the second half read on the way it's good. I. Don't know. The grizzlies lead now is that in 194223. This result of that into the first depth technical by Steve excuse second of the game. Free throw away is good. The grizzlies lead it's 43. It's 183 and a twenty point lead. Princes William Dudley got more Armstrong Perry Latin. He and Smith seems starting five their. So yeah. The second half of the weird play on and on Friday that he's been out here with the best we picked outright war and the way vice. And Russell's man. He's got twelve points the grizzlies lead just forty cents that's 43. On the front. This is Whitfield as those inside not the way until the moment read more. More arms aren't as the basket. Other residents were required for a second. Blue dragon were playing without their head coach Steve back. Whose advantage for him technicals. There's JJ lives right of the nine points first half drives right basically goes and lays it up today we stepped through a double team. Very good players at 1140. And into the second after the power play great and everyone else on 9713. Thirty minutes after the chickens. Courtside tips my first recorded passcodes went right side. Is off the Armstrong that's not just the very. Has closed more complicated work drives the lane. Driving could play the official sighed and it calls for it. War's third personal. And so to terrorist box of chicken from war. The team 46 ago here in the second half. Eight to 25 Butler lady you heard me correctly. Thursday's jump out today. He treated three at the media timeouts it's the society when at strongest tour. Consistently for geography line that's. 41 days. At one point lead. On top is outside of restlessness. That doesn't it. It is an arms and Armstrong crossover dribble right basement through the masculinity it back atop its bets that basically tries to blame but but I think Smart about it. Warren seemed to lead the grizzlies. Defeated point seven bunker your mind back there yeah. But it turned around backwards nobody gets its own mess and try to look for shot and it's up but I don't. You're Armstrong. Reached him along the baseline and tied a team to run things. Possession arrow favors much on the tied up personal. That's who terrorize those who is an alliance and the ball is not the way that Ryan Fowler. Smith. But. By Russell Smith hit the ball. Well into the past usage here legacy bomb. Rhymes with a body. Now he has Russell Smith. And now you've doubled Taylor obviously what's on the floor lights that accident that took the bankers know I don't believe. Armstrong are brought race front ports through the lane and shot the ball stripped out of bounds last night's Whitfield she. Grizzlies and intent on running every time in the wall. Looking right now. Armstrong agreed that we would not qualified closer went Bryant had a breaks down or at least now he snores. He's now played seven there. An intentional foul on thirty and right somehow even though there was wrapped around. They call a 32 time out. Really fifteen to 29. And that was it pour it down pass. From the the baseline to our left underneath your own basket in Armstrong the mistakes he's made tonight. A lot depends too high. Break out done him away in very. Very excited. Defense of active football to straight over the receiver somehow. He's able to bust load up an it executive. When they blew the whistle and I thought at home. Barry didn't work. So Ryan's. Has got thirteen points these leading Hutchinson. He's basically been their only guys mortgage. The else Whitfield has five. Has to Taylor has to Rojas was to Paulus was 37035. To go. He's trying to win her second back to back conference teams that it lost Warner row. Snappy to have losing streak on Saturday afternoon to Dodge City heat pumps. 8478. Fifty to 49 free throw coming up here for rimes trying to complete a three point ploy she she runs out of Phoenix. Arizona. It peninsula division one basketball next year you can count on it. Crimes tonight is one of two from the line huh. Left handed shot free throw is good. The grizzlies lead is fifty to thirty. Prisoners have. Led. All the way to night. Firestorm eastward quickly there's Armstrong tries to basket Hank shot was rejected block. My news back to the way it lives runs to the basket step through puts it up and it. Sixteen. We averages eighteen point two a game. Would ragged sworn fifteen to 38 cart record fifteen to thirty to fifty. 32 grizzlies there's this movie right to left here in your biggest gold uniforms like. At the top. Screen vibrant over. This. Website and ran back today news news goes up strong debate about Clinton up in what. That's got six. And he has played like a sophomore here tonight on the punishment idiots. Here in the we're glad. That's the other way with those passes knocked on about how was stolen by Smith. But the grounds that it backer got the rest of the floor it's back like hot. Court asked those DeWitt bill passed those inside and political shots sort of mind to stop our ground. Expected shotgun right off his feet and it happens we're at now. It's ago that KG rhymes whose single handedly keeping them much in the bowl game. He's got eighteen points FC team behind me it's almost worse. Grizzlies news 52 to thirty former. With a chance now to three point play or PG Ryan's. He currently is no good invested. We've got eighteen to lead all scorers grizzlies is 52 to 34. Here comes Google the front toward the prisons you don't want to. Tone it down at all we keep pressure on leveling the box that pocket. Carries it over he didn't try to switch that you. Quality you talk. Grimes knows there's coach Mike. Miller. Chris Soledad. See it that. One of the world on the other coast you're down by. Voters today. Ultimately goes to Taylor Nelson thoughtless rhymes. Lines. One is when she steps are shot was quite wet and looks like watts. When it really walk it arrives filled backwards applicable law it is the war it was. That's awfully ultimately it was official. Please. There this team well let's get the panel's. Through these missiles he offers them here. Bratton. With the fouls. Into them back in the ball game has them on TV and do it is the second leading scorer for such an exit. He's been on the bench was tonight with three counts he had some very early in the government. So JJ rimes is on the line for two shots in the hundreds when I walk my breath. Freeze on the way is noted too strong. Mrs. last two free throws. He is to a fourth delighted that he's got a blue dragon team high eighteen points but candid shots. I've thrown away is good makes one since that makes me. This is the it is 52 to 35. If she's 55 days ago that our play of regulation. There's not six it is gonna split at the top of the key threats traffic and out of pocket rocket tries to basket and shot is blocked by. Us look like when you block it now they get a whistle. I don't want to go look like right had a clean block it now that are relatively quickly won me. It calls. Certainly looked like please block but it is called losing control policies but in this case the official. You lose it right now happening. Throws coming up but it turns pocket frequently is good. No pocket. He has three of fourth maligned and any on this season's 3601. For free throw line right around 90%. You just don't see players saudis should let him free throws that Rick Perry territory here hall of Famer. You know warriors. 5335. Frequently is good thanks to vote. So Hawkins got him. The grizzlies lead is 504035. Here comes content. It that they ended slightly privilege shot who is actually passcodes underneath and a bucket up it is ironic. Just or it will. I stood in defense here by the end. We're 371520. Goals. Drive in the right it's I was Russell Smith. And it was a foul along the way it is and it continues to rim and fell hard on his back he looks okay. That is touches first team found your second team felt bigger part second. Places him in check back here for the blue dragons. 71 on the season six and one in conference play it is. Five on the year two and five in conference good Hutchinson is currently tied for first place was part in poppy field in the GR conference. 1517 you have to not shooting well we see that Russell Smith did not get hurt trying to post war with a towel. Away. Hard to their traveling red uniforms and blue letters and numerals and in life. Her biggest old home uniforms new uniforms this year. Armstrong looks into what he does get to the popular. We'll assess why Armstrong grizzlies lead is 5637. There's hollows. And a compromise. In my pocket gets screened by Mitchell as those left side of Paulus Paulus want to. Back to Ryan's announcement was inside the Mitchell Mitchell puts up the shots forces. At 639. Minutes ago recognizable pop looks who has coached the instruction. Which militants though as those outside the pocket rocket. On the left side Russell vaccinated between those strong Baghdad's. Smith has got suit. When strong American continent but taller player he took the women's ward it. Birdied nine grizzlies weaker department over the six and dragons in my mind lots of low block outside of mitrovica is Vince. Pass those inside the halls of the accident false statement. Unexpected after the sources. 58 to 41 grizzlies leading seventeenth. Over Hutchison's this is led by eight. This news right side yours griddle at three on the way rims out rebounded by Mitchell. I didn't look for example I don't want to hear them standing in front court decided to put her recently tanks with the quarter note. Paul found little critics at home all. No it's not. Seeing my kids now. Ryan Miller's all my YYY. Development. In vitro relating elevated. From short range and put a shock. And was fouled did not make that shot thirteen 37 ago. There's he's trying to get back in the thick of the JR conference race or two and five. This is going to be Dovonte band do. You do at a plant in Ontario candidates near Toronto. He's the second leading scorer thirteen point seven points a game free throws no good. At the sorts of each other free throw coming up. 58. To 41 another free throw for me and do. Chris has lost all three leading. What Hutchinson last year. Epic semi final reads 610513. It's now it. 42. That's usually reduce it needs. Block them on the Portuguese rhymes that's been talked a little bit off the street Margaret's right side who want them to shock bunkers more. Russell Russell wit him on the stock market to play Russell tries to basket. But bookshop and now. Desperately. Notoriety because it. And it shot by a Russell's. Russell Smith the redshirt freshman transfer from Oral Roberts University. He's from always the North High School he's got eighteen point 22 it's a three point play any makes it. Grizzlies lead is 61. To 42. Thirteen on nine decoder. Create a new front court goes through Hollywood's digital lives run tries to basket lives up then they can't stop. Right now he's got. These three points. Visited 6144. How to put a body at least a month. On the front court people rightly goes block them block who works its Brian Smith was a top to grant him enough to cradles action outlet quarter atop the rocket is a topic of has the right side Russell. Pulls up it's a three but they called travel prior to the shot. Shuffled his feet. 1240. Notably this much is gonna run and 61. The 44 Butler. Prisoners of Legends Field in chip. That went with Hewlett 23 to three that it needed time first half spears left winning streak by Hollis on the way it's no good. Aren't rebound right down by more. I wouldn't make it out. Longer on the sidelines and ejected from the game platoons. There's approximately. Props go to cripple rattled nerves right. It only through. Reynolds walked past him for Brad active criminal records are locked up it's. Thought off the lot by critic of the pocket it's hard. And polls is out of control. And Colin Powell on the hornets and grizzlies. Pocket does not work. Pretty long past the Bretton Woods chipped it almost stolen. It went back to Bradley gave it back to cripple cripple Saudi mark. But if they're rightly. The allotted to the rim and block him just constantly. 6344. Receipts at seventeenth and also touches in the bonus. 1153. To go here at the power plant did that it would just about a 9713. Thirty can't assess this and JD Ryan's. Free throw on the way is good. It was a one on ones and bigger part. There's another free throw coming up yet 11. Bryant. Has got 24 points out you also worse. Grizzlies needed 63. 45 and other free throw coming up poor Gigi lines free throws note that it rebounded by Smith. Ryan says he's my 24 consecutive sixty toward. Took part 634545. To go to a department of Saddam's. Want a front court rightly those Russell Smith Smith missiles that doubled brand in golf to cripple. Colonel backs eloquent acceptance of gifts that top of the key three profit from her no good rebound pulled down by Hollis for much is demanded industries in the front court. Taxed out rightly troubles behind. That's why he's still the ball dribbles right it's like bullets don't pass goes to Rojas has who's inside local crowd tried to Mitchell turnaround bank shot is no good. Long regarded those two wives who tries to basket laced up and timeout called by this season coach Ryan Miller. How about KG rhymes he's got 26. Points. For Hutchinson. It into the game lead them sworn in eighteen point to a game it is 63. The 47. Grizzlies with it is six team. Sixteen point lead for the grizzlies. But don't discount the substance of blue dragon team. More than capable of coming back. Grizzlies and just joining us. Would 930 to go in the first half the media timeout grizzlies had 23 to three lead over Hutchinson. And they went to a halftime within 41. The 23 lead after the pocket expired in the first half Steve athletic technical earlier today. It goes for Hutchinson. Picked up his second technical. What it was like he officials know the foul discrepancies in the zone. Teed up for a second time. Ejected from the game as well. Prisons hit two free throws before we start the second half of a twenty point lead. So. Eleven San Diego still a ways to go in this one. Grizzlies have four timeouts left and hutch has to lose. Receives well in down to our right you precedes him box him criminal Smith's. Bratton in theory on the floor. There. All the orders across much like in the right word compromise them. On the screen right go by and let it. Through its accuracy top that he read my. Threes tonight six points presently 6647. The acted like it was painfully high bank. Anchorage nova ball ball ball. Curtis actually. Ares had three point specialist for the grizzlies the top three can. And as a top report Wacom Wacom it's the right way. Here's a three provocative ain't got. Miller head coach of the grizzlies. Wacom three got seventy. Back to the lip three best Mitchell gets the rebound goes up strong in his wallet it's no good golf ball. Russell Smith that obviously but back. Pass in the front court was left mortgage Mary takes a victory. As a top approval process. For profit college draft and weaknesses the reaction your crowd. Colonel actually a topic of circles. Takes over website at market upon the argument didn't popularized the best years of right wing three by Smith in and outrebounded by robots. In every step of war. Almost all that the only source of the shot no good what you want it he has. To Russell's commitments that it. Position. Snip pets is just essentially yeah. Thirty minute ago and this is our media timeout so what 939 to go the grizzlies sixteen now. In Hutchinson 47. Were back in one minute on 9713. Thirty can't assess. Welcome back to Freddie then he'll be here at our pumpkin pie concrete if that's sure dead real. Every cup crest at all. To pump him but I concrete please coming right up at Freddy's you'll always find that magical combination of families sign and president testing and preparing credible pumpkin pie concrete pricing dreamy president has dared bring him in a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spending has been steak burgers this case that brings you back. It's. Just likes. To struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the marine cool yeah things. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement doesn't didn't. It's a promise. To our mission. Promise kept for more than two centuries. A promise. Of the Marines. Eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on tea. It was a violent. Community college Virginia. In a sense of other grizzlies. 188. All time meeting between Butler and two series that dates back in 1929. Grizzlies early in the sixth ranked two blue dragon 6947. At 930 night ago here in regulation for power play great every witness. When the free throw line for two shots in his team's Rojas. 67. Freshman out of genes to a New York for the upload dragons. Right handed shot he's got two free throws coming up frequently is good rattle today and he's got three points tonight. The grizzlies tonight are shooting 55 point 6% from the floor their 25 of 45 or six of fourteen from three point range. Free throw and always good Rojas who looked at three. There's usually just point 6949. You still hear the dragon at least I do. Twenty point lead would. I'm 35 to go we've seen stranger things that you may shock over the years the home front for leveling those bottom block him. Am calling for good blocker and pass it up top between mr. Smith picks up his dribble. He has over the left side to cradled. Point on front not in play golf wise that's noble it's accepted from his back the blockers along three it's off the mark. Now the rebounds for a downed by and do it justice David but he. It throws out of bounds. If you did not need even go after that. Now he's gonna go out off those via three it to him but he did know that yes he tried to say the government. Received get a first thirty. To break their nine a night ago. Receives in down to our left the room macedonians is critical double team monthly bulletin partly thanks to strong rebound there. By Taylor. It up at the end do. It left in the front court Bryant wants the ball one on each got 24 Eagles wars gossip talk those two runs rhymes which you Smith writes the basket. To a double team puts up at least now. Ryan's a bigger part now has twenty beats. Q do you rhymes with a game high twenty points. 847. Ago. People at home. No money you use it and it sees it the grizzlies. Six. To 51 other. Frequently your Indy frequently note that he's missed a couple of it frequently. Points. Eagles wars it is sixty to 51. But he forty ago partners from all of you and see much reason and it's. You rightly for an Ortiz has let them talk on and off business news. One in law. Has all the analysts that's a topic here. Rightly pocket 6 o'clock o'clock but on the floor right wing jumper note yeah it definitely kept alive out there at the end. You've reached the front court to legally all the ways that accurately about it and stupid play them. And they had news person that is free points as it is 653. He or two ago the power plant. Net front work goes right real close to wrap it up Armstrong Armstrong rightly realized that topped. There. Are some walls street recover quickly if you hurry. Shock on Armstrong let me jump a ways off the mark. It's kind of rebound blocking those war in the pros and Brussels and Taylor toughness and on the right baseline back into the rams that was there that don't. There's a break for the grizzlies Smith is 21 points. Congress is it is 7153. It was right word. Out. Stop play that would house well maybe players. And the reasonable cost. Crimes threats that we ask us now rests. It rhymes when he gets the ball in the wings basically say no when it stopped. On the drive out of here which gives numbers to a three defenders. If you double team you know step through the route toward. It is four fouls known Russell Smith. Some shots here Virginia crime spree on the way it is good revolution. Suffer revenue. Ryan's now has got 29. Points and free throw coming up. 721. To go seven. Chief war. They're free throw coming up for rhymes. He makes a free throw her off 3030 points on the night. Grizzlies lost all three meetings with Hutchinson last year food that epic. 36 semi final match of the heart rendering a 1051 recently. Fits the crime says thirty. Procedural it was as if they've got to sixteen point lead 71 to fifty. Got to protect the ball here. I've run up front on the front quirky and rightly pocket as. That's movement noble and grand grand prize basket snaps his past all the trying to pass laws and the ball dead as this whose management board it's not like Warner Whitfield with a three out of don't varies his second place tonight at eight points of the grizzlies lead in 71 of the don't go away just yet 648. To go. Grizzlies lead just thirteen. I work rightly goes Ibaka. Boxes over the dribble. Works against. Paulus all now Armstrong teams look. That corner and against that Bill Bratton wants a wall and now we have the double dribble. John the official one time around 631. Days ago. But it's been shown wider radio national champions in rank sixth in the nation. Grizzlies lead is 71. To 58 stability to panic here. It's a thirteen point lead. My next broadcast will be Saturday right here at the power plant receives her home. The face of cloud county thunderbirds. And be the final game of the first half of the season if you will and G dot com which will break on Christmas break and won't be back in action until January 3. Players will all go home and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Than usual lengthy break king our conference. Nearly a month. The grizzlies. Trying to get back to back conference wins. It hooks is not about to. Lastly by it's you'll have to look you right there. It's like Reggie Freeman. Free. Coaching duties were Hutchinson. He's here and two assistant coach that he's on the road recruiting. Ricky Freeman. Looks like easy control of these teams that wanna go. Certainly someone that you hear that much insecurity or. Ripped a couple of three top of the key it's short on rebound goes back to Whitfield. Now. Of course that's a great heroes it twice. That long this great actors do. It is this prize basket put the horse is how. You can't do. Has got thirty some are bigger park writes JJ rhymes towards it. He's got 32 points if you want these borderline for as a three point play. Grizzlies Windows 7. 126. Feet. We've still got 613 day ago. This is gonna bring it just colonel back in the ball game. 7160. The end Ryan says a chance to cut it to a ten point deficit for a grizzlies still have three timeouts left touches to. Free throw on the way is good so hand to her baby for. It's hard drives that got 33. It is seven. But it certainly there are fluid process for a one it rebel. Do you know this is a tough spot them occupied has felt it means well. And he's found thanks. Little. Grizzlies all the sudden become. And sloppy with the ball on a double team rocket turned it over. 552. Ago. Bryant Miller Kelly it was clear focus focus. 7161. Listen to Monty being due at the line for Tuesday. British have ten team fouls. So double bonus free throw away is no good by being do. And this one for a friend alive that night he says 77%. Free throw shooter on this season. And Disney's free throw on the way is good makes wanted to defended. The grizzlies lead his 71 to 62. 550. War being shadowed defensively by the end of crosses my mind the left side to. Aka can be our policy over the troubled past was a little kernel on the street right noble plans to double team that is not easily from. Nobody shot clock through Verizon Bassett hit one. Very passed up three not announced that shot clock Armstrong gives back to Perry has its order in very close touch on though. Get a shot off the privilege. In a very confident smile on the face TJ yeah. He wants by the scores table here. 7162. Lines at the front artwork right side with his arms. Accidents puts up a shot and Schwarzenegger in the wake up call foul Armstrong. Our alliances just physically back into Armstrong Armstrong is tonight a bump back and at home afoul Armstrong wants. See details on due to stand my ground here. This is two shots here for rhymes with no time off the clock frequently is good. 31. Points now from our minds. Grizzlies lead is 71. To 63. Another free throw coming up right let's hit shots it is not good. And rebound by Adams that could be a witness there. Arrives at 34. Days. It is 87163. And forty plus point lead you're the second and I don't mess with right side of Wacom box right baseline. Now we're felt all the sides. Actually here. For today. CNET news element in the fact it is team and he wells in the first out is easily form. On the other foot it's worth well not cutie now as point or points but at 1 o'clock appointment to and a elected basket aren't front and let. Here is left Warner and on to aqaba and drive in the process now from homeless. Policy would reach around and that's why T well not much. You have gotten here forfeit it to go. What was once he twenty plus point lead. Has been whittled down to 87163. Over Hutchinson. Twenty seconds of which are part. It now. Frivolous in does to Adams it back to cripple cripple. On top circles as the right word Armstrong Armstrong dropped passes knocked away by the end. It's turned over by the Braves. Went. At least that's amazing. Right Miller's position rush him back to the ball where forty to go. Would present a immediately shot on the last several trips one. 71 to 63. Accurately. Here comes with built in front court today I don't left wing issue. Drives the troubles that puts up a floater scores are. Then he's got six the grizzlies lead is 67165. Written in the front court. It looked down and other players. Riddled with apps that corner. Russell Smith he's been hurt by rides. If that top secret. Little side street right. This. Theory that site goes to mock rock and try to basket shots. Personally block rebounded by sponsors and asked him what were those. Rhymes with on the war. Nice pass and chart. They finally call it then do as it is lowering its shoulder at all night this time. But very backwards war. And he whistled for yet these were the bucket page out of control. It's called now. Keep the room vote. 37. Years it apparently it was 87 and thirty cents. Us a full time. Well how big was that it seems here moments ago offensive fouls and Brian was only his second personal. Sixteen valves now. 357. They. They know. They're the power play it butler's trying to pull it off. Tory cuts come back. The grisly news. Petty 6947. 39. And since that point she's just whittled away and it got it down sick. 7165. So the grizzlies had scored just shouldn't warnings. That right. Fourteen did to. They've been outscored fourteen to two cents a media timeout at 930 ago. Richmond Hill 8%. In the catbird seat if you will. Butler is three time outs left such as only one. But just in the double bonus prisons let's house. Much as sixteen pounds one more aggressive animals. Have Mary let's give him full court pressure being exhibited by Hudson in the bowl in two little. Little flexible support these would go back pedals defensive front work. Utley for pocket. On this won't block web sites that experience was the basket and shot was blocked from behind it look at your spirit right wing three doubles off the mark. Has rebounded by Huntsman. It went out of bounds. Was Wallace follows jumped to get that other stuff on the baseline and thrusters for much. 34 days ago period and I looked right wing just missed it. Attempt to Evans got to do eight million down as opposed to bury on top. Gary's there was a dribble as those dams and rightly stands up to cradle. Rattled off the screen by Adams he went right wing dries it right baseline. Any foul committed privileged. Creating fouls what is speed I think that all those US with Cleo. It is written over 171000. House and grizzlies. Are in the bonus. With 325. Ago. Mrs. one in one critical one and one for just in critical hurdle tonight is one for two from the line. Step three points in the game. These frequently it is. Rebounded by Hollis. Here comes with built front's more quick burst speed shots and you let that have blocked out of bounds by Adams. Has played at the end of that in the program. 319 you know. Received trying to hold on to. We've got a 7165. Lead over hutch Vietnam policy thanks the latest bank shot no good out of the rebound. Hutchinson Vince wanted to foul back in the way it ought to isolate drops off Russell weighs about no good. All of my pocketbook. Rebounded by such as those who want to have more pull up right wing jumper he. Shot inside here at two point shot. He's got 36 addresses itself once it sounded. 252 decoder the power play. It is lives game high 36 points on the court that has a screen by Adams take it lightly across the problem actually it was a banker and. Up Lebanese plaza foul. What would uphold them there by adjusted brutal oppression from pay old. Missed all of last season with a torn ACL surgery. Only recently eased back a 100%. When he drove out of its numbers to the rim put up with tough bank shot and that gets the foul almost made the bucket. Two shots here for a privileged to 43 from the latest good. Points happy to hear that stops the bleeding momentarily. 240 ago. Receives these 7267. They're free throw coming up for critical. Critical free throw here for Cripple Creek. On the way it is not your. 73. 67 back was six point lead on the front court parlance has it and looked at three topic. Politics at three yeah. His second of the night. Does not look at three casually top of the keys 7369. Are colored suit. Clinton. Rescinded his second violation by the grizzlies didn't get the ball across timeline for little. Was walking the ball up. War response track but it mindedness and back or violation but. This Lewis Russell putting up. The shot but it's at ninety. And they're gonna inbound. That last that was not a three by lawlessness in units in my Wallace. 7369. 219 to go and all they had you have to keep on leveling. Regarded by very yours left wing three heat. A little in the front court. Right the basket he has got to attitude please and. 7570. Go hurt running back and it. Links not walk behind pipe lock them he wrote them all out not to say. Little static front part middle drives. I wanna block by block. That you have. We're in the basket as Bryant out of control but he gets up blocking foul against box. 7770. Soon. Moments ago block them with a walk it that he ran down on the ball to deep left Warner's news went out of bounds you just kind of threw it. Lightly. Over his back on the court it was two. Greta who raced down the floor and laid it up couldn't read the runaway guy. Rimes is good he's got 37. Points tonight. 130 days ago in regulation grizzlies it is 7773. And a free throw runs. Not it's not in good mix of both he's got thirty. Clinton's lead is 7774. One potentially. Crippling to the front courts that's the left side of very very. Into. Once wanted to go crosscourt pass the advancement of the cradle. Little quick vs the Lawson won't get to bat as a top it was a very Patrick Reynolds thirteen on the shot clock once had on the game clock. Riddle right when he pull up three on the away. Back up the rebound. I don't war in jump in to save boxing but it goes back. Parked with a chance to tie it. 7774. Of all the front or behind closed up right wing three off the mark long rebound those little. Under a minute you know fifty seconds ago the power plant crippled in the backcourt gets across the timeline. Immigrants as long time now. Reynolds' drive to the rim but trying to be home. With 43. Point seven seconds ago. So full time out on the floor. Here the power plant nobody is left. The grizzlies had a warning two point lead. 939 to go over Hutchinson. Who's battled back to within three points murder. The grizzlies throughout the ball boy moments ago JJ rhymes. Who has a game high 38 points. He pulled up. Are rightly three tried to tie the game in the long rebounds to my pocket and colonel ran it down huge. That it receives called time on the front porch. Great to have you what is that I got 98713. Thirty in and says Dennis Higgins courtside. Him slap her studio coordinator. What do grizzlies. We'll have to check in the game and what their biggest lead was but I've got a 22 point lead 6947. If the media timeout with 930 minute on the second. Moments ago I had a chance to tie the game. These two teams will meet later in the sports arena and I. We got you moment sometime. So anxious moment here at the car. Sort of a big crowd the grizzlies. Leading 777. Before it got twenty seconds on the shot clock. Grizzly scene up two timeouts left hutchins one. Grizzlies don't have Berrian down the far sideline. That's gonna be crippled daughter buried deep throws in the backcourt critical jobs to save it does. It operate across that line. He went right when it. The indictments out softly and dance movement tonight Russell Smith networks is running. It's been asked download a pocket the ball's tipped it and it's almost cricket to back in the pocket puts up McDonald's on the backboard he gets it. Back. Now pocket at all. You know. And hard about what that shot prophesied in the backward exceeded pencils. Our business executives say the balls out of bounds. Is beside the backward in balance. Pocket shot was off the side of the backward. Had you had it in and Bachmann got it back to put an afternoon. Officials are talking. I didn't have to decide is this is the other side of the backward out of balance. Right now the scoreboard showed 7974. Grizzlies. I don't know how the world walkabout that all of right now as a critical decision by the officials property. I guess are they were just talking about the game clock. I guess this clock was supposed to stop after partial blockage basket we'll count. How the world he got that ball back I'll never know he's got nineteen points. 21 points for Russell Smith. 23 seconds ago here at the power plant the grizzlies are leading 79. To 74. I don't hold out this roaches comeback by Hudson's. Hutchinson. Fluid down. Thank you for the code against the wall and Whitfield with no races of the war all the instantly dropped it off and it now. Mike Taylor. Taylor don't cities that were. Point two grizzlies 7976. In my pocket now immediately my ride a backward and beltway. Boy it's a shame that Hutchinson head coach Steve everybody can watch keeps you. Who's managed you know the first half was his second technical. Notre Gavin. Vote yells to his there's two players one stop one stop calls that take. Years Bachmann the line Bakken tonight. He is four for five with a line is enough to be set free from shooter on the season. This is a one and one. The way is good how about that October. Tyson has been she's got one. Grisly pleaded 807616. Point three seconds ago. Immigrants is it over the top. 76. Pocket set him free throw away is good makes a vote. What shoot. 81 to 76. Here comes Whitfield front court atop a policy it loads of three and a profit revenue. When they wanted to go policy is it to pick threes that threat. In Huntsville Calder last right now. Talk about it Schubert rolled out all of it in front of the rim. Announced that could hear laps off the backward. At the rim again on the way to winning. Policy on this season. Was three of fourteen from three point range community tonight's game he hit three threes in this ones in the last tune. What I see is things. 81. 79 grizzlies relating it got the ball a body inbound and got to believe they'll get fouled right away. What a ball game it's that the power plants. I said it would host on 97 and thirteen thirty you assess. Our next broadcast news Saturday night here to PowerPoint. Final game before the first half CNN news. Cloud county thunderbirds covenant for the power plant limit their diminished seventh for. 817090. Grizzlies have led from the get go. Had never trailed tonight not want us. Earlier in the zone final minutes. TJ arrives on the right wing through the change. Eight point eight seconds ago. This is another one. Great matchup for the long line of bribery easily Butler and much needed to would have sunk in business. Grizzlies live down here with the honors on the baseline. Time out called Bryant Miller he saw how much has been set up defensively this Indo employed. So he calls time out the grizzlies still have one more time out left touched does not sit. So I think that's what you do here. What I know about basketball so along the baseline you get the ball and your ministry throw shooter teams that would be pocket. All sort of Armstrong's apparent Leo you were to agree free throw shooter. The terrorist pockets NC. 21 points for the grizzlies as does Russell Smith. Will Smith the box in double figures with 21 points a game high thirty points per KG rhymes and a single him. Let the lead right back hold out unstoppable might. He 81 to 798 point eight seconds ago addresses to get up one more time out left. Question on. Armstrong has been tried in bounds he was in golf clinic received have lined up. Along the baseline looks at the dumbest criminals criminals as a boss and but it won't late Nestle only and it looked like yes he's older but if this on this might know it was one of the audit crippled. At the ball stripped away. Six point nine seconds ago. Reggie Freeman. Head coach. Whose teeth not yet steal it looked like he'd need to panic. I did not suit with a body crippled now as to shots. Keep in mind still if he makes one of the two little ones it's been. On the way it is good. No good no timeouts left for much no timeouts left much six point nine seconds ago. The free throw for critical. Enough crippled makes his free throw you would even let let's take you three point shot. Riddle. Possible as it frequently it is. Treatment well here comes about this policy of war pass arrives it is 3 o'clock ET. The. Three. Top man Nicki. The ball bounced three times off the rim and went through. Suspension. Slowly. A home game and Hutchinson buyers. Raced over students at Butler on them. Ryan was 83 of them have. Game high 41. It's Pendergraph leads unbelievably. And the only time. All night. That it takes the lead. Part of the athletic director is warning for the assistant coaches robots that vary on class didn't bite this assistant coach I don't know it is. But he continues to talk about her students to athletic director Todd Carter to come over and say that's enough. Wanting to win its that it would it would last point 10 win for Hutchinson. Rhymes with a left handed three. Buries the shot. It is happening here to believe it see. His shot hit the rim it bounced up in the air through our program three times. The crowd was waiting in suspense. And the ball hit the back of the rim and fell through. Unbelievable Andy and it's Hutchinson wins this game 82. To 81. But other grizzlies by my count and it's 42 point lead. At the media timeout we at. 939 deploy. Game high 41 points for JJ rhymes. Came over eighty to 81 say what his post game shows coming up next. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty. OK and SS confronted by these major sponsors Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers but taste that brings you back with six locations in Wichita. What derby and won Belgrade when 1809 plus central. The US Marines the few the proud the Marines. BJ products automotive maintenance of the highest quality to find a VG shot there you visited Fiji trying to shop dot com that's BG find a shop dot com. 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Plus your son vitamins and it's. Have to collect relates to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium you need to build strong bones so there you have it that you didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highlands area dot com. At this pain and. It's time for the but grizzlies post game show with comments from grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller. A recap of tonight's game and a look at the final statistics now let's head back to the arena. No that's exactly the power. Our plan here on the campus of Butler community college where moments ago it is game ends in stunning fashion. Butler received by my count at 822. Point lead. With 930 night ago here at the power plant in actually their biggest lead was 26. That was in the first half with 444 to go. But the second half I had a receives would be a 22 point lead with 939 to go to media time out. He ended up touch led by their outstanding sophomore. Forward KG Ryan's. The Phoenix Arizona rhymes finishes with forty. One points. And he hits a three to bounce off the rim three times and fell through at the buzzer. To win this game 82 to 81 overs done Butler grizzly team that receives now in the locker room we'll hope to have coach Bryant Miller join mr. in the post game show no guarantees there but. Mean yeah. Gigi rhymes with a team high 41 points now the grizzlies had a chance to close this out just incredible with six point three seconds ago. Missed two free throws. And that's it at the game winning shot by rhymes. Into the grizzlies Paul 82. To 81 of the Hutchinson blue dragons. This is a game that Rula the legendary in in much basketball. The way this game ended with a rhymes that he meant three. The ball front the front court by Hollis Hollis with a child as the front left wing about policy can take a three contribute to earlier. But he passed the ball arrives top of the key lines was probably a good 24 feet from the basket. When he coincident that three wood off the rim three times and fell through. And the grizzlies shark nearby a final score but he too greedy want John bossy you us that would final steps. We will go ahead and look at that would drag first half they shot 47%. From the field. 64%. From the field in the second half when he won 33. Shot 40% from long range tonight and sixty cent percent from the foul line. It's in the first half they charges were three that second half they were thirteen at 21. From the charity stripe. You lead the way of course did you arrive with a career high 41 the previous night before that was 32 according to this department this idea that instant. Bryant fifteen of 43 shooting ten of sixteen from the free throw line. Two steals to assist. Four of the blue dragons next time is who is Curtis homeless with ten off the bench nine berth into the war Whitfield. It 44 at Taylor he Anna Rojas to appease for Mitchell in the creek as well as sell knew who. For the U grizzlies 21 points if he's. To lead the way was Russell Smith and the pitcher's spot him. But come off the bench tonight with 11 points. Nine points for it here Armstrong sixth. Four or seven rather for just incredible 647. Very five. For a Adrian more in six sports Bratton. Also Avery Adams and a six grizzlies 48% from the field in the second half and 40% from the field. In the game at 35% from the free throw line. Rescue me 35% from behind it are you some 4% from the free throw line. Right John thank you very much we're joined now by grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller coach we appreciate you coming out after such a game. And this is I said on the air it's a game we had to be eager to see it to believe it took just an incredible India. Coach JG runner hits that three with the rim three times in bounce through the cylinder was no time left. Rhymes finished with a team high 41 points. If he went to work in the second half the and we get the guy confidence like that the second half he's able to drive the ball in it and do what he does. You know it got like seconds into the game with the the last possession feels that he can make the shot and that's exactly where he was in the game leaves confidence. That he was everything Heathrow was going in and that I was an all American performance of some kind of guy he is. We total in the second the halftime is going to be the JJ Rasho in the second half. That's who Google play through to the the game is going to go through all the touches will go through them. Any proof what he's a pre season first team all American we've got to do better jobs in the gaps and not allowed him to get the ball and into his spots and and yeah and it you know. Free throws down the stretch really custard you got to build a lock in the line and they equality in the you know we just make one more shot one more free throw one more shot 11 last turn over. In the store the second half was they drove the ball at us they were of the aggressor. We didn't get the ball in the paint settle for shots than there was a cap on the room for us and and you know I told those guys though do you wish you know we didn't have a good practice yesterday we string of longer. A practice here practice there and that's kind of what I told Allison junior. But when you're locked in in. You bring it every single day to practice and you come with the mentality that you're gonna get better and you're gonna get tougher. Maybe things go your way a little bit better but when when you're on disciplined off the court and and we had an issue some of that yesterday nothing crazy but. You know that's a study of lawyers than it carries over. And those of the types of things and ends up getting. Bite and bite you in moments like this but all credit goes to they're tough team. And you know we would there is a heck of a game you know but our guys played so often. And we were just not there yet that's all comes down to. You had to be thrilled with the way this team's starters play record players who play doctor here was are you guys jumped out to a 23 to three lead. It's a media timeout 930 to go coach he'll have only three points the first announcements and again. Yeah we we did a good job guarding. And did a good job. You know just sitting in gaps and not allowing them to get the pain and and it was a story of excess of halves the second half was a complete turnaround. You know they handed it to us that they came out also Sonoma golf and they made threes and they had their confidence Altman. And we can. And it's a little bit hunger and and that's what she did so. You know when you get a comeback like this that's it they're down by 22 point -- media timeout with 939 billion felt pretty comfortable that point which you look at how they came back here yet rhymes and setting your eighteenth century 41 points. The Kurdish policies hit three threes all along hit two threes down the street you know that's when you wonder. A set in the shootaround today and we talked about personal. That Curtis also is a basketball player he will be there is probably one other topic their top freshman year next year. Com and that he can score at all three levels he can score from three can get to the rooms were in the mid range. And he can get to the free throw line and he proved tonight why he's at highly touted players he is. Any hurt us when it mattered he came in and knocked into big time threes. That we're very timely. That I thought they got some you know they got some rebounds that were pretty costly and in and we just didn't. Didn't come I'll bring it like we should of the second half and it's you know it's it's it's almost think it's really hard. When you're up that big senior feel that good to come out and and say you know it's 00 and play with that kind of urgency. And attention. And we didn't do that and then on the flip side of that is that they got nothing to lose when your doubts when he three. You know you could come in and cheap shots and anyway got to lose right down and that was the mentality and as being swing in their favor and and they were able kimono top. You know like I know coach retirement as it's tough to find positives that you know men and pictures are from 21 points. Russell Smith 21 points and again I've seen each team goes by your freshmen getting more and more confident I was impressed for the most part with the FC Breton. They did a pretty good job tonight. A study was you kind of kind of tentative little hesitant the second half didn't play with that big aggressive approach that he did in the first half we protect the rim and block shots and really grabbing rebounds out of the iron. You know that's what we've got to be in those type of minutes the minutes that he showed that he was really good that it's always got to be for the full game so. It's baby steps those guys and continue to eat better but. That they're some real defeat these guys in the locker room right now that they that they're very upset and hurt and and you know I just told me keep believing in. And keep. He keep the attitude and and the the the mindset to just get better every day is done as you know in this league you play from march. You know none of these league games and in a matter for seed that they don't really matter how much as you can get out of out of the first round he gets it. Due to to Hartman you get you got a good chances and he went. Coach for what it's worth as a radio broadcasters. I IC this team group. My partner in there and accuse. Us along seems poised. Tuesday. Conference. It's going to be tough lessons. Swallow that perhaps a comeback real positive ways in certain areas while Washington. Also in like setting you can spread through the finish line or you can hang your head and polish soldiers over in. And pouting. And you know or you can million often and and like you said you know look this motivation. Coach we really really appreciate you coming by tonight after this a tough loss and a well for disease and you talked you know certain nights yeah that we had a great crowd by the way I really appreciated the support. I don't an atmosphere so all those quote things that came you know thank you from tomorrow or team. Hopefully continue to amounts boards wells coach Ali's hands we these days in losses to be back coach thank you thank you. Bryant Miller coach about it is we'll take a final break here we'll come back and a culture shock that would be official scores. We'll also check scores of from around the conference will do that in the right after this break. Welcome back to Freddy's and did you hear that our pumpkin pie concrete if that's sure dead. I I everything up. Crest at all to welcome back I Greeks police coming right up at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of families and and president test and prepare incredible pumped in high concrete fresh and dreamy president has data plan amid a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spreading testing and steak burgers this case that brings you back. It's. Just flex its struggled. To a group home. And ultimately for the Marine Corps. Needs to win. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement our content. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise but the Marines. Most oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filters new loyalty and it's a routine in the chore on the to do list accord if your oil changed wasn't the same his arrest. What does it was life changing PG cup Biggio will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind free use. Fly to shop near you with the PG find a shotgun. That's BGY don't shop dot com team. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as. All right final segment from the power plant here working our conference basketball tonight unbelievable comeback but much simpler dragons. Rejoined to get by a shot Boston's Jon and Golden Nugget there who hear that from what's what year. Whom do you think Steve carpenter and yes sending over at since in so we this was the largest come from behind win it for the blue dragons in their history. Of basketball so you know they have their their biggest comeback ever football this year in the seasonal scoffed at bill school history really. You know basketball. Two birds so the they're looking at says some has more from around the conference. You show. I travel to come through in the red ravens are content go 17963. Kelly. Just knocked out independence 8382. On a buzzer beater pretty similar and it's of this one 83 he choose a final they're York city with Cali and think winning over in the and then have Barton big winners over died by 239774. With a panel there. Torn city traveled to be courted not tough clown 7767. And then Seward. Be Allen 7748. On liberal. Do not have a final from Colby and rampant as the only other images on conference that took place in the. You know Jonas painful it is you go back to revisit that final shot. I knew it suited so acquittal missed two free throws I knew there was trouble in the way the end of the ball and grizzlies kind of surprised you think about it. He didn't have to look and should throw them they could fouled him and I wanted to ask coach Jim Miller. But. I saw the ball released by lines he's probably about 24 feet street on top of the key. It had to look like who's gonna go in but when he hit the rim I thought wow rates fall off. He hit the rim two or three times. In the last ten to Rivet at the base of the river I thought it's gonna bounce popped out. But feel right through. Credible and. Yeah it was kind of an off balance unfortunately it was in a way a little bit to his left him. And just kind of heated up and that's Jeffrey ready to. Mean it's the look of the down there for their safe suited to come out this way and in. No credits that they're assistant coach it's and come out here in that city Freeman. We still don't know how to take over. The second half. Who were Hutchinson were down there of interest evacuees. He kicked again in the first half so. You're a lot of credit through their men and to sit two million coaching staff in the second half and about Steve Austin halftime with two technicals you and you went. They're probably got a lot of work counted as such team in the second half and you know. Steve carver or seeing another loose and I wonder yet that's exactly what coach Miller's many points them to lose but not quite freely it. I wonder coach found not so work Walters who. That's good that's what we're talking relevant to his iPhone launching on stone on them the Hudson line stream or something. I guess. You know you you talk to the free throws in an accrual listeners to. No with more than. But it was not an incident in the second half from the free throw line. And then put those two that's the biggest hero theories. Missed free throws it's going to be a nightmare for coach I often thought just went in Europe silent hearing news that typically leave like he did you see it slipping away. If you're thinking what tonight news coat tightly those few times for time outs but ultimately it's the players have to respond on the floor. Yeah and in this he could see that haven't looked my in the first half you know Steve thank you for timeout for the six within the first ten minutes of the game right in the end. You know these these two need to use all the timeouts could lift his assistants with two time outs in the second half. And you know we won't have that run in and with bogeys on their timeouts so you know a great job there right by the Hutchison coaching staff with now Steve thank him. You know images they've played lights out in the second half and shot 63% from the field mates when he won. 33. Field goals in the second half. Finally two things one backtracked on moments ago I mean you don't you don't foul right there media you know shoot you have to point out things three point it was too. So that is the right thing here yet Evelyn that you want Thelma you a chance to tie the game but also touched did lead to enough. It's are they led to nothing more than anything and didn't lead to that the bus and a final plus you know that's. I mean everything from that two point on in the game Butler. Especially that first half I mean everything's gonna go play credit that's tonight. Not anything was 233 to me it's trying to match up three points in the first and a half minutes Bihac was 930 in the first half shooting. Just 30% they doubled and the second 121 of 33 you just wonder if the grizzlies just. Take down time each possession second. It's almost impossible. But it hit you you can't pull back from New Year's been successful that style of play keep edit our policies and all the credit goes. John it's always a thank you very much many do better now be your senator night. Very good job Boston helped us out on broadcast and Arnett broadcasters and recorded and some slack great job by Cameron has broadcast comes up Saturday night. The grizzlies will finish out the first half of the season with a game here the power plant. The lady grizzlies will go at 530 the men scheduled to go at 731 of the men's broadcast at 715 right here in 97. Thirteen thirty KE NN assess boy. Painful to say it. The grizzlies faltered tonight 82 to 81. The tremendous performance by GG rise to sophomore out of Phoenix Arizona a team high 41 points. It's a game winning three. At the buzzer to win this team finals or 8281. Porsche on Boston Dennis magazine so long and good night from a power plant in Eldorado. Jason maybe join us for become reality radio weeknight. I'm OK okay.