Butler CC Basketball vs. Independence 11-29-17

Wednesday, November 29th

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The color grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand heating air conditioning blowing for the fourth convenient locations to serve you including an opposite end over the better serve Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a cult Hannah heating air conditioning and embryonic or check us out on the web at Hannity dot com. Now let's get out of the arena for the grizzlies pregame show. We're back you know Credo we've reached. The grizzlies. In the JR conference bills host the independent. Pirates. The grizzlies limp limp into this one here tonight for a four overall and don't want it weren't conference play. And they have lost three games in a row while the pirates here right now and elderly go 53 overall. Two and three in the Jihad. Targeted he wants everybody does it gives reviewed court side of the joint on the broadcast by John busted. Hours ago quarter tonight is him slack it's always great get to witness. I'm 97 and thirteen thirty and assess. Progressives have an off they want notes and 95 loss on Saturday. An Allen. A game in which he trailed by eighteen points but less than ten minutes of play immediately and stormed back. It pulled them within one with a under three minutes left before the shot clock violation by the officials unfortunately. Played a critical role in the outcome of the game in the grizzlies and lose again on Saturday. 85. Prisoners were led by Russell's as point four points yet. Nineteen in the first half carries block and had eighteen points. Fifteen of those coming in the second half. Here Armstrong finished the game with nineteen points. He scored the last eleven points for the grizzlies in that loss to Dallas on Saturday. Arts equipment with a two game losing streak including a 6456. Setback Saturday. You home loss of the Garden City blockbusters and independent. That idea that you McCollum. Announced game sophomore from Cincinnati Ohio he's averaging twenty points. A game. Wolf teams on the floor right now under par planned on this so when tonight great Kevin put us on nine hits seventh. It has sent us take our first time out welcome back it is it would chris' head coach Bryant Miller and had a conversation we continue right after this. Ten heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and one. Your comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland Derry chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly and Jerry chocolate milk isn't natural source of high quality protein build muscle but your son vitamins and it's. Have to select relates to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so you haven't that you didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highlands area dot com. And the other great Americans join me. Are managing our conference basketball as the grizzlies host the independents pirates. We kitchen now with the grizzlies head coach Brian Miller and coach. Wanna begin by talking about defense and a pregame show tonight that you guys an ally on Saturday you a 102 points to the rate doubles you know 1295. Loss. Again in the post game shall we talked and you were not happy less than pleased with the effort. At this point it sees its early eight games and that says. What's in the bag of tricks the coaching tricks to try to get these guys to finally play better defense. Well it's also not about tricks for us. It's about discipline and technique principles and you know for us we just keep. Try to do you know that the defense and drills every day wanna wall and children will you know guarding their stuff and and really just trying to keep our guys accountable but blown the whistle blow by using the benches is so you sort of leverage. Yeah and in just. Really shown them stats with in the league I mean we are you know second to last through defense of total percentage. In the league. Where will the most foul prone teams in Lee's world. And I think we're certain to last and guard the three point line as well also. You know we put some of those starts up on the board. In the locker room here the last couple days for the disease can you know they got today. And then shown film obviously show them or mistakes you'll be telling you want you know one thing as wanting for you put. Actually showing show you. A lot more what more weight to it. But you know for us it's just that it'll just keep keep drilling keep you know convincing these guys that we will be a better team and and and really try to get them to trust the process and buying into. Being defensive team and helping them to understand how important it is if you wanna. You know plan to march. You know coach to me I've heard over the years did you no matter what the sport news coaches always talk about defense a lot of it is want to. The desire to play good defense. Yeah no no question you know right underneath those stats on the board that we put up. My remarks that are brutal war was. Defense is an attitude that's exactly what it is you gotta wanna play defense you've got to wanna. You know stop your guy and and how pride and in your efforts and and in a talk to each of those guys about being a two way player you know that you can't be even Salome into the game you can be again this course when he. And yet gives up one. You're a non factor in the game if that's if that's the case so. Hopefully I think it's understanding and and if it'd be nice night just to have a good defensive effort you know colloquy didian Seward. But even against Stewart you know I told the last five minutes of the game that they spread us out they drove us and they were very very successful in doing that so. You know hopefully the the things that we've been trying to instill them the last couple weeks last few practices as far as. Just keeping your guy fraud and not open your hips up and give a straight line drives and stared at the ball. And and not knowing where your guys so. You know we'll see. Grizzlies Indian independence pars set the Parkland but this would Bryant Miller head coach of other grizzlies coach. Indeed comes into town coach turner guy you know well the pirates are five to three overall two and three in conference play that they got a guy over there be Anthony McCollum. He's averaging twenty points Iginla is it just a matter closed him down that idea here is second who. A long way towards women well I think there are two headed monster. You know what point guard Durham he scores quite a bit he handles the ball he really for since it facilitates very well. Bit of an obviously we can't lose McCollum who can allow him to get comfortable we gotta contest every shot. You know take his rhythm when he catches and and make sure that you know that they. Forceful we were talking about touchdowns with those two guys we have five guys guard the ball whenever they catch. Your turn usual in this series and look back the last three years. Home court advantage has really been a disadvantage. They have won the last two games your last two years they've won three the last four here. In on the flip side that if you guys have won the last three came to Indy in the act so that is. I do not and we Rihanna should talked about that you know prior to the scouts that we were not there last year and it's you know stolen from them. And in the flip side as they came in and stole black so. Alone be who we just chatted just play every possession like a last possession. You know maintain a good focus and concentration every day every possession as well. Com and just try to do our very best and empty the tank while they're out there. Defense shipments is going to be key to tonight and always is what are another one or two keys to wind. Well you know we got to contain the ball for sure we can't give up straight line drives and we can't allow guys to the free throw line as much as he's given up and and guard the three point line. But you know we got to play with an intense amount urgency. That we really have to play him that urgency. You know. Exactly this last game. And offensively we've got to do a good job of just really only in the paint tonight whether that's taking shots in the paint or just getting the ball in the pain. And driving in its space in the floor and ticketed and then. You know guys gotta be down prepared to shoot the ball ready to ready to make shots and stuck in a ball and she was confident. That's part of course or our situation is that you know you take a guy like parliament off the floor and shoot 50% and 45 from three. You take a major cog perimeter wise. Out of years equation. Who can put the ball floor make plays and then when he hits his hands in an open shot he stepped in to to make it's that we have guys step up and and shoot with confidence and a flip RJ in case you've done a better job the last couple games shoot the ball. You know we've got to have agents shoot with confidence and Evans and a good job shooting the ball we need him to take more shots not turn down open shots on the out there. Their point guard got to give us more prevalent and Armstrong the they've got to be able to. Facilitate. Getting that pain make the right reads and then when guys are playing soft on them they can pays forced open and and and hit. Shots are coaches always thanks to visit we'll talk after the game thanks to you know I noted coached about emissions that would more power plant right after this. Your next oil Sheen changed the life of your vehicle forever and. If you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Of these key performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime boat engine and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it either shop in your neighborhood and BG's findings shop dot com. That's VG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Eighteen. We're moving through the future with you with banking solutions for the way you live and work. Vintage bank kansans provides customers with technology that empowers you with greater convenience access and control of your accounts online banking ATMs and seven convenient locations make banking easy. Vintage thing Kansas community banking and insurance agency. Member FDIC. Visit us on the line and vintage bank KS dot com. This is Michael SATA join me weak side today are. Playing on the campus of Butler here. His knowledge as we get set for tejada Roberts basketball tonight. Obama loses back home. Six pirates. The grizzlies at this game tonight and overall record of war in horror wanted for a public play. Independents five and three overall two or 3COM. Play both of these teams on beneath. Witnesses have lost three games in a row. I looked it up last minute six game losing streak late in the season as we all know they recovered it did yesterday. The quarterfinals excuse semi finals of the region six championship tournament last year in Hartman arena there. Into the grizzlies however you don't want to mr. Clinton with a six game lifted a glossary can grow in meanwhile independent country. What age in game losing streak. Wanna remind your next broadcast will be coming up on Saturday. Will be over Dodge City. Obviously continues towards the lady grizzlies we'll tip off at 1 o'clock in the then we'll go at 3 o'clock. We'll have the next game right here on 9713. Thirty can't assess that we'll begin at 245. Progressive pregame show on Saturday. Right Dodge City again want to remind you one week from tonight mark your calendar it is the big match up Butler at Hutchinson right here at the power plant. Always always a break. In that you will be Hutchinson coming gallery go here to Butler next Wednesday night. At 530 in the minutes 730 fingers that we'll have a huge crowd here a lot of folks back to Chicago for that line. That's always a great battle is aggressive vote against their former coach the back of the blue dragons. And again out of me one week from tonight make your plans to join us here at the power plant for Butler. And Hutchinson. Notices the had a heating air conditioned upon me pregame show and heating air conditioned apartment with four can be locations to serve you include an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call any heating air conditioner plotting. Where you can check them out on the web at Hannity ink dot com Hannah eighteenth dot com and heating air conditioning applauding. Your comfort is our business. Or just under six minutes ago before the opening tip off here tonight. 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Promise kept it for more than two centuries. I'll promise. Of the Marines. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball always on the air follow the grizzlies ulcers along I 9873030. K and asks asks. The grizzlies basketball is what you buy these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the pace that brings you back with six locations in which saw one Andre reed and one in Belgrade when he if you don't mind west central. The US believes a few the proud marine ex KG products automotive maintenance of highest quality. To find a BG shop near you visit PG find a shot dot com that's PG club is shop dot com. Panic heating and air conditioning and we'll make your company is our business for the location and hand over to better serve my card counting highland vary your hometown there. Then they can't just move into the future would do now let's head out to the arena football player grizzlies basketball. And welcome back to. Here in elderly you know. Collins for tonight's beyond conference matchup between the Butler grizzlies. And the independence pirates for the grizzlies could sure use a win here. We have lost three games in a row and they are currently one in four in conference play now the grizzlies. Currently. They're tied with Brett cloud BO show and Allen all five of those teams are one in four in conference play. So there is a possibility of the grizzlies were to lose here tonight. And they could end up in last place from sunrise tomorrow morning so the hope for a win here tonight meanwhile. The independence piracy or two and three and are currently any five way tie with Garden City Colby Dodge City Seward. Independents and kind of get the picture there's a lot GM. You've got working the cougars are the only undefeated teams left now in the UK our conference they're 50 in conference play night you know overall. And it got copy bill Hutchinson in Cali. Girl and a three way tie for second place at war in one got a long way to ability 26 game conference schedule. Here in the Jadox conference street everywhere there's an idea it's evident thirteen thirty can assess devastated courtside. Tips placards video coordinator. It was starting lineups first court Tony turner. Coach of the independence pirates. Coach turner and his fifth year we've held the pirates he's 62 and 68 overall. At its guys. His son play for the last two years. Tells him to take turns out played and Roger's been. In Oklahoma City and at one point the other night featured very good ball player flavors that the last two years in business. Here's how the pirates will look set up in obedience to name a column. McCollum a guarded 6400. Sophomores out of Cincinnati Ohio who's averaging twenty points. Three and a half rebounds per game the other guard is Alex Gordon's. Cars is the second guard you line up. In the starting at forward as Ramani Hanson Hanson page six steps off the Bronx New York. 73 points down rebounds per game the other warns darkly Jefferson. 66 sophomore. It is exploits. Just under five rebounds for being Port Jefferson started sooner. It's pretty clearly brilliantly innocent sage software that. Militarily he's averaging six point one half rebounds per game. He's starting five for the independents are in the prior to 53 overall two or three in conference play. They want to. It was it off on Saturday home to the gardens and wrong but does not coach. Bryant Miller. Will get started tonight. Miller is a third season as head coach of the bunker place. In his 42 and 27 overall you know for the grizzlies. In those first your assistant Cameron Parker for your assistance for the grizzlies. There's a starting five for Butler. Here at Armstrong we'll get this start at point guard Armstrong the five tents are part of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Armstrong coming up that 98 point performance on Saturday at Allen. It Armstrong is averaging twelve points you to read expert contents beginnings of 510 sophomore out of Philadelphia PA. The other car tonight for the for at least the VP. Six reflects a Conway Arkansas. North Little Rock high school he Adrian Moore is averaging seven points three they what have rebounds for it. At the forward position that he could Jerry's bock a box of coming up eighteen but performance and outlook on Saturday fifty to those points in the second half. Terry is Fox's exit sophomore junior starter here Butler. He's out of Dallas Texas in Madison nice little pocket averaging fourteen points in just under five rebounds per game the other court position tonight is Russell Smith. Russell's coming off a career best 24 points on Saturday to Alan. Smith's 65 freshmen at Kansas City, Kansas a latent or high school. Smith averaging thirteen point four points per game in seven rebounds to lead the grizzlies it rebounded. Seven point one boards per game started at center tonight Anthony Adams. Succeeded software Oklahoma. Just under seven. That it receives better technology hero Davis school uniforms only the second. Attendance is injured dark art AD. Road uniforms for the white numerals in a letter. Army sent off to thank each and every game right here by Freddy's frozen custard stake murders readies for us because it tapers celebrates the return of all classes. British come and concrete crashing creamy frozen custard like with a whole slice of rich pumpkin pie crust at all. Coffee with cream sprinkled in Minnesota and Freddy's frozen Cutler's papers it takes to bring you back. With six Wichita area locations one in derby run might hear another entity to 9 west central. Freddy's frozen custard snipers opened till 10 PM nightly. No we're through the introductions. And next will be the tipoff. 220 minute halves your college basketball. No intent of the pregame show oddly enough the home court disadvantage the last couple years. These things. Grizzlies. Have lost their last game. Independence. Consequently the British have won the last three games in independence. Figured out tonight goes along I suspect. Not jumping center it's gonna be Ramani camps that he has a time. They get 67 sophomore across new York and for the grizzlies for the Anthony Adams. Here we go great to have it put us on 9713. Thirty can't assess. JR conference basketball tonight from the power plant in Eldorado. It used to be Russell Smith whose jobs that are immigrants it's not Adams. Incidents I didn't he would be patrols into. Independent movie movie. Right to left your efforts to campus tours announced this goes in the right corner mrs. McCollum averaging twenty points a game. That's goes over populated Jefferson Jefferson lives pocket it up acutely. Now. We'll block that's good to read that turnaround jump higher shot doubtful now it's. More quickly Armstrong in the last quarter wore it out right baseline it is box that. Want them back the right word aboard accidentally puts up a left hook shot after another note that a rebound will now find him. Here on the pirates and different or Jefferson drives all we definitely shot was blocked by. Along Oregon goes out to answer. Hanson hasn't worked for a left side is Torre says pirates knows more. 45 seconds here at the power play. These fees and that's the losing streaks riches and dropped three in a row the urge to grow through the way loosened up all that was McCallum. Here comes more out of work those in right it let some strong vested rebounded by campers. Are outraged back the other way back and forth action yet nobody is more minutes and him. McCallum guard picked up by Smith on the switch over and rightly goes Egyptian as a low block. Right side turnaround bank shot my answer nicely done over Adams. And it's his first bucket. And you're. There's two people who occupies about Atlanta. Good that a block valve goes against Jefferson. Terry Spock who had a very aggressive second half of the game and Alan on Saturday only three points in the first half. Finish the game with a eighteen. There was about a theater mark nine minute stretch on Saturday where he single handedly. After grizzlies back in the ball to their down by eighteen points at one point got down to one late in the game. Free throw the live via occupants all met. Really good free throw shooter is 2124. On the season writer NET percent from the yellow line. The team 29 to go here in the opening half of the power plant and its free throw is all net. So awkwardly pulled free throws and we are trying to tune and and it's 31. Grizzly showing full court pressure on. All of principle that you have cancer. That's those people of course this is great what they'll fix it gives them talk the tourists. Or isn't going to be here. Counselor. My husband Russell Smith. So it will go right in front of Ryan Miller yeah briefly then Stewart left. It is storied teams seventeen to go down pass to Taurus right side Jefferson bounced past right pointless alum. Now again I recognize him tried to right Jason the basket and scooping it up and play complete and offenders. Wanna write these ones who and him. But it is averaging twenty points a game is downforce to here on Armstrong the front court gives block him it's not right corners that wide open three not. I. Russell Smith worry. Yeah Smith would just his fifth three yeah. BT capital went back and went back home against the pirates. This incident Centre court. That you lost track where it was on the floor and threw it back to the backward to towards the guard who's who's right. This is nothing more orderly country 4040 feels it and you. You assess our target of this this particular lingers. Office of column goes against the grizzlies it goes against Russell Smith. More drained a 3 from the left morning Adrian ward but it won't count. That's that's those atrocities that were pressured by the grizzlies. Circumstances that it across the timeline or someone heard my box in the front court let him rebel. Still true motives are notorious. For hours as those left elbow. There where him active throwers who worked on the column right wing makes it three drives to basket hanging his bank shot note that well defended the rebound comes down to Smith. Nicely done it's. Same debate moments of the sport that was blocked. This issue here. Is that right size to sniff sniff what rightfully jumped apparently no good upside earn it toppled outlines. Five would lead the grizzlies. On this stuff that's not quite deadly grant. The right wing now fouled out backwards. About goes against the column. It's ratcheted dignitaries bock of the war. Wait moments ago but this stuff that you immediately ran off the right wing went in and threw it hard off the back burner. Long Rita was controlled by the grizzlies on the breakout box it was smoke my goodness are called for alum rock whole ball. So he apparently retains possession talent world news at. There's a pass the free throw line goes against him instant hit with a terrible looking for backdoor cutter bulletin from the way is an air ball it goes out of bounds. That's why they don't like. Hanssen's 67 sophomore shooting at long shot. 163040. Go eager to power plant grizzlies back home. Through the next four games won't front right corner residence that matches get tough talk between the circles even more. Org gives it to Armstrong. Won't teams played here. Staunch. Aggressive defense that's was right elbow and Adams shot on the way short of the front every rebounded. By Jefferson. Favorite spot on the floor for him being out as originally yours answered the floater from five suffered in connection shot at wolf downward. He jumped up so high at 67 shot it down. Successful war. Receive backcourt pressure here. Extra pass in front court Adams and it drives and a bank shot is no goodies they call for. Offensive foul and different data set at 211 liquid pocket on the left and Adams elected to take it himself he dropped his shoulder and just. Easy call better. For me the ball game now it is. Usually marked proper. Crawford a freshman out of Memphis Tennessee Jackson for the pirates. Columns he becomes the bench he's got two points for the pirates usually scored twenty points a game. Backcourt pressure that's being here comes towards right or left bulletin voters no good. Regatta weak side hereby grant. Left side of three heavily by tourist not a it's close in shot left wing makes have three left way. Here comes Armstrong the front court has those left side over to bock back to Armstrong you know. Sit at the half court offense. Grizzlies trailing. Nine to five with fifteen to forty to go have a whistle away from the fallen afoul goes against Cindy. 1528. Showing on the first 10 o'clock here the power plant at 95 lead. For independence grizzlies will inbound and their own basket and on shooting foul and sees at 3181000. Pirates to. Often I'll check snowball you vigorous and showing off the Dallas Austin shot blocker. For the August you don't ask you how lifeless. Hands off Armstrong and play your. Armstrong picked up nobody could see if skirmishes in the ballgame and secondly it's more for the pirates. From street opted out pull up jumper top the keys in and out rebounded by Smith back up top the Armstrong has moved left corner more pictures shot drives to basket left him. Banks and a nice little. Maybe more to start scoring more. Seven points it is not scored much last well since you started. On 97 in the fitness coach of simpler right excellent jumpers in and out. About a half ago it stopped Armstrong received them to run. On the front court rightly. Smith has recently blocking turnaround jumper. Turnaround jumper and elevation by quantum. Hawkins got for the grizzlies are tied 99 roughly why don't you find it very cryptic. And it's 6873. Feet. Seven of fifty Armstrong back into it drops outlet for approximately. It's an error bullet missed everything. If you want to run on the front court. Just goes inside in this Jefferson goes in and banks investment bank shot it was all of won't. Cut it talking to thank him for it to revenue missed it. All the way down the floor Simpson's defense no good at politics. Russell Smith with a follow bucket after the way leopard found. Missing that it was well defended. Crashing to the war is Marc Crawford what what all wild. Here tonight. Thirteen 55 to go this Acura classic. In our conference basketball unity and action baseline to baseline. 94 feet back in fourth. It is a twelve he's eleven. Independence leading Crawford missed two free throws series went up for a dunk attempt was well defended mr. freeze goes ahead. Crawford makes you free throws. Independents now only thirteen to eleven. In the tennis when these teams that Tony turner likes to please and tired and he's got a fourteen players on the roster. And most of the using actually here today. Mike Kelly objective for independence first time we've seen in the night also retirees that are easy and free throws no good missed the second one proffer. Here on the prison just throw the ball in front court this is more important yeah. She recently stored as a ball just past the left wing do. Artest large drives the lane hangs cast goes off but I'll talk about his right it's Kevin Barry writes for the murder charges three on the way in and out crowd. Therefore it. Aren't happy now parts now here comes Durham didn't play it out left Warner. Mrs. Kelly Kelly thanks shot takes over rightly picked up from a respected her current best low block inside turnaround jump shot is an air ball. That was placed up there by Shaun Pollock. It goes out of bounds of the grizzlies Paul Boyd both teams making substitutions. Timeouts. Political team brought in five new players teach. Them critical part that failed. Novelty. Now poor light trucks doctors are left corner three Q strong rebound. War for independence term maxed out for us speak and operatives like by criminal. Past and back up top. And that is merely carry it off now that pointers three by a series note that read and Kevin here. It becomes critical race problems only to the lane tanks completely as he left short. And out of the rebound and her response network comes on the face of the basket. These cross the timeline. We're accountability. Eye drops enough you know to reach. There is crossover dribble for the arts different work is easily thirteen eleven. Well 45 they go fast paced. For stamp your power plant. And has successively smaller drives right baseline in any game in check by more important for the grizzlies. There's these fifteen fouls. Scoreboard has. As a player number. Unreasonable number one on the floor right now for the grizzlies Huntley that was so important number twelve. 161000 off the grizzlies only to for independence and eventually down under a basket. Don't pass goes in the back court is now my current. The hallway credit that is just incredible. His pounding defense. Residents up to turn it over with 1210 they go. Really this one's thirteen eleven the independence. That it would tonight in 9713. 38 assistance that sports eyes and placard. Coordinator for an when you talk. Prize catch that right corner very with a wide open three no good here pretty close to the rebound on the weak side a whistle. They found a way. All of those against. Independence for an illegal box outs. Just in criminal making his presence felt. Went back to the floor act smacked that down presented them out of Russell Smith long to write these lands up to colonel colonel. Colonel Richard back up top sets a passport office expenses right sides and Jordan. But only a couple of minutes last season conference season started as a left wing maker jumped. About twelve feet. Crippled averaging six points a game they still be in Belfast little passive inside you aren't who missed a lay. Why they haven't steel rebels holding it down passing yards was alone at the basket but couldn't sworn. You left it short of the front of the room were tied thirteenth thirteen. 1121 to go here Butler independence. OK that's apps that run that we've laptops to iris Berry Berry gives them top. Hansen. Incidents at selfish. Had a ball is top of the key against Kevin Berry need that he didn't know what Kerry. The office of foul zone eleven or nine days ago here. Thirteen. Thirteen Ers war. This is now the ball the turnovers there's cradle of the floor along with Kevin Barry Arnold takes over in the far left with task goes to art people on the left. Art has his right elbow dismissed it tries it puts up a shot was blocked out about retracted. By Sean and a whole lot. Walk it 67 out of Kingston Jamaica. Thought that ball out of bounds. ET on the shot clock residual event in their own basket to our right. And 57 to go over media timeout coming up here shortly. We both teams could use a breather. There's easily bounce pass was a top guards arts has Leslie goes any travel hot what I careless mistakes here bite you want arts. This is the thing about art she gives you instant points off the bench that's the plus and the minuses a lot of turnovers. And he's not the most adept at defense. Back to coach Miller's in so long way to go defensively or comes Burma the floor being shadowed by arteries. Independents moving right to left here in the art. Roles in the script across different term cross or dribbling floater up and and what it shot there. I did during these five can 155 pound sophomore at Dallas next getaway for. Well. Most of the Rivet shot went zone block police won't line for two. Fast paced action here tonight Butler and independence. 1031 to go. Receives down 1513. Years Kumar you were. Free throw away is noted too strong for. 65 freshman Chicago Illinois and a bogey at Q school. Or is averaging one point and no rebounds per game just limited minutes early on his freshman year. My hands shot free throw is good makes wanted to distort. This season trailing fifteen to fourteenth. That his full court pressure passing it goes to term term. We're burst of speed the front court picked up my cradle. To put these guys on the floor right now cradle in Durham. Now this goes left side right from the grassy pitch. Yeah this is the talent drives as massive lay. And opportunities for our. Broadcast. If there is what's gonna give Brian or indigestion it go to the grizzlies. McCallum took that ball he was thirty feet from the basket deep on video leveling the eat right through the middle of the lead late in the beginning was fouled. Accounts not for. So the line averages of three point employed. And fifteen remaining first half year to power plant older I don't. You know the human televisa Cincinnati Ohio free throw it is good for back to noon he's got five. Procedure and ET the fourteenth. It's popular front for double play half court almost all of a break out on the floor as far as. It's areas blocked up not a bad ball and hit the ball to center court the court got double team lost the ball loose on the floor. In India out hustled and got the ball had a breakout and a Alex Torres would lay. He's got a chance to three point play. Receives down 1814. You know seven to go. The first half the power plant that he would assign 9713. Thirty can't assess or next broadcast these Saturday afternoon. Here's his be out in west in music art city for a 3 o'clock tipoff free throw a no good missed by tourists pass was up the floor for more pockets pockets it's not right forearm TriBeCa top secret. I got a privilege Armstrong both in the backcourt fugitive can recruit guys that point. An innocent people. Accomplishment laugh about it that there are defensively it's actually. It's now left Warner beat him more more back. Let me go Armstrong Armstrong thought about it freed outright at the kitchen right baseline to box. I doubt he's a rejected that foul part of the body. Terry is Wacom. Stronghold moved the rim off that right baseline. Here at 940 because of the poor box that shoots free throws. We have a media time out on the floor one minute break. And as we go to break at 940 remaining it is independence twenties in Butler fourteen we're back with more famous ass. 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I came to be selected our US Marines player of the game if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest. Visit Marines dot com Marines dot com. Christian trying to pull a fast one. Try to have Armstrong shoot free throws. In immediately via bench. Of independence knows we've got Armstrong appeared to shoot two free throws it was blocked them. Bachmann was going up for a dunk. She's coming over asking for an explanation. It out and vote the first year assistant. You know what Wacom on the bench. Now the officials tell and Tony turner did today he gets to pick who shoots the free throws. Because Wacom is on the bench he's out on the bench with a knee injury. But he was clearly the guy that was fouled just before the break media time out. So now coach turner says I want to eat one arts to shoot the free throws arches. 9% free throw shooter on the season. Read on the way it's good. You want arts and averaging eleven point three points and had only two the other data alum. I'm forty to go to Chrissie trailing twenty to fifteen. Our hearts he needs Friedman always good mix of both. Alerts filling in for deters boxes makes two free throws precedes him twenty to 16937. The governor and a percent the power plant. Chorus gets on the front court. People on the right wing. This goes in the left living in my column. Loss of all those last touched out of bounds from the aggressive pitch. By Adrian more. Sophie maes is at a ball game. Four independents. Who. CNET decided mountainous back or goes to Torre's. First picked up Armstrong right. That's the left side. Interest me steadily spins puts up a shot and it was a air ball. And often helpful got a rebound as the financier by the grizzlies horses that are all from near the rim right. Armstrong screen takes its opportunity double team outfits of my music art and have a travel. Apparently Armstrong the double team traveled shuffling his feet. It would double team. We've seen at today's attendance will be at the Walt atop the Sonoma double team. You have to make the adjustment there. He will in them off the turnovers when he was 16850%. Of the vote first the problem. Jiaka which basketball tonight has visited Randy Moss had often don't have doubled it telecast was charged hard drives away hangs bankrupt there. I want our owners is so obviously he did you have. Having just played a little bit of defense for instance down twenty to eighteen a thirty minute ago. There guns cars cross the timeline half court pick up my. Critical aspect or pass slip up Obama columns when nicely done there beautiful assist fast on the big men. I'll definitely up there isn't enough points to a team that's in the way of the tendency to. Erupted at the golf without. Shoot the ball get along Russell Smith. Armstrong and our original votes today is for a breather. The 21 to go first test. President when he sued each team in the pirates'. Chris sizzle inbound and their own basket to our right. Is the second time this year were new school beautiful. As politically the dial. It is great metal prices and ask him about 6 o'clock right side the box it handles a low pass out of bounds. Others turn over here for the grizzlies has recently running turnover now at an average twenty G. Season as the front award goes to page means pools and obviously rights. It is expected rightly stupid rebel. You need it well fourteen players on. Offensives inside that ties to big brand that was forced it's an air ball pulled out here while ago. August as the engineers used legal authorities to let you but it really. In this shot. Right wing here comes Russell tries. Let. Limps out quite Brussels that great drive up the right wing and the ball rolled all the rounds and conference program back the way it always known that follows it. Awkward about that. More prospered through our credit crisis basket. That's goes to align left corner this is more spots up by three it's long battle for the lead. It's a good look here for. The left quarters three. Seven hours ago 2218. Of the these teams have modest losing streaks Christians. Pirates tune. And so companies who makes those who basket tanks have bankers know and Russell Smith gets the rebound. The whistle on a foul goes against us. Well what they call the foul against Russell Smith. Parallel to. He got to rebound grants over the ground they blow the whistle. That was an that was in August Gloria. Eat seatbelts now for the grizzlies Odeo. Bonus here one and one word on Agrium. Indians he's frequently is off the front are no good battles renowned rock gets it killed grant missed the front and the one and one. It's got sixty files style prisons in the books. Pocket on Wall Street. Right basement full of jumper. Got it nicely done quite. In his arsenal he's got six points it was down 222630. Ford Carter the first half of our. Yeah conference basketball tonight on K that's us. But luckily I missed my column off the screen troubles top of the key through the pain all the way to replace that he did it again. Coach Miller and his hands on his chances just frustrated the inbound pass. This thrown away by pairing there it was trying to get criminals. Oil on a baseline so maternal for the grizzlies. My columns got behind at least Ellsworth he's averaging twenty game here for independence. Column C six floors toppled Cincinnati Ohio. Played for coach turner last year. She wants to turn over if you let down your left there. Get on top of Taurus. A high street sense top of the key test goes in the column. McCollum passengers inside as some sort of poor picked up by Jefferson. Got away with a that's here McCollum did have a column. He's not a source right now thousands of taps you on the Writely just hit it might play. Yeah I wish a lot of fouls. Offensive foul called against Jefferson. That is off the guy who took the charge he's yet to come out with a little bit. Or we'll check back here for the grizzlies. 548. To go here fast moving first half. When he Ford's one of the benefits leaving. Independence is the middle. And on full court press. Both of these teams and players looked gassed. He did out there there's stuff. Let's just double team comes as those inside the war free throw. Fast. Growth within hands fast with the feet. Kelly each expect yet for a Jefferson for independence. My thirty minute ago grizzlies lead them in their own basket to our right hurdle on the baseline gets it and 2 o'clock O clock. Elderly throws the ball off of the towards out of bounds. Marcum was about to go out about to turn around real. Haven't fired the ball out of the chorus you people are out of bounds. Usually in wars in bounds. And outings reload cock and of the screen right elbow last Boston's guys write these under the basket to outlook lingers like three other way not a point you need that when he. With a victory is what city series for more comfort. Three they give it enough that it used this very often so this is down 2423570. Dollar a powerful force staff. Cal hasn't he on the rightly. Point terrible picked it up it's got to tours and a hard towards direct traffic accident topic which. Announcement on the right baseline nearly threw it out of bounds. Recovered now here's stories that deep rightly claim. Towards this second three of the game. It's not a pointer comes more on the floor right quarters of the way up and had my court. Thornton with a second three in the series 22 or three point range. Proceed down 2726. Backcourt pressure sensitive to McAllen makes shot right wing drives baskets we witnessed and strongly out of my pocket. Hip pocket I definitely the basket. As the grizzlies. To talk to. Marc Crawford of independence it's not gonna let go of the ball he's got it tied up box them. They just call foul. An initiative called tiger because Crawford would not let go of the ball which officials would blow the whistles in the old. So you've got beats. Seat belts on the grizzlies seven on independence. 430 ago. Who went for your pentagon team insisting on college basketball. I don't think he originally call. I'm not box they can hold that tiger but again I think because property covered with a ball when he told. A seven. 46. Independence leading. This will be a one and one of the line worker carries pocket. On that tonight two for two from the line he's got six points in the hole you. On the way it is good. 3331. Minutes had seven points that ties the game 2727. Kristi trying to take ethnic would be it is their first lead of the night. Pocket right handed shot. And Disney's particularly good make some bogeys. Sweeping throw shooter he's got a he's heavily 28 when he said. It was seen that too old. Junker that you. All of top news later on right now that turns earned a diminutive point guard. Upside is not a proper proper topic he picks up his dribble back or pastors and pull up jumper by Kelly. We get to Mike Kelly witness for his points just off Baltimore Maryland yours yours we're Delaware right wing. Three terrible moments ago. On this front and her. And now we have a travel up. By Kelly. Kelly got the ball. He was surrounded by these Korean war in India travel. It's time out on the floor. 32 time out. I believe called by independents. So independence is leading. 29 to 28. I'm not on the floor here wanna remind your next rush. Saturday afternoon grizzlies on the road. Dodge City to visit the keys to doors. Lady grizzlies little tip off at one minute three allotments broadcast for him to 45 the previous show and then that's when. Tonight grizzlies at home here against the Hutchinson who drives. You to join us next Wednesday night Butler and. Leo long robberies in the Antioch offers. Back in the eighteen point seven. I thought they called the travel at this time it. So in the team's possession one official called travel it stability at a time of war. Travel through it accessible account as the top of that we term makes it rightly that that quickly there war. If Crawford Crawford also but I talk short breaks down the floor vote. He's fouled. I'll write a column from behind is that three out here. Like Omar Thornton president of the Chicago Illinois get a chance to play at night and taken advantage. That's not going to be shooting foul later tonight. It was a region fell from behind by McCollum to tonight breakaway layup. So I believe this is they don't want him one and I believe. Horton this year has yet to attempt a free throw in free throws dog. All those against seven period. The grizzlies on a rebound attempt by Crawford. Actually Jeff Gordon one of three tonight from the free throw line so we've shot free good free throws the first of the year. Morning 928 independence leader with 337 to go first half your power plant elder I don't know. That it would assign can assess. So do you want one for property he throws good good. Others in probably violation it's sort of take away the free throw. The same minutes is it the room. Definitely violations are both on the bench. They're for the grizzlies had thrown 2928. Mortgage in the back court is little cradle and us trust frozen mortgage crisis hotlines or try to basket left handed runner is no good. Kind of tightly bound and network try to save it could. It's been more a little bit out. So we're clear out of control. 327 ago 2928. Independence will in bell full court pressure by the grizzlies. They get it in now. Two time at least spirit theory being guarded by Kevin here here here here. As the government column drives the lane definitely confident on the contested layup. My goodness he's got eleventh he hit three consistent lips column it's got to be my 113128. It doubles the only frivolous. Constantly that's tied up. Assessed by little they'll block him. It is not handle it bridges back anyway but column runs listen up at him he got to get a body on him over you know nobody's got there. This is down 3330 years of war front right. Very cantaloupe that's about internal. Receive Russian out of sorts here. 240 want to go. 33. To thirty. Independence leader in the column with a game high thirteen points for independence. And down. More pressure now buried in the series soft defensively upfront work friendly spirit right now. Called my leg. He traveled you know that was obvious. Columns in well when he drives me and I'll look. It's obvious privacy travel. 232 to go. The power plant and he's proud of this Wednesday evening and witness on the regular he would incidents. One point we played that stupid three. The front courts as a crossover dribble past the site very very losses turned it over. There's a break out and Astros and let him it's up in a follow. Ryan Miller's. To be tied right now the grizzlies coach. When Kevin period characteristic we turn the ball over. Instead of all strips it apparently left wing at the moment to him now possibly the loose ball. And that tip went in. I was by Crawford off the missed my shot on. Congress is now 35 to thirty. The great sponsors in the other athletics on the radio. An air conditioning plumbing here. And hand over to better serve our county. I would bury your home. I've tested Saturday. In god. Halftime stats and look at some of those wars in the conference. Good halftime and Sean Boston. 211 days ago. What was a fast moving first half faulted. A sudden announcement of. You know quade. Last few minutes. Since he spotted boxes full court pressure limited their own medicine here tonight. Independence has doubled in the backcourt brutal pass goes to George V. We're still magic. In Irvine MacCallum. It was a constant trickle runs dolphins wait. It was just brutal double team comes picks up his dribble pass those left corner thwart drives to basket hang up bankers know they. Rounds in the last night might indeed. Has touched by Mike Kelly of India to the basket. Residual inbound. Seven shot clock. Struck by more room. And sent shock for the grizzlies. Right word bottom box that actually out of three from the right corner is not a good rebounded by McCollum column streaks of more. Apple bite pretty obvious trouble off the ball and hasn't work they got numbers burn down the mortgage the box and those jumps. Hawkins got twelve off the turnover by the problem. This atrial 3530 to 127 to go gophers kept the power plant. I reached the area before. My art you can basketball game. Haven't run that we've left wing at least there you have it theory puts the ball on the floor takes it coast those low block right size probably accidentally. And get a foul called against or. Emergency camps Stephen executive. One night ago 3532. In the tennis leading here in the first half. Prisons have lost three games in a row. Indies dropped her last two. We haven't properties of medicine. Prisoners have committed since he tells us. So in a coach Miller. Pregame show and yeah. Excellent foul ups. Sit in the opposition opposing teams aligned far too much 43 free throws have been alum for the red doubles. That's frequently news that. The proper. When it is 3630 soon. Yes 3632. It was put up 36 on the board report. Here comes straight up the floor. It posted by retirees Kurt. Your team wants it and it's defensively tonight brutal drives the lane. He shot was partially blocked contested outclassed on the floor of your property goes up this new job. And we're killers nationalize a little tonight. Given alcohol on his drive will. Us officials say these are going to be. So that exceed back the other way. We're constantly. 3832. Miller is that still working efficiently getting noted that it's warming. We'll begin in more just. Heaven very very small part of that. How hard nearby Crawford. He just called a technical foul on Bryant Miller Brian Billick. Here are crowd might sit did you come over here so I could talk to you. Any official lot of control calls the technical foul. Why in the world would you call a technical foul. He'd given the spinach warning but that your coach Miller in a very conversational voice it to you the voters like you talk to you. And us officials here this habitat for. That's the case of over officiating here. My goodness very sensitive official where he was just asking mildly can I talk to you. Kerry Edwards. Who misses the free throws another free throw coming up. Edwards is averaging seven point two inches of first time he's appeared again and I think. Pirates. It's wrong no way is good news. As soon. When Madison based in new official. Call technical foul in that situation. In what the officials in the other stations kind of look at coach knows him and I don't know I can tell you I don't know why he couldn't. Kevin Barry now who's going to line. Two shots free throws no good. All teams double bonus we have 47 point six seconds ago. They recall last Saturday an album officials in the majors. Lewis calling shot clock violations alum late in the game and it costs have received nearly the outcome that's free throws no good seven mrs. Pope. The coast. That was sort of more of Albert. 132. The grizzlies are really out of sorts right now. And cartoons and. Your city. It's making some noise and wanna. 4132. Suffice it say right now Bryant Miller of the grizzlies. And not happy with the big things are going down the stretch and for now. Ridiculous us technical foul called moments ago. Asked how the invalid backcourt. Independence. Between 41 to 32. All the front where now as it. Adrian Moore takes over the right wing still miserable it's enough now to Albert. Albert you play all fourteen guys have been. Perry has its when he passed throws it away points throughout about a eight point six seconds ago. Sip addresses Emeka blockage. Try to get back in the all but eight point six seconds ago. 4132. And we don't backward to criminals gotta go criminal process timeline. I just delayed as fast not. Other turn over the past down okay. And I can get on Kuwait before the buzzer sounds so we're at halftime now. And after twenty minutes or the power plant. Fast moving happens to the final few minutes. Aggressively down. 41. To 32 for the pirates here I am. They would at halftime shows coming up next on in this house. 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My nine points here at halftime and got tires. 41. To 32 was not a pretty finish for the grizzlies though the final moments. Good coach Ryan Miller was assessed a technical. Perhaps community a conversational tone of that vision. Come over explain to a call that he just made officials at both technical. Well forever trying to figure out officiated how officials at the site wouldn't call technicals and whether or not. It's down 41 to 32 here at halftime wanna remind a lot of great sponsors. Our broadcast on the radio football and basketball on thirteenth season broadcasts of other athletic side in this sense. Freddy's frozen custard sabres to taste it brings you back with six locations in Wichita. One in derby one elder ray donated on 9 west central BJ products automotive maintenance of the highest quality. Trying to be cheap shot near you visit PG find to shop dot com that's the key finding shop. Dot com. All right John Boston joins us now with the first half numbers that count anyway. All right leave the weight would be fun to live 15% points you in Ireland seventy and shoot you know one from. And you're one of one. Free throw line to rebound and he. Turnovers to go from fifteen point eight point four hours four minutes and four points apiece for. Me. And since has ruled Crawford off the fifth with four points and we point towards you when it's two rookie forward Michael Finley. Through them. We'll have more Covert who wouldn't. The pirates shot 52%. In the first half seventeen. Through the 33. Of five from behind you're in the four of nine from the free pro life. Group we've led in scoring 121 half whispered you're responsible for executing. Four of four from the foul line who was flying rebounds. In the one that did. And five point four you can Maureen Russell Smith. In the news. And four points out the pin and riddled with a few points out. Himself so hard with the working four point upgrade for the grizzlies really shot through five which it wasn't approving one. Three skid from long range in seven of eleven. From the free throw line and independence out rebounded the grizzlies 2215. In the first half turnovers were even at twelve apiece. My boots teams. Retief with six steals in. Independence with three. In the release scored two points in the paint Hewitt of interest when he. Both teams were nine points out. Turnovers. And and who look in her boot camp stance. Completely. Along the sports cable group. Coach Miller technical. He was assessed the advanced warning earlier. For Tennessee officials walk the way he's very homely and still lose both qualities city tonight to. Overheated talking. For the year history that was you know. I think that's one thing you know Richard yup which triggers and once you know when they think not another word is. Right through that official did not see them. If you did not see. Him. You are right. About scores. My pool we will start with if you. I'm confident we will be pumped into Jordan and go and city and halftime right now Gordon. Maybe done 29 when you close we came out there. Judy tonight. The other half time. Parents who were valid leading four and 3632. But he did 4945. On who'll be at the rate in groups. Updated 1231. You threw fourteen. And we're leading now he wouldn't need to fourteen. And liberal and a half ago plants is once we're that is not prove that right now. 44 and of course. We. Folks to pick up tickets in advance because of this the civilian boxer votes. In Durban the power plant things got a seating capacity of about sixteen or 17100. In that might be stretched it a little bit. But it usually when touched it's a one game. You pretty much guaranteed sellout. You can pick up tickets in advance if you stop by the college and athletic department at your office. In the 500 field. It's located. That you could pick up. And will be one week from an. And I hate hearing it. Right jungle video one last chance to take your war. This apparel. Home and eagle. The Golden Eagles could be in the five KFC championship. That Saturday. Down at home this afternoon in Pittsburgh. At Stanford university in. Golden Eagles wouldn't have that big underdog thing from the poignancy and the funeral brought back your fourteenth time in program history they've defeated. A point in 3848. That the he could today. Who were killed they held the points you're 58 yards rushing team and averaged 360 yards on the ground. Speaking to the paperwork to secure all feel great town quarterback. Whether. Thought there were that important now. Brady finished with five touchdowns three passing and watching film if you feel Brownback fifteen feet championship. You which is. Really well. No one man show that night and and something I'll always remember you know. Broadcast an effort state championship game and and with a few one and now for professional Philip you know. We're thankful. I actually done it doesn't thrill I knew that if that's true. In his first season and head coach you can. And her fourteen years have insisted that in a long time to account shipment. But that particularly in after a better start to your. Your head who can created capital with the C championship are voters' fears the inside story you now that your radio voice of the issue at least for that he'd. It knows these players if these swings have wondered about future. And that's the thing about this pipeline can kill bother me if it works so well we'll home from the plane. Played blasting. For the through these linebackers he that is hitting a lot of visual looks relatively few. You were policies go well offered me got it's at least twelve I think he picked up Louisville the other day filming it and continue to grow. Yeah a great player that played at issue here also accused and that pipeline between if you feel a boat race. I've been phenomenal work out throughout the years and you know I stated record. It's relief. It's the best defensive player in the. Plus for McCain. And we offered that he has received approval I mean it's especially the number of high profile with a view that he's being recruited. It's on solid job. John vause in Lucio aspiring broadcast actually as a broadcaster now but it's also a student here about it. Community college. In that we like him on the broadcast times. We have fun here. Our plan elderly and other grizzlies are trailing in its cards 4132. And we're back with more right after this. When you're drinking highland Derry chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein building. Plus your son vitamins and it's. To a collector like to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highlands area dot com. Big business. Your next oil changed and changed the life of your vehicle forever but if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Three G performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime both engines and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it outside a shop in your neighborhood and BG's findings shop dot com. That's Fiji's find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. Let them enjoy the weekend mornings and night right here right. On the second half heard the power play better. What is today on I 97 at thirteen thirty. USS in Wichita. My elder Dolan. On the campus. But check it out sometime in the future our conference. Basketball team up and down action. Probably. On the radio and a ball game tonight at halftime we countdown starts right now. And she sent him back on the floor of the rich and still in the locker room. I can't imagine that those other receivers coach Bryant Miller to please. Variety the last couple of minutes in he's got a nine point lead. It is that first half again the numbers independence shooting 51 point 5% from the floor. Seventeen of 33. Three of five for me. Just 35 point 5% from the floor. Only eleven of 31 in three of them from three point range resist being out. Up first half and warnings. To fifteen. It's about everything. First five. Down five rebounds and have 290 independence. This broadcast will be Saturday afternoon brown Dodge City. Broadcast live through 45 that receive pregame show up 3 o'clock tipoff grizzlies will be. It's. His home here nets win tonight gives you Hutchinson flew right. Ever there'll only be. After tonight only three more games than me I cannot complicates almost a month break. Christmas break. Read to play until he. Usually. Over the Christmas break. Let's see what adjustments aggressors can make here. This is now coming down to Florida where in the biggest gold uniforms. This year only the second time they've broken. But the truth is being led by a curious thought it was twelve. A waiver. Independent parts of the entity. Paula he's got. It's five lone season. So it. Resilience. Visitors that coaching kids. Target coached against him for a long time coach Fabio lady pirates program very successful here. All fourteen players on the roster at all. March 2 half. On the site have brought in by Freddy's frozen confidence thing murders Freddy's frozen because savers celebrates the return of their fall classic. Birdies come good 500 fresh in premium frozen custard. Let him with a whole slice of rich content pie crust at all topped with whipped cream street sentiment only at Freddy's frozen cut today. It brings you back six Wichita area locations. Right here you know their ability to go to 9 west central. Open until 10 PM tonight. Ten minutes stop by Freddie were. They didn't put up on the talked. He's trying to snap a three game losing streak keep in mind the grizzlies O in two periods of power play at their home floor conference play. Many observers is that for the twelve years I broadcast at Butler basketball when they lost only two at home on an old war. In the conference. Grizzlies. You've got the ball start the second half popular as a deep on the left lane. What's underneath that Russell Smith slipped jockey for position gets the pass works against Jefferson accident goes up puts up a shot note that a bank shot because of foul again. Jefferson. So we are off fourteen seconds in it references missile afoul. Agassi's third. Jefferson games. Coming over. To catch the wrath of this coach Tony turner. Two shots room. Russell Smith in the price. Of things so personally. This free throw me tonight for free throw shot by Russell Smith the freshman out of Kansas City can't easily for North High School. Got six points and it's free throws could actually done. It's got seven races down 4130. Full court pressure by the grizzlies fans who is the column please across the timeline for a site. He's on Alex Torres weren't ready points in the first half including two briefs. Column had a Pastor Wright trying to mr. Jefferson has the right corner McCollum. Com drives baseline cut off here at war. Thank side of the city's south noisy but is he quick. You try to drive right baseline was cut off funds warrior like you to go back to back out that he reverses and drove it right in the right basement room. And into. Somehow could toward responding to get near the Rivet missed a tough bank shot but it's out for two shots. Tell Luke. At sixteen. The calendar out to her to alive tonight 4234. Maybe leading we're just under way second half 1927 ago. Your team a column. These are on the way is good all minute seventeen points or MacCallum this is down 4330. For. Contempt toward the front board more fruits and always has been dropped off at the ball solid oily mass. Rory Stewart runs it down. As was Jefferson lovely drives it and it missed the close. My independence that is it was approached them. Natalie Armstrong and with a runner from six. This has got a great moments ago. Program much rule was. Ronan. The right. Who's it and that is accidentally shot is no. Hillary runs and at least that was the pirates. Stories nightly news land locked my animals. Save a popular this by the air out of pocket. Double team here in court if that happens and surprisingly only basket with a banquet sports. Is watney shot recovered it gets away together. 336. Partners with no spin dribble drive from the right baseline she's lived. Bolton cast the tough talk now to Taurus and respect the rights of those fatalities Talbots. In my seventeenth in the it's a miserable stint as it was last night court yeah. You don't shot back to McCallum marketability of the defense. Now without crossing the dribble drives to basket with tonight and Mattel does not tonight's. Very much unstoppable when he decides drive over him. 36. Coach Miller talked about pre game show yours acts on the vast left him bankers know that follow. I've spent a good long rebound goes through Armstrong. I haven't chocolate surprisingly beaten body picks announced this right wing threes short. One rebound right cordless provocative. There's still haven't. She gets in his possession. Lose the ball out of bounds. Presenters so. React to other teams from independents. But true alertness double team quickly. Pass out of that hospital a belt in nineteen on the shot clock or sideline toward. This is down 4536. Independence or union. More top of the people have left wing jumper from just ahead. It is off the back for another risk business. Victorious troops in the calendar. Right and it towards towards tries to basket speed lays it out. Okay rebound by the grizzlies out of perhaps it was a poor Armstrong francoeur drove through two defenders. Left wing thrived under the basket catch it right quarter Smith almost awaits him corralled it respect Armstrong. There isn't really bothered by the suffocating. Asking for it today doubled to pass those accomplish more working outside the pocket. Baskets had no good but it was on the right. In foul. Followed up Wachtel I guess shooting. All of those against the Tijuana when this first personal second team felt pretty. 1634. To go second. Two free throws here for. Russell Smith. Grizzlies. Smith seven points tonight he's two for two malign. They throw away it is off the front or back. Forty five. 36. In the leading. It is pretty much led all night. It might not have time. It's been business needs reform the way it's no good old pop in and out so misses both. List. Eats but we're under right side of the city blocks those inside your prayers and listen afoul. It's gonna vote you stood your Armstrong. Who is sort of it was the 510 teams down. Maria. It's called. And shot clock. The idea down. Stories and. It takes it. Inside the grand. Handled the ball. That's the front of the president's top of the key as opposed the war. Countless witnesses looking for someone. What bucket with respect taskbar and Adam drives to basket. If he had obsessive tendency. Lowered his shoulder on the just at a worthy defendant. He pulled over. A couple of times this year. That's you know these third personally receive them. Six. It just don't let me get in sync. Now on the war left can't live is no good. It short left side goes on to. I got toughness of this morning good a lot of liberals have seen no double team comes out the box picks up to. It's hard drives of the way. Residents are just. Suffocating defense that didn't. Board received clearance. Pressure defensively variety. Sorry 94 feet. CNN. Across and at Jefferson who works. Colonel yeah. Hey it's. Okay. Manager of business goes about things like turn around just like the way. Besides if it's your ball very surprisingly excellent web part. Little. He's got for tonight listed for 4538. More pressure. Doubles team in the far corners up to a pastors and partners and our. This trailer 4740. Backcourt pressure here. We're asking is front court. Has a chance to Max it out and gives you Jeffrey yeah. Those that these days and he still live through that I'm war. Sided towards business back. It's lefties but of course bankers know that. Micro kernel looks around racism of war that's right side yeah. It's not yeah. Clapper who puts a record of every. It makes it more. And more different court and it actually worked largely dropped. Whether Greg's currently 4740. Riddle as really energize the grizzlies. You raised on the warrant laden ribbon box that put their right wings guided through don't want it to me. Terriers aren't good now. We had sixteen points to lead the grizzlies. On the corner the power play nice to have you. 8713. Thirty kaine says it's. Taken sports tiger but are. And did slacker student. The results of life here. Looks like all teams. 4132. And. 47 to 44. Grizzly is being led by Bart who was 1619. Points leading scorer for. This column backcourt pressure comes days across the top priority remote locations that are. And now to retirees. Now back to. They use it they stepped out of bounds right in front of his coach. Coach Turner's news home. Frustrations in coach. Somebody a little bit of a basketball game. To keep your equipment. The grizzlies front court to our left. Pocket. Guzman outside cripple cripple thrives that his likeness. This whole concept of war. This goes to. Late turnover. Results of a break don't live for Paula and it was filed in the process. Paula was his first points of the night he's out of Kingston Jamaica. Six. Seven freshman played for the independence pirates. Pretty strongly is good three point quiet. I'm fifty to 44. Eighteen school. I'll have to return home. Hosted criminal little bit over ages the president payola. It's just a brutal. You've also. Taken away. 5044. Receives full court pressure he gets the ball and it doubles team in the back court to McCallum. Passage to grant having enough support to amaze. Me teams are full court press. Kerry has available MacBook passed this metallic. This in the front workforce online market as it could not find Maria. Memphis. Grizzlies are just being. Bothered only counted by that double team in the front court. The switch to get out of it. Residual income far sideline. 52441242. Ago. You've got to throw this. Her. Little thrives days nationally. Told another turnover by journal all of the work I was amazed me on the right way it's. It's moves right below the Grand Rapids and moved to the basket and we've got a lot of grit and process that as a front court people on the right side. Well when he goes to try actually contacted finally whistled. And Smith. It was good talking to. Pollack. It's called a foul on Russell Smith. When that Smith. And that he. You could see him talking to Paula. We called it a technical foul against Russell Smith. Ryan Miller says I didn't see it what happens. Custody. Official explains. So are left here. Column makes a person free throw. Columns got 22. And every throw coming up off the technical Mike Smith free throw. He's got 23. Andy Smith is similar shoot free throws Wheldon. Russell Smith remember the other case Allen had a fantastic dunk right for the Basra halftime. It was called for a technical for comparable. It is a tough. Verbally that prompted Alan. In this call for technical and made both free throws. 444 free throw miss by Smith. It was news news the last three free throws. Well the team to go. Actuate ten point lead. In Toronto is good. Smith and his feet. 54 to 45 independence leading its 1218 to play. Backcourt pressure brought to grizzlies. Easy access his own massacre comes up the floor. He's just there they did get across time. A top needs takes a left wing. Reverts back to rite of passage right side. No stiffness and called it unless I live on the shot clock for us now drives away in the foul. Prisons cannot stop. He's a column columnist that is where all night long. Christie's had no answer for him here at the moment. Forty minutes ago 5445. Chris is already was seven. Team fouls. You're the second half so this is a you know opponents 114 MacCallum. But talented he is perfect from the line views five of five he's cut. A game high 23 points. A shot free throw. On the way is no. Points work yet to be McCollum. They're free throw coming up here receives down 5535. Column. Though it is good for example these. Got 25 degrees down 56. The 45. Passed it and rightfully mock euros have reversed lakers hope. Out of by its case it really fully that you're not McCollum has become. Works against our past goes inside now. On the screen. Try to pull up right wing jumper. Every experience. For independence. I'm 45 points. Takes over let's noble picks up his dribble pass those in the lane turnaround jumper Martin went. Resistance deep deep trouble here they don't 5045. With 1057 though. It turned over recovered. Cast as the front court has been have a lot top 53 days ago good news rebound obviously life in. Here comes buried Friday but took the shot want to. Don't fly out. 37 to go. It varies day to check in her own people on our hurts. Who resist troubled property their third straight conference home game. Now on this 158 to 45 in the independence pirates. Receives in ground. Yeah full court pressure and. Capacity there were those Panthers got a quarter of pocket rocket to right obviously fix now. This podcasters home by days. Past their front court for the pirates MacCallum drops a little lock right side turnaround jumpers to no good followed. Live a quiet Armstrong passed on the floor goes to block them block it lays it up it's. Market studies need receipts are down 5047. No point in time ago with ten minutes remaining. In the front court left baseline as a private bank shot is no good horrible at all. Those two Smith here comes this race. This is it. Suffocating. Defense by independence. Let it go largely about our media timeout you do. That is my columns third personal foul. We've got a one minute media time out here on the floor with 949. To bow their power plant del Prado. It is independence 58 Butler 47 were back in one minute. Welcome back to Freddy's and did you hear that our pumpkin pie concrete is fracture or dead real. Every cup crest at all. To come compact Greeks please come and write that at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of families and and president Nestor and frank are incredible confidence high concrete pricing dreamy president has stated Clinton and a slice of pumpkin pie spreading spreading pestered and steak burgers this case that brings you back. It's. Just clicks it's a struggle. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement doesn't do it. It's a promise. To our mission. Promise kept for more than two centuries. A promise but the Marines. They Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at duke it's all happening right here on KLSX. Don't recollect her car. 8713. Thirty this. Pirates 5847. 44 upwards. If he from the floor of the grizzlies just seventeen of 45 from. Proves he's only three of twelve from three point range and Andy's real quiet he has that he did you want three point shot. He's been in a way of the room. This is what it down Kevin Berry unfortunately gets in front court Armstrong. Picked up by torrents that's the right side Russell Smith. It's going to be troubled past was a top to bottom Marcum takes a shot now tries to ask you whose body that make them no good utility foul. During his talk them. Who has the ability he might be one of the only risen as the ability on the winning degenerated shark. Either a deep shot or drive it to the rim. Welcome NC a team high eighteen points for the grizzlies averaging fourteen point four a game this season. Shooting development when he shot clockers is went down. A basket to our left. Stiffness goes to Bachmann accused Smith right quarter on strong arm from drives the latest reverse left can't play that long ago called to by Adams won't go. In rebound on a column. On the front court goes toward right rumors weren't able location. As far as Portuguese Kevin Berry. High street double team by Adams has the ball past most exciting cancer news. The system is an afternoon and it's got 66047. All the front porch dead right corner double team picks up his. Is it called timeout and I don't know what it is pretty clear. It court. And a 32 time out by the grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller. Is down sixteen. 47. For the independence pirates. Under ten minutes ago. Grizzlies. So now. In liberals who were. Green house. Very tough place to place grizzlies. With the other great performances have not one instance. Wanted foreign profits later he looks good and it. He does this business off the colonel colonel rounded up front near half court scores these guys home. Ridiculously quick first speed bump. This goes right to teach them how topped the box fixes Reebok tries to basket and bankrupted him what went by after the Hawkins got what. Kevin himself quite a necklace to announce it afforded us. Court pressure broke gators made in the front court left side coaster going and wide open for a three access to them. Talk out of stories. Included Italy. This is down 1160. Minutes. Or hours that's right drives basket yeah. Crisis that we are not doctors ran right corner three good long rebound or excitement out there. That he has been single digits you whose possession battle. It bill won't ratchet down the middle. Of the block politically Bob works toward. Mr. Adams bullet ultimately short well short right now might have been very good things evolved to. More hours now the ball apocalypse. Might very eager after all griddle after snap. Out of we've office steel or numbers and threatened. Definitely. It was. Frustrating for the grizzlies 741 ago. Victoria's cross the line. Those albums I point five points double duty falls toward a false hope micro. I don't want one now on the floor his leftist enough evidence by. Now my days. A few mistakes that I have idea to me in my column. It's got a game high 25 in just lost to handle the ball and a had a trip to win on the floor. Grizzlies on the breakout cradle. One on one of the really miss that layup and was fouled. Rhetorical devices. Coming up he's got to. My points in the golden age averaging sixteen point freshman here for the grizzlies. And 27 to go. Sixty. It's sixty to fifty. It's not put the point of view definitely throw coming up at sixty to fifty. Free throw commitment colonel addiction Paulson sixty the. It makes both free throws. He's got six. Presented to stop. McCallum wide open. He was wide open and positive about it except. Is rightly got to talk. Down seven on the shot clock coffee tea get Smith. Crossover dribble in the lane at the man he throws up. Where are no good. Foul on. Silly thought there might really. We've got to be the seventh. 650 Ford ago. Both teams now are in the bonus the rest of the way able to use that seventy house. So it's 54 to go grizzlies. Have a chance to cut the deficit. Went up to clock moving. Sixty to 51. Could hear us. You dependence fired coach. Tony turning got to be careful coach might get a technical. When I want for Ritalin free throws well one out of it Jefferson hasn't. Now he's one opted out takes at risk in this clip is no good long rebound. Found goes against the grizzlies. And business grizzlies. Russell Smith on the rebound. 181000 aggressive so do you agree it's going to free throw line Graham. 68. Slander is frequently is no good mr. Brennan wanted. I'm sixty to 51. As he left me very important to righteousness left side so it's been trouble. When terrible cramps was that topped it circles the bock a box I try to help pull up jump on the ways in and out off without. Follow this route of the trip is now my career. Those McDonald's yeah. Your jobs and. Each team now with eighteen fouls it's only the second foul on May use. Buffett called foul on or if it was on May use Kofi days. Possibly two shots for our tadano. He's free throw on the way is four. It was deflated. It's been a bouncing up and you're just kind of walk through the cylinder. Confident I was his first points of the night. He's now six of nine free throw line this year than it patriots Midland community college to Butler. Sixty to 52 opted out of their free throw on the way good for. 06. It was 643 deploys hundreds of our. Yours Torre's. In the circles they tonight miserable right when it's active defense. Pass those up top Jefferson switch around left siders is three on the way in its in and out on the Calvin gets along rebound the left corner that's frustrated now elusive ball out of bounds but struggled in recent in the hospital it might brutal. McCallum was wide open at three missed it a laundry you get it right. Six are free to go places now. Now sits in the fifth. Obviously takes I know what surprisingly that's not right corner. Based with a three it's no good. Out of the rebounding battle. Little visit saints go read. And racing up. Besides. Talk about them winning this column. Got to be 25 points for the authorities. Towards right corner McCallum who are constantly. It is no good rebound at weak side by Jefferson pass goes underneath and that's not to. Knocked out of bounds. 515 to go you could hear coach Bryant Miller the grizzlies yelling blocked. Walked out. Albums since last 23 attempts this a lot inside those of the big man Pollack. He wanted the shot clock to Jefferson. That's his right side to. O'clock incited Jefferson jealousy goes I. Okay. Five minutes exactly remaining. In here at the power play good everywhere there's tonight on 9713. Thirty give a sense. It was against courtside. On T Jefferson who has yet to score tonight he's averaging six points on the season per game free throws good. Leave or not. Jefferson and only a 47. Point 8% free throw shooter didn't bury the first when there's that element coming up. 61 of them to 55 Indy leading. The free throw for Jefferson free throw on the way is smiling I hope she drove off the rim and revenues. Sixties in the 55. On the back ordered them to double team me it worked out as you rightly too. Back inaudible so it goes the pocket occupies plain and puts a quarter score. Box that is cuts won't eat food bridges down 6257. Another victory. Terrorist pockets of the grizzlies with 22 points if the grizzlies and tigers to drive recklessly cut off by talking. Jefferson taught is that they pivotal heavily guarded by Cadbury. NASA is not the way in nearly stole her replacement no foul pole Tucker bounds. Hope it goes to the basket with a shot was blocked my office now. Well it got to pat 12 shot clock if local players know apparently out of my pocket. Where he. The shot clock on climate Powell missed another three. I was desperation 3 o'clock in one of them pretty crazy down 62. So they go responsible in the right way. Pocket set top promoters took three topic he'd. He's got to love it. Call timeout in the front court by independent. Well it. Just didn't. Pretty. Moments ago it is very homely nonchalantly. Was what it atop the bikini very long history. Riddled with just his seventh three of the year. 721. From beyond New York for just a criminal. Sometime before the grizzlies at point back to within sixty to sixty. Minutes. Independence. And as sixty to 47 Lee did. So the grizzlies Rania thirteen to two run here. Thirteen to two run to get it back to within two points. Not a good one reader tonight JR conference basketball on it and sat us. And it broadcasts coming up Saturday afternoon to Dodge City. Have been broadcast for it to 45 degrees and pregame show at 3 o'clock 2 o'clock grizzlies game confuse the doors. It was a dodge and college. Nice facility it. We have 339. Days ago. He's been down by thirteen. And sixty. Is he still have work timeouts left in if he's got three times a couple of whole teams in the bonus. Grizzlies up 92 cells in the NC. The invention of the backward. My toy stores because they were in my pocket as goes right. Orders to our. Calendar still the treble bass goes inside in when. Shot blocker he was found. Now live from Marty short. Little base line right side of the room. So keep in mind this is the double bonus now. Workshop on politics out of Kingston Jamaica and we're showing him three points today up a basket free throws itself free throw there. Pretty neatly. 6360. The free throw coming up for us Shaun Pollock. This democracies head coach Bryant Miller in the post game show. Normally my policy is good. Five and an eight procedure down. 64 to six feet. In the preseason another close game down the stretch and pull this one now. Seven period back court stuff pretty. Sort of like Torre's fault lose the bottom and luckily he just knows there is a five circles and secure. Smith Smith hasn't Jefferson toughness goes to block him thirteen and shot clock rocket bomb right elbow jumper on the ways none of it now the rebound. Today coming now that is. Paula for independence via jump off good position after the weigh your options might Boleyn girl snapped a floater is up. It got shot. First bucket that night 6660. Independence making some big baskets down the stretch there's dribble drives the basket and he shot was blocked a little. Crashed into the port on the baseline no foul called. That's in the north port posted tourist tourist news this banker's office. Italy. Six yeah. They're she's gonna. As answer their home. It was once. It is now eight. Well as fast food. Was tight towards restored it would hit. Down 6860. This is kind of in the oval for the disease early in the season maybe a couple of these close games down the stretch but it's the other B. Coming up with a big boxes. 66. Feet grizzlies. Three timeouts left is president dependence. Your next Wednesday night against the practice it right. Would have little tip off at 530 minute seven the broadcast earlier this process. Prisons. It stops. We have tried to. Dependence it's really did indeed it's controlled leading up to 25 ago. India has shown a lot of speed and just really pounding suffocating defense today. Really bothered grizzlies. Down here looks and in front of the zone and it in the pocket rocket. Off the street I know what plan drives the basket which above water in these words. What democracy's. War machine. He's got 24 he presented it saves you 62 and it stopped now. There's a different sport news or. Doris works against Russell Smith. Yeah topic is this was rightly column. Doctors it's 2 o'clock jobs I actually felt it and eat out. It. Up and said. 070. Sixty to 62 grizzlies trailing. Pressure there it'll it's impossible ward doubled. Its board. Right side there rightly goes to Russell's appears that the long three. Russell Smith. The president found sixty. News since the poor. But that was definitely credible source video of this court but he stepped out of bounds. Apparently that was just a soon by Russell Smith. Like he was in three point range and quality to. 6864. Who won 33 to go. Reynolds almost had a steel midcourt but is he went for the ball went out of bounds. So in valid points. Stores across the punchline. Or it's him appointments that night. That is pirates. Obama shot clock went 21. Flock towards possible gets it back to Smith but vs the drives the basket put the bankers know what's best for the rebound the ball nearly stole. Little gets back. Little good movie. Drives only basket in. He drops it off a pass that was the foul. Play dribble. Borrowers were really going back toward. Real pleased with the ball. Triple in the front court. He's going to line. As the wanna want and it's only nineteen goals now in the receives an absentee smiles. All important one and one adjusted group. 103 ago. Riddles free throws good. Rebound play defense well that's a huge mess by colonel. Right we're stories flowers and I instantly drop to you lost all and it has. Reynolds threaten the front court has left more fairway with a three on the way. It. Happened. Ray Lewis lives as best three point shooter buries a. Tony turner is high grade and Alex Morris's point Hartford to Vegas yeah. Moments ago once at a point now with the lead. We tried to drive it accurately and he passed underneath it was tipped it's always. And soon possession aggressive had a huge three from Kevin Barry. Christie's call about buried what is the first points and he. Remembers Saturday and Alan Woodbury. It three threes down the stretch grizzlies were down by ET. We got back within one before losing one to 9568. 67. Independents lady. The Griffith Sampson timeouts left. Prison sentence and 8000 independence nine so. In acid school teams in the double bonus. Two timeouts left for the grizzlies three timeouts left for independent. And clocked 43. Point five seconds ago. We'll India. Has led for much the entire night. Prisons were down by thirteen. Earlier in the second half you pulled back to within one. Can they pull out a game late. Maybe you'll encounter or left addresses to a full court pressure Jefferson. Everything looks good. For the pirates but to throw a baseball has now dropped. Apparently is very very across the timeline picked up by. We've got to cross the timeline. 11 seconds on the shot clock 35 on the game clock. I. At least period right near midcourt Bachmann and support me now. It is gonna call time enough. Won seven seconds on the game clock and eleven on the shot clock for sixty seconds differential. 2 o'clock o'clock. 6867. Independence leading. With the grizzlies here the last thing I wanna do it's I. Okay that man defense. Each team now at two timeouts left. 47 ticks left to. The regulation. Which he needs 67. And eleven seconds on the shot clock. 47 seconds on the game clock. Would have let us. It needs 713 thirty feet. NFL it's. No. Both teams. Losing streak to grizzlies have dropped. Three in a row independence through a row. Your big win for either team here tonight. I got to go to OM three. Efforts on their home floor. Here we go down the stretch again they. Timeouts left. 47 seconds ago but if you had a 6867. Lead. Grizzlies five on the floor as Spock could Adams. Barry Smith and colonel. Independence is gonna bring him back into the hole. Ricky Edwards who was fairly play guys got one point he's on the floor when they're 52. Days. There's trouble if the ball it is bigger part very experienced trouble is bullets Nicole's final. Some time on the floor right dependency grizzlies would look good defense or him. The so called time out so. And now he's got only one timeout left the grizzlies was to. Help wanna remind your next broadcast his Saturday afternoon. We'll ask him he. Traveled to Dodge City athletic he's been Norris. Lady grizzlies about a win earlier today. Are bigger part. Of the grizzlies losing a tough one. Lady pirates. We battled them tough down the stretch but it independence with a net gain. Independence outlasted the lady grizzlies 55 to 52. His team's total. It all comes down these final 27 seconds. And point lead for independence and on the part of the ball and eleven seconds on the shot clock. Columns got a game high 25 points. For independence. Prisons being led by Terry talking more important. Offices in bell on this earth precious inbounds pass him down the back. Sports column. Now on the shot on the front toward them like little little pocket all the way they follow golf. A little recent events cold. He knocked it ups. And it definitely less prevalent. I agree and it looked like criminals that the pocket of MacCallum. And the ball was not lose them very late missile by the official. Line from him. McCollum today. It is six for six from the line assistant shots but. Still had been teammates vote is still one possession game. Currently talking to them column right now in the official. Justin Trudeau was quick hands looks like he had a steal their mentally whistle. So. Columns won't want it for you shots. 42 point one seconds ago. It's you know tired of sitting. Let's resist the call time out here. So each team has only one timeout McCollum has got 26 points to lead all scorers. 22 point 12. Weeks ago. This is trying to snap a three game losing streak. And here in conference play. They were down by thirteen. At one point midway through. Such. We were down six to 47. An aggressive early thirteen to two. The pulled within sixty to sixty. But then independence and quick burst when he hit 66. He grizzlies. Back to an end to live the free throw coming up for myself. And again. Each team has only one minute timeout. 22 point. One seconds ago. Number. Three approached every six months. In March. When it comes time for receiving. He wanted to get him home more. Who have finished the first one of the pack. Two middle up. 6967. If he makes his free throws in the is good. So he's got 17. For the grizzlies down seventy to 67. Here they come up. Little cross the timeline matches leveling do Russell Smith. Shot clock is not well want to talk. Not surprisingly gets out very likely braves and all won't rebound those independents. Time running down the foul ball to present its so Kevin Barry. Had a pretty good look in the right way it is considerable. We were trying to set up very. For a game tying three he shoots an air ball. And only three seconds ago. Now we're going to be talking to coach Joseph Bryant Miller the post game show and I know for a fact that. Close is not gonna cut it tonight for him. Then a lot of close losses early in the conference season. This column get its free throw line and they. He's got a team high twenty feet. Join him ten for ten from the line tonight from the free throw line. Sophomore from Cincinnati Ohio so. Two possession game 7167. That's free throws. This is down 7267. Would only three ticks left. It's to riddled riddled upwards. Shot. I. Just inside the this court's right. Three if my colonel of the grizzlies Paul. 72. To seven. And once again it's the opponent makes big shots down the stretch. Through six balls and other close look at the final score. Independence fires up it about grizzlies nobody post game shows coming up next. Welcome back to Freddy's and he'll be here that are pumped him icon hip fracture or dead real. Everything up. Crest at all to welcome back I creeks police coming right up at Freddie you'll always find that magical combination of families sign and president testing and preparing credible pumpkin pie concrete crashing dreamy president has stated Clinton in a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spreading pestered and steak burgers this case that brings you back. Most oil changes or the sand. Old oil out new filters new oil and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list and what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was life changing PG cup being you will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifestyle look peace of mind free use. Why did shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's BG find shot. Team. A mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on Kate and as. No minimum and here the environment with the grizzlies post game show that it was denies the of other grizzlies. Lose a close one here tonight. Padilla independents piracy finals or finals for a 72. 270. Isn't it that is made some big buckets down the stretch. Received try to respond try to answer it falls short. Right now the Butler grizzlies on the season. If fall below 500 their overall record now is four and five and more importantly in conference play receipts fall to one in five. Meanwhile the independent pirates. Improved to 63 overall three in three in conference play won't to a visit. Grizzlies head coach of Bryant Miller here and post game show. But in the meantime see you John vause Eunice look at the final stance. All right for the pirates the show and 40% from the field. 30% from behind the arc in 76%. And free throw line. Led by a team and make columns to morning nine points and nine of eighteen shooting eleven of eleven. From the free throw line go along with seven rebounds and had two assists. And then it's corn jumps up big time that Alex Torres next highest with ten points. And in a six points apiece. Four of the incident as well and proper food with six points for the pirates but learn those warring. 44 points by Buckingham. Lieutenant fifteen shooting for four from the free throw line. With seven rebounds three assists. Fourteen point for just include all the beans on Ivan nine shooting two of four from the free throw line and he also offensive rebounds with three assists and four steals. Ten points were Russell Smith. In the in this worn down south five point for Adrian more. Four point four Thornton indoors. To have been very hit three points on that last three towards the end of the game. And that's is going to receive 43%. From the field 37%. From behind the arc and the 61%. From the free throw line grizzlies. Now rebounded the pirates 3635. And to turnovers eighteen you know for independents to when he won it for the grizzlies. Butler which point four points in the paint independents had 32. And Butler with sixteen points out that the pirates turnovers. An independent scored fourteen points out butler's turnovers second chance points nine for independence. Six were Butler. And their voters bench outscored independents 27 to eighteen there was four times four lead changes. In making men that's look at our final cents. You know John having watched his team and ended moments ago it's hard for me to believe. Look at these final steps to Chris he's actually out shot independence. From the field 42 point 4%. To forty point 3% didn't seem possible. Knowing you're the second half well there was fortunately Butler shot 50% from the field. In that says second happy independence is eight of 29 for over 27%. They were 05 from behind the arc in that that second half been. But the difference free throws and finished with fifteen of sixteen in the second half from the charity stripe. Yeah MacCallum you know others that he he couldn't hit a three he was or for four from three point range I think all four tenths came in the second half that he was just Colonia. It receives what is drives to the real. None have been held in their own finishing eleven of eleven from the free throw lines that showed you aligned just right there. In nineteen of 25 was independence from the free throw line grizzlies were fourteen of 23. Free throws a lot better than sixty point 9% the receipt for the season coming into this game tonight 74%. Free throw line in the shoot 61%. That's a huge difference right there there routes work the line. By just five with the grizzlies. Fourteen of 23 from the line. He. 712 in the second half and that's when you need to make them special their second half and the game was so close you know. Go to pull within three or four and in in the news just by two men last three from cradle but free throw line is where do you get those free points. You know we all do our visit here at Bryant Miller the head coach of the grizzlies at the moment he's in the locker room addressing his team. Can't imagine that's a something's going to be two. Go too well with the players and their boats and current structure comes coach Miller. What's the grizzlies again lose a tough one and I by final score of 72 to seventy. To the independence parents and they hear a moment we'll be busy with the Bryant Miller and again as I mentioned I don't think that there's any moral victories effective grizzlies again were down thirteen points. Midway through the second half they pulled back to within one or two at the time and just couldn't get over the hump in the coach appreciate you stopping by and just cutting overall assessment and another frustrating loss for your clothes. We're won't play away you know one play away it all I'll say this episode the story guys in the locker room a little bit ago that that I that I was brown. That. You talked about moral victories but what I saw from this group in the second half was our desire. Was an intensity. We're getting better on defense. And I told them that this is a process. And you can't expect this week to. Not play like you're supposed to were practice like you're supposed to and that hurt at all in an all you put together one good. You know last year until we we had a six game losing excuse. And then me too late in the season and it and we. We decided did in practice to get an offer we made some changes and and we ended up avenue until the season we were we worse you know we were six inches away from from getting to a final game and maybe the national turn us. Yeah one step at a time. In I told those guys that I was proud of their effort I am I'm proud of that group well I'll go to war this repeated week. And again and fortunately I felt like call here Calder go our way. In that last one was was about as clean. Little poke. On the ball as the icy grip and I told crew that that was a couple of people that ball noose clearly ball popped out in late whistle late whistle. It was an elected officials say hold on there call foul here. Now coach you you were mitigated by the turn over about 21 turnovers and I will say this during the broadcast you guys who really bothered by that double teams in the front. It it's it's tough to handle just don't defense like that it's just sporadic in you can try to practice against it when we've. You know teams are conditioned to do goods those types of things. And maybe we should plates and some 605. You know yes they try to prepare for the I thought our guys and good job are really do. Again we're getting better. You know thought or more by the came to be honest with you. It's stinks that we lost that doesn't feel good to lose and I'm not about moral victories book. We're getting better defensively and if this and that and those guys in there in the locker room they care there's a lot of tears back there right now. And that shows me that they fear. So that wasn't the the responses in the locker room after the game. I'd be of little concern. That there is that desire there and I thought Kiki. Played unbelievable I don't know if you know would he he ran off the court here through previews yes the flu all game long that the flu all all night last night. I talked about. He's he you know he had a heck of a flu game on the 24 points and ten for fifteen. When we needed a basket. He gave this war and he was unbelievable tonight just just into the room finishing in the complaint. He's coming on his software wanna see he's become a team leader 24 points for Bachmann. 1 thing I am encouraged by two coach was it seems like there's been some hesitancy by some of the other players missing the forest and try to take over offensively but tonight. Just in critical finishes in fourteen points. He had seven. Rebounds. In the air force deals going to dance external. You know that's that's the staff does that I kept talkative about the he's got a clean up the point guard and six turnovers. He's so athletic he's so fast in the open court. But just little things like leaving your feet to make passes. In just letting them get pitches that. And you know what he's got he's getting better. You you can't teach what he is he's extremely athletic quick fast and and sometimes too fast tonight but. You know again and I thought he did a good job on a run of the team in the second half I thought he did a good job garden be often. And lastly there were where he poked a ball please do it was there was there was a lot of great angle on it and and in us love little disappointed with who's. I thought the rough was behind the play you know how you saw it. You know from my view right here co CEOs looking straight on you'd see daylight between your ball and hit him. It was no content content union and it was apparently would solicit by the official looker top. And those two free throws and tell me. Yeah the technical large area that was was that thought my technicals relief I simply asked rafter Leo to come over to explain the call that. He missed them here when a guy drove to the rim very. Quicker. As it can you please come over here tell me. What you got there can I please get an explanation he he gave me a tactical file on the news at you know that. That's just you know think disputed younger can be a little sensitive and you know. Those are the type things that are supporting his and you have a ball games such as this that's exciting yet to teams battle in the in. You know in my mind who I'll vote for it is is officials both would be invisible. And I thought tonight they were they were very visible they have their staple of the game. That was a very unfortunate technical silence and then Russell Smith got one too late which was was costly. So now Saturday got to be over Dodge City against the cookies good or is. Really needed a win. Really needed to win no question. This one way I would have been nice to have obviously with the Dodgers Dodgers got a new coach Steve Tucker over there but he does a pretty good job. You know they they lost they lost the close was just like it today to Gordon. By two so it will be a battle. He's a very good coach coach for the pro ranks and and I don't think that the most talented team loses from what I hear I don't know if they haven't seen the film won't let. The thing that I do here's that they play extremely hard. So. You know what I have to match their effort rue it's a long trip out there that's the only thing that kind of is difficult to deal with. 3 o'clock tip offs you have 3 o'clock afternoon tipoff leave that out of 8 o'clock in the morning. So hopefully guys get rest and we we got to get healthy you know anything Bratton was when he played these down the flu. Coach Parker missed two practices at the flu and a TT hasn't. RJ was too little bad. As well prior to the tip itself it's going around it's that time of the year. We know that congress this year couple days ago in Washington just you know. Simple things to try to combat some of them but when you live in crow will grow excuse me close proximity. Like these guys do in the dorms you know it's it's it's harder tonight that some of that stuff musketeers are four point four Steven Preston. Yeah he got it out meaning. He's in there to get an ice bath right now actually is temperature down. You know we hopefully it's a PDA like some fluids and in the and a and hopefully he feels better tomorrow so. Told them prior to today earlier today in your software leader. Take the ball. Scored him that he did he put he put he put the group he's on his back tonight and he he kept us there. You know Kevin Berry hit a big big shut down the stretch we ran a rent a place for him at the end to tie it up and I don't know if you noticed that but he kind of slipped rolled his ankle I thought he got a clean look on catching. He just didn't get its feet says this the Reno's ankle rolled over him. You know you balance on the you know on the shot which is unfortunate because I think we got a speech that hit and one that he before probably used to rather knock them down to. Which is always appreciate you stopping by talking Saturday Dodge City they keep you know. Right Miller head coach about a preseason and before we sign off we're gonna do a quick look at the scoreboard. John vause rejoin us here in the post in joke grizzlies fall 7270. It and that is part of the immigrants is now four and five on the year. One in five in conference play independence bruises 63 overall 33 in conference play. In the shop when he got. We will starts with that it came out great in tonight's Barton who came in fund BP. Lost to balance 60650. And are now as angry as the great video. Hutch rolled over Kobe but I 248965. We hear what we shouldn't and I said dodge who cigar tonight in a thriller garden defeated dimes. By two. And then cocktail Pratt and no word on that kid and that should be ending the year shortly and Stewart whereas leading Cali big. By 27 Lleyton points. Who has really recovered from the loss to the grizzlies two weeks tonight he really played well since then there by the police have only the second half it was Ali you know whole bowl. That makes no sense. This is a the success of the season and conference news from a team to team scores. Within the look into the newsroom during a conference this evening. All right John as always we appreciate their help becoming underdog sitting. We'll see remember. The long road trip you realized it is going to be a long road trips. John thanks a lot thank you John vause enough so broadcast. Our studio poured it right it's been since lacquered its broadcast of Saturday afternoon. Rebecca on the road grizzlies will be traveling to Dodge City 3 o'clock tipoff. The men game at 3 o'clock we'll have the pre game show received pre show it to 45. 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