Butler Grizzlies Basketball at Garden City Broncbuster

Wednesday, January 17th

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It's time for the Butler grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand heating air conditioning blowing before convenient locations to serve you including an opposite end overcome. The better serve Butler county and is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a call and I heating air conditioning in electronic or check us out on the web at Hannity dot com. Now let's get out of becoming a for the grizzlies pregame show. No longer want to dwell about the grizzlies pregame show at another brother grizzlies basketball radio broadcast tonight week. We re cue from the tennis parent and complex. Wearing dark city for a jayhawk conference matchup between the grizzlies. Have a Garden City blockbusters. And the grizzlies Kevin does 18 and eight overall 58 in conference action while the rock posters they hit their home floor twelve and five overall. Beat him five in the jayhawk. Grizzlies currently in ninth place in the conference standings. In the busters are tied for fifth with Colby it. Negative he wants everybody Dennis Higgins with you here in Garden City or federal court later tonight is Simon some nerve. It's always great everywhere this on 97 and thirteen thirty K in assets. The grizzlies are arriving here in western Kansas in my humble opinion played their best basketball of the season. What Jeff quickly grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller on that one. Progressives have won their last two in a row and three under last four weeks now Saturday night at home and a navy 182 victory over the Colby trojans. The grizzlies first. Wind at home in a conference game this year than had been oh and six in conference games on their home floor. Before winning the game on Saturday night again 9182 victory over Kabul be trojans in a ball game grizzlies with five players in double figures. They relayed by Gerry Armstrong with 23 points fourteen of those points coming in the second half. Carla mixed patent had seventeen points Russell Smith. Another strong game for him seventeen point six rebounds just incredible twelve points Annika Terry spot in his first game back. After missing three games he had thirteen points all in the second half us along with four rebounds in day in his first game back after missing. The previous three games meanwhile the blockbusters are coming off a big win. Over in liberal on Saturday night TV to Seward county saints see it coming back late to tie the game forcing overtime in winning in overtime 6860. Outscored soared nine to one in overtime. Huge games where you have a cheerleader. Coach Sherri these 611. Freshman us he had ten points ten rebounds and seven at. Watch this guy coach Jerry he's among the national leaders in blocked shots with 68. He's averaging four blocks. Per game that would over Seward allowed to buster to move into a bit. A place tie with Colby into this game here tonight will be the second meeting this year between the grizzlies and the Oscars. They met in the conference opened in November 11 at the car plant and it was Garden City coming away with a sixteen point victory. Final score that game of 75. 259. This is the grizzlies pregame show brought to you by hand heating air condition of plumbing. Your comfort is our business we're back to talk with coach Bryant Miller immigrants leave right after this. And heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has full communion locations to serve you including an office and handover to better serve full accounting and were always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. So what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and plumbing. Your comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly of Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality pro teams they'll. Plus is bad vitamins and it's. It was electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium you need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more I legendary dot com. Yeah. Spain. This is Michael. Join me weeknight debate on gay and. It showed tonight for new at this very many. Jim in Garden City. Jail conference basketball which gets it now for the grizzlies and head coach. Bryant Miller and dad coached. We're begin by asking you I opened up the broadcast that I sit in my opinion the grizzlies are playing their best basketball of the season. Which you can turn. It would concurred. Good owner. For better defensively. We were down there that's all the number that we use you know we like to get through every every year end you know we're doing a good job shared about Oswald shooting it well. You guys have won three of your last fourth sooner row and all of a sudden you guys are just two games back of that all important. Top seven spot in the conference in which means you would host a a first round playoff game. Power plant and no one of those teams is strictly in front news Garden City which I would do we had a amplified view of horses can deny. Another question bill France's sovereign debt this every game's important for us we're really just trying to lock you know Garden City enough pay for attention Q4. That the task here tonight is is a tough one it is so right that that we got even at our full attention. They're well coached team and got unbelievable front line Ed Dunn edited very good guys around those guys. You know coach every time we're on the road it seemed so I'm always saying whoa whoa this is a tough regulator doesn't really tough place to play. And it is estimated JR conference it's really tough to get road wins. Despite the fact he gets a 13 road games in a row from this big night. Whatever the crap did you guys have won just two games here it took her him and Jim the grizzlies have wanted to Gibson's. 07. It's a really typically it's the play a little on the drive either you just get thrown off junior clock you daily schedule. They get a check all the way out here. Did you got all of this didn't tell them what you know appeared on social economy out of a little bit. In the crowd is pretty ruckus out here and they play well. At home you know they they've only lost two to more and Hudson to Brad. Those three teams all of which are good teams and been through those. Let's not do in the league. And by no reason they come out here it is take it to him though. Again very tough place to play tradition and history says that that's not our favorite book so we'll take you under all rolled tonight. Grizzlies and it blockbusters here tonight a Garden City we've busily Bryant Miller head coach the other grizzlies in depth. Coach that you look at this Garden City team it overall record of twelve and 585. In conference play. They're currently tied for fifth place would Colby dvd home Saturday night in a conference standings. But one guy that really sticks out so it may they've got four guys scored double figures but. Jeff coach Sheridan is sick guy 611. Who eat K state is interest in signing him. And he was among the leaders in the nation coaching box shots. With 68. Blocked shots he's averaging four game and he had cell and gives you guys earlier this year at our planet. It has suddenly bigger players wherever they go inside. But no question it that you got to find the next guy that's the key for us there when you drive it in there you get a shot fake can leave his feet what he's been conditioned to do. It's a credit him he is one of the best shot blockers I think the level in the country you know with his size and leaned. There's not many guys around basketball that do better than that big that long and athletic and have a good timing on the shot blocking ability. Though we have to be fully aware of him not only Hilton. But of Thomas. That of other derby winner Harvey when he comes off you know the venture he starts. All three of those guys are capable of over race and shots of the middle. We got a distant either attacker to take right to the remember we've got to that you don't find that they got on the backside and we can't be scared to drive the ball and they're so I thought we are pretty tentative and hesitant. The first game he blocked a couple of shots then and then all of a sudden we just started subtle we got to just keep the targeted do we do though. Next the other guys underneath him right they have a hundred. In 54 blocked shots is your coach the Kurds in Iraq posters you guys match that we didn't know about the conference season in the car plant back on November 11. In the Bronx Westchester and limited sixteen point out that night. It's a look back on that video for that game where you guys study Beverly at a couple of the win tonight. But we're not the same team Dennis we really aren't we played anybody in the league wants a second time around. We're differ team from from a couple of different you know viewpoints than normal Epstein the dolphins differ on line it was different. And number two we've gotten better we've gotten better defensively. We're a better offensive team so. You know they've gotten better we've gotten better so hopefully tonight who were able to play our best basketball. And take that step forward. I know coach you are very very good friends that Brady trickle head coach your Garden City a friendship goes way back. And I know you want to be a really bad as always we appreciate the visit we'll talk definitely gave its Dennis Bryan Miller head coach about grizzlies back could morph from Garden City. Right after this. Your next oil change change the life of your vehicle forever if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. These key performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime both engines and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it exciting shot in your neighborhood and BG's findings shop dot com. That's VG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game tour I teed. We're moving through the future with you with banking solutions for the way you live and work. Vintage bank kansans provides customers with the technology that empowers you with greater convenience and access and control of your accounts online banking ATMs and seven convenient locations make banking easy. Vintage thing Kansas community banking and insurance agency. Member FDIC. Does that does some line and. Under the tip off here tonight JR conference basketball this. And Garden City built upon their grizzlies have this game. Eight Kennedy's old for all they're I've an eight game conference. In Garden City is twelve and five overall and they are eight and five in the conference standings the grizzlies currently ninth place in the standings. Garden City in the fifth place tie break everybody is. On that 9713. Thirty K has just been good for the pregame show we're coming back with tonight's starting lineups and no big tip off. Butler in Garden City from Garden City it all comes out next time okay. And assets. And attorneys are again soon. Meetings lunch meetings all week all solid scheme was selling heirloom sells for as say you sell its sometimes guy needs a phrase original double in Chicago dog. And eternal son three weeks. We understand if you're gonna be bad you'd better because I know when satisfies cravings better than previous frozen custard and steak burgers the experience puts a smile on your face. Can you taste that brings you back now available little Wichita area Hutchinson and make. Person Freddy's locations. To. This to flex its struggle. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement doesn't didn't boo. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept it for more than two centuries. I promise. Of the Marines. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball always on the air follow the grizzlies also is along I 973030. K and ask past. The grizzlies basketball is what you buy these major sponsors Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the pace that brings you back. With six locations in which docked one interleague and one in Belgrade when he if you don't mind what central. The US to release a few the proud birdies. Did you products automotive maintenance of highest quality to find a dvd shop near you visit PG find a shot dot com that's PG club is shop dot com. Panic heating and air conditioning and we'll make your company is our business for the location and hand over to better serve longer counted pilot did your hometown there. Then if they can't just look into the future would do. Now let's head out to the arena full brother grizzlies basketball. Basketball tonight. Please on the road to face the Garden City and Boston it's. Necessary all I have is bolted to have reemerged from beyond locker room in this case. For the bomber receivers and a third your head coach Bryant Miller over our record for coach Miller 46 and 31. 21 year assistance Gavin Boehner and Cameron Parker. For the grizzlies it'll be starting at point guard it'll be just in crude oldest and put pressure out of payola in bill high school. Colonel is averaging just under ten points a game four assists per game at a little over four rebounds in. The other guard is unique Heartland Express sixty software to Omaha Nebraska and south high school. Twelve points and four rebounds for next Madden could do for us for the grizzlies can start tonight's Kevin Barry to 64 sophomore kicker to players there's. I knew. My school that didn't keep edges here is average and six point six points per game. Just under two rebounds per game of Burberry carries the best three point shooter for the grizzlies. 45 point super cities hit 2760. To attend this week's. The other four is Russell Smith. She misses say 65 freshman he's got to Kansas City, Kansas delayed the North High School. This is averaging fifty points and a team leading seven point two rebounds per game and get this started senate tonight. Is the freshman Anthony Bradley to succeed president Omaha Nebraska since birth high school. Bratton who's averaging six point eight points per game is just under five boards. Per game so the grizzlies guard Jermaine Stratton and cradles the two forwards are buried in Smith and its center it's Bratton. They're head coach is pretty tranquil. That are pretty radical in his fifth season here in Garden City 85 and 57 overall record. Eight and five. They're gonna go today three guards so why does so with a forward in this matter but one thing. It is clear jobs. Six ports are part of Washington DC fourteen points and six rebounds per game. Here Johnson on CNN the other. An artist who. Yeah. Rashard appreciate I appreciate his sense when 500 dollars in taxes he's averaging. For game perversion. Hit it the other artist's and all. These six free software try to. He's never gives us an eleven points and had just like. Or rebounds for more than dole camp good. The senator. And here's Thomas this guy is at least promises 68. New Jersey. No one boarded us are trying to do is. Office Harvey at 68 sophomore is also a load he's 230 pounds he's on the West Palm Beach, Florida. Pretty garden city band is here tonight sitting just below our broadcast. Level. And so they will be a factor this ball game on the broadcast if nothing else tonight. Great to have you witnessed the preseason they're traveling purple uniforms in the silver lettering a numeral stricken white. In a Garden City breaks her role in their home whites with yellow new roles and no lettering trendy and brown. Great to have you with us it'll be Thomas against top bracket media jump the grizzlies will be moving right to let you in the first twenty minutes. Yeah you're right no they don't need to bale is controlled by Bratton and the grizzlies. There comes griddle across that sideline Centre court just pass goes left wing to do. Very very respected criminal pull up fifteen footer left baseline it's an air ball battle for the rebound that it comes down to talk to pick me and he nearly had a stolen away by cradling the back court. In the front court here comes the J. Crew should hit six threes in this meeting back on November 11 between these two teams in the power plant he had 22 on the night. Imus has away atop his theory Johnson beat on the left leg. Grizzlies in and of anger go for the ball game Johnson picks up his dribble. He has got to appreciate appreciate drives crossover dribble to delay. Kicks it out left lingers Hampton those shot is an air ball so ball change their balls under four shots of the night. And in the front court mrs. brittle. Passes over the right wing deep right wing suit very big does that top secret altered often left elbow screen by Brett Dixon left corner. Another streak by Bratton. Real good to talk to buried in work throughout the perimeter deep bunker right wing is his assessment process that I've talked to extend past was not available to Brad. He had on the shot clock that's bad taste it left wing. Gonna get it done out here for the shot clock ran back today and left goes up for a shot AAA by Thomas did not get a shot off. Your compost garden do blockbusters in the front court aren't questions coming up in overtime win on Saturday night in little William Seward county. 6860. Acres project left corner three it gets off the backboard no good. You know off the rim as well debriefing a couple big court run down my Garden City so they'll reload. Minute and a half in no score here tonight in Garden City. Sanchez got top there's a lot was to Thomas Thomas has positioned lays out there. Smith and Thomas put the first points of the game you have to leave for the crime busters. Front posters letting. By sixteen points the first dating back to November 11 and elder radio. It's yours print off the screen right elbow by Bratton gives it up top to Perry. Here's an expanded at a called for a travel. And Chris he's having trouble penetrating. But on the perimeter. In the Garden City. They're only giving up 75 points per game defensively to grizzlies average had given up eighty points a game so to pretty good. Defensive teams here tonight and I didn't leave the Garden City. Isn't over two minutes and you can't deny your determined complex in Garden City Thomas has it. One trouble picks it up gives over now on the left wing mrs. Elvis. Kirby RB accidentally get Smith puts up a bank shot up and Harvey six feet 230 pound. Sophomore too big minutes quarterly regardless of T afford to lead the Ron Rogers colonel driving to the lady goes up. Senate wow adjusted class. But ninety. The trouble tragedy we're up against Tomas Tomas at 68 getting dumped it and I think it may have called detective. I believe Fred all may have been ticketed for a charitable trust in pretty. He is all of those six feet tall. And Crennel went up with a right hand GM. Past Thomas their big man whose hands and it's six seats in the fifth game. Criminals gotta be careful here is now acknowledging he Garden City student section back in the Garden City bronco buster pinch. So brittle did get called for technical. And it should be projected to shoot free throws it's no good to strong off the back iron. 1726. To go for those impressive dunk by colonel. Now keep in mind Garden City has a 154. Blocked shots on the year. We're averaging nine no blocks shots a game of next free throw those into my crew shape. Immigrants teaser trailer and five to two. So follow any technical foul on colonel. You're kind of blockbusters and her home whites moving left to right. Percentage drops download appear Johnson works its critics Vincent bank city hit me. The Johnson with easy basket Johnson transferred from Seward community college where it played last year for the saints. It's played a lot here this year here's a little past whose side of Brett is 600 Elaine just noted too strong. He was bothered by the defense of Thomas could be a long night for Brad he's really gonna. French court left witnesses. Project I've talked to Tomas. Tomas between the circles is the Johnson. Johnson on the screen by Thomas drives the lane as they let this afternoon. Size height of Garden City pass it before it was a Russell Smith front court backs out it boggles my. This is down 92 slow start tonight brings you won their last three road games. Skip pass was right doubled to Brad thanks to shoddy goes to the basket lace it up and everything wrong letter quite nice move by Anthony Grant. And addresses are down kind of coordinate to see Bratton a freshman. Making a strong move to the rim and laid it up. They teach out of Leo right elbow that drove into the rhythm lately with a finger roll on the front court. Misses here Johnson on a high screen between the circles. Now tries to free throw my kids stuck project left wing three gets off the market rebounds viruses that. Yet at the cradle colonel ray the front court or sideline pass those in the lane to brand new lace it up and end my. All right Sean sabathia criticism here. Back to back but it's for the big man. Yet to be Bradley 68 freshmen out Omaha in her high school that receives about 96 here early in Garden City. Mrs. Hampton and bill Hampton as it gets to know that Thomas has the right corner project wide open for three. No good long rebound goes to Russell Smith. Sped down the floor pull up six footer left wing support. And it's rebound and now. By Harvey. All quickly in front court backed out people on the left. Appreciate. To go PI conference basketball. Thirteen thirty Dennis against courtside side Sumner who are still reportedly passed those inside Thomas turnaround bank shot misses everything he got the back morbid not to rip. Into the front court had spent their free throw her to rebound in the lane picks up his dribble. Now works out up top that Kevin Berry and get the cradle the reload it that's what won him the shot clock. Critical left wing fadeaway jumper bankers. Brent. Did not hit the rim rebounded by Burton sitting there on the blockbusters. We shake up toddler tantrum is a left handed shooter gives it to heart you bounces it back now to Hampton. He's been way up top near mid court picked up like riddled. And I takes on the left lane. Spots up the three on the way they it and now everybody is Thomas H puts it back. The only good compared Toms. Thomas. 68250. Pounds yes did he looks like he waged war is too busy. Proceeds will bring it does its various pocket and Gerry Armstrong will come in for Brett is in the buried. 1426. Remaining here at a fast moving first and it gives you eleven to six Garden City lady. As a free throw coming up for a junior Thomas Thomas with a chance of three point play he's averaging nearly doubled doubled. Right and a free throw is committee rattles you for a three point Floyd. And it's now being swells easily for Garden City. And bring in Jeff owed Cherie that your use these 611230. Pound freshman. The extraordinary shot blocker but there's executives some. Full court press conference takes it across our sideline cross the timeline gives it less like not a criminal that'll those left only to block them. Box of first game back after missing three. Saturday night at home at thirteen points all the second happy that we had over Colby had three Big Three features at all driving. Right beside his past was a tough loss on wide open three Donna Jared Armstrong offer really nice assist bikes revving. There Armstrong who hits over 40% of his threes varies his first one tonight grizzlies now twelve the night. Peter Johnson in the front court over the last place. Like riddled the foul away from the play and just gonna go against Russell Smith the grizzlies. Smith has a habit of getting fouls away from the ball under the basket. Receives three team fouls in garden would. Russell Smith knows the match up with a cheery cherry 611. Told that Kansas State you know wildcat program is trying to sign him and album whistle. Before they could inbound the ball and let's see. And other well. Foul against a great season at least. I know I guess that they're just worn in the Garden City pinch I think I don't know. They looked in better their own basket blockbusters a lot of topics little nearly steals Johnson & Johnson drives the lane Hanks movie layup he best go laughter. Rebound by Russell Smith at the mall strip a behind any loses it in the front court. He appeared Johnson Johnson invested driving lay up right at the ramp that he hustled back and stole the ball from behind. Smith they didn't see him coming up from behind on the front court people wanna look. This is Holloway in the you pass those inside the military shot blocked from behind our Russell's bed at the rim or coming critics on the right out expand on the right wing. Dribbles tricycle. What is less impressive blocks. And it's and it's bad try to scooping layup and was rejected the from below his shoulder level by boat surety. So cherry picks up it is. 69. Block of the year it's averaging over four blocked shots a game cruel coincidence for breeder. Thirteen twelve the donor in Garden City to proceed down twelve to nine to the blockbusters receives the ball. Receives the basket to our left. I'm trying to do is expand right corner that's down low block to block a box and spend over the length what's happening over the outstretched arm of maturity. Into. Strong bold move to the basket by Moscow on them. Schools that received within 112 you'll love it. On the front court mrs. Holloway and lesbians have talked outlook witnesses can't Kendall and it looks as if that's the extent it worked around how to project before it rightly. Project left and drove it right to be credible pull up jump runaway got. It's three points for a solution. Israel at 1411. Seconds away here's the pass underneath a Brad and his shot virtually walk and has found the body. Grizzlies looking to run every opportunity tonight either. Let me basket by Burton sitting. This will be two shots for entity Bratton Brett is a real good free throw shooter. I say that he 76%. Pretty different. Since shots here. Brad Vince is being. It is good off the front of the backward in his. He's off to a good start he's got five points and under free throw coming up. 1230 to go here in the first half in Garden City. Whose teaser trailer and brought posters fourteen to twelve another free throw for Brett he could pull them to within one. They can. Is good mix of both clintons got six to lead to grizzlies scoring. And it reserves are down 1413. Into the Garden City blockbuster us. She's on the road tonight your West Indies. That's a lot goes into a cheerio jury that is handled the ball was tied up by next Batman he's called for a reach in fouled. Recognized in the the height advantage and need to look chariots of celebs they allotted to the teams try to look for a shot. They're gonna call me it's bad for accretion and not shooting fouls receipts have fourteen spells it out past goes to. This is Hampton a turnaround jumper is no good. Don't get offensive foul on the missed buckets. Shot attempt by him. How those guys Garden City a second personal. Yes. Does he have a chance to actually take the lead here with 1217 to go they were down 92. Right out of the gates tonight. On the grizzlies look to dribble across time on your side arms offense was definitely the bottom. Pocket hesitation or call 800 Elaine got it nicely done talk about the hearts aren't. He's got two for two shooting pool and represent their first lead of the night. And under twelve days ago here at apparently an epic complex cast those inside it is following his patented tip it's only. Nader and other grizzlies. Do you agree Morgan ballgame so that floor and it's bad. More gets the backing of top business circles institute Armstrong we'll run a half court off this past those the bottom left wing. Pocket snow with a troubled it's warlock that's the right side. Armstrong makes it rightly free pass to Brad here's a fifteen footer count it. Grizzlies lead to 1714. All of front towards appreciate it and record right side into an off elvis'. Hampton Hampton has goes inside the Thomas and Thomas walks. Could handle the pass underneath the rib Eddie walk. So when 1115 to go the grizzlies. Heavy seventy. To fourteen lead here in Garden City. Since we're down behind it too early. And they've got a three point lead 1714. And 1112 the plate. Her cubs to grizzlies moving right to left and her road uniforms. Crennel back to the all rigid front court gives me the more. Mortgage and often talk in circles back it out at Armstrong. Armstrong is here John Snow and ice cream by Bratton. Armstrong tries to the basket drops up to cradle left corner three is long. Short side rebound eyebrow at top goes Armstrong basically gives it back to more here's a long three no good rebound a by him. Critics had a couple of good looks here at threes but couldn't hit critical and more on the front court and work hard citizens peerage option. Apply the right side cradled the defense gives it now to him that kept the task nearly stolen by hustling more. This is Holloway hasn't up top that's who's left sided Johnson. Johnson looks a lot incited Toms he's covered by threatened the Astros left baseline now in the past in the lane they're gonna get a foul on the floor driving to the best it was a bad Middleton just in the ballgame a freshman for Garden City. And as he elevated try to make it past in the lame alone on the baseline you're depriving Lebanese body was found. Five team fouls now for the grizzlies to work. Garden City with 1020 to go here fast moving first cafeteria all conference basketball tonight. Here Johnson looks he had been out and their own basket for art he does he gets again. This is Harvey Harvey tries to basket tanks and Figueroa nobody gets his own miss put it back up today. And Harvey at six feet. He is. Software West Palm Beach, Florida he's got four points grizzlies that is 76 team. Prisoners of war two games in a row three of their last four. Currently in ninth place in jail on a conference standings kernel has not talked. Report gives elegantly Armstrong then we have an illegal screen away from the ball by Adrian yeah. Ryan Miller head coach and grizzlies will immediately take horrible game. And we've got a media time out here live 953. To go in the opening half JR conference basketball tonight on 97. Thirteen thirty can't assesses butler's seventeen and Garden City sixteen were back at one minute. There are drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly Gary chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's. It was electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it that you didn't know science it tastes so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. Since last advanced named and. Most of the oil changes or the San. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine the chore on the to do list and what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest of what does it was life changing. Biggio will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for use flying to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's PG why don't shop. T this is do you intend to join this morning right here on cape end as fast. So won't maim our US Marines player in the game. But it takes to join the world's finest. Visit Marines dot com that's Marines. Dot com. Media time out here first that I half action at deeper and athletic complex in Garden City. Receives with a 1716. Lead over the blockbusters. Questions about the timeout and the bulls front court on the left side lovely mrs. Stanton a top to Tomas Tomas for big name please a lot of the top of the exceeds my visit to. Here Johnson. Now this is Hollywood right wing jumper up in any battles and then it's a three or just outside the line always with a three. And the grizzlies really down 1970. And other quickly ball to Fred court we have another illegal screen against the grizzlies citizens against period. Armstrong yeah. That is as to back possessions illegal screens for the grizzlies. An indentured our president come to the bench trying to plead its case that is ahead coach Bryant Miller Brian Miller does give them. Slap it into I 505. Of you will. I'm 22 to go your Garden City. Your company up front Microsoft over earth are bouncing in the front court gives it now they are our passes inside Thomas a layup by. I was actually hit. Your partner Thomas gets the easy but he's got seven a vs down when he won seventeen. All the front court people write it crosses that hasn't looked over the Brad Brad gives the crew. Colonel try to delay just sit out his past have been. I knocked out of bounds last touch by pocket of the grizzlies. That is three straight trips down the Florida grizzlies and at turtle books. Hard to win a game we have turnovers three times in a row civilian cleaned it up at 840 night ago here in Garden City. Blockbusters lead the grizzlies 1117. Passed those low block right side of your jobs he backs against criminal. Cast was not a Tomas Tomas accident gives it back up by the Writely to appear Johnson. Thirteen on the shot clock the defense by the grizzlies bock who comes out to cut off Johnson Tom McCain has who's left wing out of bounds off the hands. Can go Hampton. You have to offset all keep looking into his hands off his fingers out of around excellent turn over with a thirty day ago. Receipts are down 2117. The Garden City. Burton city right now is on the 70 score run. And deleted by fortress is what they'd have to go to the opening half of the Sagan chair courtside Simon summer student coordinate. Thought tenacity and rightly evocative score points tonight. Here's a left wing it is cradled it to bottom is we are up top and expand its bad drives it backs and out here's a fifteen footer fade away up the front there are no good rebounded by Thomas. And they get a foul on Thomas for pushing off against Brad. Thomas NC classical look on his face of it may have been the broncos' chances he has a boldly additional. There's a demonstrated that he pushed off with a form to get that rebound. The tend to go. Here's he's now 217. Team. The wind out of their own basket laden down those two. Hate him more time is fast goes and suddenly the bottom fifteen footer turn around off the back of the rim twice and then. While I couldn't sleep for three from the filthy got six points have folded VS the incident the rim three times and it fell through the cylinder. When he won nineteen. He lead under a minute ago appreciate it right corner good to hear Johnson front court Johnston the troubled good defense by crippled nearly picked his pocket. Now Johnson dribbles and up top to the circles colonel right arm like a wet blanket. Johnson off high screens by Thomas. Dribbles and right which still the telecast is excited Thomas Thomas tried to drop off iguana for a shot into foul getting fouled. This is going to be. Help us target is six feet 230 pound sophomore. Pretty up Blockbuster's. Reach in fouled by dragging. Grizzlies have eighteen fouls now beats. Six for the Broncos are the up front busters. 730 wanna go to shots here for Harvey free throw his good way. A rail line drive hit a real news. 731 day ago. 22 to nineteen Garden City leaving. Our city won the first meeting back to the power plant in early November the conference opener 75 to 59. Next free throw as good elements are much better looking free throw by Harvey. Harvey makes them both he's got six points prisons now 23 to. AT and get it near the road your credit has not prop up a Heisman by a box of people on the left are terrible certainly allowed him. It and it's crowded crippled crashes hard to the war. On the baseline and he continues a wider now he's slowly pulls himself up. Like Chris don't. This is about as aggressive we have seen him all year the presence of payola coming back from that ACL forty C a last year. Missed all of last season. And crippled when it with a left hand layup attempt now Thomas. Walks up to critical and kind of rubs his hear. Is that the city needs to tell you that part. Whether calling this an intentional foul. And Brady Trent Cole is just learning that now the F figure head coach in Garden City. Officials from an old whose line is it intentional foul exceed two shots and the ball. I think one of the other officials is checking with critics like naproxen sufficiently answer he's still. Still cognizant here receive a free throw is too strong vote of colonel landed real art Frankel still living space and back and forth. Can't believe they called intentional foul. Brutal misses the free throw he's got Nolan coming wreath on the way is good makes one of it is pretty. So that was an intentional foul called against Jameer Thomas. 717. To go here. In Garden City it's 2320s. Garden City leading the great secrets as well inbound now at their own end. Samari sword commanders the bowl game first time tonight for the grizzlies the freshman out of Chicago. And at the inbound pass a lot of talk to more Morgan's left wing to sort. Or just played sparingly this year to see the least here's expand deep long three is long. Thought the back and irons it's rebounded by. Hallway. Feel although it burdens city boy that was real longs three almost like stand tight shot upwards winding down and wasn't. Here's your turn to debug left wing pass it over the whole at all. Cut off try to try to write decent backup Todd goes to peer Johnson. Ten on the shot clock pastors local lot now the Harvey Harvey pushes off of the finger roll. Got a really good job to get to the marina scores and easily. Party now has got eight grizzlies are down 2520. Talk surprises up it's got to criminal act the bottom right corner threw me into and out what went halfway down the popped out rebounded. My garden city's here Johnson quickly front court has whose lovely. 2520 Garden City leading 618 to go fast moving first after the usually aren't JR conference there's always people there right leg. Two dribbles thought about a previous depreciate rightwing three he headed out to rebound attempt is no good. And rebounded champions won a Garden City cluttered city slammed his head on the floor. And and its people on his back is he injured player gonna get a number here. What he slammed the back of his head. Grady tranquility it coach emergency comes out Kapalua. Yes we're. Very cynical. Stay tuned. We've got the initial call by name. And that is tell them chase. Would say 6710. Pound fresh out of Lovejoy Georgia. He was trying to go out there. Act up for rebound attempt today. Loose not them slammed the back of his head on the floor. It's like he's convinced the trainer here in cities located stay in the ball game. I thought I saw the official indicate the foul was on Garden City. Despite the fact that at Chapman took the hard form. Hawkins goes up to chat you know so that kernel sources say. Well you're okay. Stolen loot the fouls on we've got to five Garden City players and five other players standing in mid quarter. And now looks like all those against the grizzlies I thought the official this week. Pointed the other way like who's gonna go against bird city. Octavia is meadows Jackson for Garden City they're gonna tape at Chapman now. This shooting free throws series Kennedy. Feel hallway I believe they've designated hole did he shoot the free throws. I believe the fouls committed against Chapman it's when assumption. That's nineteen felt I believe is a one and one. Preacher on the clay is stood rattles idiots. So the free throw his good night. Hallway he's got four points. 60 so weeks ago. Precision drilling now 2620 your Garden City. The free throw coming up. Free throw it away is no good makes one hope soon. In the walls rebounded by criminal. It always makes one so he's got four points closing down 2620 on the front court. Little has it drives right elbow that's a terrible turnaround jumper is good for the gonna call travel. Read all the ability abrupt stop to stop dotted time it and spun around calling for travel. He buried it right noble three RD a jumper. But it didn't. I did you go here booms Garden City up to turn over appreciate is that right away. This is always holy works against more and obviously her left side to Johnson. Let's quarters effort vs vita appreciate mr. left along the baseline but our city gets a rebound. Going back to listen buddy. Is of the bunker buster players we don't have number fifty roster. And it's not you know. Player on. Honest here. Finished my old. On the roster they give us tonight. Two shots coming up with 532 to go see we get an eight for the player. He currently is well short. 532 days ago. 18661. Lead. Garden City leading. Residual bring Russell Smith back in the ball game for Samari sword. There are only in their briefly. There are coming up briefly on the way is the. An all news our analysts are being. Harvey's got the points. You alluded to Garden City unquote 2720. There's these trailing here in Garden City with 528 to go first half its bed as the people in the right way for the grizzlies they passed the last rebel news. Colonel colonel officer green left elbow by a rocket takes the left side back and talk to an extent give it to them. Russell Smith who rightly rated short off the front of the rim dismissed it should be out of three games and albums in a short distance. 34 straight year for the big deal Smith. 503 to go all the front court for Garden City appreciate swings around leveling tooth Johnson. One terrible accident on his atop the hallway only be guarded by war. Hallway pull up three getaway aid no good rebounded by approximate great inside position. On RB ball the front courts all criminals put away this is showing price down the floor cut off by colonel. Pass goes in LA da Harvey. That led the jets get up walk fellow goes against expanding. There's these fortune didn't go live. We'll hung on the rim for eight seconds later fell off its. Called the foul while elements that 101000 on the grizzlies. With 430 minute ago. First half your Garden City. Surprised he scored tonight from ARCO Arena which just lose at home to SMU. 8378. Free throws up didn't buy it opens partner here. Are these guys now. That leads all scores are grizzlies lead stories CFC brand within feet. Chris he's only have four players that have squirm tonight only fair result for. 20/20 biggest lead and here. Garden City and it's free throw it out good so. Harvey wanted to he's got nine Brisinger down 28. To twenty here in Garden City. Here are targeted audience isolate attend voters out and in turn Armstrong nicely on the Armstrong is only 510. He drove it remotely tall timbers and pulled up for about a ten foot chunk we're inherited the Elaine. On the front court this here Johnson Johnson averages about thirty minutes a game everybody's of the mainstays on it was hard. To answer for word community college briefly last year. Johnson has crossover dribble drive baseline age puts up a shot partially blocked. President got the rebound outlet passes stole careless pass our Russell Smith has now taken away and Elaine Smith story has now look past the Florida Armstrong. Our front three on two big of the bock a box of back Armstrong. And we have a lesson on a foul box filled with a charge every. Pass the ball rightly darn strong out of here on Tuesday. Harvey takes the charge for the grizzlies Savannah. Inordinate number of offensive fouls you're the first step today. 348. To go. Procedure down 20/20. Sued a Garden City. Prisons and have a brief lead back midway through the first half leading seventeen to fourteen the third down 20/20 two now. 342 to go out in half here in Garden City here's a quick vs Hampton cut off the defense hereby award elevation of Tom Johnson. Hampton left wing cast goes low water Harvey Harvey being guarded by Russell Smith. It has the right word appreciate your Johnson a leg kicks it out left wing in Hampton pull up jumper got. It varies it tough left when he shot back to the way Jared. It's a basket Levittown was locked away by Harvey. Here comes Garden City down the floor they throw the ball away they're trying to lobby to the rim and Octavia sped of those moments before that. Dirt Armstrong went in against Herbie. And Harvey at six A rejected a layup attempt. And been on a breakout. Urge city throws the ball away 306 ago thirty to 22. All the front court basketball games haven't series yet to attempt at three tonight very we have top. The accounted defensively Argus over the Writely to cradled brittle pull out three out anyway. And out bought an apple down popped out. Respect to those long freeze pop out like that tonight. An hour the other way. Here comes Garden City. Heard the city this is particularly for accepting of indie bundle up when it picked up by guerrilla catch up talk who's appeared Johnson. She drives the lane and bankers were seen. It's now 3222. Biggest in the night for Garden City pass was inside the Russell Smith Danny puts up a bank shot nobody but he stopped by Harvey. Grizzlies with a good quick burst and the flora that emitted by a bit but you urge him. Johnson's got six aggressive biggest deficit the night stand and but to 24 to go here in our city. Kurt cities big and tall. And ranging tough to defend. There on the united nation's leader in blocked shots he throws stood. By Russell Smith does this person points of the night. June 20 Puerto go grizzlies down 32. To 23 other free throw coming up or Russell Smith Smith. Pitcher fresh. It's rich so last year. Yeah right. Taste treat fairly good picks them both smooth as silk. His first point tonight prisons that 32 to 24. Closed the gap a little bit in the final 220. All the press quotes appear Johnson couldn't see him the ball alive. Being trampled front. Screws up top. It and voted for you Sean Kelly and now we're sold. Again be turned over by Garden City having an offensive foul against Hampton. XP because you can give it via out of bounds on the far sideline. Not put up a foul on port so just eternal painted on the sideline receives the ball. This is moving right to look here at Rhode purple uniforms tonight. Colonel off the screen with a double viruses that takes it left but picks up double digits to a seven Barea to not have a whistle underneath her. You know fouls and go against us that Middleton. You know hold values good zip. That is a sixteen bounced me down. Over the Broncos receivers sent him. She's slimmed down list. We've got fifteen seconds on the shot clock they're now twenty you know wanting. Residual doubt figured out their best lie talk in print outlets have been very. Are you guys that we have talked to see Adrian more to write who were. Active period weren't ready for her Madson. It straight off the street by Russell scrutinize the basket passes before or fix that comprise the basket tanks which have a banker though Beckett is on this puts it up then. He created more scores but for the first time tonight. Prisoner trailing 3226. Would want to when he said they go first half acre Garden City today the weather is hot 97. You know earning him a sense this is handed up top throws the ball nearly threw it away but never far sidelined by Kelly. Kelly up top goes to Gary Johnson. Not enough high screen cut off their now the president might have been very hard drives leg kicks it out hopefully fix over baseline jumper Hank so they have bankers no good. Gets his own best know it goes over to Kelly puts it up well. Let's hand out to upgrade their Kelly scored his first bucket of the night. The grizzlies are down 3426. Under a minute to below 55 seconds here in the first half it Garden City on the front Robert. Armstrong isn't cruel brutal tries to baskets where it was blocked. But he's proud of the body and I believe this foul we'll go against here Johnson. But seat. A lot of free throw line for two shots he's just a cruel. Have yet to put on the board that fouls fouls against a lead this here Johnson. Free throw it away by frivolous good Alnylam. Pretty down his got four points. Just to cradle it's been averaging twenty points a game of its last three games. He has really come on the other person from payola. 3427. That's free throw his goodies and five points in the grizzlies are down 3428. Final 44 seconds to. Here's the current and athletic complex in Garden City you're Johnson brings the ball down the floor across the bill the court title I picked up here by colonel. We have talked here the other half court line. Johnson drove the ball between his late on a clinic. House and movement. Johnson drives that left links to the basket as stupid and confident you can't let that happen. Roy wood twenty seconds to go over us down 36 to 28 ball is who by the way I credible disobey. That's I'll say there. 3818. They're from Armstrong tried the basket or reach in fouls be called against Kelly. Will be critical on an inbounds pass off the layup I appeared Johnson. Paul got away from me jump to save out of bounds and through back toward to share in the quarter were. Hampton had it at the free throw line wouldn't for an uncontested dunk. So that receives getting sloppy there at the sky sports two shots. Are gonna want a bigger part would turn out. Is Mel. Final six seconds ten point lead. Here comes hand in front court gifted kids now left corners at three to go. Cali and her the buzzword in the first half. At a grizzlies had a due within six and they gave up a couple of layups. In the bottle moment. Wanna remind you. Fire good friend. It's a total Sunday. Made with their screaming frozen custard throughout today six locations at Wichita one in Durban went right through an elderly go. And eighteen on 9 the best central. Also want to remind you commit our post game showed tonight as we do every eight of our US Marines. Player of the game. 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Thirteen thirty can't assess Dennis Higgins. How broadcast location. High above the court here in Garden City Simon Sumner is our student coordinator we'll have the first half stature momentarily. But to deliver superior to our web cast perch. Want to remind you lot of great sponsors of bum rap lyrics on the radio and couldn't get it done without a great sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers taste it brings you back. This is its locations in Wichita one endure. And one elder radio dates 9 west central. EG products automotive maintenance of the highest quality. The fight at the tee shot near you visit DE five issue but dot com that's the chief by the dot dot com. In he near condition plodding your card is our business. But the location and head over to better serve other county highland Jerry your home town to brief. The US Marines the few the proud the Marines in spinach banks changes. Moved into the picture with you. Halftime here at Garden City the grizzlies are trailing 38 to 28. Here's had a slow start to this one they were found not in it too early. Came storming back to take their first lead at night. It 1514. They had a 1714. Lead before a burden he went on a nice run at 70 run. It took me 2117. Lead. And at halftime garden city schools are too late bucket on a driving layup and then a steal and dunk and they lead the grizzlies might tend. 38 to twenty. Artist prior guest will be coming out this Saturday night it was pleased back home the power plant El Prado make plans to join its fair. The lady grizzlies with tip off at 530 in the main scheme the start at 730. We will have. Broadcast on Saturday starting. And it 715. Right guaranteed SSE seventy broadcast targets are planned at night and his Seward county saint come to town. And we'll have the broadcast again right here on CNN SNS. 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And something else peace of mind where do you find it exciting shot in your neighborhood in Fiji's find yourself dot com. That's PG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game tour and ET. A shock. Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on me. The. I've heard Eric. The grizzlies on the road here in west it is trailing only brought posters 3848. You can stature among terror let's look at some scores on a conference. They have 1512 to go in the second tonight copy bill in the red ravens are leading Allen county 52. Took 43 meanwhile looked the other sports arena in Hutchinson. Just under eleven minutes ago Seward county is plain the root dragons tonight in touch. In Hutchinson has a fifty war to 41 lead over the Seward county since there were really in touch 1055 to go in the second. Those quarter report Dodge City is hosting cloud county. Those scored a report you know showed home tonight against cal Lee County in that there to have. He and a Colby how about this war is a stunning. Apart and is leading cold and 46. To 22. First place in county is leading at Colby 46. To 22. At halftime near the community building in downtown Colby and and independence third home tonight against Pratt the host school work to report from that one. That's a look at some of the other. Cap times or strategy our conference earlier tonight in the preliminary game. Coach like Helmer and assistant coach Abby Fossett coming away with a nice move or related blockbusters. They went back in by a final score of 76. To 63. So the lady grizzlies with a another impressive win on the road. And in that ball game. Grizzlies were led by. Erica Mattingly had a lead at seventeen. Points. Small blip and the eleven. The end ransom handed to him personally pleased when it. Can't believe 76 to 63 here. Over the lady bronchos replacement for coach Mike older. Are innocent captain Ferdinand staffs. Bunkers are trailing thirty day. Wahid here in Garden City. The grizzlies were tenant one reaped from the hole. They shoot 43 point 5% from the floor only one out of six. From three point range seven of eight from the free throw lines of the grizzlies shooting sixteen point 7% from beyond the arc. One of 687. Point 5% seven of eight from the free throw line individually for the grizzlies. They're being led by Anthony wrapped Britain's got beat point Scranton on three of four shooting in. Next in line for grizzlies. Is to experience bock who was six points on three of four shooting. And up five points Richard Armstrong up to a three shooting. Two points Russell Smith diesel for two from the floor but made both free throws and and five points for Justin criminal. Colonel one of five shooting into three of four from the free throw line for five points and also two points repeat read more on one and two shooting. Or if there were no points and can shoot the ball and Kevin Barry has yet to attempt to shop no points for the period grizzlies in the first half at home. Rebounds for being out rebounded seventeen to ten. It rebounds his Russell Smith would fire. Five rebounds one for anti patent into the prisons have nine turnovers. To gardens at least eight Garden City shooting fifth 129. Stay healthy 51 point 7%. But they're only one for seven from three point range. Seven of eleven from the free throw line so neither team shooting the three well they both have only one that made three the first half. Indy individual members for a Garden City. Leading the way it is. Elvis Herbie wood nine points. These points for a Thomas also has four rebounds that ties him for the team beat four rebounds with the Elvis Harvey Harvey Egan would nine points. Four points for Kendall Hampton. You end up four points per Raphael Holloway two points for it to Shawn Kelley in just one point. For others you know him look Colby Tucker number fifty. McCain admitted he wanted to free throws that are breached it for the blockbusters were at halftime the grizzlies are returned to the floor and we're about five minutes away to start the second half Butler trailing. 3828 we're back with more right after this. Okay trillions are against him meetings lunch meetings all week all salads Keane was selling heirloom selves were is say you sell its sometimes guy needs a phrase original double in Chicago dog. And eternal son three weeks. We understand if you're gonna be bad he'd better because I know when satisfies cravings better than it is frozen custard and steak burgers the experience that puts a smile on your face. And the tapes that brings you back now available little Wichita area Hutchinson and make. Person Freddy's locations. Is to flex its struggle. To overcome. And to be for the Marine Corps. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement and do. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept it for more than two centuries. Promise but the Marines. Five right here on tape and as bad. In the second half. After Garden City. We're just about three bad minutes away from the get go on here the second twenty minute frame Brisinger trailing by ten to the Broncos whose 3828. That's part of our second half fronted by Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers. Freddy's Rosie countries take murders delicious cookie orders pick murders. Chicago style hot dogs and I Bihac in great prize their family favorite she. He'll be greeted with a hospitality is second to none. If I didn't hit them through the drive through and be sure to leave room for Freddy's premium Vanilla or chocolate frozen custard. Turn fresh throughout the day for Freddie streets. Six locations and widgets are one in derby in the right here held a raid on 18:9 west central they're never let me throw until. PM nightly news but got pops up by Freddy's and pick up some dinner tonight. Notice on the right here this afternoon and it's. There's no Freddy's now Dodge City I've leaguers also produced your Garden City. Today raises. All over the country and after the western campus right. Also had a chance to opted Hutchinson something new and have lunch with the former brother who's the head football coach Troy moral enjoy that a lot of retirees keep Detroit. Did. About a Tony Haynes the former offensive coordinator for the grizzlies. Act when Roy was so they paid coach in grizzlies. Tony Haynes last year was the offensive coordinator did copy bills. And he has accepted the head coaching job it don't work in Iowa. So congratulations to Tony names former brother grossly offensive coordinator and now the new head football coach. Brady tells the birthday of her experiences will be playing Ellsworth. Did you products that sports complex next year. Example quite a bit deadliest of those other coaches come back. His head coaches through their programs against the grizzlies. Florida Ryan hill and now Tony paints a the grizzlies shooting 43 point 5%. On all that bad in the first after they get her down by ten points of the we just over. 50%. Progress to try to sweep the season series for the grizzlies and in early November. Byrd 75 to fifteen. They don't blow up the offense down below us. Burton sitting are home white uniforms with yellow lettering trimmed enough ground in new worlds turning round. They're entitled to our left twenty minutes we've put up on the clock. 3828. Dennis Higgins here. Garden City and Simon Sumner is our studio pulled in next broadcast is Saturday night. Better yet make your plans to join us at the power pleasantly but not this season. This is suddenly opening game of the second half of the conference season. After tonight. It'll be just twelve conference teams left in the regular season. So make your plans to join is of the power plant Saturday night music grizzlies host this Seward county sing us. We still have business take care of here. Christie starting five will be critical. It's bad news Armstrong. Russell Smith any of city rat. Garden City is an inbound on the far sideline half court. And city as Thomas. Appreciate. Harvey. Johnson. In Hampton are starting fighter we go. All the front court for our city. In the right to left here in the second half they have a ten point lead 3028. Johnson dribbles the ball lot picks it up now topic teeth it's over now to appreciate definitely picked up by Armstrong. And addressed to step up there there pressure. Camp and has it. Don't pass a topic circles it on the shot clock trust has whipped up top we keep it down Hampton is a right wing 38 and no good rebounds pulled out of aggressively by Brad here come the grizzlies moving left or right on the front court. Right wing deep packet out of your Armstrong Armstrong with fox was the first half. It's not a criminal could look top between the circles that's lovely duke Russell Smith Smith drives the baseline cut off their. Accident gives it now to Brad and left think fifteen footers too strong. In a battle for the rebound than foul goes against Garden City. Arlen to Staten had a look at a guy that thought maybe he was gonna get called for the foul and he was kind of relieved what a win against bird Cynthia puts off. I guess that's bad. Cruises and down our right their basket a lob pass goes to cradle. Rightly gives the Brad now Armstrong Armstrong crossover dribble approximately look for give and go with Brad wasn't there are now left wing muscles that president learnt. Children are rightly be. Armstrong. Sixty gunshots are trying to intentionally puts up a floater no agreement about Harvey here comes here Johnson right now for Garden City Astros right sides agree layup. Mess but the followed step but then I can't. Boy that is tough when they missed the first shot a tip in the follow. Hampton's got eight to grizzlies are down forty to twenty their deficit of the night your Garden City. Past is that doubled a brat brat and hit it off their arms politics over the left living. Does that stand atop the critical girls fizzling puts a vote looks a shot no it's a pass is deflected away state goes to brag. Wrapping up to Crennel back to Brad and turnaround little floaters no good for about six feet rebound a by Thomas. Here comes our city. In the front court here Johnson back out people on its side hit golf outing emptive. At that and a terrible between the circles picked up about Russell's been achieved. Switch. It all the plays sideline. It hasn't lived topic of our thoughts rehearsed speech late Hank scooping lay it up today. Now they just. Kind of isolating driving through the lady get the lay ups can't do it now has gotten tended to get away colonels rise any spouse you try to. Look for a layup on the right side. Let's it is against. It's against Thomas the big man. Second team felt the brunt do you see in the first few fellow not until listening. The players and what foul number beside him on the school for some reason. Colonel two shots pre frontal way is us no good rattle around a ribbon out. Where the grizzlies were seven of eight from the free throw line in the first half and missed the first one here. 1740. To go in regulation procedure down forty to 48 that's free throws good. 4829 Garden City leading had a ten point lead at halftime. Below us got six. These needs some stopped here these jobs across the time it's passed it was double the big man that mayor Thomas Thomas a backward pass he throws it away that it was. Last touched by a grizzly now softening its bad. I was hearing as by the big man Thomas. But I have been at war pass who got lucky geragos talking it's bad rounds now. Johnson the inbounds along you know for a baseline often a topic that the courts render by painted. Hampton bounced past right side front court those who appreciate. Pollution from left handed shot. We have taught me guard looted outside of high screen. It left side five and shot clock tries to basket puts up a banker and no good. Out of the rebound Thomas is foul by Russell Smith. Procedurally. In trouble tonight with the size of his leg. In aids. Garden City our city. And Tom. Since that date 250 pounds Harvey 68 to 30000. On shooting delegates in Michigan Donna Tomas Tomas being guarded by Bratton. His past nearly stole it goes to Johnson back to Thomas Wright thing promised tries to basket but I got away the traveling throws up a wild shot so good. Yeah they're gonna call it foul on the grizzlies and Ryan Miller right police say he traveled anywhere but it won't be downloaded. And nobody had ahead of the ball didn't call traveling. Constancy come over here you are a city dwellers might suit over here slightly out of the travel on Thomas. Officials attempting. To explain this is two free throws for Jameer Thomas free throw the way it is good. Eight point now for Thomas at prisons are down 4329. This is their biggest deficit of the game. Seventy don't want to know so little time left. They're free throws no good rebounded now by Bret so Thomas that won that suit he got eight prisoners are down 4329. Grizzlies really struggled offensively tonight and troubled by the size. And we have. Hi Garden City cradle competent people that's his left side stolen stole my sponsors Johnson's hit us. Up. No felt Obama's steady has not been a bounce from behind. When the crazies had nine turnovers in the first half it seemed like more vivid careless with the ball. So I went as far as silent mid court. Particularly. And it's hit it and appreciate it takes over allegedly picked up Armstrong hasn't moblog left side here Johnson batting stood crippled he shot. It's. The grizzlies have no answer right now for the size back. I did for a lay up he's fine. Think this can beat Thomas too big and. Brad who had eight points in the first half going maligned for shouldn't. The grizzlies got to be careful here and his teams give away from them 45 to 29. Brett has two free throws sixty. A good. Let these guys not give him points for one of the second half or Anthony. 4530. The free throw coming up for Bratton. Yesterday brands succeed freshmen and Omaha Nebraska at work I asked me. A no good long rebound in he goes to camp that Burton Timmy receives missed opportunity there won't go up the mystery broke. Spend just get it in time before hitting out of conference for hit and backed up before and rightly. Has goes up top now to bring you know share in the big man sits eleventh. The Garden City talk now Harvey pass it. To hear John I played because like riddled. Colonel gives up several inches that's matchup and they always on the knee he felt those that yes. Numerous news. Bryant Miller a couple of steps on the floor for goodness he's potentially stands Allentown. So thirteenth golf degree season drew that foul was on went to Brussels this. Pocketbooks backing for its bad. Chris he's just can't get any kind of rhythm going offensively. Kind of lead regards cities a lot to do that. Burton Siegel and down to our left of their own basket appreciate gets in late soon cherry. You know cherry stepped out of bounds inbounds guy 611 on the far sideline. The team now it. During the broadcast and K state apparently missed its signing. Kept cloture 3611. Sophomore. Sprint Nextel Bronx New York. Doctors spot left wing free throw line pull up jumpers blocked by Hampton Pearson throw down a Florida got a breakaway at a time by our. An awful lot so. Thirteen points now for Huckabee Castro's friend or low block right side Brett responsibly draw upwards towards. Where were seen rather merger tonight he's got a lot of criticism down 4730 to 1527. To go in regulation. Ballgame tonight occurring and athletic complex in Garden City jail conference basketball pass those low block right side did you see that it's Armstrong. Armstrong took the ball away here come the grizzlies who want to trickle down the lane next to you that was blocked from behind by Harvey. But they harvest could be called for foul looked at a clean block that big of the body. Or receive the emergence of a couple of them freshmen players for the grizzlies just it frivolous not playing like it's been voicing off. During the war he's not afraid to take it to the river August. Outnumbered defensively. To the rim Betsy take it into her. The that this throws here with fifteen and ago. Receipts are down 47. To 32. Colonel. We need it shall get the ball brutal tonight at six points. Two free throws here for adjusted. Free throws away his little bit he's got seven. He's trying to chip where the deficit down 4733. At a time out on the floor call five Ryan Miller head coach in about grizzlies. And a great debt what is tonight 98 and thirteen thirty can assess. Or twelve season broadcast the managing our conference Butler basketball on the radio. Just saw the but received football schedule was released I got a copy this week last week actually. And a grizzlies she's you know it will be on Saturday August 25. Saturday August 25 on the road. This season we'll have a road game against Iowa. Central. Ring a bell. Grizzlies this this season. So Iowa central. Community shocking seven nothing upset loss. I was central's the grizzlies will open up next season football. Saturday August 25. Against Iowa central. Fort Dodge, Iowa. Another free throw here. Disney's true for a good mix of both girls got eight. Visits are down 4734. Seasons and stops and some and turned it is three. On the front work it does indeed for the rightly bock compete Zuma the slipped defensively as we've got to appreciate that top left side those too interconnected to appreciate. What dribble gives appeared Johnson. Johnson way up top works its cradle. It was in his legs tries to lane exits the bankers forced. Colonel just can't keep up defensively his height difference in Johnson's got him. While the front court baucus. One little two doubles pull up jumper left me in and out tough luck provocative got a couple go halfway down caught out. 49 to 34 proceed now with 1424. Ago. Our city with a ball. Record for shake. Triples Whitman double team pass was left side two into. It picked up by pocket twelve on the shot clock. Competency he had to where the trouble aren't I backs got near midcourt but psyche. You want a wall Russell Smith for the shot clock hit two drives the laity and let but it. The box but he's now. Point our city may I recently. On it is standard and he just take it to the rim. There colonies and unsuited fouled. Fouled a long way that shocked a who's on the one. And Hampton. Driving it was fouled region come out shooting. Mile down which quantity inbounded all the stolen by the aggressive Grants Pass those up the floor but it's stolen back by Princeton. As part of our sport passcode to Johnson. One turnover leads to another brand was trying to make something happen. The goal of three quarter court. It was intercepted. Mario and I appreciate asleep back defensively. Really sad numbers that they could pass completed. And ethnicity ought to look back at top of here Johnson finally got to Johnson. Free throw line had a ball stripped away but I'm sort of down on the fourth and one Armstrong talks about the proximity talks. And want to get the bucket on a donkeys got acres is down 4936. It timeout call the front court. Vibrating Frankel. It trickles plastic here Jones in his own lawyer and the Soviet thirty seconds. Training is trying to explain something. And Johnson & Johnson wants no part of thirteen fifteen days ago. Beer Garden City. 49. To 36. Brady trickled. Good friends with the busy head coach Ryan Miller. Guys go way back but Frankel knows that that coach Miller's book team is more than capable of battling bad. Still plenty time to go thirteen fifteen in regulation. Prisons are down there. 36. Bryant Miller in his third season state coach and grizzlies 46 wins 31 losses overall. Last year and eighteen we. Region six semi final round Hutchinson. Over into the arena. More memorable bunker game two years and lose 1051 of freedom Hutchinson on the front foot Garden City a top Harvey's got it. Arby's fast who's inside it Tomas Tomas goes up he's fouled by Brett. Brenda only couldn't do that Thompson's going to be easy lay him sleep album hard. He's gonna make Thomas earnest and two free throws. Grizzlies now ahead of five teams fouls. And you get an out Lucy you know personal fouls home on each player. That foul was on Bratton free throw the way it should by Thomas. Thomas' age 63%. Free throw shooter. In today he has made three of four it's got nine point and other free throw coming up. Thirteen 03 ago. Teams down fifty to 36 Thomas. Had been business needs free throw it away. No good it's one of soon. Prisons are down fifteen. To 36 your Garden City. Burton cities in the lead away if you've risen to its first half and it never looked back. Crockett a cast of Wright doubled Russell Smith crossover dribble drives the past is his hard bank shot it's no good. On a private capacity across the fouled. That is fell to move for a bigger deal. The public address announcer sitting engineer Thomas is. Tom this is gonna grimace on his face the big man. Two free throws manager for Russell Smith but Smith is only two points tonight on two free throws. Return the way it's okay. Right around 70%. The lineup here. 1240 to go still well all the time left your Garden City second half proceed down. Fifty to 36 but they need to start making. Roads today and it is up to further riveted employee got a lot of fuel there. Three points and Russell Smith Bruce is down fifty to 37. It comes curtains sitting there would be right to left it front court Holloway as it gives over. Hampton not a king appreciate it from the left doubled as a back hallway caught a pass in the perimeter post all the way up top. On the shot clock always picks up right corner of yours Harvey with a three listed rebounded by Armstrong. Armstrong because of the floor goes to Smith Smith is live to talk and end nicely done. Cats and no driving layup on a big step by Russell Smith. He's got five now beautiful looks just about a half court pass. On the run by Jered or I was caught over the shoulder by Smith and one big Steffi. Laid it up today with a bank shot that leads it three up again. Paul Elliott loads a deep three to Chris easily. Portrayal now 5339. Headed down to eleven but that's three out of nowhere in my hallway. Here's criminal tribunal instead it slams who can level attended a good boy did everything but scored passed and Elaine are accorded stolen five mock them. But the hustle play the backwards clock in the front court quick to speed throws up a floater nobility draws a foul little party. When the pace in this game picking up and then action. 1130 years ago. I think these against the thirty G or third well per view and not mistaken. Sixteenth holes now for a Garden City five for the grizzlies at 1138 to those two shots reply to bring us. Could steal that and a were passed down the floor. Great job my guard shooting free throws in my pocket he's got to nine on the nightly points. Mock him as an easy 4% free throw shooter on a year in sophomore. From Dallas indebtedness in high school Kerry welcome. This easily scores under seventy quiz game free throw good mix of both he's got spin. British are trailing 53. To 41. On the road here tonight Garden City agencies have won their last three straight road games they're sworn to on the road that your conference teams in the it's fixed it all figured out. Won't be puck around. Excruciating. His that I have to pull out let's listen to what all the short rebound by colonel colonel looks to run hearing comes up the floor. Without passing Austen Lane and it turns it over. Incredible cost over there now back getaway pull up three rightly by appreciate it's no good rebound by Holloway was found by a more on the rebound. What do grizzlies. Had an opportunity to cut this leave him a single digits. Yeah pretty out of control older. Turned it over with a pass internationally. I don't know five days ago. I'm shooting valve that rebound by following the Indo all the people rightly picked up by war hawk fans whose low block your turnaround by Algerian upshot no good. Rebounds kind Fortis pocket. Let's look at what shots your bio cherry to 611 freshman. Front court that resiliency competitiveness of the victims here. We are down 5341. To three to do it. More has it typically has his right elbow blew. Russell Smith stepped works it's a jury pull up jumper he is too strong about a free products Bachmann and might want to. Probably count while I was about five feet from the basket against two defenders somehow he took it back in a way did. Pocket now has got swelled the grizzlies are trailing 5343. On the front workers cremation equipment gets that taught now to Pauly tried easily puts up a banker it's no good but it goes to Chris and also the way. You're so right now for the crazies and Russell Smith throws the ball away into the record amounts. What Russell Smith who's trying to make something good happened off the strip. But underneath the basket and Garden City but he threw the ball away. Drew about twenty feet ahead of the nearest prison right now. 1014. To go to proceeds down 105343. There were down ten at half time. In the hallway polish Pope greatly doctor is an error won't and it's picked out here Armstrong's been. Left side front court Armstrong picks up his dribble lots and left baseline. To Russell Smith at bats against Harvey. Steps through bankers and he's proud how my Russell Smith. Well a brilliant spin. Move about sixteen feet from the basket and any Liddy did and bank that is what is being baffled by Herbie. That's army's fourth foul and we've got thrown out. For immediate timeout would not paid 49. Presley's chipping away it would 949 don't. And your heart of the city of three. We're back at one minute. 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Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio weeknight. And I'm OK okay. Seven and a thirteen thirty pianist has tennesseans courtside here in Garden City. And sun in summer shoot imported I've got c.'s biggest deficit tonight was fourteen. And I think the thirteen 03 mark fifty to three pretty sick strictly Garden City. They've now achieve that deficit to 5345. Metres of free throw it up for Russell Smith trying to complete a three point play and cut the deficit. Creature on the way is good rattles it and so Smith has got eats sit in the sit and have a grip or 1000000000053 to 46. All of a sudden you're down by seven. Here comes here Johnson up the floor and it worked. As of right wing depreciate appreciate it still the dribble out top between the circles not quick bursts between Elaine hangs a banker is good and he's fouled. Boy that was a silly foul by Jared Armstrong wants Chris Hague got around and make the turn them. He got asked Armstrong Armstrong just pushed him from behind his crew shake up was thank you Melanie. Wanting to get beat defensively and uttered a foul from behind enemy essentially a lay up turn into a possible three point employed. Appreciate his guts. Just five points on the night he had a team high 22 points in the win at the power went back in November against securities. He misses the free throw grizzlies now it is 546. That's the front court goes that idea or more over the troubled works its telecast was right corner bar comprise the basket flock and pastors are topics that. They tee shot in the lane drops off here at three by Russell Smith right. We got a Russell Smith caught the ball looked to see where is the worry back to another corner to shoots up a three. Immigrant leaves Smith as eleven aggressive today on 5549. Here's appreciate it and he travels at the right elbow. Try to pick up the struggle that shuffled his feet and I appreciate his jones' teammates Ali is that it was Kelly all. Nine of those three days ago. Immigrants is down 55 to 49 here Garden City. Here's the ball to fret more Armstrong the rightwing. Being guarded by Christian it reverses the arms are drives to basket makes bankers have been any snow isn't quite what a great body. Maneuver by Armstrong military changed directions. And bank didn't. Universities are down 5551. All the sudden a four point deficit ball nearly stripped away stolen by Bachmann goes in the backcourt right now by Peter Thomson. Johnson against Wacom quick vs needs that money throws shocks doors and he's out of the odd thing. Eric Johnson pumped for about eight delay in theory throughout the law to the basket to win and he's fouled. Your job cuts it now has twelve in the ball game. He averages thirteen and a half points a game and he transferred he was it Seward community college last year. Transferred he had such an appointee game last year for the Seward he seems to transfer here. Pre struggle is too strong misses the chance to 3.2 progressives are down. 5750. Ones that are right back into your Garden City Tony time ago he wanted to go. Here it took pyramid athletic complex on the front court Armstrong has it off the screen left Opel bud Smith still the troubled. Armstrong tries plane pulls up puts up a floater in scores might practicing goes up. Get three tall timbers and at five Tim Armstrong put exciting layup. Prefer to really throw off Lauderdale and then. Armstrong has gotten kinda grows down 5752. Being with 753 to go. On the front court for the blockbusters people left wing Christian cast that crossover dribble skip pass his right side to integrate wing. Yet in two dribbles three dribbles courtrooms my dribbles backs and out near midcourt still drove the left hand picked up I box him. Now Hampton. Pull up jumper topic he got it we. It's free. Hampton's done that a couple times tonight timely threes affected away our drug is a top to Russell's Beth Smith went dribbled isn't likely to block a quick burst of speed. Again the just blew past the defense Bob Holloway Johnson. And Parker knows that fourteen to prisons are trailing sixteen to 55. Was 713 and they go what I've moved my pocket of he left hallway in the dust. All of a court here Johnson as a way up top business circles Spock and would real loose defense about ten feet off you know eight inches closer. Your Johnson. Triples hit it out right corner. Sits on the shot clock this is cruising past a talked hallway always gonna loaded topic he's free it's no good rebound by Russell Smith. Great defense or by the grizzlies forced a deep three mile Paul always missed it on the front court Armstrong bands and a top. 613 I had to go nearly stolen for a grizzly spin it my hallway. Peerless passer the idea Armstrong. Here comes the big tall me and those cheery 611 coming back in the bullion for Garden City. Cherie is averaging. Seal blocks game on the season. Proceeded under Armstrong tries to get so Jerry's bass goes up top says Smith took three on the way it's not a veteran know a bit all the way. Gets rebounds Foley runs up the floor of the ball stripped from behind but they're depicted a if champions for the grizzlies on the senate backcourt steal my Armstrong watch them almost out of hand you got your first. Received down sixty to 55. Here Garden City got a good one for you tonight at 97 and thirteenth pretty can't assess. Here's a long three top of the key it's no good by Apollo at the rebound comes down no holly Gibson about his reverse that no definite shift. NN bio terror that first dream was my. I can't that a bigger pardons Chris acted away arms on drugs up to bock a box of throws passes defender hazard to the basket catch up. Brussels efficiently get the ball to the basket anyways not always walk from ever I call it but it goes to expand and expand drives in Atlanta happening in Olympia. It's bad enough to have walked that hole shot by a mix baton. We're I a box of a bigger part that would out of it's that the president. There's your win adapter that's the first point tonight for mixed bag if you can believe that. Christie's down 62 to 57. Years Johnson topic he picks back up to him did he caught the left when. Where that have been moments ago by a cheery disparate points and they left wing on the way it is now. I hit today. While he was left open and hits another three. Prisoners down 6550. Seven's it's bad thought about it deep three just let it Russell Smith Smith works gives a cherry skip past those Armstrong. Top of the key backs and out. Or 54 to go procedure down 6557. Acres that we rightly by Armstrong's no good at the back and read it. By a Hampton and nearly stolen from behind by an extra. Hustle play by an ecstatic ball was out of bounds last judgment and expect. Were 46 you know what regulation. When it grizzlies have worked so hard. Only to see hit it good news three's from way out on the art. Curtains city. Has got a point lead with 438 to go all the front or here Johnson hasn't. That I'm sped up behind a screen by a jury that's the outsiders crew did it shake deeper glimpse out rebounded by a cherry he'd just. Head the ball goes to more of a rebound or extremist that thought right above the rim. He went halfway doubters are right corner three violent assaults at the front court. Oh sixes got. Fourteen points grizzlies are trailing 6560. Told Terry missed a dunk and Russell snippets three. Five point difference and now look back all. I think it's possible to death in the front court. These are all for Smith. Is that Russell's fifth. There. And s.'s fifth foul Italy's forty feet from the rim. He was a reach in fouled some sort so Russell Smith. With fourteen points on the night twelve in the second half he's just fouled out. With the world Ford ago on a foul that was about. No realistically about thirty feet from the basket. That's a tough loss there for the grizzlies. 65. To sixty garden city's leading. This is cherry the big men want the free throw line he's just need 37%. Free throw shooter for this season. This is a wanna want a free throw is no good so he misses a wanted one and aggressive coming down the floor without. Russell Smith in the game anymore he's fouled out instead is it the right when it. Whose defense by Johnson passed those up top it circles are from a screen left bubble by Bratton. As a confidence that gives the bottom bottom tries to basket there was contact if they're gonna call a travel my goodness. And Robin Miller can't believe his hands on it tips box that. Made a move around the defender to defender banged his body gives him they call it trouble again quokka part about it. Look of unbelievable. On his face when he found out it was a travel call thought it was a tough outer coast. Burton sitting with a five point is 6560. All the front court people rightly Johnson picks it up past that top out of him that definitely goes to appreciate these things are Armstrong estimates elbow out to all the way. All the way prize the best we can tell leveling out of project drives the lane. Project picks up his dribble past loses I tend to listen to let no good are bigger Britain Thomas. He's found Thomas back in the ball game their big men. 320 days ago. Cannot believe they called a travel on popular when he was bought into by the defender. Are committed to look at him. Just incredulous when he learned it was called travelers Thomas misses two shots free throws and ten team for us now for the grizzlies. 6660. 266 you know to free throw coming up for. Engineered Thomas Thomas is ten points tonight frequently is nobody wanted to receipts are down 6660. You're down by fourteen earlier in after what you expect the vote for the grizzlies for a hasn't front court has the box right wing problems that with a troubled. Are those Armstrong Armstrong is back the clock that pocket dot about a topic was that more. Three don't want to go your city. On front street by Brad since it always the baskets and relentless personal pocketbook or have followed him. If Brad has got thirteen in the grizzlies are trailing 6662. All the current court crew shake as it deep on the frightening. To forty decoder gardens and it addresses are down by a poor. People on the left link here Johnson has it works it's it's bad but it's terrible now between the circles on top it's bad. Pass goes right side to. Painted back to Johnson forty's Claude Johnson passed the ball off his book I froze up by decoupling. Air ball shot clock violation the exit stamps they're by the grizzlies. It would suit wanted to go. The grizzlies have the ball off a shot clock violation or trailing 6662. Here come the receives they've got Armstrong criminal. Bratton mixed baton embarked on the floor. Here comes Armstrong in the front court visited cradled her off the screen right drives to basket ball block. Try to promise here comes hinted at the floor gives an out of all the way back to Johnson back to right corner and a travel against Holloway. Wow. Crypto was driving for a moments ago in Thomas stood his ground was his arm straight up but he just walk the ball and kept it. So triple headed turtle journal arch I'm due globe. Here come the grizzlies off deterrent we're gonna threaten perky lovely mix and has it. It's possible as the writes I do Armstrong fixed shot tries to basket drops in the bottom webpart that was blocked by Thomas. Wow. We're seeing. Garden City was so incredible want your down the stretch 145 to go in the ball up front court timeout call migrating tropical garden duty. Box it was going up for a donkey tied to edit dunk I'll put you both possess special Armstrong it promised challenged him walk through it. Now again Garden City coming to game the night. You're among the national leaders with a 154. Blocks. Nine blocks shots and gave her average. It may have come out some big blocks the last couple of moments like Jameer Thomas. 14040. Go to Nevada the floor. Grizzlies still have fire I'm a slap in our city has four. It is sixty cents. To 62 guards. Trying to win their fourth straight road game. Trying to win their third straight game overall but it to cover behind a little to do it. They've pretty much here since midway through the birds haven't trailed their resilience. There were down by many as fourteen points at the third you know three mark the second half. Not on the board good everywhere that's about 887 and thirteen thirty give assess. Did agree please pull one out. Third city we'll have the ball and don't forget the grizzlies they'll find timeouts left Burton city for. The grizzlies have committed 10151000. Bertans city sevens a bowl teams in the bonus. Cards he's double bonus. To really eager for the release of fouling immediately stop. 144 to go from point leave regardless Indian bound up top I appear Johnson being murdered by an expanded. Johnson handles it almost it's a pass was right I'd appreciate. Percent looking to get that guitar is big and one dribble gives up top now to Hampton. Yet to be quite brutal night on the shot clock the shot clock Johnson whipped out his left some figures of three by Hampton its air balled it. Garnett are picked up by Tricia and I happen to cut by Hampton here come the grizzlies almost a shot clock violation rocket ride. The basket it pack air mass that no one. Because the garden city's Hampton and confront court backs about what it costs incurred over there where you want most and ago. What do grizzlies have been their own worst enemy here tonight in many ways. Pocket was out of control driver in the past he just threw the ball to making it was picked up by Hampton. Twelve on the shot clock. Johnson has whipped being murdered by the Tibetan high screen Johnson. Trial against two defenders picked up top Thomas makes shots drives to basket and scores. 43 seconds to go out back pocket I Thomason timeout called by Burton said he. The grizzlies throw the ball away and then Thomas with the shot clock winding down big man drove. It to the rim and they couldn't stop them. The grizzlies now down the deep ball 6860. We're at 43 point quarter ago. I'm not on the floor and agrees to total around. Their coach Bryant Miller. When I was a big exchange here grizzlies turned the ball over pocket whether abstinence taught us. The big man driving the top of the key just I was bound and determined to drive the revenue escorted. Thomas' got twelve. Hurt her down 6862. Still there's been saved two possession game. Receives don't really have to go for a three here maybe a quick score and it set up a good defense. Grizzlies five on the war bottle of vick's bad and Breton. Armstrong in criminal. And of another time out on the floor. Probably that was called by Brady trickle back to back good timeouts called by urgency is old time out. Wanna remind you. Our next broadcast will be Saturday night this coming Saturday night prisons back home. You know their radar about the community college. If the power but. Any grizzlies don't have thought they get Seward county at 530 demands being set to go except for. We'll have the right yes we of course your arm. 8713 pretty can't assess it at 758 for the pregame show. We'll be visiting with the grizzlies head coach. I Biller who just want news. A Garden City time do we received serious immigrants use. The grizzlies. Since 2007. They have only won twice here and you know. The grizzlies are two and seventy. It in the current athletic complex. With winds coming in 2002 and 2013. Of the grizzlies. She's been unfettered by. You know the rate of the richest cavity into the our city when he. Earlier match up back in November at the power plant this year. Hoping to return the favors here but he got their work cut out forms each 62. And accomplish he's got to hurry here comes Armstrong in the front court has who has been outside the box them. Thought those were backdoor cutter that the aired on top Armstrong to take a lot of time here is that deep right wing three got it parliaments that. Slots up three off so well run play screens set of open for wide open three mix baton bear suit. In a timeout call about aggressive with thirty soon ticks left. Chris these are trailing 6865. It's bad weather like dude it's three there. He's got five points on the night. So it's a one possession game. Meantime out on the floor. Every time. Dancers and the cheerleaders out on the floor right now the band one. We have got so many. It's the album cover up these tires. It's got to be probably 45 to 35. Leaders and he has to publicly right now for tiger's name. Ten seconds ago. The grizzlies and they're not the world. When you're down by ten at halftime we were down by it wouldn't work. I get it out. Just people. About fifty to sixty. Now again. Great season have committed and then he's proud sort of rock posters and a double bonus the grizzlies. Her in the bonus the rest of the loaded. Each team with three timeouts to go to Chrissie will put on a full court prayer your. Pocket will pressure the guy bringing the ball in Hampton. Your regard to file 32 seconds of regulation grisly death by three. Hampton trying to get in does the last minute he's fouled of Harvey's fouled immediately by Brett. So coach Bryant Miller deciding to extend his game he instead it tried to defend. They were felt immediately so that innocent Harvey took a line. And Elvis Harvey is C seventy. 5% free throw shooter on the season it's an eight he's three for four misses two shots. Missed two shots for all of us Harvey. Harvested at thirteen points on the night we almost doubled his season average. Two free throws here at the right handed shooter. Double bonus free throw away is so good to strong. This is the grizzlies are counting on this free throws down the stretch. In Butler calls a timeout a full time out. This is why you see your timeouts down the stretch it through the grizzlies Bryant Miller. Grizzlies have two timeouts left. End. Our city three. Michigan's back did tonight here at the Garden City. Simon some parents feel toward them. They're going forward tonight in that's surprising score. Cobra read earlier today. Which does state falling to a conference code SW ED 37. Eight weeks. Chris he's not a winning streak here program. We called tonight. Yes and you must things. These first. Apparently conference loss. In here 31 seconds ago. And just one executive out of all heartbeat. Prisons are down 6865. You have blockbusters. It looks to be out of this team spirited wrist piece. Has become a much different and better ballclub and they were in the first half of the. This season. They've from the roster and I. Smaller quicker faster. They get up and on the whole another can it make you pay our daddy gets that much taller and more physical bigger stronger. City. Receives that haven't been there in the ball game along with the pocket and expanding cradled in Armstrong's legal really small here. Of course have been very easy three point specialist he's yet to attempt to shot tonight. Here's a big free throw coming upper Elvis Harvey of Garden City. And Disney's free throw away is his gut he made some votes here come the Christie's you don't have to shoot a free. They are down 686543. Seconds ago the very hesitant about it right wing talk Armstrong. Armstrong passes over the big bad left wing. It's bad and almost without a bat. Drives to basket but it is hasn't talked those hits Reynolds Reynolds crosscourt pass those that are left wing. Levi blocked and no good crew and Mike Garten. So all those loosened up foul with five point three seconds ago. Walk and had a pretty good luck on the left corner it rimmed out. And then on the basket rebound owed Cherie gets it in these foul little sure you. Moments ago missed the front and the one and one. These free throw shooter just 37%. On this season. He has two shots here had a great season with five point three seconds ago. They were trying to set up. Three I guess earned our commit real good but from deep in the left corner rimmed out. Here's a free throw by a coach Sherri is no good. Now if your Garden City. In yet in the in just a freak Berger do you even let him get up the floor and shoot the three I don't think he did. Created tranquil town on the floor he's a little carried out of the candidates are models. Gary got his hands on the steps frustrated. The grizzlies are down 6865. Wood I've point three seconds to go progressives all the time now. So flat Miller is trying to map out. Don't play. The proceeds. If we get a chance at all to shoot the three you only have point three seconds to do it now. What are the chances of Freddie Franklin in the supreme religious home. A grizzly player. Gotta give only two free throws that you wanted one. So I can't imagine a Garden City off on this we've even looked at risk the chance of previously. Pretty sure the better chances. A moment ago that attempted three by talking to tie it just rimmed out. There's still have a shot your battery throughput and up. Were you cheering. Have reason to kind of please you a drop in your practice all season long. For moments like this. They're gonna have Kevin varies state in the backcourt. Along with that cheered Armstrong. So he got box them. In little. Under the basket. You have to spit at him. Armstrong. In theory in the backcourt they are all being covered. No cherries a lot of free throw line is free throws good Ollie makes a free throw a big one Chris is well inbound. You're down by a quarter comes cradle into the front court heard all kids of today it's bad here's a three right wing in and out of boxer. The grizzlies loser tonight. Final score of sixteen. Million to 65 the Garden City. Editors please read use the quest. And he oh here at the last. And filibuster by a final score. To be by this stimulus supposed game for those. Citing Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need seven and thirteen thirty K and assets confronted by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers like taste that brings you back with six locations in Wichita what are going to be in one evaluate when 1809 plus central. The US Marines the few the proud the Marines. 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In the final look thirty seconds to tie the game but he three by a precarious spot them. From people left Warner just rimmed out and then Boccieri made a big free throw five point three seconds to go for Garden City a four point lead. These final attempt. It was a long three by an expanded. Pop how halfway down popped out at the buzzer grizzlies fall by final score. Of 69. To 65. She Bryant Miller is making its way your expertise. Our broadcast virtual he would us momentarily. And again addresses are invited to a moral victories but boy they've played us tough tonight eight. And they were on ahead and down by as many as fourteen in my school books here in the second half grizzlies are refused to go away. And they've battled but just could not get over the hump. And they all live or points sixty. 265. Wanna remind your next broadcast will be coming up Saturday night proceeds back home of the car. Our plant. These Seward county saints and the lady grizzlies team a tipoff 530 in the men's game at 730. But the broadcast we're right here on CNN says forget it. At 715. But the grizzlies pregame show we're joined now by Christie's head coach O'Brien fill in coach. I know I've been telling the audience that you're. A moral victories but tonight. You guys that were down by as many as fourteen points in the second half refused to go away and you guys had a cancer down the stretch to look to tie it. Just couldn't get doubled down this was that your feelings on the eliminate. For us first and told those guys in the locker room after the game that I was proud of their effort. The most proud of the fight. And I don't know how much time was left we were down fourteen but. Or FaceBook on a little little low over her shoulder rolled over and we kept up yet some guys on the bench that just kept feeding synergy and the end we did a good job climb back you know I thought. RJ did a good job helping us out Jay bird Armstrong was really good down the stretch JT had some big plays Kay Mack hit a Big Three. So everybody had. Everybody had they peace in the comeback. Fumble just fell short to really good guard teach you can't spot in the big league home and can't turn the ball over nine times in the first half like we did it. We clean it up a little bit and got a little more aggressive in the second half but who we just a little bit short tonight. Coach Eddie goes down by fourteen. Minutes fifty to 36. With thirteen don't read it go again as continue to just battle eight. In a way that three by our committee look like to a halfway there and. Popped out didn't get a further down in the room that we got a clean look. Those are the plan issued three yeah you know we wanted to get in their title game in this we drew opened the that in the time out. We got clean look and you used to knock it down and that that's okay. You know Louis Louis to fight another day we got tough through team coming in our police. Will be heard afraid to go. You know coach I was CNN to broadcast during the second half when you guys were battling back clear message that regardless of the outcome tonight court wanna win. But this is really a much different team that was in the first minister. No doubt no doubt we we we have to do in the first the first semester the first half of that first semester we really gave all. We would hold our heads and we probably would have got beat by 25 tonight but. Our fight our determination is this is there and it's not going away. But again this is probably know with the exception of maybe how much coffee bill. This is probably the toughest places to play in the league and he had won here since so soon and in the end and they hold they hold serve home court. You don't really frustrating to see Russell Smith exit the game with what looked like a pretty tricky tech fell apart is its fellow in the late. Smith had a tremendous second half as did aka the Smith finished the game with sixteen points and ten rebounds his third double double of the season boy. At hurt losing him down the stretch. Should he get a really good job down the stretch and his body language and energy in the first half wasn't very good match challenged them count us out a little bit but. We really costly mistake on the bench. Not knowing that he had five to 5000 our book we had wrote down four. In defeat you know that was the case you probably don't get caught on the fifth foul. But you know he ought to roll until stuff to think he got the game when he's playing that well. And again like you said I thought that fouls really tick tack until there was absolutely a place near I call it. But there's a throw a few tonight that there were very questionable and you know at this point is he's he's got to collect personal pride. So you mentioned it to you got it Seward coming in Saturday night Seward losing tonight Italy by 23 points to Hutchinson. At the sports arena and touched 8360. And you can bet Stewart's company know they got to pay you back for the the when you guys got on liberal earlier in the season. The other will be there will be fired up that they come off this loss here. That really convincing win for the blue wagons against you against the saints. On you know without the addition even more fired so. We that they're different team as well they're they're not the same team that we walked then it's into the unit the greenhouse and smacked them around us that's not gonna happen this game than their. But you're guarding the ball a lot better. The plane seemed very very tall for the play extremely hard. And then they're confident in what they Raun and so little bit tough matchup at home. You know coach when Alaska wanna ask you about tonight was it's fun to watch these freshmen in whatever sport at this level because you start to see him get more more confident. In emerge and tonight into any Brett. Have some really nice looking buckets early in the ballgame and threatened tonight he looked like he belongs here he he finished the night with thirteen points in five rebounds. CLU sort of come along and this is kind of where we anticipated for him when he when he came over all aboard. It you know the game was so fast for him just a step or two behind the starting to catch up with them a little bit. Some of the files if three out of his 5000 Symbian laid on help from just now being in the right spot to play he running to the basketball. The end and they just falling off you know just things that we worked on over and over in practice and we'll go watch film will show almost clips of and I know her from him he gets better to think he is very comfortable is an outstanding young Manny takes care this is off to court on the court. And he's we'll have a fabulous. Go into this for person you can just see the the emergence Malia and the potential with him and a lot of these guys Crennel again. Except for a couple of costly turnovers you looked like he sort of gaining confidence up to two as well coached. Valiant effort by your team tonight with all of it short of 69. To 65 to gardens and we appreciate the visit we can do you know. Bryant Miller the head coach in about a besieged joins us and that will take a timeout here we'll come back in they'll look at scores from a conference. We'll surrender on the you know final scores or via step time finals for this one receives lose a tough one in Garden City 6965. 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Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine that chore on the to do list what is your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest of what does that was a life changing. Biggio will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you fly to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's PG why don't shop. Team. Join us more things right here on page and as fast. All right I'm. All your Garden City tonight by a final score of 69 to 65 they battled back but to not quite enough all by four. To the brought busters the grizzlies now for the season their overall record falls now to eat. And nine. In the grizzlies fall to war in nine in conference play. Garden City improves to thirteen in five overall and nine in five in conference Florida. Let's check out the final totals in the game tonight that this is it should that bad 45 point 1% from the floor. The finish the game 23 a 51 it is neither couple more shots to fall and get it. Grizzly shoot just four of thirteen from three point range fifteen of twenty from the free throw line. Actually shoot thirty point 8% from 375%. From the free throw line 45 point 1% from the field overall. Grizzlies so were out rebounded in this game. 39. To 28. Mentioned throughout the broadcast secrecy seem bothered by the bigger. More physical. Taller and wider Garden City line up they are really good front line 61168. 68 Yeltsin and her players except for the grizzlies battled. They were eleven behind in the rebounding category 39 to 28 turnovers grizzlies had 149. Of those in the first half. Thirteen turnovers for Garden City individual members for the grizzlies. Leading the way scoring this. Russell Smith spent heavily to points in the first half he finished with sixteen points. On five of nine shooting to a three from three point range for RG four of five from the line he also had a double double yet ten rebounds in sixteen points. Parties. Third double double of the season. Also in double figures for the grizzlies was a cafeteria Spock of pocket with fourteen points and four rebounds Marcum was six of twelve shooting. 02 from three point range to a two from the line. Thirteen points for it to be Bratton a freshman from Omaha thirteen points five rebounds Brett was five of eight shooting. Three or four from the line again five rebounds thirteen points. The rest of the grizzlies nine points for Jerry Armstrong on forties shooting one or two from three point range. And at two points Adrian Moore wanted to instituting. Ended eight points for just incredible. Credulity points. It's indicative that you only one assist four turnovers. Eight points for critical on one of seven shooting all of to report range six of eight from the line. And a three points for Carlin mixed bad. It's bad was one of five shooting one of three from three point range. And I had him for five points in my book that the officially Adam. War three with three rebounds off for a Garden City they ended up shooting 46 point 6% from the floor. They were 27 at 58 shooting. War of seventeen from three point range or neither team shot that threw well Clayton grizzlies in the Garden City both making only 4 threes on the evening. In the Garden City 1123. From the free throw line. They left twelve points on the table there to free throw line. 113928. Individual members for Garden City they had though let's see 1234. Players in double figures they were led in scoring. By Kendall and took him to hit two big threes in the second half. Just for the grizzlies were making a comeback he hit two big threes two separate occasions finished with fourteen points. Twelve points apiece for a Jamar Tom is Thomas also had seven rebounds he had a twelve points Peter Johnson Johnson credited with four assists. In and a thirteen points and eight rebounds for Elvis Herbie. Big night for him. They had seven points from Theo Holloway. And a two points for Dashon Kelly off the bench in one point four look cold Tucker. Tucker was one of two free throw line. And that rounds out the scoring so the grizzlies and a shooting at 45 point 1%. Or in the city shoots 46. Point 6%. Are in this right now scores once we have run a conference. Coffee bill wins at home they defeated Allen 7971. Hutchinson coming off that loss at home surprising loss Saturday to Dodge City. Get a win tonight it's all the Sports Radio they beat Sewart handle the 83 to sixty. Seward is coming into the power plant on Saturday to face the grizzlies this coming Saturday in an elder radio. What's going on with how Lee County. Kelly loses again they call it you know shows 71 to 61 of the Panthers. Kelly with their second straight loss. No scored report Dodge City hosting cloud county tonight. And Martin. Blows out Colby in Colby of surprising score Parton will remain in first place in one game lead over touch via conference standings. Part blows out Colby 83 to 56. And one other Pratt and independents. No score reporting from matter. Our next broadcast comes up Saturday night will be back home the power plant will be joining us there in a lady grizzlies shall tipoff against soup county. At 530 the men's game set to go at 738 what a nice crowd this game that I was the beginning of the second half. Of the conference schedule seasons gone by quick. Grizzlies faltered by final score of 69. To 65 great job a studio court later tonight by Simon's hair and again Saturday Internet broadcast. And sold and at a second sitting so long and good night from the permanent athletic complex here in Garden City.