Butler Grizzlies Basketball vs. Colby Trojans

Saturday, January 13th

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It's time for the Boller grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand heating air conditioning blowing for the fourth convenient locations to serve you including an opposite and overcome. Could better serve Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a call and I heating air conditioning and embryonic or check us out on the web at Hannity dot com now let's get out of the arena for the grizzlies pregame show. Everybody at while the passage pregame show it another brother grizzlies basketball radio broadcast tonight recruit you for that our planet. On the campus about a pretty solid old radios that gets jeopardy our conference action. The grizzlies and they called me trojans grizzlies rolling this out tonight 78 overall. Forty conference played by the upstart hope trojans. There rider Helder I don't twelve and four overall in defeat in war in the Iraq. There currently tied for fourth place along with the profit over it ravens. If he wants everybody give us Vegas review courtside at the power plant. Art studio coordinated the C decided Sumner. It's always great to have it when it's hot 97 and thirteen thirty K and assess home but the Butler grizzlies. And other grizzlies grabbed a win on the road Wednesday night he should do. He's 6764. Win over the ocean of the Panthers. A game in which the grizzlies had only seven players. Seven. And he trailed almost the entire night and took their first lead at 5352. Out of three point basket by Carlin it's baton. 347. To go in regulation. And grizzlies closed it out with Russell's. Adjusted for Italy some clutch clutch free throws down the final minute hold on for the him. Russell Smith in his twenties points and nine rebounds just missed it double double it about this just riddled. Freshman from Ella got its first ever double doubles about it grizzly. That is the nineteen points. Eleven rebounds. Really coming on strong commitment for a knee surgery last period forties to help us all last season. Prevalent is lasting gains averaging 24 points a night. Or secrecy Carlin the baton. Who missed five weeks in seven games the broken jarrah is third game back on Wednesday that you know showed. Yet eighteen points. Or about him from three point range you know a couple of view. Stretch that would show. On Wednesday night. However the grizzlies are always sits at home. Go figure there weren't on the road in conference games in the back you one last three straight road games. But they're looking for their first conference call when we're here 06. Against conference opponents. Meanwhile the cult trojans are playing great basketball. They've won five in a row including. Seven what it. He said that building and hold on Wednesday night at the Garden City. 8271. It is better teams rested we're all. Six years ago that all the trojans the last. Grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller about. They. He would take a break here we'll come back if there's it would. These are your head coach Bryant Miller on the pre game show us it is virtually an accomplished basketball on tonight at 730 to thirty assess. Ten heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Daily owned and operated Hanna has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and plumbing. Your comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highland Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's. To a collector like to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highlands area dot com. And then Spain and. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight an eight on gay and. Resist pregame show tickets tonight when. The power plants the grizzlies host Colby trojans. And the grizzlies seven and eight overall and a Colby comes in twelve and four we ketchup now is who do before every game with Brian Miller a coach is about grizzlies coach. I can hear it now the Calgary. Bugle reinforcements are coming. You you won the other night you know issue will only seven players suited up and you get two more players back today. Khari Horton India. And the secretary of Spock him and it gives you nine which. Two and help out quite a bit elements. No question dear little it should be a little more aggressive defensively. Well and that it gives us a little bit more links both those guys or are 65 in taller. So just gives us a little but more size on the wings and guards can go back to come play in an actual spots and and now we have some guys who can really. Opus number one on the glass. Defend more than you know one spot. Who would with a link that they have. And then just bodies just more energy more bodies. Good to have both of them back KT could carry Spock and leading score the team. However has not played in the games since December 9 how we use a we use him tonight. We'll have to bring him along. You you know but I he's ready he's been here he's done on the scene he knows how this works. The biggest thing is is scum like you and I talked to get game shape is big big difference between practice shaking shape. And we truthfully haven't been getting up and on the practice that much with the conference who it is you wanna try to preserve late so for him that's going to be a big. Uphill climb once he gets a little tired so we'll have to just monitor his minutes and watch him as he gets tired and in both those guys you know sometimes you get into games like that we needed quick fouls and things so. You know to try to bring along be positive that I told those guys really. For how we're playing where we're obviously playing better we're doing better as a team to rule we're galvanizing as a unit. They're jobs to come and just add to that learn not to come and you know for him. Being a leading sort of be the main and take back over that role but to succumb in to try to add to what. We're getting dark so that'll be the biggest trick can keep him. Smaller roster now look Mari sort of get more time. No question the question he deserves it through and as a as a freshman look you know you'd. You learn and and and you playing behind people referring you know the the first semester and for him. He'll come and play a few minutes for us. But again he's got to continue to learn and get better and and you know depending upon how the course of the game goes with with bigs are you know people giving and thoughtful to Lucy some some time. Grizzlies and Nicole we trojans take our conference basketball tonight it worked to our planet elder NATO. It's that we visit was Ryan Miller head coach of other grizzlies coach. It the fact remains a goal in six. For your team here at home to power plant which is just unheard of it's always been such a big advantage home court veteran team. Foreign to away from a power plant that again now a chance tonight to get that first win here in conference split. Home no question it's an ugly reminder but it but that's the truth. It for us I told TCS that if we we don't get this won't tonight and I'm just gonna call the rest of our opponents until we're playing every game on the road from. But these guys are motivated they they know how important is to get them home home victory. And again kennel like when you're almost did you just need one win. And for us we play quite a few home games you're in this next you know 510 game stretch so. If we can win tonight and and build on continue to hold court after today. Then as you know in the standings that doubles wolf for us. Here come Colby trojans are rusty or Fuller perhaps as best he needs ahead. In six years at the helmet Colby and becoming twelve and four bit. They've won five games their own coached are right now at particular running via topic for sure eaten for. They're the hottest team in the league in my mind. And I do think it's the best team that he had individual he's got some pretty good guys. They've got six guys who scored in double figures. So so it's not like want guys do and that's really work what I think. Is the hardest thing to do when you're shot against them. You can't just take want to what you can't come in here and say okay. JJ rhymes don't beat us tonight. You know MacCallum his is that guy that we've got to stop tonight there's six guys are all legitimate scoring threats. And washing them on film typically our defense they all on the floor. And they don't have these moments in games like a lot of us you grouped teams have we're we're we have mental lapses we have these you grew movements quote unquote. They're just steady Eddie and I just really commend him on the job he's done this year you know coach Coughlin good coach he's got a tough situation out there Colby. But just the way he is just a positive person just really nice guy. He's got good guys around him and I bet if he action fast and you know he would probably say the same things we just don't have issues this year. Guys go to class pass their classes get good grades take your business off the court and that discipline off the court. Is probably translating into this tool for record that they currently have. Q what's it gonna take years to get your first conference home win tonight. We got to play forty minutes we do we can't have. 38 minutes against this team we can't get off to a warned fourteen start like we did in the social and try to fight back. We got to had a mental toughness and mental fortitude. We got a really good x.s and o.s why you gotta be really good in the ball screen coverage we've gotten not allow three and zero and don't want to get in the paint. And they've got some shooters three shoots a zero shoots it. So we've got to do a good job of help and hope for flying out on defense making sure that we don't allow guys split person. Spread nut ball around. And then we gotta have really good transition defense that they don't really. About a team that really runs but when they get the chance. That they're pushing the ball those big Phil how traditional bigs have got one guy comes off the bench. But doesn't play in any minute those wings and force flat Roma were rumblings in the lines. In in the offensive sets so. We've got to get back in the league are limited to one shot so if we do that and on the offensive and we played together and we just are attacking. So tonight reflective of all the pain if we can live in the paint we keep them out of the paint and will do a good job tonight we should be in the in the plus side things. Our coach who reported talked yesterday they Stephen Ryan Miller head coach of the Baylor Bears he's back with more for the power plant right after the us. Your next to a. We changed the life of your vehicle forever if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Three G performance oil change you team comes with a lifetime boat engine and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it trying to sharpen your neighborhood and BG's findings shop dot com. That's VG find a shop dot com because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. Team. We're moving through the future with you with the banking solutions for the way you live and work. Vintage bank Kansas provides customers with the technology that empowers you with greater convenience access and control of your accounts online banking ATMs and seven convenient locations make banking easy. Vintage thing Kansas community banking and insurance agency member FDIC. Visit us online and vintage bank KS dot com. No one talks to. In assets. Okay. Del via Butler grizzlies at home tonight here at the power plants take it on the Colby trojans just go for the pregame shows they would this recovery back with tonight's starting lineups. In the opening tip off jayhawk conference basketball tonight coming your way 97 and thirteen thirty. It SS. Opener brilliance are again soon. Meetings lunch meetings all week all Seles she was selling heirloom sells for his day you sell its sometimes Chinese phrase original double in Chicago dog. And eternal son three weeks. We understand if you're gonna be bad he'd better because it and no one set aside some credence better than presence frozen custard and steak burger the experience that puts a smile on your face. And it tastes that brings you back now available at all Wichita area Hutchinson and make. Person Freddy's locations. This is a fight it's a struggle. To overcome. There's no alternative it's. Not just a statement continues its. Promise. To our mission. I promise kept it for more than two centuries. A promise. Marines. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball always on the air follow the grizzlies all season long not 973030. K and asks asks. The grizzlies basketball as rusty by these major sponsors Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the pace that brings you back with six locations in which stuff. Wonder every and one and a great when he if you don't mind what central. The US marine so few the proud marine ex KG products automotive maintenance of highest quality. To find a BG shop near you visit PG find a shot dot com that's PG by the shop dot com. Panic heating air conditioning and we'll make your company is our business for the location and hand over to better serve my card counting pilot did your hometown there. Village they can't just move into the future would do. Now let's head out to the arena full brother grizzlies basketball. And welcome back to the our plan here in Eldorado for tonight's Jiaka offers matches between them by the grizzlies and the call me trojans. Visit prisons look for that you lose that first home win. On their home floor first home conference winner Owens six at home in conference play their war in two on the road. It is starting lineups for us for the Colby trojans that rusty revolt there at six your head coach overall record of seventy in 94. And here's the trojans will start. Xavier Smith at one guard position is six foot redshirt sophomore to Kansas City, Kansas. Xavier Smith it's averaging six point six points per game two and half recounts for contests. The other guard as a Craig. Boat one book one is he has 63 fresh out of Chicago Illinois he's averaging ten point three points three rebounds per game or vote on. And a third guard date over the three guard to forward lineup of small lineup via trojans'. Third guard in the line news. And he gave it a whole. Paula 66 software is out of Ohio 141. Fourteen point one points per game six point six. Rebounds per game David Hall a two year player or they called the trojans. And one of the fall. Edwards is Christian Carmichael that in state caddies Adam and at least 66. Sophomore from Carmichael on how to get out of Manhattan Kansas he's averaging just under five points and right around three rebounds per game. Other authorities tight Dalton and other out of state players Houston Texas. And these are good ones six foot four redshirt freshman averaged eleven points in almost four rebounds per game. There's starting five for the call we trojans. Have won five straight games have an end. There's our lineup for the Butler grizzlies hurt your coach Bryant Miller 4531. Overall record. First here. The stabbing bow and Cameron Parker. Starting five for the grizzlies who come in 78 overall for an eight in conference play. Had no idea Carlin it's bad start and one guard position it's bad the sixty's sophomore junior player here for coach Miller and instead he's averaged eleven point five points for game four rebounds per contest. The other guard is just incredible grit on the six foot freshman Paola Kansas realizable. Points a game a little over four rebounds per game and four assists his last game. Games combined to cradle is averaging 24. Points per game. It and it's a third guard in the lineup tonight is eat read and more 63 freshmen on the Conway Arkansas North Little Rock high school. Seven point two points a game for a more. Indo four rebounds. And then they have two forwards a ball teams won't was small lineups tonight. Without a true center to start the game. Into the two forwards for the grizzlies Kevin Berry 64 supplement Newton Newton high school seven point two game two rebounds from Kevin Berry is sophomoric. In rounded up starting lineup is Russell Smith redshirt freshman. Who I transferred here from Oral Roberts University. In Brussels that is averaging at just under fourteen points a game he leads in prisons in rebounds seven point three boards per game rate Devin what is today. So I'll just seconds away here is that Kobe trojans have taken the court they're wearing dark dark blue uniforms with. Carolina blue lettering in new road trip to white grizzlies come out on the floor wearing their biggest gold home uniforms. Looked purple lettering in numerals from that whites are. Nearly got great got to put us on 97 and thirteen thirty can assessor opening tip off that a big part of Michael's something against. Russell Smith. Yes that controls the opening tip that in the back court agrees it's a good movie left to right here the first twenty minutes. There is looking for their first home conference when they hear their own service. Here at home. Flawless front court now the whistle away from the play. In apparently at thirty seconds on the shot clock did not start. Since nineteen seconds. On the shot clock with 1949. To go here. Eleven seconds in India stopping the place of business. What happens here. All apocalypse it's little riddle took off at nineteen point eleven rebound game went tonight you know she'll pass inside knocked away by Carmichael stolen. Paul popped out to. The front court yeah Xavier Smith. Right at that point now yeah so talk to David Hall pulled it left me. Part of it is that it has replied jump on the way up media icon Michael Christian Carmichael scored the game's first points to. Just literally here tonight on nightly senators little flash believe lace it up today. I just a little credit topic he turned on the accelerator will definitely backed away from the left side itself. It's my fault. All the victims frequently on the left wing and traveled. Due to score here word 58 seconds in the night the power play. It that it what is on TV access. And students courtside signs something our studio coordinator. It's ethnicity on the left sized caskets has the right side. You talk to the it could trickle outside left corner. Russell 2000. I'm likely match it and it's been totally puts up a floaters. In my Russell Smith tough shot to stop there. But the trojans racism there. It ends don't want to top that as bluntly those adult drives tickets out to right ankle. To us via talk those two holes and one of the heads up to Carmichael. Top to keep it gets your vote on both want try is way below the six foot jumper is off the rim the backward on every now pulled out by Russell Smith. Here comes little race in the front court goes fast don't want size the basket late and note that but he draws a foul. Novelties team will look to run if they. Can the grizzlies who had nine players now they have two more added to the roster today all its various pocket and come. So where's the grosses at least seven players in their win on west united you know should they got nine tonight. Critical to free throws first one no good to strong up the back iron. ET you know Florida governor in the opening half of the power plant. Riddle us another free throw coming up criminal. Seventy point 4% from alive from the free throw makes this second. He's got three points for the grizzlies lead. It's my attitude. August 15 games in a row they wanna go home at eleven appointment overburdened city of the community building in downtown holding nicely for the trojans. This don't want as a company picked up my accident that contest goes don't want those inside the halls. Am all travels. Shuffled his feet is in fact that lenient towards the rim. There's easily five to lead this a couple of minutes in here are my. There comes a little let it dribble across time lines just this goes left wing. To Adrian more more stability over the incident taught them through the circles are critical critical off the screen is that the right double act. Or look for backlog was their principal on the markets out expense left corner he's that he called for a travel tickets treated in a move its ugly travel. 1724. To go. Just heard your coach Bryant Miller. The rest the extra hole the sixth year head coach. Friends. Obviously triggered an idea conference basketball shoes and a boat one. Bruntlett those those receivers that the lightning quick the bugs that fortunately it's Carmichael here's the right corner jumper on the way up and call it. Good ball movement they're always open at that suit calls averaging fourteen points a game for the trojans to hear players nickel. Paul was out of Ohio. It is it's five support now a pass here pass goes out of balance and it turned over seven. I threw it across court threw it away. The terrorist box in his first game action since December 9 the last game of the first happens. Semester. Before quality rate. Tears along with the or were missed the last three games. It's only receives it despite the forced 45 go to the step it has been lovely but vs the Olympics puts Becker no I don't. Offered mortgage before Christmas madness that takes place about putting it. Nicely. Our live there. And expect essentially and 74. On the left lane for a corporate media trojans statements that. It on the screen it's a deep three on the way not a life. Three. We are tied 77 backed away boards I originally puts up the shot was blocked the it Holliday tied up. 77. Score here was sixteen on nine days ago tonight that our plan. You can always trying to drive it from left to play in the effort shot that was why they call time out. Excellent position here it goes with trojans. As a top. Choices. Yeah unseasonable. Hours that your starter Colby. That's definitely Jeter's heads but aren't not like you're not just at yeah. They shot doctors all charged into the past to install about Russell Smith. Shot clock winding down the hall turned it over. Here until Barbara what is this bit. Smith Max it out though it off to Jared Armstrong who's running the point right now Armstrong left wing goes to expand. 7750. Dollar deal. That's right up the Russell Smith pull up jump runaway not a voice when there's so much. Russell Smith really coming on at what point. He's averaging just under fourteen points a game here for the grizzlies. Answer for Oral Roberts University. He has been up top music luckily I don't halt. Troubles topic he now drives around the corner puts up shot I was personally walked out of the rebound. Fellows had to go against the head anymore. More initially blocked that shot but that is collagen shots volunteer board. Tied Dalton. Don't as a redshirt freshman out of Houston Texans averaged eleven points a game for the trojans. Toronto is good and spurs won easily 67. Point 6% free throw shooter on the season. 1458 to go and a great season tonight at eight doll with a free throw here makes it that tied the game I'll. We are tied 99 year. Little over 50 yeah and tonight your department anyway possess. It and warrant it. Luckily you're in the top circles Armstrong lost it right don't Armstrong. Armstrong. Throughout the defender here's a jumper and a weight nope it is about the backup from about sixty. But I don't. From the united actually goes across the timeline for UC. What to run out soon. Well 1 o'clock. A big jump pass was inside the hall almost certainly is evidence. Nice entry pass. Don't know law a little walk on the right side mix that with that is the only one not pass the ball got it. Currently it begins at 119 leave the trojans here. To right instead of speed and rightly look for backwards but it wasn't in his pocket and Armstrong. Armstrong pull up jumper topic he'd know they have two short of the front of the Rick outlet pass rebound the ball goes to open. What want. From the back it up near half court. Puts a thought now for the play call is being guarded loosely aligned arms. Still the trouble smoke one of those risk of foul away from the play. Yeah it's gonna go to as the grizzlies. On Russell Smith. Thirteen 45 remaining personnel flock here. Nicole yeah. Kobe is twelve in four overall. Beat him for a conference play and it's been 150. Did not want to hear you know last night. 2000 instead grizzlies tonight though as the trojans here in our planet is thought once I'd like closely. Shot El Paso before it goes 2 o'clock. And I thought it was for a layup. Them for a travel. Wonder how long does it take provocative. Shape in Sweden is not play the game since December 9. Chance in the breakaway layup. Box. Shoulder catch its self publicity has decided jumpy jumpy driving the rim as news. All strip but it region bout goes against Samari programs in the ball game first time that he's played well. Since December 9 what that tour and pocket. Missy until tonight. Is the first three games Zedillo's second semester. Or their comment two shot foul. And a free throws up. It makes a free throw he's averaging. Ten and a half points a game his first point tonight. Thirteen. 24 left first half period power play it to not conference basketball tonight that's free throw good mix of both. Giambi was two points and races are trailing thirteen minutes. That comes Armstrong tested right sided doors back. That doubles. I Sebastien runner left him no good. Somerville that little game first time. Colby it. Is that these left corner threw in the way of Dallas which I don't. Now by some pills but. It's available throughout the event here on Armstrong quickly to Italy lost the ball. You're Armstrong would try to race the link to the floor and take it in for a layup and she's going up delayed. Boston channel all of that Hussein was fouled and that is the beach shots. 1257 to go here. Thirteen deny lead work Colby. Joshua Armstrong. Right handed shot free throw on the way is not a program. Adjourn Armstrong in 510 minutes sophomore transfer. Central Florida Community Colleges hometown his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And 85 point 7% free throws your on the season makes the second. The grizzlies trail. Thirteen to tentative all the trojans. On the front court and I didn't. Off the streets accidentally kicked back outside a home. Alternate. That's his right side. You know inside a home big. Right right baseline as those inside the hall is moves up investment. It out of my pocket. Kids aren't funded dribbles past defenders to the basket lace it up in Nashville. But they're stored. Some funny shots mr. comes book one down on the floor drops out all sports I don't Lebanese town. Other grizzlies missed some essential. Layup attempt to carry it in Baghdad that way. It members shortly and a foul trouble. All has got six. And a three point play here. Well well they go unity fifteen intently for the trojans. Are welcome to the bench and crew comes back and for the grizzlies. There's these winners 6764. On Wednesday night you know show. Third street went on the road as a free throws no good by all rebounds and I snapped it up to colonel. So halted on the with a three point. I'm fifty detailed. While the front court criminal trespass the right side Armstrong deep on the right way. That's that's talked a little girl off the screen left double grads over the left corner where courses these little lion lays it up and just the latest. But the foul along the way lets you do shooting. Secretly some lightning quick. We gonna call us two shots are shooting out. Proceeds of 141000. Colby three. But in 52 remaining here in the first half of the power plant two shots for criminal. Colonel one for two maligned and make free throws all men. Google now with four points that are free throw coming up. But the grizzlies have been very successful skull we trojans since 2000 and seven. Grizzlies lead the overall series sixteen to three. Nice to know here at the power plant since 07. That's free throws up in good. Like everybody's looking free throws are a mix of both he's got five to receive trailer. Into eleven. Rooms trojans' front court has of people politically but vs being passed very late in afternoon. Quite have a very tickets I happened just a moment in golf with good speed. And along the left baseline late enough that it strongly there I tied to home. Well it's not for immigrants in Charlotte 7012 pass was right over the front court to Brad gets difficult that'll drive right based political history. It knocked out of bounds by summer. Hillary Somerville so we're freshness Greensboro Georgia. Played her Colby's. Is it slow it down to our right there on this it was sixteen seconds ago on the shot clock. Armstrong's lobs that topped a brutal. Brutal. NASA's outside the extent of three under way got Carla it's bad for. Next Batman for three tonight it you know showed it to three there at the grizzlies trailer. Seventeen. John preakness. Seven games over five weeks. Wired and lost 15 pounds but 1 o'clock right where the ball at all. Turnaround jumper and free throw line is off the mark long freeze on this old yet to put it past backup stops to all of our. Armstrong has the front court before sidelined. Closest call 71 player in the ball game here's a jumper left wing for fifteen no good short Armstrong. Gotta buy Kobe. Yeah you. In world. Passover the right side out of bounds stopping the end of golf I don't try to want him to pass. Nonchalantly. Right at the butter or left. Boldly in the player. Uses net. Moses old news out of Sudan. Paul a front court that is it true 75 goal at seven foot one inches tall but that drives votes but bankers wanted. When it about a six quarter. It's bad news got savaged the grizzlies tonight 7070. It gives them the ball up top we have Cochran the defense against vote on as opposed to Somerville people on the right. So a lot of old news coverage like Latin and now one has topic. All lovely jump in the lake not what's good looking shot there and hope he's just 26 point 8% shooter country. What Larry's got seven. This is really. To seventy. Maybe talk about competitor next stoppage of play under ten minutes is Armstrong kicked out of talking kernel colonel. But we're back Carlyle wasn't arrogant Russell Smith lobby the planet right baseline turnaround jumper it's no good. Out of my. Geometry and nice looking fadeaway jumper on the right it's about ten feet by. And rimmed out. To be in our lives. What tripled it's order Writely is Somerville. Somerville topic tees as those outside actors vote one long left wing three is no bit. Rebound volleyball twice in Brussels becomes download it appeared on the grizzlies Armstrong tries it totally backs and out right corner. And we have a carry over Assange as a parent and child ordinarily I initially. Have a media timeout good guy that list that I 97 at thirteen thirty can't assess. 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Which means a lifetime of peace of mind free use flying to shop near US PG find a shop dot com. That's BG find shot. Team this is Stephen join this morning right here on KNS and. Tonight's game will be selected our US Marines player of the game. You think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's. Dot com. So it's a and I brought by Erica printed Freddy's frozen custard state murders. Lessons cooked to order food in rich creamy frozen custard churn fresh throughout the day at practice round. Neighbors. Six locations. One in derby and what right here held everybody you know nightly central parties frozen custard sabres open until 10 PM daily. Which is down twenty to seventeen under indictment is an apartment over and it's called the trojans. One front court gives the department. As was outside some of the drives it is like cut off by this had to travel. That's their right politics bad. He's 46 ago. We're sitting just have less. Kobe trojans' bench from time to time fielder rusty reform and good coach for the trojans aren't strategists who are right. Paul a front court. Disease haven't. Armstrong took over the rightly that constitutes Russell Smith gives them more more tries at match left handed floater Becker no debate draws a foul. Today remorse left handed. Adrian with the lightning quick move from left elbow drove it to the rim and but above Becker was too strong but he drew the foul from all. His first personable teams now at fourteen fouls. Two shots here greater and more in Tuesday's free throw on the way is through strong. More it's looking for his first points of the night. He's right it to 70%. Free throw shooter for the seasonal for one that I can align the one coming up here. That probably is no good missed the boat. Because free throws prices down wanted to 7828. To go here. 713 thirty kids as Somerville drives the baseline most aspects that lays it up and woods left feeling confident this is now 27 team. Ward Armstrong. Is more of top of the screen right side by Brad tries it under the basket that's left Warner. To Brussels this particular shot clock extend thanks for. It drives the basket puts up front runners were nice and I have spent. Twenties and nineteen. On the front court pars on the right side office. Those two Dalton gets back left corner. But don't want to Carmichael that the president talked to adult salt institute Dalton right corners Summerville O three no good law regardless of the war. Bruises look to Ryder Cups more cross the timeline drops off left more than expected. It is wise to prevent that from voice of the three. That would not work but it appears that passes that doubled. In Brett. So start again tonight we have to be Bratton. It a couple of turnovers in the bed slippers from Omaha. I expertise to grant program. Miller build. Taking place but. Bryant scored all but most guys that makes it solid block. Armstrong at the mortgages. Walk from. I. Wanna call it trojans won't. On drives to basket step. Tenderness. In the pocket the other way down the floor. For a vote blockers. Locked up spinning right baseline towards the rim and he draws a foul of the Wall Street they reach in fouled out. Obama's first points moments ago on that play out. Receives trailing 2419. Was 640 to go. There's an agent now right in front of your or right. Shot clock warheads that top users to block them. Ought to test whose side prices bits that goes up strong this that. Shot right. Rebounded by Colby. Don't want brings involvement in the front court next on the right side and those left side. He passed those are right wing conspiracy right corner three Adelaide is no good job right it all. Eight million more acres have three left Warner viruses that that's out of every doubt which side by gulf. Back to back threes. For both teams off the mark. As the ball went six days ago the trojans lead the grizzlies went according to hear the power play and NASA talk those carbide was as usual walking outside the hall pullbacks in public under movie shot nobody was fouled by a process that looked like he traveled. Spinning into his left. Smith was skating. Here perpendicular was arms and gets called for a foul. Free throws coming up here or David Hall. So that you Chris Ohio. Right handed shot we took on the way that's good. Holes not seventy. 547 go here. If you are down 25 to nineteen the. Colby has led since the opening tip. Having nightmares these trailers you know show the entire evening so the final 347 when he took the lead. Frequently is good so all they saw. Brisinger trailing 26. Nineteen. My seven to go to the power plant that it would aside it is desperately front forward that's left side it's bad things that look. Or not was very tries to lay hands what's up books I've shot. We've all wars in prisons announced when. 4641. Basket put the right way. Those two. That is don't you don't drive right obviously backs out turnaround jumpers an air ball. That is freak out there. She visited the ball game it's the most points this is now. It was a terrible shot I don't turn into a pass it and block brutally approximately three out. Expect. That's bad John were two employees. Actually vote on drops in office that is actually smoking lit him up and others note that rebounded. Down twenty. Or has the front court backs and out slowed a little bit it's at right side of brutal. That's right Miller or left it's definitely gives the box and tries right baseline he traveled. A lot of games since December 9. It's worth 38 to go here. Prisons are down 20/20 forty that Kobe trojans. Jihad conference basketball tonight on TSS Stennis export side. Time and some personnel board yeah. I. Don't want to front court right hander picked up defensively closets. Passes available at. Carmichael and he drives it. Or pass goes inside to Matthews who backs it up. Your point of Somerville summer. Speculate pull up everybody's badges off the market quick shot rebounded by both Juan. No grizzlies have been the massively three shot when it's that time out call like Colby. It was 407 to go. And Kobe trojans voting age thirty to 24 lead over the grizzlies. Time out on the floor wanna remind our next broadcast will be coming up on Wednesday night. This coming late tonight presents back on the road Garden City and it will be the official start of the second. 46 games scheduled conference game. In the conference season. Eleven. To Garden City. In Garden City place space. But this on Wednesday and thirty to 24. Broadcast by the way at 745. It's 8 o'clock tip early. Good tonight lady grizzlies was an impressive win. Divorce. These positive way to Brisinger 115 overall and they are eight and five in conference play. World activities overseas are trailing 3024 Nicole we trojans. Won't unit of power plant. On the campus of Butler community college. They're cutting the trojans both want wants the whole process Tomlinson network as top 50000. County counted in our my rent it's tough to vote on the lawn just as fast as the outside his summer. Talk to. Chicago. Boston broke open vs the tries to bet it has the right place. I've aka but he stepped up the process. Has played at my precarious spot him. Recoup that passing here. Your best nobody stepped on the baseline. Course seconds on the shot clock four seconds on the shot clock. For the trojans they'll be abandoned their own basket to our laps. But he jockey for position installed looks good again. Four seconds on the shot clock. And yes to call time. This is defended the inbounds play well also pulled it turns a timeout. The 340 portico in the opening half here it is Saturday. Releases coming this. And overall conference record glory today. And that's good enough. Plays with the Allen. Mean wow Colby is tied for. We'll talk a little. We'll be beat him for a conference play twelve and four overall won five games in a row. You've got art and Hutchinson type of. To challenge sitting in third place alone at night and three would probably be little difficulty breathing down and that's it seeded fourth. We're seconds on the shot clock hoping we'll get try to better basket. We get an inbounds pass it is not the way it took us up at the bottom. And others two seconds on the shot clock. I could skim off funded. Somerville looks Gannett. Perry pressures they didn't have gone luckily horse jumper. It rimmed out at brackets that we now. You're gonna grizzlies that runs front court is Armstrong Armstrong once relatively easy to extract people. The Clinton forces me to pull out now. Hasn't backed up talk shows that. How Armstrong tell the shot clock. Maxed out brilliantly. Jared Armstrong. Oh here in the open now. Which basketball got a good one Butler and Coby. You buckle up going Dalton has doubled team to jump. Passcodes to hold Paul picked up luckily by. Quick burst of speed a whistle away from the play. Yeah we have a foul going against the grizzlies I think Kevin Berry. Easy Kevin Barry. Wrapped somebody whose arm defensively. The whole. 55 to go thirteen on the shot clock and put when he backed out foul call. His second shot clock hold down their baskets or lapses quote let's get a bit we have contacted a thousand in August and expect. It's that was the City Hall. In knocked him to the floor. And that is 171000. On the grizzlies sewed it all scored a lot of for one and want. And 55 to go here and you know. You first have to power plant. 3027. It all tonight as Pete points he is two or three from the line this is a wanna want. He's runaway is good rattle city and he's got nine on another free throw coming up. Exit 3127. Cruelty in other free throw overhaul. Paul played last year for the trojans. Disney's free throw it away it is good things about it. That's leading the way for the trojans. It's been at least when it prisons and let. 3220. Sevenths receivable moving left to rights record since that rightly gives circles Armstrong you know it's not deploy. Back to an extent rightly regarded by summer they'll lose tobacco stocks boosted there is very tries to basket that's. The bankers know good but it draws a crowd followed dump won't count by grant. Good aggressive might have been very. Good chip maker that recently lowered its leaders. May look. 233 ago. That is sixteen fouls now for the visitors Colby. This will be two shots for Kevin Barry. That's all those against tried Dalton is the he has acted. This was talking about something here at the free throw line picture that's about. Conversation breaks up here two free throws. Kevin Berry is the best three point shooter for the bridges that not a very good free throw shooter free throws any evidence. Kevin's first point good night's evidence a 45 point 2% shooter from three point range. 46 point 3% from the free throw line tough to figure out. The free throw coming up for Kevin. Rhetorically news off the back turned and at least one accident that happened. So the president trailing 3220. Hoping to lead the entire way here in the first half Paul has been right corner quick move on the baseline as well as the size of those. Once you let. Not bad guy driving into the league. He gets up off your feet that he drops out. It's tough to defend. Record Somerville. News out of sweet world tour. Freshmen 64 he's got six points in a chance to three point Floyd. 290 remain for staff 3428. Trojans. Receipts have won the last nine meetings against Colby here at the power plant going back to. The 2007. Season. Throw coming up here for Somerville and shot him. It needs frequently is no good to Islam. Obviously they get called for over the back. So a lot of free throw line a city seven variance going to be 11. It's called the foul line. Somerville looks like. We call a technical foul. On top of the Fowler called a technical foul I think gun I'm not sure who. A Somerville gets a technical foul. So to eighteen day ago the grizzlies. Have some free throws here in the ball. That was often miss free throw by Somerville and Nicole I think it over the back relatives that you are the free throw the latest bit by Armstrong. Right now he's got four point seas two to three from the line other free throw coming up you're just that this detectable. We throw the way is good makes the ball when. Six points now for Armstrong makes both free throws and now. This is a wanna want for a tap in error. Message that trailing thirty Fortis thirty. In Berry as a one and one here. Scoreboard shows it resist the lead. Team vowels in them Kolby was seven. The latest good bye Barry makes me. Wanted to one they're trying to figure out of the technical foul was against. One official say 23 the other one just keep older and sit wanting. Kevin Berry makes that a freeze originally coming up. Officials now discussing the technical was against us. Now yet it was as we thought the fouls on jump the twenties in the technical against Somerville 23. The free throw coming up here for Kevin there there's a chance at a four point play if you will for the grizzlies. In it they get the ball I think they do. Our dog bigger partner did not it was awfully on this free throw in a rebound by dirty. But in the technical foul came after the foul. Areas to wait long time is sex free throws. 3431. Now. With 218 Diego loses one more shot at there. Call will be called east makes. It currently is no doubt it's one city. This is down 3431. He has led from the get noted that your efforts to have all different for this wrote frequently. Summerville but first we got the ball slipped. Paul found. Fans have always have this week's deal. Kevin Barry's got his mouth wide open in disbelief he got called. A ball was stripped away by Karen Armstrong. As Somerville try to do it. Italy between two defenders and Armstrong clean sweep. An official calling foul on varies. To a sixty goes that this is a one in one war. The coroner Somerville. Ninety Phelps now the grizzlies free throw away is no good. Summer vacations from preventable wanna one. Two minutes ago congress is now 3431 here at home the Colby its people the right places these in more more skewed as those left side. Driving under the basket so I'm front right corners pocket with three no good battles. It's not about cost us way. The tourist market did not look at company. From the right quarters. Almost always roll it off with Paul it is nearly forced the shot and went 47 ago. It take awhile for years yet. He's shooting that completely was on December 9. There's actually work for the season seventy points. It does work and home front or all of us as well blocked all's left all loaded missed a put back. Right the red roses at the numbers for him to run out what was rightly Armstrong travels through Italy lightly. Was rightly apocalypse right that's right corner or three note I've got the rebound threatening out of it because I'm good. Somerville work. 170 developers now thirty yeah audience. On the front court don't have to be bottle upside works its pocket dribbles and right elbow leaves probably fell on travel. Apple did not hurt himself he's so winced in pain. I shot quickly just crumpled to the ground like he may have injured his knee still sit on the floor. All the speed helped up by his teammates and good to see Milwaukee. 106 ago. This is down 304031. Let's turn over by all effort travel. Is when doubted that criminal Armstrong. War rat. To have it here on the floor there gets tennis lately but unfortunately it took three. Not lose Armstrong goes around that they'll mostly migrant that's goes to bury now Reynolds real prize the basket layup is not out to be strong. Without bond holder comes home on the Florida back out her left side bribery of microbes to strong arm a basket and others. Well founded on the map. Asked by Matthews. Eric Matthews who's averaging one point seven. Points a game has got more. I strive to be cut nightly through Italy and on the front succeed out and put up in the news now by Bratton. His first ten fouls on the grizzlies. Frequently about Matthews is no good and a battle for the rebalancing Elaine violations that he may have. Left early two free throws. In violation. Mr. anyway. War is now 363134. Seconds for example three top. By Armstrong got a terrible. Progressives are trailing 3634. Shot clock is turned off game clock to 21. Which it pulled it holds on to a final shot way up top right side. Critical races left side here. Tight defensively. Quick burst speed. Rebels left quarters and threw it away by Matthews is an air ball let Scott tell as a sound board but very very rightly lose them on the channel. There's nobody. Kevin Berry was tried to get radiation the ball and a little bit. Out of control possible organized event finals jobs or have time is here at the power plant. And after twenty minutes it is Nicole Lee trojans' 36. And the Butler grizzlies 34 halftime shows coming up next. Did you think Kansas is a community bank our roots are in Kansas we built our business on a philosophy that's deeper than customer service it's about getting to know our clients understanding their business anticipating their banking needs and recognizing people as individuals and our neighbors it's a philosophy that we held dear for over 100 years vintage paint Kansas community banking and insurance agency member FDIC. We're moving through the future with you learn more advantaged eight KS dot com. 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And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and one. Your comfort. Is our business. I let back into any weekend mornings nine right here right. Here are good that it would have signed 97 at thirteen thirty Tennessee's courtside scorers table. Cited some art studio coordinator get wanna remind your next broadcast is coming up on Wednesday night. Grizzlies back on the road when there longer road trip to comfort plays it out to our city. 8 o'clock tip off the men's game more via pregame show at 745. Right here. I'm 97 and thirteen thirty can't assess Wednesday night grizzlies at. Garden City. Halftime here tonight our plant on the radio the grizzlies are trailing. All the trojans 36. To 34. Yeah halftime numbers for here momentarily. Wanna remind a lot of great sponsors about athletics on the radio and one of them is handy here edition of quality. 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Halftime it receives our trailer in the cold throws thirty. Six. To 34 let's give the first half stats person visiting Colby trojans. They are shooting 42 point 3% from the floor on eleven of 26 a bigger part. It is about their numbers are shooting 43 point 3% the trojans are. On thirteen of thirty shooting from the floor to look seven from three point range. Eight of twelve from the free throw line. In figure out rebounded grizzlies by 219. To seventeen in the rebound. Category. And a whole teams what seven turnovers in the first half. Prisoners have been better of late protecting the ball. In tonight 71 half turnovers as same with Colby seven turnovers for the trojans. Individual members but he trojans that are being led by. David all their sophomore. He has ten points on three of six shooting no one from three point range for a five from the line. So ten point three David Paul leads the trojans. And was seven points it is teams tied Dalton. Well as seven points on two of eight shooting one or two from three point range to two from the line. In Dalton also as four rebounds. That ties him for the team lead with you know the for the trojans lead the way efforts have rebounds was more. And you've got three points for Xavier Smith. Smith did not play a lot after early on with two fouls too personal fouls he normally runs the point. But he just seven minutes he's one of two shooting what do want from three point range and chip chip recruits got three points. And two points for Christian Carmichael won one shooting. And a four points for Eric Matthews off the bench play three minutes to a war from the floor over once maligned. One from three point range in two points for a few real beyond the jump to two points four rebounds. And then if Corey Somerville off today it's eleven minutes six points on three of five shooting old one from a 302 from the free throw line. The grizzlies first after shooting 42 point 3%. And they are eleven of 26 from the floor 1146. Four of nine from three point range eight of fourteen from the line free throw line. So 42 point 3% in leading the way for the grizzlies is Carla mix baton sophomore from Omaha. It's bad as it Heatley. Fourteen points Carlin is six of seven from the floor to a three from three point range he's yet to attempt via a rebound or a free throw. And at no rebounds no assists for its bad but fourteen points five points for just the grip on what to shooting three of four from the free throw line. Brutal grip it was one assist. Kevin Berry has a two points to a four from the free throw line he's yet to attempt a shot. Body but he had to wonder three point shot at him yet for us Kevin Barry. He'd create more. No points I don't know what to shoot you know one from three point range Russell Smith. Who had two fouls. Split thirteen minutes little over half the first have to abide shooting old one from three point range for four points. In four rebounds he died that he had been late in rebounds with four. But Adrian more. And manufactured Armstrong off the bench in sixteen minutes he's got nine points to a seven shooting to a 33 point range three or four from the free throw line. So parents Armstrong is that is it's matured Armstrong would nine point for the grizzlies off the bench. In the pocket is not scoring so excellent shooting. Market were it not work yet. That shot if he ran over to the floor no points. We're at halftime here at the power plant the grizzlies are trailing. We'll be trojans via grizzlies have not lost here held radioed to a Colby. In the last nine games tonight you know against the trojans went back to the 2007. Season and again. The grizzlies are without a conference game home win here. They're O and six in conference matchup here in the power plants go home floor there for him to. 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And again a reminder that a lot of great sponsors for disruption country's neighbors of Jason brings you back. He cheap products automotive maintenance of the highest quality. The fight to be tee shot near you visit the Tea Party shot dot com that's the key body shop dot com. Any heated air conditioned applauding your comfort is our business with a location head over to better serve other counting highland area your home town buried. US Marines the few the proud the Marines and didn't make Kansas. Moving through the future review. We need to return the grizzlies. From the locker room they've yet to come back out and a Kobe is getting loose this broadcast will be on Wednesday night and we'll join you from. Garden City. Blockbusters and the grizzlies and 8 o'clock 2 o'clock. And that we go negative scores to let you go about that other games going on. Earlier today at 4 o'clock alum played it to beaver dome it. Pratt. Kelly at home dad gets cocky little boy that's a good rivalry match of their Kelley hosting copy go in the ocean on the road it mark. Dodge City. Played Hutchinson Dodgers lost none made it straight games going that way denied torturing them. I actually played at Hutchinson. In the garden is on the road tonight sewers. And clouded home that I independence a quick look at. Indians. Bart and I consider tied for first place in the jail accomplish their attendance knew in conference play Kelly sits alone in third place at night in three that you got confidently. And Colby's. Tied for fourth with records of eaten for. Burton sitting in a two way tie for sixth place with Stewart Google's evidence fives that's a big game tonight Burton played at Seward. An independent suppliers are sitting alone in eighth place independence is five to seven and he got a two way tie for ninth place between Butler and Alan. They're both ward eight. And it you've got a four way tie for eleventh place or another way to put it is last place Brad Claudio show and Dodge City all chipped in. It three. Nine overall records in conference Floyd. There you have the stadiums. After government grizzlies now Little League and it to have before we start. Yeah second effort department but the fresh. Twenty minutes of the on the clock and and addresses of your home your next Saturday night to face the Seward county State's. Take your place to join us next Saturday night he'd never been to a change up conference basketball game I think you really like get your basketball. Junior college basketball a little bit different style of play is up and down on the floor a lot of back and forth. Usually eyes weren't ball games not so much tonight it's 3634. Colby Levy's. Fourteen shooting right around 43% for the first half. That's the Colby live from the get go the entire. First twenty minutes. Looking at their biggest lead was 2619. That the 547 mark for the first after grizzlies closed it. And they are trailing. By just shoot at halftime here as we get set for first twenty minutes. Roy. Heard the news today that got a moment here but. Keith Jackson. We all time great sportscasters. Passing away us this afternoon at the age of 89. And you know like a lot of our listeners a lot of great memories of us to keep Jackson over the years and ABC sports. Did. Ten Olympics. In eleven World Series. Was the original voice of Monday Night Football at ABC. And a voice that this year joint Keith Jackson I was partial news. College football broadcasts and especially work with the spring coils. Longtime coach. I attended the Jackson frank royals on the usually give it a week on ABC so. Only Keith Jackson passed away today Egypt 89 point. Just a couple of weeks ago that it Denver. Agreed Rochester past week each of 82. So theory goes are the second half twenty minutes on the clock. The end of the grizzlies went down will be moving right to left here in the second half during their home Vegas gold uniforms. All these are dark dark blue here. There's seven ball which then become a level playing as a top Kevin Berry could have rightly Crennel is now. I dismissed it tries tanks Elena backers hope that it draws alpha Carmichael. Christian Carmichael with a foul on the shot. Good ball movement there by the grizzlies. This is starting five in the second epidemics baton Crandall. Mary Smith. In more losing five to start the ball game when. Few jobs here for Russell Smith. Smith have enough that they performance wins it you know shoot it twenty points and nine rebounds. Free throws up the good Russell now it's. Five points on the night. As these are trailing 363516. Seconds in here. Smith young informally the North High School trips before Roberts that's free throw it short. Well sort of makes him. Down 3635. Year. Different boards all as a whole legally withhold ten points or writings and let him know it. Strong rebound by the grizzlies they run out or tried the basket Packers it's. In his first talk tonight on a right handed layup on the basis for its bad. A perfect match counts. Only minutes. 1950. To go to the grizzlies have their first lead of the night. 3730. Cents grizzlies leading coldly. I'll pull it down right. Through our immediate right he gets into some. Vote one vote one he has not left sided snapped the west first street. Is his place on the baseline and weren't exactly expected got five outs. And it recently almost 3837. All linked up fast movement side for a little crossover dribble pull up twelve footer is pregnant nicely done by credit. Reynolds got so out. For the grizzlies frequently thirty and 38. Just start the second half here that it would assign 9713. Thirty innocents. That is its court cites Clinton's numbers are important adult. It's always top. Paul being guarded closely by war now triple. Right right baseline all the way to rim snooping less confidence now. Even halting from half court. And right the right outlook quick burst of speed and he took it to the revenues to defender scooping layup it was foul. All all the Scotts world. Hope he takes the lead back at 4239. 1820 years ago your second. All try to complete a three point plays the Ohio. Frequently is good all male. That's thirteen. Prisons are down. 4139. This is without looking at some well I don't expect full court pressure that. Both want back pedals and in the front court defensively. Armstrong between the circles is that little kernel crossover dribble. Most recently draws a foul. Adjusted crippled coming back from that he CEO entry slip them on inactive list all of last year right knee. He's getting quicker and quicker it would be tough to handle defensively draws the foul there it's not shooting well. 2000 on local leaders say they have been on the ball. Armstrong has been taught the bird by receivers this two point guards won't get it right here accident rightly those who haven't buried there are being guarded Michael. Her about a terrible news. Armstrong you don't shot clock Armstrong that's a whole lot left side to Smith turnaround jump hook up and nicely done by Russell's best he's got seven. Obviously it's tied the game 41411750. To go. She's trying to get back significantly edgy on a conference race right now they're tied for ninth place. Three games back of post hole playoff game first round. Let's face like this is all accident that he draws half hour ago traveling travel. Was gonna say it looks like he traveled with you never know. You told travel on the tape apology was back to India along the Lebanese look. 7036. They got. 4141. Eager to power play tonight here on. Ultimately there has that there's Armstrong. Will fade away six footer no links course. Reform but maybe put stuff up warming may cavity open up about a six foot shot when he. Armed with a bucket in the grizzlies. At least 4341. Armstrong with the Lebanon. All the top of the key picks up his dribble pass those Leslie and Carmichael. Left corner is definitely an. Sniff them. It doesn't really gonna call that. Sometimes these officials see that make that move with the golfer's. All the travel and movement proudly that they get the call and received good break there at least 4341. Armstrong watched the ball the front court getting media play called him from his coach. Bryant Miller of weakness the Boston area during his back to Armstrong tries all the way spins and travel leveling those are critical little girl in the back yes Armstrong Armstrong tries to lay a layup is not and this nice. And arts August live he's got thirteen. Grizzlies it's 4541. Over Pope. Faulty model. Hope I want I want skipped past left side those of golf quick let's speak for Dalton had a foul on buried. Kevin Kearns had trouble with the event moved by adult when he goes to his left. I don't lose them from Houston Texas freshman. 1620 years ago. Chris he's had their biggest lead of the night here four point 4541. On shooting foul. Each team with two fouls right now. Future is bock who will check in court Kevin. Barry. Seconds on the shot clock Laden's top seed David falls Paltrow is right elbow across a broad nicely just passed nearly stolen by the Staten. That court threw it away I felt so good. I don't to rebound goes out of bounds last touched by the grizzlies. Moore was badly. Young Ian Johnson who was behind more the ball was tipped out of bounds that it goes too Colby and thirty shot clock. All looks to get in those two call Paul's drive right based on the rim underneath it puts the Florida called Alice got fifteen. Armstrong you read it out there on the corner from August the lineup. 474360. Minutes that don't regulate here are planned. Paul writes that as possible for bush because the pocket passer or a little hurdles past always abide. The trojans this is always an affidavit. Defense a more aggressive on the run back in the way Bachmann tries to basket ball stripped away well on its call for a foul. Miller. It'll it'll pass there and it's turn over rates eloquently live. David Holtz got seventeen. Now to lead all scorers this is pocket going line. Free throw in a way is good interior spots and let's hope that gets here cover off the lit up his first point tonight. Receivers he's leading swore that the season seventeen point one points a game. 1541 to go overseas it is 4845. Free throw for box them. Free throw it's not that makes 12. We'll watch that. At one point he. Severed. As time goes on you know to be it viruses good chip there you know but it took them. This stolen by Armstrong are drawn back to Italy two on one critical drops are pretty lace up NN. Reynolds got night that we have trying to on the floor. He's sixteen they go cold calling a timeout. With 1516. In regulation. The grizzlies leading to Vegas tonight fifty to 45. Still the. Far in mind here nonchalantly. Quick burst up the floor or two on one. Dropped off to colonel Julio alien criminals got nine. It's actually been great seasons warrantless fourteen ships for the second half Armstrong got thirteen. Colonel wood nine. And Russell Smith who it seven. Lead story for a Colby Steve and all he's got seventy. He's the only Colby Trojan in double figures. As the grizzlies biggest lead of the night. Others try to figure out there first conference home. Hard to believe every time I see it for the grizzlies are O and six at the power play eight conference games this year. This is always being in it okay. For visiting teams would not so far this year. That is racism in the last nine meetings with COLT easier to power plant. Went back to 2007. Prisons have a five point lead with 1516 ago during the second half. Here comes cold cold and hungry and left to right. Laundry on the front court gives them talk to jumping left and those that don't golf works against. Pocket now off screen he takes it to the left side still the real reason beyond the talk shows to vote. Ten on the shot clock won't want to get involved locally health it's of the civil. Don't want that shot drives might change the bankers are no good battles lead. And let's go whistle and now is responsible for the back. Receives now with her thirteen foul. Fresh thirty on the shot clock for hole. That's the first person on bottom. He ulcers. Hold it let more and more defense right let these one that actually did but took a banker's worst always taking over. Got to get some stopped crossover dribble and Armstrong tries down. Forty center comes all backed away drops off a layup is up and like all. These teams right now just racing back in port here comes little Italy and put up a banker not a rebound by Smith shot. No Lebanese now. The action. Track teams racing back and forth 94 feet one way 94 feet back the other. 1416. Day ago. Dog goes against. You know comfy. His second personal fourteen votes now for Colby. Joshua Smith frequently upfront Rivet at the. The grizzlies have been a really good free throw shooting team and injured 74 point four. They're missing free throws tonight Smith now misses his second free throws another one coming up. One of three so far from the line I want a fourth line one of 32 free throws candidates. Want it to the prisoners it is 52. A 49. Well the no on second clock your department. Right corner is it recession Helen goes out of bounds turn over for poultry and pass here. Don't want the rhetoric is either Smith lost offensive rebounds or turnovers got the grisly. This is what to build on their four point lead that it's reported and over pulled. That's his right elbow rises and it adds up Armstrong he's got an illegal screen call if Russell Smith. It's definitely handoff at the right elbow and that he currently down standards call it illegal screen. Thirteen 54 to go here let's turn over your Bible teams. Both teams have only seven turnovers in the first half as the only. The college that's pretty good and total for turnovers and a half seventh. On the front court let me go to theaters next that is. Our front street. From the right side principal of the war that left sides neighbors that your items of three considerable passcodes account for the next afternoon. Quite happy to pass on the Florida Russell Smith specialized. Draws a foul. Jonathan is trying to take that charge under the basket but he takes a walk. Bigger part in a column on Carmichael apparently reaching end. Two shots here for Russell Smith. It's always good. Russell Smith noticed scored nine points and eight. Thirteen twenty shown obvious I could have clocked 5451. There's easily nights free throw for Russell Smith is free throw and the way it is no bet. It's short. Races it is 5451. Of those missed free throws. Ridiculous on 9713. Thirty in excess. Hope visible front court did the right things it was hit records speak up like dribble the defense. Right side and it's jumpy jumpy Jackson stands and thank. Here behind Miller two. Throughout. Coach grizzlies they get the hall. You know San Diego these two teams won't acted towards the year to her when it. There's ones pulled the trojans. And here's crippled colonel right noble Max. Works against. On now and it's odd lots of low blocks. It's like to Russell's been actually it is Carmichael Smith backwards towards strong. Our Brussels and it got eleven and as easy as that six that he wanted answers that night five points Carmichael front court itself. Ultimately goes meters that being hurt those who aren't strong stances we usually left ward and I don't want to note that read. So it's appropriate steps that. Party felt there by Gionta. You lose it. Hard play by Giambi tried re definitely don't. Lives and that's that's the line platoon. You know 2040 go to John Q is hurt now. Six team fouls now for Colby. Fourteen fouls for the grizzlies. Twelve point four go to free throws here for Russell Smith. And Disney's free throw nobody is around derivative. I don't know if you rolled error. Russell Smith is twelve points. Smith who's missed. Three free throws the eighties. War seventh from one other recruitment. Russell. 751. Frequently it is no doubt out of the rebounded more guts and hustle play. Let's get another chance for this free throw morehead city. Writely is Armstrong Armstrong for a vs me in the plane as promoters of right wing three students drop side apparently about it. I don't all of us are those people want him brought to the left side. We don't actually bounced up it lays it up in just laugh and the politics of it all of that pocket definitely. You're not aggressive pass that the car. Reynolds good layup and we have a foul on the way to the basket and Colin Russell Smith wait Smith arrogance Kolby Smith. Well that's a tough break in the college Italy. Said number it's you want one and in Smith got tangled up with the defender who fell to the floor of the crazies sitting in the seats and one that lay up possibly. We get called the office of the now. A block fell 1150 ago. He's 751. Act grizzlies related advocacy tonight six points and Kobe trojans Kobe's won five games room. But it Carmichael a lot of baskets and hall halt thanks in a minute cruel at all. We're not want him as being defended hey Paul. Has got 41 point she's averaging fourteen they did on the season if at all. It all scores. All of us. Illegals when I Pratt and LA. Christie's careless turnovers here and offensive fouls on illegal screens and 5753. Aggressive. Miller's son ray does yeah. There comes on his front court let. Are those who is a tough par Michael's these guys that basket and draws a foul that kids. Neither Brett you're Armstrong of the business. Left when he officially they have just got my hands up in terms of understanding perpendicular. Just murdered. Rent with a wry smile on his face. The music on the bench. Islanders at the end for Brett. 117 ego free throws here for. There she. Carmichael. Essentially it is 5753. Carmichael we'll get. This one and one he makes. Velvet Carmichael. It's the first in the front of the one on one he's got three points on the game. 5754. Bit disease free throw in the way is that at all there. 5755. The grizzlies. Did it when it's done in excess. Armstrong. On the right side of it level as to penalty Bartlett. Ritalin rebel Macintosh picture of Armstrong Armstrong left elbow drops obviously the war. Or gives it back Armstrong and shocked a lot more drives to basket trying to runner bankers note at home swipes there prevent. Both want the front porch in right wing Max I'll pass those inside the hall is not delay noticeably butler's ball. Credible. Threat it via much taller David Paula that law right baseline did yeah Beaumont and that's my hope. That he'd missed the put there by criminal. Kevin Barry has become a rite of he's yet to attempt to. What was Armstrong. Hit the block that dog talkers period right wing ethics charges related privilege short jumper in and about a five foot jumper rimmed out my crib a rebound pulled down by a mortar rounds coldly intend to go. It's usually 5755. Over the cold trojans here today gone in and says Paul dribbles. That weakness that is either Smith a top. Don't know when one works for you don't want them with an Oklahoma all in my pocket. That's right it's difficult stiffness and outside goes to Michael nicely. With waters up there and he's proud. The game is tied 5757. That player right there are going to see a Trojan venture to their feet. I'll notes those you see Adrian Moore his second. It got immediate time on the floor. For the future of free throws so with 946. They go what's that about one minute media time out here at the power plant. Butler 57 Colby 57 state let us we're back with more on -- cents. Okay Freddy is I think the one parent several points standings I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound it and you mentioned Iran. She need to cheat and dirt poor Sunday please. We understand if you're going to be bad and better because it and knowing satisfies a creeping better than Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers he experiences at this smiling your face. And the taste that brings you back. Come enjoy our pretty certain norms Sunday. Now available at all Wichita area Hutchinson and McPherson Freddy's locations. Most of the oil changes or the senate. 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Tuesday's free throw it away is no good and outrebounded by colonel. So we remain tied 5750. 7942. Ago in regulation it. All right Portland admirable life on. Don't use publicly critical I regret this would rightly to block it off with only one point tonight for real topic. These dirt on the shot clock. What violent sport that's low block the rat rat but definitely. Know that followed up and rat stage where. And he gets its first market that night. Would threaten just days before him use it adaptive followed chipped that in. Is on this easily 59 at seven. Rightly won that that is all on the right is that it now. That gives it surveillance defensively all tries to basket banks. Because of the ground rebounded by Brad helped us. Both of Wacom Wacom tries to basket isn't happening it. Well how about that mark what is first walker and I consider great prize principally to 6150. Seven's. All the front court. Carmichael swings throughout lovely disease you're sniff sniff lightning quick. On the floor once and gives it Carmichael rightly Carmichael. So let's talk by Brett one dribble that he was a little foul goes against Armstrong and grizzlies. Optics are bigger part it is grab fell by Armstrong nine team fouls now for the grizzlies so. This will be a one and one for. David Hall hall was lead all scorers with 21 points were showing all perfect tonight XT five and six from the line five of six free throw line. This is a one and one. All right handed shot free throw on the way is good. Paul's got 22. To lead all scorers. Chris Easley is 6158. That are free throw coming up. Only 66. Double Ohio frequently lines it is no good lead awful Barbara. All of misses won't have to cut. The high twenty points grizzlies that is 6158. Right or. As it the model of what. Office by Brett and the right of politics right away that person is on right society draws a foul against. Bode well. Applaud those kids vote on it now that's seventeen fouls for Colby. Sold all teams in the bonus now the rest of the way. He's fifteen ago. Grizzlies still have all their timeouts left six time outs left Kobe's got three. He set becomes a factor down the stretch. This is one and one for criminal. On the way is good. Colonel made two huge free throws the other night you showed 2.4 seconds ago. It's sealed the victory against the Panthers. They're free throw coming up quickly but received no 626258. Next free throws don't. So it makes me wanna. It is pretty Pringles got. Tim on the night. Received 62 to 58. Years. Rightward gives its neighbors this at the top circles. As a whole. Or if there were I've pocket switch to Armstrong. Pulpits of mass goes inside of this well yeah. Just let him I'd Giambi. Here comes the ramseys right corner pocket sponsor of three and a lot of grain growers worried. That it Presley's biggest 6550. Seven point lead bankruptcy seven days ago on the front court perhaps. No I. Think this that was kind of funny. At all and rightly. Please. Timeout called by coldly it was 720 weeks ago. It was at three moments ago but Wacom. Marco was his first three of the night. It could carry us now is 6 points on the evening. In dough ball sits coming here in the second. 6558. Butler. Colby coach in here with a five game winning streak. And the grizzlies trying to pick up their first home conference win of the year olds and six here at the power plant on the season. In conference games in one three nonconference future historically. But all in six chaos conference play at home. Be hard pressed to find another season we're about literacy basketball team. It was only six. Unfair home floor in conference games. The grizzlies. Who trailed the entire first half. Betrayal by many as seven points in the first half and half time they were trailing by two. 3634. Groups and taking their first lead. In the second half now. Now we have the largest in the night seven points. He's had the ball as well the grizzlies are a timeout is that criminals. Armstrong blocked them next. It. On the business across timeline strong horse righteousness let me spent spent our lives on the rightly want them council blogs so I regret those strong message catches on this but lost the bet on it and it goes to do. Here Smith the reason why halls that different markets all of its right side to quote one. One want to hear it certainly works its way. Top rookies they'll turn around the way it is yeah. Quality goes out of bounds. Qualities I don't they re awfully it's really. They're ball out of bounds. 650. Word ego. At least. 65. Victory over old. That was full court pressure that's right or left Warner. Skeptics patriots opted for a protest site Latin let banks and up. Look at his coach Bryant Miller right now with that right smiled. That is so. Rat whether he fouls player restores he always got this right smile on his release. Real happy go lucky guy Romans guide rat with a bit bucket there's definitely nice four points frequently is good for. The prison savvy six and seven to 58 lead with 640 they go. Pick threes point played by Brad on the front court nearly stolen. Friends we have Parker cut jobs being tried to leave. Yup he would lose six point that I life. At 6860. Obviously yours normally would. Three on the way out victorious walk up steps up its act. All this shot was blocked by a box that grew almost within. Paul is fouled as he goes to the floor. Hustle play viable hall and pocket the race back office made three by block them. Grizzlies are leading 71 to sixty. Was six or seven ego but it David holds one alliance for two shots for the quote we trojans. Frequently is good battles and back. Three points that they've at all. At least all scores grizzlies. Are being led you know Armstrong who's got fifteen. But sped that would fourteen with China on the floor. But. There usage time up there first denied at 32 timeout. It is 71 to 61. 607 ago. Time out on the floor wanna remind you will be back on here on Wednesday night. Art sit and take on the blockbusters we'll have to broadcast live right here in 9713. Thirty can't assess. Previous show start at 745. On Wednesday that they. But the grizzlies are back home here one week. Take on Seward county saying yes there will be a 53730. Split the women at 532 minutes 730. And we of course when the broadcast for European assessment Saturday night here at the power play it was so we're covenants. The free throw them out here for David Hall who's got 23 points. Right now the grizzlies poll. Was apparently it is good explodes. If it is 7162. There on the grizzlies with 6030. Regulator that. As fast as the prevalence settlements that Smith who might editors. Hurdle is passed over by jumping past the war goes the ball all those and I'll buy Wachovia. Paul was going in for a right handed. Tomahawk dunk. I've missed it that he was out from behind by Wachovia the hall of pocket right now our shared a light moment there laughing at each other. Five 48 to go this'll be two shots. There's just lucky that Paul missed the dunk free throw the latest good. Home now is that 25. Points and other free throw coming up. I've four weeks ago Christie still have five timeouts remaining Kobe would soon. 7163. The way it is good symbolic. He's got 26. The grizzlies it is 7164. Hoping that it deficit on the front court pocket has left and it's. All goes on a rat Armstrong's guilt felt it. I thought that might easily accessible past Italy's old he got shot clock. Right now they're a bit more on. Doctors are very popular war three. It looked upward note now. My slippery little here comes from a recent front part passed out on stolen. My book one book on contacted the court. Alcohol that's the golf is that's inside politics chop block but it's not. Sluggers jumping with a follow shot no Lebanese fountain while we had an accident at 454 to go. These are on the line for two shots. How about Wacom. Pocket did not score in the first half he was over one from the floor. Market now with twelve. Point here in the second half he's hit three threes. Hawkins is not necessarily great three point shooter 20% on the year. Of these free throws good. He's got seven on the night. Russell Smith has been checked back in forensic brat brat and I sequence the past couple of minutes. Chris these leaders 74 hours 65 in a free throw coming up. Or 54 left in regulation your second half the power plant. You're real Jihad fees from Ontario Canada. Free throws that he's got eight. Receive either 74. 66. Groups on the grizzlies movies right to left their biggest mobile. Have tied up wing that's expect works against home instead of talk goes flops on. Yeah off the street right double double teamed up picks up trouble gives them confidence that. I believe that double team quickly here that'll drive the basket and thanks hits and no good but he draws a foul. What is critical quit. It's got that right. He wrapped. Remnants of that ACL torn ACL last year it really kept him out all year. Brutally redshirt freshman from payola. Shots for just incredible. Free throw away is good. Trickled out that eleven. 432. Ago regulation. Of these leaders 75. 66. A free throw for criminal. Return on the way is good mix of. And it's not well. Received it is 7666. Difficulty trojans put in front part page almost from the all the way. It looked on was able to run it down the foresight tries to basket and slap us. There by a vote want to give away riddled gives it right corner of the clock and makes it three starting at three openers. Passcodes well Bob Wright cited a suitable kicked. Along the right baseline by Colby floater. Wouldn't want but he driving litmus definitely he put it in Wednesday scoop layup moments ago it. 7660. Get down as a top locker criminal. Golf Armstrong's. Russians aren't opt out rather. Top right side. Armstrong dribbles and right at. That talk goes to print a brutal drives me snooping lab best that you saw. Now the rebound Russell Smith gets it plays out from behind. Rusty. Reform is really frustrating it is team right now you get rebounds off the new shots by the grizzlies. 355. Ago. Sylvia double bonus two free throws the Russell Smith both teams had a double bonus with ten team fouls. Briefed on the way is good. Grizzlies like he did on Wednesday night making some clutch free throws her down. Down the stretch. Smith now with. Thirteen points or free throw coming up. Russell trying to give me. Ten point lead frequently is all. 352 remaining in regulation of the car plant. All leveling those receivers Smith will be trojans with a ball. Smith. That's left quarter jumping as it drives but things like cut up their Armstrong's nationally goes it's bet laced up the good given no therapy. Ian Smith. And Smith give us 77 point of the night. 7873. Point 78. At 7 o'clock here. Shot clock optimistic people and rightly Armstrong Armstrong. Novelty company rebels. Under the basket and all the way through right quarters means that three. This first walk. The second half seventy point out on the floor so well under the basket mostly it's been knocked out of bounds. It's bad news first bucket this could have got seventy points a bucket that was eighty one's. Eleven with 306 ago. While those are those hole. Polls don't dribble makes a tree that's all the more nicely then missed a lay up. Jumping it's on the week's read it at. Right to say that he throws out of office hopefully. 256. Days ago. The grizzlies enjoyed an 81 to seventy lead over the Colby trojans. Last couple of moments like pocket expenditures sophomores and really stepped up. The he worked restrictor not clear cut across. It toward the rebels use. Its rights to block them. A top secret. As goes left lock Smith dropped out of pocket this season. In all of it was announced that Spybot and great all movement. Try to go that road win nailed down into that could. That would run out there. We have an injured player. Forward Colby. May have injured shoulder. Well. Receives a team trainer is not to have a looks. That is Somerville and maybe. Are hurt right he had dislocated shoulder the city shoulder popped out. He should go off to a person medical attention in the locker room. That's to Corey Somerville pork poultry. Leaves the floor with the that ultimately grizzlies. Trader. And traders. Hoping not traveling here tonight. Prisons provide that here at home. Home floor. 817230. Portico there apparently grizzly is trying to win their tenth straight games the went back to 2007. This is all right wing tries to play drops off its fifth laced up. Passes all that a time out called immediately and thirty cent timeout called by Colby. To 21 deploy. Grizzlies lead is 81 to seventy student that was a beautiful she's currently from. From Dalton. Two zebras Smith's that was breaking along the left baseline and all you privately government defenders still wouldn't beat the veneer dropped it off to a speculated it. Smith. Replace what is average. For the grizzlies if they have some good possessions leaders should come away with a win. Leading BD one to seventy soon. With 221 to go shall I kind of treatment and Colby scuttling one. We'll be talking to grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller in the post game show. This is trying to win back to back volumes. Haven't done since the end. This season full court pressure Triple Crown. To Armstrong Armstrong to double team as a criminal past goes up. McCarthy or Brussels. It's. Were used to drop out. Smith's gorgeous. Now all but there about it. Those adult. That made bucket. Russell Smith. It Smith has got six skiing and another big night for Russell Smith keeps averaging fourteen points in covenant. 26 to go grizzlies lead is back to 118372. It's been trying to complete a three point play frequently is. Smith has got seventy. That ties him for the team lead in scoring would expand. Expensive seventeen Armstrong fifteen crew of twelve. Wacom twelve. All the bodies twelve and a second. Let's hope they got hurt there and 8472. Of the biggest deficit and they will once. It is it says it could talk those golf ball drives it spins handing it tied up but it now. Hillary's yelling travel up. You don't block fell against the grizzlies. And found those brutal are bigger part that you don't expect exports. We'll teams are in the you know double bonus points if you want to go. Vital to Houston Texans free throws no good. Dalton with nine points today that is two points below its season average Republican freshman. Richard freshmen Houston Texas. As frequently as duties got him. Receives the news 8473. Full court pressure cradle. Asked what was expense as a timeline has moved right corner pocket rocket not about it but I doubt about it. The clock. 138 to go the grizzlies have an eleven point lead in the mall provides it left side. One of the column in a double team the ball knocked away slow my ball goes. He's now. There's there's going up relented and all of those little that's a great little by little. Little tied up the ball that was them. Contact with the body and all the little. After the he has separated. Ryan Miller's senate talking to brutal. Another column. Intentional foul on pretty. Hall was upset about that it looked like crippled this region and a tied up the ball there was contact no doubt about it. It didn't look like frivolous intensely trying to tell them behind. But it's going to be intentional foul shots in the ball for Colby. Won 27 to go. Paulus had a tremendous night he's got 26 points to lead all scorers. He's got two free throws here. Bryant Miller just pointed out now that the called it. Intentional now he's asking why this is trying to explain it. Paul is free throws. Calls got 27 to lead all scorers. The 8474. Prisons on a ten point lead at one point seven deployed. The free throw for all frequently is good night when he eats. He's averaged just twice its average on the season at fourteen. And and a whole table inbound of their own basket to our right when. 127 acknowledged that 8475. Lead the grizzlies. Colby will inbounded. Basket they get it to haul all in the left corner. What's the ball on the floor it's gonna talk to all players at three under way. We've got a vice this. This doesn't run it down and it goes out of bounds defense lassie had to go all the time waiting for. 116 to go. Drive right exactly basket without a bankers good. That's bad economics bad as. He's on the floor try out and the ball we'll go to the grizzlies. Who have also put their lights I don't. 107 to go. 107 to play the grizzlies look like pretty. Of first conference home win this year. Pardon. Total collapse. And wipe out perspiration under the basket your promote with a towel. As is gonna Ian down they have the position are often tied up. Let's play tonight tied all these two teams will meet in February and community building and Colby field last game of the regular season. Monday night on the front court is it's bad it's bad drives thank you layup attempt every kind of fire hall 300 minutes ago that. Seconds ago vote on the front court passcodes adult drives it let's. Last time around 8477. With 49 seconds ago. Don't just got twelve days that is full time out the last time tonight we're told. 8477. Grizzlies lady. Grizzlies try to win their tenth straight game here the power plant gets cold going back to. 2007. Season. Preseason really dominated. 8607816. To three. Three loss enforcement. Trojans in Colby. Wednesday night will be Garden City. 8 o'clock tip off. Posters. The broadcast forty. At 745. Right here. You can assess. A reminder of the grizzlies and another 48 game conference play. The top seven that's the key. Cops have a good show host at first round playoff team on your home war. Right now Seward and sit 75 there. Walled Garden City it's evident by the grizzlies are warning supersedes. Actually. Three yes three games back. As opposed to the playoffs in the long way to go. The conference season isn't it now the backward double team hurdle gets the Armstrong our losses out of the floor by Xavier Smith. 44 point four seconds ago. He's elusive first. Home conference win here. Just 44 point four seconds away for the grizzlies. That percentage shots and Jared Armstrong now don't get to double bonus mark up on your home park. Rhetorically is good but Armstrong. Armstrong he's got sixteen points. For a bug issues this season average twirled. The free throw coming up for charity event for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Speaking of Philadelphia Eagles. And nobody would debate in their playoff game against. Eagles Oakland Allan out later. It's good. Seventeen points on the front larger groups that quick drive right baseline bankers good job they hit a ball stripped definitely. Grizzlies have it here comes out front of the behind his back to work stoppage neighbors and 33 point six seconds ago. It's a nice win the roses or 8677. Only 33 point six seconds ago. NFL playoffs. Atlanta DC and Philadelphia. And hit the ball. Fourth and goal at the two yard line him. It took to the path. In the four accordions and went through the hints. At receiver for Atlanta in the ball game. Philadelphia Nancy here. Armstrong should be two free throws here. Frequently as good. Armstrong now adding news Tony's got. Eighteen points free throw coming temperature. That final exit fifteen to twelve. Philadelphia. Over Atlanta. You know second free throw good nights when it's strong it's 8877. Why don't we had such pitchers are right up. 50. As far as reaganite. Nailed that. On the back it goes to miss badly travel. Turn over 22 point 5 seconds ago. This evening. 280. Liquidity Colby trojans. Just down to the buzzer targeted ballots thrown in here. Don't want the front courts who is back and talk to holders along threes off the mark about 1 o'clock. At pockets now that it would twelve point nine seconds ago really. At a facility now just accidentally be announced he gets over 8080 which ultimately sentenced ago. Box of his twelve points all in the second half he's going online for two. Season with 88 to eighty. The formality now files more frequently good. Pocket. No points in the first half on an old one from the floor he has hit three huge threes. In the senate today free throw the way is left it short. Makes one or two Hawkins got thirteen. Point nine seconds ago as those inside Carmichael. Dunks. Final five seconds Armstrong hazards it is going to be thousands of Mac court my dog. What 2.3 seconds ago. So Armstrong's normal life with a chance now to the finish live. 21 points he makes both looked. Armstrong at night it's asked strong second effort here at. He's 82 new Jersey's leading. The way is good Armstrong is not thwarted. And it leads all grizzlies worse. Disease four players in double figures tonight free throw good. Final two seconds. First complex political power plant this year. The grizzlies win it by a final score of 91. To 82 over the Colby trojans. With this right now the grizzlies even up their record 500 they're eight and 85 and eight in conference play. Paul this is a five game winning streak snapped here that the power plant. They fall to twelve and five overall it beats him five in conference Floyd but yet these two teams will be the final game of the regular season in late. February it is February 27. On a Monday night grizzlies what do I do want it to say what does the post game shows coming up that. It's exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty K and SS Chris Rock you by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers but taste that brings you back. With six locations in Wichita what are derby and won a Belgrade when 1809 plus central. The US Marines the few the proud the Marines. PG products automotive maintenance at the highest score only to find out VG shop near you visit PG finest shop dot com that's BG finest shops dot com. And heating air conditioning and money your comfort is all business for the location and hand over to better serve Butler county. 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Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at high legendary dot com. This man. It it's time for the bottom grizzlies post game show with comments from grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller. A recap of tonight's game and a look at the final statistics now let's head back to the arena. Havana Sagan chair of the power plant in elder radio or on the campus of other community college where moments ago the Butler grizzlies hold on and win it. But it Colby trojans a final score of 91 to 82 and again. The elusive first home conference wins this year that receives it lost their first six conference matchups here are home floor heard of before. They finally the winner tonight a final score 9182. Over very good Colby Trojan team. Colby had come in here winning five in a row and have that winning streak snapped. While Bolivia second apps are the other team stats would also be talking to a person's head coach. Bryant Miller is always he's in the locker room address in his team's victory comes it should have won here shortly. They swing the grizzlies. Grizzlies now improved to eight and eight overall on this season and five and eat in conference play. Talking here just a moment to a coach Bryant Miller the grizzlies. Coach. How does it feel to grab a home win here at the time or play him. Getting to think it would never happen. In reality. Feels great happy for those guys that there's a positive thing that's going on with the team we've seen here since the break. There again we talk about it think they were just the galvanizing as a unit. You guys came back into a that you were did a good job of meshing in with the team. And I thought it was a total team effort tonight Kobe goatee there's a reason why. They won five in a row as a reason why they are where they are in the league. We've got good players. They're well coached and play hard and I think our guys are just as talented. Just the stuff we just have to figure out the minutes before the game and we're starting to figure that out. In the last thing that I asked him in the locker rooms can we get better this is her best game of our best effort. In the resounding response was we came so long as we're getting better every game as long as it were focused. We just take every rep in practice as an opportunity to to grow to get better we're we're going to be. You know it is worth noting coach since the second half of the season start after the holiday break you guys are three and one. Yeah three and one since the break and your back to nine players with the Horton in our combat tonight. What about pocket he was all for one from the floor no points. In the first that really. Looked rusty but boy he comes on scores thirteen in the second half and hit three. Huge threes you second half timely threes absolutely we're those government not really 3.2. He can shoot the ball he can shoot edition of out of them we've played with confidence and with the looks that he is well both those shots were one it was a difficult one but the other two were were awful catch Q rhythm shot. Those of the cut the shots that those guys can make everyone on the team can make that shot including the big fellow so. Very proud of him very happy to have them back I know that that's tough thing is players have to sit like that. Well hopefully he understands what got him there in. The fact that. That he changes. In lower trajectory. It's really distributed scoring well tonight five players in double figures and cheered Armstrong. Leads the way with 23 they're playing well those threats and that he did excellent. Job for the lion of the matter that the into the game that shots. Distributed the basketball made plays that good job defensively want time late in the game he got beat on the backdoor cut which we can obviously get better. But I thought he did a good job but he our guards were really important thing with the critically low on them. Is this just kind of ebbs and flows of the game Bratton stepped in gave some pretty good effort did a good job. You know that RJ was a man they'll block they got the foul trouble when it mattered for him. He gave us that lifted he did a good job rebound and running in just being nasty room. You know what I thought today that he Anthony Brett your soft or your freshman from Omaha just every night seems to be learning more more about. The game at this level is that a high school and a Boylan the final set yet nine. Rebounds five points yet that one huge three point play that you've really got off to a slow start and a couple of turnovers. Some offensive fouls and and and but what that Big Three point play was huge. Yeah that's what that we want out of and that's what we anticipated that we see this would have anticipated we can expect out of him. But again McCain's little fast for him right now it's starting to slow down starting to kind of get it you know it used to the pace with the totality of it. But a lot of times of high school notices you know the Russian command here. The man on the team and so you're your role as this or did provide a possible government being you know we demanded of the accident then. You know there's not a whole bunch of junk in doubles and you know see guys you like your size and athletic abilities that I that it just for him as little little difficult but he's. It find its way I loved could just positive. No matter how he gets treated for months coaches there. Whatever his players say you know his teammates they tune the only thing we get this thing looked out of the happy yes or coached. He's an outstanding elements of guys like that are definitely going to. And get better. We don't coach this is a new version of your team during the holiday break you lost to your bigs and he told me said you know that's not gonna hurt that much because we go smaller. We get up and down the floor more and more networks CNET here in this the second semester. This is a style other really works well these guys a little shorter roster smaller size that you guys get up on the floor quicker. Yeah this this is kind of how we will play them in years past won't play fast we'll be able to run drive and kick stuff. India would you know turn the corner room make those type of plays and we're tough to guard them balls move around overdrive and gaps and spraying up ballroom. Scores to be hurt city Wednesday eight. You guys each year on November 11. It's always tough hurts it holds off August socialists like the inflicted years. 2014. Which will be three you know reluctant Gordon who's an eighth in the league and he did Golden Corral before a regular flu will sit in the locker room couches in the relaxant. Can about it they just seemed to us. For forty minutes though. We duo won't we owe a lot of people want. It different here. With this job. So hopefully our guys that enthusiasm that that the back of their mind they instantly we we owe these guys want. Them. We practice like tomorrow Perry coach you know the drill here whether US Marines player of the game seven chaired. But we cared iced the game dumpster that's nice for ten from the line 23 point six for eleven from the you'll very efficient. Even though alien forces that he had worked five hockey assist. And I won one turnover was outstanding tonight one proud thought it was a hockey's. Hockey's this is is is the he throws the ball to an open guy the open guy throws to another guy he makes it. To show the Iraqis to you know. 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All right final steps we'll check it out here the grizzlies for the night the end of the shooting. 53 point 8% from the floor they go to 28 of 52. Eight of fourteen from three point range didn't shoot the ball too well the free throw line 27 of forty you're probably better than that. They shoot 53 point 8% for the night. 57 point 1% from three point range to 67 point 5%. From the free throw line. In the individual members for the grizzlies the related soaring by. Dirt Armstrong off the bench with 23. Armstrong was six of eleven. From the floor to a three from three point range nine of ten from the free throw line. FEMA team high 23 points receives also had a double figures wars is that parliament spat had seventeen. Points. It all of those are bigger part expanded fourteen of his seventeen points for staff get a Big Three down the stretch finished with seventeen points. Seven and nine shooting three of 43 point range in and he also had three rebounds in to assist the to have currently sped back the sophomore from Omaha. Twelve points were just incredible Crennel was three of eight shooting six of eight from free throw line old one from three point range for twelve points. Two points for Kevin Barry the scheme of free throw line to a fourth line from him Adrian Moore finished with two points. One of four shooting holed one from three point range all of two from the free throw line. Again more two points and five rebounds in Russell Smith. Seventeen points six rebounds Russell was five of eight from the floor old one from three point range seven of eleven from the free throw line. Against seventeen point six rebounds for Russell Smith. And a thirteen points for picture of Spock in his first game back after not playing in the game since December 9. Arc and scored all of his thirteen points in the second half. He was four of six shooting three of four from beyond the art to a four from the free throw light finished with four rebounds in one assist. They scheme back for a terrorist Wacom. Into Bratton finished with five points in nine rebounds team and I. Nine rebounds numbers for a Colby in that shooting 45 point 3% not that bad Colby was at 29 of 64 from the floor. Just three of fifteen from three point range they are the worst three point shooting team in the conference coming in. Just three of fifteen and eight there were 2120. From the line you know let's see grizzlies were outrebounded the night 36 to 32. Colby had sixteen turnovers the grizzlies head fifteen. Turnovers. And a game high score was David Hall. All the young man from Ohio the sophomore had 28 points either of fifteen shooting oh to three point range. Twelve of fourteen from the line he also had six rebounds in to assist. Nine points for Xavier Smith twelve points for tied Dalton. And eight points for a Christian Carmichael. The end four points for air Matthews off the bench eight points for a Gabriel. You comfy in this six point forward to Corey Somerville that rounds out the scoring. All right the grizzlies with the lives of first home floor conference when it. He had been oh in six in conference games that are planned to get this one here tonight over Kobe my final score 91. 282 to get the grizzlies now improved to 88 overall. Five and eighty conference play they've won three of their last forces is hard to say. And Colby falls to twelve and five overall. Eat in five copper plate they see their five game winning streak snapped here tonight at the power plant. Our next broadcast will be on Wednesday night will be a Garden City level broadcast where you write your 98713. Thirty can't assess. It will be yet pregame show at 745. The grizzlies in the cards he brought to us is from Garden City Wednesday night right here. On he would assess great job tonight my assignments ever student court order grizzlies when it final score 9182 deficit in saying so long and good night. From the power plant in old radio. George Noory from coast to Grozny and join me weeknight sorry here I'm Kia and.