Butler Grizzlies Basketball vs Dodge City 2-7-18

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Wednesday, February 7th

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Hello everybody. And welcome the grizzlies pregame show it another bunker grizzlies basketball radio broadcasts nightly greet you are an elder radio it's a conference matchup. It grizzlies and the city he's goers. It's it's he's winning streak in the state once your last three. Well overall season seven and twelve in conference play at city constantly go eat in it you know all. Six in Bertie. And they JR. Nobody wants everybody dead chickens at the par five hours ago according to divert him slack it. I got a lot of votes it's always great everywhere this 87 and thirteen thirty days it SS. That a grizzlies are a bit of a roll it back to back wins over Allen and independents last week. The waited in the on Saturday grizzly we've only eight players just brutal straight back home with the flu. It read more matched his season I was sixteen points you also had six rebounds. Russell Smith just missed it double double with sixteen points and nine rebounds. KT could carry a spark and added fourteen points I would. The grizzlies were at their fourth straight win. It independence and grizzlies now five important conference road games will lead to an eight at home in conference road game with the way the grizzlies hybrid nine. Two games back from Stewart or. It needs a place. Meanwhile Dodge City coming off a great win Saturday at. After the Garden City and 8770. Victor over the blockbusters. Dayton before the that they have a Dodge City had a big game a career that morning more points. Five of six. Three point range great to have you with us we'll take our first drive out of back to visit the prison tech coach Bryant Miller had a conversation but are. This. 87 days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and Kwame. Your comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highland Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein to build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with the electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so you haven't that you didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. Advanced pain. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhancement. All right just. To. Hand on. Receive pregame show that our plan tonight as the grizzlies get ready to take on the Dodge City can keys good horse in the kitchen now Brian Miller. It coaches vote as a coach I come down your office. To talk about tonight's game and global hole you're on your computer. Look at that video potential recruits for next year ended net and the year after that. I guess recruiting never. Never takes it a time out those. Not you'll be good and if you've got to keep out of all year long. And obviously. For us signing day it's Kaman wouldn't the national sun today for some of these kids is it's common story really keep an ounce for the kids that. That have committed to divisional booted but aren't able to sign those kids there will be junior college level kids and so. You know adds new contacts and networking based connect who's you know so what's going on with the kids and they're excited and wanting to sign. You know it's buckets and start sergeant kids. Consider watching you watch the video and computer in your you really like we've seen archer. I do I do that teach their kids are really really like him and the key is that accurate picture. So much success is about recruiting and a but it coach K you guys come via the courts united chance for the first time since the first three games this season to win three games and grow. No question. Big big big game for us tonight. You know duck just coming off huge victory out of Gordon so they or they're good team. And there are three notable wins in the second semester. Are garden. At odds that the ocean so organized they're be on high alert can't take this game for green and it can take this poem for granite record means nothing. It's more about after possession. Every single play noticed arrow fly girl playing this horse who possibly can't. Take care of business and Saturday night come away with a win against a very good team and independence for Euro you wanted to Indy. Without just incredibly damages he players Justin back tonight. Adjusted his bachelor. Unfortunately we have a full team who got some other guys are killing a fluke it's called around that right now we're doing everything we can't. As far as I'm managers wiped a locker room with. Clorox Bleach in wipes you go well today and that it is kind of Islam is at this point. Hope and pray that it that you teen stays healthy. And they guys. Can kind of what with the through battled through you know this sickness and anyway. Everybody ready for tonight via on line available we do we do you have all home and available in flew full strength from a numbers standpoint. But I think what's the what's the bolstered those guys who will be illegal. You know coach figured it out that you guys play and who's the sixth of December. Saturday afternoon game over in Dodge City could Terry's Spock and was sick to his stomach in the had a great game he scored 24 points. You ego. You can go back to the Michael Jordan's flu game. You can go back to the Bryant Miller flew game against that person back school where you're going that far back. There were. We're at a night's game with this open about their terms and get sick you know your body can kicks into that adrenaline kicks and then. You don't put after the game obviously you just trained in your bodies just don't. So hopefully those guys you know that the adrenaline does kick in forum and and a and the good lord answers cut and looks overestimate it. There's a reason that countries could Orchard Park partly visible Bryant Miller head coach of other mid season. Coaches like a week or two ago arsenic and there's no way these guys can make the ground you need punitive. To host a first round playoff team that all of a sudden with two back we're back to back wins. You guys are sitting just two games back in seventh place award which is what he needed. The top seven host but first playoff game seven games to go to back is that doable. That's more than doable you know bush again one game at a time. But what we need we need those guys obviously lose and we actually care business and you know it can kind of turned and our favorite we have doctor obviously. Seward please poppy build in independence place or should should the top two teams in the league so. We just have to shake your business. And not worry about 234 years ahead of us not overlook this opponent. But just keep putting games together polluting practices together. And just keep moving forward like we always talked about. It's about late February march and that's where were I in this in this for the year. You know like where guys like with a team that's heading. The direction we're going. Hopefully we can maintain. Real consistent for. And it is receives head coach Bryant Miller will be back with more the pre game show in the far. Our planet right after this. Your next oil change change the life of your vehicle forever and if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. Three G performance oil changed he comes with a lifetime of engine and fuel system coverage and something else peace of mind. Where do you find it exciting shot in your neighborhood and PG find a shopping dot com. That's Fiji's find a shop dot com. Because an oil change that offers a lifetime of peace of mind game or. 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Grizzlies started five will be Jared Armstrong running the point. Armstrong is six foot tall for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania twelve point five points a game 2.2 rebounds. The other guard that it is that is deep remorse at three redshirt freshman Conway Arkansas. Six point eight points per game. Point nine rebounds coming off. These magical season high sixteen points on Saturday night. And it's the two ports for the grizzlies Russell Smith the redshirt freshman out of the way the North High School in the city Kansas. It is averaging fourteen point seven boards per game the other Ortiz KT could carry his flock 66 sophomore to Dallas Texas at Madison high school. Fourteen point five points per game or. Half rebounds per game and addicted Anthony Bratton succeed right at Omaha Nebraska where Keisel seven point five point brigade just under five rebounds for. A great hitter whether it's related to code opening tip off Kevin Howard we'll jump for Dodge City India to be threatened goes for the grizzlies. Dodge City is decked out in her bright yellow road uniforms with white letters and numerals trimmed in purple dresses were in her biggest little home uniforms. With purple lettering in new world surely go to opening tipoff tonight but I. Might make everybody assigned to assess at the opening tip is controlled by the grizzlies grizzlies will be left to right here in the first half. These two teams met in early December the grizzlies come away with a six point win at our city on Saturday afternoon. As those low block left baseline. Sue Russell Smith has the right elbow jumper and away by Brett rips out every now pulled down a five. Lawrence of God's sitting here on the country's indoors and averaging 78 points a game. They're shooting 41 point 6% from the field on this season here's a left wing three by Lawrence is no good off the mark weak side rebound pulled down by Russell Smith. All the front court Armstrong tries to pass that left him Lipton strong long rebound comes up to the free throw line turnaround jumper by Petraeus Crocker brands out. Still pose more of a 45 seconds and hear the car plant. There's a pull up jumper right wing left and jumper in and out that was put out by Todd. Still most articulate off the baskets here. And we are one minute end. Butler Dodge City tonight from the power plant elder I don't know yet whether it's 9713. Thirty can't assess Armstrong takes it left it. Here's his of 12 games in Iran just distance with the defense pass those low block web site turnaround jumper gave up his notebook by Brett veterans out. Rental opportunities at two shots. Rim out. Still knows more revenue at fifteen in here. There's just there's this way up top tourist traffic that is. Right it rebel force gives our front left Andrew bounce pass was left side Anderson Anderson loves to shoot the three Anderson tries to blame. Pass inside yours is looking like habitat bit by Lawrence. Draco Lawrence in 63 freshman. Vivian Louisiana story in his second game of the road. Revert your head coach Steve Tucker. City comes in even fifteen overall and six and thirteen in conference play. The grizzlies are ten and twelve overall and a seven and twelve in conference play frequently is no good by trade -- lord still knows more. 1826. To go here in the first half. He's won two and wrote us it is 12 of their last three minutes free throw too strong note it's still almost more rebounded by Bratton. The misses a beat Dodge City it was on the second of December Dodge City or 78. And Jerry's box that is that is. Movement risen 22 points here's Armstrong leveling off here Friday. It's a good physically pull up jumper floater on the back that are twice no good at the rebound comes down to Rio for. Irish reels were Dodge City on the front court Anderson back outlook at tacos to ditch drive actually kicks it out. To Lawrence on the right way tennis goes inciting Kevin apparently a turnaround bank shot to be strong. On the river now still knows word or two minutes. Fifteen seconds in here at our plan right now doesn't work right baseline. Writely to Armstrong Armstrong. But it 32 minutes in the waited so it dependence on Saturday years. It is personal finance person I was sixteen points. It went independence. On certain that included a couple of threes it seems certain ancient history with a regular. On the front for let quarter since Kevin Howard and Howard Eisley bullet jumped from six toughening. At it is tough shot just. Out of six feet. Price of Beaumont Texas. Applicable to set up went to war of all strip Saturday. Russell Smith I almost forgot about original statement grizzlies one. Right now these teams to final stretch of final three weeks of the regular season behind the highest spot to get in the you students were good seat and and for the playoffs. There's still an outside chance to host the first playoff in the two games back so where there's a casually turn around jump shots of excited about Iraq. Long rebounds tip back out on top Armstrong. Armstrong has it on the left when it. Works gets justice that thrives under it and that's it that's right wing and laid viruses that ripped out rebel holdout by handers. Cold shooting starts the ball he Anderson right now like it out. Left corner three buyer already short side aren't rebounded by Lawrence and shot was blocked and Lisa battled the rebound a tie at it. Laurence. Brett. The possession arrow they would Dodge City. 1630. To go in the opening half year. It's a three to two lead for the grizzlies over Dodge City. Constantly and down to our left of their own basket with 26 o'clock Anderson looks good at it he does have real that in. Drops up to pitch it right wing three. Rail that is. Not at all. In just this fits that Evansville Indiana with a three point bucket intensify really Dodge City. Dodge City coming off that rousing win in Garden City last Saturday afternoon. And 8770. Over the blockbusters there's a turnaround maybe jump shot up an incredible. Kind of hard rejected by Russell Smith about succeeded in buries its first points of the game. He's averaging fourteen games this year as a redshirt freshman. To Toronto Oral Roberts University. That's right toward mr. hardy takes a shot drives to basket let snapshot no every. Everybody buy more and more is fouled out as we have a fortnight court not to look. That's up quickly if you foul against Dodge City. That is our first team felt like the Dodge City. Into the ball game is speaking minority majority the young man from Dodge City. You said on the ladies. In his last. We're averaging seventeen points a game for Dodge City and operate there this morning four point performance. At five centuries as a back door lock in LA and we'll play. I'd be curious box them. You can write to the ravens have a donkey and threaten distrusted it lightly. So perhaps his first points of the grizzlies lead is seven to five over Dodge City passes we'll look at Israel's right sided match in my shot is up and it nicely done he. Without strongest threat to. To call guys and that's the first points which Irish reels is a 672 and 35 pound freshman. He tied 77 won't break. For the grizzlies. Armstrong has a bum fight did you know foul call them talk to Smith back to Armstrong Armstrong tries gives the pass right through. Quarter now are trying to get back right corner. Wrong that is his 32 three theories Ryder. I'm 41% here's a for the grizzlies up the rebounds and separately from Butler. Crosscourt pass those left wing dignitaries pocket. 14390. Butler diocese tonight department garrido and camps about the community college Armstrong not discreet as Wright is like rebels are the best kids out. Silently the war. Or two dribbles it stopped Armstrong who lost it stole about LaGuardia's bass goes down the runner up fly back at a it's not the box with my threatens to deploy. So athletic when a lever. Just as fit enough to steal and passed on the floor when apparently if you want from behind by the I'll mortgage until the past drives the baskets right and left who's invested. Rebound by Anderson as NASA before it goes to pitch it right quarters of the way is short. And a battle for the rebound took the same it is that it throws that's just this past Saturday that Israel's missile now. One wild and did actually your last few moments. In grizzlies would eight well. Seven lead over Johnson. 45 to go justice fix it will head to the bench for a breather. Carlin it's bad we'll commit the ball game Adrian more indentured Armstrong going out receiver in Justin critical. Little miss the game on Saturday independents he was out with the flu did not travel to indeed. Chris he's had only eight players that came away with that impressive and over the pirates. That was the 6558. Final on Saturday night and the field house here in Indy. Five and shock but he had got the ball to Kevin Howard and Howard was probably inbounds pass by the terrorist rocket. Pocketed giving up inside positions so it album before power to get a shot off than I was sitting twelfth. 2000 on the grizzlies team. Not city now foul and it's stood guard city. It goes against Blackwell who just hit the market will. Evansville Indiana. And down play for city in the office of external. Thirteen 45 to go here an option but on full court pressure. Nielsen mobile. Roots projects. And pops who died on the floor. Scribble. Little like. It hurt to ask for a more brightly as the Russians and that's o'clock o'clock o'clock O clock tonight. I'm not all of my Dodge City. How all of her second time around thirteen 27 to go. And the grizzlies have a 147. Lead over Dodge City. 4 o'clock got a nice in the past look. Please like you're at a really went up strong look like Anderson how to handle the ball as he was raised about who. But fox stayed within this kind of loss of revenue. Hawkins got four point us. Tall grass this war. Our second time out here. There grizzlies will be on the road on Saturday night we'll make our annual visit to this morning Julie Hutchinson. Grizzlies and Hutchinson flew dragons are great rivalry started. On the right have stories here on Saturday night. 715. With a grizzly pregame show for at least torturing me in touch always enjoy our visits here. June 20 two ago the grizzlies with a 147 lead argues. That's right work those commanders in the far right won't pick up with the device brutal. Anderson loves to shoot the three all these attempted 99 teacher made only 26 that we try to blame bank shots and strong rebound pulled out my blog. It's bad but the front court writes I've skipped past left side and Kevin. Very very fast that would open three. Under the law enforcement. Software. My school. It really hasn't left me to actually drops two buried now here's a left wing freedom away by it's bad halfway down it pops out. Bystanders. Well don't want to go to her 21 half the power plant the grizzlies leading 147. Over the Dodge City could use the doors units as of the opinion rebel takes over. It's not my pocket pass those along the left is the real that's just Russell Smith as goes back left wing to. Todd excellent picks it up. It gives a top to Anderson fire and shot clock left wing three god and winning three Anderson but it's 2732700. Seven person and even I figured and a fourteen to ten years riddled front court right in little hard to withdraw as those in the way. I'd like he drove it to the rim got. There's only been dropped it out to us that without strong with a right in the company. Succeed at ten grizzlies hit eleven days ago whose body is hot and accurately. His right hand on the left it's up to dribble pass upon those already. Authorities have been right at the moment ago. It's Kevin Barry as the future of this website here's the odd stories on the way too strong rebound by little. That'll reached the front workforce I'd like ultimately. It's not right border crossings men. Are at right back to business that the response. I'm Hodges drives it. Right corner three I pocket noted that a for the rebound it goes to Hodges. As important that we already already drives way left interval maxed out of morning. Anderson will block the pass to Israel is not the way by riddled but it goes to Marty there's a widely. No credit at all but back it's good I've ever heal and rightly rated by August was almost like pastor for those who put an operative. Israel does not work aggressively to sixty is well. Action news tonight on Crawford's actions grizzlies and hawks stand. That's low block left side on the baseline grasses and this is out of bounds and then. 1040 years ago. And grizzlies guard tonight. For ninth place in the conference that he would rat and right behind him again tonight in his Dodge City in neo geo. These teams all bind at that society is Vegas at the playoffs and it's not enough on Thursday march 1 reconnaissance. Playoffs. First round game trip home port of piracy efforts top seven teams the conference host. There's only slightly crooked let its opportunities for our. Or even young and his front guy sitting in a player for the months. Driving lay up from the right right and scooping layup at the ramseys were cities now wordy. Averaging seven points a game this season but seventy. Points a game for the last three games frequently is good three point play by minority. But we're shooting 62%. From the war in his last 48 now the ball stolen inbound pass but did. Thrown away it goes back to the Blackhawks right corners of three by a birdie it's not about battling economists did not. It was. Fourteen ago. Would respect her Ellison and go and how's that for political office ends. Tonight. City inoculated before went out of bounds that was saved by the content in them or he took him three. Officials have stopped early action here for a moment after this discussions about the three officials meeting. Prisons right now with the very. But she's you know. Nativity here on the floor along with a spend. More smitten incredible five on the floor the grizzlies right now. 6015 lead the grizzlies possibly death of their own basket. Mrs. I. Murphy's and down past stolen by cracker maternal race in the front court dropped possibly bad. For a layup it's now part of the body I've already. Not necessarily a bad album rewarding. Yeah. Its part of the audience to and towards the rim. Right here and John population of two free throws. Generally ago the media timeout coming up with a night made it more. Expanded free throw line efforts to. Reach runaway is good. Carlin it's fat that is just his 31. Free throw of the year. He's 21 of 3167%. For the season. He's averaging just under eleven points against the grizzlies lead at 1750. Free throw coming up that is it makes wanted to have a party gets a recount and stolen away from. Does he get a break a certain extent hustle play out for this free throw he still some left behind for minority. 1715. Lead to aggressive ball left when he goes to expand. Its been picked up by Murphy's still in the dribble pull up jumper free throw line is often. Turnover guests about it business leaders 1950. Report ago at a fast moving first half the chaos conference basketball tonight on KN OSS. Packers hockey struggling left Atlanta talkative left handed. Left side live look right in his opinion on. The work is leading. The stoppage of play we'll have our media time out. He's free to go. Let's get past those left elbow to Brad Brad drives the passive aggressively shot no good. In 2000 recall against Kevin Howard a Dodge City. I need to go. Idiots I'm definitely Soviet form friendships are free throws apartment it's time of one minute timeout to get what is tonight. 98713. Thirty and assess. With nineteenth team to go in the first effort department does Butler leading 1978. Over Dodge City we're back in one minute. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium I need to build strong bones so there you have it. That she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. And this name. It. Most oil changes or the senate. 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Want to enter in what write your -- anybody you know 9 west central birdies frozen custard steak burgers that tasted brings you back open guilt and the PM nightly. Brad addresses the free throws for real. Verdict and it's a good free throws guys right around 73 point 2%. At free throw their another one coming up gives it receives a twenty to seventeen Malia. Threatened been disease free throw on the way is good mix of both. University's latest 21 to seventy. Right now with four points every ounce. And a half point to freshman season at Omaha. On the front court argues bounced past those people the right side isn't. Great green the ball it first I'd like to talk to them in. You know he's double team picks up his dribble his back and talk to Murphy. Levi war. Six seconds of the shot clock hockey we have talkers along with three top that he is way off the market rebound quite granite street. Yes there for the grizzlies horses. Three it was way up or here's Greta I'm Elaine. Just a little this person. I think it gives and received a 2370. Legal victory Politico. Action. Against about it he hooked on it right where it got real. Top that's Murphy writes that the rightfully so relentlessly. It but it was an air ball rat holes on the rebound past network as the criminals criminals that all stolen away by Hodges he. To cross the line. Seventy that it goes out to go there peppers now. That was her game eroded their first three. It's. I treat its fighters rant with a rightly rated well short of I think that honor rebounded to run for. Grade grade and I definitely write him witness up in what nobody pit in my piece but ray who's out and widgets are. Re averaging seven points. It is a sophomore season but it comes it's exposed it tonight. Once secret immaculate drives it reverse split good. Well the candidate that wins it. Personally have left side but on the front work past those McRae let him play. Yeah it will pass them on the right thing and play it back to back layups. Here back the other way this life out. And I don't whistles and foul Adrian Moore got free it was to the rim are allowed to have labor attempted invested. But it receives a given up a couple of lips back to back by mark he's McRae. 714 indigo London more mr. delay. 43. I want grizzlies they did not decrease in orchards justice that to back up all across class lines. Players play but I instantly tanks for example voters don't have a and it on the weak side by Henderson don't want announces the Anderson I thought I'd clear tonight 43 separate. 60 run. Months. Right or Armstrong as it goes Russell Smith Smith back or a lot as the low block by block them turnaround maybe. Great shot block these guys six. Is it particularly 2523. It's an affront floored it it McGrady money. It great works Russell Smith. It also bought trying to crossover dribble past support for Armstrong to Armstrong Armstrong drives to basket plays. Challenge just to fix it defensively and Armstrong with a but he's got five. History take its 47 one he's really. The front court makes it has. Closely Armstrong's it was. Armstrong. Sent. Hello I constantly. Why no sooner does not sitting on 60 run to tie the game it's 43. 43 universities one a mini six or run. Really good defense back to back turnovers by Dodge City. Defense by the grizzlies. So Armstrong is Scott since I've been points. Back to back layup to credit them last one of steel in the front court. I critic. We've got to witness tonight. Are reminded the governor post game show up our US Marines layer of the US marine. A crowd. World's finest visit Marines dot com. That's great news.com. A basketball. 87 and thirteen thirty innocence. That is as good as we've had courtside. Lot of folks in tips. The news. Chris is due back home here. One week from Saturday okay on the threat beavers after tonight there's several weeks ago. Saturday night will be over to sports arena in touch. Take on media fifteen regular drags. 550. Kind ago. 23 of the. Just this good so cross the timeline senator. The doubles team journals over. Right away. Throws it away and right line used to kind of throw it. Good commodity Mike will hit the ball game enforcement Blackwell for Evansville Indiana. Just to use threw the ball and like Jordan seminars check next time and also. Work in the turnover. That's for sure that's right it's that. There's that is right that is quarters. Bulletin from the way is that shortly it's. It is it is a lot of work hours or months. Actually double back now. It on the right side. It's that it got by Armstrong passed with right corner. Well black will be picked up I have now topped those and Anderson tonight the shot clock that's who's still available if real the big man. Picks it up after one dribble games back. Clay Anderson for the shot clock Anderson at a Wal-Mart we hear it. Throws up a half court shot is a shot clock violation. Well it doesn't Cutler really good defense and sequences tonight. You why do wells those subjective objective now Israel's civilians about a twelve and accounts. For forty minutes ago. It's actually 20/20 923. Lead over not suited your power plant here comes next at the top. Is that likely to Russell's this report. That gets it back being guarded closely by Anderson since then dribbled between his legs gives them talk to certain theaters on the screen I've threatened to exit left when. Back that confidence that that sharp contrast those inside a brat and a foul committed. By senator Jordan senators six expression. Beaumont Texas. Houston ball game for our city. As low level and want program. Survivor with a region now stimulant. In Dallas averaged stocks are. Right now. Work around now. Quarter to Armstrong out front works its Nixon. Armstrong still that of thousands of what actually takes a stupid web sports. Grizzlies leaders 31 to 23 over that he Armstrong's lead all scorers were nine points. Yet eight point eight break free throw it in the 1932 minutes when he pointed. And it's out of all the front part of passed him by. Pits and stolen by the grizzlies expect her guns walk with a front court left corners of Levi Russell Smith. And out out of the rebound runs and seven comes out of it in the line. Well that that's really look awfully good Mark Russell Smith simply download off the witnesses. She's innocent lightning quick crossover dribble drives the baskets and let attempt is no good regatta by walking boy yeah. Great crossover dribble not to believe him Brett stood his ground. Anderson did not finish the liquor back to the witness many banks. My Dodge City. That was Russell Smith an optimal you'll walk right Simon really residents in the accident. And aggressors have a ten point lead 3323. That's not sitting hit me. He's been ordered. Grizzlies. Played some good jokes tonight. Russell Smith I was six points yet he grabbed report you read it won't. Areas clock it was 62. Points for just a brutal. Nine points. Were cured Armstrong in the current expansion. Ten point lead the grizzlies. Of the grizzlies this year and you know they really strong on the home more opportunities for whatever reason. Ericsson invading conference games five and four conference games on the road. But the proceeds from the couple's home winner tonight would. Overall all the pride for our citizens. Carol pitched ballgame first time. Coach Tucker Houston this early. Mrs. Craig used the word or about three even. You missed it excuse that it is on the right side kicks off the ice. I've on the shot clock for the Shaq got a great prize puts a floater in and out rebound by Brett looked great got a program motivated. Rimmed out. Ten point lead with two weeks ago that drives right basically to accident likes confident that it had a right baseline executive for a lot. They've spent spent five and it usually does or does it by 3543. Over the it's. Here's and it's Armstrong beat him it's that it just as importantly as the basket reimbursement cuts. But it nicely done my. The rate at 563. Point range Saturday march that he. The only. Hole as well outside of rats stolen. So we're in the process timeline. This past but we're. Armstrong drives and basket dropped the plan. Part and that's that's not good hitter in 3725. Grizzlies. Hero hits in the front court for the cards. This goes free throw line in the parade parade quick move us instantly turn around water from five South Korean national openly about it down by grant. I'm past those Armstrong as it goes to snap. Out of bounds and go to Dodge City. Why Russell Smith got a nice. And that court towards the rim he was too far into the room when he tried to let you know it's. Agassi and readjusted shot that he missed a lay up 132 days ago here are my first half. These guys city thirty. 725. On the front foreigners. Bonds are disapproval passed that bill motivate him host this event argues that I'm talking. Bruises really exerted ourselves night defensively witnesses. Approximately. It passes a double jump for my seminars sophomoric rebounded our Rusty Smith is doing a great job controlling the wards one shot and done regards him. That. Armstrong in the front court people left side received trying to build a twelve point lead with one minute ago. This is an invented people on the left wing script works news reels Smith's that's not the way. Loose on the floor picked up my Hodges and steal to turn over there comes hot on the front court now spends goes left side businesses and Anderson. Has them all tied up. Prisons. 45 point one seconds ago so one turn over lead to another. 3725. Grizzlies leading. This seasonal and now looking at some full court pressure and sanctions act defensively. Comps her father's arms I cross the timeline left side left and dribble. Roughly doesn't want them back up top Armstrong out front off the screen to pull up jumper right wing is no good and another rebound. Policy interests there images it's gonna lottery tickets from his guard position for the final 212. Shot clock is off it's. Really hold her final shot. 3745. Anderson we conquered half court. Yeah Armstrong with a defense. 2 o'clock not seven on the game clock says the sentence five seconds it is still apparently it two argues top 63 is way off the mark. Buses. That final shot. Final shot of course now he and twenty minutes in the past forty minutes here of the. This team says the locker room. Butler religion 37. To 25 overnight I've city it is indoors they would is that halftime shows coming up next. 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Well I have a chance your let's check out some of the scores on the conference. They got there at 1222. On the first athlete Cali and the tigers leading Allen twenty to six. Meanwhile questions that are obvious fifteenth ranked blue dragon are hosting our. It was six reportedly going to first half but she's leaving their game 26 to 23. Heart city trying to recover from a loss at home by seventeen points to Dodge City last Saturday afternoon. And meanwhile let it work. They've got 614. On the first half in independence. Is leading the heartened cougars have seventeen to thirteen. In. Looks to be guilty scores that we have here at the moment. Tourist on the conference. Misses that I academic night all the athletes though that got a city grades academic Richard Butler senior producer at halftime. All the our men and women who are participating in sports but there has over 300. Men and women athletes that participate every year in athletics overthrew a into the men and women who are doing very well not only athletically and academically they're being introduced her halftime tonight. When everybody coming up our post game show. We'll have our US Marines player in the game if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest is that Marines dot com that's Marines. Dot com more of a time out here look American Rendell the first half stats from the power plant about grizzlies late midnight city. Seven to 25 we're back. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really. Highland Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein build you. Plus it's got vitamins and it's. To collect relates to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention that Kelsey need to build strong bones so you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. 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Between Butler in huts that we'll have a podcast for you on Saturday night at 715. With the grizzlies pregame show the grizzlies and the fifteenth ranked. Hutchinson blue dragons Saturday night from the sports arena in Hutchinson that he never had that beautiful arena. On. Your plans to join us Saturday night democracies in great. Junior college basketball Butler and touch a great rivalry. Again Saturday night will be our next broadcast from Hutchinson. The grizzlies. Yeah the next home game will not be here at the par until a week from Saturday. The grizzlies have boldly the grizzlies may have only two regular season home game left after tonight. You know so it will be on Saturdays. In the from Saturday this is the back home here to face the crowd. Grisly start tonight tied with Bradford nice place in the conference standings. What seriously long lines and yeah her father and I academically as being recognized here tonight that and women. 94 feet is the length of that line from one of baseline to the other. Good to see all these young men and women have been successful not only in athletics and also academically. You're Butler community college. All of them recognized here tonight just check out the first half steps. For the visiting he's indoors at Dodge City. They're shooting just 35 point 5% from the floor there eleven of 31. Two attempts from three point range one of three from the free throw line we've only had. A total of nine fouls between the two teams in the first half five by Dodge City in war by the grizzlies. So Dodge City not shooting well for 35 point 5% and eleven of 31 from the floor. Two of ten from three point range one of three from the free throw line. The two teams are tied it within eighteen rebounds apiece and Dodge City has ten turnovers. They're grizzlies have pride in the first half. Individual scoring numbers for the haunt us. Couple of players who had five points. Haji interests it is five points in six rebounds for the com guard Anderson in the also five points were the QWERTY. And a two points for Kevin Howard three points were just as Dixon four points for each Irish reels are big man in. Four points as well for Ortiz but crede Omnia from Wichita heights high school here to talk. In. Two points for Bruce Hodges. Now for the grizzlies are shooting much better 47. 1% procedures sixteen. Of thirty or shooting. Two of six from beyond the arc in three of four from the free throw line. And again both teams look the team rebounds in the first half candidate received five turnovers in our city live hand. Individual members of the grizzlies are being led in scoring by Karen Armstrong. Strong with nine points Armstrong court savage should be. One of one from three point range no free throws nine points Richard Armstrong returned pocket. Six points and five rebounds in the first half three G 3% shooting over one for one three point range. You get the free throw it green or an unfortunate he has a three point three wanna want from beyond our. Russell Smith six points in two rebounds. Russell's three of six shooting of 23 point range and Anthony. He grabs got six points in six rebounds. So possibly working on another double double B is set here. Threat to security. And to a two from free throw. He's got some treatment five points off the bench for parliament spent 23 shooting people want three point range one or two from the free throw line. Just a privilege to appoint someone to shooting. And it happened very has yet to attempt the shot he has no points. All came to back on the floor so we're. Coming down in the second half your guitar playing great everywhere this tonight as always on. 987. In thirteen 38. And assess the tea time out here welcome back into have more to halftime show the grizzlies had that congress. 3725. More coming up market access. Okay brilliance are against him meetings lunch meetings all week all salads keen was selling heirloom sells for his day. So it's sometimes Chinese phrase original double in Chicago Doug. And eternal son three weeks. We understand if you're gonna be bad he'd better because it and no one set aside the cream better than previous frozen custard and steak burgers the experience that puts a smile on your face. And the taste that brings you back now available at all Wichita area Hutchinson and make. Person Freddy's locations. It's. Just flex its struggle. To overcome and ultimately for the Marine Corps yeah it's. There is no alternate. It's not just a statement under and didn't. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise but the Marines. Join us more things right here on K. And as fast. Hundreds of power plant early camps that bother. Community college little bit longer half. All the student athletes and it success introduce. Wanna remind your second half. All season long brought to you by our good friends that Freddy's frozen. Tucker steak burgers. Are expressing countries take birders delicious cup ordered steak burgers. Chicago style hot dogs in quite hot shoestring Fries. All family favorites. With a hospitality. Is second to none. What you guys interviews them through the drive through to be sure to leave room for Freddy's premium Vanilla or chocolate frozen custard turn right throughout today. For Freddy's tasty treats. Six Wichita locations. Wanted derby in one right here elderly Dodi you don't mind west central. Birdies for us because that steak burgers taste that brings you back. Long time sponsors of Butler athletics on the radio. It certainly appreciate that all of our sponsors. That they are open. Goaltender. Hello live picture manager at a right now via the conference innings for the index today. At a very close. Conference race in the men's standings. Work. It's sixteen in three and the other cougars have a one game lead over both profit built in Hutchinson. Profitability Hutchinson want to be. Back at fifteen and the war in conference play. And in the Cali tigers their twelve and seventy permanent fourth place. Colby. It's tied for fifth with Garden City. They are eleven and eight eat or. And independence in seventh place pirates are ten in nine airplane at that part tonight and did some words. He's in eighth place Seward is buying into it now again. India. Is headed in the region six playoffs the first round being held on the home court of the highest seeds. So the first seven teams in the conference gave Jackson the first eight because the top seeded number. In the first place team gets behind first round. In that northwest Kansas tack takes over the pit spot it'll play in the regular season conference schedule. Theater in the playoffs which are in the region for the top eight teams. Get to host the first round playoff team on their home floor now the grizzlies. Currently our action games back of the eighth place so work. Now after tonight though we seven. Conference actually after that they'll be six conference games left but it's doable we talked to coach Miller grizzlies pregame show these things very do. The grizzlies had a ten game winning streak you just what we could have. Back a seventh place at the other two back of some work Stewart's got a tough game tonight they're all the news conference. We'll be checking sports host Joba. If the grizzlies could win here and get some help profit delivering the ultimate green house prisons could create actively being. That. Seven plays very pleased Steward currently holds. That you've got that is tied. For ninth place would rather their goal seven well. That you know showing dots here tied for eleventh. There's 613 vote. And and Alan Parker tied for thirteenth place percent last place and so they are war in fifteen in the conference standings. Both teams right now going through layup lines getting loose games separate the starters right now. Leader not baseball is here at the violent prisoners of baseball team will there's season opener this Friday afternoon. Are going to be home audience. Pilot and a double header. Yeah and the first game will start at 1 o'clock here is that McDonnell the stadium. Downtown Calgary I know if you believe at the baseball season is here in the grizzlies. About the regular well the non conference workers get to. Again I would. Pilot Scott is with a doubleheader here on Friday afternoon game 1 starts at 1 o'clock weather permitting. For all game here the grizzlies have a 3745. Lead over these sorts of Dodge City. But cops not shooting well they were just birdied five point 5%. For the first half 1131. Handed grizzlies. 47 point 1% shooting from or sixth. 34. Grizzlies grabbed the other person leading. Teams back in there early December. Second you're. We'll read up front. College. In the papers is running game on the second of December. We wanted 84 to seventy. It's pocket despite playing with a stomach. Give it up with a 42 point. Fourteen points in the second half. God. What they. It really regretted that they've made this morning free throws. They were 2343. Degrees is within the advice tips. There's just had a thirteen point lead. And stability nearly blew it today. They're trying to sweep the car with a great everywhere else on 98713. Thirty minutes yes. It would have fresh 40 minutes of 1 o'clock or so ago. I city tonight and they're bright yellow. This. Flight so letters and numerals from that purple. And the grizzlies at that are Vegas. You live local lettering in new rules. Noticing. Receives football office and coordinator rice been here user tonight she coach and hearing. This is an official signing day so excited. Had a chance to talk over the football office is literally days. And I talked just very briefly with a host of choppers hit the thumbs up when asked about recruiting. So we had a good year and avoid football will be here before you know it August 25. This is have a road you always have Fort Dodge, Iowa. Tendency to go on August 25 us in little face the Iowa central write us. Football writer on the corner. All right so Dodge City to get moving left to right here the first twenty minutes on the clock to Griese started five Armstrong. Wore. Block them rant in the end Russell Smith received five to start the ball game. Not city is a Dixon Blackwell. Howard. And priority in free meals are starting five here we go receives nearly 37 point five latest yeah. Six and the car and it's visible why it might pose those art art which on the floor dropped right treatment or sophomoric laundry right now. We signed. So don't read it runs spit Johnson gets it now. Pass out partly instantly becomes its front where all blatantly left him left. Boris nine block away. Welcome back Italy's let him know that politics of that rat it's a hollow instead of tickets on this but to reverse split good. It definitely. For that. It could do the hard work. Excellent. Fifty seconds in your second yours black book drive right baseline lace it up anyway. Strong against the layup. It was his first points of the game. There's measly 3727. Opened it Hobbs little over metadata in the second half the power plant. All of you publicly mrs. Russell Smith backdoor lobs that he throws it away a couple of her possessions here that this season's start the second. Bryant Miller not too happy with those two guys. On the ball away. For your head coach Steve Tucker and stepped up real nice suit tonight. Screaming to our right here along the scorers table and what you Dodge City workers fix it drives it right baseline cut off here. But hop the black little slack twelve races around the drives the lane inputs of the let him. Who lived here for. I city. It though at 1823. To go and segment. Right it's our second half my Dodge City. He seen 23 to go regulations 37 to 29. Grizzlies with the intermission with a twelve point lead. I'm Armstrong raced up front court or site works off the defense objection maxed out right right wing. Right corner to block them octaves you this movement they'll. Armstrong's. Bike accident that something terrible quarter Armstrong whose top the block and it's not like it. Rightly too Rusty Smith accidentally pull up jumper bankers know. It shot on the front were those the Blackwell Blackwell left left of his fastball right side it's. The way that this guy quality it. It will match up between the circles that that might expect. The shot clock statistics and and then it was like Blackwell. But it's not drops the real low block rights like those. Sports it's. It's steps. Forgot city to start the second half the grizzlies traded at 3031. Are there were injected the disease first time after an elbow the rat rat try to basket and strong at the right shot. He's now but wields real hold hands. On this side exit what I do. Regret it is nice we got a house and right elbow they'd be shot and put the ball on the floor drove it. That make it to authorities he wrote that rim wrap it picks up a foul. Three shots for him to grant. Programs two for two collided late free throws good. Brad Witherspoon voices segment seven points. On today. So happy sixteen to go grizzlies. May 38 to 31. Grizzlies leading most of course. If not all. That's frequently is good rattles out and let us look through line. First points the second half of the grizzlies grizzlies apparently to 39 to 31. Our city charts and justice fixing prices on center court for the grisly logo things over the Writely lets travelers left him still with the trouble. That our roles as people rightly tip off now. An already very good three point shooters Blackwell leveling the left handed shot it's okay. Brussels that is Armstrong reached the front porch or side tries to basket sweeping land is not okay. For the party goes up for a left. Broccoli strips away. Because this tour right so I'll call the birdie. Credible I'm too busy trying to driving. Turnovers services across time on our sideline. Mr. Armstrong only nine points here it that crossover dribble type of masks and lip out today. It's bad news that's out and business leaders back to 104131. Over the pumps. Suspicions of truckloads of ice cream by our stupid civil rights side but there are. Israel has that topic now whistle with the in a hole. Those gets Jared Armstrong holds power. Under the basket. 1611. The advice twelve and have time. We just shot clock to twenty seconds of the foul. Constantly down to our right there on NASA's Aqua looks to get him. The baseline gets you rightly do it justice fixes it has the absolute national walk to Howard cargoes on the left had been. Sports ice and quality stuff or points the 68 freshmen Oklahoma Texas. But it counts as easily 4133. That's left elbow to Brussels that as a basket forced banks no ability to us now from Kevin Howard. Thanks Adam Howard. That is ours hurt personal. A free throw line for cheap shots is Russell Smith. Smith on the season is the 71%. Free throw shooter. It is the treatment that way is beauty. Fire and shot that's all I want them. She's chosen well that's 77. Free throw in a hundred the details. Right around 78 point fires. That's street probably is off to further in the back of the riveted soft touch he's got the it is 43. To 33. We're a city. The front for our kids that double digit the good news reels it now trying to basket ball knocked away as stolen our Russell's met here. The front court troubles behind his back excellently. Has the right words that it touchdowns for the authorities were drops outlet thwarted Armstrong. Nice baskets moving Atlantis up any. There's there's lead us back to twelve. 453358. Years ago. All of the left corner this is picking up the defensive intensity to try to drive Leslie's point cut off. Don't ask whose government glorious life. Erdogan at least now. This could be furloughed the spat with the reaches an all glass back. These double teams with the 2000 galaxies called news good Maury or. Or adamantly. That you know seven ago received it was their third straight game in a row frequently by minority programs out tough break there. These are 4632. Watertown software is not a Dodge City. 63% free throws your each one for two from the line and next free throws won't. He's got 61. Points below his season average that's where he's been averaging seventeen points in its last three games really shoot lights out. Right dance was right. Now that topped. Runs off. If that's the left side and it's that. And Latin bands and rightly do Armstrong and who has spent left corner pocket on his options open. Aside two runs at one. Spent tries claims its act of voters short he gets so yeah the way those adjustment. Sticks in the front porch double team all the setup for the richest commodities Brad Pitt Armstrong has the right side apocalypse he loves live. Howard was his fourth foul he bought it Russell Smith is not popular reality it's been under kind of mr. Burress who try to go for a walk don't run that great yet. And it's four fouls now on. Howard they're better players rebounds for sure. Where teams were so that he knows what are expecting him. But she's not shooting Helms a pass to the program. Procedurally forty fives. And 34 over the Dodge City to teach him or us. Residual in Dallas morning and shot popular on basket or less at a church expected in the immediate. For Dodge City. That is Armstrong on the baseline the message gets it restlessness that it was a strong. She just short left it short of rendering support. Is that left me. Students that the press thirty not a got a recent shots on caucus night. Second shot on front right right obviously gives them. Partners leveling three got. Thirteen three hearings thirteenth. What time it rains so right around 25 cents. Is that the test site reveals his horses he got into the basket it is a live hills gets these but he's that he points were actually. Receives it. 36 o'clock apparently. Using the wrong message now. You'll lose the ointment and did absolutely nothing to lock them up here. And on the screen size it takes it right wing Israel that we by the staff. Yeah that's yeah. Grizzlies lead it's been. On a great guy drives his legs and that's what I. We'll senate kids. It doesn't on the night yeah. Six. Coach Tucker I'm very pleased that. Hodges. Hodges takes a seat on the Mitch. It's been trying to completed three point play does that free throw. It's bad it was six points the last couple of seconds he's got hurt to have an idea grizzlies in Florida that fifth or thirtieth sex. All of a sudden they've alluded to an eighteen. Just had to write more. Has the top of Israel's back to. It's it was a strong thanks guys who strongly about it bodies that principle or those that do. Armstrong dropped out of the box them out underneath it Scotland. 35 or off the mark. We've got Brussels meant to say. But it's pickup by black. Block focused energy drives past definitely at buffeted right around. Most of whom there by Anderson got seventh after the way Bachmann Elaine. Topics that makes it read it off. Completely. Thwarted 38 with twelve points or. City. While the shot clock screen mice did an excellent quarter. Program that can't anchor up at politics I thought actually. Artwork is worth points a game. Chicago. And vote. On. It is that these security interest. In certain aspects of the rebel. In the region now on that. Punt mishandled the it's at now. Thought travel a bigger part obligates Anderson. Energy interests in the senate Tallahassee Florida 63 sophomore. All that I get a winners of three rightly by Kevin Berry dish check in the ball game. It's awfully quickly bits off the market by the word. Already front court the center of it certainly looks to get rid of Astros are reluctant to send it back in the rewarding working against a very right baseline test goes inside to Murphy drops off of Israel's thickness installation source power. Realizes 67235010. Points right at his season average. 5640. Is easily 1129 to play here at the power plants and luckily this is bock who works it is already bloc comprised crossover dribble pull up bustling capital twelve to. We've got a weak side by yet here's Anderson six rebounds. First half city. Work backwards off Friday to look is gone wrong match now between the circles. The shot clock has now left side this summer but he had nineteen points in the first you've got city tries to basket stupid slip up today. They thrive there. Pat Murphy that's for points and they essentially shoot 5642. Front court fluently Armstrong. It looked at and T fitness lately the block them. Shot clock right quarters victory Armstrong for a starter out of the rebound tips it. Yeah. At least that rebound the ball out of bounds he tipped it back to rip the next had a late in the afternoon expenses that fifth team. It is it is 58421070. Ago here's a great drive right beside fatally fifty voters off the mark rebounded by black. The big hand holds it down it off Armstrong Armstrong applies the pressure dribbles the front court in the light of the ball knocked away by reportedly gets it back. Passcodes to fix that left wing. Almost to turn over there by Armstrong. Or do you expect instantly is on front and back. I'm strong pass left sides fouled by Murphy. Hummer idiots out here live 953. It is an immediate timeout with 953. To go regulation the grizzlies at home tonight. Try to pick up would be what would be their only their third conference home against eight losses. That would 953 to go. If I'm not the grizzlies are leaving Gaza City fifty. Okay Freddy is I think no one. Parents some important mandates I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound it annual luncheon on. Cheney's Cheney and they're viewers Sunday please. We understand if you're gonna be bad Ed better because it and knowing satisfies cravings better than Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers he experiences with the smiling your face. And the taste that brings you back. Come enjoy our pretty certain norms Sunday. Now available at all Wichita area Hutchinson and the person Freddy's locations. Most oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filters new loyalty and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same his arrest. What does that was life changing PG cup lead you will change can change your life because it comes with the free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind free use flying to shop near you which PG find a shotgun. That's PG find shot. He George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here I'm cayenne S. 953 days ago the media timeout the grizzlies leading. It's that he that he is 32 seeds in them. Gore. On time on your side. That's left block them block him right line backs and out top of the key shot clock as low block rights to grant. Actually it's reels but about the sort strong. It's cuts and points. Grizzlies it is sixty to 42 overtime city. I know ordered that are that it. It is as well as brightly. As well shortly micro. Yeah grizzlies right now on the floor of the senate are light enough and it. Chris is that a twenty point lead to 62 to 49 dollars over the ago. Enters the front court right when it. Critiques crossover currently innocence away right it might just rocketed beautiful. Who now has nine without some big time shot he drove it right peace process recruitment and fatally. 5060 feet Baird. 6240 orbited boxes of they'll screen by Brad takes it left corner now we've vs speed lane supremely happy missed it missed the rim rebounding by Israel's. Golf in this race unfortunately. Drops out the great laced up an office. Click on it's high school. That doesn't points its residents of the city and 46. O'clock it's time ago at least one week ago that regulation. The front court Armstrong. On the right side. Rightly the pocket picked up my seminars. On stupid rebel one dribbles it. Tonight three by Armstrong got. Armstrong the second period night. Grizzlies it is 546. And 91 please. This crossover dribble to is that. It was a right Warner misses this great prize that left three and a wave of the more outrebounded by Brett telecast goes to Armstrong's record blows past Armstrong. Bush left off and it. Armstrong gets passed interstate sixteen point grizzlies lead six sounded. To 4621. Point either accidentally. Seven weeks ago. Anderson people rightly mark. As for Eagles Israel's right elbow. Right and massive left hand layup shot. Flockhart gravity gets its act it out to Murphy six rightly three tries to basket throws floaters are open I think he's I'll quietly cradle. Murders and shootings now trying to dribble. 708 to go in regulation. There's league's leading 67. Of 46. Over the Dodge City against Hitler's prisons was nine players on the roster. They got us. Looking for their third and Rosie the second time is your three game when Michigan won their first three games here on property. Spears her driving left when he looks up book bank shot from tennis to strong every demographic. Outlet pass those armed soldiers at right corner entry by various top marks let's get some rebounds strong stands and goes into. Riveted travel. The grizzlies just hoping to get seven period. You end up on the finals a couple of weeks of the season. There is an awfully good three point shooters not to take a lot of threes in recent weeks it a couple of the other night at home against Al. He was over to go to night. It even started trees and it's. Just Dicks has rightly yeah I'm very. That's his right side to pray this that's 400 powered executive with four fouls gives them time now to news. Feed. Yeah outside crate yeah little walkway outside our office is not about. 630 want to go to grizzlies leading nights when he won 6746. Oregon city here. Yet what is on. Assessment broadcast Saturday night from Hutchinson is that right at 715. There it's not an intriguing show sports arena. Armstrong obviously I've Ratliff though please let us Warner. Works against the next few days the that's good that's right corner to bury this goes inside that plane stolen my Dodge City. Breaker and senate are down that line up our government doesn't count. And more with a foul. Kevin very it was an outright winner. Effective three Detroit on the past little lock right side of rat living man. As was intercepted him break out. Senate permanent solid right now and try to not it was an outline or more was not that you concede an open don't. And our two shots free throws week seems wrong. To work seminars that I Beaumont Texas. 66 freshmen. He's looking for his first points tonight act that was just his third free throw the year it made his first two. Frequently is it's one series in the book with one point is these leaders warning 6747. Full court pressure from. Asked to bury it gives them. Excuse that didn't back. Logos that are best left side war. Organs look forward to Armstrong national walk inside right it was the first shot was blocked by senate. Nicely done. Like rats and look legitimate gun he had rejected by summit. On the turn over her. And just brutally. Coach Steve Tucker's first Jersey coach. I've city agencies the lord's. Hands on it ships frustrated. He's back and forth right front was right there are tons Armstrong across timeline quick burst of speed terrible accident last. It's the right corner caucus experience was a basket makes it up and good to see and certainly need up offensively and a couple of down here. At fourteen points or not it's yours rotor blade up and Murphy. The second but. Accurately and 7149. Stocks in the front court. Right when he threw it away is stop the work quickly to Armstrong Armstrong drops off right toward the very base of three now attacks about still the growth and Barry and I do Armstrong. Raptors got a dozen points out that. Don't moments ago beautiful lobbied him by Armstrong Armstrong tries it puts up a banker's suit up and if there rightly. Brad targeted his Jersey. Armstrong analyst at each team. I don't really play well in her second season as he's transfer. Central Florida community college here's a great private person it is though that all of that all those specific card drops. There's a right revive Murphy got. John Murphy hitting three. It's night warnings and active away so. Pockets got thirteenth so basket back the other way and ray didn't get it but he was stout heart disease crashes to the floor on the baseline what it did actually hear what. 315 I don't know what tomorrow. Bruce is gonna pick up only their third home conference went through a three day conference featured the plan. But more importantly their third even a roll roll. Two free throws your four. He's McGrady out of Wichita ice nice and free. Ladies got civilians were. And he's averaging seven and. Some of the proceeds from the congress. And we'll come out for greener a little while ago. It warns it could open expecting it. And to work. Receives leading 75. To 53 will be visiting with the grizzlies coach. Bryant Miller post game show went down scores. Are on the way. Does us no good jobs program or five times of great makes wanted to choose not to accommodate. 7553. Grizzlies final 349 yard par athletically built Evans area. Heard it's definitely not as great as I don't look Russell Smith he tries it puts up a banker knows. It's. What is its balance the defense hugs on the front work great drives into the lane picture Dodgers left baseline jumpers no good. Anderson works at yours Murphy rightly three. And how it out of my Kevin Berry in the journal. Pretty easy to go back and and at least double digits ten points. It's 7753%. Of all stolen that right wing Mike Reynold Reynolds on the doorsteps of the vendor and let us know because. I've upgraded. Its integrity and he is the only time. Three three days ago here. This is gonna win their third straight. Improved to eleven and twelve on the season eat in twelve in conference play. They'll have six. Hey wow the next Wednesday. It pulled me. Eight a frozen balls Saturday. Saturday. Everybody out here enough. These last three weeks trying to get as high as. You'll posted first round playoff game. Quarterfinal round to reduce its. Sunday march war. Sunday march 4. Art arena. They region six champion. And that region six champion will move onto the national tournament there are two arena in late march. His last name is internment 2014. Portland two shots free throws good. Justin pretty good to see him back we missed Saturday's game with the flu did not even travel with the team unity. There's certainly key players that we had 6550. Over the pirates. Brutal men whose needs free throw aways that makes about as good free throw shooters yet six. Races leading seventy. 53. And cruise's advice wealth and appetites little stilted and you can ask them. Rightly or exercise price the past explicitly that no good. Authority he battled with a tepid it was a foul and our view out of bounds. I've leaders say that's that's always out of bounds last touched by the problem. It's about learning. Chris and a great job authorities have since I don't. Obvious career best when he appointed him on the road Saturday city dump passes kicked out of the house. 250 decoder that are. She's on her way to a win. Russell Smith skinny and yeah sure there's these five right now experience war. The words Nick's bad it's in pretty swollen due and got our work fouls stopped inside to Anderson. Anderson tax code drivel you never know the grizzlies have a 46 point lead to. Already has rightly cut off along the baseline I'd have yet to deepen their rights haven't. Where it's it's a terrible news that top right side of the theaters and it's pretty private acts of the past seven are definitely big threes were. Now from expand. Sued 25 to go. Now we'll have a grisly fans confident on the Internet and the excellence. Next broadcast news Saturday night. On the road it sports arena and Hutchinson the grizzlies in the blue dragons from hunch. So it's easier time of the pre show. It gives it is past. And right. My Allison spent. Fifteen shot clock too in the game clock. Receives 7953. Lead over Dodge City this week but the odds in the regular season. He gets it rightly audiences as well Howard artist out to turn. Outlined the work. Except you. Now float right size. Our students war without enough now. To seventeen to go. Fast moving game here tonight you do windows 9713. Thirty he would assess free throw by how does no good. Are discussed. Four points his first free throw attempt at night don't get another look coming up. Prisons it really true that squandered a fifteen foot it's had on track team. That's free throws do and I. Properties got five other night. Prisoners it is 7954. On the front court battle is right we do have a very sick. This was a tough stands. Instead. And tries to blame puts up. Basket drawing. I left of thirteen and shot clock. It's 67 period through regulate the cherry on top of the Sunday here. When we get him and path signals should it was very real prospect of girl tries lane slips. To party career no good block excessive program. Their front court birdie drives look to me to Baghdad. Forecasters right or left side and it's bad enough for a short pass of the three candidates want to take you. But she's back on the top 136 ago he put it rightly have been buried houses that they'll look forward toward. Soft silent about it like it's bad. Aspect of top two critical difference 3124. To play grizzlies leading 7954. Passes lifted although it sort gives little. This Reynolds. Takes shots crosscourt pass to LaMont aborted. On eleven ago according drops on the Murphy luckily I had no way no good out of the rebounds and bloody crossover drew. Those are. It's available. The author field. Left elbow jumper short Murphy. Grizzlies it is he wanted 54 back in the lawyers Bob Crandall and trying to build a light in the quantity but doing. It doesn't. That NASA bought it way too high privilege. In six foot. And they were trying to get in front of laughter. Final 42 seconds. Resumes that you. If you want to fifty or over drives are bigger the power plants in this isn't right wing Chris Lawrence but at least three hits note that cities now. Out. Now but haven't there and rightly lived 32 point five seconds ago. This is a Draco and Lawrence. And on the line for three free throws Lawrence played only five games this year. Its second consecutive start tonight for a dark city. Looking for his first one they breeze through it is written. Only one shot that was Judy bell. Just a freak relative battle the rebound it receives notice of currencies. Now. On the forty shots. Now damage and second violation is critical was walking that all of the war. Nineteen point nine seconds ago the officials in attention. It's a turn over. It incentives to get the ball across time lineup revamp its actors interests drives the baskets of high floater Ebanks it and nicely done by Anderson. Anderson's got a Lebanese in the wall where the final thirteen sets him struggle in the backcourt. Recently it won the 56. Final seconds ticked off across the time like riddled. It's off to war he went right side war in stimulus. 12 ago and urged them but and eventually. Win tonight files finals were over dodge city of all under 56. And a grisly polluted twelve point halftime. This game by a final. 156. Or post game shows coming up next. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty KM SS. Confronted by these major sponsors. 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And business leaders back to him 4131. Over the bombs. Offscreen voice yeah it takes it right wing appropriately by the staff. It's a bit. And a great guy drives his legs and that's sure you. These job. Yeah there are a lot of scarlet and expand in that one sequence they're scoring six points. In mere seconds. Into the sophomore Carlin it's been an Omaha Nebraska south high school. That's a leading the way to grizzlies have broke open a close game at that point. The grizzlies were 44 points in the second half into the crews to just want my final score 8156. Boy when was the last time the first time we could see that cruise to a victory. In the same sentence were mentioned about grizzlies. You know tonight's a case where they do it. Into the Chris he's now for the second time this year they've won three games in a row. In the rest now improved to eleven and twelve overall. And eat in twelve in conference play and it doesn't pick up the rare home in conference games. There are now three and if that's a good thing because the grizzlies now our news. Stretched vertically through their next four games on the road beginning Saturday night into the sports arena in touch. Aren't sitting with his loss they. It won two of their last three coming off that big win on Saturday afternoon art studio seventeen point lead over the blockbusters. But Dodge City tonight with lives lost the fall to eight in sixteen overall six in fourteen in conference exploit. Checkout so let's check out some of the sports while animal hero waiting for a Bryant Miller to come out of the grizzlies locker room. With 1222 to go the second half Cali at home leading Allen Italy 87 to 61. Meanwhile part in touch their sports arena tonight with 950 to go in the second half. Such as east 64. To 51 lead over Garden City. Meanwhile. Barton at home with thirteen 51 Beagle the second half there and a 3333. Time I would independence. Partners trying to clean duel one game lead for first place one game in front crumpled copy bill in Hutchinson. Meanwhile Colby is thick cloud it was 1625. Eagle there it brain kidneys generic in Cordelia. Colby has the 45 to 35 lead over the clout thunderbirds. The end missed quite a ballgame here one of the green house insular world. It is copy bill leading the Seward saints' 44. To 41. And a quite Aussie receives would be polling rare instance where progressives are pulling for copy bill. It rivals over the years but to the grizzlies would love to see copied to win that game. That would put the grizzlies to within one game of eighth place. In begin at the risk of be redundant. If the grizzlies finished in the top eats they would host the first round playoff game here in the for the power plant we got a ways to go for that the grizzlies now. Started tonight two games back of eighth place Edward. With seven games played other six games to play any get a ticket pickup game on sewer tonight it would be one game back of Seward. With six games remaining at the grizzlies split the season series with support. Obvious that the grizzlies won at the green house for early in the year and they lost here to the saints here at the power plant to. Split their two game series will be talking here in just a moment. With the grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller and a week for Bryant put on the other heads at the grizzlies again witness won handily tonight. My final score of 81 and 256 in coach welcome the post atrocious in your listeners. When was the last time the first time we could see the grizzlies with the decisive victory the 81 to 56. Meanwhile. It's it was the island game last game was the island game. It's defense we can better defensively. We bought into playing defense we understand how important it is. Defense this is spurring our transition. And that's what we do go horses we got guys at Enron. He's. We spread the wealth the night five guys in double figures almost 61 bucket away from six. It's all very proud of their efforts those numbers look the bottom of that agent guard decide 30% 16%. 41% from the free throw line those are a testament to what we talked about in practice as far as other route getting better and playing for. Just to win every day and these dudes who blocked it and and really go. His coach I think you and I both known all year long that this these nine players have had it within them. But what is what's what triggered this this past week they've won three games are only they do look pretty different team is just a case of one win kind of picks a ribbon. I think it's I think it's trust that that's been trusting me that I'm not just trying to harp on you in here you down. That. You know not to sound pompous surrogate but. I know how to do I know how to do this a little bit had a good mature before. And we've been there we've done and I know how to get us there at that point and so it's defense we've got to deal with garden got to be able to rebound we have to. How few you know how about that at the top of my priority list and we've always been a good offensive team but. We're we're we're we're we're playing pretty good right now but we got a hell of a game coming up next big touchdown. Or get to editors Saturday loans torturing and experts. Five players tonight in double figure like this either way it distributes more here tonight that again injured Armstrong with Cleveland points. He's coming on coaches really come on here in the second and. He's just Turkey's score the ball he always been able to not in always defending a little bit better he's running the team and and he's crafty he's really crafty scorer he threw for a 59 do you can get in there with the trees and this is the room. And some of those things that some of the plays that he had in your play thirty minutes again today which I thought was great for him. He's. And I thought Katie did a good job and Ross meant Russell warrior you guys don't understand how sick this kid is he he is. He's got to go in and and and probably go get over Tamiflu. Playoff. Talk he's one of the guys that the flu for sure haven't tablet and Adrian start to get a little bit so it's going around and get the day off tomorrow. We haven't had a day off for a while they've earned it. And we just got we we we just gotta get get get healthier and better. It's news broadcast pitcher toughness. It. In threes three victory. The he's just got to keep working it's all mental for and that he's he's he's more than it will make shots missed the shots he took the by the Q3 he took. Almost all of us. Quick you know off balance dream. Ability does he does Ronald so. Coach it still. Sticks in my craw that all here was December 6. Guys 23 to three over now it's time you led by 36 it's you know yet six starts treatment and hours. You know tax cuts not remember it points lead this crisis eight point two ago. At. Times 33 times the answer. Eyes he loves your animals. That he was we do he was special. If especially in get them like fifteen times in the second half and it may thirteenth album. The in his letter he must have been living right that week is every kid threw up went in and he really did a good the you know I think our guys there are obviously different team even though of when than that when we played himself a flash there what we can beat defensively but regarding the you know hutch is so big they're so athletic they really just control the glass and as you know. Yeah buckle hit crazy stories and shots like you would normally in that arena. It's just the different atmosphere at the different environment. Due to a lovely you know obviously that's my hometown of social there's a little something extra and that for me. But I know our guys to be being done and ready to play. You are you. Like coach Mike or your predecessor yours yet coached here was cold and warm up to go to games security clearance yeah. And I grew up watching the jayhawks played basketball to hallways and you know Doug at about one quarter of the doors. I settled floor in 94. When the national chip chip was one there and act parts I the starting lineup for much their houses that you blue dragon thing and the oh how things have flipped plan because. Bleed purple and gold. But yet it's that it's a it's a wonderful game with a great rivalry for for Austin. And here we go those guys wanted. And telecheck is obviously alleged that the great job with this team just. Yeah I'm unbelievable. College. Unbelievable. Leader and lose game that's what's crazy heat and lose games at all. So. You know it will be a challenge obviously for our guys in I hope they don't you know get rattled you know going into the arena and and hope that the you know you know the thing that they're solid they just continue to do what's what's working for us. Coach Lewis I'm I'm excited Saturday you guys are playing well but she's obviously playing whether the nation before you leave us via a law that is somebody from butler's next. Often mostly Sewart with fourteen minutes ago now the green house. Often leads by three. Can we be confidently and often little way of knowing Barton went today so can I get a audio at least one over at ravens. No not a chance nineteenth votes. Vote in the team. Well no grizzlies wanted to get out of me grizzlies a great job tonight players did a great job you've won three in a row and it's a year old continues Saturday Dutch all right think you can thank you coach coach Bryant Miller the there is tabled take a final time out her welcome back and look at the final stats right after this. Hoping Freddie is I think anyone parents send more important mandates I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound it and you mentioned Iran. Cheney's Cheney and they're viewers Sunday please. We understand if you're going to be bad and better because it and know when satisfies cravings better than Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers. He experienced offensive smiling your face and it tastes that brings you back. Come enjoy our pretty certain norms Sunday. Now available at all Wichita area Hutchinson and the person Freddy's locations. It's. Just flex its a struggle. To overcome. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement doesn't didn't. It's a promise. To our mission. Promise kept for more than two centuries. A promise. Of the reasons. It's easy. Oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same his arrest. What does that was life changing PG cup means you will change can change your life because it comes with free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you find shop near you with the PG find a shotgun. That's PG find shot. He. And the other great Americans join me. Our. I'll garrido and atlas TV tonight US Marines player of the game. If you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's Marines dot com. US Marines the few the proud the Marines. There's a lot of guys who could choose from here tonight but I think we'll go with your Armstrong. Is like muted said denied it independence when he played thirteen minutes. To ministry is just incredible is apps with the flip that game and he was eight for free throw line it's only eight points that. In nature Armstrong leads the grizzlies with the scene points. In the first half in the second half. In the point most tonight your arm from tonight's US Marines. Player of the game about this as it looked to my left is wrapping up our post game show. Anthony Brad is on the floor with assistant coach Cameron Parker's work on his perimeter shooting death. In 68 freshman. Omaha Nebraska does that she needs four right now working on his outside shooting. So again our US reached where the game is here Armstrong with eighteen points for the grizzlies. Our studios finals were numbers quickly. A tough night for accidentally shoot 38 point 7% in the war on twenty of 62 shooting three of eighteen from three point range 512 free throw line grizzlies out rebounding the parts thirty and 34. And Dodge City at eighteen turnovers the grizzlies with a twelfth fort Dodge City they're related scoring. I. RG yours yours in eleven points and nine rebounds for zero point guard. In that ten points for terrorist free meals their big men ten points six rebounds. In an all the other scores single digits is Kevin Howard hit five points five points for Justin Dixon six points for a date. Already rejected a great job on him mr. means scoring the other days Saturday at the gardens city with 24 points they held six points tonight. On two of seven shooting over to report range one point for a Jordan senator. Seven points for Turkey's Cranium from which starts high school. In seven points for each on Murphy. Two points for Bruce Hodges in two points for commodity Blackwell. Meanwhile the grizzlies a pretty good night shooting 47 point 1%. The grizzlies worth 3370. From the floor five of thirteen from three point range. Ten of eleven free. Throw line again and he's not read them in charge. Thirty and 34 grizzlies were twelve turnovers individual numbers for the grizzlies they were led in scoring by Richard on front with a team. Strong was it at fifteen from the floor to a three from three point range action in the free throws it wars is and three rebounds. Thirteen points for picture of Spock about six of eleven shooting 123 point range pocket thirteen points seven rebounds. Three points by eat green wore one before shooting as one may ask it was a three. Ten point two Russell Smith has hurt folksy blues played stomach flu. Russell Smith ten points in war rebounds also had two steals twelve points for Nancy Bret Bret it's a double double his second is a grizzly. Twelve points and twelve rebounds yet nine defense or rebounds three you know office aside double double for Bratton twelve points. Hello rebels fifteen points in five rebounds Carlin and expect. Spat with also with three steals eight points for Justine Crennel. Two points were Kumar Horton Kevin Berry all for two shooting below three point range no points. Right Chris he's won three in a row for the second time this year first time at 130 since the first three nonconference teams. Start the season received eleven and twelve overall eat in twelve in conference play arch city falls to 816 overall suits in fourteen. In conference play. Our next broadcast comes on Saturday night the grizzlies on the road favorite venues. We have these sports arena in Hutchinson. Rivalry that dates back in nineteen point nine Butler and hutch if you can make it. Short trip there to actions and great venue to see quickly national championship tournament. Sports arena in two plays with a lot of history will be there Saturday night broadcast at 715 to receive pre game show. Butler and touch the 159. All time meeting. Between Butler. Butler dragons in grizzlies are student court is like great job by Mariah laws those hand to him slack. Grizzlies when I finals or 81. 56. Does this seem so long and good night of our planet in elder. This is my bills that would join me weeknight an eight on again.