Butler Grizzlies Basketball vs. Pratt Beavers 2-17-18

Saturday, February 17th

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It's time for the Boller grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand ED air conditioning blowing for. For convenient locations to serve you including an opposite end over to better serve Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a call I am I heating air conditioning and embryonic or check us out on the web at hand in his dot com. Now let's head out to the arena for the grizzlies pregame show. Hello everybody welcome immigrants Pittsburgh game Joey and another brother grizzlies basketball radio broadcast by green creature. Power plant in Belgrade over. Campus apartment community college. It's in our conference matchup between the grizzlies. Brad beavers. They battle between two teams tied for ninth place currently job opportunities. Walt Whitman conference records nine and thirteen. The prisons I've been at twelve and thirteen overall while the leaders arriving on the radio twelve and fourteen. Yeah the overall record. It was everybody's gonna take its course the power plant personnel coordinated exit is items under. There's always great to the weather is not 97 and thirteen thirty. In SSL. Down the stretch they come. We know that originally portrayed as a conference games remaining. Trying to finish in the top eight at this community weakness in golf and on all season long importance of that. The top eight teams get posted or play out in the upcoming returns it turned it which begins on. March 1 Thursday march 1 and in fact they have taken get a win here tonight for either team. A long way to achieve that goal because Brad is we mention. Consider this game with a flat footed tie with the by the grizzlies I hit balls whip the conference records of nine to thirteen now. To add to the excitement tonight. Seward county saints have already lost it lost this afternoon and independents. Stewart started today with a one game lead over both the grizzlies and at the press beavers were that that it. The spot in the standings it. Seward losing in overtime the independence by a final score of eighty. 273 so Seward has really been struggling they've lost six. Of their last seven games and have left the window open for either the grizzlies. Or the threat beavers to be tied for eighth place at this game here tonight. The grizzlies played their best basketball this season they've won for the last five including the game on Wednesday night up at concordia. As you defeated via cloud county thunderbirds final count of ninety to 76. The grizzlies with a tremendous second half shooting 55 point 9% shooting from the floor. On nineteen of 34 including six of the Levitt. From three point range today you know that we had at that cloud on win tonight. Five grizzlies scoring in double figures led by Jerry Armstrong. In parliament that bolt with nineteen points each. Not a threat beavers are coming off an 8473. When the paper all over Garden City. And that it was on win tonight as well. Pratt a fitness game tonight that he. He's the conference in scoring we're averaging 92 points a game in the lead the conference in field goal percentage an amazing 49. 2%. From the field shooting. First it appears to but it was held at the superdome and perhaps that was on January 3 in the grizzlies one. 121. Gross evidence of that game Risley said in a school record for the most points and he can conference matchup. Great data whether it's on 97 at thirteen thirty SS. We'll pick our first time out to be back with more. More to pre game show up to par final Prado right after this. Heading heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. 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But our plan tonight a big one ninth place battle between the grizzlies and the busy Brett neighbors we catch up now. Last week we talked to Gavin though in the first year assistant coaches for a coach Miller on his staff and we talked to the other first year assistant former Butler grizzly basketball player here. Cameron Parker and Cameron the decision is one penny a chance for the fans to get to know a little bit and hear your background in. You were former players here in Butler 20142015. Not a bad year to be your Butler. Coach Mike bark would your head coach packed in Bryant Miller your coach now it was an assistant but. Your recollection that that team in 201415. You guys who two point nine and for some yes there. If you look back room myself off from Georgia. A game here after. Two years of high school and walked on the the fourteenth fifteenth team. Led by Cody Barden in and coach Miller is well. And just be a part of that team loses it was great just great experience kind of give media idea of of coaching and the love of the game a little bit more and then this well wanted to do. Coach Miller kind of really tell me. Now won't you can't tell him but he kind of game the that this might be decree reforming instead of playing is isn't the only option. As an athlete and that's what I was brought applause from Georgia that going they only way out was doomed plane in the NBA. So just kind of going on the coast moves we kind of gave me an Al list saying will you can be coached him. You can have impact on more lives instead of playing so. Playing at a bargain in Miller. Kind of they may have better individual. They may mean betterment and that I was when I first got here in the bush family has brought to me and they're weighing it. It's been in that kind of led me toward him now and I wanted to do you assume coach Miller every skeleton in Romulus staff and now I'm here and it's been the best experience in my life. Coach Miller's happy to have you here in the players doing that yours well. Just coach org and it's such an influence even on the radio broadcaster in an Odyssey and influence on. Coach Miller he says to me all the time it. When you think back tear your year here with coach Mike Martin's now an assistant Bradley University but he was here in influenced a lot of kids would you take away from coach or that. From coast bargain. He he helped me more mentally than physically. He was tough on you every day Aaron the first week I've got here so why zoo on me. This is soul. Once the season ended as soon okay. This guy most of them because he knew I had him he believed in the united and realize that when I first got here but once. It was all said and done in my time and blows over I realized that he mean well and he wanted the best for me and and so that's why I'm here today because of code or any coast you know well. Precision of preppy respect the power plant to matchup between two good teams tied for ninth place and try to get a home game in the first round of the playoffs for visiting. We Cameron Parker first her head and assistant coach for the other about congress is and a you'll part of this for the last four years tell us about what you were doing and such interest in player development with high school kids in which Todd tells about that. Yes so when I first got here. I started training. And your brain and royalties will known coach in athletic trainer around Wichita area. He treatment is weighing in hustler doing training sessions and my name sorry to give them more more. I doubt very familiar with players around town and I guess the word spread out enough and I guess he got married coach Miller. That's kind of how I got here so duels for years as follows gone over that quick trip. We're clears out day in day out I kind of scouted players see which players weren't getting as much playing time on the high school teams. Results of it then and appearances will see if they need a little assistance to the kinda get more playing socially and have an opportunity like I did that either walk corner pout. Play in Cobb as one day. Cameron finally time has passed in much too quickly you're gonna wanna before we wesun author. You are talking yesterday and topic came up about the mental approach to it to sports and a basketball. And you told me when you're young your grandpa your grandfather gave you some sage advice. So my grandfather very wise man in this kind of thing how Silva Cote bargain but the mental part. Com a lot of players they need them at Parma grandfather used to always tell me. From the eyebrows. If you can't think it you can't play and that's the biggest singles at least. Need to learn now AEA might do to be that this afternoon on the flew over it you can't have the the the noon salutes to face adversity. You probably won't go as far bush admirals athletes when they do you can have from our growth. You can hit you can play you you've. Successful. Created by its program while finally finally. We're gonna attract meteor tonight we've threatened him. Yes it is as soon be up and down game very fast paced Martin guys and sober up for the for the for the challenge from Pratt. On the civilian have been agreed game. Well who c'mon now. Great to visit with a camera I'm glad the fans a chance to know a little bit today and we'll look forward to a working in the future. Camera Parker assistant to first your assistant coach for the vote grizzlies. Back for more pregame show an apartment at right after this. Your next oil change change the life of your vehicle forever if you think that's a tall order maybe even getting the wrong oil change. 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The grizzlies basketball is what you buy these major sponsors Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the pace that brings you back. With six locations in which I wonder every and one and a great when he if you don't mind what central. The US Marines the few the proud marine ex KG products automotive maintenance of highest quality. To find BG shop near you visit PGA find a shot dot com that's PG Photoshop dog gone. Panic heating and air conditioning and we'll make your company is our business for the location and hand over to better serve my card counting Highlander your hometown there. Vintage baby can't just move into the future would do now let's head out to the arena football player grizzlies basketball. Welcome back to the car. On the campus apartment community college for tonight's in our conference matchup between them Butler grizzlies and Democrat beavers let's use our lineups. First for the Pratt beavers first your head coach John Glenn. That is night and well as and all the the beavers replacing Max good veteran coach who resigned from scratch in early November. Quickly it'll be EJ banks wanted to guard he's six foot sophomore Las Vegas, Nevada he's averaging just under twelve points. To have rebounds 3.3 assists per game for EJ banks the other guards be cried on Taylor. He's six foot redshirt freshman out of Chicago Illinois averaging a little over five points and write it she rebounds that's important for the beavers. Italy Taylor Wilson at 63 soft Regina Moore Oklahoma. Wilson is averaging fourteen. Points against tiger for a rebound. For game the other affordably teams Brooks is six free software is out of Pittsburgh and state Pitt Pittsburgh campus Brooks is averaging third. Point three points a game. Little over six rebounds per game started at center Kevin march he's 67 soft which I don't Hartford Connecticut. Just under fifteen points a game six point six rebounds per game you start on the Democrat neighbors presently scrimmage twelve and fourteen overall. They're nine and thirteen. Hard ninth place in the jayhawk conference standings just one day actually just happy that now the Seward county seem to. Finally 73 years is I want to flirt. Coach Bryant Miller Berger head coaching grizzlies 1536 overall record and happened Helen Keller Parker. The grizzlies will start like this you're Armstrong. The five can't solve part of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The other guard for the grizzlies. We'll be adjusted Pro Bowl. Journalists that's what president of Paola Kansas tail high school nine point five point game at just under four rebounds per game. It's been forward Russell Smith who's 65 redshirt freshman. Out of it Kansas City, Kansas and only could North High School this is averaging fourteen point one points per game neatly executed rebound just under seven per game. The other four is precarious walk them is 66 sophomore the Dallas Texas at Madison high school pocket averaging fourteen point four points against the leading scorer for. Butler my short game started its efforts entity Bratton. Threat to succeed freshmen Omaha Nebraska where high school eight points and five rebounds for you for you to rent. Grant you perspective and who wrote black uniforms look blue letters in terms of life. Grizzlies on where there at school uniforms here it is home game tonight reward these Vegas school uniforms and Vick that today. Cloud county bridge there what is it 9713. Thirty and it says here we ago. The winners this able sole possession of place Dexia will I eyewitness who worked for eight points winner this game. So you know tip off is controlled the threat we were the beavers will be moving from right to left. Olson lobbed it will want to excited about why it's so top we have rights abuses they gave thanks he drops back over to march that album gives backup it's Tyrod Taylor. Taylor right in Oakland topped. Well one out double in the vault not the way it goes to archer shot was blocked by Anthony Grant. Brett rejects the first game that night back on the way to grizzlies pocket as front court left it is leveling two. And Armstrong Armstrong from the opening three point performance in the name clout in for the grizzlies 97 since it was tiger's back to our law. Towards the rim knocked out of bounds but Devin Moore more salt company. It would try to backdoor lob it to you Bradbury is it done. Partially but not to just as easily download. Kevin Berry is that we left important as the pocket rocket went from top to. Very tightly Armstrong is a three on the waves off designers short. Rebounded by nature comes in street in the right partners I'd Max out that Armstrong of mice treated said. By Colbert Colby homer against our personal. EJ banks acted out banks soft monologue. That attitude your players to grad beavers crossover drew topic was inside them urged left definitely profited nicely done. Assist as the top team by any side. And worse it's the market averages under fifty points a game and obviously for wrap your arms for a court leveling those secretaries spot the past 2 o'clock to spit spit it out right through it way by Kevin Berry red dot. Ivory does EJ banks but to love to run. Remember now Bradley to the properties were in ninety points a game shooting 49. Was standards and pass. Or children. And has touched by Evan Marshall grant. So turn over the numbers. Yet. One idea for me it via Hubert bill that won't when he won those seven. Words hurt school record and it points the grizzlies. As Wright is like pocket fifty order is in and out that he. About Schmidt discusses the benefits and he missed it close and banks up but he draws the foul. You know want to go here. This figures to be a high scoring up and down high paced game tonight Butler and crap you've got to witness on 97 and thirteen 38 cents. Pregnancy to definitely gonna chance it two free throws here for Russell Smith. Smith right handed shot in Disney's free throw in the way it is no good to strong. Smith on this season as he 72%. Free throw shooter. Misses his first one here another one coming. Spurred by the way is good makes a lot of civil. Procedure trailing two wants. The front porches they did an excuse on the right side of the screen by a homer. How does it. And we'll sit on the lovely gives them talk to market mover on the perimeter Taylor has people rightly protective defenders Los admirable. Most of the loose on the floor tied up. And possession arrow favors the grizzlies. I want Taylor the six foot the free cash out. Trying to drive between two defenders certainly lost the ball scramble loose ball before it happened received a possession. Armstrong logs on the front court piece that quarter Russell Smith is Brad these drops off underneath him pocket lace it up. On the orbit. There's an apartment for the second timeout called by Pratt. It's your first your head coach John Flynn out on the court about fifty feet to me Kevin march 2 octaves strategy. A great Devin what is today. Sickens courtside signage and some others are studio coordinator opening tip off each and every game brought it by Freddy's frozen custard steak burger. Freddy's. Yesterday is returned to blaze of premium wildcard Alaska cut melted American cheese and their classic ready sauce on it perfectly toasty bun. The whole department try to traditional efficient chips would Freddy's revisions. Or would malt vinegar or any tartar sauce for the British Rosie country take burgers taste that brings you back six locations in Wichita wanted derby. What right here and operate out. In west central Freddy's frozen countries that weren't open until 10 PM tonight. It comes banks across via time on center court picked up my boxer that can't dribble left without and I have talked. In this gene Brooks gets a hit from Pittsburgh let's shoot threes are shot it up top is leveling out to. Wilson Wilson jumped past those debates right corner. You know Taylor gets back left linked currently by Brooks upn and four. 41 point 1% of his threes on the season urgently there. Bright plug Armstrong double team don't pass goes to court to Kevin Berry. Gives back Writely to Jared Armstrong. 53 lead for grad you're with 1650 golfers to have. There gives it back rightly. Acted very left corner has moved the pocket pocketbook to drop down low coverages. Bratton who now walk them roughly three and away in an outrebounded snapped three guys Vijay. It's basically. Work quickly for the threat Weaver's friend and old black uniform features a full up top McKee three rims out. Right side goes a pocket. All teams running up and down to four Armstrong street on the floor. Girls it back up to the right corner exit right wing to Smith drops the box Bachmann drops ultimately to Brad your soft fifteenth border Olympics my notebook actually. I'm Russell Smith. It bankers edited bell but what a great chip ice and it's got three points that get away Brooks flies through. The role at this note that rolls off the rim here on the proceeds from the workplace not supported my efforts to target market. Yeah wow. O'clock in the pocket. And go to walk a line at the chance of a three point play. Their first lead of the ball game right now. Comes with 1554. To go here in the first half of the power plant. Here is fox took. We're coming off a total double in the volcanic cloud county. On commences these streets runaways up their front or the back of the perimeter role since shooters role. Remarkably three points grizzlies leaving his feet to five over the Freddie reform framework for a chance at and it's a leveling out and Wilson Wilson. Looks at pass over to has seen Johnson there's a ball. That's awesome honor he used to. The ball game Ventura which costs are high school two year player draft backcourt pressure are trying to get across its hotline being guarded closely. My Clinton Bentley is checked global game for the credit beavers. Grizzlies with society here at 1522. Other currencies at the ball Wally Norton. Who's popular talk to Armstrong brutal as leveling his past incited to install it goes to the hospital was apparently Rich's oldest. That's the front court Leslie three anyways no there's let short and mrs. Wilson tried to back its efforts have been shored up so I don't. Here come to grips three doctrinal drives the basket scooping layup that rolls off the rim but a follow. Micah Terry Chicago. Hawkins got why did aggressive. 1450 to go fast moving all interconnected groups example only seven players suited up for the game tonight only seven. Perhaps got niners that doctor gives off left wing they run that we. Accuracy tightly regulated by deadly deep threes short and a rebound for the about Russell Smith fouled. On the ensuing rebound violence injunction. It suits my sophomore Paterson, New Jersey we're proud. Double double secret these. Words third to be ready. Twenty points in fifty war. Full court pressure. Where it only seven players there in the back off. Editor it was pressure you try to cross court Crennel. If your Brian Miller. Not one that there won't work. More sugar right where he'd like secretly over the wall on. Poultry imports on its. Center. Hunter. It marked the curtains. Right now it is definitely equally frightening high on the list. More work records were stopped. Short well short zone events. For six horse. I'm. Definitely. Off the pace and is back to. Him. Public or drops out of racquet. Time out call. Five Brad Pitt coach Sean and live another 32 time. That was the thing that you viewed her by entity wrap up nicely to delay in the late night. Worried work. Imaginative group these are short of only seven players available tonight. It. It's bad news back home in Omaha Nebraska with a family matter. And the real war whose stated touched in the game it probably Angry Birds breed. Especially protocols is not suit up tonight so Bryant Miller who possess a badly. Himself. Told ladies and they're all day today for a lot of fluids would sleep all day but I don't want to be here tonight be the head coach. These badly. It's really been around. Thirteen fifteen Diego here. To be the our color don't grizzlies have a twelve intently over the Pratt beavers. There's some backcourt pressure defensively by little. -- brings it across the Centre court as a leader logo are planning its across time lines Tuesday Johnson Johnson gives it. Two country back to times. He's definitely the basic get a gold on the right way. Easy bucket or a C Johnson. Retired 1212 backcourt pressure comes brittle as a front court now but he wasn't right corner to bock bock. Pass left corner goes to bury these are right now at a critical success on the shot clock little ask those markets were left way. Fatally team just put. Work very little. His freshman seasons out of both in high school in Chicago outplacement for the grizzlies with a marketers a backdoor pass an easy life. Beautiful pass up top for a change Brooks recipient woods. Do you ultimately seem like it will soon witness for once and that was just low for any gamers are they could rightly three. Is great owners are right corner coming up it might have been. Assess the threat. When I didn't think this either very. That very quickly where the ball on the rest of the total. It on the floor drops out right Warner parent and others attempt. To happen. He's he's got sacked. The game right now. Back the other way into the lane. But probably call it Johnson got her. After triple and a double team near the rim and fell down but try to avoid it all right way to proceed with a warning to fourteen. And factories might have been buried. 1215 ego at the power plant Mary hated only four threes in his previous 22 attempts in his last. Eleven teams. These are your theories I attempted to passionately in Brussels that exit out for the left corner threes. And long re on the weak side. You and Wilson Wilson for a court. Wilson would have troubled now behind act gives that quarter uses doctors runner along the Lebanese six you follow up any. But there might Johnson. Picked up so. Our steer him off this opportunity to grow backwards out violence that hurt us now to scribble. We want to go here apparently everyone tonight 9713. Thirty cents. Accurately in this one over the press beavers. 26 team whoever wins this game tonight. Will be tied for eighth place with Seward county saints' super loose use overtime it is independence. Diseases they cut through. Last two. If they can win tonight. Acceptable for a court lately actually kicks right corner Armstrong. Left side now to. That barriers left corner threes off the mark Armstrong rebounded. Q Wilson we'll sit down before you blame puts up a slaughter horses when got to stop that. Playing. Field Wilson's war effort just that ticked under fourteen once again here. On the front court nearly thrown away that's it by Kevin Berry crosscourt side griddle. Spot up top 23 got rid of that recount volleyball doctors thought much about the war. That was followed all the all the psychopaths in mid air by Russell Smith the Camara or. You were just got four point he's averaging one point eight points a game left corner entry in the way short. I Taylor Wilson rebounded by Russell Smith fast paced game your tempered it ago grizzlies leading 22 over Democrat beavers. Stiffness in his left side luckily it happened very eager to victories moments ago as those rights are not surprisingly job to press outlet lately by a very. No cut off the side arm rebounded. I'm Wilson passed on the floor goes to Johnson John's is as it is listed that Nokia is now by Kevin Berry. 1019 to go and hectic pace first camera we knew what the likeness. Credit is leading to keep our conference in scoring averaging 92 points a game. Also lead to conference in field goal percentage 49 point 2% the grizzlies. Are fourth in the conference in averaging points 85 game. Fourth in the conference and a field goal percentage at 46 point 7% free throws. My policy was Johnson. Johnson was one more free throw coming up grizzlies lead this morning soon. Attitude in nineteen would want more free throw cover up for Johnson. Right handed shot free throws but he real is that what he's got six. Precedes you just want to do it wanna. She's a little being hounded defensively by Bentley gets across time on center court leveling those on the left quarter. It's this as a top Massachusetts I'd read it right corner for a lot of ball by the grizzlies. It drives going drops off the rack it was a struggle at a wall blocks. Never got a shot off. I don't know what it. It runs for Pratt is right getaway. Into the ball game first witnesses Colby Colbert. Homered in state kid out of Hutchinson junior fractures the left corner three anyway. It is no good. Or target three threes it's grizzlies last month. To be heard omen crashed. Into. What costs in the country gets to reach its heart problem. Portions of this game our. Before you pretty physical. And 36 ago fast moving first chapters we knew it would be. JR conference basketball throughout the power plant at 936 ago media timeout news Butler 22. And Brett Weaver's wife Rebecca one minute on you know assess. 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Will be selected our US Marines player of the game if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's marine news.com. It receives a media time out here at 936 to play at first half the power plant. Leading Ian Pratt leveraged twenty to twenty receives about that's the conference board is Russell Smith left corner has closed the box of Martha back left me. Let's get past those right side to Armstrong triples at triple play drops off at. Major Armstrong drove it. On the bracelet with a and it's not up to Russell's two and a strong that's the attitude and he's up by Russell this act or perhaps thrown out of grounds. James banks who's not looking at his back was to. That's the topic out of bounds terminal disease in them. That is a full court press received seven players at this goes to fractionally at the ball knocked away. Quick can't buy it runs back the other way behind. It back a let but it does not let Mike Johnson McKinney is on message but triple bank shot and Russell Smith pulled down rebounds. Want to see Johnson went to distance of the floor that blocked shot. Him alive. Rat the other end bipolar and managers are right wing three had a way is no good but Russell Smith. Jay thanks Pete Rose in the front court Bentley rightly makes it three now backs and out. Updated bags. Excellent students coach on levees hold on a play action out to me it worked loosely my crippled. Right on top for the grizzlies procedure allows them to court thanks to accept the dribble. Pressured by pocket sweep that's the right side to Bentley that request first to be passed those inside jobs and lace it up and beautiful pass here. I Clinton made out of Atlanta Georgia gets the assist. Active way to grizzlies went into effect a world play a bonus and. Brad Scott Ford graciously it's 2622. 751 bingo players for both teams Huff and puff in recent heavy it is fast pace balls. It hasn't become a rightly still a couple of top goes to homework. Bloomberg News and Hutchinson Kansas. It's his left became crooks back up top goes to Italy currently works against Armstrong quickly left him to dribble Lou. All knocked away riches that Baghdad is still a break out of the whistle blows the play at a foul. To be called it tennis. Professional lives are seeing Smith makes him and his first personal. Perhaps got five to 8000 risen only to. 730 to go here at 2620 to leave the Brazilians. Who receives only seven players tonight. Woods Carlin it's bad back home and Omaha take care of sampling now under any great morality confessions of the risen to only seven players deep today. It's as it sweeps rented that and marched right word goes to Bentley Bentley drives against Kevin magic quick first speech. Those past Atlanta today. And excitement definitely. Got some speed what is it like the way. I'm confident I carry arms. But his first walk of the night it receives a 2824. Non stop action here this way up top we have all hold up top. Completely fluent yet so. Hillary's volume horrible way to topple. Prisons are right now as Brussels and you're not strong yet he Bratton pitcher is pocketed the Mario were. There's easily 20/20 four to 659 to play here in the first half the power plant. Where this game will be he's pleased I was Seward county. Standings after strokes right wing music apparently fairly quick. Burst of speed left hand troubles optional link to its outlook quarters. Alison Brooke stopped to keep that threat always go a long rebounds it at every court erases that right. I came across. So it's definitely couldn't handle that real sweet that four. Rat. It makes us live quarter that was as of the three obviously for a debate. Thanks to write it out left corner threw it away by gently atop the market rebounds Russell Smith. The ball when he importantly is it Portland ago Armstrong recently drops it out clock hasn't let quarter. It's left wing to Norton or drives drops out. As popular personally repugnant yet accessed by Mari Gordon pockets got seven. But obviously it is 63024. Hours or so ago. Please see accomplished basketball tonight 97 particularly in this desert of our plan. Homer as those inside Kevin marsh just eleven left and it's Obama's comments from close in from the right side. Here on the grounds out to read outs on drives to basket makes. Offensive foul against your Armstrong and that was Colbert who's stood his ground. I'm 43 days ago. Are. 31 people were grizzlies leading. Kristi trying to wiggle meetings during the regular season with a threat beavers winning it Brett. And early January 122107. That was track meet that night. Not quite the same tonight a ludicrous he scored 76 points in the second half that night to be 76 points all of top markets left wing ball knocked away the run back now. High banks almost stole my Russell Smith thanks Angela. It picks up his dribble pass as the top two teams Brooks Brooks drives the slaves drops a pass off inside an easy lay in. Look at their body Kevin marsh who's got formally. Crooks accountable crime court grizzlies pocket Milosevic gets to. The end. Officials stopped play because he thought maybe Russell Smith was hurt yes Russell says I'm OK. Russell his holdings chests. I've only weeks ago. Receipts at 22 shocked that he outdoor right he's moving left to right here in Vegas school uniforms tonight that's the bottom. Rightly backward talking in circles aren't thrown back Writely to block them. That's supposedly Brussels that he tried to drops off to Brad it was the strongest advocates summed up what's up it and Brad got six of the grizzlies in his thirties and 26. There probably was quickly down towards as it did things he put it rightly let it it will pass Leslie goes out of bounds. Smith continues to hold its dominates. And he's coming over how to talk to Gavin vote his assistant coach we'll stay in the ball game. For 42 ago. Really. We're in each of the on the floor butler's right now. Personal moment and over and needs. To hear the bowl teams right or is it that's right. The rights to your arm strong. Were thirty boat races leading 32 point six over the beavers as physically Rusty Smith little floater from sex opposite. Russell turned towards the rants on nobody absolutely confident. Smith now has guts out but actually it's 34 point 6450 ago. He's the first half here it is yes. If our plan right corner threes by Brooks and now. I'll white after the halfway down upon now by Russell Smith of the warrantless Armstrong. Right quarter mile. Or or thought about it redacted out now there hasn't been working around. Right. Right here except doctor Russell Smith has whose side of rat backed its top 23. A good. We've out of my pocket it was a strong Clinton operative. Nine. The grizzlies lead is 1036 that's what he says what three ready to go under the power play it. Policy answer. Wichita. Which sounds nice cool and all that is as those inside and a lot of but it was masked pipe and it was blocked. Russell Smith but it gets the rebound back gently put it back up and now the ball stolen front court this is Wilson on the floor drops on the Taylor missed the closing shop. Side rebound Wilson puts up and it. Quite active quick buckets. It grads 3630. Real work. Or usable for Portland. Two Russians at the top circles Armstrong. Has rightly. Smith. Was all right toward its spot in the way note that Marbury right. Wilson is right or loss and the ball only traveled. That. There's a. Right here for the grizzlies roar and Sheila wellstone and long rebounds and a great countless of numbers but he had double dribbled a ball you lost to him wanted that court. 245 ago. Procedure leading 36 to thirty. Credit the early lead but the grizzlies have been leading. Since the first couple of minutes. Final moments the first apple on the front court disease brittle hasn't passed ultimately did have a buried Jackson's. Brittle and break that up like Taylor this thing might work. It's great to lose in Italy and Smith Smith gives that worker. People that got shot clock that's rightly be cradle Rebecca opted to have a very quick shot drives to basket that's no good. But Wesley Powell goes I hints. Rats and it's going to be against. Seen Johnson. 65 soft warmth of Paterson, New Jersey. Regular roadblock he was trying to get to charge. To seventeen ago. At seven buried. Who's at three point shooting specialists is only 47%. From the free throw line makes the first one. Here is seven points. Perry had fifteen points in the game it grant. He was five and ten from three point range this season high for him fifteen points the index free throws good. So Harry's got eight that's a great sight to see him warming up. It is 38 to thirty which in fourteen big donors that are. Person. Conference basketball soccer crowd. Right away it's news to him and Wilson Wilson gets out of Brooks the way almost all the budgetary spot him. Those two over. Seats on the side. Here shot footage yelling he can't we. He's trying to get to reverse the call. It looked like these types of last. Please casinos last night at Brad and Sean and his I would rate can't believe it is did not get the ball up. On the front four actresses there's actually thirty to thirty critical as it. We have top right side uses it to the berries 148 to go 3030 grizzlies leading the first death. Google has passed his right elbow jumper by its work news off the market news media were off the back war. Now goes to cracker Jack Wilson front court that might work. These guys quit. Rebels several of these prep players you tailor it rightly get back here's a lit up. Johnson precipitously if he's got he receives it achieved parity he should. Go home front here is absolutely present time it is currently talk between circled back to Barry winning that goes to Russell's net. Slurry as leveling. Brutal now or has been rightly. One of music network around left out Google. Actually puts out of order from five up there for their revenues pasted on little. Read this first points of it is an early thirties and that's the way Pratt and running. Is old looking at rings up workers you know slowed the floor and it will be lifted up my popular music that went to a top. Thirty seconds ago. Seconds on the shot clock in the first half. It's a lovely little and it's seven sensors Brooks right corner or left corner threes is off the Mark Russell Smith Smith evidence that first happened. That's the floor as the boxer throws out of X. 43 seconds ago bunker let's turn over there. Market looks back on the floor Russell's businesses might fall from CNET pass. Regardless the shot clock is turned operated as the ball turnovers but I'll talk about seventy seconds ago. To us that it works the right word. Now to protect the ball knocked away by Kevin Barry burn down. War with five seconds left him let me is not a good. Mike Johnson Johnson. 12 shot on the way. As the first twenty minutes and in this. At 30 June. Butler forty and read papers 32. They let us halftime shows coming up. Did you think Kansas is a community bank our roots are in Kansas we built our business on a philosophy that's deeper than customer service it's about getting to know our clients understanding their business anticipating their banking needs and recognizing people as individuals and our neighbors it's a philosophy that we've held dear for over 100 years vintage pink Kansas community banking and insurance agency can remember FDIC. We're moving through the future with you learn more at vintage thing KS dot com. 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And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business. Jason GT join us for become reality radio weeknight. I'm OK okay. Now what happens in here that I did that power plant elder radio in the Butler grizzlies are leading Democrat beavers forty to 32 wanna remind you. It earlier today in the game and independents there at the fieldhouse and indeed it was independents pirates of the in this Seward county saints my final score of check and it's Morgan was that he is 73 in overtime so soon word. Loose for the sixth time in your last seven games in the important at a loss. It is the winner of this game between the grizzlies tonight and Pratt beavers who are currently tied for ninth. Sort of action that night the team back. Each place and words and so the winner of this he would you know flat footed tie with a Seward county saints. Into the importance of that of finishing the top. In the conference games did you get to host its first round playoff team on your home floor of the region's sixth playoff start on Thursday. March 1 and top eight teams in the conference innings they host the first round games on their home floor right now. The leader this team would be tied loose and work. That's an eighth and final home spot for the first playoffs and and in advertisements all sorts of hybrid version will. That now with the suffice it to say the first the tiebreaker head to head. You know all three teams are 11 against each other's analyst Stuart Pratt and Butler all one and one against each other. In that case you start to look to see who has the he wore that top seed wins. Against opponents and it is absolutely drivers that and convoluted wanna remind you that. 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Entertaining first half a the grizzlies are leading Democrat beavers 4232. Wanna remind your next broadcast is coming up on Wednesday night. The grizzlies back out on the road where they've played very well this year for whatever reason it. Conference games the grizzlies are six and five away from the power plant here at home. The grizzlies are only three in these conference teams we'll figure that one out of The King and I can't. But we'll have a broadcast for you on Wednesday night grizzlies will be at Ellis hall. In coffee bill. Her longtime rivalry for about nervously right if there was Hutchinson. Butler and copy bill on Wednesday night the lady grizzlies will tip off that when it five there. We'll go at 730. The pre game show for it. At 715. On Wednesday night and sure to join us for a copy bill Butler basketball Wednesday night. And immigrants these final regular season conference home game will be one week from tonight. Obviously a residual hosted video killed him burns. Grizzlies with tip off at 530 and ended. There's these we'll go at 730 next Saturday night home game here at the notion that will be the final conference home game with a minute. The lady grizzlies are going to be close and personal playoff game. You regions internment but that and then that's yet to be decided to be determined. But right now the grizzlies are being active some word on any given the grizzlies tonight it would be an entire great players who have Stewart and. Coming up into today's game we'll have our US Marines player in the game if you think governor takes it to the world's finest visit Marines dot com. That's Marines. Dot com. Let's give it first half stats but it has been correct beavers. Credits fourteen of 35 from the floor that's 40%. They're only to about twelve from three point range and you can look to the free throw line. And we have one more rebound and grizzlies in the first half 22 in nineteen. Into the grizzlies. Have caused eight turnovers by the beavers in the grizzlies themselves have had five turnovers in the grips of a better in recent games. In limiting their turnovers 5%. Tonight. The turnovers were the Pratt beavers lead the way for Pratt in scoring. It is I've seen Johnson. Johnson has ten point she did not start the game that ten points to lead the beavers six points. Taylor Wilson seven points by Jeanne Brooks Brooks is the sharp shooting three point shooter from Pittsburgh Kansas. Brooks is three debates over all one of five from three point range for seven points four points with 7 march. Industry points were Dawson got to him from Wichita south high school in just two points like Clinton. In an achievement. Rebounds. And seven rebounds repeal it Wilson to go with a six points four rebounds for this team Johnson. Numbers for the other grizzlies there's seventeen of 35 from the floor that is up 48 point 6%. But they also urges to twelve from three point range in four of five from the free throw line. So these two teams have shot a total of grand total of seven free throws the first half five by the grizzlies in to buy crack. And giving recipient rebounded 2019. Individual members of the grizzlies are being led by could Terry's pockets got eleven. He ended eight points for Kevin Berry went. What a welcome sight that is very. It's word only fourteen points total in its last eleven games in over the history actually for twenty from three point range there was one sequence in the first half. We're period back to back threes within seconds and he's going to be points in the first half. Seven points for Russell Smith and Smith is that we work on a double double he's got seven points in the nine rebounds. Six points and three rebounds for Anthony Rapp again from Omaha. Two points protested colonel four points for work hard work together grizzlies. Limited today to only seven. Players. And say Adrian Moore is out with a concussion injury he sustained in the first half of the game McLeod county on Wednesday night craftsman tonight. Also currently expect sophomore guard it's a busy tonight he's attending a family matter back home in Omaha so that precedes all these seven. Players deep. And a frat boy beat themselves ignite. Players on the roster tonight Rick after witnesses we can't start the second half. Perhaps 32 we'll take one more break and be back was. More from the far right activists welcomed friends. I feel so under dressed what's the occasion clear at the annual fundraiser and now that the banquet is over it's time to actually eat how about that time fishing trips to an internal send them. Hopefully it's this we understand. It is going to be bad and it better be dead you know when satisfy your craving for better than Freddy's present pastor and steak burgers the experience that puts a smile in your face. 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French Fries and also got eight concrete. Check out Freddy's frozen country cheeseburgers. Coming down and start the second half. Thursday's early Pratt beavers scored 32. You but see coffee bill winners today in that part. Read ravens with a 74 to 65 we've mentioned it today if he wins it at home in overtime over Seward he is 73. In or games without words in the post game show partners play any cloud Cali in track just right giddy being with. Cali Cali defeated bill Hutchinson earlier this year the game it's not out of torn down and or city. And then this afternoon Allen was it god and god is right now and squad that won Indio shows playing in holding. On the sports. Tim slackers today. In the team's got its iPhone now and let's see what he just left the screen. He's never trust the iphone's. Are you got Kelly can't touch what a ball game here Kelly's leading 41 to forty sports really touch 4140 Cali leading should have shied. And mentioned that. We did the whole process. No we begin in August war. Apparently assume we're an independent on don't we thought we get the final score. But. Would only 23 seconds on end game Seward is leading 6560. So we've given who hopefully. But so Seward. But I could hang on we thought he had lost earlier today but apparently was 23 point four seconds ago. If the field house independence. Seward is leading 65 to sixty. And Colby. Colby has defeated the other show you Colby if you 6070. So Colby but that one. Lives Allen. It was a fun and elegant. Kobe score. Yeah (%expletive) 78 so my favorite part so word. Looks like them to hold on when you're leading 6560 independence. That changes everything. Forget about me telling you can wonder this he would be tied it was a burglary place. Stewart does not so fast. Haven't put a fresh twenty minutes up on the clock there here at the power plant disease about it and bigger school uniforms to work tonight. This leaves a fiber Armstrong talked them. Bratton. Smith in Kevin very accurately points agrees he's been latitude percent Mike Terry's box with the Levitt. The winners in this world looks like that you activists who were in place. Probably three years ago after tonight. We'll get a final. Moment. Indeed you'll start the second set for a girl wrote black lettered in new rules from the white it would left to right the back. This type on Taylor talked Tuesday teammates he kicks left quarters Q Wilson at three got it Caleb Wilson just thrilled that three right. This has got nine points he's right around 35% from three point range on the season. It was all the front court is very get the brat in the late turnaround short jumper no announcements on rebounds gets the ball knocked out of his hands by EJ banks. That's a ball that today emptied reds' Adam and she was right at the risk. He tried elated that mr. that he took on rebound themselves. That fell on the floor not shooting. Two witnesses in bout with 27 on the shot clock. Armstrong looks indoor laugh because it's Russell Smith who lays it up but it actually gone on the inbounds play. Russell Smith. Smith has got nine points nine rebounds the first half. In time on Taylor drives right it's the basket and he's fouled by cheered strong. Teams that I don't they ask you scattered around the world within your sentence. Royalties love to run. Credits ladies wore you know you on conference averaging nineteen point two games grizzlies are fourth in the conference 85 galaxy. Not your efforts on Taylor free throws his good. Taylor along way from home he's from Chicago Illinois first points of the night averaging five point two teams this year. They're free throw coming up for the right handed shooter 1990 ego free throws good rolls on both. Of the grizzlies lead his forty shouldn't. 37 with 1990 indigo receives them right the left here cropped up on right purposes here Armstrong. Yes I'd like Taylor Armstrong still to throw bounced past the mock them on the Mecca top circles of mr. right. Kevin Barry now. This foul play play those two grizzlies. He graduated offensive foul away from the wall it's his first personal. Grizzlies have two teams bouncer in the second half. Your head coach Ryan Miller's Atlanta fluke foot and really ill and wanted eager to. Watch these teams like Italy is EJ banks and won't want to be ready to back down yours Taylor top of the key threes off the mark. So I don't believe I'm Paula Paula brought down by Russell Smith that's his tenth rebound of the night. Here comes Armstrong the front court has the right corner Kevin Berry back to Armstrong beat on the right side. That's right into the leader drugs right beside. Rag top Russian Smith skipped past left Warner. Here's a pull up eighteen footer on the last lap when he is not that follow up to quality. The initial shock I Armstrong the rapture on the weak side of the ball rebounded bucket. There's an estimated 4437. To every game you see where it gets more and more confident and better and better to college team. From Omaha. Here's a quick drive off here by Q Wilson now left quarters we operated and by EJ banks and quick timeout called by. On Clinton beavers had coach he you know we're in any. This should be a full time out 44 to forty. Other crap leveraged and location of 3-D backs TV court to. Three more three. Morning shots that received. Brett coming into the game tonight hitting 36 point 4% of their threes. The grizzlies right at 36 point 2%. But it tragedy 600. On the season record tonight relatives who have twelve in the first half from three point. But that's three moments ago by Vijay makes. His first points of the night averaging just it just under twelve points a game. Las Vegas, Nevada to hear player. Whenever last year in the region six quarterfinals of Hartman arena. The grizzlies. Defeated Brad. There artery. It turns mock committee career high 33 point. It was a 115 to one of the two final trustees over the beavers in the quarter finals of the region six last year. This year the region's six turner returns are Reno in Sunday's march wore that quarterfinal round. Lot of fun these plans to use here Hartman arena. Audio conference regions it tournament. Prisoners in them looking at full court pressure is Kevin Berry as the front court of Bradley's going to pass right click the box Bachmann is right isn't spending backs it up in nicely done. Rockets got thirteenth football scores for the grizzlies. 4640 Lee. Seriously the threat because it was 1743. To go seven or is Johnson topic here Tuesday JI. Cat food martian days they work did not mores that he's got world. You don't ask is that in stolen and posted it makes it believes it is that followed up and bite me. Brooks as a player network news won't like what stolen mark Brooks Brooks that's. Just probably. The threat beavers storm author of an art of war to celebrate this timeout we're tied 4646. Would change Brooks. It's quite a ball players at least some of the Pittsburgh news. First here Bratton. It's golden ball from Armstrong try to make it jump pass across and it worked on. It was a Brooks. Led tested them followed by live on. Others got more points where I'm 4646. And it hit the grizzlies have only seven players ended up tonight so you'd know that plan. Applied pressure and full court. I want him to an indelible incredible. Ellsbury who are authority and a little recruiter privileged of the war on drugs problem came fixable approximate time line. Network to Bratton Courtney worker Wacom Wacom rightfully so to cripple it rightly hopefuls this year. A place called yours brutal as those that they'll vote to block him back to Portland rightly. Right heritage away by residents don't agree Mike Brooks on which side. Or even surpass the war goes to Johnson the investor confidence. It popped up but apparently broke up at Pratt instantly according to expects its full court pressure. The grizzlies. Johnson got fourteen points to lead it was scored on the front court that way. Russell Smith adds that gives them top two boxes that it's back left shipments goes to little right side. But it is playing it before. Around the winning streak away by. Brussels that don't have a apparently. What mark was. In his heart out tonight yeah. All scorers Bruce's time at 4848. There's expenses and up top goes to Johnson Johnson isolates your best who's left wing. Taylor wells is the worst sport gives that popped into circles to me teammates picked up a little. 48 was 5055. To go there department Butler breath as those in so you can go. It by Johnson. Went comedy it's time to get play against the grizzlies. Just offensively. It's just that simple cut and driven off the wing and ever seen Johnson has been the benefactor of several layup attempts off that giving don't pass on the winning. And this time Johnson miss that toughly contested layup that was out frequently is no good his car. Who's got fourteen points. For the beavers. 1550 to go your power play him. If Johnson can give grabbed the lead free throw his good friend leads it 49 to 48. To double team picks up his dribble. He skipped past those. And weren't those and it lays. It was double team you look around did not. Any exotic the work was all along the women's short lived up to him Jordan's got six but it's definitely. When he simply go on a conference basketball tonight. There's a right wing on the way up and invites him. Taylor drills at three he's got seven points fifty to fifty grand Britain front court. And out right. Format currently outside of the box them. Warner goes to Brussels that he's been up front that's a picture right wing three like sixty footer right when he got a little. And I stuff. Inside here. A sixteen footer right wing that the 252. It is no fast pace actually your life. There and grab on to assess it let us. He's right it is bags expert rippled through the lane all the way to get us away grizzlies can't save it. Last cuts are Russell's that it would look like EJ banks disability first it's the golf rightly he rightly accidently. Over the left in some. Way be fortunately. Mr. Russell's. Thirty minute ago. Kremlin now or write your own best in them more to marsh who missed a turnaround short jumper program. Here's sharply yelling columns wrapped with the defense rich get the rebound all the front court Wacom. Exit three leveling out left orders for anyway I worked up every. Mark Russell Smith goes back strong can't score. But I could have bodies foul. Where Russell Smith who's doing what works an idea night rebounds in the first average worker another double double. Swiftly on the line to. 1422. To go on regulation 5250 to hear Butler and a crap. Receives on the road on Wednesday that it copy deal of the broadcast for at 715 free throw no good Russell Smith. Businesses are second free throw of the night. And so one of three from the line that I was another free throw coming. 5252. At 1422. Ago. Free throw coming up the Russell Smith. It's nutrients of Oral Roberts University Richard freshman Butler. Is he's frequently is no I'd miss the ball. Use a pretty good ones before the tigers to their accurately accurately Paula works the basket back up and about that. I'm Taylor's you've listed at six foot it looked. Rim against taller players these words it. Fred as the 5452 laid off. Residents of Gaza right or he tries right it's like there top secret. Riddled. Riddled that's ultimately to block them block it out here's Gordon right wing to is nobody. Brooks is not to Johnson Johnson has rightly. Policy matter is expected Johnson to give enough effort against its own. Don't listen puts it up at him. We'll help frustrated that. The scene Johnson's got six TE resistance to stop it but the real. 56. War front court. Hasn't won it was a talk. They'll fix it read back corner the pocket this opportunity. Is there haven't back here walking with a three. Pockets that each team to lead all scorers. Take the lead 57. Six pack importantly though. Johnson doctor Ross at time lines written in the right road like that. The letters. From one. Topic is Devin barge force gets it back in his left. Behind by Brett. That's how you stop that given the hopefully crippled down on the plane drops off. Office at best bodies found. Out via RC Johnson. Back and forth you know well. Butler. Track to poverty basketball tonight here on 98713. Thirty can't assess. Well 43 goes second. This is currently 5756. Time. Tailor. Its commitments for a breeder for Brett gets them aback by his coach John Flynn. We're seeing actually now that he's into it looks. Passes to stolen Brooks perhaps the worst hit but he knows that makes this past is that it Johnson's layup. It was not a but as wall. You horse ended actions. And he changed it called the one officials said it was bunkers why. That is about all that maybe. Reverse that call what would it lock it. From abundantly evident by Johnson blocked by Russell Smith hustle play. That is across the spotlight Portland and horrible traffic that's right Russell Smith steals the trouble. At that time riddled riddled works violently to the Margaret Stewart get a lot of time that I freshman. There's a right wing three. Yes that's the it's given a great Tuesday 656. Lead with all the way to go. I agree that our plans objectives above it. And college. This goes up top. Suits. Has it right elbow that's ultimately doctors and a ways off the mark pretty close to rebound has taken away by Johnson put. But about it rolls off every. The grizzlies while. His relentless and there. There rim after his own message several times he's got his own business and put it back on this one. Two seconds almost to a stop on the back of the rim. And it fell off. 1146 days ago. They know who else is currently down targets in the rubs is not baseline jumper from twelve is the operative well. War more presidents that you brought to. These leases sixty to 58 over the preppie route 1130 or so ago pocket. Rebels in the past it's pops up right quarter that happen here. The Russians that it would. It's riddled riddled with Artest changed banker from six that follow up. A process that voice that is probably. Smith yeah. That's got sixteen point she's got a double double tonight. Nine rebounds alone in the first half Russell's if yours Nancy Johnson backdoor pass in a lay up up within a minute rundown play. And receptive easily it was EJ banks. 6268. As it were goes to Russell Smith almost only kicked out right courted Kevin Barry. That's. Flights out of it. We've got a full time out call by the bucket list please clear your head coach Bryant Miller got a good one for either tonight. On me. 8713. 33 UNICEF's. 1056. To go. Coach Miller knowing that immediate timeout it's a veteran. To call a time. Seventeen down the procedure only 62 to six over the Democrat beavers. The final score today. I gained independence we have currently citizens that independence in one thing in the overtime it. In fact. We look at its present state known Stewart out of five point. Ballgame here with 1056 to go it's. Been a fabulous 6260. Tutsis here Butler. Rather tied for ninth place in miserable night in third. That is where apparently the finals Rea. That it overtime. Sixty twos sixty grizzlies is the year. Up 6760. Stewart went sixty sevens sixties it was a bit. At least one game lead over the winners tonight. The loser would only 30. Bentley luckily it's important three got a point that it just came in off the bench when Bentley. Right up that actually yeah. Brad 6360 Julie on all across departments worked Brussels Smith. It off the right side definitely goes to Armstrong. Or as it now back. To Armstrong. This club work or. News outlet is going to run that test them talk to Armstrong makes it actually drops off the block and come. Nicely. Crockett. 18. It's particularly 6463. Active force these two teams go here's your bank's ability to 5 o'clock. But yeah that's definitely got our clock tries hard hit epithet is blocked by Johnson daughter but he fouled by the audit. What hypocrisy that had been burned several times on the tipping off the winning layup and a few times they recovered and blocked the ball from all mind. This time it was the terrorists that would block area lot of blocked. On the right now work news out front driving lay up. If Ford ago. 6463. To two free throws were Maury or. On the way is no good to draw up the back. Work who's played limited role this year Chicago. School. He appeared in seventy games eight. He's now five of thirteen from the free throw line for the season. Italy is off the front of the back coordinated. So the work he's got so up and grizzlies weakness. 6563. Giveaway groups as an up top they give it left and donated eggs and mix between the circles on top whatever time tonight that. Grandest loaded up right elbow goes and Johnson Johnson exactly do you think that's what it takes top of the key. Right lately like bunkers off the mark long rebound as writedowns by banks boy thanks Tony as those rightwing to Bentley. Bentley acne treatments that there. That is what he shot clock. 6563. Brotherly. Thanks office green by Johnson drive it right would ultimately drives away. This past nearly stolen bike for him shocked by enterprise institute Taylor back bunker shot blocked. But now it's the ever present. Let's put it. This guy James Roche has an active nose for the ball India's eleventh. It's in the game is tied 6565. On the right for our commitment rather frightening pictures I've tried the basket step plays an up and pocket has got 22. Points to lead all sports groups particularly 6765. The 43 to go makes it Brooks now obviously around leveling doctor asked Brooks is why it is up at him narratives that it. They have earned privilege and overtime that Kevin go lay up off the wing and Brooks gets the bucket here he's got thirteen acres left wing Corey is happening. I'll close up. It has gotten to see the grizzlies currently 7067. Racquet for at Butler and brat brat and Butler. The power plant Johnson as the top in my pocket his rightly AJ makes that shot which rises. To the opportunity. Office greens like Johnson he gets back to what it's all are out front on the floor bounce pass but the part you want to. Thought about the fact remains well defended. And it's rebound hyperactive. In the front court gives it rightly AJ banks. They'll Armstrong stepped in front that given go off the wings don't. Another given I was backlit layup was block by block them. But it got a with the bodies found Johnson. I've seen Johnson's. White guys got to be twelve or fifteen times tonight. Gratitude right it is simple and kind of a give and go off the winning. Several times in yeah. He is timeout it comes with 739. You don't regulation here at the power plant. Ought to block the shot that got Johnson with the body. So it's possible the free throw line immediate term outcomes was 739. To go in the grizzlies are lead different. Seventy. To 67 were back in one minute. Okay Freddy is I think anyone parents some important man beats you don't know what that means but it doesn't sound it and you want some mom. Cheney's Cheney and ms. Gloria country please. We understand if you're going to be bad Ed better because it and knowing satisfies cravings better than parties present Custer in steak burgers the experience differences smiling your face. And the teens that brings you back and enjoy our Freddy's now in the real concrete. Stop by any credits in Wichita elderly don't do much form McPherson today. Most oil changes or the senate. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine in the chore on the to do list recorded your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was life changing PGA cubs beat you will change can change your life because it comes with free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you. Find shop near you with PG find a shop dot com. That's BGY don't shop. EE. And the other great American join me so. Thirty and it says Dennis Higgins courtside and as some are studio coordinator. Not a good one for you heard to rise the grizzlies are hosting the Pratt beavers. And it's been back and forth writes he's high energy game all night immigrants usually seventy to 67. We're going to free throw line it is I've seen Johnson two free throws free throw is good. Johnson on the night were shown it was seven teams that are free throw coming up. 739 ignore regulation but it's on the way it is no good it makes a salute. To the grizzlies lead seventeen to 68. There. As you rightly backed up to a certain degree in. Two years in play. A little visit slightly to Armstrong he's right. Right pocket shock Armstrong. But with little cradle has Armstrong Armstrong instantly arrangements a couple of words is it. And however profit charge. Lloyd Jared Armstrong was. They charged one. Rat and he wave off the bucket. 7-Eleven days ago here that are. Stored as ones that are. You are 676. In the final witness. And it is moments ago. Arch arch backwards pass goes to pit lane is the epitaph. IPod pocket but he draws the foul that hit. But he may keep that backdoor pass. It giving off the winning. In prisons cannot adjust defensively. Those personal horror just in crippled and Brett look and check back in the ball game. Two free throws for at least rhetorically is good this guy. They're averaging eight point three points a game on the season. Were shown him now with six points on the night. Several really nice exists. A preacher of the right handed shooter frequently is a good mix of both. He's got seven the grizzlies are tied now 7070 full court pressure on fire up the floor being bumped by Dawson. As far as Portland. Site Brussels at the top let me go to Smith. Work on front right three in its. Empire and shouted. Went back to the ladies in the way. The grizzlies are not getting. Instantly Marxist got six prisons that is exactly tiger's arms on his left quarter two losses. Definitely goes on. Smith the shot clock Armstrong pictures on its back it up. Levi Russell Smith is okay rebound by Taylor we're running out numbers. On the floor drops out definitely miss the light on what we've. Your program now Armstrong has been out of the pocket because it left Atlanta it's no good. Read on my marks. What happened. 555. The governor the power plant it real obviously his 7372. Popular. Try to good scooping up to Atlanta was no definitive just off or. Worse is that rightly. This is Taylor reversed easily in his left him let his development investment. This rebound my rapture comes out on the front court for the grizzlies Armstrong back to about the on the left morning. What moments ago apparently recently it got to the rim there's a lot as a rat. Yeah he travels. And try to keep going out of bounds that he shot the speed on net and off pass underneath. Along the baseline to turn over by the grizzlies with 525. Legal regulation your power play him. 7372. Other leading the beavers. Doctor Richard across time lines as who's available to debit marched back to doctor there's definitely be on the left morning. Simply a top level whistle away from the play afoul of those against us. Economy from artwork for ground he grabbed. Rip Kevin marsh. Has. 181000. On the grizzlies for for Pratt so perhaps in the bonus and we're. This will be a lot of wonderful. Kevin marsh marsh on the season as a 64 point 6% free throw shooter has not attempted a free throw tonight this is a one and want. Right and it's shot it's easy street probably is there at all. We throw coming up once again we're tied 7373. I'm eleven ago. Democrat trying to retake the lead with a free throw by Devin march crude we'll check back into the grizzlies. That's free throw on the way it is good. Oh really sweet looking shot. At a procedure down 7473. So Pratt retake the lead. Grizzlies play it would only seven players tonight Brent Wilkes. Full court press scrutiny this answer. Tailored your personal. And human rights Armstrong back the top answer to riddle. Extra house. Which rights watch them on that. And low block rights might already activated experience but it was shot no good Russell Smith got a four shot clock. It goes back a strong little paperbacks. Brussels next morning one. Please advise him before 43040 go hunting residence liberalize the shot clock was. Killed. And it took him. Back door past. I think it was my mental work on our front on the war recklessly shot was blocked out of bounds right that would work with a body. So but you know Radisson currently it is either mr. block from behind me. It. But they continue to get that. It given go off the wing it gets into the rim. That's five team fouls now for Pratt and this is two shots for your Armstrong. Strong enough Philadelphia, Pennsylvania free throw is good yeah. Shooters were on short on the front of the at least six. Six point she's averaging thirteen point one points a game this season transfer from a Central Florida community college. Receives leading 7674. Nineteen decoder the power plant their free throw for Armstrong. And his knees frequently is good. Armstrong makes them both he's got so out of the grizzlies would be 7774. I was at times like yourself who don't like little. It didn't work crossover drew a Wall Street. Let's get back topped 53 is off the program note that read them. The boards. You're on the front or it always the basket ball stripped away yet to package criminals roughly three on the way. Yeah. Not sound that breathlessly. Seventy poor. Comes right up front court case that left side has not talked. Seen Johnson. Jobs with them toward seventy. It's going to Brooks Brooks. Positive reviews but that doesn't mean it is Natalie Taylor that was like quarter. But we're not shocked by wealthy people slightly open border cannot. Don't want a shot right jail. 77. What was it three acre park but it will citizenry. Act the way the grizzlies front courts and leveling in his arms on real 4877. Who left Warner. Beckett left pocket the puck on right site as the cradle has those little lock right side of rat rat prize basket there's a lot. Call it it's. Us. Johnson thought he got a position card charge. I thought maybe charge call was coming his Bratton as the tendency to kind of lower that to shoulder. And take it to the rim. That is six team fell slightly but I was on jobs. The consequences for purposes. Only sixteen valves and shooting eyewitnesses and now which one shot clock. This season bedroom secrets looks good in any hurry hot here it is 52. Crennel could not get then they turned over a five set. Eighty to 77. Grizzlies leading. Here at the par plate Democrat it was a good one point in essence ranks of the floor across the time line for us that we like little. Thankfully talk noted that it takes it left side now quick burst of speed that's left one isn't it. Nationally through the other side doesn't talk to Brooks Brooks drives it right baseline to back out of sixteen footer it's no good now. Federal deficit and a foul is called eclipse. Russell Smith. They're called foul on frivolous April pushed them back of the Johnson to get the rebound. That's nineteen felt so this is a one and one for RC and a Johnson. 226. To go to the power play in the grizzlies and it is eight to 77 threes on the way is good makes no important. Johnson now has got eighteen and. Other free throw Tom. Disease frequently is good make some votes. Now a little too free throws he is evident. Is inevitable front court. And it worked at the top right side armed. Circles let on that back up top secretly an awful rightly. Shot clock to talk at all right away that's left baseline do rant at all about the ways goal of he's got back and let. Let's not mess is that off the back. Pretty spouses won't line Kurtz who. Little house on the left and it was not the way. Russ jump insanity yeah god please pass back to the floor was tipped. Grizzlies. Rat yeah added that it Brussels that the gave him personally without. Strong program is on the back yard frequently is no good by grant. Race for its free throw it to it's note two minutes exactly eighty regulation. He is 79 grizzlies lead. Free throw them out of the it is good rounds really and in. At that point currencies that is the ones that. The ball. Quickly. Like colonel. Thanks. My real. Baseline that's going through a ways off the Barkley. Russell's man they're currently aren't Russell's. Eighty ones and I grizzlies. With 13 night ago or the power play. Please click here Russell Smith used that is sure to criminal. Colonel lose this fight thanks for itself of its pocket. Ought to be Mike Taylor back to the right side and little else that's what ought to let that the ball knocked away stolen my aunts. Erica Johnson down them more likely. Want to isolate those lights it up and and he tied the game maybe one maybe once that it grizzlies on average it's left he's got 21. 107 ago grizzlies are tight all the crap on the front workers' right to let. Us. In the pocket of Tom little right wingers are Armstrong. We want. Brown has the ball up top here's AJ banks drive to right elbow drops off Taylor. Right wing three. Right on confidence it Smith Dallas. Now they felt pretty in the backcourt with 37 point five big note. Terror Armstrong with a huge three moments ago to get it grosses at 841 lead. And now crippled on the line this is a wanna one. These house. That was the eighth seed fell for Pratt. And so critical now with a one and one. Critical on this season's 74 point 7% as is his first free throw attempt tonight. And these are leading. 8480 wine. In the Brad wants timeout on slid under coach I'm now. Now the grizzlies still have four timeouts left in crap this is a full time now. Awarded joint right now would soon timeouts left rates everywhere that's making 97 and thirteen dirty hit assess. Good for you here tonight. Buffett grizzlies in the crappy neighborhoods. Grizzlies have one for the last five while you're trying to build on the tennis team. Six time. Playoffs and grabbed his one to their last war and for the last six. And these two teams are currently tied for ninth place. Both want to be back Stewart no Stewart has won their game and indeed. Stewart won that game. And NB. So the winner of this people. Stewards of that final hole playoff. Court advantage for them playoffs. The losers in woeful two games back there's only. Could go on Wednesday night. Because you don't show. On Monday February 26. At Colby. Tried to if they end vehicle court advantage. So cripples got all important one and one free throws here. Grizzlies with 37 point five seconds ago leading ED forty ED one. It could make this two position in Phoenix a couple of free throws here. Right handed shot from hello. Google's frequently it is good point three. Crennel. Were showing crude oil was eight points tonight it's his first three threes one for one another free throw up enough. Four point lead it receives free throw on the way it is good mix of both incredible. Baseball. Is timeout called by Bryant Miller. Park owners and players substitution. The 86 to 81. It's free throws by colonel. Who comes from the front court. It's right wing. It was actually on regulation it is exceeding one grisly things that's right corner wide openers at least three it. We're always Sally left all alone and perhaps also trying to out. Three I definitely out of Atlanta Georgia it. And it three cuts in points that is accurate and insightful that second. Yeah so it's 86 that he or moderately. Only one time remaining for the Brad beavers. Grizzlies. Coach Miller. Post game show also right now. Conference world. But it won't hear tonight. It's kind of battle to stay alive for the impossible. Thursday march 1 first that he. Teams in the conference gets to host the first round playoff yeah. The winners of those teams who want to hurt every Sunday. March 4. We're city. Victory moments ago by. Seriously slow it down to our right. Winning seven point three seconds ago so the shot clock is off. We've got to leave depressed and gophers fields that. The grizzlies have Armstrong Ian bell of the ball they just lock them Brett. Cradled in Russell Smith on the floor the end of the ball the Wacom Wacom double team picked up his dribble. Dribbles past and present those aren't so different court out front as valve behind Mike Brooks. Nineteen point seven seconds ago. Pocket god in them pants and was immediately along the baseline double team to implement maneuvers way through with a troubled. There are some of the corridor from some of he got across the timeline. Ninety point seven seconds ago so one in one punch heard Armstrong. Armstrong tonight that he has two for two from the line on the season 82 point 3% for your Armstrong. His knees frequently used to look out rebounded by Jalen Rose a brat. Here comes back pass goes and a court to. Linda Wilson Wilson gets now that banks are on off nights ago banks gives it to write leveling three up. Johnson gets the rebound back. It's a good lessons typically don't slow. It left. Who looks at it. You'd call a foul. So fallow zone rat. What 3-D one a left wing slide rugs. Look at the good. Rimmed out. In the Nixon put back attempts one by Johnson and other law. At the rim. Down by Russell Smith there is the scoreboard showed six. Just right when. 110 of a second ago. I have no idea. There's just this time around the clock. 650. Fortress is related. It's got much time as Lebanese prisoners seconds. So that's ten team fouls on proud. So Russell Smith with a huge Rita I can't wait to see the final stats he had nine rebounds at half time. He may be we're coming close to twenty rebound. He's got another double double right. Russell Smith. Both teams are ready to go but the other pitchers walked out to center court. PV six day 84 degree. Aggressive lady. And Russell Smith is going a lot of shots. It's time is left Vizio. The final sentence that time out to them off the clock. Our. Partners though. 110 of a second ago. There's 110 of a second. So realistically just in his over. Russell Smith who's gonna shoot free throws free throw it away is good. Smith who's got 42 points. He's got another double doubles 8784. Scoreboard clock showed 110 of a second ago. Ran out of timeouts frequently it is good Russell Smith has got 43. There's a ball game. On the other parents please hold on the ground. Final score. 88. 84. Russell Smith they both of those free throws it they relate to get settled upon toward a final score. Grizzlies win it by a final of the 88. And maybe force of the grizzlies. Sweep the regulars into the crowd. A crowd on January 3 11107. Wellness tonight eight. 842 players look pitching line right in front of mr. scorers table. The grizzlies. Will remain one game Backus and word of only three conference games remaining. Stewart gets a big win denied it independence. And so it made it one game lead that final home love more playoff spot. One game ahead of the grizzlies in tune in to Democrat beavers now. And a crack was only three games left to go to read receives stay what does the post game shows coming up next. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty K and assets. Chris Rock you by these major sponsors. 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As the grizzlies hold on for dear life on the stretch and they defeats. Be proud beavers by a final score of 88 to eighty for the grizzlies fifth win. In their last six games and more importantly. Proceeds now remain no one game back of Seward Seward gets a win and indeed it close and 8780 Hadley was the final and that one. You know probably a 67606760. Seward wins it. So with three games remaining on the conference season grizzlies remain only one team backed consumer for eighth place in the conference standings. And at Pratt falls to two games back to that eighth place spot this was a big game tonight between two teams tied for ninth place in the grizzlies hold on and when it. Watching heroes and that's what we catch it now it receives a head coach. Ryan Miller and a coach this one. And this was back and forth all right this is a seesaw battle that you guys had just enough to get over the top. You know our guys fought very resilient tonight. You know that I expected pressed to come in and it could be scrappy and do this they got a good win against garden common in all some. What's the motivation. From the way that we handled the first game. They've got gets popped him on the way they come off like Gordon game that you shoot the ball extremely well there really rolled. Well coached office team. That we we had some trouble with with the back doors and slips that we just couldn't get that figured out forced into the ball help side. And the credit our guys for fighting for being tough down the stretch. In. I thought that that that our Frontline was it was unbelievable and I don't think our guards were very good. As far as facilitating and just making those plays. But again I thought that. I thought that RJ and Tiki room believable tonight. Yeah try to look at numbers here my goodness he did do it won't be Russell Smith 23 points and agree that the last almost huge arm feuds. They miss him close and looks good put there to tie it and he got that rebound was fouled with Malia ten seconds ago that. Cultural heroes night I don't normally like to write up and down on the floor Minnesota's of raptor more than willing to oblige him fast paced game but. Yet only seven players tonight and so obviously that was a factor was it. Yeah I was a factor we still wanted to get up and down and get points off the press that I think we get a very good job doing that. We had a lot of costly turnovers in the second half and we doubled a couple of turnovers didn't take care of the ball very well. We'll obviously clean but but again Dennis. You know we'll take it anyway we can get at this point here. And how were you feeling you awful. Hearing you saw a great game yeah yeah absolutely nothing you know wouldn't have headed home headed to the news from medicine absolute. So no practiced real presence in the regular they'll slowly you will coach listen. Lot of heroes schemes that mention mine witnessed it here is talk of 22 point six rebounds but it. What a monster game that Russell Smith 23 points twenty rebounds. He had six offensive rebounds fourteen defense rebounds. Yeah I thought I thought we shot the ball obviously a lot better the second half the ball moved that in state collected in the first half and we get a good job is facilitate the move the ball. You know whether it's RJ hit two big threes in the second half crew hit a Big Three year period of B three K to knock one down. And obviously the first half nearly 60%. We flipped the shot 60% the second half so I was very proud of our guys should just stay with that. In. Distrust and it. What's really amazing you guys shot in the second half tonight it was like 55 point 9% in that Whitaker clout in tonight coach for the team. You guys shoot really a blistering 54%. You know we did a good job score it. Rats off but the minute he so there's an art really loose that regarding Cuba today. They don't the big size that the most teams do so we rule really capitalize on the Frontline in round last. What's the shortest you don't think it and I thought we did a good job kicking the ball we had wide open looks that looks that we took the second half where. Were much different one of the first the first south Wilkes were. You dribble pull up some contested shots in the second half ball moves a little bit better and we were able to knock down wide open shots. Nelson mentioned you guys have won five year last six this is typical of Bryant Miller. Team which currently a year ago if you hit them homestretch of the playoffs yeah that's that's what's important to us is being held to a peek at the right time. Over the years RC we have a huge wheel on the road Wednesday against the red ravens. You know so that'll be very difficult task of movement that haven't Carlyle back you haven't have an agent baffled will really help. Yes or in this going to be wins united know Ellis hall and coffee though were a half ago won big today in the remained in second place. It's actually tied for first a bigger partner three way tie for first on the conference with Martin loses all one when you don't touch what are you I mean and every time but he knows Holtz always. Very tough tough battle with the red ravens but you guys home they got you here. Yeah we duel for sure you are down that day we had a good player hold on to jump defense so. Being back full strength really helpless. That is so that our guys understand the importance of that game how much of a statement game that they can be for us. Obviously coach circle I was guys prepared and they're they're playing very very well neither there's does anybody in the in the conference right now. We just have to come around and stay together and you know obviously helped to hit shots you know we in his shots are on the road election. We've got to do a better job of coming out not be so flat the first half against them. You can't do that I copy although the running out of the gym if you do that. You know coaches always say one game at a time and and broadcasters like myself. Today I spent a good portion of the time in my computer trying to figure out the tiebreaker should be finished tied with Seward in along those lines you guys split was Seward. So they start going down one of the highest ranked teams what you could be confident of win tonight that would be cute to be big feather in your cap that would be huge as far as tiebreaker. Absolutely the becomes of that no doubt give us that the not for the home loans are your game back with three to go back Seward and finished in the top eight which means court posted first yes you. Sure sure because again it because it didn't. Right coach we'll get home. What influence salute and a it's rest. See here you shape that it. Since they've been that got to be back. While the beard congratulations on a big win over the threat beavers coach 8080 four's always thanks for that they condense. Coach frank Miller's third season with Thea Butler receives the grizzlies now with this win her back to 500 on the season. Yeah vote thirteen wins thirteen losses are now ten and thirteen. In conference play and they sit in ninth place alone in the standings one game back of eighth place. Seward Brett beavers fall twelve and fifteen overall nine and fourteen conference play and they're two games back of the place. Seward only three games to go take a break here look at McEnroe and on the final steps. In law also have sports right after the us. Closing Freddie is I think the one parent some important man beats you don't know what that means but it doesn't sound it and you mentioned Iran. Cheney's Cheney amid Florio country please. 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Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you fly to shop near you with Fiji find a shop dot com. That's PG why don't shop I can't do. This is my bills that would join me weeknight an eight. A little. Right wingers that he's violence on the. Our that was huge Armstrong which three's second half that it would only ten points. That was huge three unit receives the lead it would never relinquished them stretch 841. Residual wood and 8084. Time now for US Marines player in the game if you think it would it takes the world's finest as Marines dot com that's Marines dot com. This is an easy one night Russell Smith with a double double 23 points. 20 rebounds. Won each morning. For Russell Smith and it one blocked shot as well and only one turnover in bills let one's deal. So while Russell Smith the US Marines player in the game if you think it takes to the world's finest the submarine dot com that's greens dot com. All right let's check out the finals debts quickly for Pratt the shoot 32 of 76. 42 point 1% they were eight of 25 from beyond the arc widgets to a twelve in the first cap is where the grizzlies from beyond the arc. Bonita 25. That is 32%. In twelve of fourteen from the free throw line that's 85 point 7% for grass. Grant had a 37 rebounds we're outrebounded by the grizzlies by 230 and 37. Pratt had only nine turnovers on the night receives fourteen. And those turnovers for Butler coming in the second half. Individual members Padilla Pratt beavers. Were led in scoring by us in Johnson Johnson at 22 points. Eleven rebounds so a double double for Johnson as well. One of the big man for the red beavers. Ten points for Clinton gently gently a couple of threes in the second half to a 43 point range. Yeah the bench with ten points fifteen points for change road tests that look good ball players Pittsburg Kansas. In the works at fifteen points eight rebounds and two lewis' three steals. And a seven for seventeen for Brooks won seven from three point range. He's got a break there took three late we sept it was legally and it rimmed out. And mails it to that looks at the rim but he couldn't convert. In the Russell spent on a rebound kept the game. But it twelve point four Sheila Wilson. Wilson twelve points each. Rebounds. Eight points in five rebounds successes for EG things when I am really quick backcourt. In banks in Wilson. And seven marks the beginning at eight points in two rebounds and Dawson got tritium which sells high school. Three points tonight he would twenties in the game against the grizzlies on. Edwards third the Bieber don't rat. But a close outscored the press beavers the grizzlies 3463. Shooting that's 54%. Take that any on every night. 54%. Or 3463. Eight of 22. From beyond the arc which means the grizzlies in the second half were six. And from three point range. There were twelve with the team free throw line normally much of free throw shooting team and that's 667%. From the line received 36 point 4% from our. Grizzlies you know were led by 23 points Russell Smith Smith 23 points twenty rebounds and it was nine of thirteen from four to 63 point range. Three of six from the line. And 22 points for years pocket 22 point six rebounds while it was ten of fourteen shooting. One of three from three point range ten points in two rebounds for your Armstrong. Hit two big threes in the second half and that one we played I like them you receive the lead for good. Armstrong with ten points. Nine points and seven rebounds for entry rat. In nine points. This is just criminal Crennel was three of six shooting one to report range. To have two line seven points for RE board. From ice Chicago's currently more and more minutes 25 minutes that's a season high for more or. Seven points in two rebounds in to assist in the pilot's seat. It's a close up sports have been very tender bigger part. Very eight points. On to a five shooting 204 from three point range to two line the deceit and under that scoring column eight points tonight. Sophomore from new high school. Via. He sports conference. Latest we have it clouds start the second half or is beating out twenty to 23 year right in the east and Korea. It was 603 eagle on the second. It is Cali trailing now consciences. 75. To sixty twos looks like a tool pay back Alley lost the New. York City last month. Kelly trailing 7562. In the sewer with a big win they win it at 6760. In India show. That was cold but it falls short 86 to 78. The difficulty trojans. Thanks for the scores from him slack who was loser tonight sitting courtside at the power plant things at its worst him. Our Internet broadcast coming up on Wednesday night grizzlies on the road as confident when the longstanding rivalries between our conference Butler and copy bill. In that we'll have the broadcast we're right here at 715 on Wednesday night. From Dallas hall in coffee bill demons at the tip off at 730 to pregame show on can't assessed at 715. On Wednesday night. No it was a tough for the grizzlies hold on these kind of games have been losing throughout the season but they win a tough one close and her tonight. Final score 8884. Over the Pratt beavers Dennis are you saying so long and good night from a power plant.