Butler Grizzlies Football at Highland

Saturday, October 7th

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Kansas association of broadcasters play by play voice and here. Afternoon everybody had well to another brother grizzlies football radio broadcast this afternoon retreat you broadcasting your bills were in a violent Kansas. We're in the upper reaches of northeast Kansas we get set on an overcast windy cold and damp afternoon. For week six the bunker grizzlies are on the road to host the islands god is great everywhere this odd night. 87 and thirteen 32 NM SS Stennis Vegas with you here today. And joined on the broadcast this afternoon by a met Jacob sees as an athletic director by the community college. It is in my broadcast partner coach status and has eight paid off day today against NAFTA Matt has always Nicosia. It's good to be here in in highland we are right up against the Nebraska state line and then not too far from the Missouri State lands a right opposite in the very northeast corner of the state but. Just had a coin toss it center field it's a cold day here. Would you say it's nine degrees man who was that nine degrees felt like that the border just before kickoff the sun broke out just a little bit ago now gone back on the clouds. Violent just won the toss and elected to defer the grizzlies. Will receive the football will start. Game and a view of you have winds fourteen miles per hour or out of the west that is left to right pilot and it's gonna have the wind at their back here in the first quarter. As we get the ball teed up at 35 yard my great everywhere this week six JR conference football today on I can't assess. The grizzlies three into overall they're doing two in conference play and a pilot is to win two overall. One into an average plays a big crossroads game for all the teams who has grizzlies coming up at 36 to thirty loss at home last Saturday night to Garden City. In highland at an off week two weeks ago they lost a double overtime game at Hutchinson. Thirteen to ten cities are too hungry teams a crossroads game here this afternoon here we go. Deep to receive this kit for the grizzlies. It's to Rob Lowe. And also deep to receive his Tyler Davis. Paulus teed up at the 35 yard line and kicker for pilot looked out the window was back here. Overcast guys we got to put it rained here earlier today it stopped around 11:30 this morning but it gives it very wet and damp field in real high grass. They were not able to cut the grass here is that this is a game that you would think Matt is gonna be sure a lot of running. Yeah it's not the fact that the grass is a mind populace away it will probably. I'd take away the speed element from both teams and what does your real ground and pound kind of a game. Archer waiting on here the ball is teed up the officials are waiting for something. The clock is down zero's were set ago. Procedure in their road white uniforms with purple pants that gold helmets and highlanders were in their dark. Maybe blue jerseys with the white audience right yellow numerals that letter in Emma. Art navy blue helmet Lydia bright yellow stripe and write each on this side here we go. Week six. Aggressive step in this game ranked nineteenth in the nation. In a year ago the opening kick off from pilot project and over it is deep it's gonna be fielded by Davis he bottles it now picked up the feet fifteen yard line this is to run low. Lois added twenty these doubts about it well actually shorten its 190 ever wanted to rub Americans are ready auspicious start to this team that is via opening kickoff was trapped. By Tyler Davis picked up. Oh well. And davis' forces the lowest right behind him he would try to cut it as a whole other side of it went through his hands went right to lol what what's he expecting it. But he was able to run port about four yards pick up the ball and then try to get about another ten yards. On the return report is run down in the middle of the field. These are led by there. Redshirt sophomore cornerback Chris held a young men from Thornton Colorado is in the shotgun. Fullback field and off goes to keep on Abrams around a website gets outside of the twenty or 25 to thirty needs knocked out of bounds. Ran out of bounds sort of made about a 33 yards and a nice run from scrimmage or first downs for the money. Toledo they say about the offense in games like these they have the advantage because they know where they wanna go the defense is on is reactionary. And a great time out their got to give credit deer prints on great block out there on the side and every defender trying to turn around a make it look like a block in the back in their very wisely. Took his hands off them at that point times there was no chance of foul being called. Cuba and neighbors leading the conference in rushing 123 yards per game average. In hand off goes difference on first out and Abrams slept since he came to abrupt stop on the left side by both feet slipped underneath him like he was an additional device and it's not insult the -- -- Lauren young coming -- -- -- wanted to stop and put a move on and when he's not like he sent his movement -- compromise and then you know about Abrams had perhaps his best be ready last Saturday night at home against Garden City 23 carries for 209 yards and one touchdown. I'm up against a very staunch in his stingy defense for Garden City last week in a losing game for the grizzlies. So it brings up now second down. In tin in it up but the difference left side Abrams cuts it to the left side and each trip up he gets across that 35 about a 36 argument mind. The grizzlies at the conference's leading office. In pilot has the conference's leading defense. Well island has struggled offensively this year but they've been very solid but with their defense and use that that is going to be a critical third and seven down situation for the grizzlies. If you noticed the formation. They've got the deal few more players the back. It's a diamond formation colonize out of practice this week the anticipated Whitfield disease so. The multiple for the plays in the playbook that receives today are on the ground undies haven't said that yet to receivers wide right. Receiver left his yurt prints all the snapping whistles blow the played as the ball is snapped. There was some movement by the defense on the left side let's see if there are drawn off. All sitting at the Butler 36 yard line we're just underway greet every witness on 9713. Thirty K and assess this afternoon. Were way up in north east in zoos in this island. Real pretty time of year mediocre man as the leads me to changed. Officials trying to sort this out. Still not moved the ball in either direction and it looks like it's gonna go against violence let's bring up a third down and saloon. From the Butler 41 yard line this is the only natural grass movement and he went on for those who wouldn't. I understand from coach shoppers are gonna go to artificial turf or director's console will seek. So it's third down and soon with a 41 yard line help Vegas in the gun three runners in the backfield and up goes right site Abrams he gets outside he stood up 45. Breaks out for a dirty tricks up to 45 yard line a pilot program. Abrams is frustrated really nice guy across midfield for a first down Peabody Abrams was an orderly run. So you picked up where thirteen yards in the very first win agreement that another thirteen yards here on third in two. For the first down the grizzlies if they can keep doing this on the ground it's going to be a decent day from the side and try field he's probably still run it you're right he has. But the grass is I'd they couldn't get on to mullet and appeals when it. First down and the ball is sitting at the island 46 yard line. And we're gonna credit deer prints for throwing a block them earlier on renewed credit Myron Mitchell in the same thing here whenever your running game successful. It was a snap toss sweep is right side to Abrams Abrams. It's a few yards on the right side it's tough yards couple different management now I don't believe Linz. They're averaging giving up just fifteen points a game in total offense. Give up just 241 yards to the opponent each week that's the number one in the in the conference where what I'm trying to implement last place and anytime your running game is doing well it's because your wide receivers are getting out throwing blocks. But the bottom line is doing a good job here he picked up more yards on the play her at their second six the ball is sitting at the highland. 42 yard line healthy is in the gun takes a step it up goes up the middle this is trust in the piled lose to the forty. It's like a big scrum and Isiah trusts his first carry picks up two yards to the forty yard line a pilot. Well remember that linebacker or Jeremiah hill getting pretty animated for highland. The goal the American. War but Trevor Hudson off the sublime and that's not a prayer five monster pick that up on your mind he'll lose the leading tackler for highland avenue and forty tackles on the season. He's been involved in several players are you this is another third down the grizzlies here. Third and 43. And fourth that it receives initial try to game the grizzlies moving right to left. East and west it is the ball's snapped a pitch goes right side should pasture grasses. On the far right side it's going to be profit of 41 yard line it is almost nose to regulate fourth down in about five Nokia and present what I do here. I thing. Going into the wind likeness. You might want to take a look at going port here. You know your defense is going to be solid against the island offensives cadillacs and punched. And don't look like they're gonna at least attempt to go for native media and they practice this week quake hit all the guys in the gun. Kendall Stewart receiver left those are right it is a quick yet nobody yet there's one back to receive. In a kick his can be down by Margaret Mitchell about these sixteen yards on the far sideline. That's not the money they wanted to elevate. Into the wind it's gonna be damned if they haven't heard the ball down inside the Tony I think you'll take that at that point I'm sure he would have liked about another 510 yards out of it but. But it puts you got your and there are. Black down. Here comes the highly highlands got the offense. Pilot is averaging 23 points a game 299 yards of confidence. And it is primarily well pretty evenly spread they pass for a 56 yard run for a 143 week. But surprise starter it's going to be tryst in speaker and experience the young man from nearby Troy can't just up the road here is bill from highland. Reinstate a quarterback gets the start over Kyle current Susie transfer from Wake Forest. Whether an offside penalty on that fourth down play an island decline if they're gonna go ahead and they took coming into the run you write a bigger part you're right yeah five yards so it's the twenty yard line. So interest and spheres 511205. Pound sophomore quarterback he played here last year for the studies. Studies and a bye week to get ready scheme lost a tough 12 weeks ago a double overtime reductions in thirteen to ten. Steered it offers up the middle and this is that right back. And it's really shorten running kind of Georgia. Ray player they're due principally for the grizzlies by big number 99 were indeed that's Charles hopeful. He showed me they're from as the principal line position get over there and then does stop that running back from behind chasing down from behind really Jordan is the second leading rusher for the island studies show that the bulk of the carries its figures because they're leading rusher. Kevin brown and able to go to ground averaging. Sixty yards per game rushing he's not totally injury sustained in a cut in two weeks ago. Spears in the gun goes up and this is Jordan Jordan through the Middle East across the 25 and out there that thirty yards on a good art right on some. Download or ms. Clinton third and short and really got hit by Troy debris and I kept his legs grinding and got another yarder to you after Troy made the initial contact. Less burden for no huddle hear speakers and a gun on 34. Goes to Jordan left side Jordan's got to get it. He says it wants you that's awfully active tackler to tyrannical societies knocked out of bounds about the 29 yard lines we actually loses on there. Maria four down through Dallas audience I'm targeting of the tackled through I think Tyler Davis may have been the guy that finally drove him out of bounds there on the par sideline. He's a tough runner he's not gonna give up on first or second contact. But to the grisly strung it out finally got important out of bounds literally couldn't bring him down and visits ago first quarter no score here at highlands again it would assign 973 to thirteen cents into the game because it's now fourth inducements that about two yards Napoli island will be funding from their own territory. Due to receive is that she Davis back inside the forty. In the punt is away with the wind it was packed city booms it. If this goes back as 25 yard line works at a far silent can't get around it defense. Good coverage Sharon hunt I islands out about a 26 yard line. It's a return of about one currently yes it's only a return to one guard but it's much more valuable that it didn't pop up on otherwise I would have hit and roll. Baby inside the ten yard line itself. That he saved at least fifteen yards of Cubans and their degree who's just by making that catch up playing speicher as the hunger for high. Island here stroke hometown kid. On the grizzlies on her second position in the afternoon and Brady rusty is now in a quarterback. As a running back to index the backfield rest takes the snap looks to run right side he's around the edge she's across that thirty. In about the 31 yard line so hungry to grasp the wreath faith like it's gonna pass it. And the saw Rucker I just goes rest for two touchdowns this year it's an ice pick up on first down. The 31 yard line. And the grizzlies is indeed what we're taking chunks off the field like this it's gonna turn out in their favor they've already. You know little bit of advantage here in the field position once he had a lot of rain up here this week in highland the field is extremely dean at its muddy. And we've got that wind blowing from the west that's left to right right into the face right now of the grizzlies. Two running backs in the backfield rushed the quarterback and a host a full back left side nothing duties at the line of scrimmage. And Gerri by Jordan's goal the well about them or mobile phones are important. Very little if any there and it carried might have picked up a couple of yards there is one of my blurted. Forward momentum. Want your right now and back again by. Her mind hill leading tackler. So brings up a third down an idea what get to witness you know passionately. Now not yet either team. Seven and a half minutes ago the opening corner silently six no score. Elbit is back in their quarterback he's got a diamond. Back formation backfield. Belichick's staff and off goes now left side is favored Chalabi gets 35 they stripped out of out about the thirty yard line is not a first round. I was disease did the reasons I'm running. And mix it up and I now he wants out of the game looks like you may be little shaken up on the like you're on Abrams. Did get a first down just did get a person will allow us now on the market and then birdied seven. Looks like he went out of bounds at the 38. Continuing battle with the officials on the ball placement this year. So it is he's picked up the first down the grizzlies in their road white uniforms the gold helmets the purple tickets this week. The answer regret of the missile they won a little bit. Building on first and again it goes to trust trust us we're on the right sided it's going to be stopped. Maybe you aren't loss. We try to do you know Whitfield is going to be tough and well I think they're gonna give him no gain on the play they're gonna put him back the wind instrument the thirty sevens though. Second on him but the purple pants Dennis. He didn't get the grass and there's things on the purple pants and his uncle. That's us that's why they warmed to him right scenario offensive coordinators scene this morning it to ease your watches it come on coach. Let that determine your uniform looked. He said you bet easier to watch. Celtics is that right back emotion has to trust trust sit back and I. Lots of them have birdied one yard line I don't even contemplated everything you read that and not thrown pitching was well covered. And a real loss of three on that play really get a letter rusher pass. That is the matter was four past the sometimes yeah I don't know if there collateral most of Colin Hutchinson of the past that that went forward to the receiver he just didn't get very far portable field. Third and thirteen now for the grizzlies grizzlies moving into the wind you're in the first quarter up fourteen mile per hour breeze. West the east your left or right Kissinger field. Third and thirteen helping with the Diamondbacks field three running backs Specter let him dresses the tailback. Now held its gonna call timeout. Letters and. Usually there for the grizzlies one of the pull back start split out wide and helping wrapping things you know stay here and in helping us and know that we better not talk about this. Cancer mighty that are opening kickoff today brought to by Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers introduces the holiday no pepper Jack steak burger it's their spicy steak burger yet. It's hard to get to Freddie sizzling steak burger patties topped with spicy pepper Jack cheese grilled volcanoes. To crunchy and it rains in Friday's opening of I sauce all night home style bun. Welcome to Freddy's frozen crab steak burgers. We have six locations in Wichita wanted Durbin went right you're an older noted that and I went central hub Freddie isn't always that brings you back. General until ten yeah. That that. And the sun keeps trying to break through this cloud cover. But right now the clouds when he now. They are and Arnold the fourth your head coach an island Scott he's pacing the sidelines right down the lowest third year head coach for the grizzlies Tim chopper in the far sideline. Had a nice conversation was hearing now Arnold. Earlier this morning down on the field. It he played for the Garden City proper answers in 1999. And 2000 and those were some ethnic. Butler Garden City battles that he was recalling with great stresses affiliate. Yeah well returns was lost in the 99 game regular season were reported 38. Overtime and came back and won the playoff game. Third down and thirteenth the grizzlies off the timeout. Nobody takes the snap and gone back to pass as time now pressure countries. Like extra passes for the middle Wilson the forties and welts. And I don't Wimbledon would let him see no problem at all but he was down at the 41 yard line well we've got him there was a flag thrown during the course of that play probably holding as the grizzlies. Yeah probably so and actually very fortunate that wasn't sacked because the quarterback. Pelvic turnaround right into the hands of a big defense Wyman and you can sublime and was really expect and years we didn't wrap him up. And I held it bounced off of him and was able to be composed not complete a pass the past as well short of the person in my mind about six yards but remember last week he has Garden City Chris help big hit five interceptions five. Three of them resulted in touchdowns one directly and it picks at the end zone. Streets and don't want to point guards respect the news. This penalty goes against the grizzlies. Which. Replay a third down penalty goes as the grizzlies so the march up the arch that talking to price in your office of course it is weakness in that city. The Celtics got a very short yeah yeah maybe thirty point lead with a brilliantly. He did everything right there and he he since the sack was coming in your Todd turner honor roll out of it unfortunately for him there was even the ones gaining. Right there. But. Island right now trying to play the field position and they wanna push the grizzlies could force the growth of the pot now on court thirteen now. Third and 23 they're taking gamble on the back the grizzlies won't gain any yards. And half that much more movement there in 23 to 24 or Butler and off goes up the middle of the trust trust bounces off one tackler second checkers out to thirty. In this stacked up bears yeah they weren't funny situation for the grizzlies funny into the wind. And one highlands defense lineman losses helmets and they'll that Saddam and play which isn't that big deal with special teams play now grizzlies will be gunning. Sun breaking through his Garrett Chris comes out to do the out party grizzlies and he's been missing starting Garrett Brit. I don't set up more than 23 it's now more than seventeen. Isaiah great steep to receive this money standing incited some 35 yard line prints. Leading a long snap from aging goal it's a good one. In the tickets away it's a low line drive ticket's gonna get a look at the bounce into island territory it's down at the 41 yards and a pilot. And that's where this body is identical to us in the afternoon knows war. With 436 to go in the opening quarter here week sixers about grizzlies. Got conference season. There's these ranked nineteenth in the nation coming into this one. Island is under the procedure three in two on the season two and two in conference play. I would instantly to overall wanna to a conference play. On the saudis were pretty good field position at their own forty yard line. Spears quarterback is in the gun running back behind in the tailback. Two receivers and left one right receiver left goes in motion right yours to order on the left side 4045504540. Into our territory. You know we had a fair. Or implied Davis and also home to Rob Lowe with a tackle them right here in my Willie Jordan. That's going to be a couple two whining yards on the play great editor for Heilman got one. Now inside Butler territory at the Puerto it really Jordan's age 61215. Pound sophomore and Warner Robins, Georgia. Transfer from any oh. Music and video northeast Oklahoma. For a sit downs in Butler territory the forty Spears' receiver and elect emotional right you know it was a little to Jordan. Jordan bounces off attack intersect exactly is inside the 35 down to about that 31 yard line the management of the religious right arm tackler miss a couple of times. Sun belt missed the first tackle Charlie been missed the second one and cuts and other. Pretty sizable Gator pick up of that other guy because they're gonna call eight on the place will be second attitude. Second down into the ball is sitting on the left hash mark. The 32 yard line of the grizzlies. Pilot on the march or second possession of the afternoon no score three minutes ago quarter. What Jordan looks like. A man running with a purpose threat who really news. Time out is ultimately by the grizzlies the grisly burn a timeout here that's their second time around already we've still got that. 3.5 Luxembourg born. Up next Saturday night to grizzlies will be back home that beautiful BG products veteran sports. Or 8:7 o'clock kickoff against air force brat the Huskies coming to town. The broadcast arena Saturday night at 630 to better yet would look to see it at PG products that sports complex. Week seventy airports prep Huskies come at Eldorado well the only chance this month disagrees with that home. They are on the road today it'll be at home it's airport rep next week and in the next few weeks or on the road at Hutchinson. And at Ellsworth route two weeks after that the go ahead and knocked it up to the ruthlessness we can. Wanna remind our weekly injury update brought to you by doctor Bradley Ridder deal in sports medicine specialist at Kansas joint spine specialists all the validity entry hold you back for writing sports medicine for the grizzlies for over twenty years. Doctor Brantley Broder has extensive experience at all ages here for knee and sports related injuries. So you returned your active lifestyle. To make an appointment you can make an online at Kansas joint inspiring dot com this Kansas joint inspired dot com doctor Bradley Brunner. Orthopedic surgeon for the other grizzlies second down into a new quarterback and a ball in the right knee wildcat. Andy's gonna be stopped behind a line of scrimmage. And that is. Marxists at driver. Who's actually listed as they try again but with a shortage of quarterbacks due to injuries they've got him in there aren't a lot of our time and time that he lost a yard. Well will on us one of the guys and they're gonna make the play went dead and injured grizzly laying on his back the thirty yard line that's. And that's Paul Morris he bounces up quickly now walking off under his own power pop in a little. It but it brings up third down and three so they brought in driver to run media the wildcat. His driver 632 and forty pounds listed as he tried and now they've got to interest in spear the quarterback back in there. Back Jordan behind them receiver to the right receive two receivers left misses a third and three. Drama that Butler 33 yard line. Spirits and they Gunn says as a receiver analyst cited motion the right. That is Jamison now back to pastor throws it deep down the far sideline it is incomplete. It intended receiver was that Steven delay known and a good coverage or our garage below lose wouldn't step for step. Yeah I mean to run low point leaving give him an option look at the past the pass was thrown out of bounds you wonder why you feel that play there on third and three. Then you realize this is sport on territory for Highlander don't loose all the way social element. Surprise at sun breaking through your bright sunny day at the field as a mock. It is muddy it is cut grass real high in wet grass it's going to be they run the football believe. What we're seeing early on knows more than 49 to go the only quarter here in highland Butler in highlands counties. Now for a down spear backed assets up a middle screen. Tapes mrs. Harrison 504040. He tripped over a thirty yard line. Well honestly it is second interception of the year almost returned them for sex it was spirit a quarterback who leaping out of my vehicle tripped them up at the 28 yard. Yeah I will always kind of gave that start stop moving I thought that was going to be enough to get past the quarterback Chris speer headed for Detroit guarantee you it was a two players as wilderness that he knows how to play defensive back. And he got will wholeness and that's all to get the grizzlies from getting on the scoreboard right there what a play and I will host a recap all the way. No element of surprise for him. Bonus that is second interception of the year a big one. And Chris he's a great field position going into the wind it got the ball. At the highland twenty yard line first down buildings in the gun and off goes up the middle this ship has he should as works his way down inside Detroit tiger under the 24. In Asia as a young man. Freshman out of belief that North High School. It's 39 yards on interception return it won't let them there for the grizzlies it not seem to buy papers back in the game. Since the last time the ball you noted the jog up the field a little bit differently rusher for the grizzlies should as a tailback it off on second on the left side. The yes side wrapped around his shoulders and brought down for a short gain anything by that. Went forward you know. Lord you know the technology here the public address announcer here Kissinger field. You want. It over again. No one's so it's third down and five for the grizzlies. Chrissie trying to take advantage of that interception by onus I think this has to be considered you don't hear toward the group was as well so maybe it. Run through little screen pass here's something that has still in the tailback position under the receiver and left those emotions are right. In on third and end up as a middle should passage has put his head it's out of the twenty yard line. He's going to be short news Liggett pass a couple of would be tacklers. And about a 24 currently gets to the quantity and it right now they're gonna go for fourth in two year struggle for their gonna mourn the door he wanted to. Yeah I didn't originally. Won and if it's an effort against minorities and now I'm. So. It'll be up working in the situation we're here all sitting right at the last test mark knows war. 1031 or two ago the opening quarter here in highland. Week six for the bunker grizzlies point islands gotti's. This is a fourth and three LD is in the gun receiver and electricity and aren't yet up goes up the middle should ask Richard Matsch is able to manipulate his way through the a couple of defenders he gets a first down. He's close I think he got mad at your partner as they are they give it room. And he knew what it's trusting your offensive line because he ran it right off the right side artwork and freely got a first down on that you know. Nicely done glad that he should bash basket she answered a plate with Steve on Abrams on the sideline. Japan is still out there tailback. To Jordan dole out there is a fullback an accident diamond formation in the backfield. Here's a first down and a post should pass up the middle should pass works his way to leave fifteen yard line. We're just kind of picker Petr steps between defenders and a commitment or why don't you editor's picks up some yardage it's like about three yards and hundreds of resistance to any diet. Of the running game right now exactly what we expect from rothmans such events during the pregame warm hues and it looks like them India is that the big Fella. Looks bigger and I've Knight enters the final play the first quarter hour about a war. But the first quarter but the winds whipping here and a wet field. We've played fifteen minutes that other grizzlies here island against studies nothing nothing we're back with second quarter action on in assess. 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This message has brought you by Kansas one call reminding you that no matter you're digging project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you did it. One talk station. CNN San. Pottery and I didn't remember our post game showed today plumber had his one call call of the game it is one call remind you. But no matter predict project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you dig. Or contact them at Kansas one call dot com. Start the second quarter. Grizzlies on the marcher after the interception by will bonus. It is a third down for the grizzlies. Don't go to the scoreboard does not it's not working to try to yards to go this is third down and about three. Probably second and seventh. Held a news and they got aliens off right side this issue that should baskets threw down to the ten yard line ankle tag. They're going that. If not for him it's making an unknown here for studies and managed to Baz is into the end zone but as it is he's inside the ten data than nine. So it brings up via third down and one for the grizzlies shot the lights are not working on media to go ball on the those lines. On the scoreboard not operational. So it's third and one at all. Will there be inside the ten yard line. Third down and want help Vegas and they got with a diamond formation of the backfield. In opposition bad right at the middle puts his head Downey's inside out about this seven yard line. And that will be a first down run by the addition of an office and apartment aren't happening got news that's going to be a first and goal situation for the grizzlies here so here in the second quarter the grizzlies have that strong wind from the west to their back. We're just under way second quarter know score or Ireland where people doubted them aren't going to be first in both the grizzlies at the highland seven yard line. Chavez remains out here is to tailback Chris season huddle to her to see that. Overcast day where this and as soon intermittently and now from the clouds right now the clouds covered. Helping in the gun first eagle to seven shoot baskets that left side and shoot as witnesses later about this six. There's really no place and apparently it doesn't want a nice job collapsing down and really shutting mobile. Ads. Like he did in the game at all yeah it wasn't exactly gold and. Casino gains a bigger part you know one he's at the seven right midfield little place. Rates so high you don't see a whole ball. With the grizzlies scored a game. So LD second down and a goal to seven he's in the gun back to pass he can still has time throws right toward the end zone it is incomplete. Garrett for setting receiver Chris Paul Holmgren brits don't print ads. So it was thrown out there at the end zone in complete goal has exaggerated the exit back at Warner Robins, Georgia just how to hold Luther. Au prince on the president called flat oh without back the only reason they maybe it was because. They said it was on that one Greece 510. In des princes 65. I've made a grain and water I'm in Georgia. Every screen is no defense of Guerrero what are their armored grizzly. So it's thirty all the seven Hulk is and they got what three running backs costly less psychosis as it's a great blocks of passes hit the five stacked up here. That it took this week the short side of the field that he picks up two yards he brings up fourth and goal the five were seen highlands is gone Stevens. Yeah mutated cancer cohort on what role do you try to keep that he'll probably still out negative points. It totally innocent Luke winner in. On a day when points might be hard to come by over the gonna try to agree here. Winners three for four this year in field goal chances longest is 44. This will be about it 22 yard field goal attempt for the last test markers to snap the hold tickets up it's on its way it is no good. Right why there. Minus forty yard chip shot miss Lou the winner. So the grizzlies off the interception I will homeless come up empty void that's hard to take. Page one each and that's basically done an extra point out. And it's it was obvious from your lyrics. Why do the right. More difficult. Here I just pushed him too hard right. What winners in money on the extra points this year is not missed one that he misses basically an extra point chip shot there and over event. It's a waste not want not here on the island saudis. Studies will be moving right to left here into the wind in his second quarter. Preston spears her sophomore quarterback getting his start today union for Detroit edged down the road. They stamp and a close up the middle and through the line distributes the ball carrier class the twenty. About a 21 yard line. In on that curious TD hole. Right back and one in the South Carolina. Tackled. You know what are the reasons even quicker than young man Darrell. A once. Your nose or your early second quarter Guinness Vegas along with magic that street anywhere it is today. Jewelry to bars are statistician would this year two are right on press row. Speakers in the gun. In it takes to step it up goes up the middle right back around the right side at 38. 35 according near sideline he's knocked out of bounds across the border fighting hard line at all and I was able to quell the audio left the court that. When you got around the chance of open grassy picks up a big game. It's about 22 yards there on the line. For the 45 yard line of highland the island's not there apparently and yeah. When he sealed off that. Sealed off to do the right it and use it around the edge. Again highlands play without their leading rusher Kevin Brown is out with a leg injury sustained two weeks ago Hutchinson. Seoul Poland really use in Jordan got the bulk of the carries today for the study's first down. Spirit back to pass rolls to his right looks on the fill quotas pressures hardest aspects of inside the forty homeless encampment and another brilliant play. These murals and rose at some point will Napoli and believe I'm irritable this throw away the irony Garrett Gomez was spear tried to do that hesitation isn't that posted earlier and enabled vetting does it's about that he'd done. Owners name and I didn't think I was gonna have a chance of getting reports are the only missed an effort conducted on the field spears at quarterback to police attack on opponents on the interception moments ago. Yes that's the future to tackle your problems. Grizzlies in it's. Second down in the balls back at the 37 yard line of highland. Spears in the fakes handoff new look she throws your sideline at diving catch attempting to play 45 garden. And when one man whose incentive for Ronnie Jamison are leading receiver. That Columbia, South Carolina. That's your answer to part Nightline isn't great effort to know it. We don't commitment that it. You notice men on this wet wet field it's got a lot of mud underneath the grass there were certain city offices opening up a little bit as the game goes on. It was drying out and the view was actually held up pretty well and recipients of their money's not the most part we still problems. There's third and Long Island spheres in the gauntlet tailback behind him three receivers right receive lastly as a web site. And hit an act of a bounty offered as a running back hole. And it is down to 35 yard. I try to setup which is playing it up. It is going to be viewed Mario weren't well Mario Burnett got in there after the initial down in the military expert to not get credit for the tackle became enemy the initial hit. And I really slow him and the rest of the fingers get yourself. Experience or doesn't tackle but he did do a nice job you know did you go because they didn't morons actually trying to get them with a helmet or shoulder season. Both the number one name Linspire. So speicher's odd upon it deep to receive this money CJ since he's back at the Butler 36 yard line. Speicher will receive this snap in his own twenty minutes ago it snapped in a kick is a way it's a short kick into the wind. It's gonna land inside the 45 yard line to be down it to 43 yard line by highland. The grizzlies talented field visit or your arm around 43 yards on a corporate and with 926 to go in the second quarter no score here island. It's disappointing when you are on their for violence of the grizzlies as you said. With good field position now the wind at their back and if there's ever a time to start Mickens and possibly in the evening now it. Coming up in our post game show we'll also have our US Marines player of the game if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest. Visit Marines dot com Marines stocked. Helping it our exodus is Stephen frank now a quarterback notes helping a bigger part. And it goes up the middle to keep on Abramson like he was walking on its don't be very tenderly. Shortening up the right side ago maybe one. Steer mine. In on and every single that was absolutely. Abrams back in the ball game after missing a couple of series when he hobbled off earlier in the ball game. These messages commitment in the room or southern and all of been successful. So the grizzlies look now at what second. He and with the second 112 elevenths we actually lost the art and at first carry. The Abrams tailback now back to pass pass those left side thrown. Incomplete there. Runner it was intended receiver took them. I'm currently under that pass was well over the road and helping him Brenda Miller it's kind of like deer prints on the out around their but even if grants made to catch it only would have been about a three yard gains really not very productive there and he said the ultimate shortly today. He might get towards the end of it and so when it is really. Whitney minutes behind the back of helping democracies are in the second quarter two receivers that are right. Writer goes in motion the collapse and off goes right side this is Abrams cuts back left side 45. Stephanie gets outside 4540 course like goes out of bounds just short of ID F 35 yard line so beautiful front I keep on Abrams started off right cutting back to his left gets a big gain an island territory. First down. I was like 621 yards here but even that. Didn't look like he's under present giving you money Abrams listener since the no huddle on first down and out goes here currency sixties act his way up the middle gets inside the 35 your mind about the 32. Is good run here without a huddle him lately flag is strong by the fact that the judge to like about six yards on the game pre Abrams look for the flag comes and we'll see what this one. This came well after the play. It's been a pretty clean games so far. At 821 to go before halftime here in highland no scorer grizzlies missy 22 yard field goal attempt moments ago Luke winner kicking it wide right. Double teams are headed to the sidelines as the officials are huddled. And hear anybody call time out today. Now looks like Tim shot in the head coach for the grizzlies yeah. Frustrated. And you leave me. Fifteen yard penalty yes I look at the end of Iran. Yeah it really really official with the wind blowing down on the field that officials Mike was second thing he's an American and I couldn't make enough. It's a fifteen yard penalty against highland and a bowl teams not to decide I don't think you would call timeout today this kind of a usual. The 21 to go second quarter data say it's a long wooden at Jacobs. You know Andrew Hamlin our studio coordinated today. Hillary could bar statistician reached every witness for weeks sixth. As they march up the yardage it's gonna go all the way down. To neared a fifteen yard line after that fifteen yard personal love foul at the end of the run against violent. It was outside the thirty so it's not a half the business the goal but it might as well and it's going from the thirty and didn't know who does that have zeroed in on this kind of thing in our minds of the thirty Sudan at seventeen. I. On the grizzlies off the huddle and. Sidelines. Holding a quarterback he's got to Jordan goal that tied it in the backfield with a along would keep on Abrams a tailback. First intense for the grizzlies at the highland seventeen yard line no slower second quarter here at island snapped held against an awfully good Abrams Abrams. Trying to small crack if he gets are about the fifteen current and it's. Probably umpire. In the backfield are there certain blood blood usually when the umpire throws up like a reasonable but it was. Basically have to play was over so. Not sure what he saw there really couldn't deal with life in time with their own performance basements that was a countering nearby you rooms who lined up on the right side you know went to the left side. So it's a valid island I can see the highland players. Ejected in the Butler players are starting to clap so. Can't say it's in the base against violent a personal foul. So I don't will be half the business model put the ball at about the half yard line and it's personal computers so they had the situation moments ago and is only that you couldn't convert old train yard field goal missed the very short field goals and you can do here with another chance. Inside the ten yard line. No highlanders averaging 75 yards per game penalties the grizzlies 94 yards island. With too costly personal fouls in his drive its first and goal at the for the grizzlies. No squirrel and eight minutes ago before halftime you're highland held it on first down and out goes the difference left side that's the outside cities hit and tackle. I don't remember baby got back to the bigger number one rule in line scrimmage. I think it's lost a yard garden happened with me in half now he's being marked him again. Bruno neighborhood though that Google not having much luck with a runner at second eagle now to ten soil honesty archer right now. About a pass Slater may be Geithner Prius wind it'll left field is likely image that was shorter defenders. Lot at the end zone I would love the the moment right here with Pedro second eagle to ten yard line penalties in the gun. Just as the tailback now and you're seeing it up to ship that's right site's best of five aka. Knocked out about it regardless athletic part of our hotline probably a false start. Well Butler didn't look false start they would have stopped the play but I think they're gonna call illegal formation and beer brands pleading his case. Two brides that are the offensive coordinator not sure what the yeah it's gonna go to its secrecy right illegal dwellers and was all our all star conference. Zone. How does the receivers get a false start on a run deeply understand just lack of focus. Patently Google now. Little bit in the second and goal now to five or they are fifteen yards and hit the ball inside five to about 23 and that run by ship it's. Then he should as the freshman Italy the north looking good that it carries out second and goal from the new team. Kristi break the huddle helping get the gun ship as the tailback to hold hold back to his left. Here's enough ghost should have right side of the middle it bounces off once after that gets an 81 yards on the left side. Witnesses say staunch Scotty defensive front what I want you and I think I was gonna throw the ball I think that might have been the player I would forward on to try to soften up this defense does a little bit with. Outlets like the third and fifty didn't go out there that you don't like there may. Mario dungy six tackles and a Mobile, Alabama six foot 3285 hundred's a two run away from massive popular vote only dungy. So it's third in gold now the ball. What just inside the fifteen yard line and LT in the gun takes a snap myself throw it to the left corner of the end zone and throws it way out of it's an hour I distraught second slight stroke. Which you would make it make you think its passenger fares and that was not a taxable passes and played it well one. It's gonna be it should be holding because you're principally to the inside and injured go outside we went outside you smacked into violent offender. That was. Ghraib bear who hit him out of Valdosta Georgia. Officials try to sort this out there was a second flight thrown. Right after the first one thrown. Company brilliance. I thought it was hurt the coverage on prints. So that's that's another costly penalty for pilot that's going to be a first right. It hasn't been your first and goal at the realism and ends the arm two yard line to. So it's personal to soon. Helping news in the gun was told to pull back to his left the running tailback Isaiah trusts. Decent receiver in motion right to left desperate standoff goes to trust trust is not getting any of these held up stacked up. Maybe under the line of scrimmage for a word hypocrisy here is apparently put it on up the middle audiences defense go outside. It's going to be possibly gardeners and the second and goal from debris avoidance island deacons put up one ethnic lines in the eye opener against the wall you've got media accidentally. Try to book the middle against guys that are right a lot of agreement with regard line. So they lost the art your right so it brings up second and goal from the three. Oh Vegas and they cannot trust the tailback behind him prince's wife left wheels why do the right. Second eagle three and it goes to trust trust the analysts had thought okay. Had the union and Russia wins through atmosphere maybe I'll forward learning that I know. I really perplexed by the insistence that right up the middle. Ruth since the man against man streak against the grizzlies did not bottler rented it notes thirty goal now to sue LD is in the gun. Trusted tailback. All the fullback and off goes to trust right sided ears and sources said he. And fell into the end zone for a touchdown so the grisly slaying the person that I've noticed that a vote in the second quarter they take us six nothing lead your island. They were held out of millions of the first then it got down there with personal this time they go and break on through things like that it's gone very well yes apparently that has British throne is obviously they broke through. And I trust. Pretty easily here's a look winner on the extra point you know Brady wrest the holder. Trust has been perfect excuse me you know winter's been perfectly extra points and just applause. It is locked into the end zone picked up my island they got a better tackle them and they do. But the extra point in his walk on Matt we know over the years how it goes. And we'll let go of that quarter and I was. There Lauren young who got in a blocked that kick for the highlands gotti's. It was a welcome one of our political. Management student workers recognize that held up when there had been eighteen for eighteen put extra points and that's the ants. So I missed a short Google is basically the equivalent of an extra. I brightness and blocks of the group was having some troubles with the kicking game right now they do need six nothing here with a 502 left. In the first half. Other sun breaking through with the sun out it's a beautiful sunshine date we have mostly blue skies now it looks like. Heavy gray clouds that we had sitting overhead and while back and moved on to the east wind pushing the boy. All the uncertainty dug deep to receive this tickets Friday Jamison and also trade Willis. Or islands bolted up with a 35 yard line for event there. In their vendor. Ready to go here he comes he runs out. In the tickets away to eat cake with a windows active it's gonna go through the back of the end zone for touchback nice job by. Though island will start out this drive at the 25 in this is. This is the gut check drive right here and certainly there's nothing that my. Grizzlies are three and two overall on the season two and two in conference play piloted students who overall. One and two in conference play. Both of these teams to make a good argument that it should both be undefeated. Kyle Austin double overtime to Hutchinson thirteen to ten they let a late touched down here. Last month in his Garden City beat him. Six that's tough loss was. Three defensive touchdown scored by copy bill in the last week by the interception. Against gardens severely hit three touchdowns but a front clusters. To sit on its products. Steers the quarterback sophomore in state quarterback from Troy in this year. Quarterback for island tailback behind them. In Canada goes up the middle in the backfield breaking free and dragged down by uniform by Charlie and the world will finally admit that. He's being unlocked went on and I'm and he reads his alarm out of round alignment and just adding muscle. He's Jersey and somehow that was just not through government wants us to admit that. Bring him down with one he and that was really Jordan with the ball carrier right now between. Between the ball here in Dayton Lucio locker yet reached around that locker with one hand and pulled down by sisters out law. Second down now they announce the flip but I didn't from left to the right. I'm excited goes back room left or right in does your back the past eight months now it's gonna run any extra thought. Patrick but no homeless in the backfield and maybe gotten. Conservatives here in Vegas and there's a term I always hate to use the common turns that the coverage. That was exactly what this act because they got excellent arrangement that was sacked because everybody sort of it was covered so well what the allegations and facts. There is no option for me throw the ball in the hole is just tackling. He brings up third down. Out seventh appearance and third and seven from their own it 28 yard line for highland speaker. Is in the gun ready back to his left. Three receivers to receivers are right receiver Lester back to pass pressure obviously travel outside at a pass topic. Trapped in the backfield by Toronto loan is being really receiver Willie George and lead them in the back and what a play there by Toronto loaded cut him down in the backfield. Jordan made the catch looked up field in Melbourne got a chance to turn his body appeal denied to Rob Lowe was right there to Ron went. Right at the ankles and Jordan try to jump over and we did you have it on the ground so nice tackle nice reactions. And not nice English like all the drama. So strikers on the punt deep to receive just punt standing near the fifty yard line is CT Sims. Speicher will be punting into the stiff wind it could snap in the kick is away and the wind's gonna knock it down. Wait it's gonna get up bounce for Butler goes back the other way in the forty yard. I'm a pilot. Went out matters little how the ball inside island territory just forty yards away in the end zone and they have a chance that. Good to get back to back scoring drives. Despite speicher the local young season right here in Iowa and like the win straight up. Well that's what we've seen you know. Americans with Clinton on the survives this is number 66. How many of these games have been played in these instant means to these two and who knows enough and a Dodge City two weeks ago real strong wind all day. Really hurt both the grizzlies and cookie stores opposite date received adequately and forties and so the grizzlies have the all the way to their active faults at a highland forty yard line penalties in the gun. He says Abrams a running back emotional left an opposite right side to trust trust inside a couple of would be tacklers inside at 44 short game that. So they sent Abrams emotion at tailback to left handed off to trusted right. Well I thought there and spot the ball average we have upon them Morton put it at the forty one's 92 yards almost three argument for trust them 38. So angry at second and in this call at seven. Grizzlies where in the purple pants today it was Theo road white uniforms gold helmets purple numerals. It is in the guns and writer in motion receiver right to left it up those Abrams if it is hit it dropped for a loss that's 39 yard line. Milosevic and art and didn't make him stop gazillion a word again as the great. This is two minute offense right now the clock down two Q2 21 and continuing to run in the book and grizzlies. Like to keep the ball on the ground in this game with them they're gonna have to start maybe rumbles office blocks third down and eat the ball is sitting at the highland 39 yard like received break the huddle. Under two minutes ago before halftime 60 definitely for Butler held easily done. Abrams costly goes outside neighbors it is try your on the edge that this being a pilot process for a lost back to the for a free airline. What did you do really into. He's gonna rain yeah. Alabama and he did a nice job nominee John you're gonna see you want Abrams picked up from behind in the backfield but. Boy mr. Mr. Hannity and right there it receives going to be here in the ball there. Island 42 yard line. Clock running down to 114113. Ego and it looks like they're gonna go forward or possibly help it hunt. I say go for because I was going to the ball back less than a minute to go into the wind I don't advocate other drive like that. They are gonna punish elevate punts it to that your sidelined. It's getting hit inside that standard to get a great role it's gonna go out of bounds they'll want an art and how out. I. Hiring that's what the ups and hardliners gonna call it near sideline him until they developer intends to get a gonna hit the lined up like it might go through import them and help it. That right to the two yard line if norm was down by Mitchell. And I have a chance to convince me make a play and tackle for loss went and opened two points where you can with safety but they only have what went out last. He argues to the grizzlies now so high level have to run. Two plays leniency in the final three seconds. So we're approaching half time here in highland were Kissinger fielded a sickness along with me at Jacobs. Hit him in our studio coordinator. Six nothing lead the grizzlies scored a touchdown extra point was blocked. Spears under center. Off those in the backfield and hit it bounce your way out of the five currently the altar. Marital history or play in this Willie Horton Alter. But the fact that that we did not. Immediately upload three. To a degree makes the tackle where the grizzlies that as soon after picked up of three for a islands and. I'm not taken by who's Butler. User last a final time out third and final time out there trying to pin him down here but yeah. Again that's their last time out yeah. There might be coming up at halftime we'll have our. Number staff recap by the law firm of Chanel and Chanel also coming up our post game show today we'll have our. US Marines player of the game if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com Marines dot com. We'll Dennis. My clock shows 157. To golf at 1 o'clock we may have an hourlong version about that sir it would make. Also our post game show love our kids just want to call call they game. He had his one call remind you that no matter treating it project is bigger small. We'll make a judgment call always call 811 before you did there you can contact him at Kansas once called dot com. Here is one called dot com announced her into a beautiful day here mostly blues guys bright sunshine. But the field is very wet so it's kind of like a sponge. Real high grass they weren't able to cut it with the rain this week. Six nothing lead the grizzlies. It is second down and seven at their own five yard line spirit quarterback under center. Tailback guidance in go to Indian grizzlies cannot stop it you're out of timeouts. So that will probably be the last play of the first half year. Now I would is had trouble scoring this year no secret about that they're averaging. Now 23 points a game they only had ten points and double overtime loss to extort Hutchinson. And I have yet to score here today. When I game and since then a squirrels contest Hillary and will be very important gonna Google or were wounded. What other car that runs the 000. That's yet the first half so the grizzlies in week six here at highland. We've played thirty minutes we're gonna halftime it's butler's six and a pilot not to stay with us at halftime shows coming up next. The. Are here hi this is Josh Hopkins Pablo partner and GM anarchy in any six in north with the location thank you for voting hall while your favorite barbecue restaurant in the reader's choice full eight years in a row we would also like to thank you for voting hunt wild this morning your favorite cater. Hi this is Bob Wilson partner in GM and jerking our goal is provide you the great barbecue and service to we really appreciate the recognition. Thought was a kid is growing company we could have done without you our faithful customers this is Chris played them all well partnered GM here in rock group thank you for them to serve you say this is Katie Schwartz how wild card carrying GM and all the great out on behalf of everyone how wild thank you to our great customers say that it hog wild number 18 ears and around. Hog wild this barbecue Bible occasions in Wichita Falls in derby elder rate over Hutchinson and Salina. It's not a lot coaches talk battery died he's running behind it's it's a happy it paid attention I have no idea what plays and run with moves your name's not that meant so. What I'll do is up and up popped this in answer to add up all that out they cannot attack and you guys that shocked the concerns that. Hopefully they'll let you know from for the coasted. We need to be here. And can stick the card reform ticks prefer. 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And Allen kanell proudly serves as general legal counsel for BG products and Butler community college and they're committed to providing excellent legal work and extraordinary service in all areas of banking and business litigation to clients and elder radio and throughout south central Kansas if you need legal advice for your business contact re your ten canal. And 3163214300. Or on the web it can Nolan kanell dot com Ken Allen can now they have the knowledge and experience to meet your legal needs. The canal family are strong supporters of Butler athletics. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape enhance and. I'm your messenger field in highland chances that it is week six the other grizzlies. Ranked nineteenth in the nation committed here today to play the highlands gotti's. We started the game low overcast skies windy drizzly wet grounds that as the sun now breaking through. Lenovo almost entirely blues guys here and islands we get set halftime it is a six definitely for the Butler grizzlies. The proceeds from this candidate three into overall we've mentioned nineteenth in the nation. Two and two in conference play tied for third with Garden City in the standings conference standings. In dead. Islanders to a two over all one and two in the conference standings this is week six. Lot of great sponsors of Butler athletics on her radio broadcast and one of them is handy heating air conditioning and loving. And heating air conditioner plumbing with more convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. An outstanding service and high quality installations which are looking for call handing heating air conditioning and plodding. Hannah heating air conditioner plotting is a proud sponsor of Butler athletic and let me tell you that we really appreciate. All of the sponsors that make these radio broadcast for football. In basketball all possible. Tennessee destroyed in the broadcast this afternoon by meant Jacobs the assistant athletic director of the Community Colleges semi broadcast partner last thirteen years. Main Hanson coach maintenance and taken off steam and nightly sleep aid off the effort coach he's a relaxing today. And literally in thirteen years we've been tournaments now can you believe it you know I I actually think in 2005. My first year broadcasting. Which coach has some aperture broadcasts anchor for the grizzlies. And it was the first road he was here. And islanders Saturday night game and it receives 170. I'm really very first game we needed to turn it alligator and a solid come from behind an elaborate on that game so. I got thirteen years of affable and I can assess which is pretty cool. Dazzle grizzlies. Don't okay it could convert on that first drive the that would have. You know make those two kicks at the ships and nothing if you really care about life you're up by two scores now are only up by. By six and attached an extra point to put you behind so Packers have to try to find a way to shore up the special teams a little bit here today but. But the offense you're doing kind of what they want and are churning up yards on the ground and the defense is certainly playing very well. We'll have the first half numbers here this stat numbers you're just a moment I wanna remind you this is. The 43. All time meeting between Butler and highland these series that began back in 1953. And the grizzlies won that first game 53 to nothing. Butler has won ten of the last eleven meetings with the us saudis but Scotty so we think back to that theme in 2006. Your man. Very similar conditions on the field. A stunning stunning upset when the note number one ranked grizzlies came in your 2006. And they were offended by the pilot Scott used to work two and six Billy Bob or so on the quarterback. Twenty for 34 passing. I don't Leah past 111 yards entire afternoon but it was what I infect a lot of people call the biggest upset in conference history. 2006. On a wet field here the grizzlies lost to the Scott he's 42 to 29. Yeah and I was still Randy Smith a long time photographer and you know unofficial historian of multiple all the that that may have been a the worst loss. The bunkers had at least. At the time they're here and I've been around the bird he says now I think the 2005 lost the Dutch city may have been players I have been worsened Playhouse in Belgrade I don't know all of those those two losses those two years both. Kept the grizzlies from national team should be appearances each of those three years there was. Two tough losses take then of course. 07 noise that bounced back and went back to back in Washington do you think somewhere right now at this moment Troy immoral is this right yes he's seen in. Man. Why you race in 2006. You know. Wait Laver was on the 2016 human as we roll up today we look at the field we talk about the conditions and everything. He says I. I dissent. Bad memories bad flashbacks from that day that was just six's it's a weird day for ball well. I will admit I did take a picture on my flip phone with a field in place and it's a Texas Detroit moral area. Retired grizzlies coach this morning he responded immediately suit and a boy conjures up some bad memories that zone. I didn't last on the grizzlies played here in town was under coach world in the last few years 2014 you know stories last year 2014. Prisoners had a win here. Grizzlies are leading six to nothing will take a break here we'll come back. And we'll have our first half recap by the law firm of canal a canal. Half time it chesterfield in highland Kansas Butler six. Pilot nothing we're back with more the halftime show right after this. Welcome back to Freddie then he'll be here that I pumpkin pie concrete fact sure dead real. Every cup. Crest at all. To come compact Greeks police coming right up at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of families and and president testing and preparing credible pumpkin pie concrete pricing dreamy president has stated Clinton and a slice of pumpkin pie Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers and the case that brings you back. Limited by knee pain. Sat is sports injury come after rapid murder of Kansas joined his spine specialist to get that connection adjusting grizzlies team doctor for over twenty years doctor Burnett delivers specialized neat in sports medicine treatment you need to return in the light you up. For the kids grizzlies stressed how doctor Brenner at 316. 2198299. Bar plus an appointment online at Kansas joins find app cannot. A lot can happen the second including making the wrong choice I only panic. I mean Malawi high speed and I deciding to drink and drive can turn seconds into a lifetime problems like jail time. Lost job opportunities. Courses are much worse I thought I was fine. In Kansas you treat. Me drive. A program at the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. I let them enjoy your weekend mornings at nine right here on CN. Have time here at island of other grizzlies were they six nothing lead over the highland Scotty is. Highland area reminds you it's time to rethink your recovery drink Highlander low fat chocolate milk is a natural for post exercise recovery. It has what it takes to help me rehydrate replenish and rebuild after strenuous exercise. And it tastes great soon. Every post workout routine should include refuel the body would cards protein gluten electric lights which albeit at a low fat chocolate milk. So recover like the pros and the grizzlies entry delicious highland Gary chocolate milk to refuel and rebound. Highland areas official review electric supplier. Of the Butler grizzlies halftime six nothing lead the grizzlies. That it you have some forming. Well like I I can assure that you our morals listen because it's a mean Texas. You heard you talking about him and ask you read what he says this is a very short recap of the law firm of canal in Q now the grizzlies leading six nothing. Chris he's got the opening kickoff that they were in the first quarter going into the teeth of that strong wind out of the west. And the grizzlies and it was scored the first quarter. But says they also got a big interception by will hold us. Bonus intercepted a ball itself pilot was driving with a ball that. Christie's team up and could not score early in the second quarter. 22 yard field goal missed by Luke winner from the left hash mark. He pushed it wide right it is. He's now three for five in field goal attempts. At secrecy would score on a ten play 57 yard drive at the five vote to market its second quarter. The two yard touchdown run by I'd say trust but the point after attempt by Luke winner was blocked by highland so at halftime we have a six nothing lead. But the other currencies and had a moment here we'll have to read the first half stats. Want to remind you that our first half recap project by the law firm it can Alan and Alan elder radio. Can Allen kanell has been serving a legal needs of candidates for over seventy years. So if you need legal assistance for business or personal. Contact ray or attempted elder Brothers and at 316321. And 4303163214300. We can check them out it can now and canal dot com. Law office of canal a canal and elder radio committed to providing excellent legal work. And extraordinary service in all areas of the law meant at first that stance. Well that aside I've never seen this in all my time covering football games across India across the years here with Boller. But. But the both teams. Have negative yards passing in the first half grizzly completed just one of three passing attempts. Now let's for a loss of three yards lament the little swing pass not to Isaiah trust. Pilot just completed two of five passes and they've got a loss of three yards Kim notably. On their passing attempts at rushing the ball's been where it's been for both teams keep on Abrams thirteen carries for 59 yards for the grizzlies his longest run was that when he order. Finish at bats eleven carries for 22 yards his longest was six eyes intra seven carries for thirteen yards. His longest carry was security does have the only touchdown run in the game. Rate heroes to volunteer for four yards to Jordan goal with one period for two yards president dressed as we saw that one reception for the grizzlies. For a loss of 34. Highland offensively through some Spierkel direct to apply. No touchdowns one interception colossal three yards passing. Rushing the ball Willie Jordan has racked up today seven carries 42 yards islamists who it was a twenty yarder to Johnson all two carries for 25 years. He had a 22 yard run. Our subscribers the quarter wrecking and on one play he ran a one time velocity art. And they had a team rush for loss in the art of many of them in the first half so they have. Notre since you're also has two periods. Aboard a loss of seven yards receivers Willie Jordan one catch velocity. Poll has one catch for a loss of two. Absolutely total overall. Offense. In the contest for the grizzlies they have run 36 place for 97 yards highland has run eighteen plays for 55 yards. Both teams averaging. Three yards per play right now that's. That's both due to the field in due to pretty stellar. Outputs here by the defense is for both teams. Right now it's always we appreciate your stance and again of children can bar official statistician with a here this afternoon. Two in the duties and keep us apprised of all the stats. And other games tonight in that conference Ellsworth is planted independence that's at 7 o'clock kickoff. And meanwhile cops to build on the road it Garden City that's at 7 o'clock kick off. He and a 1 o'clock kickoff Dodge City plane that Iowa western that we seem to score and then we will look. And also Iowa central is 1 o'clock kickoff today at fort Scott. Well we have both those other scores I'll western these Sun City 21 to nothing it in the first quarter. And fort Scott leading Iowa central 73 that's with twelve minutes left in the first half there. Our wanna remind everybody that procedure back home for a week seven next Saturday night a 7 o'clock kickoff. Against air force grab the air force for a Huskies make in the track. From Colorado Springs to a elder radio and he 7 o'clock kick off next Saturday night so we'll hope to see fans out of the key products that can sports complex. Next our ignited met real quickly what else is going on sports at Butler. Well he's got a text message from our other photographer Ed Bailey. And Randy Smith is one of our photographers she's here with football team at bay they went down to Oklahoma with a cross country teams. And he's listening to football game on the way back and he says the men finished fourth down there at the Oklahoma Baptist and by Sola. Butler cross country teams under first year coach Justin Miller putting together another strong season the volleyball team is not just under way against Colby. And that's a league leading or one of the top teams in the decision anyway against Colby for the grizzlies. They've been having some nice accessible bullish here and hoping to continue that it's one of the best teams in the league called the grizzlies. Currently sitting in fourth place in the conference standings that holds get a first round playoff game which would be very nice for the football program. And could you believe that it's a men's and women's basketball starts here within a month we'll take a break we're at halftime. But clearly in an island six nothing we're back with more right at. For us. To its. Took place but just struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the marine core yeah means. It was no alternative. It's not just a statement continues its. Promise. To our nation. Promise kept it for more than two centuries. Promise the moon. Reasons. 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It is say six nothing lead for the grizzlies stay with us we're coming back with the opening kickoff right after this. Nothing crazy good barbecue especially until hitting with family and friends you for the big game and nothing beats great taste of Curley is famous barbecue sauce with the U grill indoors or outdoors in your backyard or at the stadium Majorly famous barbecue sauce your choice for all your favorite meats like beef pork chicken and even grilled shrimp and salmon to build taste better with curly secret barbecue sauce and Curley says of the waivers to choose from one mosquito hot and spicy and smokey can get -- girl he's famous barbecue sauce and your favorite local grocery store for your next barbecue doesn't matter what flavor you Jews as long as it's currently stands barbecues so. Today was not minding. Should have set two alarm clocks. Should have gone for a morning run all should have similar to the boss you know we scares me. Should Sinaloa of the beautiful girl and counting all he knows she terrifies me should've called mom and dad should take in the scenic route home. I should have worn my seatbelts. Regret hurts look alone every trip every time routine when the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. It's not a lot coaches talk battery died he's running behind it's it's not happy it paid attention I have no idea what plays they run that would mostly names on that matter so. What I'll do is up and up popped this dancing to add up all that out they cannot attack in the and you guys that shocked the concern that stuff. Hopefully they'll let you know and coached. We need to be here. And interstate the car battery. Auto text refers interstate all veterans have stopped by one of our two Wichita area locations for free automotive battery test. This marks living finding weekdays at five right here on tape and as. Watch your cast your field in Ireland. In our conference football week number six the grizzlies leading as we head into the you have third quarter. Butler relating sixth and nothing over the highland Scotty is a game in which. There has been a paucity of offense but the grizzlies at 99 yards of offense in highland has 55 yards of offense. Through the first half of action here and that's because in large part. Due to a fairy wet in yet. The grass field here in highland. Six along with our broadcast partner this afternoon meant Jacobs bill and it for coach lane Jensen coach Henson will be back with us next week gets it receives back home. But faced the airports for a Huskies met here we go second after big game for all teams in the crossroads game for both. Well and benefit for the grizzlies is that they're Ryan twice as many plays in the ball game as highland has now so hopefully making your way to on this island defense. And that would make the offense more effective especially as we go to the fourth quarter. You know the proceeds will be kicking off with the window there baton. It's that Taylor's center that is and have the duties to kick off. Island will have to deep to receive Ronnie James is city wide receiver in trade Willis and wide receiver you know victory city. Six nothing lead for the grizzlies grizzlies scored the game's only touchdown so far attitude yard touchdown run by Isaiah trusts. Only 50 Judy bell before halftime yes your point was blocks or go to the third quarter. Sinner runs up and puts but it to the Pawlenty kicked it's gonna back at the end zone is second touchback ticket the afternoon actually done. There will be under the gun ordinance at no point. Policy studies and bring out to be there starting quarterback it was Kristen spears yeah. Wouldn't that solve yeah right into some sort of the surprise starter he's going to be the starter here in the second half. Yeah he got doesn't look like a prototypical quarterback I don't know what is hi please stats are still linebacker and you really don't miss it. 511205. Pounds out Detroit audiences there which is just up the road here from Iowa. Now like we said when he made that tackle on the interception. I'm sure he would of went both ways and small school lecturer so. Pilot move in Indonesia when you're in the third quarter moving right to left east or west spears and gun tailback behind him low snap and off goes this is Jordan right side Jordan. Gets around the edges of the 25 to thirty he's knocked out of bounds across eight Norton 35 yard line when it was hit the line of scrimmage but broke free from the would be tackler natural debris had him and looked like him wrapped up there and just kind of ram right through debris and finally we'll opponents and you got to go low I think runners like Willie Jordan Jordan's 61215. Pound sophomore at Warner Robins are hard runner. They'll load bring him down so the ball is that the 34 yard line second down enough goes to Jordan right cited any breaks it'll screw these out to the forty yard line anyway Gelman we're warlords what is it doubted early and do whatever he birdie. Now violence that is you wanna throw the power running game and I'm really really so. They've picked up. Sixteen yards here to start the second half. Highlands a very good running football team 143 yards a game last year they were second in the conference in running the ball. A staple of here in Arnold's. Head coach that is not enough again goes to Jordan Jordan. That's ID runs over one tackler who brings an account of what will Norton Alice is on metal men got him on the ankles the way many Gettysburg nobody does ball forward for about four yard itself in the regards that kind of at the line of scrimmage but he ankles but he kind of broke free and it jumped leaps forward to the 45 yard line. So the opening possession of the third quarter silence got to tip the ball thrown 45 yard line second and in about six. Only 55 yards bump and sentenced her Heilman in the first half and today. Wide receiver to the right right receiver left the room left side goes in motion right now it's Jamison hit up close up the middle mrs. Jordan. In Jordan and his ankles wrapped up of Yemen Jordan. Nice job artisans who aren't Charles Cole again he's made a couple nice plays that are on the interior and I wanted to present wanted more holiness and at Dawson field Georgia sophomore 632. Good sized defensive lineman for the grizzlies. Well here it is third down for pro highland the grizzlies. Must come up we'll stop here. You know meant to sentence in shiny that I think the field was so so this week by the rain I was down on the field early this morning. Was like this bunch everywhere you step to sink about a quarter inch into the grass that your right to grant has maintained fairly well through the first half but that would have a mud bowl here. Third down and now whistles blow before the ball is snapped he and his somebody called time out. It was highland director Karen Arnold sitting right beside the people judge right there and asked for time out. There's nothing illegal immigrants these great to have you witness this afternoon on 98713. Thirty can't assess. Mistakes along with the Jakob disease athletic director. Seven next week to grizzlies at home against the air force for a husky easy seven. Hit pitching products that sports complex next Saturday night fly I think Darren Arnold realized just how big of a third down this is for his team island hole before on third downs. In the first half grizzlies were five out of ten on third down Ireland needs to convert this one to keep mr. I'm going to miss about a third and fourth. Yeah we'll be third in foreign worker there informed. Island breaks the huddle right now below its aggressive on the far sideline Christensen their road white uniforms with the purple pants this week the gold helmets. Pilot were under dark navy blue jerseys with the bright yellow numerals. Maybe blue helmets with a bright yellow stripe down the middle it's a bright yellow h.'s on all sides of the helmet. So what will highland call here on third down and for the grizzlies have a bunch of guys stacked up in the box it's. In the gun now they flip the tide in from left or right along with the and other tonight and goes back to the left side. Here's a third in court and off goes to Jordan Iraq the right side is tripped up in town they tackle their bye Charlie and your mother when she hasn't been doing the right side and that's. Early Brendan. Got out and reached out grabbed by the ankle and brought him down after a two yard gains or bring up fourth down to tune your right he had room to run over the course of the field naturally been. Not reached down grabbed him by the foot that you save received an offer to Clinton I guess he actually has committed to the university West Virginia now so he's going to the big twelve other workers on the West Virginia David Israel is there a year masters quarterback for the honestly when he went right back a few years ago there for the grizzlies went to West Virginia we sought preakness last week and reunion weekend impact. It's good to see him. Here's his stamp adrenaline in speicher the putter gets a kick away into the wind and I kicked. Is to be knocked down by the way they get a little bit of a roll it's going to be down at the 31 yard line at Butler. Exactly 20/20. One aren't 130. Yard mix and actually not a match up with a little here 11. Screening for a hunger striker. You better name triple double play L last week was a reunion week. And for the other foot and a lot of guys coming Beck and Bill Clinton came back and I might gears and criminal event. California former quarterback coach says the national championship team. Both Johnson was back to running back from 07 national championship team is great Selig guys treated Smith. A lot of fun last week Belle Brady rest is the quarterback here for the grizzlies running backs and each side of them. All those in motion now now rests his notoriety looks you're on the right side at a very slow decision he's tackled all the way of religious art. Didn't stop. I don't do. Very hesitant airmen with a yard run decision one my that they love. Yeah you really wanna see your core I mean. You want your quarterback in those read options to be able to it you know have a little bit patients river Collin Klein for K state that was his strong suit was his patients to able to develop. Problem there there was no hole developing an island class that life. So loss of. 12 on eleven holding respected quarterbacks. He takes the snap and hand of those left side bounces the outside is Abrams trigger on the edge but he knock it until it. Except maybe a yard it's a lot of as a treatment soon. Yeah and I look. Mike comes in all the way across the field and I think there's going to be unsportsmanlike on highlands. Lauren young the defense of antenna Butler grizzly on his back and was lying on top of him. We'll see which way that now goes. This is trying to sorted out on the far side for the Butler bench it was the back judge threw the flag about thirty yards across the field. This is a very stingy highland defense we do that coming in the top defense in the conference. Titles and players are sick and it is against Butler. Man now lord younger player comes over and he's frustrated he's known anybody talk to him. It's almost uses trying to hear idea referees Mike on the field with the wind blowing. Crowd is against smaller items that go against Butler. Or no. It's an awesome yeah I've written the Palestinians and they've got a flag. So it picked up to flag after that lengthy discussion no penalty. He's 21 yard line this is third down for the grizzlies third and it hand. Penalties and they go on the toss it right side it's probable that the fat filled let's see who batted a big pile up I think Abrams may have fell back on it. Pilots say they got it allowed me huge wanted to win the game in highland. A city officials have yet to indicate. Pilot thought they had a tip players running off the field say they had at that they don't want my leg ever find out to be honest. Turn being and he still cannot get record speeds they're gonna call time out they have not indicated who runs the ball. The mother offenses. Motivated it is possible to try to toss sweep to the right side and Abrams never really brought that went into. To the bread basket he fumbled and I think he was able to fall back on it but now he's down on his knees in the backfield hurt. Training staff is out to have a look. So we have ten. Twenty to 23 to go in the third quarter and new scoreboard your Kissinger field lights are out the light welter and most that he. Scoreboard functions. Well maybe they'll have when they put him in her. Under that would work Turk. It's up slowly his helmet off and Abrams. Missed a couple of series in the first half when he hobbled off the field. Q on Abrams a leading rusher in the case hoc conferences your 123 yards a game. He's coming off the field very slowly looks like he's holding them back in his neck she comes off the field. Back in government and rude and ignorant fingerprint so they're gonna have to punt at the lighthearted numbers Lebanon then Brett. As the greatest deep to receive this month so Garrett Chris with the wind do its act. Prince's did it take to snap from eight. Inside his own five yard line. Returned in. Agassi agrees to eighty inside his own forty. So good snapped by. Nolan kick that he wants it's gonna go over they hit. Added it still inside that hand picked up there I gripped a five embraced and nude side. Has thrown inside the five yard line on the return. What one out pardoned by cured for it's we have a couple of flights on the field Alley got three flags. Between a forty in the south the end zone or the east end zone. Well and what you hope now is that Butler didn't get penalized for anything because otherwise sell offs that the penalties and forced to re kick. And that was a heck of a kick like deer prints people of that ball from. On the twenty yard line eighteen yard line it was actually picked up about before. There is a slight throat immediately on the return when the return man was able to shed eight Butler would be tackler and a flag was thrown. That's a 76 yard punt out with the windows back but still 76 yards on as a 76 yard punt. The officials seem confused or down here huddled in front of us now below your sideline. Whether it's a beer cans at your side sector confuse themselves flag on the return which would be go against. Violence there's another flag or two near midfield and those who once we don't know how they're gonna shakeout. With that initial flight was because it just looks like the return pages she edited tackler in the flag was thrown out there is that there's a highland. Blocker who came down probably got to block in the back not because what happened there. You never like to see the official total for this long if it gives the the picture you oppression of confusion. Well. And positive news. Via mobile team won the first set against coldly 26 to 24 so. That's good for the group the volatile absolutely. Went away and it's really whipping from west to east that's left to right here it chesterfield islanders others. Broken through its crystal clear blue skies now if it earlier today we did little bit of rain this morning some overcast guys that's all moved on. But very wet T it natural grass field here. Aaron Arnold does not look too happy with the official who's given you an explanation there was three flags on the field so. Obviously trying to figure out all three infractions and who ends up where. Boy AJ know what's saying hey Harry you let them do that to me so I think he's saying that he should have had Heil Hitler. I'm penalized for personal foul roughing him in some form or fashion. There's obviously the Fallon returned this is definitely through goalies we've seen if there's still figuring this hour. It. In this there's obviously. Here in earnings. Worth your it culture he's on his wrist problems this season since 93 different. Seven and fourth last year and finished. Sixteenth in the nation they're gonna to reach Dickerson. After all that Hillary ticket while mindedness. And Ireland offered to stand on the sideline trip really started clapping. Sitting penalties in the Jindal was given a personal album long snapper for the grizzlies and any block in the back against a highlands and AJ must have retaliated in someway it. Should you not. Have me. During the play penalty in the a dead ball penalty. I would think that's what they would I don't know what happened or what authorities say happened to him there are gonna record now. It's going to be offsetting penalties all of that AJ must have retaliated and someone who believes. And here we are monitoring program. Now it's bad break for the grizzlies there were well let's see if he that your prayers and ability in Texas 76 certain out of windows back there right. Is it agrees deep to receive this time he's deeper to back 225. Yard line is not an instance with them. Princes and received as a staff from Beijing Knoll launched effort Knoll as the Jews. Lights out teacher was snaps. Nailed a job. And informally that. That it snap right on waist high and kick is away and other deep blue beat Jack. And it's going to be filled inside of fifteen yards are the twenty yard line. Yeah. I really struggled this year on special teams didn't return. Josh Davis Boggan made the tackle they're in the grizzlies without him being returned for highlands is that the difference infield positions and it didn't want he's been a great long snapper. Put him getting penalized for that personal style that. This is a different that fifty yards of field commanders in it was a retaliation right now. Well that's what he was claiming that the pilot alerted them and impersonal like he did when he did those great return her eyes is outraged at Butler 47 yard line. It's a quarterback but the running back behind him that is the deal all. Hit off goes the whole of the Middle East hit right at the line of scrimmage by opponents evil. Beauty all you. Maybe picked up half yard on the right side home this again breaking through to make the back field tackle on against Charlie Britain actually gotten personal insults and jamaat. Yeah well whatever that thing and that's been a wonderful city of Butler 46 yard line. 9:28 o'clock right in your third quarter we six at the grisly season Butler with a six nothing lead. Butler scored a touchdown late second quarter extra point was blocked. Screener in the guy on second down and nine at the Butler 46 yard line. Enough now. To left side is holding the blocker in the 4835. To earning wrestled out of town spies it will bonus. We know he's gained nearly a whole whole out of the locker right in front of it is he had on his who's pushing the locker ahead of them. And he never on the left ditch for a nice for today for the right guy. Sixteen yards and not caring Christie's on her heels right now the Tia Costello defense here early third quarter of the it is amazing how one penalty can change the entire dynamic in that yes that second punt return them. They did change the field position by fifty yards as you said first out about thirty yards on spears and a gun and off goes to. Paul again all that sightings he gets five more yards a big chunk yardage. He's not doing any president because apparently you all are both arms and go straight ahead in. Arm tackles by the grizzlies he said that number one running back and found right now Kevin Brown is now that injuries but maybe be benefit this year to explain it roster limits and not rooted out of staters there's. Everybody's got. More than one talented guy on their roster CD Olerud index 6122 inference is that I the South Carolina. He still under tailback he's fresh. Second down in 525. Yard line. So it's definitely for the grizzlies it off goes again no effective pass that was the right side it's not my Jamison Jamison rates once actually got past. Yeah only to go to war room linebacker and what went to Toronto is it about the twenty yard line near the first down marker there will be a first down on a pick up of seven and a first down. So they faked the handoff I went through this thing is well they passed it to. Jamison receiver on the right side in. Who's in the back Philly got this past takes a feel for seven and first album the chains island inside the red zone for the first time today persons in the nineteen this is their deepest penetration of the game. All of that Butler nineteen yard line for a sit down sphere the quarterback. Hold it right back to his left. And off him and he goes right at the middle and brought down quickly. Running back actually Justin ruining this point fresh to limiting Georgia different time now. Is it as a running back for highland will opponents met him in the hall and knocked into the ground with. And pick up here yards bumpers don't know everything and it was undoubtedly the bolts at the butler's seventeen yard line. 706 to go third quarter. In keeping minded island is. Moving into the windier in the third quarter of the windier back in the fourth quarter. Speakers and a gun right back behind him. I'll close up the middle and this is really isn't released a pilot carries inside the fifteenth. And right now a lot of my friends I look in front line you know it is a crime that they. I'm really active grizzlies defense of front line. Well here we are another third down conversions situation islanders still. We still over the game and Portland now. There and for our. So the grizzlies Kasten put defense trying to draw a line here in the sand island over five on third down conversion in the game the grizzlies needed another third down stop here this is crucial the ball is right around it short of the other thirteen yard line Scott is break the huddle movie and right to left here. Spears in the Gundy flipped the tight ends from left to right. Running back behind in this release and up groceries up the middle it bounces off once factories close the first county stacked up. And at a scrub and now he's down to the ground I will homeless who have apparently didn't get a first and beat out two yard shot to loan. What hope's key step up and at that time sophomore from bishop Carroll high school. This will be four down territory here pour into the skies grizzlies have to step up you know and lord I'm not what are going forward obviously spears looking for the play from the near sideline we I would be. I've been. Almost thirty yard you're going to win great years and got to go port so excellent fourth and two yeah up fourth into the eleven yard line spears naked under center the running back behind him is Willie Horton. Fourth and soon. In an op goes to Jordan right side Jordan is Jordan games. And I think he got it boy the last effort second after the war he plunging ahead to priciest thing to help them I don't know. And as saying and I'm manager. This is seen as hell I don't know they're gonna bring the chains out on this one. And reduce not the clock to bring the chains are the priciest offenders are waving needing to edit and see they're gonna bring the chains out. Acknowledge his second half he murdered spurted forward just enough to be merged now you know what he needed to get to the nine I don't think he got a where they spotted the ball just inside the tent. Him. It's kind of hard to see from our angle here in the press box off Horry was able to move up after that second effort. On the right side bring the change other than stretch not near the end let's see. I don't know. The Whitney whose weaknesses sincere he didn't get the nod he did not get the defense for the grizzlies this. Intra sue couldn't close the puck all two inches short I thought he had civic chaos template beat them it's. Person and money and again soon. A fourth and so do it via butter eleven yard line and they stop them on fourth down. That comes with 522. To go in the third quarter. Violence done. So how did. So the grizzlies now. Have held again Eric quarterback. Running back behind it and end up goes to trust trust off the right size across the stand commitment that he's out to about a twelve or thirteen current first jury. What a big fourth down stuff that was the bump it includes an island inside the ten yard line. Their best offensive possession of the entire day and they come up empty that was forced into with the eleven. And new stock just a inches short night tonight your gout one and seven eighths the grizzlies look now at second and then he second down in the second seven helping enough goes right side and it's stress again very short game point here conservative I've been incidents. Well that he should miss the volunteering at this point in time you have your opponent know and still has the wind behind you. But we keep from saying play again and you might Muslim here you know. With the wind at their back here in the third quarter much offense three Florida have been similar to the burnt down. The third down. Third and seven for the grizzlies they have the ball at their own. It's really hard to tell the polls what about the thirteen yard line. And organist yeah I think it's their team. So it's third and seven helping sands trust in motion tailback to laugh pass over the middle it's. Pricey. CJ Sims. We have not called his name at all data makes a huge pass completion of the middle line LD sixteen yard first down out to the thirty yard line. It is written to the ground like Traber. Knight errant. I saw seagate today at breakfast not just kind of wondering the back of my head how big an impact is he gonna have in this game in these kind of conditions. Relic of the the big sixteen yard catch over the middle right there. He's been frustrated this year with a weak defense physically and this year it's easy returning all American. From last year. So pick of completion here a first down and off goes up the mineralization as your best and don't. A table and hundreds of brand name is incumbent wind a little town nearby island completely. Here if they continue to try to pound the ball but then they can try to find those routes over the middle likely to stay with CJ Sims that would open the running game up a little bit. Chavez gets a no gain on the left side second don't intend. What is so island defensive front event dynamic. Receives look at second lieutenant thrown thirty yard line to break the huddle to receivers go left. And off goes to trust the middle trusts. Breaks through it gets crossed the 35 he's hammered for securely and hundreds Clinton administration appearing on the front Fred barren. Here came up for me as a safety position Valdosta Georgia and they hit. They're nice run of six yards hereby try zone there. This was apparently not thing isn't much trust in me Nancy goodness he's not the bases second make it third down. And for third in four. Tia McBeal on dancing or 333. Third in three doubles to 36 yard line. Penalties in the gun in now ia fakes the handoff these holes are that separates you rather have a bigger market products may when he runs that yeah. Are you Myron Mitchell's almost like he managed care of the ball ritual for a second and kept to himself and tried to move forward but he's only able to be one yard renewed three in the gruesome plot the pond here. We'll see what what kind of a sugar Edwards who won here so that's not Brady who runs its software early on that third in three gets wind regrets and they have. I'd say it is key to receive these this zone. Ten yard line here differences on the pine Knoll along Stafford. He has in his own one yard on a waiting to snap. Another good one from the hole in the kit is a way it sorts it near sideline. Great comes up and gets at that forty to leader silent on the 25 he's had about a 27 yard line by sea of white shirt is the biggest hit of. Are split on their fire. And Lori martone 66220. Freshman linebacker at Columbia. South Carolina also enter under here. News from this country here so later he was in shackles under here 511205. From Washington campus Washington. It's up northeast of my hands so try not very far from home your world are here. 131 to go in the third quarter here at highland grizzlies clinging to a six nothing lead over the saudis. Skies will bring it. Mrs. Driver. It was veteran wildcat he's listed as they excited he's in their quarterback. He and he takes the snap and fixing it up it runs right up the middle he's doubts about the thirty yard line. Pretty much know when he comes in. Markets driver eSATA gripping Georgia. Yeah run them big collision there with the obviously the debris. 23511205. Sophomore from Cleveland you know the high grass out there in degrees now where he has socks looks like almost like he's played with your body. Can't see is please welcome back at somebody's white jerseys are now brown from Obama canceled school problems. Second down for the saudis that their own thirty yard line. Spears back in there and he throws a pass right side it strapped in the back field by Jamison. Incomplete passes and it is an enormous thing where you refer to look at revealed the C recruiters aren't important to actually make the catch in right hands and dropped 47 seconds ago third quarter a year at Kissinger field and island. Butler grizzlies who at least six nothing lead over the highlands counties. On a day where offenses in at a premium for all teams Kristi said 99 yards in the first half. Pilot had only 55 yards on very well at the infield during natural grass field. Third down here and the greens are hoping if they can hold highland here that make him look into the wind one more time record and seven and out goes up the middle bounced out to the outside. Running back he's going to be the first. Second third effort. Don't like grizzlies and still to preakness and also the grizzlies. Lost didn't. Have you stopped but that was a great effort there of ITT hole that was his warm one too in the grizzlies round as he pulled a couple of groups with behind and just. Is that your screen pointing at him stopped and that would have forced upon into the wind. As it is now under thirty seconds ago third quarter they'll flip the field and islands and the wind there back in the fourth quarter. 1918 seconds ago as the quarterback Chris announced handoff goes left side. This is all poll gets past the initial tackler crossed the forty out of 43 yard line. Receives it's my duty you know. Making them the problem. When one of the opposite Lyman moron highlands. And a block that he was. Continuing global scrutiny of the planet of the inaugural lemon but McDonald yeah it's ended the third quarter so we are headed in the fourth quarter here. In highland Wear a cast your field as we had to before court in the bunker grizzly sixth. The highlands saudis not be we're back with the fourth quarter action on in assess. 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This message has brought you by Kansas one call reminding you that no matter you're digging project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you did it. Jason maybe join us for become reality radio week nights at eleven on page. I mean on the fourth quarter here and islands and the other grizzlies jail on a conference football on this bright sun charity Saturday afternoon. Adjust your feel the grizzlies are clinging to a six not the lead over the island studies. And studies this are the fourth quarter we'll have the wind either active strong wind there. In the second down. Second down in about four for the studies at their own 44 yards as we start the fourth quarter. Spirit quarterback he's in a gun ready back behind him include the tide in from right to left hand off those two hole. Homeless your on the right side cuts that the film. And he's still obviously several. This mess. It's exhausting yeah. I don't know. Truth that is not generous enough. Number 77 for piling up and sublime and Trey Monty is the raid on six ports 350 had a Warner Robins, Georgia he had the running back almost like he was nearing the running back like to be back with during the ball. Several prisoners have their hands on her hips are exhausted the defense. That's a huge run first down about forty yard line spears in the gun. And off goes up the middle through the right side hit the line of scrimmage and that was will homeless it it made in his bid. One it and then with the following him along with the free wheel on the and it's no game of all here and there it was just it really isn't that big hit my opponent said it is planned as Florida. Now I'm serious he got an offer this week from Toledo and I think more opera and you come in for a young man from bishop Merrill bonuses white Jersey number twos that covered in dried mud. He's played a whale of a candidate an interception earlier in the ball game. Second down. Second down about nine of their own forty yard line currently about forty yards spear in the gun and off goes up the middle and he hit. And a bouncer to hit 35 yard line when parents number gets violent resistance senators are now I want. Very well all of a city person to created heaven and finish him off I think you're right I think the grisly defenders are getting kind of Brian. My yeah. Both sides another third down the grizzlies have held highland old were six on third down conversions in the game we'll see if they can do it again here. And forward it to Butler 35 yard line studies break the huddle call for their offensive linemen coming back from last year's. Spears in the ninth inning and it goes up the middle listen the backfield and stocks. I'm not sure it's the opposite and believable to me fired puller on the sidelines not only today hold him. On third down they've knocked him for a loss of yards and we worked out and buying helped me this Highlander basically just snapped the ball and running right up the gut scene here we can't stop the city candidate did that time and they're gonna go we're right here which I wholeheartedly agree with you got the ball 36 yard line up but is going to be very much for you. Go ahead and go forward. Sows fear at a sophomore quarterback in state player and Detroit Kansas quarterback getting his start for highly. He's in the gun fourth down. Where it's at about five sphere with a running back to his right that is the media poll he's back to pass pressure coming. Aliens. I imagine yeah. Tennis so yeah. Yeah and receiver who caught it over the middle Jamison. And chambers in his staggering off the field and it never gets that helped him or he has run right at the online news heard Jamison is a doubled over in the sidelines. Well homeless with one of the bigger hits you'll levers get pass over the middle they do not get the first down. And homeless and absolutely lowered the boom went on that receiver. Hi I proved. Lower your. I don't know it was like that I do river Jakob early getting hit here at this stadium in a couple of years ago and and think and I hope he's okay. Man opponents met him like him retrain. Ronnie Jamison cut it short pass over the middle just short of the first down marker and immediately upon the reception. He was hammered. I will haunt us in dropped to the ground here's a handoff on first down at. And Abrams bounces the right side is gone nowhere and again this defense. And trade barrack came in from a safety position and made a big hit. I think democracy's not a scrap the running game and after getting no era now yeah. Well now you're trying to throw into the wind and thing is that you keep running the ball to keep the clock but here's the deal they got a mix it up it got to start throwing maybe sunscreens are working some aside passes something. They're just trying to run between the tackles it's not worked him. This highland defense is more than up to the task here in the prisons and second down in nine. He got Abrams got one yard on that here. It got Brady rests in the quarterback you know as an empty backfield he says Abrams in motion the left breast is gonna look derided he's going to be hit and try. I'm honest. In his residence. You know yeah you definitely take this kind of pitcher batter steps looking for an opening and all of a sudden we're does that sort of eleven it was third and eleven now secrecy is going backwards. They need a first down under ticker at Celtic back in the ball game. I'm surprised how few times he tried to throw the bold leader prince prince goes wide left here. He is he is a guy who's got a rare combination of being a business or receiver and having in the third eleventh for instance into why the left held it back to pass throws it deep down the far sideline it is. There's a Flash Player yeah why not make rapid Jersey governor and now know. Runner was down by the front of his Jersey by the defenders who reached for the hesitant I call and say it doesn't really have somebody passes that you're thinking about Saddam like that it is no official throws and is a horrific non call. Ha that was sold blatantly obviously grab pictures you runner this is reaching out to catch the ball and all the don't I throw. Unbelievable. One of these so what what team officials watching here I can visit the official site and didn't see it because runners Mac was doing but somebody else had seen yours for X gets a little ticked away it's a line drive kicked. And get a good role. It's gonna Roland site island forty yards I cannot believe. Not all of our records below and advance that's just lately wrong. That's a thirty yard kick corporates which isn't too bad into the wind especially since it was. Maybe potentially partially blocked a runner got up and incomplete pass this gets out see what you don't call down. He still almost come to pass unbelievable. Yeah yeah I mean it's very obvious from right here earlier at the they had a hold of him right between the one who. Funeral on enters in front of the Jersey he's jumping up to catch that pass defender grabbed the front of the Jersey Poland and down the program. And that's not the definition pass interference and I guess I don't know loses so Ryder Cups violently at the ball in the wind either acting at the ball their own 37 yard line handoff goes left side the whole poll single line of scrimmage across the forty out to the 46 yard line. How many more times and it grizzlies defense hold the air exhausted it on the field a lot today. Opponents has been making first contact on it not been able to bring people down that time you're in the sun belt and help me finish off the boy material out to the 46 yard line. Again gusty winds. Active pilot in the fourth quarters six definitely for the grizzlies. With 1021 ago fourth quarter acre island. Spears second on and off in the past. I honest and thought knoller. Well bonus is plane that came up his wife is a Butler is only related he would just planning to do one like command with a purpose. Pilot offensive line in Los homeless and he's gonna to check out of the contest. Which might come into play on this third and short skirted through. Grizzlies a little island now all personnel were responsible he was stuck to bird's back that they spike the ball 45 here at home this estimate of 43 com. Business. Really questions thoughts on the so a lot of times third through here created down for the grisly secrets we if you're into your. Studies. Spears in the the running back behind him third down and sit at this Gotti 45 yard line. Spears. Yes this now handoff. It's going to be going down he's under great effort we'll remember it is a whole media poll. He kind of waited just perhaps against the perhaps Atlanta and then darted forward and got just enough to burst out of blue book. No court for the first down to the 47 yard line nice run ID. It didn't snag his way through a couple of defenders in the back field. So much longer in the music via a simple grizzlies defense hold on here today and leads it's nothing. Run nicer one bit of violence towards that you wanted to get 76 lead resolutely we agree with not enough time to drive the field. In the went into the into the wind. First down at the 47. Yard line for highland it's a 47 handoff goes left side hit the back toward but he breaks free with a burst of speed and at Butler turns. Would you. Norton wouldn't Mario Hernandez hitting good Mario and he got drug for about five yards after the initial contact and in the backfield for a loss and in Jordan is it no not bring immediate halt across for about where your game. Sony's grizzlies defenders and they need to read this morning. On our tax thing going on and it's not working too well for the grizzlies. I sat down second in about four or five for the study's accuracy shovel pass posted Jamison receiver. 645. To 44 o'clock hour I'll homeless when it's. Loan after the play. Whose second beyond that going to be on the highly offensive lineman there. That was clearly on related to the play into this could be a personal fouls in the big somebody Bailey Malibu it's the offensive lineman for violence. 67290. Pounds at a horrible South Carolina he's the guy that shirts and the my biggest secrets easily so aggressive players reacting. Officials trying to sorted out we've seen him do this all day long. Careers and against it looks like it is going to be against Butler. So people. Yeah we cannot hear an official the wind is Mike is useless he did say 74 penalties against island. Personal foul against island at came after the run I was a little insight shovel pass to Jamison receiver moving left to right. The ball wasn't the 44. And march off the fifteen yards yeah. Yeah it really hurt themselves with penalties today. Criticism costly costly fifteen yard penalty is there an audience is down also counts and now instead of being a third down. Third and sixteen. Paulus at the pilot 41 yard line. 838 to go on the third or fourth quarter as citizens and people about it. There's 173017. For pilots fear. Running back to his right to receivers let receiver took a right spear back to pass pressure trying to pass goes left sided this incomplete. Jamison intended receiver with a point four yard line and it and it covers your partner envelope was gonna lower than I did yeah. What I did like they're under the and I've been. It's that it Iran always talking too much stuff and I think I'm glad it's not throwing unbelievable it just felt a little sideline. Butler grizzlies I'm discipline here are gonna get a yeah fifteen is this automatic first well we'll see you Islam and Islam violent person knows it's on Butler because you can see the reactions of other ditch. This is this is nothing but smack talk after a play I didn't like the way that the Ramos stood over the receiver that are. He deserves the lines Stan. And again confusion on the officials how how hard just to sort out well it'll make it more down and but Imus is an automatic first down. Very very disciplined by a grizzly over there that they had the ball then it stops. Who's gonna go against. Tim shocker is talking to officials on the far side line there's 821 to go fourth quarter significantly for Butler. Pilot has the ball. The ball still leg there at the forty. Six yard line. This through his really I don't. Had a hard time today. Billy's against other DC 44. That there's been ejected from the game is that correct. I can hear that but to me like he did that come out. So a Butler player I believe it's been ejected and won the sidelines that he received was number 41 Alexander Watson. I don't know if he's the guy that says this is unbelievable the head of stops. This is a a personal foul after they haven't stopped on third and long they were gonna have to put him. In the penalty takes the ball into the but. Or 44 yard line a fresh set it down the zulus who will think whoever did it. Well after the play was over and that was brutal I believe what I Manhattan. Incredible lack of discipline on the grizzlies. Now pilots got a for a sitting down answering other territory would eight point one ago six definitely for other fourth quarter. And now more confusion on this disprove the officials. We'll have support from seventeen the yardage didn't do the first now it's an automatic first down based on the nature of the penalty. This has been a long long day for the officials say it isn't really is an automatic first down a little ones. Joan fourth down on the far sideline I don't think that's right. OK so there's confusion everywhere there are. Officials over talking to a preseason coach Tim shocker to Alter the ball in the right spot. Can shoppers very discouraged by what he's here he's hanging his head. Talking to referee. I think in a bunker player got ejected from the game and I I don't I don't want to speculate but I think it was number 41 often. This he went to the sideline in the official paid in the thumb. Losing personal foul that extends his drive. The offer volleyball team in the second set against Kobe 25 of fourteen so they have a two nothing lead and that's. You know right now football's storied it is the ball's gonna stay at the end of 44 you're gonna Butler. The first down for it. Highland studies. And you live for a pilot eight point one remaining on a constant personal foul after they've stopped them on third and seventeen and incomplete pass. Personal foul results of the first down for highlands. Credible. So it's definitely the grizzlies released when he wanted to go to game fourth quarter. Still confusion by the officials there are respected sideline. I know it's too early then surely the goodness that. You lost leaders Charlie then it's that he checked Eugene he's been walked. Up to the locker room. So on bigger part it was not locked in that it was it. You've lost friends linebacker Charlie bit if you check it. Get started. Steers and begun with a running back colts who is left Chris downs for the saudis. Yet and head off those holes through the middle east Texas area but at 41 yard line. Yeah when viewed in mobile me could not be around tonight do we know Aldridge and android debris. The gain of three on the place seconds but it does that's inevitable scene at the Butler 41 yard line right hash mark. Clocked eight minutes ago fourth quarters extensively for Butler. Penalties weren't sent to and so for a two yard touchdown run by say trust I go to Google in the second quarter. Extra point was blocked solicit definitely for Butler and other missiles. Whistles blow the plea yet adding color me call time out. All the time here now we have 746. Ago here at Iowa. Boy. Galactic discipline on these young men. You'd just made a stop on for a third and seventeenth and just get off the field. And why you have to talk smack to the opposition. They get a flight of the results and a personal fouls and he objection. And gives them a first down with a chance to get the go ahead score is just beyond me well and we'll have to see David this objection class the next week as well so. This could be a developing story for the grizzlies. And it's just incredible lack of discipline. Now the defense rise again. It's gonna be second down. Second and in seven. For the studies. The beleaguered grizzlies over the bars sidelined him. We have grossed. Listen to the occasion several times that it would be on third down attempts. I what over several parades of my. Tiger comes it's as simple defense again. Second down and seven the ball is sitting at the Butler 41 yard line right hash mark. Spear the quarterback has gone the distance today for highland the running back is hole behind him. Second I'm seventh hole awaits the snap narratives and off goes the whole right side of forty puts his head. Anders inside the. Detroit appreciated about the one. 38 yard line and got drugs for another five or six yards wider trying to tackle opera on the chest cold lol. The blue rebellion. That's the first he was hit with a about a one yard game and he he took three defenders six yards for a first down. But the Pentagon from the blue blooded group of 33 yard line right hash mark first person and highland. Pilot moving left to right here ST east fourth quarter. Successively through butler's the year in the gun to receivers elect receivers that are right. Spirit back to Astros a passage. Alabama freshman yeah but anyway as wide open hurt with a tackle another person at the fifty yard line for highland. Buoyant more violent and then from 2000 dollars bass player of the date yet. They're gonna market at the sixteenth hearing and other bad spot there he is up fifty. President downs highland drive the ball 642 you know in the fourth quarter. Clock now become benefactors extensively for Butler spears and done all that running back to head up credit them at all. Ten yards. At all times seen as a bunch aren't good news. I don't know who TD whole military leader Abu grade one goal line stand already in the contest to see if they can find a way to do it again. We're that the war that the god second down in Florida just slice about five or six yards six here. Chances are exhausted out that are middle linebacker will most of the game it was ice. Second down and former football is set to ten yard line. Spears takes a snap and off goes the whole societies he gets really excited again. It Conan Obama has only been about hoarding David Burton right near the first down marker here at seven yard line. Looks like he's going to be a yard shy. David Burton would have stopped for the grizzlies songs it's. What are the third down war. Island near the grizzlies Burton did it and got to commit for it right prominence and don't know. So it's third in like 31. Looks like if I am now to put him on third downs third one running back he has all the tailback. Sphere. Is under center third and wanted to salvage. Sphere and is gonna pass the ball off play action so all the end zone incomplete one of the world they do and they. They figure they can go portal poured down now and snow but I think they thought they would have the grizzlies yeah you'll lose the Ryan's new England. And the blood pressure here. Now who was little pressure. I think it was the usual cluttered and noticed an anchor nine port Charles hole. Cooper Jones. And Susan yours well news in the back field. So now brings up what fourth and one now. Of the Butler seven there are yard line middle of the field all plays island over three on fourth down in the game. So it's definitely the grizzlies with 513 to go here at island fourth quarter we'll talk about it. Yeah oh yeah. Boy this drive was kept alive on a costly. Penalty any objection to Charlie good. Okay news good down there on the sidelines yeah. He. Does agree with the rejection exist. Since Charlie Finley and objective or a profanity. Not directed at Ohio players and owners celebrating with their teammates on the sideline official. Hears it and throws him out of the game which seems to be able. A little extreme disappointment contest it. I just don't do those that you know the rules are rules are rules don't do it. So it's going to be a fourth and one situation 513. Remaining in the continent closest game on the line here successively for brother and an extra point block acted as a 502 mark of the second quarter the only score so far today. Do those extra points are so we're getting game like this think about the Iowa western game and gets an extra point and they had to play catch aggressive game and never could not tell bunker one point one in 190. Luke winner was eighteen for eighteen from extra points before miceli was blocked a low kick was blocked. This these field goal before that. So this is fourth in one of the popular eight yard line. We at 513 to go in regulation fourth quarter six nothing lead by governor comes video studies. Scotty is moving left to right at tailback he is really toward. Quarterback gives Christians fear sophomore. Out of Detroit can't disease and they're always in lieu of the starting quarterback for the most of the season how Kearns. Transfer from Wake Forest or go forth and want. Oscars in the gun with Jordan a running back behind him receivers on the right receivers on the left fourth and one up at the Butler a yard line. Spirit takes the snap and it goes up the middle yet fanatic he got it you know who sent in the. Second effort got it for Jordan opponents. Tried to stop them but couldn't. He's now under about almost the five yard line so it's going to be first and goal. Butler's trying to say they stopped him but I don't think zone. But responded that all smarter about that exists as a guide. Allergan will measure the movie amendment. Holy cow but to me like he was down here the five yard line when news that prowl. But they put the ball to six. You're cut the chains out. Earlier in the half he couldn't convert on fourth in his two at the eleven. And extend the chains out. Mother Cindy stopped them. Chris is think they stopped him. And why they can't they get to change stretched out. Besides the why isn't the greens are you serious base Stockton wow. Little bit redundant bravado and the germs his of them by inches. The grizzlies defense has come out and in on any forward and Warren at the seats. He got stopped inches short or it looked like the initial. Kerry was down here in the vibe in the market here in the sense. Any measure he didn't get why. Revival and I didn't know how good their grizzlies Muster any offense at all the Pentagon defense we're gonna have to you can it's. If they put into the wind I can give pilot the very short field with a two up. How big is still the quarterback. He was one for three throwing for minus three yards in the first half twice inside the Sanders handoff up the middle goes to Abrams he's going no work. No we're in a pile continues to go forward now risen loved him. I just us on sixteen to me man I don't know him well yes and continue to run the ball right at the middle well at this point in time I guess maybe they're just hoping that they can mosque one because we keep walking get past the first wave he's going to be gone to Vegas so yeah that's fast and defense. Entry since mile island quarterbacks and underneath down here right firms hoping he gets another chance. I can't believe they got stopped for around and one wow. Really Jordan are running back up the middle got stopped inches shorter Cutler grizzlies. Second down in a safe second and. Abrams tailback pitch goes right site Abrams Abrams cuts it back right side cities across the Fides outs about the Senator Biden and aren't getting mean now when warm weren't home. Lauren young with a tackle for the island studies. Clock is running in the world it's more on another burden that would Solis 37 for the grizzlies. Whatever you drawn up those secret play Augusta gets you ten yards is the time to use it now a first down here have been slow club. What Christie's defense just held moments ago fourth and one. And now they looked at Christie's office looking at third and seven. The sentinel at the clock ran out all time out of street 45344. To go. Play clock is on the floor. Receives are gonna call time out 12 they don't talk this one over. So 338 remaining. 330 to go to grizzlies have a six nothing beleaguered island. Receives defense is stepped up numerous times today. Twice stopping the fourth and short here and got its second and six nothing lead provider for the grizzlies are looking at 37. I've got hurt your own first look like he had these wow. 37 in the bunker as the ball girl nine yard line. We're 33 weeks ago. Scoreboard shows each team would only one timeout left. I'm assuming that's right. Yeah. That's the system that is correct ones left football teams and how about this and us. Kobe comes in ranked nineteenth in the nation involve all the grizzlies defeated in straight sets at home. 26 point 4251425. When he big win for Butler coach Rick younger his team and coach younger impressively. And soccer team had to win yesterday 31 over Botero Colorado they are starting around in the forms of. Mostly from him tasteless he would put it into the trustees of a play called on the sideline office where integration area museum of the sleeve here. Help it is in the gun why it to the left is scared prints wide right receiver that is Mitchell. 37 and they faked a handoff basket goatee down the sideline then that's all it is incomplete. And I can't Mitchell was rap either defender. Grabbed his arm gitmo whistled or what about that call a 2137. Round. The thing I don't like about it either that stops the clock after only a 62 runoff somehow. How low percentage play better on third and seven they throw deep down the sideline to Mitchell into the wind into the wind. Boy it's like. Exe whistling by the past the graveyard again going to be on in the ball into the wind and alas it was partially blocked. So. Or so electrifying returns already. But it caught or just movement. Oh boy. I live game. It's incredible how does that happen after time mount another fight amongst themselves is secured bridge is yelling at an old songs ever. This is just Sudanese. Oil belt now angered by Butler and are still leading six nothing. So halfway back to the goal. Prince is near the back of the end zone upon this all in raise stating inside his own forty missing the group that advocates and these. Imprint seed they harm grits is gonna take a safety. It is gonna run out the back end zone I 25 to go and now they've thrown them. Indeed at the end of the play at this goes into the public is there yeah blood. Where I'll decline. So they take to safety as he ran out the back of the end zone here principal owner. What's his flag on the field now. Butler's leading six hits and now but let's see the flag and it again after the safety you can take a free kick in the morning retreat could kick off uncertain at this group of officials says just being completely confused all day. Their meeting here again I don't know what to do. Here they come over the near sideline as the rough days and officiating crew I'm sorry. Yeah it. I. Don't let it. Holding call the grizzlies. And that was a potter potter. Are you hold your state Tennessee. And talent in the world and he was at the twenty yard line up the field. And proceeded note it's Agassi you root problems no bull declined via the penalties Ecstasy the so. With 325 to go how about that the grizzlies lead is six to two. With 325 ago. A safety. Is there prince of potter takes the snap and runs around the end zone and runs up the sideline. For sixty. So now the grizzlies have the option of a free kick or. Obviously skit from mid twenties but. There that. It's going to be a Taylor then. That her Xavier center a bigger part. Ball's teed up at the twenty yard line. Too deep to receive it inside of 35 yard line of highland. Let's see if this strategy works. Senator would be a deep kick it's gonna go. Activity twenty tiger nightclub tactics when he picked up by Jamison looked for somewhere to go Jamison at your side. The twenty yard line about that's the way and it looks like clearly no doubt what. And it's not going to be on Highlander the gonna be a bit to the public June. I'm excited what in the world. Vinegar yeah here's the problem special teams players barely get out on the field. You got a couple of loud mouth Butler players who only play on special teams who. William Nolan you can give Butler I know it's there on the sideline wasn't doing ten yards on the sideline after the they pushed out of bounds they continue to push it further. Just let it now. Goodness gracious. I got my big entitlement it probably is but what are the other players why the ten yards out of bounds yelling at the other players get off the field. The guy's gonna go it's highland just look at it and here in Arnold. That's worth your head coach island he's really frustrating but what a strategy moved here by the grizzlies. For these players junior college players really showing nearly there each here. He's silly just ridiculous penalties. And again I'll say it again officials confused. Trying to figure this out. Trying to sort this out I guess. But yet they don't care coverage. Stopped him at the highland twenty yard line. So the strategy of I've taken a safety and in a free kick. Yeah. Personal fouls against teams in the return man for Ireland and waited to go to the ten yard out. But still begs the question of Butler players four or five them. I don't know I don't know what goes on it and what are those in the room. Screaming at Anaheim players and point fingers whatever it off the field. So the balls at the ten yard line. We have three minutes seventeen seconds ago on regulation fourth quarter acre island sixty to leave for Butler. Steer the quarterback will take this happened inside its own five you're going to rain that Holtz whose right. They snapped an eight passes it to all the bullets hit it to nine yard line coming up today and I originally didn't hole. Well often often a lot of that money often. He's a sophomore out of Buffalo, New York mistakenly had lost ejected from the bull team that went a bit ones. These later tonight yard line nice tackle here quite often. Second down for island it thrown nine yard line spirit throws over the middle it's hot and about the fifteen yard line wrestled to the ground. My trio of receipts including. We'll motives and wellness and David Burton it and movement in the third time students in third down and lives of six yard gain that us. Third down and five the Paulus at the island fifty yard line spears in the gun no huddle. Ready activities. Left. Now spirit looks like he's gonna run it's gonna be yet at the line of scrimmage at slots. Hesitation here by sphere that cornerback would nobody opening. Allegedly tried to run right down the line of scrimmage. An outside of the ultimate goal until what. And for the first. Right now it's true it's well. On third down conversions in the game after another stop their moniker is. Please note that even amazingly there maybe I'm just yet to rule the game but even after they stopped and there's several grizzlies were pumping her fist here I don't mind that does not mean. Q us home on this. We've already seen a penalty of stupid penalty. Or tuned. He sees these guys that play with great passion where intensity. At this bomb comes out of that the novel pit passes and it seems like here. Whatever telling us. So the ball is at the highland fifteen yard line this is fourth down. Pour down. 54. This audience. Which is sixteen to go regulations six and soon. The lead. For the grizzlies. Grizzlies have a transplanted into solo home runs. And a highly got a two run homer and right it's true it. Six to two feet but it grizzlies. Boy. I'm hoping Dickerson said coach. Him shocker comes up here after the. It makes sense out of this here go forth and 54. Scott is thrown fifty yard line and don't force spears in the gun to receivers that are right received a left right back. To his left here takes a snap throws a pass over the medalist and on and of course now. And drops. And aggressive take it. You know that that have fifty yard line our home this is where you take it you didn't hear him you know because they know boom done that the wild. About that decision to go for these safety rather than putting the ball out of the back of the end zone. I must admit that was not my life and at all. And fifth time today thought Roosevelt Island on fourth down piloted over five on fourth down. So we'll have those numbers for the post game show if Ivins worked out of the third but two of twelve to twelve. Yeah for five. No city grizzlies have the ball helping the quarterback tailback is. It was six head off right side decent line of scrimmage gets hit out there that are about the eleven yard line. To a yes so I guess they figure they have to get a first down here. Yeah aren't I don't think they might not the economic pluck out from this point on second down and five the ball is that the eleven yard line you're seeing the ball the initial drives of the sixteen. Surprise pilots not call time out here it got one last note but he did it not look bigger part of an alcoholic. They don't have it. Six to two Butler. Haven't had it 3040 go clock running Celtic music on hold them all for your life. Those Abrams Abrams. Is tackled at the ten currently in one. Yet both arms wrapped stronger they're responding. Maybe it's done nightly news and room. And accurately wellness institute final. Well I saw six nothing bowl game moments degrees in Los analyst note that was 2013. Of in Iowa. 12 I don't want to go and whose conditions at least it deepens with yeah I certainly Campbell island cannot stop the clock. It's clean you know exemption offered to be the guy who loans Lucia announced it was last time the prisons should Otis Nixon to talk about. But he gave up only gets under pressure is going to be sad fact that ninety curtain time. And even as he was being sacked the only comment other than what it. Grit their own little more there are three seconds between the game clock in the play clock Brees is a little run all the way down I'll it'll hit the ball back with about. Two seconds left Crist just like double fault again. I guess the good of the it is run around behind. There's only three seconds difference between India being clocked at play clock. Hello Chris is gonna get away from highland here with a six to two wow could you believe it's six to two. It out to it the space that spectacular sort of things shop that you have to do people were shut out in order to get the victory. If so please. I didn't know there is one seconds ago it's only game for the grizzlies. 12 ago now. Mark job five yards back to the 23 yard line and now it is now the game will be you get just get under center snapped the ball and fool. There's 12 ago. That biologist and Islamabad are now I'm not a thing. You know Butler had one timeout left so with 12 ago Butler with a a six to to leave it here at island. On a day where the grizzlies. In many ways for their own worst enemies. The defense rising to the occasion. Please. And meeting here met because we've seen stranger plays maybe doubles at this fumble picked up the return of touched on level. It's. Christie's. Which seemed poised to improve the sworn to on a year. 32 in conference play pilot with all the to a three over all one and three in conference play. Six to two lead for the grisly thing about highlanders. Whose loss that they suffered a bad influence non clones and Butler ruled on this would be another witness like that they could realistically say we should be fired them up. And with these in the goddess LDE takes snapped LD goes back and falls down to ground battle in the game. Actually the ball game that we know. The popular vote grizzlies have won here today at island Saturday at that it would help them think that I'm final score of six. To two little island starting. Pilot's words and honey safeties. In which the grizzlies right now at the end zone. In order to get a free kick and not have them on their own in the zone. We're at 325 to play in the bowl game. Here in Arnold head coach for highland handshake seen it grizzlies coaching staff. Butler wins it my final score a six. Speed to. Us ideas were like yet whether this is where they are in essence not exportable it was the only other thing that I can think of being remotely close. Well. I bet you they would just loaded post game show us Larry. All right believe it or not folks. An afternoon of football energy conference football. Final score that Butler grizzlies six and I pilot studies to. State witness post game shows coming up net. Sting exciting Butler grizzlies football all season long on 97 and thirteen 38 inning as does is brought to you by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers the taste that brings you back. It was six locations in widgets off one in derby and won an elder radio at 1809 west central. Kansas one Paul always call 811 before you dig. Com wild pitch barbecues blow smoke award winning barbecue located at 15:30 north central in El Prado. Interstate all battery center outrageous new dependable. 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You have labor not the Butler receives when it over the highland Scott he's my final score. Six to two. Six exits to the grizzlies scored the game's only touchdown. In the second quarter the extra point was blocks. And then late in the ball game with 125 to go to grizzlies rather than hunt deep out of their own end zone. They elect to take his safety. Which had allowed them to have a free kick from her own twenty yard line and it Taylor center blasted object. All the way back to the twenty yard line at personal foul I added that. In highland had to go start to drive their own ten yard line. Into the grizzlies defense held again. As it did throughout most the afternoon and they went by a final score of sixty to join in the Boesky joined now by a man Jacobs assistant athletic director and other community college little. Christie's had coached him shocker what is your shortly good coach of the grizzlies for some comments that. That's institute may have what he's been off. A whole whole lot of confidence going on. Actually really not a whole office went on the grizzlies were out gays double booking yardage by highland. I would add to her sixteen yards grizzlies. A 108 yards pull off its that means grizzlies at nine yards that's a significant. Percent. And irrelevant but definitely it was yards wide capacity fives they put up 460 some yards off it's the second half so. If they were able to move up and up the field it is warning to us to get your ability point of the grizzlies. Stopped on fourth down. Five different occasions twice inside the ten by. In since this is my thirteenth season broadcasts in the grizzlies football and met I have never seen. A 180 yards total offense for the grizzlies 108 yards well we'll win but I'm passing yards ahead. Coming fourteen were seen as I. Fourteen yards nearly completed this two of six passing attempts Erica soda shocker that will let him. Receives head coach of the joint shared a moment. Boy you know what I came here today the grizzlies would this win improved to. Foreign to overall and a more importantly three into conference play. And. Third your head coach for the weather resistant shoppers who would join us here and coach I've been doing this thirteen years and it just six to sit. Final score of six to sue. Carolina we can continue. You see here. Under it and turn it in the wrong way around but if this hearing a moment it shoppers' choices. Yes votes that. Coach just six its final exit through music cigarettes. Might play the football scores six to two. Survivor and beyond it's cover. You know how to explain this one today we're looking your stuff you guys at a 108 yards total offense on the day. Well not in accord in the game. Couple things which contributed to win the field conditions and I don't think and and when we got Lee. Animated this is not not to put him in a risk to compensate for the lead. The lead and really kind of hanging on our defense and you know they release date they can't but it operates this afternoon and that's that's really all that matters to an end. What he went by one point two points in this conference where it is now that's that's what matters you guys held them to 216. Yards total offense over 57. Place island. India speaking of defense and average your coach highland was two for twelve on third down conversion attempts bowl for five on fourth down. That's huge you know you talked about the stores 62 I also don't think in all the years I've been through and I've ever seen 24 down stops that were inches and I went out there to look at. Literally I mean it was the length of an index finger and I don't think I I. I was hoping they didn't miss miss judged that a miss read it get the ball the other way but because those to those who stops. Houston's. Yeah those one came in the third quarter where you have the ball at your eleven yard line in the fourth and two they got stopped inches short you know and you guys took the ball over but and a big one. And we all thought that he had the running back Jordan had the first I don't look like he had it. They measured and that was the afford and want it to your seven yard line I was just a little over three minutes hauled in these guys stopped them. Who got credit that's not you know idea. The defense it was over a you know we had a kind of roll the dice on some stuff and you know what you can judge. And you never know how to and upon the measurement but just by looking at number four who carried the football he left the field early. Almost like he knew this guy has now been taken posture in point but they know. If the other can pattern that he was leaving the field that say. I think it arson had it that close. I'm looking here at the stats talk about your sophomore linebacker from bishop her high school. Will harness their showing him with the eight solo tackles eight assists. He had one sack for seven yards he had a tackle for a loss of eight yards one and a half tackles get an interception return for 37 yards. Will homicide Timmy played in the game of his brother career. That's pretty impressive because each week you just better than he has a he has a joy. To coach he is so much funny so. So quiet and those don't you know when and if I can get him to smile enemy I feel like I've accomplished sentiment gap but he is. Provoked Harwood on high school because of linebackers he has. And so Smart it's just such a gifted player does it I tell people it makes the makes passcodes is really Smart. Coach speak about the mentality on defense it seem like pilot was he able to get 45 security carry. But then when they Sony came down to third and short fourth. In short you guys man tell disclose Nikkei. I guess I I I can't explain Africa as it felt like I was on again you know plugged that guy gets its leaking and and watch these guys step up and make plays. That's what we talk about whether they hear it or not there's six in part just to make one more play. To all those other place leading up to that those 24 times faster relevant. It doesn't matter what matters is that moment right there on fourth and one or fourth and two in the see those kids responded to it. Mean that's that's that's one of the fun parts of coach. And again the official numbers we had a pilot was two for twelve in third down conversion attempts and all for five. In fourth down with Tim's but none bigger than that last 14 and one your seven yard line in the waning minutes of the old. Coach you and I talked quite a bit over the years about the each of these young players you know frustrated can be. Hand today Charlie it was ejected from the ball in what exactly happened we have. Really couldn't tell much what was going on it was a really paid and he got ejected all I in his posse guys for almost game did. I swear that I am quite aware that armed. It was some vocabulary that he used. I'm I'm not question the vocabulary but the officials told me it was a point of emphasis in that. And that they were you know that was read things. My only objection to that was I wasn't aware that had a bit aware that our guys would have been schooled on that they would have been drilled on it what happened. Because that's something you can control that's. It's accommodate vocabulary that they use and and I had no clue and and we get home to mom and a contacted us as a saved if that was appointed as this great that's fine but don't let me know so I can let our guys know because that's only talked. It wasn't that. Mean we discussed the loose in Britain just that was important because they're detected as well that's what stitches didn't pitch game. That's really frustrated. Yeah it it what was really really frustrated as the fact it was a it was like 3070. You guys made this stop. It was a late flag and we really torture goes the opener for silently like regional. In a personal well if you're a first down yet it is they were. Quite possibly on the way to write only touch probably in and you know. You always have a knack for that I had no clue so definite watch personnel trying to get or don't already sitting and upon the gulf war. And I hear you could tell when the official blow the whistle what's going on I can tell by that they're plaques and I'm looking ghostly look at congress. You know some people. And resist. I just. It was frustrating but but again we have got one game will address that later and go and play its first and fifteen yards closer that it was so. Learn from it will definitely from you know you guys when it's game six to two and I write in who gets credit decision to go safety. So I mean. I guess I do that's what that's why I have that board and this. No we've it's it's no secret we struggle with our team all season and we kept I still on and it. That we've given up a couple of returns and so that's that's those two points were relevant. And then we get our kickoff coverage has really gotten really. Progressively better since week three and it just takes pressure there's no pressure when it all there's all kinds of pressure. On the snapped on the kick on the protection when you ponting plus we use a little bit time. And it turned out to be in retrospect retrospect and that's kind of what I was just a report that their guy to be present trying to make some plays in them from. The irony was coaches that sit at Jacobs missed in the broadcast your your defense and we know how much you love shut outs. Will it have been shut out there. Understand it's great it's the exact you know I would I was just thinking that it walking up you know. And I forgot that we took the safety because in my mind that we did you not know where those points that we gave them there again in the end. It was kind of like the the top of the game a few years ago with Stuart Scott witnessed leafs we just. Went in advance helps keep it in the PepsiCo and again coach you guys have a hundred. Eighty yards of total options on 56 qualities and I guess I would say muscles on drives. You know the one that we got down on the field goal on and the one that we scored on other you know I'm at the I bubbles going into. Absolutely and there are some of that for a reason they're good. I just think somebody told you at 11 o'clock this morning guys and urged allotments what you. Chances. Howard had known how many how many yards they had to export a defense and we scored defense cuts and but yet. We usually get that quarter. But again I think a lot of things contribute to that depth of the field. This man was really bad. The wind may have played a factor than. Happens really. Absolutely no question about along news. Coach and I talked that he Thursday office we talked about at least it is crossroads eager for both you captured and boy this is this was really have no. When you sit tight I don't want to pressure. I don't want kids that are right I think it. This was across roads and it's it's definitely pick but then when you look at you when you look at it from my perspective I don't it's all or nothing today and we don't. What we do tomorrow what do we do next week so he's trying to limit that you make every game day you you make the moment big. It's a win lose or draw who's gonna play this week. It was a play that week after so yeah you what I know that and by listen enough that you you wanna try and avoid. Is that correct. Just want to keep them focused on the moment and ask OK so next week next Saturday night you guys are back home beautiful these products veteran sports complex to face. Air force crap that you know it's coming. Maybe throw them the option Alia that always gone let's sort of an option I mean. They challenge you do regardless of score out company they challenge you every gay men and defense with their non conventional. It's. That kind of list that is that compares to its nonconventional warfare mean physically there. They're different and unique to their consistency in my principally and it's it's always fun planned cuts because it's so discipline the place hard. Sorry coach I don't listen. Well I think it was pretty defensively it was pretty wins next to you guys. Have 62. They're back home certainly user or for as always we appreciate that is yep and I'm. And gives out to look for every news colleague in the cancer or home games today's march in listening misses him and I would him in Indiana my mom's. All sort toaster today so I'll look at broadcast don't believe everything it to about what goes I don't. It's all worse it lost its all worse adjectives that you. Like singled out. It looks that was summit via penalty usually go I'm glad you can form advocates that means I'm driving past this. I maintain control when it looked at coach at age six to two win that. Tim shocker head coach is about Agassi's we'll take a break here come back and have our recap and look at the final stats right after this. Limited by knee pain. Seth is sports injury talk after rapid murder of Kansas joints finds specialist to get connection adjusting grizzlies team doctor for over twenty years doctor Burnett delivers specialized needs sports medicine treatment you need to return in the light you and for the kids grizzlies stressed 'cause after burner at 316. 2198299. Bar plus an appointment online at Kansas joins buying back count. Heading heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here on CNN. You're still in highland as the grizzlies hold out and witness defense struggle over the highland Scott he's my final score of six. It to you heard me correctly. Butler six in highland to. Our let's get to our final game recap right to by the law firm of canal and canal. Canal a canal longtime sponsors of Butler grizzlies athletics on the radio we certainly appreciate it canal a canal. Was in office and held Laredo has been serving a legal needs of Kansas for over seventy years so if you need legal assistance for business or personal. Contact prayer Tim can now at 3163214300. 3163214300. Or check them out it canal and Cadel dot com. The law office of Camilla Belle and held Laredo committed to providing excellent legal work in extraordinary service in all areas. Of the law. Right joint and us a recap segment it. Broadcast partner today met Jacobs assistant athletic director by the community college. This is a game in which she the go win that the playing field conditions. In the played a role in this game as six to two final eight wet damp field from a few days of rain here although the rain. The field did hold up pretty well throughout the day I thought it would be about bull by the second quarter but it. All things and other field held up pretty good. Now they're still grass covering the news maybe just a few spots a look a little than on grass the really the grass held up very well here. That you could Tillerson plays in which this putting that affected the the game situation but for the most part. I felt like the surface like say held up pretty well and provide a pretty true. Tests between these two teams. You know this was a scoreless first quarter the grizzlies had a chance offered the interception by will hold us in the first quarter. In a period that possession of the second quarter they had a chance to score but couldn't do it window at twelve point five Beagle the second quarter. Luke winner misty 22 yard field goal from the left hash mark kicked it wide right so remained scoreless ball game. But in the grizzlies got the ball back later in the second quarter and would score the game's only touchdown. That drive would tenth place 57 yards was helped out by a couple of untimely. Highland penalties. Balloon and all the sitting down the preseason the ball the two yard line. And they were looking at that a third and goal into this is how they scored the game's only touchdown. Grizzlies did not bottler ready they know it's thirty goal now to sue health Vegas in the gun. Trusted tailback. All the fullback and off goes to trust right side and he has skin score tied seven pro. And fell into the end zone for a touch down sort of really strike personally if I was. I don't know in the second quarter they take us six nothing lead your island. And it would stay six nothing because the extra point attempt by Luke winner was a low pitch that was blocked by island. His first miss of the year after going eighteen of eighteen but he misses this one made it a six about the game and that's how it was and so we went to halftime third quarter. The grizzlies made the first of several big defense and stands against the grizzlies today. Held Highlander two of twelve on third down conversion attempts poll of five from fort down conversions. In a big one with 522 to go in the third quarter pilot had a fourth and two at the other eleven yard line they were stopped inches short of a first down. And it turned the ball over the grizzlies but did in the fourth quarter the grizzlies. Came up with the huge stop. Yeah did field it was a fourth that there was. Fourth and seven inside Butler territory. It did there was to pass over the middle. And it was a tremendous dated it was mentioned will hold us bishop Carroll kid that linebacker at sixteen tackles one sack you also an interception. But homeless with a huge hit on this play on fourth and seven. Forced out of. Five sphere with a running back to his right that is TD poll he's back to pass pressure country. Throes of a sudden. Aliens stock. And Apple's real bonus and absolutely. And receiver pot of gold medal Jamison. And what you could hear magic if you're your reaction predictably just say don't mind that he guided horror that. Well it was over the middle route and he was just about first down yardage as soon as he held on the ball to his credit Jamison. He just got absolutely hit him just. Cream to the ground Padilla held out of the ball they were short that was one of a number that was one of 54 down stops in this. The grizzlies eventually late in the ball game it receives made another stop it was so forth and one that. For highland edible the Butler seven yard line. And they hit the ball off to their ready back Willie Jordan at the middle and it certainly looked this from you and I look we thought he had it. But they don't get along parts and management and he got stopped now I mean we're on the other side of the fifty yard lines were. Fifty yards from the iron you know I'll of the Mir. And you know some bigger than what is in the best. I sure thought god and an almost out of time Mr. President as a first down five yard line up spot at all about six and he was. After management was inches short that was you which obviously. With a grizzlies couldn't move the ball after that stop it was 325 people in the game you're looking at putting the ball out of the back of their own end zone. In there we heard in the post in children shocker head coach made the decision. Take a safety yeah spirit prince took the snap ran around is open to rent out the decided the end zone. And it was a two point safety Brandon did pop the ball. Deep out of their own and sewn into the win that battle out that made it six that's allowed them a free agent from the twenty India. Tyler's center collapse of the kids in the twentieth and that resulted. Personal foul penalty islands and back to the tent. Israel will hold on in this game and my finals or 62 art call of the another great defensive play by that will homeless team in the first half the first quarter. And it will homeless when it is second interception of the day. You know fourth down spear back to pass sets up a middle screen. Yeah let's place this is honest and effective 4540. Their quarterback already trapped about thirty yard line. Well well honestly this second interception of the year almost three turnovers sex. It was spirit quarterback who leaping out of by the ankle a trip them up being 48 yard line. Yeah how about your your reactions in the track runner up. You realize you're doing them I hear it I did I did Oklahoma loses tonight your right coming looks. That is our call of the game brought you by Kansas one call reminding you no matter if you're that you project this big or small. Don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you bigger contact them at Kansas one call. Dot com can't just one call about how many things all the great sponsors. Grizzlies football and basketball on the radio we really appreciate it but after the interception by all of us his second of the year that was another. Fourth down stop early in the ball even though on this nearly take you back for a pick six for the very athletic tackle by a trusted sphere. The island quarterback to prevent it touched them. Right that it can you give the total numbers upon them. Yes sir and I can get on the bus I've seen it and I'm all right the grizzlies. Had him first downs pilot had eleven. Butler fifty carries for 94 yards rushing held under a hundred yards rushing pilot had 42 carries for 185 yards. Butler had just fourteen yards past it's fourteen yards of the year two of six passing highland was eight of fifteen throwing the ball 31 yards with an interception. Total offense Butler 56 place for a 108 yards island at 57 plays for Q sixty easily doubled up the grizzlies. An offense but could never put it in the end zone. The grizzlies held highland 205 on fourth down conversion to a twelve on third down. The grizzlies meanwhile are six of sixteen on third downs one of three on fourth downs. Inside the red zone Boller was one of three pilots over to both of those those fourth down stops by just inches. Here's without a pair of sacks Thailand had one. Individually keep on Abrams twenty carries 66 yards that he should pass thirteen for 23 Isiah trust nine for 22. Brady Russ four carries for two yards Jordan dole one carry for two yards here prints which credit with the carry for a las five that was these safety he took. Chris Celtic have one yard philosophy. Four highland yacht a whole had sixteen carries for 107 yards Willie Horton 50% for both those guys rain really hard today. I just series five for eleven. Darkest driver two for two interest in spirit three carries philosophy passing crystal the two of six no interceptions today after five last week so that's a that's a good thing for the grizzlies all the original they have shortened it out there for hours and it's if it's amazing when they don't turn the ball over if they went and games to two games they've lost they've given up basically nine term yes experts say yes six touchdowns basically they've given up an and it's tough to win games like that. Even though both those guys were very close. So Chris Silva threw for six passing for fourteen yards Christians fear. Eight of fifteen with an interception for 31 yards receiving see Jason's one catch for seventeen yards in the future should step. Up. Isaiah trust one catch for a loss of three groups point that you go one pass for game one past the citizens. Four highland right Jamison three for eleven Dionte hall here for minus theory Albert Howard one for seventeen. Driver had one catch for seventeen Willie Jordan had one catch for loss of one interceptions will onus on the one. And then defensively he had fifteen tackles the sun belt had nine Troy Dupree in on a Charlie Benton and on seven before he got ejected from the conscious of that's a look at your stats here for the game grizzlies and now one of the weirdest games like remember in. Almost forty years of watching every game for the team. Just quit today ego do you get worse. Yeah Syria obviously with fuel tea conference and that's sports sports. What do you say it was 211. There has 4813 Iowa western over Dodge City and there in the fourth quarter. First overtime between Iowa central and sport's got their type 1717. One well to keep track of that and in the grizzlies they go final sixteen over highland. Are nice job filling in today for coach and has appreciated thanks and I try not to get as excited right I tried passing it back to that Hillary don't Ruger thanks in. Right at Jacobs is an athletic director for about a community college or broadcast partner today. Our studio coordinator has been Andrew handling in its broadcast is next Saturday night. Grizzlies back to the cheap products veteran sports complex a 7 o'clock kick off against air force prep. The Huskies coming to town the grizzlies now with this win today. The improved to four in two overall three in two in conference play Highland Falls to two and three overall one and three in conference play. Next Saturday night we'll see everybody at the cheap products that sports complex and elder radio 7 o'clock kickoff well the broadcast here at 630. On 97 and thirteen thirty. Case in assess format Jacobs. Devastation seen so long from casting your field in Ireland final score Butler six. Islands bodies too good afternoon everybody.