Butler Grizzlies vs. Cloud County Thunderbirds

Saturday, December 9th

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It's time for the Butler grizzlies basketball pregame show sponsored by hand heating air conditioning and Bonnie goes for convenient locations to serve you including an opposite end overcome. Could better serve Butler county and it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week when outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for a call Hannah heating air conditioning and am planning or check us out on the web at Hannity dot com now let's get out of the arena for the grizzlies pregame show. Hello everybody and welcome to the grizzlies pre game show her brother grizzlies basketball radio broadcast this evening we. You know our plant or an elderly don't want that it was a Butler acknowledged. It's the accomplishments of the grizzlies closed it out county thunderbirds. Grizzlies Roland to this one tonight five to six overall record to six in the jayhawk. While the cheaper to drive three Indy overall. One in seven in conference play. What is currently sitting alone in last place in the conference stadiums. We didn't want to get everybody get sick with the power. Our planet I'll be joined on the broadcast by John Boston's. Urged a court here tonight is Simon's under is always great that it would us on 987. And thirteen thirty to assess. What a game we had here at three nights ago I mean what he did we have. On Wednesday night. The grizzlies hosting sixth ranked Hutchinson rivalry that dates all the best in 1929. It was 108. All time meeting between Butler hired. The grizzlies reached out to be almost unbelievable. 23 to three lead. That was at 930. To go in the first half touchdowns and averaging 91 points in coming in at three points. In the first hand and a half minutes of the game went to tiger power plant. The grizzlies at 826 point lead in the first half at 36 to ten. It relief by 25 early in the second that you know by now. The grizzlies led at all slip away is the blue dragons won at the buzzer at three point basket. If finals work eighty to eighty one's one of those games. You have to be here to see it. Believe it. And what an effort herculean effort by JP ride sophomore. Forward out of Phoenix Arizona equipment that would Greg's 41 points a career best. Rimes in 32 of those points coming. The second half alone it was a good game winning shots and steals it painstakingly my mind side. Ticket kind of an off balance is tipped the topic is about 44 feet out because it was a hobby. The ball off the rim not once not twice but three times and bill through the cylinder. That's why celebration on the war Bosnia much to look at exit one that you needed it today he wanted me which he trailed by as much as 26 of the grizzlies. On Wednesday night so the question here tonight is. How with a grizzly respond after catching stunning setback. You know we'll have to wait and see that's a couple of hours here with our plant denied that safest thing. We hear it will go ways towards at least partially at least partially. At a recent endeavor that lost elections in your three minutes ago and perhaps more importantly. This is the final game of the first half of this semester schedule as the sixteenth albeit 15 day break. For Christmas. And so what a great way for the grizzlies at that point but they've race with a positive note it in your body so that's that enable. Strive for here in just a few minutes as we get underway here at the power play. Meanwhile while at the thunderbirds. They've all about struggling and you lost six games are wrong about this there last when their only conference went so far this year on November 15. At home there concordia. They'd be reading national champions touched in overtime eat too. This 79 so definitely the grizzlies cannot overlook that would overlook anybody this week took him tonight but tonight please be a cloud county. Thunderbirds to have lost six. Beams in a row. Rory to have it would assign 9713. 38 assess our pregame show brought to buy any easier it is funny. We're back with coach Bryant Miller a conversation with coach Miller right activists. Heading heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated henin has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk and you're drinking science no really highly Jerry chocolate milk is a natural source of high quality protein to build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed an electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. Not to mention the calcium you need to build strong bones so there you have it that she didn't know science could taste so good and learn more at highlands area dot com. And then Spain. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm PMS. Vs bad connection there are playing tonight the final game of the first semester of this season and that it is in now with. Present coach Bryant Miller coach is always good to see India. Boy just curious. Really curious how practices on the last two days off that gist. Gut wrenching loss on Wednesday night to buzzer beater shot to these guys by elections in. The mood in how products and last two days. We'll our spirits are good we will take the next day off we came in lifted we stretched just got our bodies you know back on track roast retired after the game. The practice was really good yesterday. We we. We were from a couple of hours and got after each other pretty good and it was competitive practice. And then after practice when we got some that he that we came back in here and had kind of a team. Christmas the jam a party so do little little team building team bonding. On so hopefully that helps a little bit and so so I think these guys are hungry they're not down and and how Oden and you know. Walking around like it you know like they lost that game. And I told them. That. There's a lot of positives to take from the game you know those first opening minutes the first half of that those kind of a glimpse of what we can be. But in the second half we just obviously have we got a little tight and JJ Iran's special. But we got to do a better job of not allowing one god speed is an and then. Just you know stepping up at the end take care of the basketball knocking down free throws and and making sure that we finish strong finish all the way through so today numerically forty minute game and clouds very good team. Coach as good job with those guys I'm sure for sure coach who have a whole lot on them. But that'd this is a must have for a. For sure. He's sort of answered my next question that there is a coach. After a loss like that on on Wednesday night you guys at the 25 point lead early second half and lose at the buzzer touch. Reading national champions in and what the philosophy of coach. And you pry don't want to dwell too long on the laws which is also lessons to be learned from him what day it is or not. Oh no question you know. A few coaches reach out to me after the game it really gave me a lift and kind of what I needed and and never as a coaching staff do we ever you know convey to organize the word disappointment down now and we just were real positive with them that would adults it's hard it's hard lost swallow that's for sure one hour ago that the as a coach you second guess yourself and wonder what you could have done differently in. You know the game one of the guys that the coaching the guys that I admire and look up to called still mean there are certain things that you just can't control sometimes in life that I've been coaching for. Over a thousand games and probably had 3040 of those games in and sometimes those kinds of things just happen in. You wouldn't really what you gotta do is just take deposits from a learn from the negatives like you said we showed them film we watch out for almost half the watched. But we do we will learn from that and at all volatile or guys were getting better. I know they don't want to hear that after a loss for the blue we are we're getting better and in this league obviously wanna play from march so. I'm not not to look that far ahead that. No we we we wanna win every game but that the biggest goal is is just to get better every day get better take steps forward and I think we did that even though. Grizzlies in cloud county thunderbirds at the par Clinton visibly Bryant Miller head coach about aggression coach. The other night pizza only had nine man rotation I know you've said earlier that you feel like you're ten or eleven butlers the but only nine players in the rotation use touch. You left out or urged Norton and. Offer dial will we see him tonight yeah you should open I won't play tonight he's sick he's gentle touch of the flu been sick the last few days. Are in and toward normal problems she's minutes tonight. But you know it's just one of those things in a tight game in conference some time should it shortens a little bit. And both to both those guys missed birdie hole and I before. So for me academics is the most important thing you know they're here to go to school to graduate this the first and the most important thing on the agenda. And those things are non negotiable for me so it and not a complete should we play the last place team in the country. Either way if you miss the team activity and and it's going to be very very tough for you play the next day. In this society coaching a lot of fans may not be aware of currently see in you start your guns and I want. They're clout comes in here they've lost six games in a row that the the win they did have a one in seven conference play at home and overtime. They beat Hutchinson and actions only lost this year but I noticed coach researching for the game they do not shoot the ball well just 39%. Field goal percentage. Yeah they're they're not a great shooting team doesn't mean they can't shoot it I think there Ritter there hot or cold as far as shootings concerned. So for us we got to do a good job guarding the ball up file and keeping guys in front of us. And I think they can get sped up a little bit so we'll go back to the press tonight you know with them much is a different team there of their rather hard to press that got some of the athletes the horses with. I think we can play a little faster with cloud and try to you know make extra possessions. And get after him I just really looking for our guys should just be really aggressive tonight just on both ends of the floor display with an edge and attitude and and in essence of urgency that that we do that. It's not fake it's real we we have to have this win tonight. And to the last Kiefer for us is a little bit just can't find a way it just however it gets done I don't care targets them. We just have to find a way to win tonight. 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Vintage drink kansans provides customers with the technology that empowers you with greater convenience access and control of your accounts online banking ATMs and seven convenient locations making banking easy. Vintage bank Kansas community banking and insurance agency member FDIC. Visit us online and vintage bank KS dot com. On the other great Americans join me. And I'm here. Game showed tonight Butler and cloud cover US Marines player decades if anything but it's particularly the world's finest. Visit Marines dot com that's Marines. Dot com. He's answered tonight as we count them opening tip off with just under seven minutes away your Calgary that I got a beautiful Saturday night here. On the camps about the community college you got asked about him Kuwait in 97. Thirty says Dennis Higgins here courtside. In Simon's under or deport an awesome tournament like this by John vause has the decency to save disabled desperately looking for win. We mentioned it clout they have lost six games in a row their most recent loss was Wednesday night at home in Garden City. Lost that game seven B 767. And of course. As painful as it is to save grizzlies lost your on Wednesday. Lusitania 25 point second half lead the reigning national champion Texas and Lou dragons in fall in at the buzzer final score of 80000. 281 so the grizzlies currently. Their overall record five and six or two and six in conference play and clout is three to eight overall. One in seven in conference play and get it lost six games in a row. Interesting story here at her head coach is Jordan Altman. That name sounds familiar of course that Dana Altman is his father. And it Jordan Altman is in his first year as head coach of the clout company thunderbirds. He spent juniors is an assistant coach at garden. Prior to joining the coaching staff as head coach for cloud county. With a Garden City community college two years as an assistant. Born and raised in Omaha forces did that mean it was a long longtime coach Craig he also coached and it took Kansas State. It is put together quite a record it's also currently coaching for the organ ducks in the pac twelve. Also a little bit of a background that Jordan Altman who's the head coach grace harbor college stats in Washington State. In 2012. Through 2015. And he had a 24 and 54 record their grades harper college in Washington. It also an assistant coach at Lane College debts in the Bay Area for a couple of years so it's kind of nice resonate and of course his father. These Altman in that seat in Altman. These were overall record 600. Wins 313 losses he has coached at martial case state Creighton and now it ordered. Those notes courtesy of on Boston's sitting up there with the background on. Is it coached Jordan Allman. That's it over the aggressive for instance it was recovered back with tonight's. Starting lineups and don't tell Bob Butler clout that it all comes up next on 98713. Thirty K and assess. At Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers we understand if you're going to be back there better be good. No one satisfies your cravings better than Freddie. On December 24 we were given away every bottle of bracing myself for seasoning with a purchase of each 25 dollar Freddie gift card it's against it's full of goods. We'll get some delicious this holiday season gets them ready. He experienced the perfect smile in your face and it tastes that brings it back. It's. Just flex its struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the marine cooler yeah it's. It's not just statements under and didn't. It's a promise. To our mission. I promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise but the Marines. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball always on the air follow the grizzlies also is along I 97 and 3030 K and asks asks. 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And every game rocket fire good friends at Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers. Ready for us because its neighbors celebrate the return to their fall classic readies pumpkin pie concrete. Fresh in previous frozen custard blended with a whole slice of Britain occupy crossed at all. Topped with cream sprinkled was an event only if Freddy's frozen as the sabres face to bring you back. We have six Wichita area locations one in derby and one right here in elder radio at 18 on 9 west central British closing at stake murders. Longtime loyal sponsors of other outlets on the radio. They are open until ten. I learned Freddy's frozen custard. Parents who does Carolina spurs for the cloud county thunderbird three and it overall record winds up in conference play. We're all in the first period coach created overall record Todd Johnson first your assistant for keepers. Starting lineup tonight. Alvin Thompson at one guard position a 63 redshirt freshman got to saint Louis Missouri. He's averaging just under twelve points a game a little over four rebounds for helping Thompson. The other guards at the Sullivan family young man and a Winchester Virginia just under ten points and three rebounds per contest for Finley. It's important for the thunderbirds is so Raymond Burr. Birdies Alba Albany, New York he's one of you returning players via thunderbird vision. Played last year and her instantly and scored fifteen point two points per game and eleven. 68221. Pound redshirt sophomore. He's out of Albany, New York the other or sharply to news that he did actually and obviously in this city Missouri. And a league 66 sophomore is averaging six point. Five ports for game started at center is great and Jackson he's 68220. Pound freshman out of Washington DC. And it checks averaging at just under eighty points a game. Over five rebounds per game there's the starting five. Or club county now but he Butler grizzlies. Led by third period coach Bryant Miller coach Miller 43 point nine overall. And it it out and vote the first your assistant in camera partners for your cynicism Cameron a former player. When might target was the head coach here in Butler. Here's the other starting five but the problem is is that grizzlies are five and six overall in the season to exist in conference play. The grizzlies will have cheered Armstrong started at point guard Armstrong at 510 sophomore out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania transferred. At a west central the Central Florida community college. Armstrong is averaging eleven points and a two and a half rebounds per game the other guard position and is even more. 63 freshman. More is on a Conway Arkansas you attended North Little Rock high school here in Little Rock. Adrian Moore is averaging six and a half points again. It's important for the grizzlies Russell Smith. Answers related North High School Russell Smith who transferred Richard transfer from Oral Roberts University. Lisa grizzlies and rebounds and seven per contest. The other forward for the grizzlies tonight. It's his second consecutive starts it's off to do and Newton high school there he's averaging six point six points a game right now. The grizzlies best three point shooter at forty point 7% to nineteen of 39 attempts this year. It started at center. It'll be Anthony brat brat gets his second straight start your freshman 68 freshman at Omaha Nebraska and work high school. Threaten its averaging seven point six points per game in war and a half wars. Per contest at grizzlies are wearing their biggest little home uniforms new uniforms broke out this year. Via purple lettering numerals and cloud county and they're all flat road uniforms with yellow lettering in new world trimmed in white creature let us. As we get set for the final game of the first semester. After tonight's game will be at 25. Days. Great. For the jayhawks conference everybody will be heading home to celebrate the holiday is Christmas. In the next game for the grizzlies won't be until January 3 road game at grant that the rideau. There we go. This is will be moving left to right here in the first half to twenty minute half to college basketball. The lady grizzlies with a impressive win earlier today you defeated the lady thunderbirds sixty to 57 nice win for Mike Colbert and his assistant Eddie Fossett. They're hoping to get in the win column before heading to liberate the Sylvia rat jumping setter. Against. Hers into. This is controlled I don't think. In the backcourt. Partner comes. Arms across time. Proposal collectively. The community nobody else would steal the trouble Armstrong. Picked up lives probably. Our dog that was a top circles still dribbling between his late originally kicked out right quarter dragged that basket as. Aggressive. Right from there. Lately it goes in morrow left handedness here but. Sometimes. Teams forget that he's left handed. War on the front court for cloud. Mrs. Finley in the gives it up top now has those local October. Byrd left baseline works against Brett you know picks out here is leveling through anyway. Good three point shooter right around 30% of the game right here is closed Monday night three to two lead toward. Look at where one minute didn't get what is it is it is today that is Saturday. You know garrido and all right corner of our profits of three note deadlock rebound on the weak side is sort of pulled down by Eldon Thompson. For the thunderbirds Thompson. All different work club's losses protons slipped and fell that recovers and gets the ball back. It is over now to Jackson be on the right when it passed those up top divert. We're still at level drops stuff lives right now and I've been playing a layup attempt blocked but behind by Kevin hurdle. If you by Thomson back on the grizzlies Paula rightly jumped from fifty in and out. Russell Smith read a by the thunderbirds. What locked together at like Kevin here and live picture of Mike Thompson tried dressed differently very pocketbook behind. On the front court is easily pass list of the bird burglars but why can't we. Number one dribble pull up jumper topic left handed out at him. That's a two point basket just inside the lines and 68 guys to go around shooting team but jumpers and often. County's old Leslie for a court that anger that's right over the threatened not to work ethics in the right corner. That's the right thing that worked in the war more tries to basket Hank layup that bankers too strong follow golf it's not our bread no good. It comes down to cloud county. Witnesses. Holding Thomas. Who's gonna talk yeah. To him effectively with a beer works at around leveling some strongly worse it was very crossover dribble kitchen outlet quarter Wal-Mart could. Jackson also an order from the richest you won't want to break more drives the basket and shot three. But the long rebound rundown here's the top 63 Armstrong got. Raymond hurt. It and more try to drive aggressive left index was blocked. Long rebound was right down by Smith asked that top entry at Armstrong driver right baseline is topsy out of control and shot does not know good. And followed him. It is dogged by. Sean Lee got the rebound but he was now. 1658. To go to Nottingham after tonight the power plant in Eldorado. 55 ballgame here two free throws coming up for Sean Lee young. And out of Kansas City, Missouri 66 sophomore. He says 63%. Free throw shooter. Free throw in a way is good at all mile long. So leak. First point of the game one for one of the line and I've got a free throw coming up it's a 65 leads the thunderbirds. What clout caddie won both meetings over the grizzlies last year of his team Chordiant here. Now the second free throws good prisons over the years have struggled it's loud it's. This past press corps was to Russell Smith and right lane and off Armstrong was that the point this past those back side Smith. Smith one dribble drops off let's Opel brand let but the fadeaway jumper. Profits don't get us off the background on the fountain of aggressive with their lives on anti Brad we will receive the maturation of grant each and every game. Freshman trying to make it big adjustment from high school basketball to college ball much quicker much faster game. Takes these freshman awhile to get too accustomed to a grand in his knees re struggling a line drive today. A rapper big had pretty good free throw shooter 67%. On the season makes the first one here. 1642. To go under the power plant for stampede at a what does on K innocence. The free throw coming up the debate in the grizzlies trying to tie the game frequently as smooth as silk. Makes them go and we're tied 77. Fresher and full court pressure. And Jackson and for the time. Hands up now to finish no regrets traveler can dribble picks up top of the key. Its bottom that you will and it ran today. And one that'll take the shot wide open and he made it back to the way. Right quick runner up for the big daddy princes at the right hand watched. Ted denying relief work. County. Just four minutes at the power play it's. Yeah him all the front court this. Definitely definitely opt out low to me we backs against the much shorter. Bunkers that topic and the way up ahead. I've been in another story. Simply twentieth fifties at that point shooting coveted. These two for two tonight. As goes inside the more work goes on the left it short bankers know a good. Rightly by Russell Smith or could not finish. Him in the front court backed out he has now Bert crossover dribbles easily left. Quick start out at any benefit to the nightly. Haven't yet the grizzlies Armstrong for a court rightly go to Russell Smith. Smithfield. It's been some talk aren't strong enough. But elbows regardless thinks that left one. Guys delayed it that's not right corners area three. Haven't heard this year and why isn't she more often yes. The bulk of his threes. Out a backcourt violation. Got him on the court and bird right at center court threw it back behind the line to Jackson. Had to try to. Across the time mighty cut at all midair news in the back court officials call for backcourt violation. This you know T and ago. Is he's trailing clouds fifteen to twelve. And the refusal to turn over Kevin Berry has to be on the left wing. Your logic. Left locked down load to Russell goes a baskets nuclear paternalistic it's almost exactly shocking that it was fouled and fell apart by Sean lien. With each and every night you could see this grizzly team getting more and more confidence Michigan's freshman. And Russell Smith as a redshirt freshman from Oral Roberts University but his first few grizzlies. He is getting more more aggressive offensively each and every game freaked runaways goodies real good for. Shooter. Yeah first one made by Russell Smith Smith is right at 73%. From the line this year. 1447. Ago at a pretrial delay is no and there's the old James long rebound. Hold it. By Christmas. Christmas there's a ballgame but crossover dribble and leveling my Christmas is being hurt by Smith and I lost the handle the ball expect I. The terrorist box to drive down or market goes up fresh bodies found its who's trying to track down. In foul by him. So it's a very Christmas imaginable he immediately turn over the front court. A free throw line for two shots is precarious spot them. That is an exceptional free throw shooter he's right just below 89%. 1430 ago. Free throw up and in my Wacom. Octopus 88 point 6% free throw shooter 39 of 44 comedian that I he's 1 for 1 this evening news for appointees. Leading the grizzlies scoring sixteen point eight points a game frequently is no good etiquette and broadcasters second time hero I read about against the coach witnesses that. Prisoners are trailing fifteen to fourteen in the context thunderbirds. Sosa yeah. Sosa forgot that I. The point is that Christmas he publicly being hurt Armstrong. Not as good company K to hurt her holds on the ball was nearly stolen by terrorist box would make it work to back. Hurts go to Carol pull up jumper look at this shot is no good rebound. Russell Smith. How would pass up the floor goes Armstrong right wing hesitation drives lately so the bankers affidavit and awaiting assay travel. And Armstrong holds his arms out of the side with a physical looks as houses travel officials Italy took one too many steps. Thirteen 57 to go to the power plant first half procedure trailing fifteen to fourteen to cloud backcourt pressure. Your nonchalantly across that part time line up one side of the court. Quick burst of speed right baseline. Stupid Clinton Campaign cryptography draws a foul this might be up at the big community garden room. If it is against Bratton. He's with that are third team fouled three team valves for a cloud. 1514 late in the third anniversary thrown away his good side. I'm Sean. At least three for three from the line tonight got three point 1614. Lead with thirteen 43 ago. Final game audio for the semester digit conference when he idea break here this game tonight next free throws good mix of both. Charlie is a war for four line. Aggressive trailing 1714. Office. It's a top. Armstrong back to Smith skipped past the left side the buried there is not about a three but he is well defensively we'll be back on top. Armstrong out front works against. Christmas night drives look basically the message hit that right warriors period three. Weeks I've I've heard. Thirteen fifty ago. Post has it gives it to Christmas the front right quick shot clock when the defense this right now let me ask those inside the bird bird makes us stronger in the basket. Late accident. Not around the defense of Bratton and hurts. As yet six point he's their leading scorer fifteen point two points per game. Sophomore. Received them 1914. Which will give it ago during the first. You are never whistled down load into zones of Sosa is an initial down arteries shows that Topeka Kansas Richard freshman he has 511. The beauty of parties six feet in Britain the basketball who's called. Her body felt. This to cradled check in the freshman for the grizzlies from payola. Children appointment to see them to Armstrong that's been hurt him down to talk to Bratton. Susan is trying to guard at this. Hour it's nice museums and use them top secret and on the right who have buried. Guarded at the hurts your group of not playing his way it is notice. It's his own this puts the ball on the porch lose I. And level whistle and a foul. Cal goes against these create more away from the ball and more can't believe it. Call against the grizzlies grizzlies. With this year. It's the first tee first personal operate in more third penalty fell for the grizzlies. Well 26 ago in 1914 lead for cloud cap eager to our plan. But there the on Wednesday to one do Hutchinson. Importantly he has that here's a lot the basket it does it happen because get a hold and that all comes down crippled. Riddled past goes the more tries the bass lakes and upper left hand. Went out by the grizzlies off that lob dunk attempt at the other end. My. Fields who have them. Connect and. These are critical. With a nice bounce pass on the you know left wind industry keen and eager and Maurice got explosive speed to the related evidence he's fouled. It's four point she's averaging six point three on the season. He transferred out you to at University of Texas El Paso last year. Richard Neer frequently left him shot it's good. Slavery and war. He's got five points aggressive trailer 1970. With well night ago backcourt pressure. Sosa hasn't put up a hit and now we'll have front porch he thought electronic. Top offices Thompson's work. Sosa. Sosa has moved right side. In mrs. Room here it is August for a conference that it is out of Seattle Washington. Now that we're hesitant to opt out loads of work. We're working flat stick to the basket puts up a bank shot note welcome might well. Rebounds. The shot clock violation but the grizzlies got the rebound back at a later more races and right now let them know. Bako would. The hustle play to trail the other. In 1990 yards short. Before they go. You Lauren has shed. It's only eagle Laura was young men out of Melbourne Australia it will be first time tonight for cloud county. He lowers that Regina 3.3 woods into every downs out of Melbourne Australia all the way from home court pressure. You Warren has the big interval across O'Connor. Crossfire tonight and across. The kid didn't let me part of my cradle to the floor and edit incredible options pass out of bounds right about their bench. 1111 ago here in the first to have you on conference basketball tonight 9713. Thirty can't assess in Wichita. Butler out there. And it's been cloud grabbed both games last year even one. Both were ideal lines and one of the problems in overtime on the floor loss IKEA. If Anthony Adams the ballgame it's for the grizzlies first class secularist reluctantly it's not right corner Barry passed up wide open three very gets it back from critical. People on the right side. It's theory is the top secret between the circles off the left elbow screen by Adams drives left baseline as little slip score sit but they're gonna call Ivica moving screen honey pretty Adams. It news. Adams was rolling along with the screen and a candle than to look baseline for critical and drove in with a nice reversal if they wave it off. Evans gets the foul that leaves off the bucket by griddle here. I don't our front court stuff left corner and there's a travel called logo against Jackson. That was easy to call their Jackson try to drive in the left corner on the baseline spun it took several steps. For the travel. Illegal screen leads to a travel involved in criminal groups. 1034 ago that he time commitment nine minute war. 1990. Did it with a tonight from the power plant on the radio city sports sites and its owners to coordinator. All right we're at right corner box the box and these brutal brutal. As those web site is Archie won Archibald the first time that drives late drops are right it's like do flock to bock hit that left corner fourteen. Shot clock trickle back arch arch rice Elaine hey Stu let him know good battle for the rebound loose on the war picked up by Sosa. Arjun aggressive drive the lane to traffic and get shot to fall. On the front court incidents. Thompson usually right side. And accidentally write the Richard Thompson that it worked. Laura. Doubled his back to Thompson Tom McCain Thompson lost the ball on the floor knocked out of bounds of interest. And smoke soon. First. Better immediate timeout wood 949 to go. He opened happier if our plan a Laredo. It is Butler nineteen and cloud nineteen we'll take a one minute timeout to be back with more jayhawk basketball on the innocence that. When you're drinking highland dairy chocolate milk in your drinking science no really highly Jerry chocolate milk in the natural source of high quality protein to build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise not to mention the calcium you need to build strong bones so leery about it that you didn't know science could taste so good. Learn more at highland area dot com. It since last advanced name. It. Most of the oil changes or the senate. 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Accidentally sold him his three threes early to these guys retreats to the clouds and morning. This war crimes court receives seven right corner a little used rightly to box them. Back right corner of the defense. It's good that war more of little lock right side. At that top secrets away in and out of the rebound loose on the work he goes out of bounds last touched by Jackson's final. It was good effort here like on cards but that is a much smaller Jackson forced to fight that we lost the office late. Hitler's third you know. Master art talk more loosely around right corner. Atlanta. Of all time as the Mort Mort actually drops up to pocket bock and close to jot note that it is on missed foot back. Company and nicely done. Mark Spitz look at it gets to follow the zone this grizzlies take one Heatley. Christmas ball for a short Sosa has Topeka. It left corner there's kids kids free throw line. Low block right side. Help us try to turn things about him. I in the war. It's the bucket I Laura. 610 freshmen at Melbourne Australia averaging 3.3 points scored the if there were tied 11. Grizzlies yours. School. Letters new rules for him. That borders mock surprise bounce off the better shot from close matches out of the back room. That bock a box and yes let me read them as a weapon three right corner. How about pocket. Second time tonight is. This is little aggressive with them put back up and it was a three. Grizzlies with 242115. Ago here. These teams desperately win. So let's. Talk to the run that we can ultimately hurt by. That back actually lost all of its back turned around six foot jump up and it nicely. Flight to Rome yeah. His first points tonight averaging just under five points out this. Room yeah. Imports what is really presents a different word for brother baucus thinks he shot right corner gradually as the cutoff there by chanting defense defense. Aside those words part one dribble drove it gives a talk about them. Well on the shot clock is critical as the ball skipped passed and all that aside RG drives like it's gotten this. Part of it. We have a whistle away from the play. Offensive foul against the grizzlies. Room. Great. I was like yes. You want arts forward. Sergeant who do away from the ball so he want guards who have a freshman out of Chicago. It's gonna hit dimensions Russell Smith who inspected the ball in 73 days ago here. Power play Brisinger leading 2423. Or pressure by the grizzlies. Free ball up the floor for presidency great date of the ballgame for. Sosa talked intoxicated. And being guarded by war. Mean kids went dribble drives up Sosa people left corner fortunate shot clock. We're quite there as the site of bird were vaccinated against Adams. Euros it drops out left mortars hit a mystery is now apparently found out about it. It up pretty strict with my core processors that actually tonight. Beautiful way to fly totally off the baseline in the fall prey as far as we haven't heard. I've turned over by Britain David is given to all of you stepped out of bounds reasonable all the floor or sidelines. A driving layup moments ago. Russell Smith president. Revenues two defenders too big guys. In Lleyton is off off the last he's reportedly the grizzlies. Mortgage backed or lobby. Mock try to dump it couldn't get their ads hit the ball on the war. All still loose atoms get to actually took a shot of that but he stopped by Kurt. Lost my visual there for a moment as soon be coached Jordan Altman. Head coach for cloud can. Ideas on at the end all the in his first year for Vietnam there movers. And his work odalis Kansas caucuses in front of me here. Let's go to. This will be different atoms on the line for two free throw on the way is. Yes a good rap. And it's a pretty good free throw shooter 81% exe they're in pretty good for big name 1%. Witnesses that when there is now seventeen to 22 from the line this year. 633 to go on the clock here for staff of the three probably is no good left it short so I misspoke again another broadcasting's. 2623. Butler. On the front court this. Italy's best hitters had three free throws. Club acted earlier Todd let's him durable goods outside his career. Drop it off the kid kid we spend playing it puts up a layup and horses but what a beautiful spin. I Jerome Kagan about ten feet glee just into the her Clinton's scooped the lay up and after his pocket driving right inside pull up jump right away is not good long rebound kept out of as far as that. Your own kid out of Seattle Washington too to tell two baskets for points. Grizzlies needed 2625. Year. It's 550 weeks ago. And edit what is on 87. An assessment of current court. Stay present hurdles actually what's left his shot over at least outwardly but brutal. Yeah see al-Qaeda terrorists aren't good conscience now on the drives. So. Apple teams now sixteen towels. 54040 go to grizzlies cling to a one point Lee 2625. Over cloud county. Out Lula in down with twenty seconds on the shot clock critical to our left their own basket of kittens this Bachmann. Defense passes the birds or whatever shots blocked from behind by brat but he got over the body. That's where those set plays in downplay the big man. On cue breaks for the riveted passages written closer look for quick shot Bratton blocked it got with a lot of. Raymond Burke of Albany, New York he's got six points nicer leading scorer fifteen point to a game. But he shot. Free throw in a way it is and it's free throw attempt penises. Cloud of justice 65 point 5% free throw shooting team on the year that's low. Procedure at 73%. Incumbent again tonight cloud which she shooting 39%. From the field she's 39%. On the way it is no good missed the boat. No bird at 60% free throws your season this is the the front court people the right point missed him very hot real fast supreme Carolina Russell Smith luckily those two. And double teams along the baseline dribbles through it. These jobs NASA talk for more. The shot clock mortgage backed him that way. Pocket gives cradled little puzzling drop houses Nesbitt took a shot over because of foul. It was founded in Williamsburg is his second. Not found goes on 33 that is. He Laura. Told me that you Laura. Australia frequently by Smith is a little. Smith once for two from the line tonight he's got to 3 points and evening. Another free throw coming up for Russell Smith. Seventy to go in the first half the power plant which frequently is being. Is that they wanted to he's got four. Brussels is averaging thirteen points again in 57 rebounds per contest for the grizzlies. Intra Oral Roberts University last year he was a richer and the Golden Eagles. Also called for a where you decide how much work. Only avid which you speak as a very provocative act as of right baseline to. Kid that works. Two lead. Fit on the screen I've learned a lot chocolate upside is op Ed in that we have a whistle underneath and a foul. The baskets they count and I believe. Fell away from the ball. Felons. Adrian Mora. So more will now wait for a minute shot that basket counts. But at least in the Lebanon leaves holes and hours. In the free throw line news that day. Great day at a Lincoln Nebraska freshman. Frequently is no good but the rebound goes ticket kit puts a shot right back I'm playing a bit too close and and I heard. Today doesn't bring the the grizzlies were. Front court right quickly and away. As easily. Thirty to 47 now backcourt foul committed by Kevin. A crosscourt pass. It. He fouls. Breeden David backward. It is November 9 two fouls. Or clout to both teams still of all time outs left nobody is the time out yet. Teams of six timeouts and use all night. 433. Selling they go. Is thirty to 47. Armstrong was three. Moments ago is second three tonight. Stephen McGee getting 41 point 2% from beyond the. 34 is able threes tonight free throws no good by Dave sedate moments apart mrs. Two free throws for about diapers easily just 3027 or they have to go here in the opening round. He's moving left to right the power play. Screened by Schmidt takes it left him. Something that I've worked nicely passes across the Wacom Wacom dribbled the ball off the foot. Us it was David grizzlies only seven on the shot clock. That gut wrenching loss on that tonight we'll get 25 points and definitely the Hutchinson and fall in the bug treaty to 81. Six games in a row. Windows 7 seconds on top. Hasn't arms and feet and rightly stated shot outputs of its shots off the rebels did rebound by Smith has put back up. Christmas is thirty and 27 Baghdad the way we're recently shot at notre that was put up by Christmas. Not to want want to ask those aren't my. Driving a sports grizzlies. Currently 3427. It's really picked up back in the lately drives always Italy passcodes that bird. Birds that are going up to the rim now has bass goes inside the league lead backs it up in one it's it's a much shorter brutal. So he's got six grizzlies. All right corner box until the dribble puts the ball on the floor excuse that's tough for Armstrong who runs the word confidence Armstrong court listening drives to basket bankers that Indian and await our agreements if foul on the drive to basket. That person is beat their bye cured Armstrong. Armstrong is out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania transferred out of Central Florida community college. All American in play a lot. That triggered a Butler this offseason 350 to go. 3429. This will be a one and one for Armstrong 181000 off the thunderbirds nine for the grizzlies. I'm scrutinize the rim free throw in the way is good all net. Armstrong is 81%. Free throw shooter on the year and now eighteen of 22 from the line. He's got seven points. Are goodness beat the grizzlies six point two Russell Smith four points of view Bratton. 3529 other free throw upper arm strong. Return on the way is good mix and vote. Eight point two Armstrong he's averaging eleven points a game for the grizzlies. There comes first I stepped up. Hands it off now. It was actually out only got to be. Some guards. And school you know outside the top relievers in this Christmas. Merry Christmas. Season that's who's inside it stolen by. I'm tries this on the floor that I've heard it's back as the Christmas Christmas lights up and hit good hustle play by Bert. Looks like on Friday complete they'll have done the work of art strides the past. And that's where are expected that confidence is so quick at Atlantis courts backed the way it plays an afternoon. Think about it heavyweight boxers Kenji. Layups but that department at that time now at home at 230 want to go. 32 timeout called by Bryant Miller through your head coach at Butler grizzlies. There's usually 38 to 33. Back to back driving lips for the grizzlies by three point artists and arts moments of that Chicago a bigger parties from Milwaukee. Hamilton high school. Omar Thornton. It's my first Chicago for the grizzlies and yet she inflated. There's we certainly. It just one. Indeed down here with 231 day ago and I steady with a son. Maybe 87 and thirteen 38 assisted chickens courtside excellent Sumner studio work at Butler and cloud that I McConnell plan. Final game of the first minister. JR conference and 3 o'clock tipoff tomorrow and Colby will be hosting. Popular out of the last team to conference until January 3 of the 25 mile off the Christmas break. The price toward our strong works out sick people right. Backus talk. Walk and rightly. We'll ultimately Russell Smith and Ted is known in Berkeley that works. Three to twelve to go for different competently. And honestly just asked them to equate him either words or. A group of guys on the house. Shot clock to six for 153033. Grizzlies and figured our plan. Yes let's get it does that hurt hurts don't it won't be out by Russell Smith. It's actually accidentally lost the ball so vice that is pass up the floor goes Armstrong. And let him live scores. To turn over Brian Russell Smith now that those on the mortars hit driver instantly. Getting fouled and shot no good. Way cloud likes to get them wolf let me look at my club. There and get back up the floor right now Bryant Miller with a scowl on his face it coach of the grizzlies that's what bothers him more to anything else. And when they give up a quick bucket the other way after they make when themselves. Got to get back. Mrs. to Rome kid who's got six points free throw on the way is no good off the bat. So we'll have more coming up offering driving flipping channels. 147. An elderly McLeod county thunderbirds. You know meeting in the it to ordeal later this year 2008 team. Re runaways is good minutes wanted to does that he's got seven. Yeah out of Seattle Washington. A long way for all of Seattle. 4034140. Wanna go resemble. All the front court arch right wing hasn't talked to. Left elbow screen by bought him. Cut off there by Christmas tries LA puts it right here. He's got twelve. Receives his what did you thirty or back away out right now that pullback of course most visible and the top of the key drops complicated yeah Christmas. Christmas activities are always had a little bit today. When we shot clock Christmas quick ride through the lying. Let him banker and it's no good rolls off the rim because. He won argues that it troubles me that was the legendary Christmas. Christmas is not a Portland Oregon couple West Coast guys on this roster for cloud. Seattle and Portland. Real beautiful part of the country here Pacific northwest. Six to go free throw it away by Christmas is good. His first name is Jim varies. G-8 feet. Are wide you very Christmas. Seven point six point two games for the points tonight that free throws in the free throw coming up. We're at 235 he's broken it if we throw shooter Christmas. I'll just 59% before tonight it makes both here but. Essentially is 4235. I don't know sixty dollar in the first half. Received Sanford old Armstrong pocket. Us live. Jackson Chicago Bulls eyes. Kathy whether rightly what is Christmas. Announcement Tom goes on. A double by Smith rides updates on there right. This is a top secret owners of three on the lake got. He's 1143. Point range secrecy that is 4535. Court pressure brokerage Christmas right Natalie drops. And the basket spins banker note that rebound. Yeah it hurts them back you know whether he goes it Wallace blocked for at my pocket while loose on the floor. Okay. Lead is 4735. Into Jordan moment Pitt coach them clouds it. Has hit nine seconds ahead on the front court shoes and stuff through a double team drops off Thompson drives and basket and shot rendered no good buddies back home. With 3.2 seconds ago. Chris these are leading 47 to 35 moments ago that was great effort by the grizzlies defensively. Me and her pregnant and to close it looks in two blocks at the rim. Ball was loose on the floor receipt schema that outlet pass in the middle dipped Armstrong recruit Roosevelt. By Thomson all the Thompson's averaging just under twelve points in Egypt the sport tonight so we want to know another free throw coming out. You argues completed this afternoon scores at halftime free throws good all the props and they wanted to. 3.2 seconds ago grizzlies went on here comes our broadcast as front court people. And nurture halftime twenty minutes into the power plant. Go to intermission half time period elderly widow it is Butler 47. Cloud county 360. At halftime on 9713. 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It was taken to John Boston courtside here in older you don't have so yeah college. And a Simon's Sumner is art studio coordinator. We're at halftime here and the grizzlies early in the cloud and the thunderbirds. Forty seven to 36 lot of great sponsors make these broadcast possible each year on a long time sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers it takes to bring you back with six locations in Wichita. One in derby one another donated 9 west central. PG products automotive maintenance for the highest of the highest quality. To find the PG shot near you visit the chief by the shot dot com that's the Tea Party shop dot com. And heating air conditioned lobby here covers our business but the location it over to better serve other county highland area. Your home town near us Marines the few the proud the Marines. And also vintage thing chances moving through the future with you and many thanks to all the great sponsors. Butler athletics on the radio or thirteen years doing Butler football or twelfth season doing grizzlies basketball on T innocence. Angela joined now I have time by Sean Boston John with a look at the first half steps taken away shots. All right leave that you've worked with 111 half points was a woman from me on four of four shooting through three from behind the arc he has eleven points. 20 lead clown seven points on the bench boardroom kid junior on three of five shooting. And then six points apiece forward Sean Lee as well is there a seat on the bench with six. And in this story goes down three point forward Christmas. And two points or are you Laura and then free throw me for help and Thompson. Clown shot 56%. From the field thirteen to 433. Of four from long range. And that seven of thirteen from the charity shape for 53%. But there. That is more 14% point for your arms from fourteen points and thirteen minutes played five of seven shooting two of four from behind the arc. Three assists in just one turnover. He points out the bid for pictures bathroom. On three of six shooting in a three rebounds for him. Six point Russell Smith. And a 54 Adrian more four point four or 81 yards and a three or four points as well for Bratton on one of two shooting. And three points or adjusting cradle. As a grizzlies scoring. Bush on 50% seventeen of 34 in the first half five of nine from three point range or 55%. It eight of thirteen. From the free throw line grizzlies now read down clown 1714. In the first half. See it firsthand turnover for clown just three for the grizzlies. Those are numbers there that and make Ryan Miller happy he's really be concerned about the other turnovers this season. And the trustees of the game tonight was sixteen turnovers averaging regain your opponents nineteen. But obviously they have the first half. See Clements in bowler with three. Very good here at Armstrong was fourteen points lead all scorers in only one turnover right in the morning. It's going to be a good news for the grizzlies you know I sense John as we watched grizzlies I know that was just think that Reggie devastating loss on Wednesday but. I continue to see improvement from this team each and every outing. And I think yeah much stronger second half of the season of course after tonight. And it's 45 day hiatus for Christmas holiday break back and utility background on January 3 but this is a team a young team loses so it was hard college not a lot of returns blasters to. News and got to reach six semi finals before losing Hutchinson. But I can sense every game he's catcher gain confidence you've seen our floor. And I agree that thing with her own right now they're down eleven but the only thing that really kept him in the team isn't fast break they've gotten. A number of points off as quickly see if it shows here. It doesn't show but. You know that's what as clown his bid. Deal fast break points and really is women's kept him in this game they're there you go other areas it was agility and content. Keep track you have is they're not really Oakland brother at all time on the offensive side. It's is Butler. It's got to get back on the defensive side. Because clown his team and his running down the court you're trying to get down there and scores quickly they can before voters he could have said. But he just a mobile have objectives of the conference worth its games this afternoon wanna remind him of tonight's game with the selected our US Marines player in the game. Think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit Marines dot com that's Marines got tough they won't take a break here have a all this hostility. First your head coach Robert Altman some of you know home. He's very reserved currently bags got his hands on it no earlier you're on press row and this vicinity that was the laws we like your. My dad got talent and a quarter he says. He. Coaching profession like his dad yeah that's good magic that would come out as we are trying to compared data. And his son in and the similarities end. And one thing we know it's not Jordan this year is much more facial hair and instead of. And yes he does he's got to guard your data system laws that you. All right let's take a break here look back and write downs scores were halftime here department. Brief everywhere the sun is beautiful Saturday night yeah. The Christmas holiday season to get in Woodstock 97 and thirteenth birdie in excess proceeds related cloud 4736. Eventually we're back. One and it was scores on the conference. When you're drinking highland Derry chocolate milk in your drinking science no really. Hi Lynn Gary chocolate milk in the natural source of high quality protein to build. Plus it's got vitamins and it's packed with the electric lights to help replenish your body after exercise. 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And it's always on call 24 hours today seventy easily have been much covers it all an outstanding service and high quality insulation which were looking. Or call anything here division flooding. We checked him out on the web at hand eighteenth I. Leading their division club in your comfort in the news right now what happened here. You know battery go to the power play graciously about coming. 4736. And scores were on the conference especially in. To define that was it's torturing and touch you got first place work its first place Hutchinson John Lawson Gibson's towards. All right what we're have a few of these finalists afternoon calorie. Travel around to dodge and defeated the counties the doors 8170 with a final. This afternoon another final from this afternoon was Seward. Over me you know shoot 8782. In overtime so who travels. To us in Newton takes down. You showed 8782 in overtime independence. Defeated Allen ninety's that needs to the final hole for this afternoon down in southeastern Kansas. Couple games going on right now. Like greens and hoods and Gordon going on at these torturing Hudgens and right now on the blue dragons with a three point lead 4237. For the halftime score matches shooting almost 60% tonight from the field. So 4037. Halftime. And in another game late in the first half. Between France and Gordon which I think he just went to halftime frat leading gore and 4441. And shot we should mention it though Hutchinson blue dragons without their longtime head coach Steve back. Who's not on the sidelines because he's serving a one game suspension. He was tossed out of all agree that tonight on Wednesday night which in first half technicals. And from what I understand it's the first time he's been ejected from all the he's in his ninth season touch and the first time that particular college or. Head coach at Hutchinson so that would Greg's without relief it. Yeah he got rejected on with the ignited in in the women's game tonight we have another objection that objection. You know he. Who was ejected and elites in the second half is that the woman's coach in the second half and so it's not very often UCL a coach ejected. Him in jail conferences and we've already seen it now once in. Forty's there. You know when he got its first technical today. And it coach video ladies' underwear. Clinton and say that's my first technical in two years from now and I was gonna have time to interview coach Miller's. Up in room. McCain back out and knows he dismissed this is what happened and again next. It went on. And it's it's something you'll see every day lady grizzlies with a nice and by the way Mike Melbourne because it definitely be received 16057. Over the lake thunderbird to take a final break here so clouds back on the floor for a layup line. The residents still in the locker room Butler leading 47 to 36 over the thunderbirds and we're back with second half action on the USS right after this. At Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers we understand if you're going to be that it better be good. No one satisfies your cravings better than Freddie. And December 24 we're giving away every bottle of bracing fresh salsa seasoning with a purchase of each 25 dollar Freddie gift card my against its full of goods. We'll get some delicious this holiday season gets them ready. He experienced the pleasant smile in your face and it tastes that brings it back. It's. Just flex it's struggled. To overcome. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement doesn't didn't. It's a promise. To our mission. Promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise. Of the reasons. It's nice lead going into any weekend mornings and night right here on K. About grizzlies leading the five county thunderbird as we get set to start second half. Arsenic that is brought to by Freddy's frozen custard mistake murders of these frozen custard state workers always return to their fall classic. Britain's pumpkin pie concrete fresh cream and frozen custard. London with a hold slice of whole slice of rich pumpkin pie crust at all popular with greens what was adamant. Only Freddy's frozen countries they lose a face to bring you back with six. Wichita area location got to play any instrument and buy some stock Freddy's. It hurts floating around the country building more more ready to each and every week. And six. Locations. One in derby and what right an elderly the human west central British Roosevelt papers open until 10 PM nightly. And that's what they get this thing. No extra money to. Invest in things like the stock market. All right your Ringo Starr the second half for a split minutes up on the clock 4736. To grizzlies being led by Jared Armstrong. We're in the point two days Nadia game high fourteen points. To lead all scorers. In leading the way for the the thunderbirds it is Solomon Findley then please get eleven including three for three from three point range. Grizzlies at their biggest gold home uniforms a couple of letters and numerals. In all black road uniforms with the yellow. Lettering liberals and white. We had a chance today a rare opportunity over interest bank arena for the palsy and. Actually grew soured. Longtime broadcaster for TV golden hurricane and it could over the sworn into that very much sauteed she program. The play ended its interest make arena against K state. And if you don't have to at some moment here. All right so. Five days for. Treatment wholesome pursuits Paulson he state wildcats well it's possible. We don't want your way here as noble prizes in the way it goes up to double agent shot of the battles that regardless out of bounds pass touched by Kurt. In your mind Miller's. Lefty Joseph and travel travel who traveled back Italy's grizzlies have a front court this season and I hooked in the second half. Maybe cloud county. 4736. Here comes Armstrong tries the Bassett left wing three and the way by Barry is no good had a good look wide open look. Rebound comes down to Solomon Finley. I thought suits me into the road trying to get back in the win column no one's seven conference and it's replace Hutchinson community pass out of bounds turn over by cloud county different court. Record subdued head coach for your coach Jordan all the arms folded my right. Haven't heard a lot right now in the front court problem gets Russell Smith shuffled his feet on the people the right wing. Sloppy start second ever receive starting Friday city. Our Kevin very. Seemed like turn the ball on the backcourt Phillies lost that race is backing gets it takes across the time unfortunately. We see horrible there don't turn it over. It has moved to Jackson you know there's Burt driving Lebanese it's not right corner and it'll pull up jump from twelve rightly. Right Sean Lee rebounded by Armstrong. Armstrong drove all the way to the floor complicated. Now sells about them rightly. Still crossover dribble drives and the basket kicked out left wing wide open three by parry an announcement in and out Kevin Barry Lipton good looks. Shots accidentally went down. It does not work for new high school district. Point shooter but he grizzlies. On the front court mrs. Thompson's cross court pass. To out of its mind. And more to grizzlies. Total state. Record to our right to cloud county. Neither team scored were a minute forty into the second half. I've got into the left to right here. Doubles needs. Securities. And a host of earth below and let me jump partially blocked Bartlett goes out of bounds at the grizzlies Paulo's. Last touched my Jackson trying to get that deflected shot. Grizzly since 2007. They're trailing in the series with cloud. It's 112. Into grizzlies have one thing. Last year including one here it was. Partly. In the final seconds. On the front court the grizzlies even more quick burst speak up can't banker runners no good and strong rebound by burger birdied six saves when he got up. The floor all the way to Italy goes up for a shot. Atlantis live shots forces. Nicely done but birdies at eight days or religions or this season fifteen point two. This easily defeated if 4738. Yards on 1730. Who want to go in regulation. Please. It tough loss at home on Wednesday to 81 hit that five point. So now there's a pass thrown away by Russell Smith front court there it's been the front court and it thunderbirds pull up left baseline jumper is no good but he was foul. And apparently felt like you're at Armstrong it's not a three was inside the arc. Associates Jerry Armstrong his first. He's first team fell in the second half 1713 to go free throw the leaves no good. Solvent film it's just fifteen. Or make that 50% free throw shooter on the season. It's a three ball nearly 40% in free throws at fifty the the explainer. 1713. To go on the as world war three shoot you practice in your free throws you money observation. Free throw in a way it's good it's one of sued instantly. Twelve points to lead. It is 4730. The front court the problem is that you want art Milwaukee. Except hockey and soccer ball comprised lakes and evidently the most others like. The defense and Sean Lee. Drop it lowers left shoulder just lower it hoped Iraq scores yeah it's got him. This is in the distant fourth and 39. On the front court this is Thompson benefit top grossing film drops off lift global it hurt her try to handed off to Thompson had not fully. Residence where backs did against Adams today. Drops off to Jackson unless it yeah. Turn around left wing jumpers know that an air ball ball goes out of bounds of the vigorously all. Really low key. He had his first year coach MacLeod Kelly's answer my relatives in his pockets. The grizzlies up the floor with a ten point lead 49391621. Ago. Rocket tries its bank shot from in close right side note good. Last touched like Ronald. Notices we've seen Huckabee this season especially in the second half the games he starts driving it to the rim try to take the game over. Precision down to our left in her own destiny worker out of pocket rightly used Smith right quarters of three by cradles his short off the side of the ball rebound. It goes out of bounds. Smith. Slow starts for the grizzlies here. Receives it yet to score almost four minutes into. 4939. Grizzlies played a significant part in one bucket two points or secondhand. Jackson. Can't sit city that is Washington DC. You know it Thompson. People left side direct traffic tries right elbow was the Elaine lays out and missed short banker took up and it might hurt. Birds got him. Religiously it is 4041. Atrocities that drives and the toughest jobs were. Voice that just broke into the right wing spots attack from the rim jumped up straight on it dropped it and there. Smith you know it's got a few grizzlies lead is 5140 want it driving the basket and foul. Since Lisa double team to get Charlie is he drove to the rim and fell apart the ground. We have seen a non shooting foul. Officials say he wasn't shooting his passing the ball in the and we'll ask the same question. Aren't shooting well yeah. Try to wrap room. Inbound pass those subsites option as a backdoor lob. Prices target but he was foul from behind by Russell Smith knights played here. Ian bell lady. They did and there. Circle route. Turned back door locked we're done to bush leaves more in line for two. It's always good. Old real rowdy football college and it certainly circle route. To open in. Only use that seventh when she's perfect night the line five for five other frequently it is good example he's got eight. His lead now down to 5143. The front court are excessive heat on the left side of top of the circle to cradle right front about it took a shot of that upside back war. But he draws up values going up against them much taller and Raymond or. Virtually tag what is second foul tonight. First team fell for cloudier Cigna Chris he's with 31515. To go. Jobs here for critical free throws no good. Italy and I missed two free throws with six point three seconds ago and that's got the rebound it and it to be winning three. It. Google's next free throws is good. It's got port just heard a lot of feel the way it handles. For a backdoor launder it that roughly kid you not see it was right elbow the birdie works examines cents a thoughtless Thompson back. Giving go to bird bird jumps to say yeah. Out of bounds and baskets. Is it now in this news. I thought it was a birdie laced up but it. Just fortunate. Position there won't. Russell Smith. Yeah they're pretty typical of albeit. Christie's lead is 51. To 45 over here volatility thunderbird with 1445. To go regulation or PowerPoint. After the grizzlies. This Thompson's statement rightly works at the top. Three threes but fortunately hasn't rightly drops it right block turn around September update. Thompson. Thompson's first popular guys got three point she's got. For them what you do you know basically it's 5147. Pocket as a right double full jump on the way rebounded by about how the ball stripped away by atoms are trying to. Arduous expected mafia. What could pass backcourt rested golfers who don't don't get your comfort. Front court drops are right wing at three by kiddie. Okay everybody three. Justice hit three this year 27 attempts. Time out on the floor called by Clark county's head coach Jordan Alton. Thirteen 53 dollar that our plan. Let us on 98713. Thirty in this house the grizzlies in a battle here what's wild Butler. Fit neatly. The grizzlies. To a six and I. College of transit grizzlies didn't just about every conference game right down the wire. They've either been tied or behind by two or three points would have not been able to finish these games and that's what Brian Miller was on the city. Nice and I need a full forty minutes. You the other night with the pipes at a five point lead with sixteen seconds ago and lost that game. He's in another close one tonight. 5350 over clout with thirteen 53 to go undercut the grizzlies moving right to left front court. Armstrong drops off to a very deep left. Regardless who my kid that's a tough circles are front roster right elbow Lou Adam's Adam's try to basket. Yeah it's close but for the night comes up this morning and aggressively. 550 active away Thompson's rise is basket let but it is no good. But he draws a foul for him yams in. Grizzlies. Inability to get back after a made bucket. And a cloud as quick on the floor and Thompson with a quick burst of speed drove Zedillo's. The rim so thank you to bird off the back where we draw a foul from Oedipus. The grizzlies three times tonight you know the baskets Butler I was ready accurately and quickly at the defense. Two free throws your growth Paulson. It's the first ones to three. You know it's four points receives no one in the heat of the beauties right around twelve points a game on the season. Worn out an 82. Free throws good on this and he's got five. It is 5550. Soon. Grizzlies had called before it is arms across time. Terrible please leveling up my kid. Still they'll pass was low slot music or quirk. Was found along the left excellence look more important. Quickly just a few seconds of the first. Now on the second there. There were six by prisoners Chicago Illinois school. She really likes the world attention he's learning college. It means that close at that point we would say there's no shot clock. Do. Or right quarter Q on Armstrong. Talked to her left side hurts us outside the very basic. Art thrives by tanks and developing world shot very is that this is important but it's not enough evidence out from behind. The rim. But beautiful when Venus says pass here. Authorities try to decide the rim in this. Footage shot but he was foul from behind. 1254 to go regulation. 5552. But they're leading cloud. Two free throws her fourth or frequently is no good right now. On the season all four from the line of fortunately he's really played sparingly if this just seven games appeared. Twelfth game of the year that a frequently line drive frequently gets those shooters roles are limited. One point that 5652. Upward pressure and it's different were those who did the right when it hit large globe in an easy bucket up and it. Ideal or at Tampa Melbourne Australia beautiful pop it right wing in the red. Eye it war yes. If silicon. He's got four pitches 5654. You write I play definitely that is no and those aren't puts water for clothes. Have prices rebounding goes on about this. Last times. Muslims. 5654. Butler leading with twelve points and governor. Of pressure. Yeah just crossing my. If Tom Jackson music Sosa. From Topeka double game four. Opportunities in the free throw line that is right here at three under way is up. By the man Australia. All right Lori gets a three that's just his lowest in three years 23 tenths. So he. Six in west Melbourne Australia home. I he'll Lar wood three here immigrants is currently 5756. There's a right point three by ars nova long rebound comes down to pit. It becomes different work. Sort of Italy the best left in Atlanta is no action strong rebound our eggs arches of out of the Jackson and it was slow now. When he's driving the rim. So unable to finish left him scoop layup that was. Did. And on the ensuing rebounds. Charged to a cloud. Each team now at 14101130. Wanted to go. Kind of a slow up plodding second half and grizzlies let it happen 4736. 56505756. Cloud leading. Does he have led most of the gators. Russell Smith back in the ball game because all the poor drives make shop right side content is no good art baker good draw the foul. Chris they seem a little bit out of rhythm here in the second half offensively. So these two jobs for Russell Smith. Bree from way is good Smith. Has got nine points tonight. Averaging thirteen point five for the grizzlies second leading scorer to team. That's free throw in the way is good shooters roll off the rim and backboard and it got him. This is respectively 5857. Backcourt pressure about doing a good job great full court press to get one. And it has those in the lane and it always knows what they speak. And cloud turns it over. It's crosscourt bounce house room. Jackson tribute chosen the society through the life. These lead 50571103. Days ago here plan. You put it rightly Russell Smith Smith was on the floor tries to play what took part thoughts habits and art back Aaron. Outlet pass was on the Florida Thompson listen up it. On the run out Thompson gets the puck he's got itself. Six of them here in the second actress's trailer 5958. Back and forth they go Butler cloud that's those. But they slide cemetery is endlessly wacko. On music Armstrong right elbow screen by rat. Look if he gets it under the basket goes up and accidentally yeah. I'd rather strong movies got sixth on the game experts point second half backcourt pressure. Here comes across frontlines. Society or they sit him it was a or spoons left side. Travel goes against Thompson. Court pressure gets the turnover yeah. Indigo love immediate time. I'm not coming out here tonight and more. It is sixty to 59 grizzlies leading cloud county. I was loss at schemes the wrote. This one and seventy accomplished lately as he ages two and sixty conference. Misses the final team its audience when he might be great players. Thanks so wolf these teams would love to go to break with a win needlessly provocative look for backdoor cutter more wasn't there hasn't taught those two Armstrong. Our programs over right. And rightly want to talk to war now since the shot clock Smith picked crosscourt pass stolen by Sosa. He'll advise passed there by Brussels definitely see Thursday's victory. Like to get back to another three of the waves hit thought about a three and it's the second time looking basic. Kid has got thirteen. He's averaging five points a game yet from Seattle Washington 6360 cloud lady. Prisons at the ball up top mrs. Armstrong takes over all of morning. Crossover dribble drives away. Passcodes right corner to block them Wacom drivers in the way of this conflict it's have no good to reverse scoop. Let the tip of the city's foul. 922. Ago. And this will be our media time out. Here's a little shuffle. Tonight. Kind of slow plodding game that it's a good one the grizzlies are trailing cloud county nine sixty to sixty with experts who know. And we're back in one minute hidden in excess. Welcome back to Freddy's and did you hear that our pumpkin pie concrete if that's sure dead real. Everything up. Crest at all. To come compact Greeks please come in right happen at Freddie you'll always find that magical combination of family is fine and president Nestor and prepare incredible punch in high concrete pricing dreamy president has very limited a slice of pumpkin pie spreading spreading pestered and steak burgers this case that brings you back. Most oil changes or the sand. Old oil out new filter new oil and it's a routine infant chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What if it was life changing. Cubs beat you will change can change your life because it comes with a free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you fly to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's PG find shot. Team. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on CNN. In double figures led by Karen Armstrong was fourteen Armstrong scored all fourteen in the first half he's yet to score in the second half. 922 to go media timeout here at the power plant the grizzlies are trailing 6260. But all the free through life for two shots as to Terri is Spock himself moments ago on a driving layup attempt. Arkin has ten points in the Russell Smith has ten free throws. Oh good my bottom. That's a rarity this. Missed two free throws tonight he came into the game nearly 90% free throw shooting for the Tearrius bottom that's free throws good and it's one of two slots instead eleven the grizzlies are trailing 62 to 61. Here we go on strike order of Sosa's through the leg kicks it out left corner wide open three. All of a sudden decision to three wins in the second half alone. Got sixteen points boxing drops off pretty away competent front court had an open three could pass it up. Brutal out drive over the left wing by Burt the big press took off. Rusty Smith had gradually catching up blocker great quarter drives right is animals. Find out about it grizzlies an eleven shot clock. I was leading sixty fives and with a 53 they go here's the power plant. He's in them of their own baskets are right Bret has it gives the bottom and on top of war and rightly dismissed more top of the keyboard drives the lane in. That is the ultimate whistle. Yeah I'll call him. Moore was drug unit knew the risks were double team that was fouled if the whistle and called I'll vote against kit to. Q it. Kids get to sixteen points exit three threes here in the second half her clout. Seventeenth shelves now for clouds it is a one and one for Adrian more. Receive 65 point 4% free throws you on season one for one tonight. I think that it shot. Morbid disease frequently there at all. It's free throws such a big part. In every game especially in light yes we're trading baskets back and forth almighty. That are free throw them up for more as a bonus underestimated Z 44 to go. Free throw in a way is good beautifully. Fresher. Asked for an hour is worth it and it's. Acute levels and you know talk I'll start by mortgages that works out gets it back. Down guys. With a form around Christmas and the audience has to be when he makes shot tries to pass a banker no good. It was a police found. These 24 to go. You have two teams very hungry for a win here tonight. Cloud has dropped six games wrote last week was on November 15 in overtime win at home over Hutchinson. Early conference Winfrey to Italy is good night Christmas. Christmas is four for four from the line and a four points and other free throw coming up. Two shot shooting itself frequently is good example let's move there has got the receives trail at 6763. Yeah. Cloud. Home. Front court a little miss those lovely. So through right elbows Brett back right war. Rightly the top of war more drives and that's definitely at the development of strong not to the risk but there's a lot yeah. It comes out as. Currently probably 6763. Under eight minutes ago ordered the power points and Christmas says it didn't look when. I heard about walking past two socialist talk these. Not used to Christmas definitely those two kids get somebody on him now scratched up under the best of bird. They play their way into the breath house deputy differently and bird. Nine seconds on the shot clock cloudless inbound from the far left corner hey. Overnight on the shot clock. The burden on the baseline lefties like jump up and didn't make software. And are now. It is not working. Tonight. Prisons throw the ball out of bounds in the front court pocket was not looking. Little whipped a pass. So yeah. A room full timeout called by Bryant Miller in the. Miller's got. Very stoic look on his face. His team is trailing 6963. To cloud county here. With a under. He minutes ago at the power plant. You know we are all kind of wondering whatever we've seen today the grizzlies after that so heartbreaking gut wrenching loss on Wednesday night here at home. That's what he game with a three at the buzzer went off the rim three times before falling through. That you rhymes that he season high 41 points for the blue dragons. Dragons were down 25 points in the prisons early second. Reaching back and wanted at the buzzer. Demoralizing loss for the reasons that according to coach. Aaron Miller. That's very good practices. He's very pleased and positive and its effectiveness to about a lot of energy tonight it was. This is relating. 4736. At halftime. Second half treatment confidence. Offensively. 734. Ago. Here the power plant receives down six to cloud county. That's McLeod says the preseason numbers. It has matchup since 2007 cloud leaving your World Series twelve and. This is we'll have full court pressure on this income status in the backcourt kid gets in and do Christmas. Grizzlies slack off the incident. Finland Soledad good. Christmas guarded closely by it. We'll want to lose sight gags that shot tonight. That shot went. And addresses right now are accused of lately distant populated. A strong move by William Jackson. Got to the rim and muscle Libyans 717. To go. He's now 7163. Chances frequently here for Jackson. Announces first but through the night. Free throw the littlest bit shocked that it now isn't it rebound. 71. To 63 probably. There are players on the front left wing. Armstrong rides that is cut off passed its website to Russell Smith pull up jump on the way note about the rebound out there. Jumping ship bounces Byrd institute today Christmas in the front court Christmas rightly backs down. His lips as he left side. Solvent Finland and look at it should be open and obviously these. Florida top of the key backcourt passcodes insiders have been tough for me. I felt that by Christmas. But he got fouled in the process 640 years ago. 7163. Probably. Won't have free throw line both teams now on the bonus. Seventy fell Travolta and this is it to Johnston shooting well for Christmas. Wreath runaway is no ability. Christmas. Misses his first free throws tonight he did five for five lines. 7163. To score remains out of free throw coming up for a Joseph Perry Christmas. Day. Now 7163. Free throw is no good basketball. Please see. What they can do it here. Here comes critical front porch cradles. Is that right side nearly stolen bike accident or gets it back heroes pastor that he got a back that. Chocolate receipt book that's confused offensively. Little takes up winning prizes through the lakers aren't right corner tries to basket back. Christie's office and kissed them. Lately honestly. It was one of those moments as a head coach in the Bryant Miller just looking. For somebody to take charge your offensively. Grizzlies were 47 points in the first half they have 63 points overall rebounding game. They trailed just one body. MacLeod now. Christmas has been rightly be very closely brutal. Did it gives it to fit. Though the clock you'll definitely. Front of doubled off of life there to open a double team heard on the floor goes up and let them know Lebanese fouled hard crashed to the floor. Governor elect him yet to get rid themselves even though an entry atoms that at least four laps. Her little it is shaken up or it well and only at baseline. 552. Ago. Haven't heard unfortunately Jerry is not a good free throw shooter just two of Imus he's. Frequently stood. Very good news first free throw made tonight he's one for one another free throws coming up. Another one of those cases where it's hard to figure out here is a great three point shooter but not a free throw shooter. Sitting make the second one here. Frequently used could beat Oakland. I've been very tough series got five points on the night grizzlies traded at 7164. What 547. To go crazy several defensive pressure didn't take it right. Want to Jackson. That sort of 536 feet. It received a lot of game supposedly. Being on the stretch actors aren't surprised that basket when. A couple of funny hop steps and now it crumbles in the floor on the inbounds play. Pocket with a bit bucket there he's got thirteen of the nutty. My twenty to go they blew the whistle because bock and fell down and other canals and towels wipe out perspiration. I twenty minutes ago. 7167. Filed looted. Yeah. Four points. Coal industry that resistance naturally victory. Trailing late. In the you know we'll losing games we've had lately is lose. Giving the shoe on the other foot Tuesday. I'm twenty to go play time. Grizzlies at fort timeouts left out five feature under network pressure that's across from unhurt and also Paula still rebel. Left handed off from there was no dust him. Excuse. Teammates realism from ago. Jimmie has a deep but luckily very tough. Right right fit and pull up jumper on the waves were shot in and out we've got to fight just. Those thoughts were. In jeopardy Adams was just standing flat put his arms raised. On the rebound Tim Jackson now jumped to. Back up in any stores that he's found a home. Jackson has only four points but two buckets coming in the last few moments for cloud. Intensity of three point play. Work 57 to go. 7367. Club Libby. Big bucket here. An accident left him free throw shooters principled stance briefed on the way is good. Five points for Jackson drifted down. 67. I don't particularly the power play regulation there yesterday but let me talk to criminal off the screen right elbow by a very. They're now by Bert assets off the Aries around them wore out left link goes to box him. Thirteen and shot clock on whose nose dribble pass was right elbow that Brad Brad tries to basket in. And then fouled along the way she grabs one line 11. Started to see in the development of anti Bratton a freshman succeeds president Omaha Nebraska program. Start to gain more and more confidence in the if you admitted driving the rim like that earlier this season. So one and one for Brett. Free throw on the way it is off the front and rip. Soft touch here for the big threat breakfast at seven point studies frequently maligned. Were 3040 ago mrs. Clinton 74. To 68 other free throw for Brett it's on its way and it's good on this program. Free throws he's got eight points on the 93 season trailing seventeen forces the good for you here tonight backcourt pressure by the grizzlies. It was free also in the backcourt. Catch him off now. He comes across the spotlight as was that a neatly laid. Per person get a leg up. Leave with a bucket he's got ten points on the night Friday or colonel drives to basket lace it up today. It's little comes up with a bit bucket only use fifth sixth when. 7671. Receipts that trade baskets though the equipment is definitely. How about five with four minutes ago here's Jack puts the ball on the floor try to lift his note that it draws a foul for Brett. In Miller's thomas' foot. In disappointment to our left Pitt coach. The grizzlies. 356. Ago that receives need to make a run here and down 7671. All teams now with nine teams bowels of this. I was shooting for our guest Jackson school programs he's got two shots. Pretty struggle is good. Raymond Jackson is 83%. Free throw shooter on the season's two of three tonight. Now has six points all coming here in the senate now. 7771. The free throw coming harper. Jackson frequently it is supposed. Seven points for Jackson. It's 78. To 71 received by seven with 356. Ago. Receives an idea 4736. Lead in half. Trailing now by seven under four minutes ago the power plant. Areas that you would likely part of my kid. That's a top goes to block them block prize basket in laser definitely just probe. Fifty. 7873330. Years ago that's our plan spurts of priceless treasure and yeah. Props up the jacksons get this website almost turned over. We get the bulls accidentally cross over dribble drives through Lincoln's copper that it can run away is too strong out of that we. There's not a pastor of the Florida Reynolds you've lost a ball off his foot loose on the market that might that got numbers won't back the other way. Might have to. Clock management program and just let them go to. They get a solid block. They did. Often. Stood under the program for the thought he was called for a foul but don't count by Thomson. Thompson's got nine points is one of free throw line for chances for point plays things looking desperate now for the grizzlies with 313 to go. Doctor did not try to block this out of it's not sure I got called for fouls like into the room. And he makes the free throw. 708173. Critical of the front porch 310 to go desperation time for the grizzlies. Wouldn't want to fight its way toward Christmas break griddle. Spin tries to basket as those I talked to award more prize money left hand shot was blocked that flocking to recover I've heard. This is down 8173. O'clock out. Here's his feet. Prompted fifth straight conference home for the big. Here comes constantly kicks out kid picks the right corner three picks up miserable. Workers divert. I don't talk to 35 they gave harbor. Left elbow it's up his dribble use the kids can pull out rightly jumpers know. Outlet pass those little little camera part in the backcourt by Tim. Advice now there's stops the clock to 24 to go. BD one to 73. I'm leading currencies go free throw line for two shots here. Double bonus time now for critical. Free throw away is good. For little as seven warnings tonight. He's 23 hotline other free throw coming appear to 24 to go ED 174. While lady return on the way is good mix and vote. Colonel Scottie progressives are currently 8175. As an idiot eternal we hear from Jackson front port city close according to. You actually succeed in Washington DC. Halt before the majority got across Ireland and stepped on the sidelines of a battle here on the grip is up to turn over to tend to go. 8175. Probably brutal cross over your eyes the basket put up the shot was blocked from behind. And read the balls recovered by Jackson crippled. Drove right in the teeth of two defenders at the clintons have walker cups club acted that way Thompson. Mexico left side his right elbow through the bird or tries to baskets and let up and it. Is in dire straits here what 148 to go trying to. On the floor. Let's iCloud is about to ending six game losing streak he had not won since November 15. When they defeated the number one in the nation Hutchinson in overtime at home. For whatever reason grizzlies have really struggled over the years against cloud county. The president really really good teams clouds and injuring one B. If the power plant. BD 375. And will be talking to coach and Ryan Miller in the post being killed. As it stands right now. Cannot believe that coach Miller's very pleased with the team effort tonight first up was okay. 4736. Receipts slid it in remission. Points. We've won four weeks ago. Both teams have four timeouts remaining both teams in the double bonus. That last basket. And sixteen points one point above its average he's a load to stop 6220. Their rich. Reason. Hurt. You Archie. Tall slender and he's got a good mood and driving. Rim. Term rates reason there down 8375. Indelible to have worked at them like criminals. Left more than. Here you've really got to go for shots encampments office here right quarters we have always known that Reba my pocketbook. These foul and pockets frustrated. Is put back from the weak side of the rim was notes but he was Elvis John economy. Right at the rim. 137. Ego clocked him two free throws shots here. Yeah and both teams have four turnouts. He 3752. Shots here for volume. Cafeterias as fifteen points and I think that's well below his season average out. Matt. Argument is he's free throws good. 62. 83. And 76. Cloud lady. How has been leading since early in the second half. Took the lead 5756. Runaways at all Nestle bought that makes both free throws he's got seventy. And aggressive use a full time out. Again after this game tonight the AG our conference. Will take me 25 day break for Christmas holiday. Receives next team after the break we'll be on January 3 that's Wednesday night it grabbed the Bieber go home. The broadcast we are right here in 9713. Thirty can't assess. But it certainly wanna go that 25 day break with a win there's. Definitely the grizzlies select a big lead slip when you're in the united news though Hutchinson. And right now desperation time for the dizziness. Was 137. To go bigger down the 83. To 77. But keep in mind. Which is the other night Hutchinson was down five point. It was sixteen seconds ago the grizzlies lost that mean. Once again the grizzlies are involved in the tight game down the stretch they've not been able to figure out. These games all year long to this point. Receipts at six. Losses by missing digits this year. Steve Demeter tighter maybe one or two point difference that stretch of stop. There as he break the timeout cradles. Russell Smith. Very. Adrian ward yeah. Terrorist problem poor. 8377. Double bonus that's exactly the process out for three seasons trying to hold your comfort cross the timeline. It's Walt Coleman Wentworth Italy adds that upstream by Bert talk if you use the word. Shock podcast was cited Jackson turnaround bankers hope that it sold that loses collisions happen and horsepower. Hijacks. He's got a huge break there Jackson was right there river turnaround bank shot too strong. On its own business of walls of the league in fouls. Hey Adrian wars oh. 118 day ago. On stops its image he has to cutting the deficit clock stopped. 83772. Free throws here for more to it shouldn't shooter. And it is three for three lines seven points. Jobs frequently is good hire Donald it even more perfect Frontline. World war. 8378. The free throw coming up here for more. That news of four point gain frequently is. Long rebound right down by clout street through others comes out of the floor once Ortiz ago the only time for those who hurt. He's pressured by war that's now it's true. The past there was definitely a top circles it's the shot clock 101 game clock risen to 8378. While I don't shot clock at least a pop up along leveling three it is no good now yeah now. Yes. Flop. Kevin Berry was tried a body for position. Against Thompson. Yeah very vacuum often and vehicle crash the floor Thompson's call for the balance of the clock stops that 51 seconds ago. It's time today we hear Norton Altman his first year coach. Raised his voice at the officials here 51 seconds ago. Resumes again the chance to cut in the lead witness clock stopped two shots here for better preacher on the way is good. Typically it's the 79 right now they're free throw coming up for here. Here's three for 31 tonight. Frequently is good it's also. Great teaser trailer at 83 so it's a one possession game. Full court pressure for the grizzlies or has it. Passes out definitely backed up our markets across the timeline here aside I recently passed those opt in LA up. For Thompson definitely don't. Well there's nothing I didn't next getaway crippled tries normally. They're gonna get him. If our eternal. I'll goes against credit offensive foul as it is driving through the way. He uses arm to push off. Want it turn over there 8580. Receives down by five with 35 point six seconds ago Burton looks good and it does to kids. Got a foul him kid in the backcourt all look like he traveled in college. If it hurts the back toward his pastor for a court whistled a foul in the backcourt with expert. Twenty point five seconds ago. Prisons are down 85 easily got to within one possession three points. But I was able to break a full court press and a Thompson got an easy layup. The grizzlies turned the ball over. This is a two free throws for. We're tonight at sixteen points right around season average slipped him a free throw shooter frequently is no good. No bird dismissed. Three free throws tonight. There's still the champs are down 8580. Twenty point five seconds ago. Throw for Burton. On the way is good exploded soon. Her aggressiveness 8680. Got to know that's critical in the front court. Left wing has his right side do long Armstrong and Clinton should separate out the back court readout of my head you that you do twenty seconds ago. Grizzlies still could not you're gonna. What big baskets now stretching close game. 8680. And cloud player sort of relies are about to snap a six game losing streak. To be their first win nearly a month. Last week is on November 15. 8680 free throw it away by Thompson is no good. We're open. Options at twelve points and eleven in the second half he's had his season average. Frequently is good now thirteen as he's gotta be since eighty. You don't brutal final point one's a little past the left corner pocket with a three on the way got to carry pocket hard time. Grizzlies still have. Two timeouts remaining after this one here except 8783. Was seventeen point four seconds ago so pocket with a three he now has twenty. When he points on the night to lead the grizzlies. The end seventeen point four seconds ago 8783. Cloud his lead. On my score book here since the 1131. March where they would hit 5756. Years he's had been leading. To that point. Receives again at eleven point lead at halftime. It has been clout. Leaving your most of the second hand. Coming up in our post game show right now to jail out. Efforts weren't picked up that big game going up sports arena Hutchinson. Was placed work on the road against first place touch. A final status. Or final broadcast for the 2017. Season. After tonight the conference goes on me 125 deeply. Inaction on January 3. We're immigrants he's here you gotta go for a steal you don't get a foul right away seventeen point four seconds ago. Here's the steal and two timeouts left. Clouds got fort timeouts left. Residual pressure inbound half spurt at 68 will be pressured by Terry spotted at 66 Indian down. Obviously isn't gonna separate the players are jockeying for position. Alston 11. Single line around free throw line. Social animal lover. Vs the good news. Got five seconds. Gets down to the basket they felt it immediately Armstrong does with. One point four seconds went off the clock so sixteen seconds ago. Her strong news poll found what they almost 52 encounter in the and a ploy. Sixty seconds ago 87. 283 cloud leading. This is two shots for work. Rome kid. It was sixteen points and rightly so one assumes aligned frequently is. Points for kids it is thirteen. To twelve points above his season average. It is not Seattle Washington. Sixty seconds ago really study EP three. The free throw for kids. If frequently is good makes them both. Time and free throws each team grizzlies now about 58 or 6983. Brutal tries to blame lays it up today. Ten point six seconds ago and a coach calls a time out so 8985. We ten point six seconds ago this is where you see those timeouts it could be an Indy. 89 and 85 as a full time out. On a great sponsors of our broadcast on can't assess. It. It's frozen custard steak burgers taste to bring to Matt was six locations in which I wonder what write your elderly Dodi tournament lesser growth. You've got about 28 minutes to stop by Freddy's tonight for dinner open nightly tilt in the you know PG products automotive maintenance of the highest quality. Of trying to be cheap shot near you visit each party shop dot com. That's the key finding jobs dot com. Island dairy your hometown near the US Marines the few the proud the Marines and base Kansas. Boot into the future we if you. This is about to embark upon me Christmas holiday break. And Wesley could turn this around. Ten point 66 of them by force. Don't shoot free throws Bruce he's gonna fall two five and seven overall two and seven. Conference play what's most troubling the grizzlies it's illusion. And five at home in conference audience. So it's always been a bit ago. And you have an advantage Brisinger power plant if they lose tonight that the Olin 500 home floor conference action. Residual pressure the inbound pass Russell Smith yeah pressure berg. He gets his Jackson actually double teamed and fouled. So ages three tenths of a second good. Actually. It's almost a second off the clock and others nine point seven. 8985. This'll be two shots coming up forward. Ring Jackson Jackson is three of four or maligned and I don't on the second half. Seven points on the second half. Received an 89859. Point seven seconds ago expletive free throw shooter. On the way is good for the making. Sure action it would just 65 point 5% free throw shooting team. Had some of the points grizzlies now down. Ninety to 85 so even with a free throw here it's a two possession game. Jackson's principal 345 times visible museums in the future on it is good vote. He's gotten kind of the grizzlies are down 9185. To six points now by six would not point seven ago. The down due critical critical races up the floor. Brutal with a long three top of the key note tomorrow rebound comes out of pocket. Bought the puts up a three no good. And tonight. That's odd kind thunderbird they final score of nineteen want him. 285. And with this win cloud snaps a six game losing streak. In the grizzlies finished the first semester. Two in seven. Two and seven in conference play through the first semester. Nine games in. In grizzlies now fall too far out in seven overall two and seven in conference play. Cloud now snaps a six game losing streak in the group of foreign aid overall 287. In conference voiced it let us. What does it would Bryant Miller head coach about grizzlies and also below the final stats and scores in our conference the post game show is next. Exciting Butler grizzlies basketball all season long and I need 713 thirty K and SS. Confronted by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers taste that brings you back with six locations in Wichita what are derby and won a Belgrade when 1809 plus central. The US Marines the few the proud the Marines. BJ products automotive maintenance at the highest score only to find a VG shot there you visited Fiji finest shot dot com that's BG find is shop dot com. Had a heating air conditioning and money your comfort is all business for the location and hand over to better serve plumber count me. Highland bury your hometown Derek. Finishing Kansas moving through the future when you stay tuned in the blood grizzlies post game show is next. 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It it's time for the broader grizzlies post game show with comments from grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller. A recap of tonight's game and a look at the final statistics now let's head back to the arena. No sir that I have to wait about Chris is hoping to close out the first semester portion of their schedule a folder tonight. To a last place cloud county the team that lost six straight games coming in Christie's fault I'd buy a final score of 9185. This is I look quickly here at via post game final status. Cloud county team that is in the night shooting 39%. From the floor this season. And clout heavy tonight shoots 57. Point 7% from the floor. About caddie was thirty of 52 from the floor seven at ten from three point range 2436. From other free throw line. And the grizzlies shot 42 point 2%. Little bit below their season average grizzlies were 2764. And again. Grizzlies had a comfortable eleven point lead at halftime 4736. But they get outscored in the second half 55. To 38. And that's what seems to happen to teams that are going through rough stretches I did receive certainly are now it seems like every time a team comes in. They're sitting there highs for the year and shooting her 32 free throws or whatever. And that's just the state of things right now about grizzlies. We're hoping to talk to a right Miller's coach that of other grizzlies certainly cannot be pleased the grizzlies now we'll break for 25 days. News and everybody takes a break for the Christmas holiday. Our next broadcast will be coming up on Wednesday January 3. This is our final broadcast that 2017. Season and again the grizzlies. With this loss here tonight. Overall record falls to five and seven. Two and seven in conference play that ties him for last place in the conference with the cloud. It two and seven Pratt and also played at night they were two and six. End Allen to a 60. We'll get scores post game show that. Another frustrating night for the grizzlies hoped you talked to coach Miller it's a coach Miller. Was really banking on these strong effort tonight energized effort that he got in the first half did not in the second half. And perhaps credit to look out county cloud it's got some big guys underneath. Seem to bother the grizzlies offensively in the second half and receives cannot get it done it yet another team in which the grizzlies used by single digits. Have a penchant for losing a single digit gains in conference games in which they're either tighter driven by 12 maybe three down late. They just cannot get over the hump. And we'll have the individual robbers coming up in the post game show here. But again the grizzlies fall here tonight by a final score. 91. To 85 tickets I'm out here we'll come back with more the post game show the power plant right after this. Welcome back to Freddie then he'll be here that are pumpkin pie concrete if that's sure dead real. I everything up crest at all. To come compact Greeks police coming right up at Freddy's he'll always find that magical combination of family is fine and president testing and preparing credible pumped in high concrete pricing dreamy president has data plan amid a slice of pumpkin pie Freddie spreading testing and steak burgers this case that brings you back. Just reflects its struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps yeah news. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement our content. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept it for more than two centuries. Promise but believe it's option. Most oil changes or this sad. Old or allow new filter new oil and it's a routine the chore on the to do list what if your oil changed wasn't the same as the rest. What does it was a life changing PG cup Biggio will change can change your life because it comes with free lifetime protection for your engine and fuel system. Which means a lifetime of peace of mind for you fly to shop near you with the PG find a shop dot com. That's PG find shot. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as at. Having proper. Out the first semester Porsche senator's schedule they loser tonight to a cloud county 9185. And here with a look at the a team stances on Boston. All right we'll clown shot 58%. From the field tonight thirtieth 52. Seven two in a from behind the arc in 24 of 36 from the free throw line. Butler channel 42% from the field 47 of 646. Of nineteen from long range. It's 45 of 35. From security check clown with sixteen turnovers Butler with eleven. Butler scored nineteen points out through sixteen clown turnovers. Clown came back and outrebounded risen 3130. And us this clown with people who were seven. Routine two blocks seven steals for the grizzlies 34 clown. And the clouds pinch outscored Butler 4738. He and points in the paint or Butler with 42 cloud thirty individually for. The T birds. It was seen tape with you're kids junior rather with eighteen points on six of ten shooting three of four from behind the arc. And that to rebalance. And in. C seventeen points for. Was that. There were fifteen and I achieved that. And that's that spurt or Raymond hurt PX I actually had him down yes seventeen unity he changed numbers tonight and that's what's. Kind of caused some issues with scores. Never seventeen points today of fifteen shooting thirteen rebounds and double double for him thirteen point for a moment Thompson. Well her Finley. Intent for Sean Lee so clown we had five players tonight in double figure scoring. And Butler individually pitcher's spot with forty to lead the way seven of fourteen shooting to a four. From three point range in four of six from the line also six rebounds. To go along his twenty points Jared Armstrong with fourteen points. I'm five of nine shooting to a five from behind the arc in almost for. Now fourteen in the first. Ten point four Russell Smith. On really shooting for six from the free throw line. Also five rebounds to go along with that just incredible with nine even more with eats bread and also landed eight have been very with seven. Or 106. And pretty and it's peaceful night for him just two points. On one of one shooting from the field OF two from the free throw line. And Jordan with one point to the grizzlies with three players cement in double figures led by a bathroom when he points and six rebounds. Terry is talking continue to have a great soft sees Jesus he's been scoring machine because he's been there really matter when united will get a win and a this is probably show on the fact that the trustees have been so many things like this right down the wire right in it. We're one or two baskets make the difference in the game and it just not able to close these games out it's it's a troubling patter. And that's what's you know it's this conference there's so many talented players and you can't. Left with so they're night when he six point lead I mean you can't take any week for gran in this conference there's so many town of players in the teaser. Are all top notch in. You know when it's you can't become toward the lead at any point game until 2 o'clock its all zeros you can't be comfortable with them leave that you have. And you don't want to have it's perplexing for rumors that coach Bryant Miller is the effort is there it's not like it's a lack of effort. Her put it out on the floor and I I think defeat him. Subways to step back here that if I feel like the last 45 teams have really been making progress each night. Getting better and better growing confidence that tonight. Kind of it kind of a step backward for the grizzlies. And then going into this break is going to be much needed for these guys you know they're not happy with that to his seventh start in conference play in their. Hopefully the new year will bring good luck to them. When we come back on January 3 that. And even take this time off Finn and reflect on. What the haven't done well what they have not done well in this first part of the season puts deftly. Good enough to keep their heads up because there's still a lot of season left the place. Oh absolutely this was a game. You really wanted to trying to help eliminate the bad memory of that so loss on Wednesday that it homered were you at 25 point lead early second half they lose the buzzer. But look to what we waiting coach Miller who's had not come out yet and hopefully he will maybe he won't but we. Scores we do this tour is all teams that went final tonight's in the TO conference this afternoon Cali defeated dodge eighty once in the eighth. You've been tallies now seven in two doing well players right here off of first place. Sewart defeated neo sure 8782. In overtime. Independence defeated Allen ninety descending to the union indeed. And in Hudson just defeated Gordon a little bit ago four that. The number one place right now going into the room. To the Christmas break in the top. Don't talk to go place tomorrow afternoon cold Dresdner seven ones who have they would win tomorrow they would. We're the great tied with the touch but right now touched its need and want your all alone for via conference lead. And in Vicki that just what final round Garden City Fran treated guard 93. To 92 so we look at the games today. There is only week two home teams don't want. That's the end. The independence from the only two home teaser wanted to at home. They're so based on those scores show on that would mean it took Butler Allen and clout would all be tied for laughs we've records of two and seven conference play. And you know what's really troubling is that that the grizzlies are old fighters and other homes or movement's own fine. There and that doesn't happen very often is specially your. In this friendly confines hear of but the PowerPoint and it's so. It's so rare to lose at home in specially none oh win a game at home here in the conference fortunate schedules so far. Well listen I'm too soon. Coach Miller is not gonna come out and we'll see this much she's been a very good thing. Three years he's been it coach she's almost a 100% coming up it. You know it and you know this is well excited coach Miller takes this really really hard and it would in this first minister portion of the schedule. Losing they vehemently deny that was one thing and he was really expecting team and offline had a night. And he really did the first after a 4736. But who knows how these things work outs and guys saying team's second half just flat. Yeah we're what 382 half you know. So. I will assume he's not gonna come out and John it's always a great job on opens on the broadcast. Would've played for you family all the holidays. Well plan on seeing right. My dad's side usually this some stuff on. Christmas Eve so probably he would do with him on Christmas Eve and then. We are working another job that I have a quick trip on Christmas Day ago though. So it's is going to be busy but I'm looking forward to it. You're gonna be you'll be able to help themselves broadcast music and a new. Okay are you appreciate it very much it's not you know failing heavy very merry. Christmas or groups you thank you on Boston helps on the broadcast student here by the community college. Internet broadcast is going to be in 25 days we break now for the Christmas holiday break. Our next broadcast will be on Wednesday. January 3 2008 team and our first broadcast of the new year residual the second semester portion of the schedule the ball to the conference games. The grizzlies now have played nine of their that right now sign of their 26 game conference schedule. That means it would have what 26 months nine. It is seventeen. Of seventeen conference teams left. Seven team to Los political science it came. Anyway my dad always had a naked all the politicians it is you know when to stop talking dancing on economics. About. Are right the levity here. Grizzlies lose your next broadcast is on Wednesday to up a Bryant Miller is coming now. So we will talk with coach Miller here. Figured he might come out that. Coach Miller will join us here momentarily. Yet the grizzlies fall by a final score of 91 to 85 we're joined now by grizzlies head coach Bryant Miller and coach. Obviously not the way you want the first semester schedule portion to end here tonight. You and I talked in the pregame show you were looking for forty minutes from your team here tonight. It seemed like he got the first twenty minutes find Ezra 4736. Not the second twenty minutes what was the difference. Hopefully if they became aggressive and and they ice soda sold in the half court sets up gave to slow down a little bit. We couldn't guard without filing. And we couldn't keep our man in front of us in one on one situations and that's what comes down to us in the sort of the full first semester that would not a very good defensive team. We don't. We don't have that edge of that toughness when we would have matters and is just to get. So you guys go to the operate. With the two and seven conference record I think what's most perplexing coaches you guys are a little in five. In conference play here in my you know power plant floor. Yeah that's that that's probably oh record who you know hate to be on the backside of that record book to that's what told a group is that I in my six years for sure we've ever been. It is losing situation in the home. I don't know if that's ever happened here Butler so this is very unfortunate. With local post those fifteen guys got some soul searching to do. So you you know that we we've got to find a way we we do we got to find a way and it starts off the court with with academics and and be locked into. Things that are mattered things that are important things that are of priority. And I'm not certain that that's where our minds or. Coach what are what their plans for the offseason 125 day break now you guys are back in action until Wednesday January 3 it to beaver dome Pratt. Endo what's what's the plan for the team and holiday break. Well we we we give them a work out they're supposed to be doing over the break him. And so they'll be left in the be doing you know individual or council to each other. You know frost will get on the road will go recruit. But again. You know who voted sighed very very talented three star yes he's cute he gave leave yours although we obviously after his kids around you know. That are tough you know so. Willow we will go recruit. And those guys we'll just try to look at it and some of those guys got taken recession classes that the big deal that delegates and right stating their grades. And make sure that affection shown class. It's a coach no doubt about it once it's really hurt your clubs Carlin it's bad news starting point birdies sit just off to our right yours got his jaw wired shut it. It has not been able to play and most of the conference scheduling what's the word on him you'd think to be back here early in the second dismissed the signal. I think he will Carlos got another appointment on the 28 of December when he comes back. Hopefully cut the wires off from his job but I imagine that he'll still be. You know limited contact as far as we can do on the court. But hopefully you know we get them are miraculous recovery and we comes back he's ready to go that you know he's working you start working on has only started to try to. Do little political party you know and and it just didn't you know in the basketball stance of intelligence from room a little bit but it. It's on belonged. Long ride back for him you know being away from the game that long there's a lot of game for us in the you know you can't do anything as far as from a physical standpoint so it's going to be very tough for him to. To come back right away as you know that turnaround pretty quick what's. Combine absolutely coaches wanted to ask you hear me you know. Talk about making Christmas lists. He has got a 25 daybreak what do you say get a list what are the water to top things you know and you feel accurately to turn around in the second half the seats. Well you know I've said before that this stuff off the court you know valuing. The you know. Life is about doing things you don't wanna do you know if if everybody could watch TV sit on the couch and do they wanted to do that than you know though obviously. That's what those guys got to realize that. Grades and class and turning in work and paying attention. Being diligent in their academics that stuff matters. And then just our minds. Like he sees a little tougher mindset do little mobile were resilient. And and have that defensive mindset. You know great to us. What's again up the half and in you know. And I was not happy. If at all I didn't think we played hard and think that we didn't did the things that you're supposed to be doing the ball's bouncing on the ground we didn't go to the floor. You know that that's. Who we are. You know with this group is that they're difficult to coach there really are. It enough to say they're bad kids because they're not but but just getting them motivated and fired up and you know how to. You know competitive killer mine says it is. It is very hard to figure out for me right now. You know coach I was saying earlier reported that matters is your world stretch right now where everybody played EC never miss game tonight. Cloud shoots 57 point 7%. They came into the game we touched on this a preacher there shooting 39%. From the floor of the season. Yeah that's what happens. You know and I told me even though their drivers even though those guys are not a great shooters we're still gonna crawl the ball we didn't do them and fly out we we were. We lost for me on on several times. When you get guys wide open looks and then you allowed to play with confidence. This is what she did. Yeah they shot 56 in the first half they come back to shoot 58 the second half the 75%. From the first athlete for Ford. And and they go 66 in the second it. It's confidence in him you can't let people come in your house. And not knock on the front door just walking your house and steal from you. And and it's unfortunate because there's column off on this team. To do whatever they want to do to try to get it you know what whether that's when the region. But there's enough talent to do that but. It's between their ears between the chest full of their backbone and and that's what I told those guys they gotta do some soul search and they got a really figure fine. And look at America it is this really for me this what I wanted to do. And him are willing to make every sacrifice. You know for the for the team and for what it takes. Coach I know it's not easy but it 25 do you rate across the floor AC three year experience there on your sisters so. Have a good time over the holiday break to a Christmas Merry Christmas to you everybody in the family and look for the work. With the second half of the season appreciated you know great Christmas. You very much as Bryant Miller had to vote grizzlies of this loser in the post show. Who's mentioning though our next broadcast is Wednesday January 3 in our studio court later tonight doing great job is always Simon's Sumner. So the proceeds go to the rates. Holiday break. Again five and seven overall to seven in conference play they'll be tied for last in the eighties Woody Allen. It also with clout to pick up the season back on Jia are coming up on January 3. Chrissie slaughtered tonight at about 9185. For Boston. That is again seen so long and good night and Merry Christmas everybody will talk Durbin in the new year final here departments in so long from Eldorado. 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