Butler Grizzlies vs. Iowa Western Reivers

Saturday, September 16th

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Time for the bunker grizzlies pregame show sponsored by Hannah heating air conditioning and plumbing. For convenient locations to serve meals including an opposite handover to better serve Butler county. And it is always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. Outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for all Hannah. Bombing court chicken on the Atlanta and it ain't no. Any air conditioning and plumbing. In the second set that as the public Grassley is back on the take and the fourth ranked team in the country. The rebirth from Iowa western here at BU Veterans Stadium and elder radio while trying to bounce back after a tough loss accounted bill last week. Is my dominating offensively in that game. Grizzlies last of the red ravens' 35 to 32 Butler now starting the season. One and whining and then Kenya's capital and over 300 yards war. Yards of offense than capital but still on the short in meanwhile Iowa western unbeaten at three and on the receivers coming up my 63. To six victory. A report scat last week. This team has really been putting up the point both teams are on the field there and BG. Veterans Stadium and elderly those we are about getting it getting ready for ago about a half hour away here. And it is a beautiful little bit humid night for a football news the wind blowing out of this out. And again year listening to him heating and air conditioning and plumbing pregame show of grizzlies pregame show brought to buy him he air consisting of plumbing. More convenient locations of Serbia including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county and a always on call 24 hours seven days a week. Outstanding service and high quality insulation is what you're looking for call him heating air consisting of plumbing and eighty there misting plummeted to browse and concert. Butler athletics and yet about the grizzlies tonight taking on the number four ranked team in the country. The relievers from Iowa western analysts in the public grizzly put on 97 and thirteen thirty K Janice asked back of the pregame show. Including a visit but my. Broadcast partner the coach Anson that's coming up next. Plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business. Limited by knee pain. 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For free automotive battery test George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here is fine PMS. Welcome back it. The PGA veterans. Even a burrito and again I'm Leon label filling Manfred tennis against that I had on the broadcast Butler grizzlies at home tonight against Iowa western. And though a privilege and honor is set next to me in the Brad Kassell Booth former Butler national championship coach Spain Hanson. And coach I expected to carry me here a little bit tonight is in the news this soon hit villain in Purdue and it's good to have you up here with us. Welcome bill there is good the with book. Hey. Here you just like that period didn't let you stay out of the way through moments program up. It's good to have an acute food group could both couple things we publicly talked about here before the game is kind of with school on around the state with everybody else. Analysts go on with these two team. Millions of we have a couple finals today in the jackhammers that city over at Ellsworth 36 with thirty. I don't know all over Iowa central reported Athena high twenty may be the kind of a surprise in the conference so for duke students asleep. It would be silent right now with that I think there's 21. Group with good whoever he even. But it participants who won't believe. At least that there's one loss Butler hasn't lost. One loss. Guard Vince Wallace so. It's too literally good there's a lot of people in it and I really believe people and the group that intent to be won by two losses. Let's talk of the grizzlies tonight I think there's a couple of things that this facing his team that they got to find a way to bounce back after a difficult lies at country bill. Plus the challenge. Playing in this announced in the united western team. Is this him. I mean it's just. If you look at the Iowa team that bill wolves look impossible. If you compare them and the world there has been. But we. The court's gotten him. And we only beat them. In the fourth quarter the game was very close always from the middle of the third quarter. And western Iowa comes to town and he sports like that would be good morning. Revenues of fourteen and now they just look. Unbeatable. Independence. Is of new group who built in baby Garden City. So I don't have to say anymore about that at all. And and they handled independence. So we look at the comparison. I would. Question. Use the class of this part of the country and they are ranked number four with a patient load and it means that to revoke it. Well again they are three you know when they have outscored their opponents 170. To 48 now. You mentioned they blew out independents early in the first game this season seven lead when he went. And then he nearly lost against Hutchinson in fact he can come of the final play controversial play when. Hutchinson was called for a penalty that nine seconds left to go there on the goal line trying to score. And then the that that's in second run out the game was over and Iowa western eked out a point seven point one victory over Hutchinson. And then last week of course a the care of ports got 63 to six what kind of challenge do they present to the grizzlies tonight is Leslie is that grizzly defense which has been pretty good. Those abuses high flying offense. But I think it's very important that you mentioned it rewards that could hurt him was very close which. Lets him have it Lou moral and human Luke do. Defense of the Butler has been. Very good in fact this time they've just been dominating back at the exit for just a couple of plays they dominated hop beat bill last week. The offense. Turned the ball over. And really inopportune times a couple of times in the special teams weren't that effective last week. Took that you know you're doing here is water in the third game of the year. What your team is like put your leadership life with the people who would like him right now with the Butler team that he has to do. They had that special teams in the office have to get out of the way that the defense with the football game. And until they could come around and do the little boys cute little experience. Give out the way I mean they made those mistakes that they made last week. As you mentioned it definitely dominated offensively it's county built in Butler put up four and 93 total yards of offense. Opulent 109 unit still in the games again a frustrating night for Butler we'll see can bounce back again I'm Leon label filling in for dinner Higgins tonight. Along with the coach Andy Anson. And I told coach who won my first broadcast assignments as a college student way way back when lingo so. What you're it was but it was here and overrated that sitting in the elder raid on the student at that city and you with a head coach of the Butler grizzlies decadence and here we are together in the Booth and. Everywhere fund that okay if we go to Google improvement through the past you know it that's the in the later had a great NFL career with. Mexico by about ninety yards. That he hasn't Snead says he tested and even on them an outstanding career course in the NFL the Buffalo Bills in the and that maybe even someday ill get inducted in the hall of fame is exactly that again that we are here and it's. You know the radio at BG broad mix of Veterans Stadium as we're getting ready for a kick out Butler grizzly put thoughts Butler taking on the re emerge from Iowa western in the fourth ranked team in the country. And we will have more votes Butler grizzly football and 97 and thirteen thirty K and assess. Rights activists. The. 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Here are the great American join me so. And bacterial royalty Hadley put on the broadcast and guys are listening to Butler Risley football and 97 and thirteen thirty K in assessed the grizzlies back on the night. They take and the reverse of Iowa and western. One of the outstanding programs we'll both these programs obviously two of the best in the country Iowa western playing at a Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Reeve as if you're wondering as the river pirates and then they are located on the Missouri River just across the river front. Overhaul. And Nebraska you know a year ago the script was kind of flip between these two teams it was Butler unbeaten and ranked second in the nation going to Council Bluffs, Iowa they Ghana. Winless team Iowa western team. Relievers ended up the running past the grizzlies 49 discovered. A year ago. And really set the tone for the rest of Buffalo's season has the grizzlies went on the finished. Seven and by the grizzlies at five turnovers in that game last year and again they had some. And timely turnovers that we can go against capital that's certainly something that it has two jobs at once the work done tonight hold on and protect that football. This is the sixth game between these two terrific programs in their history. And I'm Lester no holds a war and one advantage over the grizzlies that includes. Point well when Iowa Lester knocked out Butler in the graphic eligible to win the national championship. What's the quarterback that year for the rivers was Jake waters when and have a good career playing rebels matter in the Kansas State wildcats. Iowa State also played Iowa western possibly for a national title twenty Ortiz. But last that year to eastern and Mississippi. He knows and get ready for some football it's time for the doctor Bradley Brunner injury then report. And fortunately for the grizzlies there's. A lot to report. On that is that's one possible injury. We're Butler offensive lineman Hostin cook. He is questionable sophomore from saint consequence. A sophomore from fort Scott did not play last week he got the bill he's hurting from what is described as a nagging hamstring injuries again Austin and questionable. More tonight's game now on the other side which its value the won't bug he's been hanging around the time western program little bit this week and coach that's got strobe Myers has at least ten players miss some practice time this week. As you to have everybody feeling well tonight is that looks like it's a pretty clean bill help for both teams as. We're getting ready to play you're beat to emea Iowa western. Rivers in the Butler grizzlies here in Oakland Raiders tonight it should be an outstanding. Football. Game between these two great programs and again on the grisly injury update is sponsored by doctor Bradley Brenner. Millions sports medicine specialists it can't just join inspire specialist eleven internal to back. Providing sports medicine for the grizzlies for over twenty years. Doctor regress extensive experience in all it scares support and he and sports related injuries that he could return to your active lifestyle. Care of the grizzlies trust a doctor Bradley. Render an area code 3162198299. Or request an appointment on line in Kansas joint. And spine dot com that's Kansas joints and spine that and that's your. Injury report for tonight's game is we're getting ready for Butler grisly but bought 987. Thirteen thirty K in assets more the pregame show and enough right after this. 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Experience to meet you illegal leads you tell you the ultimate put their reasons fan and I can show the world by wearing authentic Cutler grizzlies apparel in the Butler community college bookstore but Butler bookstore offers a wide selection of clothing from teachers and stretchers to jackets and hats you'll even find Butler jerseys and cheerleading outfits for the little grizzlies in your life the bookstore also carries your favorite color collectibles including pay its most enthusiast so be sure to visit the brother bookstore now Perino an Andover and at -- Butler home football games and be proud to your perform. Our goal from the color bookstore and go grizzlies. This is Michael's. Join me weeknight an eight RAM. Accelerate so if you products are veterans sports complex. And the only one again setting hands a night for the one and only then it sickens and wanting Dennis for allowing me to do that as we bring you Butler closely football. Here on. Thirteen thirty. Kagan licences. Tonight Butler takes time while the best teams on the best programs in the country along with Butler reports. That would be Iowa Lester just through the great programs in junior college football. I would question though comes in three you know as we've mentioned ranked. Fourth in the country coming up they win over. We're scat last week 63 to six real cements and a Butler. Coming up a lot's at Cox pavilion thread ravens when they dominated offensively in that game and one for 530 to the analysis. I'm Liane label along with that the coach on the broadcast tonight will be nothing Hanson as usual though we're in his comments earlier tonight new. It was pretty good about that the challenge of color as audiences Iowa western team has sent. In the event two blowouts and close game against Hutchinson I think that's a game that the Butler coaching staff is probably pointing to has. Hutchinson is perhaps a little more comparable to the Butler program Butler team and and their defense certainly has the ability to maybe slow down his Iowa Western Conference which is led by. Outstanding quarterback that would be Kirk welding 63200 pound freshman from the Moines Iowa plea is high school football. And the great power houses in the midwest downwind Catholic 14 consecutive state championships in the state of Iowa you know as good as curt walled in as though. It did not start. Last week's game against Schwartz got nothing wrong with him and all this is an interesting story instead. Iowa western started the back at quarterback high black slate. Buckeyes rather unfortunately was killed in a car accident a couple weeks ago. And honor his brother and honor him. It's natural mind but it coach of Iowa western and her walled in the starting quarterback. That it would be appropriate for title Oxley to start last week against Schwartz gap started the game like three possessions in the but I'm very well I largely by the ways father as a council via offensive coordinator. Nick Saban and the University. Of Alabama and so. That is. Interesting story looks at his last movies he says the start the back of you know honor his brother. And then. They went on the win that they you know when that game big reports that obviously. But again as we bring you tonight's broadcast remember we'll have the call of the game he brought to you by Kansas one call reminding you that. No matter if you're digging project is bigger small don't make a judgment call. Always call 811 before you digger contact them in Kansas one call. And done come and oh we will have a big problem the game foreign. As the of the legislature and get back in the when he tracked one and why and to start the season. Started the year just went over sportscaster here at home and in on the road they lost to count the bill last week. Also bit of tonight's game will be selecting our US Marines player of the game if you think yet what it takes to join the world's finest. Visit Marines and that's in minutes away from kicked off here at that. VG product to veterans sports complexes and if you've never been at this stadium with a terrific facility in L radio. And it's both Butler grizzlies and a bill rate or high school wildcats are hopefully here. And it is a outstanding facility one of the best in the state Nina and includes a terrific breast facility as well. And it is good to be up here to bring the broadcasts and we hope to have some fun. And bring an entertaining. Football game Butler and Iowa western Leon label filling in for Dennis Higgins tonight's. I'm baseball duty as the Tulsa drillers try to wrap up the championship in the Texas League. And they can view them they win tonight. Against that lend them in Tulsa. Is it is game four of their best of five series if you care and so. And again the productive football tonight is were getting close to. Our National Anthem here and that was that we will take a break Brett Butler grizzly football you're listening to it would be very moral of this. And. Welcome back to Freddie and I see you brought up fellows steak burger lever it sure did. Gotta train my grandson and a fine art of lunch up last says a lot start to a regional doubles please. And hitting the ground right now. At Freddy's always find that magical combination of family fun and they had that cooked to order Freddie spreading Katherine and steak burgers taste that brings you back six which start area locations and one and held Perino I think you know and I was central. 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Wild pitch barbecues slow smoked award winning barbecue located at 15:30 north central and Alfredo. Interstate batteries and her outrageous depend. Tailgate party or barbecue maybe. Hurley is famous barbecue sauce. Your comfort is our business when an office in hand over to better serve Butler county. The US Marines. The marine. Onward community college bookstores the best place to buy everything Butler. Now in El Prado. Committed to providing excellent legal work and extraordinary service in all areas of the law. Doctor Bradley runner with the Kansas joint and spine specialist serving as the grizzlies team doctor said more than twenty years yeah. And remember to click it or ticket it's Kansas lost. Now let's head out to the stadium court. He's tough ball with a 27 seed Kansas. This association of broadcasters play by play voice and here. Leon we plan for tennis against a guy is read it. Just completed the National Anthem we get ready for kick up there in an overrated though the Butler grizzlies taking Natalie. Rumors of Iowa western skin again as we mentioned the great programs in junior counts football. Anywhere in the United States is. We know Butler sister all the national championships and a joining me next and next to me is one of the coaches one of those national championships back in 1981 maintenance and will be. You use the analysis in the color commentary is that we get ready for kicked out here and in the it. Are ready for a kick out here a few minutes away evidently gave the couple scores in the Jacques conference afternoon games that Sony Open holes were Iowa that's the Yankees to doors. 36 Ellsworth thirty and the highlands to please don't shut out at Iowa central today. 34. Enough. Again misses the sixth meeting between Iowa western and Butler all time and I will western leads the series four games to one. And the only victory was for Butler was 4015 right here on this field. And a year ago as we've mention. We were. Iowa western at the Caron Butler 49 to seven and remember Butler went to Iowa western last year. Undefeated two Lenovo and rank second in the country and it kind of set the tone. For a tough season last year Tim Johnson's team is they went on to a seventh five. Her record and again I'm joined by the coach Payton Hanson and then you all set to go coach whose broadcast. We do. That. It. Now your client that. When you look. At this point and yours yours yours doing. It's throwing more. Yes. Yours is. It's just. It. Indeed indeed any conference in the league at any level that's bad on the America. Did you haven't read your reload every year. Injured. Upper class every two. It's very difficult to do. And they're and the grizzlies under the field here at the stadium. So let up the field but they flag Chris Weller grizzlies ran their traditional purple jerseys and third gold helmets in the gold. And it's a good look at it as a traditional with the Butler meanwhile on the other side of the field the reversed from Iowa western wearing their. Road white jerseys the white helmets of the blue Dan gender and while The White Stripes on the side and then. Maria get ready avert kick brought to you via course Freddy's frozen custard in steak burgers. Experience Alicia is cooked to order food and Richie creamy frozen custard turn pressed throughout the day at Freddy's frozen custard. And steak burgers studies that say race. That'll bring you back is the captain's vote teams on the field with a yeah. Point taxes we get ready for the action you Butler kind of bounce back from a difficult difficult loss last week. And doubted them. Can't get a chance to get that microphone. Senate floor and the coach we talked about the pre game a little bit but to get the challenge of facing his Iowa western team but I don't think butler's afraid of them at all you know they come if he got he numbers. But there has program. But that. And believes that there is expecting the possibility that that it is and it could. Put up with them. And even though they had a disappointing week last week. We could prevent. I look good. Whatever is wrong with the goods and hopefully the good luck getting back quick. Scott's book was kicking the ball over we think the different people and as a result started putting all evening well. And a that must be written that shoot well. Okay were. And. It's like the river is a viable western winner of the elected to receive the opening kick up in the course kicking off for Butler. Being Luke winner and we'll see how that special teams this pick up coverage cannot operate here early in the. Misery get them started early in the going going here but. One SC coach it's obviously of a frustrating. Loss last week against copy bill does it help this team to forget that lost since they have Iowa western such a formidable opponent and front room tonight. Well I think it helps them then look I think it really helps them to forget last week having an opponent like western Iowa if they do. Then. Because they know who they're gonna have to perform their very best they can't pay these players met with both him last year that like that who have. Iowa and then they know what they're in for and I think they also though that the people who hopefully with bill. As we get ready to begin again but little security now for Adobe Luke winner of the 61180. Pound sophomore is the kicker. War of the Butler and grizzlies. In the first pick of the year Luke to the beat the ball all the way through the end zone. And if that night he was speaking to a better at that point and and he's capable of picking and hopefully they'll let it go to. That it will live. And followed by the way from our perspective here we're on the west side of the state in the U press boxes you would be. Going right to left kicking off from right to left here. In again the pick up where balance away with Butler grizzly football tonight he went 98713. Thirty K. In answer outs. And here it is that opening kick in this is in to the end zone where it is field it's going to be brought out by the rivers. To the F fifteens I pressed the one hander still on his feet. Across the away that is drawing quite a nice return nothing here of the thirty yard line officer remarked then that's with a reversal set up shop. Well they're quarterback Kirk wall they began a 63200. Pound freshman he's got to run his running back in the back bill. And the guy search it is a five love and turn the team down freshman he was ward up. And again the Iowa western they can move the football can score some points again they've outscored their opponents three opponents this year 17248. And holding will be out of the us at the end with a surgeon. The loan back and emotion to the left side that side in the sue their run that way and they do. Surgeons at least not from behind and then maybe if they can put two on the planet to be. 32 yard line in butler's defense has been great. And up front say you get Jacoby Jones fuels walker the young man derby was just a tremendous high school where we're renting Clark. Jerry Kelly is six but that took said he south morning course and defense of and Chris Dubya bishop Carroll. Product lot of Kansas kids obviously on the ability and 33 on the roster the most by far the Jack conference his stand up up the middle and again that surgeon. Surging his way across the 35 after the 37 and opening up. Third down. And they're down and fun to go for the rivers. That what I already. Wholesale substitutions. On defense for the grizzlies as a traffic with a big third down staff. Holding out of the shot yeah and throws to put it aside about the fingertips of his intended receiver. And that ball goes out of bounds and complete and the receivers are gonna have to punt the football as a coach. Let's start but defense the. Regrouped right away and out from the food and it just threw the ball well look who look up movie Butler is. As early announcement last lose that Tuesday that they had three Atlanta for a that it would be time secondary. Anthony turner was in send and receive religious office fingertips and again it right there in the near sideline in Alabama so. Iowa western about the punt the football. And that ball is fielder right here on the view sideline and a little bit of a season. We're butlers and take the ball that is set up their first possession here Smithfield have albeit the 48. Yard line. And the Tristan and sent through the grizzlies on confidence was it Davis Cup partner and it looked like you've got quicker it through. Do they compare it two weeks ago. Well right at the site right it's almost. Like a lot of room and in your sideline it indexes in the ticket. Like you're trying to kick away from migrant Mitchell the other. And active Wear Butler on that putt here we go. Grizzlies first possession. To sell but it. The quarterback stands up up the middle the Peabody Abrams now a little Obama. Room actually put across the 52. 45 yard line of what Lester. Nice first down play. Ring a second at a rate for the grizzlies. Bruce or effectiveness. The Butler and new. The bill last year only with. Michael Boyd but that Taylor. Three at two wide receivers in the near side in then that even hander Abrams the loan back in the backfield. And isn't the cent interest over and then he ends up do Abrams Abrams fighting his way up soon about the 41 guidelines. And it is good for a first downs of the grizzlies on the move early in this game on the first possession those that are. To lose you very impressive. There circumstance with the readers are there more well it's very tight. Wide receivers and the far side and the news that in the land up Abrams again and and that we yards on the right side of that offensive line is he's dryness Rees threw a seam there. And ring of seconds. It's about a hasn't been an assembly seat of freedom to play the score here early in the first quarter to start at Butler and Iowa western. But the grizzlies can pretty effective on offense running the football right now the second with two backs in the back field. And oh my actress Celtics took it himself actually that was Brady rust in the candidate keep an eye out of that. You rusted that you sit on the zone reads and that's what that was the zone read and boy he ran right into the defender Andy. Loss on the play. I know that uses it to the mystery that they would that is that the moves and yet you lose Steelers. And allows the three and a place that's gonna bring a third Janet and her Butler. Lebanon 43 you're in the first quarter just have to it. Ankara Celtics back in. At quarterback. It was rigorously as we're the there's always the be passing the football here and pelvic looking. Dumps it off to the near side that's Abrams Abrams wrapped up a immediately and brought down at the 38. Yard line Palo. Iowa western and I never got forced out for follows suit they do here. But lahood points. It's. There were little slump. With. Booth receivers who wide receivers. Could be. Fuller says that he did you are. And the grizzlies of the ball on the hill at 38 yard line or fourth down and seven will elect the pot the football. And acted deep were. The relievers writer on the ten yard line in the plot it's. Are gonna land it. At the spirit the sixteen yard line answer Butler will down the football and that's for the relievers now take over on their second possesses a public. Effective on that first possession moving the ball on the and they stalled there and then at the little. Loss of three and that's a second down play that Kennard. Now there was that nice looking putt there because you can have a lot of feel good luck with the pundit. The area it was the lieutenant return. Close it out well. But the beavers started only you and I. And irregular again with. I enlisted on confidence. In a three and out on the first possession while holding is the ball deflected and intercepted by. The grizzlies Butler comes up with a on the interception to Jarrett to Daria spurred. Quarterback came up with a nice to play they came up with a ball intercept it and Butler grizzlies will have the football. At the 27. Yard line of Iowa western big turnover rate their coach this linebacker. That that if the atmosphere. And with picked up in butler's done there's that if the that if you rate view. I would. That would outline. And again Chris help mitigate the quarterback 64210. Pound sophomore out over. Colorado actually transfer from the University of Colorado he ends up against a team on Abrams and Abrams. Again I have. Always finds a little seam there a couple of yards on the on the game the dispute music like Butler and loses the globe. That would. Look the he was pretty Florida. Butler's do where the football. And so far they've been released it. Using it he done it ruins a lot in this early early going of this football game is sophomore from. Opal like Alabama. Andy once again in this that was gonna bring it to the outside gets back here and it's still on his speed is secure is a couple of defenders and that gets it down to it that the that it will be two yard line and then we'll bring up. There down. The loan back at you behind the quarterback. Well you left that the the did your oh that this week that a while patent recognized in there and food. It down and forever Butler. Probably shot dead end result that. All through it except for one play when. You run scheme and do road runner zone read. Nobody's been the quarterback Stephen frank also back and quarterback he saw some time lastly it's company bill. And held existence gonna keep that himself gets a year. First down marker season that open up yardage on that play. Six yards on the play and yes that is a first and ten for Butler at the Iowa western sixteen yard line. That that will make the boot. The group right in the middle. That he keeps hitting the dispute effort that the first down. Open it you know the second of Cuba on hander. Abrams behind him hands up neighbors in this I'm not going anywhere may have lost a yard on the play is that. It's the defense rival western did a terrific job of getting in on that the left side of the right side of the offensive line. And made that tackle well. I would get those were a lot of the other thing. Butler got through our fences with the rights. The line with the excellent backers reprise that the fifth that ends up lately. So let's say it now eleven was the last of the yard on the planet. Well the seventeen yard line of Iowa western locally action and help they're rolling out through his left over the roses it took that receiver. And was the bag the 63 sophomore from Goddard. That's just a little high habit to get coverage as well. Mine Iowa western supposed to bring a third down and the eleventh. At the seventy dutifully execute leaks that the vast loop of the wealthy to the tobacco right if the republic the list. It drag patterns at this. You know score first quarter you don't read ago Butler and Iowa Lester. The grizzlies. Trying to capitalize on an interception. And the pass to the near side and that's Abrams Abrams kind of. What was it took tackle it's it appears that stat. Gave my neighborhood but through the mood been like. Iowa western haven't contained. Little breakthrough right what is left. And again through the end zone. We'll. Is that Lou Leo. Excellent execution. Publicly with me and it. Like receivers back that aside leaves behind them through with that student. Mountains and purposes that's really like a running play that quickness of the new assignment and Dan Abrams doing that himself that two point he has good. And the Butler grizzlies take a sudden to nothing lead with 755. They go here in the first quarter and BG product veteran sports complex in all the way to look at we have only within the broadcast tonight that would evidence against. Along with the legendary coach. Butler grizzlies plane incident and that good start for the grizzlies. Yes it looked both look very cute they clippers. Played really well let's look both teams playing against the together. Butler has got the first break of the game. They had positions that. Just that they putted. And got. Pretty good field position. I will western proves that pass the collection that was intercepted and Butler starts that little point insipid heartland and capitalized on the big today and for the first of the game. And leave them and let me put that in the people I look for the first quarter. Similarly taken off after the touchdown might have to and maintenance tegra Luke winner being the kicker Luke is not taking united actually is highly present sooner. He's a sixty freshman from Topeka. And Tyler is that there is picking and from his own 35 and that ball deep into the end zone and out of the end zone. And so the re virtual takeover. On their own 25 yard line and I mention there's a pretty stiff wind coming from the south also. That man the wind behind him on it care. The big east. With pitchers to win that there and edit it here. That all blows they see that. Let's ghost starts curled one. Butler defense again up for Jacoby Jones peerless blocker Terry Carroll actress Dugan. And look opera will hold is that middle linebacker position sixty sophomore from bishop Carroll he was terrific last week. Against a copy they'll huddle eleven tackles three of those losses. As soon. The rebirth from the ball that the left side technically just a yard on the place of second down and nine and quickly up the line distributes. It is next play under way curt balding Natalie shot penalty. Buyers or to the left side and that ball into battle they had civilians and receiver. And I have a bounce the ball lies and that is in completes a third down and I mean. The grizzlies defense come up big. It. Very. Hard off the ball. Well art stuff. It over. To a degree Beckett is strong safety for Butler in that when you're third down and nine and a little bit of movement that maybe a false start to believe against the relievers. It would back five yards. And they are moving back five yards all start against Iowa Lester. It's 726 left to go in the first quarter and the while the grizzlies hunts out of Iowa western seven to nothing. As it is now their dam in fourteen ago. Kirk Walden in the quarterback with a relievers out of the shot yet. Like you maybe. Checking off little looters he directs traffic. Three wide receivers of the underside of one of the far side involving back the past fires over the middle it into an avalanche of his intended receiver it's Vincent Derek. Incomplete. And the reversal at the pump the football what was. Negative that. Early yet. Butler got into appropriate for a favorite event beverage. That time. And I would have excellent through ball and it looked like it's been made it look but Butler will blitz out of it. Dime defense and it probably gonna have to because I would just that but the time. In a sign Roosevelt all the throws that ball very hard across the middle. 'cause the interception earlier in that one off the fingertips of students and receiver pot. We'll short but it really takes an Iowa western bounce down duke beat Butler. 39 your outline of the grizzlies will set up shop here. On this possession leading seven and nothing was seven on that looked ago the first quarter Butler grizzly football as the Butler grizzlies take it now on the number four ranked Iowa western neighbors. Relievers what a success story junior college football. Really a young. Program and already have a national championship under the belt when he well when he beat Butler were of that title. At the graphic gives people and they later played again for a national title losing the eastern Mississippi that they have really establish themselves as one of the top programs. But you know Butler may be the type program that it can entries. Analysts national championships in the handoff up the middle but we're trying to really find the extra game at ground game going tonight. Well I guess the thing with the question we asked this doses. After the disappointing loss last week as the Butler in going to react. And how they reacted very positive who were by two people and do that fueled massive wind just run the ball up the fuel primarily. As a bigger before on the play Andalusia interest so no big. Receivers to the right answer is left in the hand out to evaporate so and it. And that's going to be. Thanks wolf the campus can bring a third down enough three yards the 1000000003 and third and three. The second effort could have gotten a couple of lord didn't give him credit score. We commitment to Butler had a real break on I don't know third possession of the evening. The second position and it for the what did that to their position but quickly picks that we probably three and out. But mr. call Daniels and running back now. The sophomore 62 point announced sophomore here he has they end up in front. Athens Georgia at this time he stopped in Libya in the inning loss of a yard on the way. Gordon held at the line of scrimmage by the front. The front defensive line for Iowa western. To read this so that the blow him. Steel wool. So after three consecutive running plays pretty much up the middle Butler will have to pump the football. But only Garrett pretzel also now. Punting the football also Luke winner also as punting duties now in their loot my idea. And it may be an injured the night that he is not in there is secure France. Wide receiver running that's a pretty good putt down inside. As they fifteen yard line and great help her exact time by the Butler might seem as they bring it down. A group that he. Possible. Those upstart that the row rusted and Cortez Simmons utterly ridiculous that court is the good the courts semblance of Troy debris also helping happened and immediately bringing down media it beaten and. What Iowa western so it will be the relievers who have. Not really got anywhere on offense turned the ball over once of the interceptions that led to a bulletin standing in the grizzlies leading seven nothing to 507 left to go in the first quarter. Erstad and Tim of the receivers on their own fourteen yard line let's see if they can get some offense going but butler's defense has been terrific so far nearly two point. Kurt walled it ends up up the metal and a. Crosses the fifty yard line up to maybe even at the sixteenth. And bring a second down. What teams really play in his office kind of the conservative side and don't think you'd give it goes letters MacBook news. But it also review. Its Webster right now. Ticket Booth rent a place that second data seven bullying goes we just dots at that it was intercepted and can't rip. They catch. On the interception that we will have a pool at mid field. As that was picked up by. Who is that Iran low media sophomore from. Shawnee Kansas. And what a terrific catches we can see the replay on the big video boredom and reflect intended receiver over the shoulder catch in the Butler that second interception of the night. Question with the street right numbers that it yes went over the years of receiver that it was it perfectly just about the ball. Leon it's like it was that it did for him. Float the ball their own 49 yard line. Little bit into the Daniels and Daniels crosses the fifty in the Iowa western territory where. Italy's second down from the 48 yard line. It. It will take the book related to the hue that. Really hit. You'd resist that and that he made three that would. Cortez Simmons with that interception symbolic and capitalize once again to our did Daria spurred an interception earlier Butler that led to believe touchdown in the grisly seventh and I think. Rival western nobody's gonna throw the ball to the far sideline little dangers lot of white shirts and a surrounding the receiver now lately flag comes out over on the near side. So that's all about. Not much of it picked up on the play at all as catch was made. The tentative. The wall to see them lose on a quick the linebacker is currently. Whoever. Quickly. These. Secret few. Yes we do let's call against the grizzlies so that will bring out. Now will replace second and then. Mark that ball back in Butler territory. First penalty against Butler in this game. It was a false start against Iowa westerns are really pretty clean games in that regard of teams one penalty X. What mr. that. I. NASA deceptions. And one penalties that. If that long situation to butler's. First the state of the game. So again it's third second that a twelve and little screen Bassam and has sidelined him Daniel saw a man nice play by. Iowa western there as they come up with the tackle. And making it tackles Brandon Ingram. Ingraham and Eliot defensive back position demanded they read that screenplay. As. Loss of yardage templates and bring a third down at sixteen loss of war. The relievers knowing that one out all the way. I've always gonna spread the field we're three wide receivers to the far side one to the near Daniels Lou loan. Back in the backfield that was shot in this help but it elevates what it is right now it's in trouble now he's the one to his right directing draft he's gonna want DP is yeah. It's. Not that navy. No seven yard so that takes the load. Right after this side. Is it right. The wide receivers one. Nobody is the this duplicate streak that you were the outrage. But my cards that was a great play by the quarterback is you just describe the coach he. He got away from the pressure directed traffic and connected with Kendall Stewart. One of that 57. Yard touchdown fourteen an athlete butler's extra point is good Kendall Stewart by the way up 510. 175. Pound sophomore. Monday's high school many easy eagle and and he he did exactly what that. The quarterback wanted in the doing pointed to get get ahead of the defense that he didn't and he adamant perfect stride but that sets them. Both. Like that without whom later. Wrecked the thing. That was beautiful. Well a Celtic with a terrific play the quarterback connected a little story that decently yards and the second polar capitalizes on an interception. Yes and we're very fortunate that this eight Tuesday. You the global bird sports is greatly. The move. It's it's. The state reaps the Winston and there's a lot. It's hard enough to make birth certificates good football team what you will make it those mistakes. Music is that his new position that it is the team designated that's what we're seeing right now. There's an hour will pick up again that you're in the end zone and is going to be field but at the goal line and the river's gonna bring in and the down at the forty yard line and. Again it kick coverage during that time by Butler. As the ball was returned the kickoff return by Anthony turner or Iowa western. As he fielded just short of the goal line really had no choice but to bring out the ball will be at the port 81 yard line the receivers are really been in their own territory this entire first quarter. It Butler. Scores new business. Is concerned you talked about special teams in the pregame show how important it is and and relieve butler's pick up in punt coverage has been terrific. And heaters the well it's going to be keeper. As back up quarterback in now for Iowa western that is kind Oxley we talked about him on the briefing at the start again against warts get. A week ago. Oxley is 642 runners down south war from a Fort Washington Maryland his father is the offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama. Fortunately it tragically is brother. Still the car accident a few weeks ago he got the start last week in honor of his brother didn't do something forum and here is back in the line up. Any completes the pass over to the nearest sideline adequate to the thirty yard line. Mike hill makes that catch for Iowa western and really look more hurry up offense is counting on a change. Let's. Composure. Back. In time line actually he's out of the year sat down with his running back. Make eye surgeon back there in the passover in the near sideline broken up by Butler and nearly intercepted actually by. Delonte Amara. And there is a flag on the play. People are frequently that because the little. And Butler. Recruits. And didn't get back before the vote was that. In civil substitutions. On defense against her but literally been changed and out of expressly upfront and Chris do get back in the along with street Kelly. On the defense of line analyst at Pitt. Is locked sleep Moxley. Oh that is right Ayers got his man right here at the 45 yard line at Butler for the first time the reimbursed. Get into grizzly territory the minute 38 left they're the first quarter and give Butler fourteen and nothing. As the receivers are really Anna Maria style offense. Three wide receivers to the far side want to than your side and they end up but to the metal that's. Surgeon. The running back is he crosses. The thirty it's up to 35 bureau alliance that's going to be. Second out in one. I'm actually buyers of the farce but it really coma if the last. Well mine Butler and read that one perfectly. The has drawn low over there on the tackle. War Butler. There's a great tackle just a quick stop pass. Who like season. Loss of three other places third down the war we have a timeout on the field mightily to Darius bird with Monica and their main vector of attack of coaching to jurist heard also as an interception in his game and do that quarter but it. Full field all of the it. But you know Leo we're seeing mixes western would sit with wealthy want these we're seeing it right now. It. It's that very quickly here. In the first quarter of the game but orderly than. The Internet the vote aggressively. The and it's just talent and they changed their quarterback is brilliant title Oxley who's really. Kind of thrown it a bit of a changeup and his game again leading this Maria offense. Are holding didn't seem to have a really good rhythm from the football yet in the two interceptions early and blocks leased him and we get this re Retief moving with the exception that last play. So let's bring a third down and war. But look at the grid spectacle on defense with this west. Really impressive the way they have to go back to school with that during the game. In the readers moving left to arrive from our perspective here in the press box and have a ball on the well there are 39 yard line. Grizzlies up fourteen an athlete here in the first quarter 53 seconds left. Reverse Moxley Ty Law actually out of the shot him like slick he's gonna throw deep. Down the sideline in the near sideline that ball. Over everybody stepped out of bounds and incomplete that's Emery a fourth down. There was break the record wrote a book or. It did break a couple of linebackers but the quarterback of both here. The wide receiver defensive back were bumping together. Okay well well over well with. Well that haven't time and that's gonna. Now let's let the readers what that are in the go for it. On the ball with 39 yard line but they are going to partner. At this point those. World. And to do this or didn't it'd been pretty conservative business that is able plots and and elegant timeout. On the field that Sino will be charged to the leveler grizzly wanna talk it over here one. What's the what's the strategy here coach Wyatt what's called timeout before the plot. Still there. Defense regular run defense on the field. The western. And they've had been exit. Birds they may be that some. They we've beat them sort of site. Because I think immediately to obesity let's let's let's see what we see played what we see. Do you think big right now. Go to second timeout here in the first half. In 48 seconds left to do in the first quarter. And the grizzlies on top fourteen nothing. And back deep. We were Butler to receive this month will be Stephon Carter. And Kate and Davis they're both standing on their own ten yard line as. I lesson will be punting the football at C. The chance the return this and its a low part and it will be field at at the twelve yard line as a Katie Davis makes a catch in the grizzlies will have the ball. From their own twelve yard line to start this possession 42 seconds left ago in the first quarter grizzlies on top of Iowa western fourteen enough. There it is that well pleased with the well prepared over. The views the first time Butler has started with their back the little girl will. Be yours you. And Beckham on the field Chris help big quarterback and let Shaq get. And it in the running neck war. Butler is to call Daniel's Alina we saw Cuba and Abrams get the most of the called the and he's been replaced Mike Daniels and in just exit to the right side it he umbrellas nothing fancy tonight they've been going up the middle that we have only flag after. Well then that's an extracurricular activity. We'll put had a couple of last week and I really hope this is not a. The gain on the play in my adolescence can bring a second down will suit penalty its first. Unsportsmanlike conduct against Iowa western. They get to just coach yes that's very. Vote. Did so active at all while it's. That's gonna make it marked the ball way down to the U 27 yard line and for Stan and descendants of a penalty. Against Iowa western and and they hit Butler and back Butler hooligans threw a breaking ball that is great because they're there they're going to be sick. Girl quote. Go first on. On girl that. Beat the officials discussing something cutesy. And a on the unsportsmanlike conduct OK if Reid reiterating. What the penalty was there. Don't let the opening period but the package. There on the there you beacon the thing we importantly. All right pillar of the well there on 27 yard line now for Stan intent. Open it again. The shot in the and a nicer we have to Seattle to shut him anymore with this image if everybody's of the seductive and now we have some movement through. Livid about it but. What happened is that I did the it back into the idea that this blanket little little. I didn't back Flickr. The offensive lineman since when did you move the bill is blue with office. I start building its Melissa it's gonna get first down and fifteen to 22 yard line tied in their by the way Jordan dole via a six foot sophomore from important. In Kansas. As to reach receivers that neither side won the farce and then another whistle tone that down there abouts in the first quarter that's what's cool about it got a heck of a snuck up on us all that stuff that. All right that's finally the end of the first quarter of play from old railroad of Butler grizzlies. Leading the receivers from Iowa western fourteen and up that you're listening to delicately put bought 9713. Thirty K and SS were back the second quarter action right after this. Heading heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated Hanna has four convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And were always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning employment. Your comfort is our business. Listen up grizzlies fans Dennis Higgins here to remind you that whether on the football field are digging in my yard safety always comes first in safe digging is no accident so before planting trees installing a fans or other activities or require you to dig a hole know what's below call 811 before you did so play it safe put down a shovel pick up the phone and call 811. This message has brought you by Kansas one call reminding you that no matter you're digging project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you did it. One talks to. CNN San. I'm back here did you try to take the Veterans Stadium and now Barreto Leon be able emptiness against tonight the voice of the grizzlies as. The Butler and a grizzlies are off to a fourteen nothing we removed fourth ranked Ohio western as we start the second quarter. It'll be first down and fifteen after the false start penalty for Butler on their own 22 yard line. And the pass is completed in the near sideline flag on the play as my mettle to exit for the big game down soon. The 37. Yard line. Analysts at the flag is or maybe a holding call. It's roughing the passer against Iowa western flag in the back Villa maybe that would be a holding call we've had more good news for Butler. As that's an it tech got some Moriarty has the ball will be now in Iowa western. Territory. At beef at least seven yard line. Things continue to go. Perfect right now for the grizzlies as Margaret Mitchell flew it. Catch on that pass and in ticket down to the 35. Yard line but it's. That's where yards onto the penalty that. Roughing the passer and then help bring together the second again this time though in his face and a ball was now. The way good pressure on the pacers' Chester graves in their for the relievers and just knock that cancel it. Is your band that both Butler and a or western recruited out of Kansas City, Missouri and because they're full scholarship but availability. He went to Iowa. Mr. is that in the Kansas City, Missouri at 65240. Not freshman. Second haven't Sandra Butler and manned up and this is the amount Abrams back in the game Omar I broke a couple of tackles look like you whose name out of the backfield. And he gets the ball to the forty you know the line what it through ripped wrong. It is the right there. It. Yeah I guess that mismatches sighs again ingredients in Chester grade six by 240. And keep body Abrams 59100. In ninety. Fans and if it goes summit on the place was the data and three. At the Iowa western forty nobody brings out the aren't so little breaks a tackle process the thirty has the first half propeller. Down to the Iowa western 27. Yard line nice play by moderate vets. This is accurate is it that we're past the sixth street it is for the first down. Mitchell's are got to bring data released as a great job of breaking tackles after the cat suits for Stan intent at the 47 yard line. This drive started way back on the twelve yard line at Butler needed by a couple big penalties in the couple big offensive plays. They continue to move ears were just under way of second quarter active bowler moving left the right and end up to the left side. To call Daniel's back in there. The plan that I'm the whose line backers agree with those hold real problem quickly. The public let's play that extra yards. They give a serious second candidate CJ Sam's been inspected of the game and we literally her seat him. And all in this game 5750. Pound sophomore wide receiver. Seed lines. Slot on the near side at least Shaq interest held that. And the head up the Daniels Dana is gonna dances his way in front of the offensive line picks up another maybe two yards on that play. There is yours alone. Read about it that that place and quick. This. Twelve minutes 34 seconds clock running near the second quarter fourteen and having Butler on top of Iowa western in the relievers come in here. The fourth ranked team in the country three you know. And up a lot of points. The Butler a real double bladed battle suit the grizzlies can do here. As they of the field spread of the diamond formation of receivers and an asylum but nobody's gonna keep it himself. Andy is suggests. They're in Delhi correct all there Milosevic yarder on the planet. That'd poorly but that if the group to review writes. A group that with. Like the left side of the quarterback. Alone. While woods. And was handled very rough bulletin. I was at their will kick the Google attempted this will be a forty yard attempt the ball will be. Sam movie held at the thirty's or forty yard attempt for time was definitely freshman. Shawnee heights in the picket the kick is up in India it is. No good. Had plenty of distance is a little wide ranked and no good so the relievers. We'll take over on their own thirty yard line. That the good drive that book starts on both your mind there but. Please. Really good news. Well. Lou Lou unable to take advantage and scored points and it's the stuff. Get the feel back. That's important but with that there but it really given them Reeve was a lot of different looks and defense purple shirts or really in the that is sort of readers get set to go on again Kyle Oxley is the quarterback. Rival western anti completes the pass over the middle Mike hill makes the catch burst Avant into the rivers and again. In a hurry up mode on confidence. And all them with a 39 yard line receivers on their own 39 of every right to left at NASA the far sideline I killed got some blocking it right down from behind its expresses the 45 up to the 47 yard line. Went right deal closes out behind the the winds hit the player that's excited yards they could read. Second down and again. Largely. It not start this game a quarter of activities and now and ever since he's gonna man he's really brought up. And get into a rhythm and momentum to this offense for the reverse. Have been able to do. Move the football. Won't count here is locks is gonna take it himself and up and Sony's name field as he crosses the fifty yard ways the first album and was in art. What do. Does make them all. Back up at the the first percent examine the ball and Butler territory just barely at the 49 he had lied. And largely got a man wide open over there on the far sideline at the forty up dude is 35 yard line of Butler. And it's another first down a boycott law actually is him in this game is tonight nice job for Iowa western. That it is right oppose it stopped for a visit to stop for a for a first down. And you're right they had both Lee Gifford didn't move with him at quarterback most surely both quarterbacks will run out of office. But they did had been moved to the next game. And we don't we don't know what it could step. That that didn't have been very effective. Novello also slowdown has suffered a little bit the defense just called time out that's it last time out in the first and a Butler. In the group it was pretty sporty enough in over Iowa western at 1019 left to go on the first tapped. As though to knock things over you know attacked about cadillacs leak at the start at quarterback last week now the story. The that was out the media's that the reason they started him again his brother tragically was killed in car accident. And that the coach her vault into the starting quarterback they wanted to honor kinds family. Allow him the starting at sportscast last week he started was that the first three possessions. But maybe they saw also that and that start because he has a really commitments mark is redraw its. Sue the Butler defense and then stiffened up a bit here. And slowed down. I do this story. And but. The game. Well this week with Clinton Stewart and he Kyle actually bothers the offensive coordinator for Nick Saban at the University of Alabama wasn't quite a football family obviously anti locks in their. At quarterback he's got four wide receivers to the cited lastly a little bit trouble he's gonna dump up to. He is back in the back out of the backfield it's. The word white. And he takes it down. To the to the five yard line 126 yards like almost like a screen play their but it. I don't safety belt that they're notes that that's the Hugo. Oxley again as some time now is gonna get into the pockets of the you're side roles and roses he's hit and throws it out of them obviously I want away. Depression there but the Butler. Defense. That's lieutenant Butler defense victim in the cookbook. Did rescued him out of the politics difficult for right quarterback threw running street Lipton backwards a little bit. That put. Him. I write the ball up the Butler point six guidelines thirteen of them want to go for Iowa western. I Oxley. And and it's the boy whites and he takes it up. First down it to lose the fifteenth and in the flag comes out of there after the play and sue we've. I believe if there. Put another quick hitting play there Butler was. And it's impossible linebackers and he just left a gap open. So I did it. Who has found that the weakness of the Butler game the better way. But there was an answer out of personal foul play but it's going to go against Iowa western what's got stroke might not be happy these penalties and it's huge. Now take the ball back to the thirty yard line they. They would have bought the fifteen. And and so are a personal well after the play. And so that will bring a first down and ten. At the thirty yard line at Butler. We spread the field in this formation. World wide receivers. Is largely. Myers over that left side and then nobody there and in complete Benson period I think was intended receiver you can look like we're that book of world. His whizzed by his head and we have seen and haven't sent the really brick. Butler's defense. Did not view the record bowl. And the Butler defense up front has negated some pretty good pressure at times it's locks which. I likely the quarterback here and brother Lester he's going deep down there their sideline he's got his man open. And that it is completed to have but he turner. Like the defensive back for Butler went down as it was to run low. On the coverage. And that pass completed. Burst out of ten down to the seven yard line it's a it's bursting gold ago. But the receivers this is their best opportunity of this football game trailing fourteen to nothing on fourteen left to go the first step. And it. Out of the backfield that he is. People are white. The white a fight eats sophomore from Johnston Iowa. And that will be missed it go to go from the three yard wanna pick before on the play. These were strapped to score the first time blocks is gonna keep it himself fights his way day. Short of the goal line. And that will bring a third down go to go but that is gonna get Erica to Atlanta's. He could ultimately did look like he's just like it looked like the then that is who the plea before Butler deepest is that the list and it makes them great effort that person. And great defense by the purple and music and really get to the law actually hitting hard right near the goal line. All markets. At the one yard line in less than half their data gold ago relievers status with a purse that's that largely penalty flag on the play ends up. And it I think you short. Did not get into the end zone. And there is a flag on the toilet seat. Now the with thanked the middle it is him. Butler but we Soviet and if evidently did get into the end zone as they are celebrating on the far sideline. It was attached them. That's down Iowa students over it relievers for the first time on the board 824 left to go. That's penalty on butler's defense that's what took the world that department and the penalty Google Butler it was cooler it you got a good Obama into a kick via extra point. War. Iowa western at touchdown scored by it and what kind sergeant the running neck and q.s Florida and a again the kick is good in Iowa western union on the board as we see that replay I barely got in there and in the flag. Penalty was eons Butler and it was declined so it's a tough stand and butler's lead is now cut the fourteen to seven. But they Tony four left ago in the first half of play it here at the beauty products of Veterans Stadium. Lead on the board with you tonight on the broadcast business replacing Dennis Higgins he's. Part gathering place one. With the coach. When Republican national championship coached me hints that. And we're prodding plodding along your coach thinks for a dragging me with you. Who did it affect you know we've we've talked about. The teams in the but targets front work in an ethnic. And I would. It was just simply exited through the game Maria botnets then. They really have thrown butler's defense while the rhythm a little bit Butler beat disease control in the vaulted the birds were series of the game. And they would put they were put. I lost feet off the view of the Prius and other witnesses that since the quarterback. Potent. What is the goal of the game. And I don't Lester will be taken up give them their own a 35 yard line and it kicked his. Deep into the and out of the incidence of Butler will take over on their own 45 yard line to start. This possession that prisoners grizzlies leading fourteen to seven only Tony we're left to go in the first half of play it. And again title Oxley. Act of quarterback brought in replaced her Walt leave for Iowa westernized and he's really big differences ceased. Just triggered that it up tempo offense against this momentum going for the relievers. The and at times. It was before he did vote. He's admitted that acre walled in here with two interceptions and both those passes will hide wide. So wild and his throws maybe they saw something in the brother in the different quarterbacks are Boller can do on offense. As and up to keep on Abrams is he crosses the point five of the about the 47 yard line numbering second Batman three. The running effectiveness Stan. As it was that he said that CU 59 sophomore out of Lakeland. Great pain Banesha bats. And as ticket to second candidate at the 27 yard line you wide receivers at the far sideline. Through the farce should say is again Butler moving left to right. You in the second quarter. And the and a is Chavez again still. Moving the pile forward as he crosses the thirty yard line maybe a pick him before yes and he's been up we heard. Pick up an average of third down and wore him Butler seems very content to run that football. The little. It's like they could control of all over this dual boot but they've we'll have to mix it up we'll look at this it. But that's good that was good. Movement by the elephant blinded them back who really created a forgotten that there isn't it. And is that that he Chavez still back there in the backfield but this time. Nobody's gonna throw deep to the far side and there is nobody there I don't know roses of this communication. Is receivers underneath about. The heart behind with a pass landed in complete now rain afford to have. I think. That was the see you and that the quarterback. The other receiver. These vendors lot. Receivers. But the beauty grounds crew sleep at the opera. Go route. It. Obama let the punt the football again Gary France doing the punting the night for the grizzlies it is the snap it's got one in the plot apple by this short. Kick it bounces out of bounds at about the forty. Four yard line Iowa western. Then market the 45 of the short kick so rivers up pretty good field position a 655. Looked at earlier in the second quarter. As Butler leading fourteen to seven but traveled around this league is rivers have some momentum that they could put it. And we see it's cute couple out of bounds we took early. And it. 33. In liquidity usually does the kicking in the pudding. Duties for Butler but not in the lineup tonight and at that time accurate prance wide receiver. In the money in there and Mona office flew a little bit wrong in title Oxley he's going deep over the matter at all. And that went up for grabs and not down in complete. Good coverage there by the Butler secondary. That audience is kind of thrown up for somebody to catch. And now was. On the cameras Dovonte Mara. It. Really. And because the blow with. About it Mara is six foot when editors of the type that sophomore from Baltimore Maryland. Second down and ten in the ball the I'm Lester on their own 45 yard line and here's another pass to the you're sideline and apple is cut and complete Anthony turner comes up with it. And that's the first down for Iowa western music crossing at duke Butler territory. At the 43 yen line. Six and half minutes ago here in the first to have removed and try to tie this game down fourteen to seven. And Paul thrown out the far side. And incomplete so brilliant second dance and all kinds of play action fake some level it before it. Get it out there they're really sturdy even under that authority rather quickly and try to hold leads linebackers and keep them out. Underneath coverage purchases. At the health. Sagan added Sen Iowa western at the Butler county but the Butler 43 and has been listed at one time tonight. Drizzly stratus staff the relievers. Blocks was gonna keep himself he's got floating around and have far sideline 87 out of bounds at the thirty. Four yard line short of the first round sort of a first down and he might it have been able to turn that up a little bit fought for a couple of extra yards. So it shut out of doubts it was really kind of went out of his own brother rather than out of yeah they're they're out of work on now. He is the grizzly defense the government makes that clear. Oxley rules on reader just keeper he does keep it and takes it for the first data to the thirty there Atlanta Butler. It has picked the direct snap and run them off. What a first down so little patience it took the snap and watched as a blocking so Lebanon's take it and that first analyze it in the bought the thirty yard line of Butler. Rivers on the moon trying to tie this football game down fourteen to seven. It's Butler 551 month ago in the first step past that far side and it is complete across the 25 yard line. And not out of bounds o'clock we'll continue to run Iowa western with three all its time outs left in the first down. Here's here give me some good relative resistant. And that the field who should call back off about thirty yards the postal money threats style offensively and hand out to the running back in the food that is. Now Buckeyes sergeant. Sergeant again 511215. Pounds from Key West, Florida. And he picks up. Simple be down to the seventeen in his First Amendment and his picked up enough yardage for the first down. I've 11 o'clock Ronnie you're the first out. I Oxley will pop but it's gonna keep himself fifteenth it gets backed out of the five he's brought down maybe at the six yard line and that's gonna bring up. Save first and goal to go. As a blow me down at the six yard line first down or a nice play well Oxley. It's good good pressure on him attack he pulled down around the city. Rounded up to the sidelines. In wide receivers all over the place that they hand out the sergeant that writes that he breaks a tackle crosses the five yard line down to maybe before. Numbering a second half and gold ago for the reverse of Iowa western. They've done a nice job of answering back again Butler jumped out of the fourteen to nothing lead in the first quarter after capitalizing on two interceptions that. Iowa western China ties this game sergeant. It's into the zone put the touchdown will hold out against a black line before again it will suit this is about. It that he easily got into the end zone for the touchdown. The Iowa western players or point of Butler in a running up the field celebrated at this is going to go against Butler and it does. And that will make it a fourteen. To thirteen game be ending the extra point here is Butler. I Lewis are trying to tied up. Penalty declined. It was a little too easy. You know they're the we're mister game. And did what they will to do on that drive. Again my guide. As sergeant Gibson with a touchdown. And at 1413. Now butler's lead. And the one in the alternate title here at the extra Moines Iowa western but it impressive drive that time by. The relievers led by the backup quarterback Kyle actually is commendable really nice job for this football team in the kick is up and he he is. Good as that. Now hedonistic. He missed that to Africa anecdote. But I saw those players now they're sending them that it certainly is that the ruling any go to city. But gamba. And kicker missed that one wide left it's that big break for the relative. So volatile hold out the vote eat fourteen to thirteen before the when he were left ago. The first that. Butler has to be thicket let's give it to the half with a fourteen to thirteen the regroup ourselves and get back we were the first quarter. If that be tough for the quarter that they can't figure out how to. Competitive with a hurry up offense they get the ball accurately it's so what it's time distorted. View. Open it up maybe a little bit more. Notebook and experts that they need to pick a first down but they'll be the victim of the state. This group of yours pretty important right here. Actually that penalty on the touchdown was against Iowa western but it was after. Those against Miller's take that they get to pick up from the fifties so that Paul way out of bounds. And then I think it was the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the play so. Regardless. I was gonna have a vault at point five via Atlanta when he tried to start this possession with four to 44 left to go. In the first half 1413. Bob Ryan we know we always hear it those extra point to come back the hot you'll see what happens here. I still I think right now. It's who makes the group the stakes in this ballgame because we've yet to even admit that that. It took with a her involvement. There's nobody connected the quarterback if I'm most who wakes up from one play in this game and those quick pass of the far side complete but immediately brought down there and teacher who's maybe particularly guard on the play of Reagan's second down and nine. At the a two point six yard line. It's up past the split receiver the quarterback came out of that meeting future tackle. Thank them enough for Weller is under four minutes playing now he and the first down. In the grizzlies got out of fourteen and nothing lead Gasquet and capitalized within their relievers who come back to touchdowns and a missed extra point that's why it's 1413. Another handoff ran up the middle that maybe yarder to on the play grizzlies and keep that closed the best here. To bring a third down and seven. Blue grizzlies. Three and a half minutes clock running here in the first step. Three wide receivers in the near side one to the far side let's see you held the again. Gonna go deep on this like. He doesn't want long touchdown pass in this game of 57 yard completion Campbell Stuart. This time he throws a rule that was dangerous or there on the far side incomplete. And Butler will be forced to punt the football. You want the food the globe did a cluster over here on the right. Premiums written out of the rights that right numbers. And but that that was covered they improvise a streak relatives night. They're gonna punt the ball. And it's crucial that they usually do it here but I know attack you know one thing news to abolish advantage in the early going of this football game was field position and it's kind of reversed itself a little bit in the last few minutes. And again below will be a good month and get one last time you and your France. Punting the football is not a lot better and it will be fair cut at the Iowa western 39 yard line. And the reverse with putting a time 302 left to go the first step. That was good puck but he that is. Eight dollars and slew. I'm blessed and very good field position throughout the second quarter. And they get treatment its roots but it. Successful as the author obviously he's. I don't look decent big talent right now in catalog actually replace the starting quarterback. Kirk Walden in the second quarter in line actually has been terrific. And they completes a pass in the fall our sideline and that's good enough for first down as the crosses in the bullet territorial in a market that the forty. Nine yard line for staff and then the nice edit this bit of the worst. There's Rebecca parties throughout the secret. And I lived to be passed down soon. Only 25 to eleven intercept it but Bubba with a third interception of this game and that was a terrific effort. But Alexander Lofton. There's a flag pit road land around us for the votes that so I think they've previous wave receivers they have bitten them. World it gives them in my lob that was to its highest point lead that catches split with the patient to do that Leno has he. You know he was not the joke you want details about the recount we've rooted. Malia and went and penalties against a Butler. And that's been you know what. Firsthand and and we're so interception predicted they wiped out what away with a penalty. Thought and it was all sides have believed against a bullet. So blocks Lee carried over the middle as gab is man had a terrific catch. Made down the trust that the 25 yard line. Mosul high boots. Or cut there by Mike hill and that is the first down believers. 2.5 left to go in the first half man. All of a sudden moment was really turns really resume when this football behind quarterback and I liked click but this heinous acts only steady fumbles the football. And let's say they're looking them up milder no official. Call when you draft. And it is Butler football or. I'm Lester will retain possession and wanna hit right there as well came in on the pressure. When man from behind him one from the problem is will hold this in there. The incidents that close it out. And Oxley in this time of trouble but he gets rid of these and why I don't put on the far sideline at the forty yard line. That was a terrific play by life actually because he was in trouble and initially it looked like he may have through that one up for gravity that is guy over there. The bigger but the defense is giving Greg the quarterback and he's still leading the bull beat them but it. He's an England game the next Singleton. Who's the US open receiver made the catch. And it's still it's going to be third down in four. At the twenty headline. They're Danforth for Iowa western. So that have been played years. Maybe at the. And in other than those tonight a five yard penalty against Lester. So it's lieutenant nine now we're down in an infinite penalty. I lie actually three wide receivers to the left side of nearsighted and then he's looking toward the sideline for the play. And he sets ago. The snap that he does Oxley. And roll out to his left he's got plenty of room to run if the chooses to he does point fifteen down to the tend not to out of bounds. And that will be. A first down and leave at the ten yard line of Butler as the reverse threatening once again near the second quarter. That would result of hope that this definitely uses. Block in the back holding. And another flag on the play in that neglect dissident. We moved that is the does that well this ability is holding. Holding against a little posters of the big breakthrough butler's that would Rada bursting gold ago but they're gonna move that ball back. That is of great but it's worth it if they're a team that. Revert to me it. But the Butler thirty yard they just. To overcome a penalty and they're gonna Florida with their it's good to speak out now and move them back to 45 so it's third down nine yes high level western. Oxley. Three wide receivers and apply outside one of the last concede again. Taken some time with him would be at play from the sidelines. It's that it's on the play clock he takes the snap he's going deep he's got a man a delivery over the frozen. Out of bounds incomplete. When. He just let that ball lots where a group. He says and out of bounds and I really afford to have. This is the thank you gonna try it kicked the field well. As again Butler who were holding on to a fourteen to thirteen lead a minute twelve left ago here in the first down. And this will be. 48 yard attempt. ABBA Eddie gumbo the kick is up and he is he. It's. No good to them a little bit short so the public defense is able hold available a couple of things penalties. Then at six left to go on the first stab while. Butler grizzlies holding that that the fourteen to thirteen lead. A reliable western and some other grizzlies escape but no points being scored at time of the relievers the Revis got the ball down. Inside the tin Yahoo! I'm but a big holding penalty brought it back. Butler it will hold on third down and the you'll go to no good so I assume the grizzlies have in mind right now. This it is. Butler football on their own points out of first in an instant. And I hope the new it'll ask you about Abrams as he may have picked up a yard and play. And every second nine analysts like Weller maybe consent. To just roll on the clock out here and take this 1413. Leading end. And Hampton. Senators have to we have to have them do brat to buy an island to know law firm. Recap all the scoring and also. John Boston joining us the first stance Woolsey you. Shy and get his thoughts on this first apple play. Who uses some updates from around the JR conference and I can't tell you earlier today than they gains cuts of the open holes through Iowa. Kinda keys to doors were active 36 of thirty highland with the shot out also in the state of Iowa in Iowa central island won that game. 34. And nothing. Well it have to and I hear it that Butler the women's softball to him back to back. National champions Liotta they'll be receiving their. National championship rings it could get a chance congratulations to him on. Who has got a program going there of the softball team. Back to back national champions. For the grizzlies. And so we're just under a minute 57 seconds left to go in the first half after the timeout taken by Iowa western. And Butler I mention coaches I think there's the content probably just maybe the run this clock trying to. The good the first down again I will western of this at two timeouts left they can stop the clock. And up Abrams it yeah nothing new media picked up a yard in what sets him bring a third down on. Which it will if I gathered for a minute. Fuel line of the article with the team that's going north and most likely to secure about it you've got the votes are accurately this. And Ian Miller moving from north to south left the right from our prospective. As an Iowa westar will take another time now and expect they'll use all their timeouts before this final 49 sentences over my state. It is rather than it is Tuesday at the world who. Over here about the that bode ability here about five seconds later that. It will recruit through these as well into the and it will. Though knows element is that there's always element of surprise in his situation in the and that's angered. The Atlanta this Pringle. Fellow that took been pretty obviously I don't bring it going to get which the players. Like that. You. So if you do please. But right now I think Butler. It would be great would it be doing at fourteen to thirteen it is a really critical build back together. Because I do believe they can play with this would stick to do that they who put both those. But there at the bit did just that Maria Bachmann that network records them away. You we will. Or did you. A third down a date for Butler 49 seconds left the goat path. Ms. Lee's up fourteen to 13% interest screen pass and here's the NASA is complete the loss of yardage on the play as the relievers read that one perfectly. Also want actually on the players that passed was completed to recchi line Abrams. Nothing there and what was gonna have to get the ball back to the relievers giving me good putt again. Let the last it was very effective upon. And it's time left on the clock is affected the as they've been there I think we've got the ball game live who your papers that. We lactic I would like to do it like about what's gonna happen the second half but it's and listen to that. In her SEC you may be Butler might open up the offense a little bit more but they've done a nice job. Running the football primarily up the middle between the tackles. And then every once in hello throwing that big long balls we saw the touchdown pass a health big cat to us. Yeah Stewart 57 yards and a second touchdown. I think it or its. Position that the road ally that with this little trouble because. If it's going to be difficult to protect their. And who consistently at the duplicate them just through. Here principally standing on his own ten yard line pondering this football for Butler and 42 seconds left to go now. So punt the ball to the receivers that are deep man and his own 35 yard line in blue liner kick over on the far sideline. Bounces around and sample will be down by Butler at the how about the 36. Yard line soleil western world or their own 36 yard line with 29 seconds ago let's do with the rigorous. Try to put one in here of somehow. Believe or at least theories that sounds like it would get thirty tickets do it if that's the series down here no time outs left they used all their timeouts on that last Butler possession in the ball is market their own 36 yard line. And I'm likely to keep an eye on the quarterback situation would likely still in there. And he replaced the starter curt war thing in the second quarter and has led the review institute at stance got a good arm. Those over the middle get Flagstaff passes completed crossed the fifty follow up well up in the air and is. That intercepted or not this cut. But good luck bye letter receiver caught by western if that ball bounced back up toward a planet to be tired that all went way back into 1012 yards of the sky wasn't easy that was like the immaculate reception on most militant. Its abilities. That's like that's the group that things went well with that early in the dispute that you elect dollars. That's going to you via pick up of again here first in. The third penalty poker. Dario was second low snap. Largely in trouble the answer is up in the pocket throws Ali and his family overthrew him in complete. Eight seconds left ago. We had second and on science. They're really good for brotherhood and good underneath coverage that that we. Thought we close the quarterback you have to provable through high. All right it is eight seconds left ago let's see who fluent. I locked suggest those one of programs is gonna. And three wide receivers to the news Nightline actually takes the snap at time grows its complete and no he Bobble the football and dropped it. And that blues. The Vincent Perry couldn't hold months of two seconds left. A third down and find and this due obviously the last player to have Klein a penalty you'd expect that fit into that hill Larry because there's only sixty yards ability though that hill terrier who. Two with them lateral down field. You're seconds left to go this burst out Butler lead lead fourteen to thirteen a rival Lester. And it handled the ball up that's going to be the end of the first day happens he's going nowhere in Butler staffs and and the grizzlies will take a one point lead. End to the locker room and have time. But look grizzlies Levy the horse right levers of viable western fourteen. To thirteen it's half time here and operator of and will be back with a halftime show and more right after this. 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The past forty years canola canal has served as general legal counsel for BG products we look forward to VG products expanding their commercial operation to elder Dolan Butler county and Allen kanell and also served as General Counsel for Butler community college the past fifteen years the canals are strong supporters of grisly athletics if you need legal advice for business or personal contact a re your ten canal at 3163214300. That's 3163214300. And Allen kanell. They have the knowledge and experience to meet you were legal leads. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape enhancements. It is halftime. All the way to Kansas Leon labels in the broadcast tonight filling in for tennis and it ends as the mama grizzlies thing and that took fort. Team new thirteen lead. Over Iowa western and with coach Dave Hansen here is that we recap the first step a little bit grizzlies got out that terrific start. Those two interceptions did Jarrius burden the first one Cortez Simmons a terrific over the shoulder catch both of those led Butler to a stance. Now but look at that. But it breaks but they've replaced they there were very pleased that the defense was playing very solid. But name a room. Over last week meal and bed put. It on. But they do it without eight to leave with a bullet but it's I would definitely. Butler's hand and a good break. But the ball. Pounds field right. What is the problem with the but a couple of suggestions that he changed quarterbacks. And it begins to hurry up offense that it aims complex. That game just absolutely. What has gotten him football game. I really believe that whoever could get their defense back in the game here this quarterback. For Iowa. It's very mobile. And we get this correct only if it means that it makes the play after Greg. As it applies though is that that's tough to bridge. Second period that there. Discovery the past patterns and then they go into the press you get improvised quarterback and I like this it's abuse tour that a about it. A recap the storm for Butler again that he is it to advantage at two interceptions. And after that person exemption by. And to Derrius bird they were able to score when Chris pelvic. It's diva and Abrams Abrams really did all the work on the split the quickness of the new sideline and then he went seventeen yards into the end zone is a terrific I'm by Abrams after the catch and the extra point then made itself and the nothing. A Butler and then after another interception made by Cortez sermons were of the grizzlies. The grizzlies at the ball third and six teens. From their own 43 yard line. And help nick got in trouble got out of trouble directed traffic pointed toward downfield. Kendall Stewart saw in that direction very well got open behind they've been defense. And help those connected on a 57. Yard touchdown pass that made it fourteen and I think and it's coaches and just mention. After that the second half a second quarter final question replaced their quarterback. Tyler Moxley. And that he really changed the pace of the offense throughout the receivers they get to us big drives and capped off by two touchdowns both by my kind sergeant however on the second touchdown the extra point. It was no good in that supplied the Butler grizzlies. Our unionize to this fourteen to thirteen lead here at halftime and all the radio and over again right now the Butler softball team young ladies from that some terrific program the united tonight winning their second straight national championship. And also receiving. National championship rings on the ceremony going on the you know here at beauty products for Veterans Stadium in Butler grizzlies and have that. Leading Iowa western fourteen to thirteen we'll have more than half time show your listing about the grisly put bought 98713. Thirty K and assess. How did convince your parents to take you to Freddy is for rich creamy frozen custard. Ask your parents that they ever frozen custard being especially turner and Freddie that every. One out my cat but it's Paramount and toasted pecans and noted that tired that. Program nearest Friday's into the navigation system in your parents' car he'll follow that police anyway. Freddie I think estimated eight to teach that brings you six which start area locations and one male virility to know and I was central. Limited by knee pain. Sat is sports injury come after Redmond murder of canceling his spine specialist to get connection adjusting grizzly team doctor for over twenty years doctor Burnett delivers specialized me in sports medicine treatment you need to return in the light you well. For the kids grizzlies stressed come after burner at 316. 2198299. Former Clinton appointment online at Kansas joins find app cannot. A lot can happen the second including making the wrong choice I only had a com. I mean Malawi high speed and I deciding to drink and drive can turn seconds into a lifetime problems like jail time. Lost job opportunities and courses are much worse I thought I was fine. In Kansas you treat. You drive. A program at the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. I just let back into any week day mornings and night right here on CN. Veteran sports complex here don't we don't have time. With poker beating Iowa western fourteen or thirteen years or after the first thirty minutes away. Bruce happened was this the grizzard really control that first quarter the analysts are kind of right back into the switch to turn out in the second quarter. Two out. With the water then this Vietnamese city so right now the other holding on. One point lead at halftime break. It to you back here. That that shows on which you Leo people. Back just in time and York city now yeah wrong posters defending national champions. Suffered the first loss last week to independence. Right now. They are down 14% to Hutchinson Hutchinson. At blue dragon we. Or city 147 at halftime that is the other night game going on. It couple games finished up early this afternoon high lead defeated I was scheduled to report that the and it Dodge City defeated Els worth 3630 votes whose team conference had to travel to Iowa. And then. Independence is on the bye week this week so. Independence is sitting at first in the conference along with the there's either personal loan it to go into conference play Hutchinson his the other unbeaten team conference. They'll practice currency Butler highland hospital what it wanted to conference. They've done city pulls you went to the conference play. We're human there's still low one after today's win in sports guy. Is off this week you'll supports independence Booth using their bye weeks. This weekend. Leon you know what do what do big game we have going on forest the first quarter controlled by the grizzly the second quarter final western. I really thought it the change momentum when they cater quarterbacks. Oh no doubt about it in kind of a surprise because you told those kind law actually story told us several times in this broadcast that. He got the start last week against Schwartz got and not because of you know what he did really on the field Saturday it was it was a situation where they wanted to honor him and his family his brother was tragically killed. In a car accident a couple of weeks ago week and a half ago. And this got strong Meyer the starting quarterback. And Kirk Walden dream they say let's let's have kite start this game. In an honor his brother honor of his family the father of the offensive coordinator Alabama. He played three possessions and gaming and sports cut that was that he was impressive but saw stats. And we generally expect to see this tonight and sitcoms that and he has just. Revitalize. This lever offense after all they got up to the slow start with those two interceptions. He was really not on targeted all. You're exactly right religion and provide that spark that the reverse all that's needed and what as Clinton's is to score cards. That's cute because. If they're down fourteen out of my thought it was going to be maybe run away with this one but. You know western. What dictators quarterbacks in the tide and change. Right now I'm Lester pull within one and have a that the investment that didn't record turnout be huge especially in it is torturous again. Now we owe us IQs and what was shameful ploy and that was an essential points always good can come back the hot you will soon that it had. Are you surprised at the way it is but those approach offensively in this game mechanic came down a conservative. Ponson and up the middle there. A couple big pass plays are really keep a close of the best tonight. Yes you're exactly and kind of sad as well and keep on Abrams got money here it's nine and we would have stats for events that. Sector are stats are down tonight so well that's my fault replacing Dennis cities everything goes goes wrong here but to. Do we not have any first AdSense Soria but we do know the score and we do have a Buddhist leading by one but. Yeah Vickers that came out keep on Abrams had an asset it's always nice runs in just punching up to get. And then Chris Toby had a a couple of nice pass plays down Kendall Stewart on that I wonder how that play in helping was it's probably going to be forced out of pocket. Just rolled to his writing in Kendall Stewart had about two or three step advantage on the defender in holding with a great bowl how to keep a Stewart in set point. Hello that play when he got to the trouble in the point is they east directing traffic you know it's told Stewart could go go this kind of like being in the backyard go to the tree man and he had him wide open that Aniston as a terrific play. As in both leading 1413 here. At halftime and once again that. Terrific. Softball program here in this. Women's softball program winning back to back national champion. Chips on her tonight is there all of them milling around on the sidelines getting their pictures taken the brand new championship rings and the terrific for the program terrific night through as a Butler community. Yeah on the software's on his team have led to reach to show off now it was back to back national titles and five of those sophomores last year playing at division one schools. And there's a Big Ten schools that bring minors playing it take to you Reagan Merkel playing at. Nebraska and then the official Tia LSU. From the Iberian hill and it's. Louisville and younger Hyder is the second baseman playing hats. No what I'm just not right you play at Texas this year so you know those five right there you're talking about it. Defending and two time national champions you gonna come with a lot of products and the grizzlies have definitely reduced dosing and then ship them off to bigger and better schools. As it not only one that producing terrific players that chance of that program outstanding. In the Miller grizzlies leading fourteen to thirteen near downtown because it was communal locker room getting ready for second half action. We will talk more. Time show brought to bike and Alan canal and enough right after this. This to flex its struggled. To overcome. And ultimately for the Marine Corps. Means. To win. There's no alternate. It's not just a statement but didn't. It's a promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries. Promise. Of them. Reasons. 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And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and one. Your comfort. Is our business this is Leo 1410. Guys don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoons is jus like KLSX. Back an elderly and of antibiotics as veterans sports complex we have will be able filling it and produce against that on the broadcast the public grizzly football it is halftime Butler. Leading Iowa western fourteen to thirteen and missed extra point is the difference I'm joined here adapt to my shop Boston new. They're providing some halftime and now citizens numbers for us and the switch gears a little bit retired in jayhawk football how about to a conference football. About the big twelve again and rested score going on them and Nashville Tennessee. Yankee Stadium at Vanderbilt right now Casey memories here in the country tied at seven appease him. In both those teams. You know a lot of hype going ninety Casey's told so many tickets that they thought to be kind of like a whole game and you know right now it is 77 midway through the third quarter. And how about that we'll see if if Casey can survive. Vanderbilt team as it is extremely tough and just yards but there's like eight of nineteen produce sixty yards. Now and it's a unit that. Vanderbilt will K state was favored by just three and a half points going into the became audible book that was. An appointment and maybe it has to close them down in Nashville of course Kansas Jayhawks and the tough loss today it. You know plus 42 bit and thirty at Ohio that's again that they got down it just couldn't quite get back into the game. Just you know we talked about it. Fourth in the united in this case or to use this as a struggling program they've got they've got to do something to turn that program they keep talking about it yearning here now that. That's easy to take 42 straight. Road losses that last only one on the road 2009. Including two Wii because it on your iPad because there's no light that. Invading yet that's amazing and a bit of a surprise in the big twelve the night another game. Yet Texas at USC number fourteen in the country USC you scoreless in the second quarter. And granted he's just a second quarterback for Texas a team that has struggled this year that. They've been Baylor did is they just. Not much excitement going on there it goes to programs is as well as K you but at Texas in at number four USC tight knit team in the second quarter. Other final for the big twelve. Oklahoma State number nine seed all over Pittsburgh at 859 it's when he wanted to help out that would put me with the pokes. In the Oregon mountains. Well here at Butler here and elderly though it is well Lou Levy and I have a western 1413 John busted thank you so much for joining us an apt than when we enjoy the second half action lawsuit the grizzlies can do here in the second half against Iowa western. Our first half recap sponsored by the whopper of canal and can now. You know canal but opposite elder radio has been served in the legal needs of kansans for over seven years if you need legal assistance for business of personnel. A personal contact ray or Tim canal at 316321. Would be 300. That's 3163214300. Canal and canal. With the knowledge and experience to meet your legal needs have time we're about ready for the start of the second half both teams on the field getting ready. Butler holding out to a fourteen to thirteen lead over fourth ranked. Iowa western we're back for more Butler grizzly football right at the office. 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I should've worn my seatbelt. Regret it hurts look along every drill every time routine when the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. It's not a lot coaches talk battery died he's running behind it's it's not happy it paid attention I have no idea what plays in run that would mostly names on that matter so. Well as a pop this answer to add up all that up fake I attacked and and you guys that shocked the concern that stuff. Hopefully they'll let you know and coached. We need to be here you can stick the car battery context prefer. Interstate all battery center. Stop by one of our two Wichita area locations for free automotive battery test. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall camp. Happening right here on me and. Happier and elderly there as the public grizzlies holding out of fourteen to thirteen lead Bryant will lesser on the fourth ranked reverse from Council Bluffs, Iowa. And the rivers will be kick in athlete. Freddy's frozen custard steak burgers kick up. These frozen custard sake burgers of Freddy's delicious cut to order double steak burger Krispy shoestring Fries. Seasons let's release famous seasoning as the kick up. Those out of balance. And the twenty yard line and but was gonna have pretty good still exists in the start the second applicable as I'm. Beyond legal sitting in again Purdue and against tonight but we have the coach Dave Hansen and coach looks like you're in good field position at 35 outline for Butler. So it is good to leave him it'd be it's this audio and it looked like he might beat her kids that the pick but he decided to let it go go out of bounds and it did go out about the Vatican on the 35 yard run to start the second half. An early start that second half million Butler on confidence Chris held that elusive teachings and philosophy a little bit too wide receivers at the far side one running back in the backfield and that is. And keep on and Abrams that a good for staff. Look so while they each back emotions of the year sideline and the man that happen and he has rights to. At the line of scrimmage maybe a pick up of half yard on the way I was Abrams Willie get it all art. We try to bring that the Soyuz that. Like that but it decided that he's the respect prospective witnesses but it but it's time perhaps it was clear that. Outside linebacker still hopeful. Another ring a second down on nine it was a particularly navy yard on the planet with this say battle nine. Two wide receivers one of the floor I want to the near side. Nobody now. The so you change the plan. Directing traffic with. Three seconds on the play clock maggots at the way and he gets it dilute. So. The H back in the near sideline and a had a lot on the play maybe a ticket Booth. Where yards and a ring of third down at six is such a receiver and he ran out route and caught the ball at the sighed and looked like he got out it got a couple proof or yards but it's food and out of bounds. So third down and sixes CEO of the grizzlies can get a first avenue they haven't done much on offense and our last few possessions. Going back to the first happen nice pass over the middle hill that connects it and that's going to be a first down as they crossed the forty pie got Atlanta pretty. Just a simple quick pass and he completes it. Through Lucas and it did his residency right out. Ray that the fuel. It right between the linebackers reverse them Lucas thank the 63225. Pound sophomore from Goddard and again the first for Butler. Of the fancy bit affected. As a hand up debris. What the middle this could go all the way to the theory that want to break so it isn't that simple let's let's. That's down Butler finally after that pull up the at the line of scrimmage between the tackles they break that one away wow. You know nothing fancy but very effective. They were victims that befits the prior. Make it. But that it that is the great. Leon he catches the ball looked like this that guy who aren't bullet hits in the second period and just runs away from people. Get a big seam up the middle and the extra point attempt is up it is good. Butler takes its when he won the thirteen leave but again. He brought him for Abrams battle royal Holbrooke really a C he's got it through it yet and got this outrage and everybody. 54 yards that's not Stan Butler while he picked up the line backer. It departments losing ground. And they keep it over what are these. Ankle that he avoided that with the very quick feet that was extremely. Powerful run. Himself and really stick into his game plan and it's an update office had been running that football. Primarily you know between the tackles left and right side and you brought him Abrams breaks loose for the long touchdown run and so we could look at the replay. And it was just a big hole after he got through there. When I ran everybody I was because the prize winners briefly. During the week. Offensive coordinator did the offensive coordinator for brother and his new coach and worked around a vote democratic and pro football on. And they're really doing and managed. Of playing brutal conservative football. And again and it is up with a big play 54. Yard run keep on Abrams. Running back for Butler. And the grizzlies on top 21 the third in good way to start the second have you you know 59190. Pound sophomore get its feet. Or polite death. Alabama like sand that is the kick up. It out of the end zone by the receivers started speak trusses up who maybe there's twenty and is marketed the 25 yard line pretty good return there. But the reverses on the ball on their own point five yard line to start their first possession here in the second half. It occurred earlier on about the political of the state he made another. Mellow about the seventeenth let's speak at 2.5. I'm Oxley act out there were quarterback and I expect he'll play quarterback the rest of the game is he has been so effective. Was this real confidence as Sen. Again is less than the two touchdown drives thirteen to five we just have to wait third quarter but Butler already aboard in the second half leading 2113. And receivers and enough of the middle. And pick up of that debris on the plane over in seconds and then six. More yards and play. In the readers that kind of a fast. A simple offense going to slow it down now on them and the other hand up out the middleman is in the Kai sergeant he's got the two touchdown runs tonight. Though short runs were. Iowa western and he has an up yardage there for the first down. Pretty good commitment to. The two week villainous group. Quite honestly and Hoffman sees teams kind of a beard each other's again going to the running game sergeant again maybe pick and move a yard and play. Their rights and I can remember in the circuit who won at quarterback with Purdue Brooke well a little bit. We've we've given him Steve yeah they are my lawyer loosely to run in this football and then. Will play action. You know the people might not here pretty soon that kind largely looking at via. Is sidelined for instructions. With the reports inducement. That that these. Here and give back to there that's the game but I do believe. Second candidate the relievers on their own 37 yard line moving left the right from our perspective it all alive. Town does that we'll have that so. Abruptly. Analysts had to play blown me in that that backs it's. They feel that the quarterback read on the big number one he had no chance in the watch leader agreements on her hurt and company came from behind him and his name Elton. And that's a loss of four yards and a place that's who bring a third album launch there dammit world. But this movie about the blind side and then. Spent the persons close to protect the lives it is no accident that deep passel bars. Dad and complete as the and then receiver diving trying to make the cats were not there and receivers are gonna have the punt the football the booted to stand. By the book grizzlies. But careless stuff quarterback goes well we'll route. The good receiver analysts say that that and that's Clinton cared that the U Boe. Perfect look like you right behind its back at the last minute he just made it does not that style. So the relievers will have the punt the football. Underpinning here from his own twenty yard line. It's a high a kick out relatively short could be the hit somebody that help but upload. What western loader and bounce. Backward glance it's about the wheel the other thing about the flag down but the ball hit the helmet Leah Iowa western player. It marked that now will that Butler a pretty good field position but there should have there towards the key rebel group was first Buick or root him. And they and giving him and put it that let's that is not correct. It's to be. That albeit at Ohio players hit. And then bounce back. The penalty is a dance there actually was a penalty competing against Iowa western and I think you may have been their interference on the fair catch. There can't. Which I don't agree. Because. That's the penalty there is the possible he short for Betty was standing in New Orleans that were meant that a yeah the fact that it point. It's going to be at the Iowa western 43 yard lines of the grizzlies yen a quick quick quick Google beaver territory. You wide receivers the far sideline that. Ulbrich now we get radio Russ governor and then I you know different sickens more meets again if you pay attention it over and arrested around the zone read in the a dead. And he went nowhere there over your second now and then in her you and it's because it. If it was the quarterback that this open again. These starting regular quarterback back in there. Pretty Russ the quarterback who's that ran the zone read play from derby. Outstanding high school player Malia. Derby Panthers. And yours though they're gonna throw to the far sides got his man pronounced the forty dance to a group. Authorities. Seven. Let me do 36 we'll put NASA out there on the far side. Finally got them and days and dog that if the patriots who were ethnic group but that would. And we have heard CJ and tonight the sophomore. Covington Louisiana. Isn't brain and so third down and three. And CJ can run back into the game into the huddle they wouldn't quit. A bit about it. Butler Burks out of that huddle comeback choir boy style that'll mean famously an extra and the middle Kansas City Chiefs and soma a ball. Quarterback stands in front of everybody faces his team in that writes I don't little shy of a first down that's the price the biggest collapses. You name it Portland. Are you made it the other effort that they've heard that's a great run and it did get the first down first and ten. Mr. Paul Daniels on the list of the bigger. Running back is counting on 12 punches him and Abrams the smaller yet. And the hand out visas soon. So that is in the game now is. He shot McCaw. First time we've seen keeps them a call in this game I'll meet you blow off. Butler. Maria little themselves. Big of a lot of play second down and nine from the guy who western 32 million Butler already has scored a touchdown in this game made fifty. Four yard run by Keiwan Abrams 2113 grisly sense that the senate nine minutes left to go in the third quarter. Nobody gonna throw acquittal slant Owens Jason Adams and an out of his hands. The well it's. Really quick slant behind the streak. In the boat behind. Him there. Because of that second that Butler had made a first down. And between their positions. With him to be an out of all native of us on a little bit ahead of him he might have. Taken that he was on he was honest in stride and movement I think the quarterback so underneath coverage. In there and with that would mind if the lines. Well the F four receivers on the far sideline helpers. He's gonna dump up to the sidelines. And not much there's still on its feet. And that was that John rude. Sophomore in Clearwater Florida. In the political logic as the far side. Kind of looked that way at any dumped enough for the news I'm not much there and that's gonna bring up. Fourth down. And again they have the ball at the I will western 32 so they're going to punt the football. Here France again pounding tonight he'll be standing on his own 49. Yard line in trying to. Who shorted this one may be out of bounds. Yeah vault them bounces Rahal fifty literally takes Iowa western balance and that result is that Christ I would downing their votes were to get him or us. They were bumps the other way it was trying to do it. You're good at it in Atlanta to bounce back about seven but it could have bounced toward the end. But bed. A possession to possession of the when they started out on the 42 yard line a viable instrument to convert. It is that I western second that the capacity with Rihanna first time. Analysts who they do their football their own seventeen. At line in Butler runs out two on 113. 754 left to go in the third quarter play cadillacs and the quarterback in the fires to the far side a ball off his hands of its intended receiver. It was Anthony term bounce is high and the senators out of bounds. It was a mistake this circuits since the notes that it appears that. I. Second attitude and their relievers the river pirates of Council Bluffs, Iowa and they hand out of the medalist on his feet. Trust me thirtieth it is near the 35 outlets up first and ten. As that is much ties sergeant. Cadillac is counterpart Keiwan Abrams the big seam up the middle. The the line and it was sixteen on the play first and it's in their own 338. Deep pass of the far sideline we're gonna pass interference against Butler plants or line. It. As soon as much in Asia the defensive. Because that is get deposed. In the back Butler. Had had good coverage if they had some contact and I think. Everything is OK and then Butler Butler. Needed to do. But he did you vote that. So that makes the it's going to be first and it stands and moves the ball to the 48 yard line reliable Lester on their own 48. Just near midfield now. And largely flat Irina fastball to the far sideline and that is Anthony turner. Who picks up a collection yards after the players across end of Butler territory. Definitely a way that who took them. Ones rear and front block and bird infected with that we're either. So eighteen left in the third quarter. We're wide receivers to the side in them it's going to be and in a monitoring tackled today by the Butler defense throw lots of good yard on the play as down goes in the skies sergeant he's even. Let me if there on the helmet nice play nice to act. We'll hold us yeah ultimately ended that political rule this exercise great. Lovely little sentences he gets it and wraps up memories of let's textbook try to look at the replay what they want thirteenth and out of some rivers fired over the middle of and is that completely torn it. That was some might kill the diving attempt for the receivers. And it was in complete and that's gonna bring up Fortuna woo that was what was off yeah he's sick and it. Looked like it looked like them. So but Butler defense stops them again. That's three and out but the good about the. And in Aden. Davis. Byron axle deep there on their own fifteen and then all of those issues and really it's a Butler bounced goes a little back to the warning before the receivers are able put down it. Well I think doubts about ten yards backwards it was a short kick anyway. Does this team that selected. And picked it that boasts the year really merged. As like your golf certainly that. There would not hear exactly what happened. That would that. Ports and refers great breakthrough but starting to blow forty residents. Again we bag of outfield positions in this game that was a big thing it early in the game and now. Butler again what you're fuels us in the third quarter civilians take advantage in. He money am Abrams and that's going to be a flag at the CF Bermuda is a face mask against the re Russo. And that's get them market down the field if you were absent. Oh victory for a Butler. That was very idol westerns that's the big penalties in this game that that was that. A pack. I. Yeah I don't know I got cut I do. But. Fifty yards in the penalty is gonna take it in Iowa western territory. At the 43 yard line first that or Butler. 615 clock running 4113. Grizzlies on tap them. How to pull off a victory against the fourth ranked team. In the country Iowa western relievers undefeated at three you know Butler comes in this game one and one in. Some nice to have a real well known that we have a fumble. Another call incomplete pass. Incomplete pass forward. So he was throwing the ball or it looked like it jets lead and accidently in this league and it. Kind of threw it in front of him and bounced away but in complete pass you know out of public. View that that is. It is. Complete. Break. Now one on the big video board here it is and great luxury it was a like Erica quick tap passing just. Who's gonna get too quickly with who they. Play. Nice cutback by. He thought it Abrams. On second down and then ten. But at the if it's quick Google. Zigzag right Hulu. The lineup picked up the picked up four yards and what's a third down and six. At the Iowa western 39 yard line five and a half minutes ago in this game. Or in the third quarter. And ahead of myself here. Albert. You wide receivers and your sidelines look at that waist deep down the sideline and that there it's in that for Byron Mitchell but it's over his head and out of bounds and complete powering up or down and then. Here it prints can stack him up the pot. So. There. Addict. You know oppressive on that plays out quickly Byron Mitchell got downfield because as a kind of plays that take longer to develop but it. As a quick passage he got down there. Bristol punt from his own 45. Yard line and eight hits it to the right side and the ball will be cut their kids. At the eleven yard line that's what the relievers will start another possessions of the Butler defense could come through again as I Lester while the ball deep with their own territory to start this position. I've muttered. Well. But. That. The Woodward. Who. And they decide who listened to Amos. As demonstrated in this game they are able to score points quick if they get that offense going but right now the defense man has made some adjustments here and have to because they have been terrific. And standup of the middle pick up a yard on the play and bring a second then and nine for the reverse. I that. Split went. It. Was difficult. We've got the ultimate go a score of interest in the JR conference and you were interested coaches halftime in Garden City it's probably after Upton out at the latest at halftime it was Hutchinson leading. They guards they brought mr. fourteen to seven and have that at the garden. Hutchinson and get it played Iowa western two weeks ago and lost a heartbreaker seven when he won long pass Ali. In and out of the hands of the receiver well when was thrown up for grabs. And cuts to health there who we have not mention his name tonight for Iowa western was intended receiver. I don't movie while Los all of the lights. If you do. It's blow. It. About the book and that would have taken the ball down the midfield but instead its third in the mine I will have on their own thirteen yard line threw down a nine. To the grizzly defense become overlooked and they play here. This is always kind of dangerous territory for an offensive time maybe pick six territory or we'll sue to happen. Oxley Phillies they keep it now we shovels and up through his running back nice play improvising. And they trust the warning at that point one yard line that movie. Short of the first down by I think it two yards after the fourth and two and so. The reversal at the plot nice what it though but I've Oxley. Well. This pursuit of that bullet behind. The guys with them. No balloon looks they have pretty good field position again as a. Davis. Kate and Davis and Byron Mitchell will be standing and it's. We'll be standing at the 45 yard line of Iowa western try to feel despondent. And then it will take another bounce nobody steelman and it takes and so little bit over reliever. Roll was it goes into Butler territory in the grizzlies we'll start this possession on their own 45 yard line with three point eight left to go on the third quarter. But. It. Starting. It really need to take advantage is great field position is that this is the third straight possession that they have been. Terrific feel possessed but they've the pot. Two time to Puerto. Elected. It. Still. Butler first down at sand removed on 45 have been that's annuals to call Daniel's. And it is now old really quick hits up through the fifty yard line of about five on the play. It's. War on the plates and taken them six a ball mark there of the of 49 yard line of Butler is near midfield so. Just under three minutes now look to go in the third quarter in violence up 2113. It's number four ranked. Team in the country the receivers of Iowa western in the pass on the far side line is cod and then. That move maybe two yards on the play. CJ Sams at the catch. Up. Knowable now marketing analyst in forty minutes that's going to be third down in war. Or Butler. The couple wide receivers and into the new year sideline including Kendall Stewart in the in the middle. And and then isn't also. Accurate and it's two before side in and looking for prince and that ball is broken up an incomplete. Nobody had made note that it would no doubt in his mind who is on duty at the snap and went right number ninety but it. And he denies double broken enough. To get the ball. So prance about the pots and he will stand on his own 35 he outlined. And on the other hand through the receivers. Single. Beat man. And here's the product and this is a pretty it kick is that ball is an annual out of bounds at the sue him market the ten yard line yeah. So books again this is really been. And since ever since Butler scored in the second half this has been a matchup of fuel position Butler had it. I will western has not. If this rule does Gardner who. It is. Butler. Game had just turned up a little. And aid. Last. Last time I've started Google Earth. Assuming obviously they've worked on since last week's game McAfee bill. And for Stan Winston and a little shovel pass that far side in the kicking in with flag flying and we need hand. There's safety came and kids 44. On. Or. You. In that pass was complete. Not a lot actually and I believe that was. That. Excuse me that was Perry Vincent Perry. Analysts at the flag is going to be. It did that was about the birth pick up a first down anyway but there's going to be probably more yards tacked on this. It was a big hit. Them during those years that via. Off the field. It is a personal values the Vontae Mara fifteen yard penalty and an automatic first and a course and a so Iowa western at some breathing room immense promise that all we've moved on to the 32 yard line. First down until then. Just a personal found little. It. View is if that is part. Definitely. Definitely I think you're right it looks like. Is Dovonte Mara is going to locker room has his home office and in them he has done. Do him more explanations. Officials. It now here quite honestly if the new targeting called this personal file growth that. Novartis Mariano did is gone now the threat he has gone he's going into the locker room. Depart tomorrow is out of this game ejected and I asked you that you them outfielder earlier. So for Stanton at the actually the 37. Lima Ohio western on their own 37. And you have big break Lucia the replay of that I. Sure everything years Butler. And here's the passover on the forests are dating and little. Pick up of about four yards me beyond the playoffs that quick pass. And a whole bunch a substitutions and defense coming in now for butlers will change things up. Manu back interest do Terry Kelly. Do. The record. Thickness that he's the second and it viable Oxley. It's his man near midfield that's going to be good for first and another flag coming down late after the play. That's good week. Touch Telfair made to catch up to snuff yards for a first down but there was a flag and a can look back. The players is against them so easily. Pretty good indication and a catalog actually looked like he was walking backward so. Break here for the Butler defense after a couple big players in the big penalty against the grizzlies. I don't like this hello is this live analyst yeah booklet that Google them. But that fifteen yard penalty is a bit Brit but that's for here with. Webster and his beast with that could boil. We're down. And they're gonna move that ball back to the low eighties. Thirty yard line. More than gluten twelve expected fifty or sixty through as CNN and sixteen. Right relievers. Bull market the 31 yard and a westerner and putting one. Four wide receivers to the side. As in the kind Sargent is the running back in and then we'll actually going straight back to pass he's going to on the far sideline good coverage over there in the vault not the way. And the reverse side line and are you in person maybe passengers. It's actually great coverage that time it was all over the receiver Greg averaged politics. That would that sixth game but we've been to. This situation they would gain plus. The antifreeze that they're all. The trees that period the field. So it's third down and sixteen Butler. Big third down play here trying to get that ball back once again amenity team have to go on the third quarter. And 113 grizzlies on tap. They have let this entire game. Beavers had a chance to time but missed an extra point in the second quarter's 1413 and after haven't. Timeout on the field. As. The receivers on the back over there for time out there releasing an apple just a beat him and an eighteen left. Ago. Well this has been in a lot of ways. It. Read through. It. And it's would be speaking the win or explode. Here and again that's made up that got the terrific field position. Be straight possessions as an able to take advantage of it the grizzlies. Old concept at this. I'll appoint a third book if you lose. Track at the boat. Just think that the that this is developing a bit of a chess match between these two coaches and tonight two really great programs two great teams. You know really battling now with added in. It's victory Clinton Somalia when the game plan. In the sixth time Butler and Iowa western has meant. In the my previous games I'm Lester has won four of those games. So believe as Muslims like that. That is what Pittsburgh did have a picture. And Moxley is gonna. Himself a bit of a quarterback draw on that plane takes it up across the forty yard landing way short of the first downs of the reversal at the pump the football raiser for the Republicans. To lose the and mine and an event called little quarterback draw on third and sixteen but that can bring up fourth down and the reversal at the pump the football once again and is. Hunter is the 100 no bigger dependent Pekingese oppression. Several western be standing on his own point five guidelines. And again the grizzlies looked pretty good field position after another after the suburban goes according to plan. Davis. Feels the ball immediately flag goose flying on the far sideline and more flags in the near sideline. As Serb. Katie Davis takes it across midfield late response coming back. Hello replies click block period there Everest two on the far sideline and his two on the near sideline. A good look at Gordon picked that that the in Kaydon Davis actually pretty good return on his part but it. Lesotho calls going to be news had a good wolves that who were the left sideline. And it got to the wool but evidently legally. He in the officials. With a lot to discuss are discussing future and a point one seconds left to go in the third quarter. When he won thirteen. To keep big key north of that in court if there's. Oath. Andy Miller going to two was the north right to left. From our perspective here on the west side of this terrific stadium and overrated BG products and veteran sports complex in the they're terrific setting for football. And it's taken a while to figure this one out. At the truth about three. Vacancy which there is this. Nancy what one is accepted to have. Another driver that they think it's. The votes to him. It's forty was reported that there to support. The fortitude of it's the U. Oh good news if there's the refereeing is discussing this with the Butler sidelined so maybe they're giving them the option what penalty. Well early is exploiting the penalties and that is that this. Fathers to. Here we go backwards. While there. I my. Her okay here's what happened racism as a personal now illegal block. On the sticky team the relievers. Then I'll holding call against the grizzlies after all that we have offsetting penalties we're gonna planet again. This with. Would be pleased. No harm the well and if so that would give them back to Mexico. All of us offsetting penalties so. And her vinegar acted upon. Yeah and in his own Tony five guidelines you can Davis vector at the thirty Myron Mitchell. Butler the received. Yeah and that is short kick Ono and at ball. Touched by Butler the grizzlies signaling they still have a and evidently they do that was a dangerous. Play there via. Byron Mitchell. Because there now that. But the rest. Do it. That was not Myron it's a step on Carter back here in the return and it tried to count short hop that place vice city get away get away from the it touched him but he was able to recover itself. And you know Arnold well we're Butler at just five seconds left in the third quarter. And Al Abrams and rights society where he small communities who of that pile couple yards on the play and that's going to be the end. Of the third quarter what it Butler but that's not stab. Leading in the third quarter leading when he won the thirteenth. We have the start of the fourth quarter coming your way next year listening to Butler grizzly football and 98713. Thirty K and assess. 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This message has brought you by Kansas one call reminding you that no matter you're digging project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you did it. Mark living join me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as that's. The final quarter of this game between the Butler grizzlies in the Iowa western rivers Butler old and I don't want you won and the thirteen lead after. Two and a touchdown in the third quarter and we mentioned it has been a battle of field position back in fort Butler has had it. I'm Lester has not here in the second half but the grizzlies. And we'll take advantage of that but they have the ball now. On their own 39 yard line or contaminated as we start the fourth quarter. And coach you mentioned it before the grizzlies still could use some points. That's a little bit better about this. Though overt kind of a reverse pivot that rolls out to his. Left and completes the pass and hard hit over there on the far sideline but there is another flag down on the play. Britain though the vote it's it's. But it did the blizzard just replicate CDs. And because bounce a couple of pennants they've it's beat them. Of the few. And at a pic of of of that so. MC six yards in the play that would make it to a third down and three but the again a flag on the play and you're discussing it again. And then. There's two flag is one on the far side as well. You know early on Wednesday was pretty cleanly played nine other. New. Little market. Drew penalties against Butler there and first of all illegal. Receiver downfield. Legal man downfield in the NC Jason Jones is whistled for unsportsmanlike. Conduct. That is a huge penalty that's gonna take it all the way back to the nineteen yard line. Home. Hope penalties against Butler. But. It was worth CJ is now on the sidelines by the way. News. Second down and you want the eight yards. While. That's so. Get the ball on the Butler nineteen. Seconds now been 28 ago they need to get to the 47. Yard line for a for a staff. The unit had two chances here's held. They used him to roll out to his right looking looking directing traffic but nothing there he is knocked out of bounds and a well it Lawson a couple of yards on the play and now may be a late hits against the raiders as the flag goes flying. Well mine. That would be a big break. Is that they went out of bounds and then quickly got hit the fitness that. Conte and you're right. Automatic first down that's what's good about that 115. Yards and civil chippy right now. But he's society that he is at the. Though events in the subsequent sets. In his. Yes. It. It is. We mentioned it was the Clinton game early with flags are just one crazy here as we start the fourth quarter fourteen. One month ago. And the Butler grizzly sold amounting to when he won the thirteenth when you Abrams. The middle trying to cut back in school it all until white shirts and as well enough black compliant again as Abrams has pushed back. Somebody lost their moment. The left tackle over there. Confidence losses and we'll look at the very beginning a couple of people who didn't have played. Better suited. That is of flat record could bring him some place. And might be the reason someone fly in. He and his level of speculated earlier as well as the capital. There's no it Johnson the conference alignment Austin home and yet to come off the field deficit battle play because of that. Johnson and of course the Steve any product from bishop care over the flag is going against Butler isn't going backwards again. And has been marked down to the twenty yard line. In summary of the first down. And 27. Yeah it does make it says right that's what it says on the scoreboard now mentally out of the marker to us. It's getting a little confusing your coach have always flags aren't there receivers in the far silent but nobody gonna keep it federal throw he does standing is not down. And incomplete. And it only win no awareness of ring of second down. That is grounds that the bow. But he. From tackle. Second and 24. Correct at that distance second and the 24. Run their own twenty yard line. And you get down out of the 44. For first then. When people were wanted to. Hello. Here ago. And receivers three to the Paul Simon comes in the near side completes the pass to Josh will to a quick pass and immediately leave his knocked down and that is they. Leave the loss of a yard and play. Well we've still got thirteen 39 circuit the pulpit with a book or he spoke of the thirteen. You know. You hope not. If this happens but you've got to wonder with Butler will regret what they didn't you know what they did do because events it's great field position and were an able to take advantage now they don't have a field position. Third into the want the war here. As they have just gone backwards and penalty isn't pop it's not going anywhere Abrams gonna take that handoff up the middle. And he usually get some parts of your body's disease and heart to bring down even now with all of that guys on top of him as he picked up about. Four yards on the play but whatever it's still more than a mile so they're at the pump the football on it apart from deep in their own territory. Analysts. Bit please. That's. But certainly slowed them. They're going down here you know affected. But they're all a sudden. Fields this situation is reversed here. It is Garrett prints will be punting from his own eight yard line. And then back to the reverse. Of mine we're gonna have a contact. As the receiver for the relievers Trent was. Never and then to him before he can get to the football auto you have to cut called a fair catch the flags are flying once again out. These co author it's totally up. Back from buffalo or. Rent now just ran and domestic coal. There. Aniston movie all seven. Analysts and deep into and went on the unity in the Butler territory as the ball will be marked at the Butler. 42 yard line and that sort of the relievers will set up shop. Finally they have great field position you're in the second half it's. I'll Oxley the quarterback for Iowa western he has been effective not so much snow here in the second now let's see what he does here in the fourth quarter 1245 to go this football game. But Lawrence apple when the thirteen low snap picked up the granite Oxley. Takes it up he would solve these pics of navy yard on the play. The well. World. If the football with the split actually a loss of you are complacent second on the eleventh. The loose then luckily combat with a but that he's in trouble at the status sat at the 48. Yard line. And I were western. And that was daring and MacMillan they defensive linemen that you've that. At. And there was pressure from all around it wasn't just McMillan. Moxley was in totally strand of that pump fake it. Buys some time but in the middle and brought him down so third down and eighteen on the west about their own 49 yard line. It's an eight yards on that play it lost actually seven yards on the planet. Big big. Snacks there from Darren. Man Darren McNeil and tootsie sophomore from Mobile, Alabama. And the they had a quarter. One at. The break. Barely got it. Why he's in complete it workers have been the last. Bullet. That would prevent cuts of may have stressed the negative too much about the office and take advantage of good field was his beat the defense has been terrific here for Butler listening to them we probably haven't touched as much about as we need to. Well. Hard ball game. But the here is the part. Viable westerns in the fielded at the eleven you know our blue line still. His feet and they don't have the number on them for Butler that is it's Davis Dayton Davis. And nice little run back is got a few extra yards with. Grizzlies will have the ball. As the 21. Yard line. Along. But at least. The market. Suit that you something positive going they've been really struggling to move the football offensively. You're in the second half with the exception of the lone touchdown run from Cuba on Abramson tool is due to fatigue we are (%expletive) and run back in the third quarter its Abrams again. Nice cut back he's got plenty around gets across the 35 down with the 36 yard line to keep what. I think we saw some yellow flashing around there's more flags and play. Which he money and those that's terrific job in the hole and in so outstanding cotton back. And he's hard to bring down. That's an illegal formation against Butler so you bring now one back. It is obvious that quickly date with it wears me. There. You keep out of 5919. The police or wrote a lot bigger than that first down at fifteen at the five yard penalty on the on the panel on the flag there and so. Held big. Ended up again Abrams Andy's hit the back field terrified away bit. And probably maybe a loss of yards on the play enough in there. And is just this kind of gone stale honest coach I mean at the flags and both teams not been able to move the football and the flags but. Really. Squelched the vote. A loss of seuss economic seventeen. Prince Albert has not been able to be too many passes and those I want over the head of citizens on the near sideline out of bounds. Give me cut that I don't think is in much of that game. Giving content is hurt me it is been forced to throw these little short passes have gone nowhere. That is the QB. It is. They're dead and seventeen. And Butler pull off a big one here and updated rooms in the abrams' excellent cuts back process that points so obvious. Any strong as he gets up to the 25. Well short of the first half but still impressive run by Keiwan Abrams. You. That rate effort. That that the first. Weighs heavily. In early as a disease do you unique combination of speed. The facility and if you wait important ways street wise he he he can run over some guys. Here prints the puck from his own ten durable enough of that kick field that the forty level western. And guns on his feet and that is molten. According. And two of the few return we've seen on upon the safe enough here. As a we'll take it up to the 44 yard line I'm Lester on their own 44 yard line nine minutes 46 seconds left to go in this game Butler on top 41. Thirteenth and the grizzlies all the time. Defense has been terrific here in the second half. You know we do because again not a western sent their backs of the war on defense several times and been able to. As Stan Butler news they run the football. T boy it whites. Into the game running the running back Brian west and again he's a sophomore from. Johnston Iowa figure before on the placed second down and six were Iowa western. At their own will be eight yard line. Vote mess up. In the backfield and then end up fumbled and locked so one Oxley is able to Broadway nice everybody yeah. That would agree the quarter it looked like. This. Law. Minister of the running back knew it was gonna get the ball and that the fumble and then watched weakness was able throughway after. They can pull off the ground so third down and six of the third down play this grizzly defense. Jerry Kelly down their women as I'm trying to get the fans on their feet. On the Cold War instrument the offensive line. Other. Avenues stands ready to go to out of the shot it and Moxley but in Oldenburg whistles blow and lags yet. You have timeout yes indeed. Time out on the field though western wants to talk it over. The big play for their appearance it's that clock continues to run. This. It's their. Third and sixth appeared in fifty. Well. It was movie when he won the and a recap where you have these things have gotten his football game there Butler got out to the fourteen nothing eagerly. Capitalizing on two interceptions. And then in the relievers behind in their backup quarterback Kyle Oxley came Mets were two tents and missed extra point it was fourteen to thirteen and after that. In the third quarter. Butler. Running the football he bond Abrams breaks one of the middle goes 54 yards and a touchdown. And then made it when he won the thirteen and that's where we stand the grizzlies Tryon at. Obama this what is settled into a defense of battle I guess in field position which we talked about it. It would only at least but third down and six now believers. While Lester. Oxley takes the snap over the middle is his man complete the pastor Mike hill first Arabic label the reroute them to movie. Butler forty yard line then the perfect excuse. To. Hurry up offenses. Largely goes up to the right side passes complete then dropped does that apply a little over there and I think Butler has the football off. The grizzlies have a football all open. It is. They're deployed the but what do look look there's the good the bad thing or two receivers and their reproductive rights that. Think through the welcome back receivers at the quarterback yet. Really respected and hurt him just as the boat got there and it is beautiful awesome well during the panel. And Charlie can recover that fumble for. The Willard grizzlies huge turn over. It. And Anthony turner was the year receiver now. Now. And it's a delay of game against Butler but they also have a football to five yard penalty. And they have the ball and the thirty. Seven their own 37 in Ireland but it is relevant football. As they have the offense the entire offensive unit on the sideline it's urged him to. With. The world. The delay game penalty after the fumble recovery so again but with the football on their own 38. And the Abrams on the right Psycho sweet would break some tackles gets away but that he is all he's brought down hard. Was like a frustrating and tackle. To tackle made by it gave beyond Nixon. Rival western since two or three and five pound defensive lineman yet. And he was like you're going down myths I think that nobody else to bring you down on bringing the death. Also to have a place it down twelve Abrams again cuts back of the middle opening and it's. The star and attack when now a little bit. As a bunch of guys on there and then. Oh Webster beat him pretty desperate. Swarm into the clauses that. Big of a truce that's third down intend. The butlers are back to the original line of scrimmage the 38 yard line their own 38. 748. Clock running left in this football game a little free time out solves announce Iowa western which is one of that becomes a factor. Brazil big. He shuttles adopt Abrams Abrams cut back toward the middle of the field and it. Picked up some yards but not enough to have the puff football again. Putting foot back in the football tonight. I. Would. Do. Well in the hooligans. Iowa right now if you lose. Will there be. Root balloon. Garrett consistently nice job punting the football tonight from listeners legions at it and and then he will be standing in his own. 28. Yard line to put this one away. Who it's. Rivers blocked a plummets down nearly two point nets were everybody's trying to recover it and it will be at the forty yard line at Butler. And that was a terrific defensive play by Iowa western. He took the blocker just jumped over the blocker get a handle it looked like it's. Well. Just what I was mentioned about the bigger punting game tonight through. What would grizzly that may have a jinx them it. And Canada quality to them and here at the end and there and getting him the minute that was so wrong month day he'll. Is a linebacker and special teams war. Who Leicester and so now the relievers are in business that are best. Situation here in the second half by far on the Butler won it and now the Sargent that he stacked up and lots of every three on the political defense by the grizzlies and the urgent. And more. May get a loss of 22 down and the eleventh from the 241. Yard line and now. Whistles were blowing and the officials discussing something here. 613 left to go on a game. And it was working there two point. But. When. That there to fix their problem. Relievers have been unable unable really replicate their offensive success in this that they had in the second quarter and really move the ball up and down the field. But there again and grit skill position right now as it is second Alan Levin. From the 41 yard line of Butler who won. More room through this. Room quarter. It is adamant that it the second though all really you've been forcing them to get rid of the ball quickly to. Moxley hands off the sergeant sergeant right side slices his way through and as a flag on the play that might be. Holding call sleep. Most of grizzlies. Is the word. On the defensive stopped and has been with it it's gone it's gotta conclusion that the statement this herbal cures have been surround on the football the night. And well was not going. It was holding the defensive holding. Against Butler. Then. If you. Were. It's an actual. Well it's bursting gold to go about rival western with a ten yard line but a five month ago while announces update penalty and sergeant. Up the middle it easily gets into the hands over the touchdowns the reverse their first score in the second half it counts of 550 left to go on the game. And that's gonna make it when he won nineteen no doubt they will be going for two to try to tied this game up. Do. The suit Evans store here. And the Buckeyes sergeant has scored all three touchdowns tonight. A run a western and he is in the back to Italy handle up to him again over the past the bald man in motion the near the left side now back to the right. And lastly it's gonna throw largely role went out to be right trying to tie this game up slack is dead and pass is complete all the Indians own. Two point conversion is good tie gave the hole that we do have a penalty when it. Massoud the flag if that is against. And it is a good chance Iowa western. No holding coupled. And so we'll have to do it again. To the pumps that. Illegal block because. And quarterback was being rushed. Blitzing. Outside linebacker yet in from behind Newt like the blocker. But. The dead bolt that it won't market now. This is an extra point. And then. You do it again that we'll definitely do work. Wal-Mart near the thirteen you know line. In. Actually look at it is the sideline. To that they do here. Around the time his game up on the two point conversion plant that you have to go largely backed the best restaurant in trying to get aways to rule left to his right still wanna speak rose into the end zone man that Paulus knocked down. And that two point conversion is no good. Butler holding onto it what are you won nineteen lead. They have yet to trail or be tied in this football game tonight. Dude what. The series that was you know it is. It's normally do as they did convert the two point conversion originally. So Iowa western now will pick up Butler Butler will get the ball back with 550 and coach you can use of a long time ago the group was really could use some more points and no doubt about that leading by two. Meantime looked. With the U. But that's the whole. Those points. Backed. The picket redeemable. We get that's the clock. Through Oklahoma play a little bit with the ability as well. I think the main. Plot to. Well Larry I know western can't do much to stop the clock is doing at one time but risk three. People wouldn't meet the kind of person he's probably do. What do you can't. Generally. Sloppy penalty wise in the senate you know that slow them. The pace down a bit but it. When he won nineteen of 45550. To go. Butler on sound bite too and they're gonna take the U. Picked up at their own goal line and that is CJ Sam sixty cents plus is the third and no flag on the play with everybody out of this master's. There is the finished in the right position. I. Butler coach who's next is in the Booth era Cohen for a vase asked but no no penalties so public it will have a ball. On their own 32 yard line to start a very. Very important possession. Season resumes has been terrific. As a kick returner not much of a factor tonight at all the out of their return to get up to the 32. It really go out of shot dead nobody hands after the man. You want Abrams. You know every tennis doesn't seem to be a lot of room he finds it and he crosses the 35 yard line and that's a pick up a salad on the place and second down and three. There have been moved up its. Good third and fourth. It's. Over a prisoner. So get out through that's terrific positive yardage to have won first and it's going to second and short. And Guinness that a coach and cements mention. Keep that clock running its five minutes left to go and the clock is running there's a room in less excited. He finds a blocked its access to the right and gets the horse now and much more or. As he takes it to and the the 48 yard line. He was kind of hidden behind one of his own big offensive lineman he peeked around himself mature and it. Went. You. The ball down. And toward the couple that with the wrong. Erstad who missed out run present at channel bought the Butler 47 outlined in the grizzlies trying to hold on here keep that clock running. It's an extra points as they only lead by two point one night team. Whether it's down with the feel pretty good for a pinch partners team right now and again and give it to the war courses that is a room. He Von Abrams and it in the yard and play it Debian will tired Newt. Is. Back. Through all. Double dose of Luke coming into the game Litman it's idea and then Luke so that each Beck both in the game now for. Butler. And let that play clock I would assume rundown minutes twelve seconds. Game clock didn't. 340. Second round and the love and loss of yards on the play and Abrams again and the navy. Back to the original line of scrimmage. As many of third and long so. This case is just don't want to turn the ball over his stint of the trying to break one. Yeah. It. If you win or lose we're. Pittsburgh. That's true and we've probably taco way too much with that the few positions situation has been crucial in this thing happened may be the witness game is decided. Will assume that the grizzlies can do here on third and nine. And they're going to the handoff again Abrams crosses the fifty in Ohio us western territory of about the 48 yard line that's to be well short. First down. And the grizzlies will have the opportunity here on the pot. In the receivers are back deepen our own territory. Who's a key month it rooms. Cost is dominant player in and out. And other written or getting rolling again. The clock is moving the island Gary prints in the pot. He will be standing on his own 35 yard line loan and backed for the receivers as his own we're teen. Yeah Atlanta. Team. 21. It is the fourth quarter in my team at this clock it down the ticket penalty and a little more room. Program it's time men on the field and in. The certainly is one. Butler's the first time out they called here in the senate maps that public grizzlies up 21 to nineteen with two minutes nine seconds left to go on his game. Trying to bluff was. A mix of Babel called upset I would not an bowlers. As a very comparable team to Iowa western despite Iowa westerns lofty ranking. I. Early in the season you really don't know what. It's done. He. Needs that. Alou trying to beat Iowa western for just the second time in its history. One and for all time against the relievers and includes a national championship once in 2012. Five years ago but here we go getter prince again in the month and will be standing. And his own 36 yard line. We're ought to be thinking about. And the snap it's a good one and here's the kick it to low kick brisket Tikka. Now at a neutral counts as it rolls down the about the 1514. Yard line call it that's it that's nice moment. The prince and get situation is that could've been the re respect. On their own fourteen yard line to start this possession with just one minute. 57 seconds left. Webster did through. That hole would that over break room. And it. They're. Are they got that. The the due to it's I've western has one. They are. Hello to. Execute their lives and June 14 was actually forced the that it remembered well it's been really getting great restaurant and lately and he is in trouble right now. Gets out of the market rules to his right throws long down the far sideline and call is intercepted. Butler has come up with the turnover. What a terrific catch. That's the last bit that didn't. That's the linebacker. Droid duke beat. 01 Laura wood threw Luc Picard and Troy debris is below. Being mobbed right now and Butler sidelined everybody is around him. It was a terrific play by him because. And only his interception but literally catch and stayed in bounds. And he looked like a wide receiver they can great debt to over there have been keeping speed and balance and Butler. Well well. The part of this situation pays off now what worries. What was the point when I Lester has won out. And I imagine Abrams gonna get the football and yes he does is C. For buses and up to the 44. Yard line about what western and a a minute. The clock his staff that they called them yet. So. Him. No timeouts left with a Revis isn't a great situation now where vote. That you could ice the ballgame. With the one's yours now. And one of the victims. Global. Though I was talking a bit and equipment that yes this. Football. Packers. Well wouldn't what are the second half this has been I mean it's us. Really been played between them at one yard lines except for the long touchdown run. Like he running Abrams. It's. No doubt about it the relievers did the weather moved the ball too long possessions and that the up tempo offense and blissful the defense is just slowed them down and in units and coached they've really the key probably is getting pressure on the quarterback. That interception was really caused by presidents they flushed him out of the pocket he went to the right side in this kind of threw up but. Then the bridges while terrific catch. Related Marie. At the moment. And it will continue to run the football. Program. That suits you always need that. Some real problems of the vote this also account situation with the receivers. May have to get desperate try to strip it up and and he break one to wrap him. Mayor Michael optimistic. Right now. Could reverse now. The third down and for that would be that as a minute I'm left to go. Clock is running. The first. Of shotgun and here's Abrams Abrams fights his way continues the fight his way and move that pile up. He's close of the first down if you didn't get it close typical. I think in this situation maybe too because you still haven't been there and you make you nervous. If you do. There's not a lot of room memory of that but says it's room world. You go in market back a little further than it originally thought it stood going to be fourth in line for a long one it looks like. And the first thing. You know. You wouldn't make the first. Ten but use it well and so it's yeah. Muzzle run the play in Russia it's down to seven seconds nowadays they let the clock run. I was kind of remiss not. The quarterback. That pin definitely that it just as good quarterback. Good run idol poll Bloomberg the war. Well. Butler trying to hold on through what would be a terrific terrific victory tonight here on their own field. It beat you products and Veterans Stadium. Calmly handle able to been my pleasure to sit in tonight for Dennis Higgins of oak view. Enabled us. Figure out what's going through my description. This. Along with coach thing and hence it it has been fun. Weird football game is that just that. Two different every quarter seemed to have its own identity. Locked in. Four years. Is at at at. As an enjoyable. And 2119. Butler. Kind assault let's work away. Seven seconds left to go on the game. Fourth in one. And need to play as well get the first down then. Or just run seven seconds off the clock in this was so they do. Nobody's gonna end up Abrams. And maybe there's nobody that it wanted a candidate that law it. It's excellent runs that well once second left on the clock when it. It is just skipped Vegas after minutes of the game right now Butler grizzlies are going to knock up. The fourth ranked team in the country western rivers. The second time only the second time abolish history been able to beat and there goes the clock and there goes the celebration. As the Butler grizzlies. Knock off Iowa western. Once the wine. And nineteen. How about that coach. What a road game. We're devoting the president entered the clintons and the view that well again and and I academy. In just moments ago each quarter had its own identity and in the first quarter you know but that it would lead to apple licenses big offensive plays off the interceptions. And then the second quarter they genes that I western changes that. The quarterback they changed their offensive approach. Boom they sort to test to have that extra point this was huge should huge and obviously it became the difference in this game on the scoreboard. And in Butler in the second or third quarter able to score and then. Relievers came back again attempts evidently able to convert the two point conversion. And we've mentioned that as extra points they do come back tonight. Do you do. With this. Controlling. Right the boat would do. It once before. Two outstanding program with great respect robbery. And what are the football game that glowed. But unfortunately. And it it really did become a bit of chess match I thought the second between Jews who really great coaches. And it battling back and forth and trying to figure out fuel you know the position. In that situation with. The Butler grizzlies pulling off Lou big big wins and I hear an elder radio as the grizzlies knocked off. Number four ranked Iowa western. One piece in one night team so western faults the me and one on the season. Butler improves to two in the wind. We will have more from over radio coming out on the post game show. But you lie canal a canal law firm that's coming up next says you're listening to. Butler livable. In ninety. Citing their food released football all season long on 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan as does is brought to you by these major sponsors. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers that tasted brings you back. It was six locations in which it's off one in derby and won an elder radio at 1809 west central. Kansas one ball always call 811 before you dig. 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It's not just a statement until it's. A promise. To our nation. Promise kept for more than two centuries the promise but the Marines action. Since 1939. Businesses and Kansas have relied on the legal advice and representation of the law firm of canola canal. Past forty years can Allen kanell has served as general legal counsel for BG products we look forward to VG products expanding their commercial operation to elder Dolan Butler county and Allen kanell and also served as General Counsel for Butler community college the past fifteen years the canals are strong supporters of grisly athletics if you need legal advice for business or personal contact a re your ten can now. At 3163214300. That's 3163214300. And Alan canal. They have the knowledge and experience to meet your legal leads. Postgame show with a recap of tonight's game a look at final statistics and comments from grizzlies head coach Tim shocker. Now let's head back to the stadium. Well what if game and a lot of victory denied for the Butler grizzlies knocked it up a number of war. Iowa western that I taught me wanna thank team we have rewarded tonight on the but it hasn't been a lot of fun. Mean alongside the legendary coach being Hanson as well I was going to end. That is against the Knight coached the tests are literally bit. This gaming again each quarter had its own identity tab that its own identity and a somehow Butler though able to sign and that the difference extra points. I think we've recap did pretty well but it was an amazing victory for the Butler team because they write everything they dreamed about before the season. They can still do. They go there looking. Read them. City in the hunt Dodge City Hutchison. And a it debts and and Garden City back to back I guess what I mean yes currency Dodds the Garden City and Hutchison backed by the dots and eroded their independence it and all of or those team. Our unit. And a so. Whatever the Butler team has deployed forward with these started big steel have reported for now. But a great victory and so many levels were well tonight it over Iowa western when he won the nineteen metrics of and it's impressive. They're coming off such a frustrating game a loss last week a copy of bill. And they're able to bounce back I know as a coach you really like to see that in your kids. Coming up a loss not getting them out looking at the next game and then move and and this can do so much for them and but we do we can you mention that I actually before the before the game it restarted we dissidents and conflicts it's great to have. A team like Iowa western to be pulling after you have such a disappointment loss of that what was the coffee bill. So there were fortunate that they had a game like this and that they rose Snooki makes it just what they needed. Well it's a recap all of the score when you are Kansas one called Paul a Little League game that's been brought to my Kansas one call. Remind you that no matter is predicting projects vigorous walk don't make a judgment call always thought he won one before you dig or contact them at Kansas one cough. Dot com we're gonna start with. Well on the first half again. Well again at that early fourteen to nothing lead. It was a key Vineland new Abrams and a seventeen yard pass completion he pillow work himself we got to the seven nothing lead. And then in the first quarter third down and sixteen. Cris hill bit. With this lady Kendall Stewart. Daniels Lou loan. Back in the backfield that was shot in this held it open it what it is right now it's in trouble now is rolled onto his right directing traffic he's the one DP asthma and. What's the yeah that's that navy. And Terry go up 57 yard touchdown completion. Is help they did a great job at getting away. From. The pressure from that play and then directed traffic and thrown downfield is probably the most. Spectacular play of the game there was yet you don't. Mistakes were a big part of the game and him and Butler got a couple of breaks early. Western got a couple of breaks for the third quarter. But what really made the game was that big employees that were made. And that was one of them but you just replayed they're that was huge play the touchdown of Abramson in the third quarter with a huge well it. The road that do that. Western Iowa made on the goal line with a big play and then the mistakes. That creates. The opportunity for Butler to stop the two point conversion that's the kind of game that was a game of breaks. Few mistakes. Big bullet beat him in bits of big plays tonight. You mentioned the diva and they rooms in the big play in the third quarter of the only touchdown Butler had in the second half. And it was a spectacular run up the middle let's listen man. The fancy bit effective. As a hand up debris didn't. Hole up the middle they could go all the way to the theory that they weren't so why isn't that simple let's let's. That's down Butler finally after that Bo looked at the line of scrimmage between the tackles break that one away wow. Q how an N Abrams and we talked about that the door at the time of that play. There's kind of a small scene we got through it and it was a big hole and he was off to the races were and what proved to be. Well the winning touchdown as they hold on to the want the one to nineteen lead and we you have to sciatica sets. He lot Abrams is our US Marines player of the game you know as a lot of great performances all across both sides of the ball tonight will vote grizzlies. Who grew up in the region could load Abramson. He was. Those split. Football is a lot of good things then modern football. Is even more or has more for before but the one thing that remains constant. Is being able to move the football on the ground it opens up so many things for the offense. It is still necessary. Especially when you get the lead late in the ball game. And Abrams came through tonight and flying guerrillas who had just a great game I'm very sorry that are. Computers have gone down and we don't have the statistics but we'll get them to you next week. Those amazing to have a Davis institute tests and runs at Canon's detective thing about it but he also became a really nice workhorse at the end of the game and and you throw on the clock. Indeed some time and he he was terrific job also level and all different levels and just in football. What coach I've really enjoyed being with it tonight coaching Hanson and a thanks for having me here with filled in for Dennis against tonight but it was terrific. Hearing your expertise and good luck for the voters lose the way via my pleasure to have. You sit beside approve. And we're so lucky over here at Butler that someone like you would command and replace Dennis because this is better work course for fourteen years thanks for the luck and good luck to you while I appreciate were gonna hand and inspect the football next week but Rossi more of the post game show. Coming your way the canal and canal post game show him a recap. More of that right after this. Limited by knee pain. Seth is sports injury come after rattling murder of Kansas joints finds specialist to get that connection adjusting grizzly team doctor for over twenty years doctor Bernard delivers. Special like me and sports medicine treatment you need to return in the light you up for the kids grizzlies stressed how doctor Brenner at 316. 2198299. Or request an appointment on lining Kansas joins find out count. Heading heating air conditioning and plumbing has provided the central Kansas area with superior heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1983. Bailey owned and operated henin has full convenient locations to serve you including an office and hand over to better serve Butler county. And we're always on call 24 hours a day seven days a week so what outstanding service and high quality installation is what you're looking for call him heating air conditioning and one. Your comfort is our business. Jason JB joins us from non reality radio weeknight. And I'm OK okay. Back to air ads. He gave products and veteran sports complex and older and order a terrific night for the Butler grizzlies. As they'd pull out its when he won the in nineteen victory. Over fourth ranked Iowa western and it has been an outstanding for the grizzlies in the credible football game just a different game back of war a contrast in styles of teams in the first. From the first in the second half but Butler enabled on and really big difference in this game a missed extra point in the first half. By. Iowa western and forced them to go for two in the second half an attack stands at the game. After a penalty they were enabled him hurt and that is your difference in the game when he. One tonight succeed John Boston joins me now may have broadcast Booth here that I thought the stadium that day. Turn down the walls down there's. Anyways on and you again more from around the jail conference tonight which looks to be why don't. You're exactly right it. A couple of sets and of course with this one it but they're taking data before Iowa western. And then also outdoor city it was the defending national champions York city. Upset once again they were upset last week at number three team in the country. On the road and if it's but tonight he went home. Fell to number eleven in the rankings but also. We've got clubs that want to get by Hutchison Hutchison comes. Out in Garden City it takes down the Broncos are pretty wanted to forties so back to back losses that the defending national champions. It that's a huge win for hotel the route. No it definitely doesn't front bonuses again maybe is not as a storm sewer a year ago. But again that we mentioned this leak is it seems to be really balance right now. Yeah you're exactly right it's a progress with anybody and will run customers who were sitting. Force got anybody to vote on the bye weeks this afternoon Utley went up to Iowa in defeated Iowa central 34 ethic. And then and Dodge City also went up to. Ellsworth Iowa tipped out Ellsworth 36 to thirty when the final there. And yet their hoods over guard's game. It forces got in that independence vote on bye weeks this weekend and look ahead at next week's matchup I was central and independents. Pilot that hunch they'll be good game or galaxy red 12 o'clock kick off. Have been Butler travels to dodge of course for 1 o'clock kick off Butler will be their first road game or first afternoon game at this season they're used to playing under the lights. But they will head out to dodge and play an afternoon game. In the in the 7 o'clock game is now western and copy bill so loyalists like guards cities there by early next week if they get that might lead after back to back boss. I tell you what polar right now that's really the meat of the schedule though western indictment they get it dad sitting next week's mentioning Garden City right after that so. Really important brigade stretching the for the group. And that's what it was huge for workers to secrecy got a lot of office missy it is. It is played extremely well but he. Yeah like you senator the extra point as with huge net. First four western wit look at their stats we did its stance appear. It. You know Butler. It's the Iowa to a nice first downs but it fifteen. Butler was six of quality on third down while I was just three of thirteen. And deport them but that was wanna do. Total office it was 318 yards and office for the grizzlies are 73 plays averaging four point four yards. Her play and I west 350 yards on seven if I place four point you. Point two yards a place of both officers were pretty similar powers that be to beat her three team for the grizzlies have a five to 358. For the readers. Thirteen 44 for the grizzlies 120 yards and a total of 4299. Yards put relievers. Plots is another another area word because it's kind of struggle this year but your retirement. That's nice plus. How important part of the game and it really is that feels this became such an important. Issue in this game yet another thing it was huge you know look at these yards and it raises in half if it for a 140 yards for the grizzlies. Levin for 135. Yards for the readers so both teams were penalized for 130. Plus yards. That vote had over him and Italy's. Butler head of one couple and I'll lose it on with you one of those. Other defense through three sacks and three interceptions. And that they don't want the it was huge hear it for the for the grizzlies play for it to pre and that really as we've got to receive them the way it is without that I'll list. Have a chance to go fielded it and making the fuel to attract win the game but. That's interception at the it was a huge individually grew so big eleven to 200 yards passing for the grizzlies. Two touchdowns. He Abrams 47 Russia's 450 yards. And a panel Oxley when you're 36 passing for western pattern eight yards in what reception Earl Walton wanted to six. Port interceptions. I sergeant sixteen here's Seve one yards and three scores for the readers. Leading tackler for the grizzlies tonight. Was will notice had a big night eleven tackles. Five solo success this and it tackles for loss. He played it for you tonight early bit at six tackles with davis' defense. Which is three. Turnovers by the readers are big profits at Indy for the week for the grizzlies. Rights we are committed take a break it week that back room thank you very much for all your help but appreciate it means on the ground in. Enjoy the rest of the season of these this Butler grizzly football team. All right more of the canal a canal post game show we come back we're really here and winning coached him shelter from Butler. As the grizzlies knock up Iowa western what are you won in nineteen here and overrated though. Back with the culture and a business. 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Special like me in sports medicine treatment you need to return in the light you and for the kid grizzlies stressed how the after burner it 316. 2198299. Or request an appointment online at Kansas joins find that cannot. Today was not minding. Should have set two alarm clocks. Should have gone for a morning run all. I should have similar to the boss you know we scares me. Should send a load of the beautiful girl and counting all even though she terrifies me should've called mom and dad should take in the scenic route home. I should've worn my seat belt. Progress hurts. Buckle up every trip every time Retief by the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community this season. Join us more things right here on Palin as fast. Two veterans say they've only we're able whipped the winningest coach from alerts and shop owner and coach that was he's human. I what they won ninety in the final Butler over Iowa western. It was easy and it was it was like dollar and there are. And be just you know last week was the same way came down to a the last possession. We've talked about that all all season long gone even in pre season came to these. The balance of power on our conference is so well distributed it's gonna be one possesses much like you know fell in with a try to create some. Some downton content that this is a resolve all these games and thinking and go down to wire. It's satisfying to get a win over nationally ranked team like Iowa western doctorate program and also coming off a loss of difficult loss and copy bill. You got to be proud of your team on the bounce back it was absolutely it took a little solace in the fact that we played well as we felt like. Aside from the street turnovers turn in to us early job it. To get to 181920 year old son Stan at the week was crucial for us. Did mrs. results stand and also a football team has really had a game plan it to stuck with it and run the ball up the middle. And you break can weigh in in terrific defense especially in that second half get sent to make some adjustments at them because. The rebirth and brought the new quarterback in the second quarter ended up style tempo and got things going scored a couple touchdowns but do you really you really get pressure on the one heck of a dozen different. That was that was Kim we felt like. That if they had them before ball consistently that we would get that pressure wouldn't always be a sack or. Or an interception and so the more they threw I felt like it was playing in the what we do really well defensively and you know they think can someone in the first quarter of the second quarter we knew it was going to be a four quarter football game and if we get extended we felt like. Both offensively and defensively we would eventually sort of well. You know it wasn't a bit of a slugfest toe to toe but there was some spectacular plays in the in the long touchdown dance that an actress and Ebert has to a Stewart and the spoke the way he got away from the pressure directed trap and through them. Field kept his eyes that's one of the things he does really well he's movie keeps his eyes downfield he's not. He's not you know he's not adult guys when he moves as I stay downfield receivers know the scramble drill what to do and and that was the end result is as wide open. You tuchman defense ornaments and we'll hone his seat eleven tackles again tonight in man from bishop Carroll. And there's some guys we could pick as a player of the game but now on defense he certainly was outstanding at the middle. He's he's a captain for us and he makes coaches are grown Smart and he's just a joy to be around. He's really Smart off affiliate very football like humans don't something once he's he's gonna do it exactly what he's toned him. He's just a lot when coach. And I mention there's a look at the candidates for player of the game a week we selected the course a team on Abrams as our US Marines player of the game. He he was spectacular he was a workhorse he just candidate at all worried that. The right time absolutely he's not that he's not the biggest guy in the world but he runs as such once he gets fired up about it. He runs of such power Pinkett I think it catches defense is off guard because he's not overly large guy. He started you know it starts came DelHomme slower but he illnesses such great power and strength it he can where we're defense is now. And your running game and it was game field position and I could have the such a contrast in. Stop both sides from first step the second half but you guys are able to have him back in keeping their for the most part. That's exactly missiles the first time all season we've been able to flip the field and and actually put that team. I'm on the back in with the exception of the one blocking on that turn in the points if if we can got that out. We don't feel my delays and Gerri just a lot like last week they were gonna drive the ball on us and getting them. And you'll enjoy this victory habits it's a schism I mean any time of the schedule your head in the dot sitting next Saturday evening he would gardens and that we after the practices that. Yitzhak it. Absolutely it's it's something that we wanna build on and we tried that even in a loss last week dome on the outlaws and headed towards this week and that's that's what you got to do because. As you look down a garment there's just not time to catch a breath that this. That's news conference Jiaka seems wide open right that's always predicted at the beginning it's really come to fruition now there's no doubt. Well coached outstanding victory tonight congratulations. On the win and thanks for tolerating me you get an attack. That I'm glad that you are coming out and am I always do this for videos when he was shot to my family there was an across the country in Indiana Texas and listen in an Iowa. Amendment Council Bluffs Omaha area so. I'm all over the place known to man to you know it jamming enemy territory similarly my brother has lives right there what that was on the sidelines tonight and yet it's always satisfying friend that. All right carrots terrific thank you so very much have you with us guys guys listen collective wicket in densities are. Butler goes on the winds and I had a terrific game. Knocking out Iowa western what he won the nineteen was the final score. Grizzlies over the relievers the fourth ranked team in the nation. Butler in proves that two and one on the season Iowa western falls to three and one again I'm Leon Olivo when I think Dennis Higgins were. Allowing me to fill in for him and ideally back with. The Butler grizzlies on the road next week at god says they've put. Or also coach Spain Henson who was terrific with me tonight in the Booth and for Sean Boston as well. Wanna thank everybody for all their help on this broadcast tonight and again the final score from Melbourne radio tonight. The public grizzlies a rival western point he won the nineteen good night everybody from LA rated. Let's not grizzly fans Dennis Higgins here to remind you that whether on the football field are digging in my yard safety always comes first and safe digging in his no accident so before planting trees installing a fair answer other activities or require you to dig a hole know what's below call 811 before you did so play it safe put down a shovel pick up the phone and call 811. This message has brought you by Kansas one call reminding you that no matter you're digging project is bigger small don't make a judgment call always call 811 before you did it. Welcome back to Freddie and I see you brought up fellow steak burger lever he sure did got a tree programs and enough flying harder Blanche. Says. A lot start to a regional doubles please. And hitting the ground right now. At Freddy's always find that magical combination of family fun and then that's good to order Freddie spreading testing and state partners the taste that brings you back six which start area locations and one male virility to known I was central.